The Great Powers Of The Psalm

Celestial Beings


My name is Prophet Michael Adewale Olubode, (Micadeolu) of Celestial Church of Christ. I am happy to unveil to you today the great powers hidden in the Book of Psalms which I have tagged “The Great Powers of the Psalm.”

You have been praying hard and it looks like your prayers are not heard? There are many reasons one can attribute to this. One of which may be your wrong methodology you applied in your prayer. The bible says that “You ask and do not receive because you ask wrongly, and to spend it on your passions.” And there are many more other factors responsible, such as faithlessness (James 1:6), iniquities (Isaiah 59:2), bloodshed – e.g. blood transfusion, blood rituals, abortion of pregnancy, etc (Isaiah 1:15-16) and many more of such wicked acts of bloodshed. If you are involved in any of these, I counsel you to first seek a priest of God who will assist you to reconcile with the Lord Jesus Christ.

But if certainly you do not have any of these issues soiling your spiritual garment, then, you can sit comfortably, read and practice this wisdom; equipping yourself with a writing pen, notebook, calculator and a complete Holy Bible (KJV recommended) at your study table now.

If you need more assistance, you can go to this link to talk or send a message to me.

Now let’s get down to business. With this instrument, you have the options to use the powers of letters and numerals. Since the time the Lord God divided the language of the whole world, every tribes and tongues on the earth must worship God in their language or any they have grace to understand very well. So also in heaven, there are angels who have been created to govern every language and tongues. This implies that whenever you pray in a language, your prayer will always be assisted by a waiting Malachi (messenger) who will tune it within a micro-fragment of a second into a pure spiritual language of heaven which are numerals from 0 to 9 - the 10 powers of nature God gave to Moses. The power of every kingdom and nation is known by her linguistics. We shall use in this spirit filled tutorial the alphabet of English Language in conjunction with numerals from 1-26. I will also unveil to you the powers of the Celestial Church of Christ embedded in the English language as revealed to me by the Lord of Celestial Church of Christ through His angels while I was on trance many years ago serving as a Shepherd at CCC Otukpo Parish II.

(Section 1.) The Powers of the English Alphabet

  • A = 1
  • B = 2
  • C = 3
  • D = 4
  • E = 5
  • F = 6
  • G = 7
  • H = 8
  • I = 9
  • J = 10
  • K = 11
  • L = 12
  • M = 13
  • N = 14
  • O = 15
  • P = 16
  • Q = 17
  • R = 18
  • S = 19
  • T = 20
  • U = 21
  • V = 22
  • W = 23
  • X = 24
  • Y = 25
  • Z = 26

The scheme above, have been arranged according to the Powers of the English Alphabet. A value is ascribed to each letter. Study it very well and meditate on it to gain full understanding before you continue.

Now write out your simple but short prayer request. Use correct simple English diction. If only one word will pass your message, it is enough. In this tutorial, our request will be very brief as done below.


L = 12

O = 15

R = 18

D = 04

J = 10

E = 05

S = 19

U = 21

S = 19

C = 03

H = 08

R = 18

I = 09

S = 19

T = 20

P = 16

L = 12

E = 05

A = 01

S = 19

E = 05

B = 02

L = 12

E = 05

S = 19

S = 19

M = 13

E = 05

The total sum is 333.

In this chart above, you will discover that every letter of the alphabet have a numeral copied from the powers of the English alphabet attached to it. Place the value of each letter of your own query under it and add up the sum. In our tutorial, we have 333 being the total sum. To know the Psalm, prayer time and the number of days to use for the prayer of this query, you will have to click this link and search for number 333 on the array of psalms extracted from the bible and get your information. You may on this page, make a request for your own full copy. After consulting this page, we will find that Psalm 33 is the Psalm for this prayer, which should be done at the 21st hour of the day and the 21st hour of the day is between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm. You will also have to read the Psalm 9 times since 3+3+3 equals 9. If you so desire, you may customize this query and add your name. For example, you can write:


