Is there Scientific Evidence and Proof that 2012 will Happen? Actually, there is.

Is there ANY Scientific Proof that 2012 is the End of the World?

Before we begin, celebrations are in order! The world did not cease to exit in 2012, as you are probably aware. The prevailing theory was that Earth's rotation would reverse, but this turned out to not be the case, as, again, we are still here.

Returning to the initial question at hand though, there was in fact some proof that something out of the ordinary will happen near the end of 2012. Scientists believe that a phenomenon will occur, one that happens every 25,800 years, in which the center of the Milky Way galaxy (which is a huge black hole), the earth, and the sun will be in direct alignment, causing the poles of the earth to shift about 45 degrees.

There is some substantial scientific proof that something will happen in 2012. Will it wipe out all of life? Not likely.

Scientists have noted that the positions of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2012 is ideal for extreme solar activity. Answer for a frequently asked question: Why is the position of Saturn and Jupiter ideal for extreme solar activity? Well, it is because the angular momentum of large planets (Jupiter and Saturn are the two biggest in our solar system) effects solar activity. This is because the two planets have a pulling effect on the sun. Imagine that you are the sun and you are spinning with two buckets of water (one bucket is Saturn and the other Jupiter). If you keep your arms straight out and they are on exact opposite sides, then the tension on your arms (and body) is balanced. When this happens in real life, not much happens, solar flares and CMEs are low. However, if you move your arms out a bit, so that one planet is like 120 degrees from the other planet (trine aspect), than that puts a lot more tension on your body. When this happens, the sun will have more flares and CME's. The last solar cycle, number 23 was extremely violent. Experts predict that the next cycle will be even more violent (more than 50% more violent).

In an additional note, scientists that believe something huge won't happen in 2012, at least acknowledge that solar flares from the sun in 2012 may disable satellites and disrupt communication, transportation, power grids, the internet, and ATM machines. Also, violent weather disturbances, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions may increase.

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venkat 7 years ago

ur proofs n notations gives a clear idea abt de event !!

but wats goin 2 happen !!!! god oly knowssss !! :)

Amelia  7 years ago

i learned a lot from this thanks!

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 7 years ago Author

No problem, I'm glad you liked the hub

Daryl 7 years ago

Once again this whole article might not be the truth...

But yeah no offence to you, Isocrates. Nice explanation of these proofs. Interesting and scary-exciting. But accurate? God knows.

Daryl 7 years ago

This idea just struck me.

Has global warming and the recent natural disasters have anything to do with this 2012 phenomenon? Since the platonic plates are 'slowly shifting', with the global warming stuff added... well I dunno but they sound kinda related to each other. The Earth would burn and break apart at the same time. haha.

amera 7 years ago

In the Holy Quran (Islamic holy book that has remained unchanged for 1400 years explains the signs of the end of the world including many natural disasters and the occurrance of a polar shift. Google "signs of the day of jusdgment in quran" its very interesting.

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 6 years ago Author

I will do that amera, thanks.

Implosion 6 years ago

Thx for the info, i thought i knew everything already, but did not know about those 2 planets what change the solar activity from the sun.

If you believe in aliens that they are here, they have created alot of hybrids from human and alien dna ( they did it thousends of years ago too ), alot of prophecies talks about an evolution of the humans after 2012, well i think, the hybrids are the new man kind.



sparks 6 years ago

anyone know the quiper belt? well that belt was actually a giant planet. u know why it is an astroid belt now? because of ancient wars to take ove r this planet.

want proof?

link> http\\h2tml\proof_astroid_belt|fi4u3\.com

me 6 years ago

this really helped me a lot. thanks!

hamy 6 years ago

well the mayans used to smoke weed and majurwana, they started saying crap and ppl thought they were talking to god, so u cant trust them that much hahha

Brad  6 years ago

It is only some stupid scam that Hollywood pulls off about the world ending just for movie ideas

ps I agree wid hamy

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 6 years ago Author

Brad, are you mentioning that the movie 2012 is a scam or that the whole idea about Doomsday 2012 is a scam?

Also, a scam is a dishonest attempt to trap you into parting wth your money. The movie already lets everyone know that it is pure fiction, thus the movie is not being dishonest.

The whole idea about doomsday 2012 is pure belief, you believe it, or you don't believe it. Yes, there are some people out there that are scamming people that believe in the whole fiasco about 2012, offering spaces in shelters that will never be built, and so forth.

However, the idea about 2012 nor the movie is a "scam". You could say that it is false and that you don't believe it.

