The Truth About Crystal Meth, Witchcraft And Demons

Can Using Crystal Meth be Considered Witchcraft?

YES! We know it can. Crystal meth is different from other controlled substances, because it deceives. Crystal meth is in a league of its own. Not to downplay the negative impact of other illegal drugs, but crystal meth destroys every aspect of the user's life. Its sole purpose is to separate you from your own life, from your wife or husband, kids, family, friends, finances and finally your right relationship with God. We have seen countless people fall to the deceit of crystal meth and have their families and relationships disintegrate as a result. Our new goal in life is to educate people about the spiritual battles they're engaged in every time they pick up a needle or that little glass portal to Hell. We will share some of our own experiences with the Death drug and how we got to where we are today. If you get nothing else out of this article, our hopes are that you will find the Answer to Peace and Sanity that you may be seeking, due to the damage that crystal meth has caused you in your life.

Our hope is that you will also share your experiences in the comments.

Crystal Meth and Demon Hallucinations?

First off, we do not believe in crystal meth-induced hallucinations. That's right, we don't. We do believe other drugs cause hallucinations but crystal meth actually causes your eyes to be opened to an evil and invisible realm. Let us tell you why we think this to be true and lets see if you agree or not.

On crystal meth, people will commonly report seeing shadowy figures, blurry faces, tall men in dark cloaks appearing and disappearing quickly with a small flash. Animals seem to pay extra attention to you when you're high on crystal meth. Dogs and other family pets seem to bark at nothing or shy away from areas of your home as if in fear, lifting their nose in the air and whining as if trying to point to someone or something. People also report seeing aliens, UFO's and other strange creatures. The list goes on.

Note: If you are seeing strange visions or hearing strange voices and you're not the only one experiencing this, then it is not a hallucination, but rather, a 'spiritual awakening'.

If you have had a sighting you would like to share, then please do so by commenting. All sightings mean something. I'm here to say that these sightings are real, they do exist and YOU'RE NOT CRAZY!

Shadow Men and Demons

Shadow Men are real, not in your head. They are really there in the corner of your eye, spying on you from behind, always lurking, and these Shadow Men have been seen by drug users and non-drug users alike. Some people are naturally sensitive to the spiritual realm so when that person uses crystal meth, the evil realm explodes into their life.

The thing about Shadow Men is that they aren't men at all. They are demons, written about in the Bible. They are Fallen Angels who chose the path of unrighteousness to follow Satan. They are referred to as "Shadows of Death" in the book of Psalms 23:4: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil..." Their duty is to roam the earth, helping Satan destroy mankind. Some roam free seeking to devour souls. Others have made homes inside us, gaining power over our every decision, calling themselves the "Legion", amongst many other names. All demons have a particular task and rank.

On crystal meth, your soul and spirit are closer to the jaws of demons. You can see them more clearly, and you're more susceptible to giving into their wishes.

Humans can never become demons. They are a totally different type of being, just like angels. Angels and demons are the same entities, they just serve different masters. "Shadow Men" or "Shadow People" are without a doubt glimpses of demons lurking about.

Wiccan Claiming Religious Right to use Crystal Meth

Using Crystal Meth as Witchcraft

The most popular way to use crystal meth is by smoking it out of a glass pipe which can be purchased at almost any convenient store. They sell these witchcraft gadgets for only three to five bucks. Many people prefer this method of use but it is shot up using a needle, crushed and snorted or even eaten. The crystal meth pipe is hidden by its user and protected from the view of strangers. After smoking crystal meth from the pipe the user typically crushes and buries the broken glass... like a dog does a bone. Anyone who has used crystal meth with a pipe knows that when it breaks... replace it or all hell breaks loose. When using crystal meth, you might as well consider yourself a witch or warlock, and the pipe is your magic wand and this video you see here helps to prove that people are using this drug to be 'enlightened' by the evil realm and perform black magic spells on people around them and to even influence law enforcement with mass confusion.

Satan, The Master Puppeteer

Jesus Christ taught us about the power of faith moving a mountain in Matthew 17:20 and Matthew 21:21.

When you're under the influence of crystal meth you will say and do crazy things. You will begin to 'Believe or Have Faith in' situations and scenarios around you, and in fact, you are believing in it so much that things and events come to pass just as you "foreseen". People often believe that they have psychic abilities or divine foresight while using crystal meth... This is a Lie from Hell! Demons are simply lurking about listening to your "worries and concerns" and help bring the destruction you have dreaded upon you. You believed it so the demons have every right to your life. We are to believe on Christ and Him Alone, but lets just admit that staying connected to a righteous God is difficult while "playing with the devil", so RUN FROM CRYSTAL METH and RUN TO JESUS NOW!! When you use meth, the Devil and his minions see you as an opportunity, an opportunity to puppeteer a flesh puppet. Ever done anything immoral that you regret while high on dope? And you just didn't feel like it was even you that did it? Well, cause you didn't. It was your "puppeteer" controlling you through drugs. All you did was say yes to being a puppet and no to Real Life, the evil realm takes care of the rest. With each use another string is attached to you in order to keep you trapped and to do the bidding of an evil puppeteer, the devil.

Are you a practicing witch or warlock?

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Do you believe that an evil demonic world is opened up to you while using crystal meth?

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2 min. video "Crystal Meth Completely Took Over my Life"

Self Worship is worshiping the devil.

Using Crystal Meth Transforms You into a Puppet

While using crystal meth the body does something strange which we believe is the cause of feeling 'psychic' or having the ability to see or hear the evil spiritual beings around you.

Devoted Christians around the world often 'Fast and Pray" to feel closer to God and to find Gods Will in their lives or gain spiritual insight or Divine and Holy Discernment... well, we believe that the typical crystal meth user is essentially doing the same thing while under the influence of crystal meth. It is like a forced fast, an unholy fast ordained by demons and the devil alike.

Forced Fast

The devil would do it no other way than to force a fast because Gods children fast out of a desire to want to do that, but the devil does the opposite of God on all things in an attempt to pervert Gods Ways and standards. Most, but not all individuals that use crystal meth are unable to eat and sometimes find it difficult to even drink. In the Christian Faith many people will fast from food and drink as a means to express their denial of self which gives God the ability to Work Miracles in their life and share Himself with that believer whenever they are HUMBLY bowed down to God through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Well, as soon as a person uses crystal meth they have essentially bowed down to themselves, acting like Satan, their father... the father of lies, serving your own desires and potentially leaving yourselves in the devils hands. Crystal meth often curbs the desire to eat or drink and this lack of food, water and nutrition have an impact in the spiritual realm. It seems as if the lack of substance in our bodies signifies our 'empty vessel', in the spiritual realm allowing either Life or death to enter into our lives, especially if prayers are included whether to evil or good entities. Practicing Wiccans know this to be true so it is used by them for false gain or false safety. I would like to note that I don't believe EVERY practicing wiccan is on crystal meth but I am certainly saying that many are purposely using crystal meth to summon demons to do their bidding in today's society. Alchemy or (Chemical Philosophy) has always been in the wiccan practices and the popular choice of chemicals they like to use these days for spiritual enlightenment, is crystal meth.

Forced Prayer

Prayer is described as meditation and you can choose to meditate, (or pray) on whatever you want, whether for good or for evil. It is your God given right to choose what you wish to meditate on. Meditation creates faith so we must be careful to meditate on what God instructs us to meditate on in the Bible and that's Him. Psalm 1:2 says... he delights in the LORD's instruction, and meditates in his instruction day and night. The Bible tells us to meditate on His Word and Jesus Christ is The Word made flesh, full of Grace and Truth. (John 1:14) If you are meditating on evil, then evil will come upon you, Meditate on Christ and all good things will be upon you.