(Section 2.) Powers of Celestial Church of Christ

C = 03 = A - W

E = 03 = B - X

L = 12 = C - Y

E = 05 = D - Z

S = 19 = E

T = 20 = F

I = 09 = G

A = 01 = H

L = 12 = I

C = 03 = J

H = 08 = K

U = 21 = L

R = 18 = M

C = 03 = N

H = 08 = O

O = 15 = P

F = 06 = Q

C = 03 = R

H = 08 = S

R = 18 = T

I = 09 = U

S = 19 = V

T = 20 = W

If you are a Celestial Church of Christ member, and have chosen to move higher, and want to tap a higher power, all you need to do as done below is to create the name or the angel of Celestial Church of Christ. The name of a person or an entity carries the power and destiny of such. Many fear to use or call the name of God or angels thinking that such action equates secret worship of an idol or a demon. This is absurd and a satanic conspiracy against the heavenly order. Ignorance is not a standard of measuring the purity of things. Many, fearfully prefer to condemn what they are ignorant of instead of seeking for the truth. God’s names are His attributes. A name is also an attribute of a being. Calling Angel Michael to task in the name of Jesus Christ is like making a shout out,“Field Marshall. Help me in Jesus Christ name!” Every position, where the Holy Spirit occupies had been marked with a name or a title. In Christiandom, if the Father is JEHOVAH, The Son is JESUS CHRIST then what is the title for the Holy Spirit? Since the Holy Spirit is the breath of God in the soul of man, then His first manifestation must come first from the sound of the mouth. This is the source of the Hebrew many Holy Names which have ever been composed. And by their order, Holy Michael is the most powerful in the Jewish and Christian religion. So calling HOLY MICHAEL to represent the Holy Spirit is not calling a demon or worship of any deity. Holy Michael is the highest title for any of God’s representative on earth. The bible said already that there are three that witness in heaven, and three on earth and all the three agree in one. It’s like finding a difference between; (1) an expanse of sea water, (2) a tank of sea water and (3) a cup of sea water. Should we, because of the difference in the vessel in which they reside dis-equalize or refuse to acknowledge the spirit in them? No! There is first, The Father who is known as JEHOVAH (JHVH or IHVH). Then, when the sin of the world became so great and there must be a payment made to reconcile man back to his father, Joshua (in Hebrew language) called JESUS CHRIST (JHSVH) the son came to pay for the debt. Also, to clarify the doubts in the hearts of the priests and elects of God, and to dispel the arguments concerning resurrection of the dead and the working of miracles among men, the Holy Spirit in the name of MICHAEL (MJKAL) came and remains among us from the day of Pentecost until now. I have decided to digress a little and make this elaborate explanation as the Holy angel of God revealed to me for the sake of those Celestial Church members in the UK, USA and others who are been misguided about the use of Holy Names in their various parishes. But if you still persist in your heart that I have written amiss, then time shall show who is a liar. No one can work against the truth.

Let’s go back to our lesson now. Repeat what we did in the Section 1. This time, the numerals under each letter of our query will be a bit different. You will place each numeral according to the arrangement of the scheme in Section 2.


L = 21

O = 08

R = 03

D = 05

J = 03

E = 19

S = 08

U = 09

S = 08

C = 12

H = 01

R = 03

I = 12

S = 08

T = 18

P = 15

L = 21

E = 19

A = 03

S = 08

E = 19

H = 01

E = 19

L = 21

P = 15

M = 18

E = 19

The total sum is 321.

Go to this link again to find out what your prayer psalm is. This is Psalm 21, and your prayer hour is the 9th hour which is between 8:00 am to 9:00 am. The duration of your prayer is 6 days, hence 3+2+1 equals 6. You will do the prayer for 6 days at the same hour without missing any day.

During and after the course of your prayer, I want you to keep yourself holy and watch your dream. If possible you can have a pen and a notebook nearby to write down your dreams during and after this period because the Lord will surely communicate with you through your dreams. You may call me for your interpretation.

I congratulate you as your spirit is being enlightened in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Master of all wisdom, Science and Arts, who has had mercy on me the least of all the Celestial Shepherds worldwide. May you be greatly rewarded as you use this power to free yourself and others from the shackles of Satan and his cohorts in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

Halleluyah! Halleluyah!! Halleluyah!!!

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rose 2 years ago

isnt this numerology

micadeolu profile image

micadeolu 2 years ago from Celestial Church of Christ, +2347067550237. Author

Hmm. "Numerology" you call it. But this have its root in so many verses of the bible. The question is "Will I because a legitimate bible principle is being misused outside the bible context refuse to use it for my own God inspired motives? See, this is the stone which the builders refused, but in this dispensation of time has become the corner stone. Most legitimate hidden principles and mysteries are being given bad names because evil people have decided to use it for selfish ends.

Well to answer your question Rose, this is not NUMEROLOGY. Though it may resembles such, but it is NOT NUMEROLOGY. My God who revealed it to me did not call it numerology. Moses, David, Solomon, and even ancient bible scholars have used it in the past to discover many scientific principles we hold on to as facts in this age.

micadeolu profile image

micadeolu 12 months ago from Celestial Church of Christ, +2347067550237. Author

You can buy the Lord's Book of Psalms if you call this number +2347067550237. A soft copy costs just your kind donation of any amount you send. You are required to send your email address after your bounty is received. The ebook will be sent to your email within 24 hours.

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