Just an Inquisitive Mind 6 years ago

you said the event only happens every 360000 years but never make mention of the event. The only event you talk about is the alignment of the Earth and the Sun that happens every 26000 yrs so I'm curious as to what event you are referring to. Also, all you people saying that the 2012 theory is just a hoax created by people to make a profit...well that doesn't really make sense when you consider the Mayans, the ancient Chinese book of prophecy, The I Ching, the prophet at Delphi, the actual Merlin(not the fictional King Arthur character, but the real "sorcerer" that the King Arthur character is based on), Nostradamus, and even Edward Casey both believed and predicted that a catostrophic event would take place in 2012. On a side note I know that the "sorcerer" that Merlin is based on was considered a schizophrenic psycho who lived in the forest. Also, for every Christian who says the Bible says no man will know when the Apocalypse will happen, should research the Bible Code. Basically it's an algorythm that when used on the Hebrew translated version of the Old Testament, answers questions you ask. Note tha thet Hebrew alphabet and number system are one in the same, when written in Hebrew, the translation is basically an extremely long number and as we all know, numbers and math are thought to be the only only universal language. When you ask the question, "When will the world end?" on the same page within a few paragraphs of each other you get the words, Apocalypse, death, 2012, and from above. The chances that these words, numbers, and phrases showing up on the same page, and being relevant to the question asked is something like 1:1,000,000,000 (not an exact number but the odds are astronomical)

Regardless of what happens we people as a whole need to realize that our time in this universe is short and we should appreciate each other and be kind to one another. Not for some fear of eternal damnation, but simply because it's the right thing to do.


An Inquisitive Mind

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 6 years ago Author

Just An Inquisitive Mind: Thank you very much for your comment and your own 2 cents.

As with the 360,000 years, that was a typo that I forgot to later change. The number has been distorted various times and the real number is 25,800 years. This number is approved by the History Channel. The first number, 360,000, came from a uniformed website. I thought I had edited the page, however, I must have forgot to save the change.

Fallout 6 years ago

*hamy 6 weeks ago

well the mayans used to smoke weed and majurwana, they started saying crap and ppl thought they were talking to god, so u cant trust them that much hahha*

umm weed is marijuana.. if your going to flame what you don't understand .. please atlest know what your saying..

good article.. very informative and intersting

Apparently the Only Speller of the Group 6 years ago

It's really sad to read posts that are so poorly written, punctuated, and syntaxed that they only inferrence which can be derived is that the Internet is full of illiterate monkeys.

That aside, this article is OK in that it doesn't take a hard stand. However, it glosses over major points of interest. Of course, it would take pages and pages of text to discuss these points in detail, so no fault is given to the author. But, if you're going to mention the polarity shifts, it would be helpful to discuss what and how this happens. For those of you interested, here's a link you can trust:

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 6 years ago Author

Reply to: Apparently the Only Speller of the Group

Yes, some of the spelling in the comments are poor, however, they are readable and understandable. Although, I do wish people would at least proofread for spelling errors ...

Yeah, my main focus was to just provide a gist of the topic. There are many articles that delve more in depth about the different scientific theories that I mentioned.

Thanks for your comment and for the link!

Zac 6 years ago

Geez i don't know what to belive

honest 6 years ago

Great article and I do have a question, what is it about jupiter and Saturn that have the affect on a sun? Do they contain a stronger gravitational pull or attraction to flares and sun spots? Not being sarcastic honestly curious?

me 6 years ago

This explains several things: firstly, why the earth is spinning off-axis. Secondly, there has been several mass extinctions previously, perhaps this could have something to do with it?

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 6 years ago Author


I have updated the hub and added the answer to your question. Please reread the top section!

a different explanation 6 years ago

@ honest

the reason that they would cause more flares and sunspots, i would think, is because they are the 2 largest planets in our solar system, and have the most gravitational pull... and yes, every planet would have an effect on them, and i would think that if the other planets were lined up correctly, that it could act as a weight to balance it out... but, what do i know??

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 6 years ago Author

@ A different explanation

I answered Honest's question and have added a paragraph explanation and example: "Why is the position of Saturn and Jupiter ideal for extreme solar activity? Well, it is because the angular momentum of large planets (Jupiter and Saturn are the two biggest in our solar system) effects solar activity, because it has a pulling effect on the sun. Imagine that you are the sun and you are spinning with two buckets of water (one bucket is Saturn and the other Jupiter). If you keep your arms straight out and they are on exact opposite sides, then the tension on your arms (and body) is balanced. When this happens in real life, not much happens, solar flares and CMEs are low. However, if you move your arms out a bit, so that one planet is like 120 degrees from the other planet (trine aspect), than that puts a lot more tension on your body. When this happens, the sun will have more flares and CME's. The last solar cycle, number 23 was extremely violent. Experts predict that the next cycle will be even more violent (more than 50% more violent)."

Jupiter and Saturn are the 2 largest planet and their gravitational pull is enormous. The other planets can't compare to the pull and thus their gravitational pull is negligible.

Again. when Jupiter and Saturn is on opposite sides, the pull is balanced out and not much solar activity happens. However, if the two planets are on the same side, then the gravitational pull is a lot, causing solar flares and other dangerous actions.

The solar system climate of 2012 is ideal for extreme solar activity.

Steven age 11 6 years ago

i don't believe in 2012 it will just be another fine day a few storms floods or earthquakes otherwise another fine day

American Tiger 6 years ago

Hmm. Not posting my comment? Very well, this deserved a Hub, anyway.