Romans 6:16 says this: "Don't you know that when you offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey--whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness?"

You are fasting for and praying to Satan himself when you use crystal meth, therefore allowing all evil to enter into you and change your life for the worst with an ending that results in death. By repeating your greatest fears, or whatever, you are giving every right to the devil to cause those thoughts and beliefs to come to pass. You must keep your eyes and thoughts fixed on Christ to gain freedom from crystal meth.

Romans 6:23 says "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

When you use crystal meth you are inviting the devil into your life and when he has access to you he will begin to connect strings or (LIES) to you in order to deceive you and separate you from your family, friends, finances, sanity and finally your soul before it takes your life. These "Strings of Lies" is what keeps you closely connected to death, the Master Puppeteer, and the strings are applied each time you use crystal meth. Stop being a fearful crystal meth puppet.

Whether or not you have been affected by crystal meth, witchcraft and demons... Please Share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any social site you may have. Many people are suffering from trauma due to the use of crystal meth, witchcraft and demons and one of the things these demons go after is the persons life through suicide but these demons also cause people to believe they are insane. You may or may not understand this but we are witnesses to this evil.

Crystal Meth and Demons

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Finding Freedom from Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons

The devil is a copycat of The True God and wants to be God. Satan follows his own ways so the devil believes himself to be god and desires worshipers. Satan serves himself only, Christ serves others. The devil focuses on himself but Christ put all his desires into His Father in Heaven and Gods Will. We, therefore, have a choice set before us, A Choice to choose Life (Christ) or Death (Crystal Meth). Man represents their god by the choices they make in life, are you self serving or interested in serving others? There are only these two choices set before us in Life, that's it. We either choose Life or Death by our actions. The devil does not ever deny himself and this is what you have to do in order to be free from the lies around you... Deny yourself, Deny your own desires because your desires are killing you and leading you to hell. Mark 8:35 says "For whosoever will save his life (or serve themselves) shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life (or deny himself & serve others) for My (Jesus Christ) sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it ."

To be a follower of Christ, you must act as Christ acts because you believe His ways is The Way, The Truth and The Life... So you do as Christ would do, deny yourself and deny meth OR you can satisfy your fleshly desires and act as your god, as the devil and live life in his ways. He also serves himself. This is what you call a selfish sin that leads unto death.

Choose Life for You and Your Family, Choose Life!

Deuteronomy 30:19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore Choose Life

Read more about Jesus Christ Here>> Introducing Jesus Christ, The Person of Grace

One Mans Last Words

William Pope, who died in 1797, was a leader of a company of infidels who ridiculed everything religious. One of their exercises was to kick the Bible around the floor and tear it up. Friends present in his death chamber spoke of it as a scene of terror while he died crying. This was his last recorded words...

"I have no contrition. I cannot repent. God will damn me! I know the day of grace has see one who is damned forever...Oh, Eternity! Eternity! Nothting for me but Hell. Come eternal torments... I hate everything God has made, only I have no hatred for the devil -- I wish to be with him. I long to be in Hell. Do you not see? Do you not see him?"

Wisdom Valued Higher than Gold

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

Those who have been released from this destructive drug, crystal meth, seem to have one thing in common, Christ has set them free and when Christ sets you free, you are free indeed!

You Must WANT to quit using Crystal Meth before you ever will, Don't Quit on Life, Quit Crystal Meth!

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Leslie_Siegel profile image

Leslie_Siegel 2 months ago from Hollywood, CA

OMG, I had no idea this comment below I made is showing up!!!!! I am talking about ancient history but when you read it, it's like it just happened to me! I have not been an angel when it came to certain things, but with this drug I only dabbled in for a very very very short period of time just to learn from the experience. The post below this post is something that happened to me many years ago, like 9 years ago!!!! So please do not mistake my memory of it as if I'm some crazy drug addled person. I really learned so much back then, and have not touched a thing in many years, since I started seriously translating Jesus Christ and God's words from The Bible. I have a good outlook, and I DO realize that drug is a scourge. I just may be one of the few people besides Sigmund Freud experimenting with Cocaine and being very successful at a good example or experience that never led to addiction. Of all the people in the world, I CAN'T BE on that drug or I'd be crazed. I'm already elevated naturally, but I had to find out for myself and I did. So please do not take that long long long long post below as something recent. I may have written it so it sounded recent so people wouldn't think it was 'dated', old or just plain hogwash. But I may have made myself sound a bit batty. Sorry for that, I am sane and focused and older now. I can't be doing that drug because it leads to addiction, sadness and a big letdown in the end. But if you are a person who is just trying something to learn, and then never again, can it be okay still? Even ancient history shows they made errors and did things they should not have been doing. But I'm just laying it out for readers or the Googlers of my name, because I always use my real name. I'm an honest, in your face person who writes a bit long winded and too many words, but you get it, I'm sure you do. Thanks for letting me write this. Love and peace, I am not an addict. I am not sad nor addicted to anything but God and Jesus and understanding what they are trying to relay to me. The brain is a strange organ, and has many closed points and certain drugs, if used correctly, will bring these closed doors to be open! So be it. Think whatever you want. I know who I am.

