The Truth About Freemasonry

Washington D.C Street Layout
Washington D.C Street Layout
Goat Head Pentagram
Goat Head Pentagram
Goat Head
Goat Head

So What is the Truth?


I've been researching about Masons for a few weeks now after hearing about masonry. Well I went online, read about it, and I was like "wow this is a really good group and organization to get involved with." The people in this group take care of each other and it's like a brotherhood, a fraternity. If they see someone hurting, they're going to pick them back up. Three reasons they get together are:

  1. There are things they want to do in the world.
  2. There are things they want to do inside their own minds.
  3. They enjoy being together with men they like and respect.

Ok. I didn't see nothing wrong with that. In their meetings they teach each other to make the world a better place for you and me. They donate over a million dollars constantly in our country! That's impressive. They participate in projects such as the Crippled Children’s Hospitals and Burns Institutes built by the Shriners. Overall it's good in my books. They put others before themselves.

The Truth About Masons

Masons are the exact opposite of what they claim to be. They are part of the New World Order and they are everywhere. They could be your friend, neighbor, or even your dad. Freemasons have been around for many years, but for some reason they're the least we know about, and here's why. When you join you swear under oath not to tell about any secrets among the group. If they do, they'll be punished. They might have their throat cut, tongue ripped out, their left breast torn apart, heart ripped out and fed to the birds. Then their body will be burnt and your ashes will flow in the wind, and you'll never be remembered again. That's no brotherhood. What is so important, that they will go through all of that if anybody was to dare tell? How can they be so caring, but yet they turn around and do something as evil as this? They worship not God, but the Devil himself. There have degrees in this group, and as they climb higher up the degree, they will learn more about this dangerous secret society. They walk with the dead, slit the tongue of the dead, so if they're spirits come back they won't be able to tell anything to nobody, they get the "gift" of the third eye (meaning they will see the world as Satan sees it), and they are here to carry out Satan's plan, which is to take down as many people with him. Lucifer uses the one thing that everyone wishes to have to attract people and to keep them, and that one thing is money. He knows he is running out of time, so he's using everything he's got. And so far it's working.

The Truth About the White House

Look at the picture I used on my page. It shows Washington D.C. street layout, a picture of Goat Head Pentagram, and a picture of a goat which was designed by Masons. Now look at the picture of the goat, and you'll notice four corners, starting with his ear, the two corners on top of his head, then ending at his head again. According to Santanic doctrine the upper four points of the Goat head represents the four elements of the World, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

The bottom fifth point represents the spirit of Lucifer. Now look at the picture of the Goat Head Pentragram, the fifth point extends down into the mind of the goat, which represents Lucifer.

Now look above the pentagram of Washington Streets layout in which the south part of the pentagram falls on the White House.

This is where the Spirit of Satan is to dwell.

Mason's Agenda

Here's a list of things they plan on doing, and it shocked me because they same thing they are trying to do and are doing right now is writtin the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

  • They want world domination, and they'll do that by contol of currency through media, banking, entertainment, communications, education, text books,
  • They're trying to breakdown religion by using the media and they're pro-immorality, pro-abortion, pro-pornography, and pro-population control.
  • They want political control over all governments, and have a one world government lead by their choice of religious leaders.
  • They want a one world currency.

All of these things were written in the Bible, and now it's all unfolding before our eyes at this very moment. Now are Masons as innocent as they say?

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aguasilver profile image

aguasilver 7 years ago from Malaga, Spain

Nice work, well turned from the first para to the exposee, I liked it.

Keep hubbing

Sanctus Vesania profile image

Sanctus Vesania 7 years ago

Interesting hub. About the goat head; this wasn't made by the Freemasons (not the modern ones), but may have been drawn/created by Eliphas Levi. This goated headed figure became associated with the name 'Baphomet' (pronounced Ba-foe-mae)

The name Baphomet is shrouded in mystery, but it has been said that when one converts the name into the Hebrew letters, and uses the Atbash Cypher, they will get what ultimately means 'Sophia' the Greek word for Wisdom.