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 6 years ago Author

@ American Tiger

I am posting all comments, which comment did you leave?

Everything on my side reads "Approved".

I'm sorry for any inconvenience if I did an error on my side.

C.Raines 6 years ago

I think this is well documented scientific evidence. I wish there was a quick well documented spiritual article summarized to explain why there is anything at all, and why life exist and what happens after death if anything at all. What is the purpose of life? Why should anything exist at all? Maybe answers will come before 2012 but I would wrather not wait to find out.

Bc 6 years ago

This is a very good article , I do not disagree with you , that could happen I really don't know that much about 2012 I just know the different theories and I've seen the movies ... But honestly if the end of humanity was really going to happen , the government would NOT tell us , and they would deffinitly not make a movie about it , the end of humanity is the scariest thing , why would they make a movie about it ? .. We all thought the world was going to end in 2000 , and were still here , plus the Mayans did NOT say 2012 was the end of the world , they achally predicted new life .. And the last time they predicted new life the white man came ... Plus maybe the Mayans stopped the calender because they wanted someone else to finish the next 2000 years ? ...

fraghead 6 years ago

I'm not saying something WON'T happen in 2012, but you stated the alignment with the galactic plane occurs once every 25800 years. Homo Erectus was already in existence and thriving more than 25800 years ago, and yet Homo Sapiens is still in existence today. I'm simply stating that this will not be an "extinction event". Also, the collapse of the magnetic field during a pole reversal takes a VERY long time (thousands of years), but the earth's ionosphere would still exist, and interactions of the solar wind with the ionosphere could produce a funtioning (albeit weak) mangetic shield around the earth. As far as the Mayan Long Count Calendar, those Mayan decendants that are still alive and using (yes, still using) the long count calendar are still debating whether the calendar ends on that date, resets back to 0, or continues on. Yes, the calendar CAN continue on, since a significant number of their calendars are base-13 or base-20, the Long Count Calendar, ending on Dec. 21st, 2012, is equivalent to, but if it were base-20, it could continue on till, which is somewhere around 8000 CE (or A.D. for those of you still using the old reference). Also, the Mayans did NOT predict doom on that date, it is significant because it marks the end of a cycle, and for the Mayans, the transition to a new cycle on most of their calendars was cause for celebration. Dec. 22, 2012, for the Mayans is simply the start of the 14th b'ak'tun, where 1 b'ak'tun = approx. 394.3 solar years.

chris 6 years ago

im trying to find scientific proof of 2012 because i do not really know what to believe anymore, this article was helpful and thanks for posting it up, but where did you find this information and how is it backed up, if you can lwrite up some references that would be amazing

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 6 years ago Author

@ Chris

I will try to put up my references before the end of the month. A lot of my information comes from extremely credible sources, like the History Channel. I agree that putting up references and sources will help the credibility of this hub, as anyone can just post up anything. I also agree that there is a lot of information surrounding the topic of 2012 and it is easy to become confused because of all the wrong information that people have heard. Thank you for your post!

Dude 6 years ago

The maya's did not say there was going to be any catastrophic events at all..

Dean 6 years ago

Yeah dude you did a great job on all of this. I didn't know about Jupiter and stuff that's really cool to know. Everyone always just shoots this idea down but many people believe in the bible which is complete blind faith which this is. They don't believe in many things such as UFOS etc. But there is hard proof for those. And great job again thanks

Dean 6 years ago

@ dude.

If you read the Mayan prophecies they have many ideas on what may happen in 2012.

The other theory that came about in the 1980s was that there is a planet out there NASA spotted and named it planet x. This is the planet which crashed into earth and created the moon and has a rotation of 36000 or something like that ok not very sure but this fake and not true

belive me 6 years ago


Till life exist in the world, no one can destroy the earth that is the rule of god.

belive it

Jalilabrad 6 years ago

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 6 years ago Author

@ belive me

No one is saying that someone will destroy Earth. Earth will be here for a long time; however, humans may not be around.

@ Jalilabrad

My source is mainly the History Channel, who derive their facts from scientific studies and such. I do not state any beliefs nor do I state any assumptions about Planet X, which seems to be a main topic discussed in your link. However, there are many different sides; who knows whether something will happen in 2012? Also, I am not at all saying that life will end. I believe, even if a huge catastrophe occurred, there would still be some life (at least bacterial) on Earth. Even if the worst prediction about 2012 (that I make on this hub) becomes a reality, there will still be many humans alive at the end (I do not believe human extinction will occur in 2012)!

Sammi 6 years ago

where is it safe??? is canada my best shot??

Lovell M. Abello 5 years ago

2012 - Biblical, scientific, or myth? All thoughts are astonishing. Should we really believe that all life on Earth would cease to exist on that time? An honest assumption - no one knows. But beyond a doubt, souls who are long prepared consider this as a time for renewal, redemption/salvation; but surely, many souls do not yet wish the passing of these apocalyptic events.