Leslie_Siegel profile image

Leslie_Siegel 3 months ago from Hollywood, CA

I think you are really stretching this a bit too far. First of all, I love God and Jesus Christ with all my heart. And whether on meth or not on meth, I still pray to only God and JC. I think your article is a bit overwrought. I know what I feel, and if you let the demons in or the devil in, then that's your game. When I used to do it, I never had any demons or devils in my line of sight. In fact, I've come to some great conclusions about myself and those around me. What is good about this drug is that it does open a receptor in your brain and all of a sudden thoughts are clear and focused. I do NOT think evil thoughts at all. I get creative, I get talkative. I remember far off memories of things I'd not thought of in many years. I am very vocal, so when I get that memory, I tell whomever is around me at that time. Maybe with the majority of meth users, what you say could be true. But remember this: GOD IS NEVER DETACHED from your subconscious brain. God's molecules are so small that he is spread throughout the universe and beyond. Your article is so one sided, you didn't even use one quote from a user, or ask if maybe some users have positive things happen. If you use any drug the right way and use TEMPERANCE in using it, then it's a gift for you. Yes, any drug is bad if you go crazy and keep taking it. But Meth, I'll admit, is very addictive, but so is biting your nails or licking your lips, or even sucking on the back of your palm as my husband does out of some nervous tension, and he doesn't even do Meth. You also must know that your reasoning for the evils of Meth does not make sense. There is no separate entity of the Devil. The Devil dwells in our own "ID". That is where all our evil lies dormant. And doing meth does not bring it out. At least now when I did it. I find it to be soothing, mind opening, and very interesting. I've never seen any demons, devils or dark men! How could you even post such garbage. You have to get the other side of the coin here on meth. If it is used correctly, it will be fine. But so many misuse it so much that it has a reputation. You imagine some bum sitting in an alley smoking it in tinfoil. And most of the meth out there is "dirty", so you have to know who you are getting it from. If you do it, and you feel sick or nervous, than it's dirty meth. And out of all the meth out there, 50 percent probably is dirty. But if you have someone who has never ever given you bad meth and you see the meth in the package and it's clear ice looking, with some powder at the bottom, then you are fine. Not all meth is the same. No two packages are alike. But Meth is Meth. It can be used to a lot of things. As I said, I get creative, I get inward and think deep thought about things and figure things out better. Good meth will not make you nervous. The good Meth is the type that when you smoke 4 hits of it, then you are elevated for around 7 hours. That's enough to gain understanding of self. It makes you see yourself. And, rather than seeing demons, which there is no such thing, you really see yourself. Your "ID" may become a bit active. And I've prayed to Jesus and God on meth, with the same results. Also, one other thing it does. It opens a part of the brain where frequencies pass through and you can actually start to converse about an old memory and then you turn on the tv and there is what you were talking about all over the news. A good example, if I may: When I did meth, I used to have deep memories of events that happened to me as a child. One evening I was telling my friend about such a memory. It was my 4th birthday party and my father said not to go on the patio until the party started. Of course I did go out on the patio and disobeyed him. Ummmm, I wasn't on Meth at 3 years old. I'm telling my friend very small little details that no one could remember. My father saw me out there and sent me to my room, the birthday girl in her bed with the lights out on her special day. I was crying and heard the kids running around and having all sorts of fun. I heard the music start to play. I heard kids screaming and having fun. No one seemed to care I was the birthday girl. I must have laid in my room for 1 hour. Finally, my dad came up and said, "Do you know why you are up here?" I said, "Yes Daddy, because I disobeyed you and went on the patio!" "Good, not get up, get dressed and get down to your party." I got up and dressed quickly and went down stairs. I looked out on the patio and realized I didn't know one person at my own party. I came and sat down, but felt guilty and shamed. Everyone was asking where I was, what's wrong, why does the birthday girl look sad? After I told my friend this story, we sat for a second and he said, "I'll get the mail," which he did. When he came back he had a very weird expression on his face. "What's up?" I asked. He said, "I hear noise in the clubhouse!" The Clubhouse in our building is never used at all, so when you do go in there, you can tell it's a room no one ventures into. It's quiet and eerie in there. I then heard people running up and down the hallway. Keep in mind, this room is NEVER used for anything but building meetings, not any type of entertainment. It just was never used for that. Not sure why. I've been here 15 years and know this to be true, that the clubhouse is never used for anything. But we started to hear more noise coming from there. I said, "I'll check it out!" I left the apartment and went down the hall. Suddenly about 4 little kids ran out of the doorway. I said, "OMG, no way, no way, no way, it could not be!!!!" I walked in and the clubhouse was decorated like a real club with lasers and music and streamers and such things as for a kids party. I stood frozen for a minute as I watched about 50 kids I've never seen or met. It was a kid's birthday party!!! The first one I've ever seen in the building. I could not believe that I was discussing (on Meth) about my own weird kids party. I was turning 4 then. I felt that in some way I missed out on that birthday because of my mistake of going on patio when dad said not too. There I was in the middle of the clubhouse watching 50 kids running around with their parents on the sidelines. I was so excited, because I had just been discussing my own kids party for me, when I was 4 years old to my friend, who also was blown away by the fact there was a kids party in there at all. I felt this excitement rolling in. The kids came over and talked to me. I even taught them to play Israeli jacks, a very difficult game you use little toys as pieces of the game. they were all sitting around me as I showed them how to play. They loved it. Then many parents asked if I wanted food and drink. There was loud music playing all sorts of music. I saw the birthday boy, and I asked him how old he would be, he said "4" and smiled at me. I walked around the place in awe. It was like a parallel. But it's no magic trick, and no demons or devils or evil about this. Yes, I was on meth, and very elevated. Here's why it happened, and not because of God or the Devil: Our brains pick up frequencies all the time. But if we are closed to them, as most are, then we don't hear them. But, if you are on good meth, your brain receptor is wide open and for some reason, my brain picked up the frequency of the party before I did. It was because of the meth that I picked up on it. No devils or demons. Just my own brain open for it. I was so blown away. I just stood there marveling about this paradox. My own party turned stressful when dad sent me to bed over going out on the patio. And when I finally get to the party, I don't know who any of the kids were. I sat there looking very sad from crying up in my room. Now, what I think happened is that God allowed me to see this by allowing my brain to feel the frequency of that party. I hung out laughing an joking with the kids then showed them my charm necklace and left. So it was not the devil or any bad entity. It was my own brain open to receive. Before we knew of the party, I had just been sitting with my friend watching TV when that memory popped up in my brain. Wow.

Graham 6 months ago

I've seen it felt it......days after the high. Still do. Walking on my bed. Tried to tell my brother but that's a waste of time ....

Feet burning all the time.

Was trying to save my relationship with my lady which had fallen appart four months prior. Went to my hometown but she wasn't home..... Had a feeling she had someone else but hope was still there. that i might be wrong. Turns out she had been leading me on for four months and told me the next time that she had another bf laughing as she told me asif mokking me... Smoked crystal and plenty of it. Next mornng i snapped as if hit by atrain as the realisation hit me....

Was still very high when i ordered her and her daughters souls come to me..... Sounds like bullshit i know! But there they were and proceeded to strangle her daughters soul tillshe was not moving..... This was as real as imtyping this now..... I saw the look in her eyes as she watched me rape and order demons to rape her daughter over and over again..... I ordered her raped in all possible manner by demons too. Later on in the dày i saw her moving around trying to lift knives and other things around the lounge to beat me with but i stoodthere mocking her andcursing her life and that of her kds too...

I hated her so much that i wanted to kill her kids and destroy her life for leading me onand lying to me about having anew bf.... Now i find that i still see things and hear them even though im not using.... I stillcurse her and wish for pain in her life... I knowm not crazy and I don't talk about this shit to ppl as they think I'm crazy.... Listen to me ppl! This is not a joke and i know its satan at work here..... They will do yourbidding because its a sure way to grind you down nto hell...

Tormenters, shadow ppl, demons, call it what you like! I know I HV damaged a family that I loved because of crystal meth. God have mercy n my lost soul.......

Doomed deyond return i really am. Save yourselves ppl before its too late.....

profile image

kari95135 10 months ago

Hello, all of your stories are so spot on for what I family friend of mine is dealing with. However she/(it...) is soooooo protective of her for "medicinal only" meth use that has herself convinced because of her bipolar and mental struggles this is her fix. (She has struggled with this for 20 years and tried everything). Here's the twist though. She spends almost all her time studying the bible and wanting to debate others about it, plus it's like she feels it's her responsibility to save the world. But what she says is twisted. She is now about to become homeless because of her spiritual battles she has makes her look crazy (and actually is at this point). Wondering if anyone out there is interested in talking with me to try to come of with ways to get her off this crap? If so email me please. I'm in the San Jose CA area. God Bless you all for sharing and for those of you that have escaped.