I point this out, because it's not only money they seek, but also wisdom (and not a Godly wisdom either.)

keira7 profile image

keira7 7 years ago

Hi my friend, I really like your hub, great work. I find the whole freemason thing quite really intersting. Good to get some extra info. God Bless you.

Blake Hunter 7 years ago

Excellent! You have spoken truth about the freemasons. It is sad that many lower degree masons are decieved about their own group. They actually think they are doing the work of the Lord, but in reality they are pushing Satan's agenda. My grandfather was a mason but I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. You should research how many president's were 33rd degree masons. Also check out how they infiltrate the "halls of power" through the university system and groups like the skull and crossbones. It is very simple to know that they are no good: secrecy. ANY group that doesn't want to operate openly, is on the wrong side. The Bible makes it clear that sin hides in dark places.

Thanks for shining a little light bro'


TheAllSeeingEye profile image

TheAllSeeingEye 6 years ago from England.

Good work Topshelf.

One thing I will try and clear up is this third eye thing. The third eye is a small gland within our brains called the pineal gland. It is here that we have access to the kingdom of heaven, the holy spirit and god source.

Now this is the big deceivement. If the pineal gland is represented as EVIL or Satan's gateway then why are we born we the gland? Why did GOD create us with this gland if it is evil?

If GOD created us in his image then the pineal gland has been placed within our brains for a reason. Then we must ask the question, why haven't we been told about the powers of the pineal gland? Why is it a hidden revelation? What is there to hide?

In one breath you would think we are not told about the third eye or pineal gland because it is unholy if our church and governments were holy themselves and wanted the best for mankind. But do they?

When you understand what they are all about you then realise why we haven't been told about certain things. They don't want us to rediscover our inner abilities of power and creation. Why? So that they remain in control, they horde in all their controlling money, they can create their wars and crimes against humanity. The devil is the big deceiver and the devil has worked his black magic all around mankind for the past few thousand years since ancient Egypt and Sumer. Open our minds, eyes fully opened and the truth will set you free.

Peace and god bless you...

topshelf profile image

topshelf 6 years ago from South Florida Author


I didn't even know the third eye was actually a small gland in our brain!! I was always told it's something you receive, and they told me it was evil. Thanks for the info though!!

mel22 profile image

mel22 6 years ago from ,

I've been on to this political cult 4 a few years now. This was a good read about their real agenda.

CatholicMason profile image

CatholicMason 6 years ago

Yes, it is a FACT: Washington D.C. was in fact built by masons; just note that the Masons that built Washington D.C. were not Freemasons - they were Stonemasons.

And insofar as the four elements of the World (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air) are concerned. The easiest place to find symbolic representation of this is on your Crucifix, just above Jesus on the lettering of INRI

I.N.R.I. In Hebrew, respectively:

* Iammin (Water)

* Nour (Fire)

* Rouach (Air)

* Iebeschah (Earth)

"A few weeks of research"? Mate after you've done years of research (and not just from prejudice based internet sites) and then I might start to take what you have to say with a bit of truth. In the mean time, reading your unreferenced babble is a waste of peoples time.

alisa 6 years ago

To Theallseeingeye: Hey there I would just like to know where you get this information from about the third eye, most commonly referred to the all-seeing eye which is directly associated w/ satan himself, because I have yet to see any reference to this in God's word. Thank you & may God bless.

Joshua 6 years ago

I see falsehood, blatant falsehood. When you make a guess, you should state it as a guess, but you state your guesses as truth, and a guess is not the truth, it is a possibility, and you have no real evidence to support your accusations. The first thing that I just read today about free masons, is that they all must have believe in the single monotheistic God. Your symbology, you take it way too seriously. Whoa man Orion's Belt is actually in like a line, this must mean something man... yea man.. and the big dipper... what could this conspiracy be about, and the little dipper, hey man, something's going on here. Whoa man, yea man, notice the sarcasm, man, yea dude.

kamote 5 years ago

how would you able to discuss those words? were you able to interviewed a mason member? are you a member of masonry?

or those article above is just a mear guess, hearsay?

been asking a mason for more than 8years what inside them and what they are doing.. the only answer i received is "join the brotherhood"..

so if you didn't join, what are the basis of your article?

