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The purpose of this hub is to explain my intentions as a Huber and a Christian on this site. My intent is not to debate my faith, but to simply share my opinions with anyone who is interested in hearing them. My lack of interest in debating is precisely why you may notice I rarely quote directly from the Bible as many other Christian do. I Do Not claim that it is wrong for them to do that in any way, in fact if you are going to state something as being factual it better be supported by scripture. It’s just that I feel that it can open a door for arguments about Biblical interpretations. The problem with this is that more often then not the points I am trying to express become over shadowed by the quarrels mentioned. This has been my experience anyway. This should in NO way be interpreted to mean I don’t study and support the teachings of the Bible, it just means I want you to read the Bible for your self and seek your own understanding. Besides that I am not a scholar, and could quite easily do more harm than good by debating what each verse should mean to you. That is why my posts are based only on my opinions conceived from my own understanding, and I encourage all readers to seek their own understanding rather than to take my words for anything more than what they are. Salvation is a personal matter, you can not get into heaven on my shoulders or anyone else’s understanding. You should read and understand the Bible for yourself, it is the true WORD OF GOD. My advise to all is to pray for understanding, and seek only the truth of YAHWEH and not the wisdom's of men. You need to establish your very own relationship with the Savior which can not be shaken, because you will never get into heaven as a friend of a friend. The point I am leading to is that the purpose of sharing my opinions with you is not to prove my understanding, or sell my interpretations, but to attempt to raise questions in your heart and encourage you to seek out your own truths and establish your own relationship with Jesus Christ. A relationship is more than just knowledge of some one or talking about someone with others. Seek Him first and His truths shall be revealed to you, the only way His truths can become embedded in your heart and save you from the strong deception of Lucifer is to receive them for your self straight from GOD'S WORD.

Perhaps my point would be better received if I sum it up by saying I DO NOT tie scriptures to my opinions in an attempt to make my views facts. My views are solely my opinions and are in no way my attempts to interpret the Bible. My hubs are intended to share my opinions as well as to provoke people to think for their self and be aware of lies. For the truth open your bible and shut off your computer because there are a lot of people out there who are not ordained by GOD to preach My Self Included and can miss lead you, I do not want to mislead but just simply feel lead to share my thoughts. By no means should you ever take any-one's words as fact without weighing them against scripture, and if you are new to this faith and don't know how or where to find things in the Bible, Go to someone who GOD has appointed to teach. I am not saying that quoting scripture is misleading people. I am trying to point out the harm in miss-quoting of scripture and warn other readers and Huber's alike. If you seek to better understand the Bible, ask the Author not the interpreters. I am stating that I am in no way taking part in any intentional attempts to shape GOD'S words to fit my opinions, and I am not an authority on GOD'S WORD. I am just sharing my joy and love I have found in CHRIST. Seek CHRIST with wide eyes, and be not deceived. Don't take this to mean that anyone quoting a scripture is trying to trick you. Just beware of the context of use and the blending of opinion and scripture and be safe and be careful not to do the same. So it is a better use of words to say I am cautious to quote scripture and debate it's meaning, out of love for others and an unwillingness to mislead anyone reading my hubs. GOD BLESS YOU ALL and feel free to leave your comments.

P.S. If anyone who reads this and is interested in reading the word of GOD But are unable to obtain a copy of The Holy Bible you may contact me at and I will personally see that you get one.

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Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image

Jesus_saves_us_7 7 years ago from Seeking Salvation Author

Thanks EmbracingTheTruth for your comment, it's appreciated.

EmbracingTheTruth 7 years ago

I'm glad you found your way to hubpages...I'm looking forward to reading your hubs!


Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image

Jesus_saves_us_7 7 years ago from Seeking Salvation Author

THANKS and in all fairness to anyone reading this I have edited it since Eddie's comments and added a whole other paragraph to try to clarify my message in-case anyone was wondering. THANKS for the support Eddie.

Eddie Perkins 7 years ago

Thank you and keep up the good work. Blessings ~ eddie

Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image

Jesus_saves_us_7 7 years ago from Seeking Salvation Author

Thanks Eddie. You do a great job of getting the WORD out, and I appreciate you and what you do. Your points are good ones. I am never offended by differing opinions, and I can tell your words are spoken out of love and not meant to offend. My response earlier was not really directed as a argument but more of a disclaimer in a sense to anyone reading it. I highly recommend people who are reading this to click on your name and check out your hubs as well, I feel your hubs are in good taste and well written. I fully support the efforts of anyone trying to lead people to CHRIST. I can tell by your comments here and on other hubs that your intentions are good and not argumentative keep it up and GOD BLESS YOU!!! Feel free to share your thoughts here anytime and don,t worry about offending me, I am always open to everyone's opinions and respect the in-site of old men like yourself lol.

Eddie Perkins 7 years ago

Perhaps I misread what you said.  In any case no debate intended.  I’m just saying that the Word of God is powerful, my words are not.  Those who wish to debate scripture are more than likely just looking for a fight.  I don’t waste my time with them.  God’s Word does not need me to defend it anymore than a lion needs me to defend it.

I too am not a scholar, but I’ve read enough to know that the fundamental truths of the Bible do not change from one reliable translation to the next.  But all versions are not reliable.  I personally prefer to post scripture, and then provide links where the reader can read it for themselves in the translation of their choice.

Again, please do not take offense.  I am always willing to let people minister in the way God leads them and not in the way God leads me.  

Thank you for responding and clarification to this old man. ~ eddie

Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image

Jesus_saves_us_7 7 years ago from Seeking Salvation Author

Thanks Eddie I agree with leading people to scripture I just don't like to tie my interpretations to them I guess was my point. I was pointing out that my post are not an attempt to interpret the bible but where merely my thoughts. I am fully in agreement with pointing to scripture for guidance and true answers.I hope that was relayed the way it was intended, I hole heartedly love and embrace the word off GOD. I am just sharing my thoughts through my hubs. I greatly appreciate your insite thanks.

Eddie Perkins 7 years ago

Very good and I appreciate your position on no debates.

We cannot prove our faith, but we can share our experience.

Personally, I share the Word of God, because that is what God has promised to bless, not my words, but certainly we must all follow our own convictions.

May God bless you in His purpose. ~ eddie

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