Thankful 11 months ago

heres my story.. im from south africa.i have been on and off a drug called Cat for the pass 8-9 started as a recreational drug from clubbing then i stopped clubbing but it still stayed with me. as years progressed so did the drug and what it was doing to me.i come from a christian home, i am still one and i will die one.there were a few occasions over the years where i had bad experiences like noticing shadows and reflections, when i told my friends about it they laughed and said i was imagining things. we all were on it but they werent experiencing it. the drug started changing from powdery to crystaly. with the change came the evil thoughts etc i started searching the internet for information on cat but all i could seem to find was crystal, i also noticed in newspapers on drug busts etc the police were finding meth and not cat. for a while i was suspecting that it could not be cat that i was doing(dealers tricking us to make us come back for more and more so they get rich)..because when i started wasnt like this. but another part of me was saying maybe its the chemical abuse making me weak. so i phoned my dealer and asked him if he sells meth he said no but can get it for me. i went to him by surprise a few days later and asked for it. he said he has some and will give me but he doesnt ususally keep it i was lucky to get it by him :) i bought it and went home and started taking lines of it. i locked myself up in my room and never came out the entire day. everything was okay while the sun was up but once it went down my dog started barking and growling by my window everytime i woke up to check there was no one there. i have experienced these things before while on "cat" i started seeing more shadows and hearing people talking and breathing etc in my room. a few times in the pass while doing cat my mom asked me the next day who was with me in my room because she heard us talking the whole night(i was alone)

i started getting scared and trying to sleep, everytime i would cover myself with blanket i would sweat so i remove the blanket then i hear a scratching sound or like a sound to grab my attention and the minute i look there i see a shadow standing there i even remember telling it to leave me alone i am a child of god.i asked it why cant it bring joy than fear. i had the worst night of my life, alone and in fear but knowing there are things around you that want you. as soon as the sun started rising i was happy knowing that i am safe but then i went to shower and i heard something in the bathroom when i looked in the mirror i saw a reflection of a man standing next to me but when i looked next to me there was nothing. i noticed wherever i walked in the house there were footsteps in the ceiling following me around even when i went outside i could hear it on the carport roof.

previously while on cat the same thing happened, but this time it was by my window again the whole night i kept waking up to check. toward the morning time i stood by the window waiting and then i saw a man using a grey trouser and hoody with the hoody on his head and he had no face. he was looking at me from the carport roof.

this is only some of the things i have experience if i have to really type everything i wouldnt have the time :)

im grateful to have found this hub, and im thankful for reading the testimonials posted on here. it was a big step for me to type this out for the world to read but i hope it also helps someone in doubt.

please keep us in your prayers

im done with drugs, its done too much to me over the years. lost friends, peoples trust etc.

the devil will deceive you.. they market the product very well but the truth will always come out and your eyes will open. God is a true leader..the devil wants to rule the world but he can only do it by tricking people to follow him. thats what i learnt

JoJo 11 months ago

thank you for this, its going to help me

Steve S 12 months ago


JULIE CASADOS 13 months ago


Found God!! 14 months ago

After reading these brings back memories of my using crystal meth. I have sonce then been born again and our father has opened many doors for me. While reading these comments at first I said to myself I never experienced anything evil in my 10 yrs of using meth. Then it all came back to me. I would hear people in the other room saying things about me. I have seen demonic things through people. Thinking how could people be so evil and do such evil things. I believe that meth is a devil drug. It consumes you, takes over your feelings and so much more. I for one have two kids I can't see for making bad choices and choosing that life. I believe the devil plays on your guilt. Plays on so many things. When I got pregnant the 3rd time God really touched me and gave me hope again, helped me out of the environment that I was in and opened doors for me. He is the reason I am still here today. I prsy for everyone who still has to endure so much hatred and fear. Choose God, it is so worth it. My 3rd child is still with me and I like to consider myself a good mom. The guilt still plays on me at times for my other two children but I know God has his timing and I will see my girls again. God loves you and wants a good life for you, the devil is the complete opposite. Sure you feel free while using but that's free of everything, most of all love, and God is love. I have lived both sides and I would rather have responsibilitys and be stressed out over bills than to ever torture myself again. Having faith in God and yourself is fulfilling.

New Creation 15 months ago

I got into "wicca" before I got into meth. I didn't choose to do meth the first time for my "religion", but I do believe it led me there. And then I was a wiccan using meth....and I really believe they do go hand-in-hand. I did have to turn from my wicked ways and turn to God(repent), in order to break free from it all. There were demons. I think I was possessed at one time or the other. I've experienced sleep paralysis....while I was using. I was listening to demons. My spiritual eyes were opened, I was seeing subliminal messages, and hearing them, from the tv, the radio, friends talking even had different messages or meanings to what they were saying.....that's why I started crying out to God, I got scared....I got real scared. I was in and out of jails, rehab, prison...nothing stiopped me, for long. I heard my friends whispering from miles away, thought they were in my house. ..they were 45 miles away, talking. Reality was wearing thin...very thin. I got down to 102 lbs. I thought I looked great until one day I looked down at my boobs, and they were was like I was 12 years old again, only worse, cause it was unnatural. My "boyfriend" at the time drew a picture with a marker on a mirror, an outline of his reflection of his face, and it was a demon...the face of a demon....horns and fangs and all. I thought it was a turn on....a creepy turn on. This guy also later almost killed me. Body slammed me, head butted me, threw me on our bed and got on top of me and strangled me 3 times. Anyways, long story short, I got outta that mess, but only after repenting to God many, many times over.

Lily 15 months ago

In my dream I was with 3 ppl they took a picture of me nd in the picture there was a black figure tht looked like a man standin to my right holdin one of those big kitchen knifes as if he was gettin ready to stab me. The first time the black figure attacked me I was layin in bed wen I feel somebody tryin to do somethin to me don't exactly remember wat it tried to do but I started yellin the name lily to come help me. The second time I got attacked i was gettin ready to go to sleep nd my dad was sittin on chair at the foot of where I was layin watchin tv nd I remember that I felt the need to tell my dad I love him. Wen I said dad I love u he got up nd told me he'll be bak nd didn't turn to look at me nd ik its cuz he was crying. Right after my dad walked out of the room this time I actually can feel the hands of the black figure tryin to suffocate me tellin me "die... die u fat bytch" I tried to yell nd as soon as I was able to yell again i yelled the name lily twice then the name shelby. Nd as soon as my dad came into the room the black figure went to attack my dad nd I yelled "leave my dad alone" i swung tryin to hit the black figure wen i did it turmed around looked right at me nd lunged at me. Before the figure reached me I woke up but i wasn't actually awake I was more like I was aware but still asleep cuz before I was fully awake, I thought bout how if the black figure can attack me to were I can physically feel him then I can use a knife to defend myself but then thought wat if doesn't work nd it takes the knife from me nd kills me. After tht I woke up. Wen i read bout the shadow figures it made me wonder if the reason y it called me a fat bytch nd tried to attack my dad is cuz it went after the person tht means the world to me which is my dad nd how I have so much negativity towards my body image. This the first time this has ever happened to me in the 6 yrs ive been doin meth ive never been so scared in my life

Carol Spencer 16 months ago

I am a Christian and i use meth.It has its appeal to where i anticipate seeing shadows among other things.I am one of those people who are extremely sensitive to the supernatural. I do believe that i have seen demons and i have caught them on film .My husband and I possess several pictures and video where there are long black cloaked men are standing around as if in wait.We have seen demons taunting us and showing us our death pictures in reflections.We both have heard sexual noises and have gotten involved with sexual pleasures with other people. Sometimes I'm scared if I let myself go for to long and other times I embrace it.I feel like I am still in control with being a born again Christian I have seen spiritual warfare. And have pics to prove it.

