What are the Meaning of the Names of the Lord God -- like Jehovah?

The Glory of the Lord


What's in a name?

We are all known by our name. Many of us carry names that are "family names" handed down for generations. For instance, my middle name, Irene, is also my grandmother's middle name. Irene historically means "peace". Often when we name our children we search for names that have certain meanings to them, hoping that somehow that name will have a bearing on the personality of the child. In times past, this was often how names were given.

So, when we name the name of "God", who are we talking about? What is God's name? Just as my name means peace, so too do the names ascribed to God carry meaning. Each name gives us a glimpse into the character, and nature of our God of the Bible. Listed here are the names of God, along with scripture references for each. At the end of the list, you will find a link that will take you to additional characteristics for reference.



ELOHIM......Genesis 1:1, Psalm 19:1
meaning "God", a reference to God's power and might.

ADONAI......Malachi 1:6
meaning "Lord", a reference to the Lordship of God.

JEHOVAH--YAHWEH.....Genesis 2:4
a reference to God's divine salvation.

meaning "The Lord thy sanctifier"

JEHOVAH-ROHI......Psalm 23:1
meaning "The Lord my shepherd"

JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH.......Ezekiel 48:35
meaning "The Lord who is present"

JEHOVAH-RAPHA.........Exodus 15:26
meaning "The Lord our healer"

JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU......Jeremiah 23:6
meaning "The Lord our righteousness"

JEHOVAH-JIREH.........Genesis 22:13-14
meaning "The Lord will provide"

JEHOVAH-NISSI.........Exodus 17:15
meaning "The Lord our banner"

JEHOVAH-SHALOM........Judges 6:24
meaning "The Lord is peace"

JEHOVAH-SABBAOTH......Isaiah 6:1-3
meaning "The Lord of Hosts"

EL-ELYON..............Genesis 14:17-20,Isaiah 14:13-14
meaning "The most high God"

EL-ROI................Genesis 16:13
meaning "The strong one who sees"

EL-SHADDAI............Genesis 17:1,Psalm 91:1

meaning "The God of the mountains or God Almighty"

EL-OLAM...............Isaiah 40:28-31
meaning "The everlasting God"

For more names of God and a comprehensive list of characteristics:


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bayareagreatthing 7 years ago from Bay Area California Author

Here is a hub that another writer wrote on the characteristics of God


Iriot Paul 6 years ago

please may God bless you so much for his work u are doing

I got the information in a good way.

Be blessed.

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