The inhabitants of this planet are not yet ready for the next transformation – a context parallel to the inspiring thoughts from the Bible about "eternal life without blemish". Maybe the world does not end until now because we have the privilege for "second chances" - but these chances, like any other things have expiration.

No movie has the capacity to perfectly portray a universal cataclysm. Maybe the merging of catastrophic scenes from the high-profile movies such as: Knowing, 2012, Dante's Peak, and The Day After Tomorrow are not even sufficient to express the "last day pictures" as described in the Bible. As such, "none has the power to survive" on that foretold event - but Christians believe into a higher power “to make the selection about the species that would live and perish”.

In my conclusion, I firmly believe about “mass extinction events” that happened before here on Earth - but this forthcoming "God's show" will be the last and the greatest among the box office hits. It is then wise to think that it is near, than to totally ignore it. Considering as well the story of the Great Flood, why only few and not many were then prepared? We should trust that “the next time” would be more generous. Believing the 2012 phenomena is both good and evil; hope is not yet lost to find the way to be selected for redemption - we all have second chances.

dee 5 years ago

Just moved from Chicago to Florida...Guess I should start packing again huh?

A Teen With a Thought 5 years ago

Most of the Theories said in Science are just based off of past events or historical records. How many times have we been assured doom and its not happened? Lets see, December 31st, 1999, how many people were freaking out? From what i've read, a lot. In all honesty on December 21st, 2012 I plan to be sleeping in and waking up to a beautiful morning. Not waking up to a ball of fire raining down on my house. Just a thought :)

Multiman 5 years ago

Enjoyed the article.

yourwonrg 5 years ago

ok so because 25k years ago the earth ripped apart cause that just dumb

Bijosh profile image

Bijosh 5 years ago from from the cosmic sea, sustaining life and radiating purity.

Now, I am in a dilemma, to exist or not to exist. I am going to live as if I am going to die tomorrow. I have heard much about the topic but I don't have that scientific temperament to verify for the time being, I do believe that there will be an end all these 'nonsense' happening in such a tiny particle of the universe-earth.It's a great event only for humans. For others it would be a mere cosmic play-a common phenomenon in this multifaceted universe. Good hub. I enjoyed. And keep looking for similar ones.

hhh 5 years ago

now i could inform my friend About this but 1 year is more ...................

master c 5 years ago

has the earthquake in japan got owt to do wid the end of the world then???

jorgen 5 years ago

yeah that was good thanks but if we believe and worship god then why would he wipe us out (i am not a believer of god but am a believer of 2012)

Brookey 5 years ago

I think that we shouldn't worrie about 2012 coz if it is gona happen then there nothin we can do about it we should live for the momunt but to an extent coz u don't wana end up with nothing if nothing happens. I also belive that the government know something that why there building all these bunkers underground and if something dose happen I hope they all get Traped down there and die for being two face rats. I feel like were all workin are ass of for the government and when times get tought there all gona go hide underground nice and and were paying for them to do it we should all have the right I now there won't be anoth room for everbody but I. Just dosent seem fair to me there just minupulating us forthere gain. I would like to here what ur opiyon is abought it thank. Thanks for the info it waz gd. Sorry about the speling I'm dislexit

jacamo 5 years ago

why are there soo many different predicitions, such as asteroid impacts and this galactical alignment one?

Coolstorybro 5 years ago

Yes let's all believe the child killing blood drinking cannibalistic mayans I agree their smart but seriously just because their calendar ends doesn't mean the world will our calendar has an ending too and the world doesn't end on ever january first.

lolatcoolstorybro 5 years ago

Coolstorybro: lol dude did u even read the article xD

rickzepeda profile image

rickzepeda 5 years ago

2012 galactic alignment is real but as for as the end of the world I doubt it. I did some research and found many scientific magazines state that polar shifts happen all the time. The magnetic north and south pole changing does not necessarily mean anything harmful. Also, the Mayan translation means the "end of the old world" or end of the calendar because they would make astronomical predictions. Their calendar opened about 5 thousand years ago and ends on December 25 2012 because everything will be aligned with the galactic center which happens only once every 25920 years. They understood our solar system to be some kind of clock rotating around the milky way galaxy. They were very good at predicting eclipses and other astronomical events. Everything around the old world revolved around centering and balancing your life. They witnessed how the sun, moon, and earth work together as a group like gears on a clock. All the mathematics of the cosmos have numbers that all match displaying and revealing a beautiful truth not know by most people. Read my hub

It's as if someone built a huge clock using numbers and geometry as proof of concept for us to decode. Only it is our solar system! This is very weird and impossible unless it was made through intelligent design. The 2012 alignment is very special and rare but not the apocalypse. On the contrary, it is the beginning of a new era for mankind. It is the beginning of when man and machine will unify.

911 marked the end of the old world and now 2012 the beginning of something new. Within the next 20 to 30 years we will be able to upgrade human memory, brain processing power, and speed. Each person having WiFi of course to access the internet at lighting speeds and download, read, and remember complete encyclopedias in seconds. Whoever gets the first brain implants will have a competitive advantage and rule the new world for the next 500 years. The rich and elite will be first of course. As for you and I, they will retrofit us with garbage chips. We will still be slaves to the financial system forced to crunch numbers all day in our cubicles. This was on the cover of Time Magazine recently, no joke.

