The Quiet Place

The Quiet Place by Lisa O. Gibbs

The Quiet Place

Written by Lisa O. Gibbs

In the quiet place is where I go to find You, to hear Your voice, in search of direction and purpose for my life. It’s in the quiet place that deep place in my soul, where spirit connects to spirit, Father to child, creator to creation and potter with his clay. The quiet place is where you mold me and bend me, erasing that which was old, restoring all that is new. It’s in the quiet place of my soul that I am able to embrace my inner self, becoming unaware of my current situations of hopelessness; fears; and doubts that are attached to this world.

In the quiet place I am able to go beyond the cares of this world that seek to devour me and I am reminded that I am but an alien here along with others like myself. We exist only to make changes to be examples of one Greater than ourselves. For it is He that lives within the souls of those who have excepted His truth. It is His very existence that brings challenge to the unbeliever, yet He is our Creator the God of this Universe. It is He who created the heavens and the earth and every living creator that exist.

Spirit to Spirit our souls must embrace Him. In the quietness where I go to meditate on His greatness I am refreshed and transformed to a place outside myself, were pain, anger, hatred, all those things that pollute our world have no power over me. I am free if but for a moment absorbing all that which is good. For only when we leave this place in search of a deeper connection, which can only be found in the secret place of our soul, connecting ourselves to God the creator, rejoicing; praising; Him for his mighty works and His gentle loving spirit.

It is in the quiet place where peace abides, and unconditional love forgives us of our sins. Deeper and deeper away from this world it’s in the quiet place that minds are renewed and transformed. As I am learning to embrace ever moment in His presence, holding tight to His hand so tight so very tight in fear of letting go. I never want to leave from His presence, yet I know that I have to come back to finish that which He has started in me, to complete my task. So slowly I drift back no longer afraid or confused to run this race, to finish that which God created me to do. For in the quiet place of my soul I have been renewed.


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Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 7 years ago from London, UK

Beautiful Hub. We all need to visit the Quiet place amidst the commotion in the world. Ps 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

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