The Pope Has Just Equated The Koran To The Bible, Which Is A Formal Recognition Of Demonic Idol Worship....

The Pope Has Just Equated The Koran To The Bible, Which is A Formal Recognition Of Demonic Idol Worship....

Months ago, the current Pope was criticized for kissing the Koran, and now, apparently, he has come full demonic circle by formally announcing that the Koran is virtually Spiritually the same as the Holy Bible, which has the recordings of the Living God through His Christ. As a result of the Pope's declaration of our Holy Bible being the same as the Koran, I am diligently seeking the clauses in my Bible, akin to the Jihad clauses in the Koran, to go and kill those who disagree with me on Traditional Biblical doctrine/dogma, incidentally, even that of the Pope's noted declaration/recognition of demonic idol worship (sarcasm intended). No doubt that the Pope is a learned man... he must be to have reached the pinnacle of being the head of the Papacy; yet, I, myself, is not going to engage in the Apostasy of saying that there are 'books' that are comparable to the Lord's Bible because that is lie from the pit of Hell!

In Genesis, the Bible records God commanding Abram to move away from his father's home, ironically, located in modern Iraq, because they were worshipping idols; notwithstanding the fact that the Koran was codified around the 6-7th century, do you Traditional Christians believe that Abraham would have equated our Bible with any other so called holy book? With the Pope's capitulation to demonic doctrines, there are questions that I would like to ask the Pope, notwithstanding the fact that I am not as learned as he is vis-a-vis Biblical tenets: when the Lord Christ Jesus told the Disciples in Matthew, Luke, and Mark, before ascending to Heaven, to go and preach the Gospel to the four corners of the world - was the Lord being redundant? Why preach the Gospel to parts of the world if all the religions or references to God - including the reference to the God in the Koran, meant the same Biblical God? Why then punish Israel throughout the Old Testament or warn us throughout the New Testament from worshipping false gods? And why Kill Moses' nephews for paying homage to pagan gods?

Those of us who know our Bible, yet are less learned compare to the Pope, know that there are many elements of demonic teachings and rituals that are part and parcel of Catholicism. This is a church that speaks of praying for the dead; that believes in the concept of Purgatory; that made Mary, Jesus' mother, a defacto co-redeemer; that have its laity praying to saints; and that formally believes in Evolution, in essence calling the Lord a liar - did not the Lord gave the conduit of most of the New Testament, The Apostle Paul, the knowledge of calling the Lord Jesus Christ the last Adam? The question that begs itself then is that if Christ is the last Adam, then how could the Catholic church give credence to Evolution that posits that Apes evolved into modern man? One more question for the Papacy for its beliefs in the hybrid Evolution/Creation: if the Pope still believes in a God who has the Divine wherewithal to manage to be alive all these literal billions of years - according to Evolution - yet, how come, somehow, this same God is unable to create the world like how He said He did, as recorded splendidly and gloriously in the Book of Genesis?

Last year, I wrote a blog telling Traditional Christians to be wary of this Pope. I knew this, not because I am special, but because I read the Bible. The world loves this Pope and hates men like Franklyn Graham or my Bishop because the latter two still Traditionally preach what is in the Bible. Do not be surprised that in the near future when those running the mega-churches - Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, etc - start to pervert Biblical doctrines like the current Pope, because, doing so is what will continue the revenues, the filthy lucre, to keep coming into their respective coffers. My brethren look at the parallel clues in the secular world that is bleeding over to the churches, whereby, the secular worship of the earth in the form of the Environmental movement's doctrines being parroted and formally embraced by the Pope. Do not also be surprised of the acceptance, if not overtly, of gays and the sinful pathology that makes up that behavior, because of the latter's wealth and influence... whereby no one can succeed in Hollywood, or the Arts, in general, if he or she says that homosexuality is immoral.

These demonic happenings should not surprise Traditional Christians, including the Pope's formal acceptance of the Koran as being the same as the Bible; it is but another symptom of Christianity competing for worldly popularity. Soon, adhering to sound Traditional Biblical doctrine will depends on consensus, which is another salient reminder of the end of the age, as the Lord Jesus Christ detailed in the Gospel of Matthew and John's Revelation. It is not an alarm of terror or to cause those who are Traditional Christians to have angst or paralysis, but terrible times are coming, and, once again, they are going to murder Christians right here in the U.S.A. and many of the so called pillars of the modern church will give their assent to the Christian martyrs' deaths - we have so learned and warned in the Bible that this demonic culling is coming....

The perversions of the world will get worse because it is written in the Bible and many of the established churches are going to give credence, or moreover, they are going to enact these Apostasies as doctrine and dogma. What makes these perversions of the Bible so grating is the fact that many of these established religious organizations like the Catholic church have the appearance of the Lord Christ Jesus' legitimacy because so much of the latter's converts and its edicts command so much worldly respect from so many. I once saw Pope John Paul convoking all religions on a stage, and, in essence, recognizing them as being on par with Christianity - you may research this via You Tube. I am not afraid of the proverbial 'Papal Bull' being placed on me because, though I am a filthy rag, yet the Lord Christ Jesus died for me and the Word of God that is written in His Holy Bible changes not. To that end, Let God be True and everyman - including the head of the Papacy (the Pope) - be a liar (Romans 3:4)!

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graceinus 17 months ago from those of the Ekklesia

VP- What did you expect from AN anti-Christ.

Verily Prime profile image

Verily Prime 17 months ago from New York Author

Like always, feel free to correct me if I have quoted Scriptures in error because I have no ego when it comes to the Word of God.

graceinus 17 months ago from those of the Ekklesia

VP- My comment was directed at the pope as an anti-Christ, not you.

Verily Prime profile image

Verily Prime 17 months ago from New York Author

My brother I knew that - however, I always say what I said when I write about anything concerning the Bible... to chastise and correct me if I had made error in interpretation, etc.

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