Jo 5 years ago

Sources? Where are your sources? :D

Kat 5 years ago

I enjoyed the article because, at least from what I read, it was truthful. You never really know what will happen until it does. :P I wouldn't get a storm cellar ready, but it is worth a little attention to what may happen. Thanks for your work on this. :)

james 5 years ago

i'm just so confused. I mean it sounds possible, and then again it could be a Harold Camping or y2k incedent. I'm only thirteen and I don't want to die. Once were gone it will be like earth never existed, considering how big the universe is. I'm scared all the time of things like this. Even though I try my best not to show it. I appreciate your input though. It makes alot of sense. I was just curious.

Alexander 5 years ago

The gravitational force from the center of the galaxy isn't large. At 25,000 light years and accounting for the fact tidal force scales with the cube of distance it's pretty puny.

The poler shift theory that Einstein proposed is very different to here. What he thought was a shift in the axial tilt on a short geological time period.

Worse case scenario only scientists would notice. TIdal force of Jupiter on the sun ? 24 times saturn's effect ? 2.5 time earth's effect.

LORD ENKI 5 years ago from CANADA

You certanily did your homework well.I know because so have I.See mu hub 2012 end of days.However my area of study is extensive Regarding the ANUNNAKI which ties right in to it because it was one of them that designed the long count calender.

Wow 5 years ago

Oh god Jggggggg yes the world might end in two thousand and but instead people worrying about it enjoy each day if it ends we at least have a few weeks tell the world ends i wont be with my family because i doubt its going to end but im not going to stop living i no ill be at my boyfriends house snuggling his arms so ill be with my soulmate wow people don't stop living

Wow 5 years ago

I mean 2012

Wow 5 years ago

Sorry about grammer and spelling type to quick

Oh my god 5 years ago

James wow u overly worry about this ur thirteen don't worry if it ends it ends don't think about im these sights because its hallerious how people stop living there life lime y2k no one can guess this things

Lol 5 years ago

Lol coolistorybro people r very over dramtic the calander ended no

Ur right 5 years ago

Finally an intelegent woman yes brookie if the worlds going to end we cant do anything about it and enjoy ur life

Go to far people 5 years ago

Oh master another over reactor the tsunami was a nataraul disaster it was sad but no it has nothing to do with world most likely the world wont end but if that was going to end the world it would be sooner

God 5 years ago

I bet there r odd balls out there getting natural disater kits and trying to build save bomb shelters instead of living there life

Get a grip 5 years ago

Or having strokes get a grip

Duh 5 years ago

Alexedera or whatever global is bad not but its not scary bad yet if it was every place in the world would be burning hot here in san diego its not and the wildfires haven't woesened

IAm13YearsOldAndScaredOf2012 5 years ago

I enjoyed reading your article, very informative. However, I would just like to point out one thing. It seems that most of you view the solar system as a two-dimensional plane, even though this is not the case. The solar system is not like the diagrams we saw (or still see, in my case) in our grade school years, one planet rotating directly behind the other in a straight line, (some diagrams gave even gone so far as to place shadows on these planets) bet mire like a sphere or a round stone, with the sun at the middle, each planet al a different "altitude." Just wanted to point that out.

Connor 5 years ago

what are the effects on Earth of these intense solar flares?

Think about it 5 years ago

Think about it over reactors if the world would end tomorrow there would be extreme changes to our inviorment and those natural disters would of started months ago the worlds not just going to end there will be extreme natural diasters more then the tsunami

Sorry 5 years ago

Enviorment sorry

realscienceman 5 years ago

Interesting article, but you left a few things out......

1. planets regularly align with each other from time to time. the gravitational pull of the sun and moon far outweigh the force of any other object in the solar system. we see this in the pull of the tides daily.

2. our sun has flares and cme's on a faily regular basis, although sudden flare ups can occur. currently, satallites and power grids are protected from the worst of these, and have several safeguards built into them in to protect against sudden surges, much like the power stip you plug your computer into.

3. pole shifts, both geological and magnetic, have occurred in earths history. However, they are the result of malenia of change (on the order of 500,000 years), such as tectonic plate movement. There is no historical or scientific justification for sudden shifts.

4. as far as the mayan calender is concerned, the long count does not actually predict anything. just as the 2011 calender ended on january 1st, the mayan long count calender ends on 12/21/12. "the end of days" theory is more base in myth than reality, as most people don't understand how the mayans put their calenders together.

5. to date, not one single "end of the world/doomsday theory" has come to pass. humans have been prediction the end of days for as long as we have had the ability to write, and so far nothing has happened. Your article, while based is science, leaves some very important information out.