Vanessa 18 months ago

TESTIMONY shared for the first time with the public::: My life was once fully dependent on this substance. Values Stolen: Relationship with God (Jesus Christ), family, job, car , home, freedom. I lost it all. My life spiraled down slowly and all the while I really believed I was holding it together and could be a "functional" meth user. I was raised right, taught right. Family was far from perfect but it was good. Raised in church as a child and always kept what I thought was a descent relationship with God. I hit a grey area in my life that I didn't realize at the time was grey...I was just having fun with new friends , they were both fearless and Godless. We ended up at a friends of theirs and he pulled out the first pizzo I'd ever seen, loaded it and started passing it. I was nervous as heck but wanted to "try" it. Silly of me to have thought this was going to be a one time spontaneous little sin I would never do again. This is the day my life was stolen...While in the midst of using I felt is was a great way to numb feelings and emotions I wanted to push away and make "disappear", it was easier not worry about things rather then take care of them responsibly...I met sooo many users and dealers through out the course of 2-3 years after this. The things I saw and people I associated myself with were at one point things I use to frown upon and people I felt sorry for and looked down on... During my journey of self destruction and alienation I met someone who I thought was an angel sent from God to save me. We fell inlove and got together. He wanted me to stop using and I made many attempts to do so, but when the substance lives under the same roof as you it's no easy task. I lacked not only the strength, and support but desire to quit for me. Suicide became a huge option for me when I realized I was full on addicted to meth. It had full control over me and I knew it. I felt trapped and like I had no one to reach out to that was capable of helping me. My boyfriend at the time took me out of this slumber of suicide and over powered my dark desires with love and support. "He was my angel"...months later we came to find out I was pregnant. Drugs stopped. I told my boyfriend adamantly at the time we had to move from where we were to a safe environment for the baby. After the move things were great! Our own place and new start for our soon to be family...Baby came and I found a whole new kind of love I never knew existed. With our new bundle of joy I was at what I trusted was the "peek of my life's happiness"...6 months later I received a call from my closest sister in town, I had just been told that the father of my child had been molesting her 3 youngest girls for a year now. Her daughters decided they were finally ready to open up to their mom (my sister) while in their truck riding home. My sister had to pull over to the side of the road, gather her thoughts and I'm sure resume her heart from beating before calling me. When she did my heart dropped and I went partially deaf to all noise around me....My life was turned upside down after this. He turned himself in to the authorities and now faces 60 years in prison. When this happened I turned to God and prayed for strength and asked that he make my heart cold....My wounds were too deep and my heart too resistant to fully let God faith was lost and for the first time in my life I pushed God out of my life and I made sure he knew it....I thought drugs were the biggest mistake of my life I quickly learned after this, eliminating God in the misdt of the heaviest darkest trial I had ever had to face was the worst thing I could ever do.I knew one could hit rock bottom, what I didn't know was you could fall off the ground! We lost our place, car, money...I was placed in the worst place in the world, back at his old house with his mom(user). I fell back into drugs to dumb it all. We were treated cruelly if food was cooked my daughter and I were left scraps, allowed to shower when his mom was in a good mood and happy with us, drug traffic everyday. Under my depression and all I was facing I knew I had to get my daughter out. MY CRAZY PLAN: I was to continue doing drugs to pacify my pain and misery so I can get up everyday and take care of my baby and all that she needed, seek help from social services for aid and counseling and once placed on prescriptions or anti depressants break free of drugs. Key: I also reached out to God. I went crawling back and asked for him to please come back in my life and take over our lives.... Ya know, as crazy and my plan was it worked and with God's grace and love I was on anti depressants for 3 weeks intermittently and quit taking them. no longer needed counseling. I was free of it all!!!! He opened doors for us to live in a safe a loving household, now in my own apartment and got me back to work, 2 raises in 1 year! In church were my daughter and I go through out the week. My baby is now 3 years old and places hands on people and prays for them, she loves Jesus and and going to our church. WHAT I'VE LEARNED: Demons are real, if you are a user of meth and they have not yet surfaced to you they will. One hit opens doors. By taking a picture of the cloud you blow frighteningly enough you see all the faces of spirits(evil), I thought this was me and friend tweaking out but I know it was more, it was confirmed by two other users I've come across that "had fun" while smoking and did the same. You can actually see the faces of the spirits in the clouds. You don't have to focus or look closely, they are very apparent and real! I've also learned God can use the devils works to do good in your life. I've learned there is hope when all else seems hopeless, and he IS there with you when everything around you is falling apart and dark. FAITH. I've learned I'm at my peek of happiness with God filling the last piece, I've been restored through the holy ghost , adore my daughter and love my life and will forever be grateful. God loves all of us. Even if you don't believe in him, he believes in you...Thank you Jesus for saving me. And if this testimony touches one soul out there. I love you. I want you to know there is hope. God's waiting. Just open your heart and let him in. He will do the rest:)

jennifer 18 months ago

I have seen a lot of ghosts my whole life. I was on meth for 3 years. It ended up I was surrounded by only witches in the end. I have seen shadow people, the people in the mirrors, grim reapers, the man with the hat, gargoyles, etc. It got to the point that I didn't see demons anymore. They were either in people around me or they were physical. They are extremely manipulative, whitty, and smart. I am very traumatized from it because they were physically real towards the end. I think they are the demons I have been fighting my whole life with the people close to me. Such as my mom, all my exes, my daughter. They are all some version of the same demons you struggle with. The only problem I have is trusting what is real and trusting the people closest to me and there intentions.

Ashley 20 months ago

This is a joke right? Yes, drugs are bad but NONE of them including meth have anything to do with being Wiccan or Pagan. Maybe educate yourself before slamming a religion that you know absolutely nothing about.

pete 21 months ago

For Ashley and Rita,both of you will have to leave your spouses or kick them out,sorry to be forward. SO FAR THAT SEEMS to be the only sad method and no one should help them or give them shelter because they're abusers and bloodsuckers and they will do anyone dirty or suck you out of your life.There's no repair to this,ONLY if they make a change but if nothing is changing in their LIFE, they take you for granted and all the responsibility sits on you ladies and will be under appreciated and unrecognized by this zombies,until they hit the streets and rock bottom,maybe just maybe they'll crawl back from hell.,sorry i know it's hard and sounds harsh,but I've dealt with many meth adicts,and seems this is the only solution.Rehab they don't really work because once again,you're still doing the work for them and they cant seem to appreciate or understand or even care.

ashley 21 months ago

This drug is destroying my boyfriend/ baby daddys relationship i want to help him so bad but i cant we have a baby together i wish that he would get his stuff together n be a family plz pray for him

rita 21 months ago

This drug totally destroys a person . is there anyway i can help another person? I really care about this person and i hate to see him all drugged up . it has really affected him. I don't know what to do .

Noelle 21 months ago

This is a joke right? I'm Pagan and have no interest in meth. Way to try and slam someone else's beliefs.. how "godly" of you lol

Stacey 21 months ago

all I can say is I've seen some scary crazy stuff my ex & I have been through so much and I hate meth it will take everything you love kids,family,soul,everything that means anything you can go to rehab get all the "treatment" you want or think you may need and granted you learn a lot of coping tools but until a person truly wants to change and has just had absolutely all they can take and turns to God with everything they'll forever be doomed! I personally believe God is the answer and cure that we are looking for!

Max Sanchez 2 years ago

I have been a heroin user for almost 30 years, but also used to use meth mixed with it. I no longer use ANY drugs except heroin. I have an agreement with YAHWEH(God) that I will not touch any of them, especially meth, and only continue to use the diacytel morphine(heroin) for medical reasons. The reasons for not using the others varies, but meth twists my mind to sinful thoughts and actions, and being a strong advocate of goodness and righteousness I can't allow myself to enter that sinful realm.May YAHWEH Almighty bless all with knowledge and wisdom as needed.

