The Traditional Kundali Matching

The traditions are not only followed because they are intrinsic and ancient, but also because people highly believe in them and their causes. They are considered to be too important, and thus are necessarily followed. They come much more to the core in light of the fact that marriage is ‘once in a life’ opportunity and somewhat a responsibility, which is required to be fulfilled in no less than perfect way.

Process of Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching is one important tradition, and a part of the preliminary stage of marriage. It can be called as the very first step with which marriage process officially begins. As a part of it, an astrologer considers the Kundli of both the boy and girl in consideration. They are closely assessed on some fundamentals, which are associated with the marriage prospects in some or the other way. They are considered to be the base with which an astrologer draws if they hold chances of having a pleasant and successful marital relationship or not.

The 36 Points Function

More precisely, a total of eight fundamentals are in consideration. They are considered to define the level of computability and understanding between two people. They are mutually assigned with a total of 36 points. Each fundamental is assigned with a maximum point limit. After assessing the Kundli of both the boy and girl, astrologer confers points to these fundamentals. At the end, their total score is calculated. While one can score as much as 36 points, the minimum score can deescalate to 16 points. The higher the score goes, the better compatibility it suggests, and vice versa. Any score of less than 18 is considered to denote for complete lack of understanding, and thus an unsuitable relationship.

Purpose of Kundali Matching

The purpose of doing Kundli matching is just to ensure that in case, where two individuals are amalgamated in a life-long relationship, do survive in it for life long period. It is a way of drawing the intrinsic traits and characteristics of two individuals to know the extent to which they are meant to be compatible (or not).

In some cases, two people are not compatible because of the some astrology based causes, and hence, they are not suggested to get hitched with. However, in some cases, astrology offers respite by offering certain remedies with which those causes can be neutralized.

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