Jaden 4 years ago

Very good article. Good writing but you closed parentheses you had not opened. You also forgot some ending points, dots. Overall, I've enjoyed reading it.

damn 4 years ago

you all don't get it. First of all, maybe God would wipe us out because were a self-destructive, insane, and unstable species. Secondly, the Mayans were crack heads who didn't have enough space on their gigantic stone to write past Dec. 21, 2012. Why would they have even cared when the world was gonna end? They knew none of them were gonna make it till then, and why would they care if the people now even knew about it? They probably had a million other prophecies about the world's end. Lastly, even if the world starts to end, at least a few humans will survive. How do you think that humans are one of the longest lasting species? WE GOT BRAINS. While sharks live underwater and crocs have scales, we got brains. We'll survive. There is always a way out of every problem, and we humans will find one. So really people, chill. If you ask me we got nothing to worry about until Dec. 20, 2012. Pack a few snacks the day before, because you may be going on a road trip....

Michael 4 years ago

I don't disagree with something happening, read the Bible once in awhile and it tells u everything, u don't have to be an astronomer to figure that out, as for the earth being 28,000 years old wheres your proof. If this shift only occurs every 28,000 years where are the records. I want deny the earth is older than man, which I believe is no more than 6,000 years going by the only written proof we have which is the Bible.

abu hajara beegam 4 years ago

if some thing will happen if will be from the god only. come and believe in islam . u will get answer for all the questions.??? ??????? ???? ??? ???? ???? ????

ben 4 years ago

authors name?

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 4 years ago Author


Are you asking for the name of the author who wrote this hub? If so, I am the author.

Max 4 years ago

It all started with prophecies and predictions, the truth waiting to be told. But now its all about changing it into lies, money, and greed.The government is always lying hes just trying to buy you into what hes saying and betray you. The real truth lies in the bible (and other religious texts), and with the ancient tribes and people. Those are the theorys that you can trust.

Toni 4 years ago

Wow, I did not know that the Mayans were on drugs, that only makes me think about their predictions more. I have also been reaserching 2012 and the more I find the more convinced that something big will happen. End of the world?? We have not evolved as we should have, the bible was not all from Jesus, it was written by men who wanted to rule the world. God is not a person, everything is God. Why can't people think for themselves? Why is so much of the human race blind sheep following the flock? Ridicule comes from fear not fact and so many closed minded people (like the ones who put the negative comments) is what is wrong with our world and why government will never tell us the truth. If only intelligence and common sense would make a come back, then people would think for themselves. The alignment is real, it is going to happen and we all need to make our own decisions from our brains, not what we are told. We should be living our lives in the light not fear and darkness.

Max 4 years ago

i cant agree more. For everyone out there who cant exept the ******* truth thats sitting right in front of your ******* eyes than you must be on crack not the mayans, think for yourselves

motheroftwo 4 years ago

Don't know what to believe BUT i know that i want to live! I think that the ppl that do believe this theory should come together and think of ways survive. I know it sounds crazy but i believe there's power in numbers. I believe the governments of the world know about this calamity and have already prepared themselves and their elite with the bunkers the have already which case we should prepare ourselves as well.

blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

Your article is great, no problems with that. But I don't know if you realize that the alignment of your picture capsule is causing your text to be misaligned, this makes the article hard to enjoy as a reader. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

Oliver K. Manuel 4 years ago

The mysteries of space were firmly established for the next 66 years by publication of two papers [1,2] in 1946 that distorted information on the energy in cores of the Sun and other stars.

[1] Fred Hoyle, “The chemical composition of the stars,” Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 255-59 (1946)

[2] Fred Hoyle, “The synthesis of the elements from hydrogen,” Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 343-83 (1946)

Those two papers also conflicted with four centuries of advancements in science (1946-1543 = 403 years)

Here’s the rest of the story:

pcolacfaz 4 years ago

Idk...but f*** it I'm done with all the predictions jus gnna live life with my family and pray for the best...articles like this made my wife buy guns and tripping about zombies and ele my 7 yr old has the right idea...don't worry about it, smile and if u must b put in it.

meow 4 years ago


i'm scared

jellytoast 4 years ago

This is all just crazy some say yay some say nay. who cares we all got to die sometime, just hope it aint dec 21, 2012 lol

aman 4 years ago

you expect me to belive that a website like this is real you don't have the right info and you are a .com not .gov

Rye 4 years ago

@aman Why would you believe a .gov site anyways? Their the ones with the most false information. If the Government does know, would they tell us? No, because if they did wide-spread panic across the world would happen and people would just give up. Believe in everyone else BESIDES THE GOVERNMENT!

scary stuff 4 years ago

I don't know for sure, but it all does kinda point in the same direction. Hopefully it's wrong but I have a bad feeling about it...if it is true it is possible the rapture will come at that time...just get right with Jesus and you will not have to worry...start educating your self about all the evil in the world....research the illuminati and then type in your browser backwards....see what comes up....pretty messed up stuff....God bless you all and ask Jesus into your heart

christina 4 years ago

I don't believe the world gonna end y cuz peaple didn't create the world only God knows when the world gonna end the only way the world gonna end is our lives and this world gonna keep going and going we

know when the worlds gonna end we might suffer. So please if u read the bible it tell peaple don't stress the world not gonna end only God knows..