Chrissy 2 years ago

I'm not a user anymore. Now I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and a wonderful man who is against this 100% and I couldn't be any happier now. I first tried meth when I was 16 cuz my ex was doin itand I wanted to try. I did get addicted, I have seen the shadows a couple of times that ppl are talkin about and when I look they aren't there....There was one time we was moving into this kinda small unique place, very pretty tho, anyway I was tweakin tryin to get this house together about 1am and I turned to look at the chair by the wall and there was a little blue eyed boy with blonde hair sitting under the chair staring at me....Yes it freaked me out. We broke up afew months after and I stopped ddidn't use anymore, I have a few times from then til I was 24 but now No and I won't. I guess it takes the right person to show up in ur life that believes in you and your children who look up to you that really makes u open ur eyes to everything. Yes I believe my life and what has happened was because of God. He gave me 2 babies and sent a man acrossed me to help me and be proud of me. I am very thankful for God and very happy and blessed he has helped me when I couldn't help myself and when I was in the dark and couldn't find myway he has helped me. Meth is definitely not worth it

Daniel 2 years ago

Reading all these comments while tweaking and feeling like a failure cause i

TEACHER 2 years ago


Allen 2 years ago

I am 47, at age twenty i was shown a vision of another dimension, that is all around us. full of evil. It lasted seven nights, in the day it would recede, but the night would reveal hell all around. Things my twenty year old mind could not concoct. Winged Demonic shadows 60 ft tall, Evil clowns, Hooded figures everywhere like sentinels waiting to grab my soul upon my death. They butchered screaming babies like poultry on an alter as they laughed and joked. I was protected by small blue transparent men who could become full size in a whirlwind. My girlfriend also witnessed these men, clowns and a huge demonic dog, like a brown great Dane, with red glowing eyes that barked at us and made us jump. we were hysterical with fear. she died this past year, still to afraid to talk about what we witnessed. I cursed these blue men thinking they were tormenting me. i had no spiritual upbringing and i was heading down a bad path. I now know they were my guides thru this hell, my destination if i did not repent. Seven years i searched for the truth of what had happened being completely ignorant of spiritual matters. then i prayed for god to send me a sign, again i was heavily addicted to meth. he sent me a school nemesis who had just got a dose of the holy spirit at a revival in Dallas. a year we fought over the true nature of god. then one day, we realized how we were turned on each other by life, pitted against each other from childhood by school and peers. we cried and hugged, we said we loved each other and our hearts were true and open. i blacked out and from my stomach a darkness rushed out of my mouth and the room filled with a warm loving glow. My friend said we had done something right and God was smiling on us. I had been Baptized by the Holy spirit. Suddenly i was filled with wisdom and i could not sin. i could see all of the Evil around me, music, t.v. my language, i could not look at a woman in the wrong way. Everything i had been taught that i thought made me a man was wrong. the whole way i lived was wrong. Later in life God has saved me with a divine hand more than once. Meth is sorcery. A gateway to the other side. not made from God but from man guided by the spirit of the Devil. I am blessed that God is watching me so close so i pray for his will for me each day. We are the last in line, the generation of the fig. the time is upon us and most of the world is asleep at the wheel. i am writing a detailed book of my experiences in hope of helping other addicts to recover....God is love and very real. So is Satan. In that Glow all i felt was love, joy, security. I was in the hands of the Holy spirit. a taste of Heaven.

Ariel butler 2 years ago

I smoked meth for two two years and not once did I kill anyone think about it either not once did I loose my house my kids or anything I only thought I seen a k-9uint once and men in black suits but that's it I'm but these stories I've never heard anyone say it anything I'm sry but its a drug that eats ur Brian.. But u still have some if not most control of your self..uve been clean for 16months now I have 3 kids 3vehicles and a new house

C.G. Tamayo 2 years ago

I too have seen a tall dark shadow in the wee morning hours while using meth. We were smoking an 8ball that night whick is way too much to even smoking in one day little alone in one night. As we passed the pissel I glanced over to the kitchen and saw a tall dark shadow just standing with no movement way so ever. I know Iam not Krazy cause my uncle saw the same thing as I did. We froze and when we got up to see who or wat it was the anomoly was gone. Scared the shit out of me! I have been clean and sober since 2000. Thank God for my first born.

Brandiniki profile image

Brandiniki 2 years ago from Haleyville, Alabama

Been sober from meth 13 years. Praise GOD. Most defiantly the devils drug. I have saw many shadow men, heard many voices and severe paranoia. I never knew demons could come after you until I started a holy ghost filled church after becoming clean, even though I was raised in church my whole life. I became a minister and have helped many to get off this drug and stay clean. Demons are everywhere and even though you get delivered, they will still try to get you. You have to keep God and the Holy Spirit living in you to keep them away. Praying for all of you and everyone still bound up by these demons. You can be delivered in Jesus name.

WishIknewthen 2 years ago

To the guy who posted under the name "glad my past is over" you asked about the cops being in on it. The short answer, is that there aren't as many human souls here on earth as we think. This is truth absolute, which is why when we are on meth, so many people, including the TV, radio, etc. appear to be 'in on it'. yes, there are 7 billion people on earth, but the souls contained in the bodies are different.

The human soul is half bad, half good at its very core. That is why we cry when we are happy and cry when we are sad. It is one of God's symbols of the human soul.

I don't know much about the other souls here (I am very much human in both body and soul), but I theorize that they are both angelic and demonic in nature, maybe both just like our own human souls, but with a far greater knowledge bank. They could even be extensions of our Creator Him/Her self. Meth is the equivalent of eating the apple during the times of Adam and Eve. It is forbidden fruit, and we pay with both our lives and souls for such transgressions.

baby girl 2 years ago

Im proud to say I have never done meth but I have seen what it does to many of the people that are close to my heart. It swallows them in and leads them down a dark path that they think they can get out of, but cannot. I pray for the ones in my heart that God can lead them out of this Darkness. Even Last night I had a big discussion with a few people on the battle of satans demons and spiritual warfare till 5 in the morning and it was a coincidence that I came across this post this morning. I know it is Gods will to find the ones that are extremly lost. And I apsoloutly am thankful for people seeing this reading. Gods love is limitless and ultimatly everyone is searching for something in life and it is Him. Jesus love saves. The One and Onlys true path to happiness and Freedom from the demons that lurk around trying to keep hold of them.

Jamie Faulkner 2 years ago

I wrote a book about meth! Its not published yet but i would love to get it to you! Its called Spiritaul Holocaust! 256 267 4343 jamie

Des 2 years ago

I had a good friend killed by her husband while there 18 month old son was in the back room the man that killed my friend was on meth for days when all of a sudden he looked at his wife and said he seen the devil in her and that she was gonna kill him so he grabbed a knife and stabbed her and gutted her and left her dying on the front porch of there house while he took off in her car left there son crying and alone and called the police to tell them what he did they finally got the guy in a different town and now he's serving life in prison with out parole. I told my self I was never gonna use meth I was 18 I tryed crystal meth only once many many years later I doing it again the only thing different for me is i only do it once in a while just durning the weekend I do it for fun with my husband and that's as far as we will take it if we see it getting out of hand or our bill money is being used for that I'm done I haven't gotten to deep and I'm praying I don't I could quit and not have the urge to use again and that's a promise bc I've read so much about meth but her I am using thinking I'm untouchable when not. Ive never seen anything but I've thought about suicied bc the coming down sucks but I have a wonderful husband ya we do it together but he's like me he only does it for a weekend fun and when I say weekend fun once or twice a month plus I have 2 of the most beautiful little girls crap now this is hard for me to finish bc those girls needs there parents and until now me writing this I'm an awful person to say it's ok to do it on the weekend it's not I love God and I know if I need him to help me hell be there I just really need to stop this foolish drug bc like most of you said it only takes one time and satan has you:( thank you jesuse for opening the light for me and I truly mean this I can't be a mom to my daughters when I'm using WOW I might not want to use meth again this has really open my eyes I love my baby's I don't ever want to hurt them or lose there trust or them. I'm truly a drug attic bc I love the high but not that much to not be with my baby's;)