Edward 5 years ago

I am a freemason and have been one for years, as a Mason, I am instructed to obey the law, civil and moral, to help my neighbours, and in times of difficulty refer to my sacred book the bible.

As for pornography it is an anathema and would not see the light of day in my home.

As far the lurid penalties they are symbolic, being an oath breaker is far worse as I have given my word of honour to keep certain things private and confidential.

Yes when ever the word Freemason is mentioned there will always be a conspiracy theory to match. the misinformation and percieve wrongs our aincent fraternity is blamed for.

MatthewCG profile image

MatthewCG 3 years ago from Baltimore/ D.C.

@kamote: Good point!

Come on if your going to write fiction please state that it is fiction. This is a poorly writen article. Do real research.

Dazza 3 years ago

As a mason I have read some rubbish however yours as to be the worst all guess work not even a hint of truth we are not a secret society we are a society with secrets but don't many ppl and groups have secrets what your saying dies that make coca cola evil they old a big secret

Geoff Scott 3 years ago

BWAHAHAHA - As a Freemason in Oz, I have read some really creative stuff about Freemasons - all of it completely false and something out of a Tom Clancy novel. Freemasons do not worship or work for any specific God/Allah/Buddha etc but acknowledge the existence of a Greater being: the work of a mason is better himself and the community around him.

The penalties for revealing 'secrets' are symbolic and not figurative - they have their roots in the early history of freemasons where people did do these things to masons to get reveal their 'secrets', but in reality if you break a rule or do something un-FM like you get expelled from the order. Nothing more.

I find the goat references really hilarious as there are quite a few tales where stories about FM's have originated with lodge members playing practical jokes on sticky beaks. A goat dressed in Masonic regalia is a favourite of mine.....

Keep up the good story writing - you want to know about the freemasons, ask one and we'll give you all the info/pamphlets etc you need. Better yet, join and learn what its about - but given you make up stories about devils/goats you would not be of good report.

dre 3 years ago

As a brother of the mentioned fraternity I find this article a comic relief based on some weak research and just plain ignorance, like my other brother said you want the truth, join but after seeing this article and your ill research and then slander of us u are not welcomed

Bob McDonald 2 years ago

Babble you say Catholic paedophile church mason ? this is a well informed video and all is true if you cant handle the truth then leave Freemason and rotary the root of all evil ! well done on this story ,kepp exposing they are already weakened !!

kennyb 2 years ago

Hey INRI or earth wind wateofire... Try Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum = Latin for Jesus of Nazarene king of the Jews. Nice try bud. I'm sure all of the masons on here joined for good old fraternity and help to his community and not the mystical attraction of the occult secrecy and gain of social and economic status. If so why not join your local lions club or rotary fellowship. Oh wait that's because your full of shit. Let's see who you cry out for on your deathbed? I doubt all the wisdom of so called crafts will bring you comfort.

Robert 2 years ago

Is this hubpage still active?

pa gentleman 2 years ago

Strictly hogwash, interesting to read, but so full of feces that you actually believe this rubbish you speak of.

mike 20 months ago

I would love nothing more than to become a freemason most importantly a brotherhood a family that helps one another trying to make a better place excepting nothing less and secrets many of these people have spoke of I find amazing first of all to the one who wrote this hub any true man will never speak a word of any secret or any information that a man has not only given his word to his brothers if in deed he has spoken any of this he shall be responsible for his actions just as well anyone in life is responsible for our normal everyday life it will never be about what someone knows it's about doing right and being the man u promised kneed and took an oath to now that is brotherhood I would go down for any brother and not speak word nor sentence with that said there will always be a higher level of people should u or I make our selfs welcome is another thing

Daniel17White profile image

Daniel17White 14 months ago

It saddens me whenever I find these conspiracy theories about Freemasons. We don't have secrets, people are just asking the wrong questions. Masonry is about making good men better and trying to help others to make the world a better place. The only "secrets" we have are mere modes of recognition, because if everyone knew them how would we be able to tell who is a Mason and who is not? Plus, most of our members are elderly men who spend most of the time in our meetings talking about when they were young or arguing what refreshments should be served after the meeting. That seems to me like a pretty inefficient group to try to take over the word.