4 years ago

is it rare for a rapid polar shift to happen or is it impossible? please answer.

Isocrates profile image

Isocrates 4 years ago Author


Scientists do not know whether it is possible or not. There are various theories out there, however, Albert Einstein believed that it was possible and that it had happened before (Alaska rested on the Equator). So, to answer your question, the best answer would be that it is very rare.

jake 4 years ago

i think the history channel makes up a bunch of BS to scare people and make money by having them buy all these 1,000,000 dollar nuke shelters and stuff. its TV. they can make up anything they want, doesn't anyone watch hardcore pawn or southern fried stings or whatever. TV is bull.

Jan Yagin 4 years ago

So will humanity be eradicated after about 6 months maybe from December 21, 2012?

no name 4 years ago

so this year, where i live in mongolia, there will be no electricity or any sun.its gonna happen for 3 days in a row!!!

santhiya 4 years ago

Thank u. let us see wat wil really going to happen.....?????

no name 4 years ago

No one knows what will happen, EXCEPT for our God. You never know, there could be nothing that happens.. But if something does happen, God will know when. Its his world, he created ,and he knows when he will destroy it.

2012 hoax 4 years ago

There is research approving that the Mayans never said that the world would end in 2012 the world is not going to end but there will be a change probably a economy change to the point where gas and oil prices sky rocket it's like the oil spill that happened a few years back that was a set up by the government to raise gas and oil prices this is the oldest trick in the book for politicians but not just that the alignment happened in June 2012 so that happened and we are still alive it's just like the y2k hoax it was said to happen but never did I have been doing my research on this topic non stop since I found out and all the facts are leading towards it being another hoax

Cody 4 years ago

So, I read over all the comments here, I saw one long opinionated Christian who mentioned The Great Flood. I would like to point out a few things from my POV as a Christian to all those here. 1.) The Great Flood was only known by Noah and his family, nobody else knew of it if you read your Bible. 2.) You all talk about this being God's Last Big Show, however if you were an actual Christian and read your Bible, you would know that it says "No man knows the hour or day in which The Son of Man will return. Not the Angels in Heaven or The Son himself, only The Father." 3.) There is 1000 years of World Peace before Revelation begins, that has yet to happen. 4.) The World will end in a World War of Nuclear proportions from my take.

Now then, as for the scientific evidence provided, I thank you for uploading this, it kinda sets my mind at ease knowing that Science backs my theory.

Ryshtyan 4 years ago

I don't dismiss everything I've read about what may or may not happen come December 21, 2012. To ignore it without consideration of any kind would be no better than ignoring a valid warning sign right before our eyes. However, to completely engulf myself into the possibilities of an end of the world scenario is no better. We don't know for 100% certain what will happen. All we're staring at are scientific possibilities, suggested prophecies and paranoia.

Just recently it's been learned that all we thought we knew about the Ancient Roman Empire may not be entirely right. Archaeological digs have discovered even more significant signs of civilization beneath Ancient Rome. So, as much as I respect scientists for what they have uncovered, I'm equally critical of the fact that they're not always 100% correct in their theories nor discoveries either. If science can make mistakes about the true origins of the Romans, then they can just easily as make mistakes about pole shifts and end of the world scenarios. We were not there when the dinosaurs were made extinct, nor were we there during the time of Noah. All we have are findings, stories and speculations to feed from and for me, that's not really enough. If the world blows at the end of 2012 I guess that'll be proof enough. If not, then I look forward to 2013 and beyond with the same level of excitement and curiosity as I have with previous years.

samaviya 4 years ago

i really wanna know that what exactly would happen on 22 december.Various people having various belief say that something will happen but what will happen no one is aware of this..........!

umad 4 years ago

Where it asked if the spelling and "grammer" were good, "grammar" was spelt wrong, hahahahahahah! Epic fail!

anon uk 4 years ago

Why do people go on about noah? If he saved 2 of every species, what happened to all the fresh water fish?

Lexie 4 years ago

I'm scared

Mr.Badwolf 4 years ago

I for one am hopping for some intense disasters to ensue and show the modernly obsessive idiots on this planet whos boss XD who knows maybe we will get lucky with zombies! That would make my freakin life!

Willy 4 years ago

Well you can tell something is going to happen in the future when everything are in place. When there's always a solution to every problem. When there is so much peace they never felt before. The day when humans have nothing to worry about concerning every aspect of life. And suddenly you will be surprise! it will struck us like a thief in the night., because that's how it works, when everyone of us think that we are sufficient and loose ourselves our true identity. Beware of the silence...

KSI 4 years ago

Hello my name is ksiHULUZULUWARRIORTRIBESMAN....2 girls one cup

Jan 4 years ago

Can you give names of these scientists?By the way,Einstein never predicted the end of the world.

losers 4 years ago

u guys r crazy good explanation but crazy its like yah want something to happen every 5-10 years somone trys to predict the end of the world and the mayan calander just ended but restarts just like on december 31 ours ends and restarts jan 1

Alan 4 years ago

This is regurgitated material.