Polly 2 years ago

Shadow men, close encounters, demons, all is the truth. I once drew an hourglass, sand flowing down represented your soul and at the bottom is hell and at the top God. When you look I to a person's eyes doing method look empty.

nikki 2 years ago

I have a wonderful family who takes good care of me I was in school until I met someone who got me on methamphetamine. He would keep me with him for days scaring me so wouldn't go home. He would tell me I could go home after he did a couple things and run all my gas out of my car so I would be stuck with him. He was so mean to me I even text my grandma and told her "pray for me" because I knew I couldn't leave. He had a gun and would scare me with it pointing it at me and laughing like a demon he did some awful things to me. One night while in a garage that we would stay at it was pitch black and he told me to take a picture I took the picture and you couldn't see my face cause it was pitch black but you could see his and it was a clear picture of a demon. The demon has manifest itself. Thank God I got away from him and it was my family praying that jet me alive I know it.

WMFB 2 years ago

My friends and I were smoking Methodist one day. And we decided to take very large Hits and take pictures of the smoke. And we seen Demon's in the pics. Then we decided to try it with other smoke. No results. The meth continued to show demon's and humanoids. We deleted the pic's. Do not try this EVER.

In thee "fight" of my life 2 years ago

Thank you all for your courage and openness.

Reading of you all's experiences which seem to mirror mines, have served to help me want to find the will to help me save myself from myself. Especially for the one that shed light on taking communion and bless items that we may never take off....

As I thought about that I realized that for all I have lost, most of it taken from me by loved ones being run by these agents I still have one pair of 18ct gold hoops given to me by my Auntie Angie on my 10th birthday. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!!!!


I started using tobacco at 8 and by 12 smoking weed and then at 22 graduated to meth.

For years I've known that I've been self medicating. And over the years I knew that I was numbing myself. Since I can remember as a toddler I would see things out of the corner of my eye. My first frightening encounter I remember vividly. When I recount these incidents my mother says things to me like you were only 15months old how do you remember that. Anyway my mother suffers post traumatic stress disorder due to being raised by her mother who was a paranoid schizophrenic. I'm sure she did the best she could and or new how to. As far as the demons they were all over and around grandma and when I told her I could see them she immediately "came to" and asked me what they looked like. I told her and she started sobbing and lay her head in my lil lap. I'd been seeing things frequently since a young child my mom chopped it up to my imagination and liked the safety in her assumption that these conversations I was having were just me making my Barbie's talk. I was so young at the time but I remember my dad being angry at my mom when he did come around just over nothing. Looking back in retrospect after learning some truths my father was probably high on cocaine and weed. So I lost myself point so moving on

I said all that to say that my thoughts of suicide, hearing voices, shadowy ppl and angelic ones all started when I injested some cocaine off of a mirror he had left a pile of it on......see right now up until a few moments ago the night that happened is the same night I stopped my Father from raping my mom at knife point. I just remember my mom was crying and trying to fight him off without waking my baby brother who was on the bed sleeping right next to her. My dad thought he'd put me to bed but I wasn't far behind him. I saw him go to the kitchen get something out the drawer then he went in there on momma....before he went in the kitchen though he picked the mirror up one of those hand held ones stuck his nose in the pile....I now remember I went right behind him stuck my nose in the pile and started having a sneezing fit then I heard my mom cry out. I went to her room and saw my dad over her yanking down her pants with that lil pearl handled knife at her neck. I screamed Daddy stop she said no! He was so gone my mother was tryna console me saying some shit like its okay daddys not hurting mommy I'm okay....she knew I wasn't buying it. I yelled again and woke my baby brother and my dad gave up but was in a rage until my mom hurried to get up and turned on the light and saw that my face was covered in powder. She say you was in that bathroom? I say no and sneezed again and I guess I start convulsing. I remember waking up in the hospital tubes in my nose. Mommy Daddy right there time for damage control. Mind you I'm 3.

And that was the first time I got high and something got in me and has been there ever since.......I'm sure I picked up many more as soon as I started the method I was under extreme possession. And then incidents and family ails or things I'd talk about memories coming back to me in dreams things I was made to believe that I just made up for attention or whatever needless to say I found myself on this destructive path looking for answers.

It was just a few weeks ago that my mom and I have been trying to have a relationship... Although she's always been around I was such a daddy's girl and she never knew her dad and didn't want that for me so she took that and buried it in the back of her mind and did everything she could to erase it from mine. When my dad got custody of me I hated her with him and for him....he was such a monster still is she finally admitted to me that these recurring dreams are not just nightmares.... Over the years she denied and denied it but when she finally told me that's when I was told about me doing cocaine then witnessing her rape. I been fighting these things all my life and today at 34 I finally feel hopeful that I can get these things out, off, and away from me.

TO GOD BE THE GLORY! 2 years ago

I am completely impressed by the honesty of this thread, I have never read anything this honest in my life. Thank You all...even the punk bitch that doesn't believe-Thank you for making the thread stronger.

Jennifer 2 years ago

I seen a 8ft tall shadow thing in an active overdose and I know he was there to take me to hell. Clean now 2 years but I'll never forget him.

ryan mina 2 years ago

Better to stop doing some stupid drugs because the bad spirit attract when you using drugs or crystal meth.its not good to our health and brain.because the bad spirit destroy everything.your personality family friends.etc.they don't want you to be happy...

Patrick garrahy 2 years ago

Must say never done meth but my mate handed me a prescription sleeping tablet and for three days heard two blokes out side my door at night in my bedroom saying let's get him come on we're coming for you lol scared the shit out of me was a real as any thing I ve heard not in my head but really sounded like they were on the other side of the door my head wS battered during the day super sensitive a pin drop caused would sound like a drum beat surely that was nt real I mean I ve took coke speed and and used to smoke green and never had anything like that ? Glad to hear any thing back tar England

glad my past is over 2 years ago

I haven't used in 16 years but I started 30 years ago. Got saved in prison and got released in 2000, paroled to a Prison ministry, help others, and haven't touched any chemicals since. It would be so easy to take a drink to relax sometimes but I know that if I do the demons would surround me and plot to get me back. I still think about all the strange things that happened while on meth and I try to sort out what was real, what I made up myself, what was spiritual, and which part of all this was people messing with my head because they enjoyed torturing me. I know the cops were involved in the head games. I went to jail once with a meth head and one of the jail workers came inside the holding tank where I was, picked up the phone and started talking to someone on the other line about me without using my name. Then hung up the phone and left the tank. The other inmates there were saying "that lady works here" I feel the cops wanted me to know that they were in on all this head game stuff that I was experiencing. Im still not sure what part they played..if they were bad cops or just the DEA obeying orders But besides all of the head games from the dopers and cops, the part that stands out the most to me was the spiritual dimension that came alive. I couldn't read a newspaper, listen to the TV, or hear the radio, without messages being relayed to me through them. I would see dead people in the trees and the radio would taut me and make fun of me. At the time I thought it was the conspiracy group messing with me and that they had their own radio networks and it was a big conspiracy. I know that people did mess with me and they were just dopers having fun and being cruel, but for the most part it was the spiritual realm. There were so many coincidences.. everything seems to connect when I was on meth. My mind would think something and the TV would make a comment about what I was thinking or doing. I would get so mad. I didn't want anyone to know what I was going through because I knew it was so strange. I would keep silent and be tormented inside. I would be so fearful and not go anywhere. At the end of my drug use I would stay in my room all by myself and use meth and just let the radio torture me. Crazy stuff. I am now covered in the blood of Jesus, all things are made new, I pray for everyone from my past that I can think of. And I forgive others because this is what God wants. I feel sorry for the people using now it must be so much worse with cell phones signals and high tech equipment being used by the enemy. This Hub is really good because it helped me realize that I was not alone and that others experience the same things. The enemy uses the same tactics over and over on people. he has the experience. God is amazing and loving and safety is with Him. I wish I knew Him back then but I didn't and there was no safe place. Im still confused about the cop stuff. if anyone relates to that please comment back as I need clarity.