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    CatholicMason profile image

    CatholicMason 6 years ago

    Oh, and the third eye was adopted by York Rite (that's American Masons) some 35 years AFTER it was placed onto the American dollar note.

    Jojo1891 12 months ago

    Well i must say i know some masons, people well educated, religious, altruist so no one would think freemasonary has something bad about it, but i did some reasearch .. You just have to read some of the books the high degrees write since Pike in Dogmas or basic introductions you find in amazon( most of masons cant go further than 10- 3rd degree.. You can search online about their symbols too . So their Great Architect isnot the same God for Christians or Jews for sure, their God is Lycifer , after finding out also found some interviews but those in youtube ( are some too fanatics) so is lycifer is their angel of light in the dark and their god .. I was wondering isnot Lucifer the rival of Jehovah?? You can search on the bible Ezequiel mentioned( supposedly to a king but it was to Satan behind the king) he says he was a cherubin full of wisdom and beauty he was perfect but he got to prideful thinking he could be God and convinced 1/3 of angels ( found in the book of revelations) to rebel agains God so he was throw away from heaven to earth as punishment . Grecoroman myths also call him the fallen Angel . Ok if his plan was to dare God and defeat him wouldnt he presented himself as the real God to the people of earth?? Ok so the story of Adam and Eve , he tempted her to eat from the apple

    "For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."... Here come the eye of horus / eye of wisdom the all see eye . You have understand in hebrew there were no plural for eyes only eye. .. So if the whole population in earth through the years were here with Lucifer as their God ( these are of course theory no facts) but you have to understand if Egypt had all the wisdom from Lucifer ( by their gods , remember they were polytheist something that Jehovah didnt allowed).. Just imagine how since the beginning of times he have manipulated most cultures in the world .. Just check masonary uses piramids, and egypt symbols .. Were these great ancient cultures polytheist?? Sure greek, egypt, nazca, Inkas in Peru , mayas in mexico.. All using piramids shapes, adoring the sun and the moon, studying astrology , philosophy..etc ... But breaking Gods law( commandments) .. Later in life jesus came according to the Bible and was tempted .. Just search .. Says devil offered him his kingdom if he would accept him as his God ( refusing Jehovah) why??? Because he already was ruling behind the image of these gods .. Also Chorinthias 4:4 says the God of this world has blinded the mind of the people so they cant hear the gosspel of Jesus.. Who is the God of this world?he was talking about Lucifer... While i was reading the masonic book .. They have 3 pilars wisdom beauty and strength .. So they think you can get to be perfect once you change your cornerstone( soul) .. Was no lucifer expulsed from heaven for trying to be God? And his vanity? .. So now people talk about illuminati and many other groups .. I just think is too much coincidence they use similar if no same i said masons try to improve humanity but there are levels, the higher you get , the more knowledge you acquire , most people join because they think is status,is fun etc.. They do have an agenda .. I cant say more simply because there are more things in secret .. Ohhh and catholic was corrupted by masons/ illuminatis from inside ( you see in the symbols/ in their painting, architecture, temples, etc) why? simply to destroy the faith in Jesus.. The church he wanted to fund isnot this one rich? Fake? Crimes? .. Not at all .. So very well planned ... Why choosing good people to fullfill the masonic/illuminti agenda?? Because no one could doubt from good people .. As i said most of them dont know the plans.. Read, see interviews to masons 32,33.. You will understand ..

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