There is no talk of the magnetic pulling powers of the alignment, how much will be delivered; what is required to cause earth quakes,plate shifts; magnetic changes. For example,no one talks about the magnetic declination changes of 17 degreesor more over the last 30years or so, and why or what the effects are or will it revert back to where it was orwill it keep going????HELP!!We need real info!!!

A scientist with a theory 4 years ago

I'm not in agreement with doomsday. In fact, totally against it. But my studies show that something drastic is coming. The planets will align. Will it end life directly? No. But, events caused by several chain reation events can alter aspects of life. In drastuc or miniscule ways. This article is actually very close to my theory. There is truth in this. NOT EXTINCTION LEVEL, although, something will happen i promise. Anyone ever heard of HAARP.

Frustrated 4 years ago

I do wish that people would do research before they talk about these things, and get people worked up over nothing. First off, I'm going to rail on two of the author's claims: first off, the planets have an extremely minimal effect on the sun, and if by "solar activity", you mean sunspots and solar flares, then I hate to break this to you, but those are the result of MAGNETIC activity within the sun, which, despite what the crackpots will tell you, is not the same thing as gravity. Second, this "exact alignment" you lot are all shrieking about isn't going to happen; an approximate alignment, however, will occur; this, however, is hardly a rare occurrence.

Next, I'm going to point out the logical flaws in the majority of the arguments in the comments section: first off, the Maya did NOT predict the end of the world. There are still Maya alive today, following the same calendar and system of beliefs, almost all of whom are adamant that the world isn't going to end. Next up, Nostradamus: to say that he actually predicted anything at all is a stretch, considering his writings were so vague as to barely mean anything, and, coincidentally, most of the definite hits he "predicted" were often "discovered" after said events had occurred; make of this what you will. In addition, multiple sources claim he predicted events as far ahead as the thirty-eighth century. That kind of contradicts the claim that he predicted 2012, doesn't it? Third up is my personal favorite(nt counting the Nibiru/Planet X bullshit, which is too silly to take seriously), claims that the I Ching contains a prophecy about 2012. Okay, seriously people. You're not parrots; don't just blindly repeat what others say; do RESEARCH. If you did, you would in fact discover that such a statement is utter hooey, as the I Ching is NOT, as you lot seem to think, an ancient book of prophecies, but a set of tools to be used for divining the future. Do you know who made this prediction? A man named Terrence McKenna, as part of his "Timewave Zero" theory,which is a whole load of nonsense I shan't cover here, save for one important detail: he came up with the entire theory while on acid. This isn't slander, this isn't something I'm making up, he was literally high when he came up with it, and even admitted as such(strangely, this never set off any alarms for the poor sot).

Oh, and before I go, learn to use proper bloody English, would you? If you going to propose something controversial and want to be taken seriously, you should focus on not coming across as a gibbering madman(which a fair lot of you do) or a drooling imbecile(spelling and grammar ARE important, folks). Thank you, and good day.

jJames 4 years ago

The last historical event was 1852!.the next will be in 2021 the world will not end but the creation of a better world through the holy grail blood line(child of Mary and Jesus blood line).the holy grail blood line will be shown through the holy church and a new order will will be mankind that destroys the earth

James 4 years ago

Look for the swishy on you tube and the picture called the da vinci it closely then you will realise .the paintings is from pictures over 700 years old

James 4 years ago

The only thing to end this world will be man himself.not an asteroid or comet ire the sun.the cycle of the earth has been doing this for millions of drilling.taking and bomb testing will weaken the earth and eventually it will go beyond repair.however the only thing that can change man is man through the strongest belief ...religion...and that is it

jJames 4 years ago

Pole shift will only create climate change and sea levels will rise and fall.tides will rise and fall and days will change by 6.8 minutes.the earth is doing what it has done hundreds of times before and it will effect us for the better.we are not in danger of an asteroid or comet because of the sun and moon creating reverse matter from the gravity then creates jumping matter that is white and transparent this then effects the atoms and creates waves in space that directs objects from the earth through the gravity pole reverse matter

SomeMildlyParanoidAnonymous 4 years ago

Well, for me, sometime late tomorrow, we'll see what happens o.o

james 4 years ago

i am a quantum scientist.and i have done calculations.the universe and we have to re-cycle.the earth is doing what it has danger to life just re-adjustment.

Sazzybabe88 4 years ago

Well it's 10.45pm here in perth Western Australia 21/12/12 nothing has happened as yet hoping it won't . Guessing its the same in all countries

Michael Veritad 4 years ago

Oops. Guess you're wrong :)

Thanks Frustrated 4 years ago

For clearly expressing everything I was about to type out myself. You saved me some time! Unfortunately, most of these nutters are probably now busy trying to find some new stupid doomsday prophecy to which they can latch on, in an attempt to save their egos. Get a grip on reality, people.

Mike Hawk 3 years ago


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