praise him 2 years ago

I am so glad and blessed I came across this site. I was literally on the verge of killing myself. I was messing around with what I now believe to be a satanic drug cartel both using and selling meth. What I believe to be simples with the aid of satanic humans had convinced me that if I did not kill myself everyone I loved was going to die and everyone I had trusted most, including my bestfriend and my girlfriend, were involved in the plot to kill my family. At first it started out I thought one man was going to kill me. He said he was an undercover cop. He might have been. But if he was he's the dirtiest cop there ever was, like has sex with little boys dirty. I sold meth for him and he got waaaay to crazy to even be around(even without him being a rapist, which i didn't know at first) and long story short I moved out of state to remove myself from him and the toxic environment I had immersed myself in. After that I was terrified the cops and the cartel, both of which the man claimed a part of, were after me. Because he said I could never leave because I knew too much, AND he said he had a sealed indictment on me presumably for selling dope and a lot of other crimes I had committed under his direction. I got arrested a couple times since then for misdemeanors and nothing happened so I started thinking the indictments were not real. I also started to get more comfortable. My brother telling me the cartel had no reason to come after me because I didn't snitch or take any money from them kinda calmed me down but it was always in the back of my mind. I ended up moving back home, where I shortly after met up with a girl I used to know. It was kind of random because I didn't know her well and she was all over me from the second I met up with her. We hooked up and she asked me to be her boyfriend. I accepted. Later realizing I had met her in the exact same place as I met the crazy cartel guy. This made me question her motives, but I didn't stop seeing her. A week or two into the relationship I got a job out in the country and she moved with me to my best friends house about 100 miles from where we were originally at. We started doing meth together with my best friend, and my paranoia grew every day. I could still block it out most of the time, and everything was going good. Until one day while at a mutual friend of my best friend's house I had what I believe to be a demon attack. There where 7 people there and everything they said set off my paranoia. I could hear loud angry whispers saying stuff like lets do it now but I could never see who it came from. One guy was like I'll do it, then he says to me, come here help me cut this loose end. All while brandishing a knife. I went into defense mode and I was like I'm not coming near you with that knife. He didn't attack me but he wouldn't stop eyeing me. We pretty much staired each other down until the girls ended up taking me into the other room telling me I need to calm down. They offered me first hit of some new meth they just got. I was too paranoid and I told them I had to watch them hit it first. they kept telling me to hit it over and over and I kept saying yall hit it first. they melted the bowl down, but didn't hit it in order to get the cut off. Then they kept sayin that they hit it without me looking and for me to hit it. I was like no yall wont hit it in front of me that shit's poison. while this was going on I hear the guys talkin in the other room. I heard one guy say I know how we handle this, and I heard beeping like someone entering the code on a safe then the distinct sound of a gun cock. I started freaking out tellin the girls yall are just going to let him shoot me. They were like no your trippin just stay in here don't go in there. They tried to distract me with the pipe, but I still wouldn't hit it because they wouldn't. So they were like if your not going to hit it we will go back to the other room. Nobody smoked that bowl. We went back to the other room and everyone was staring at me hard, but no one was talking. I'm trying to convince myself I'm not about to die but I have so much dope and adrenalin in me every detail is replaying in my head over and over what seemed like 100 times a minute. I sit down on the couch. My girlfriend lays down and puts her feet over my lap. The guys start congregating in a semi circle around me. I feel constrained and surrounded. My girlfriend starts saying you look tired why don't you just close your eyes. she starts to repeat close your eyes baby just close your eyes. I freak out and shoot to my feet, rush around everyone, and get to the far wall where I put my back to the wall. By this time I already have my knife out and ready in my hand. I say if your going to kill me you better do it. In what was supposed to sound angry, but what was coming out as a choked teary voice. There where mixed reactions some denied they were trying to kill me. The man who had said the loose end comment stared daggers. Another looked at me with the emptiest look on his face all the while my girlfriend was saying just lay down and close your eyes your just paranoid. I feel surrounded even with my back to the wall and my knife. I have to find a way out of there. I say loudly over the sound of everyone else trying to get me to calm down, I need some fresh air. Then rushed out the door right through the middle of them before they knew what to do. The man with the keypad safe and his friend follow after me. We all smoke cigarettes on the porch with little talk. They tell me I'm being crazy and to come back inside. I tell them I know and I will. There are plenty of neighbors so I feel a bit safer outside, but not to much. They start to go inside and I say I'm going to smoke another cigarette. After a meaningful look at each other they say ok and leave me out there. I waited about a minute. Someone peeked outside. as soon as the curtain closed I took off toward the woods. I walk for about 5 minutes or so and I hear a car. I duck off behind some trees and watch. It was one of the girls car's. They don't see me and drive past. I walk about a mile through the woods and I realize there is no way I can make it all the way back to my house. I was too low on food and water and there wasn't a store for miles. I turned back. By the time I got back to the house the girls were already back and inside, and the keypad safe guy and his friend were back on the porch. When they saw me walking toward the house they went back inside. I checked the door to the girls car and it was unlocked. I got in the back seat and locked all the doors. They send my girlfriend out to talk to me. I tell her to get the other girl and take me home. That I knew they wanted to kill me and I wanted out of there. She went and got the other girl. A couple of the guys came with them. I told the guys not to get close to me, but they did stay outside to listen, or to protect the females. I didn't know. The girls keep trying to talk me down but realize its not going to work. the girl who's car it is says ok she would take me she just had to get some stuff. I say ok, but she doesn't come back for over three hours. during that time the guys went back inside. when she finally came back out the guys came with her. She made it clear they were getting in the car. I didn't know what to do. I scream I've never snitched in my life but if you kill me my dead body will speak. Their faces were confused at first then angry. keypad safe guy makes a phone call. I couldn't hear most of the conversation but at the end he looked at his friend and says brothers sisters everybody, then he hangs up and insists on riding. I didn't have much choice but to concede. I see the outline of a small gun in his huge short pockets. on the ride home he says he knows my brother but he very inaccurately described him. then when we get there he keeps asking who I know in the area. I give him vauge answers and he leaves.

Recently I was told it would be better to hang myself than let the cartel get me and my family. I took this as a threat but now after reading all this I think so much of it could be tricks played by simples to get me to kill my

joe joe 2 years ago

i. believe. Meth simulates heaven. Satan. Simulates God. And we better. Stop worshipping false gods because. This is. The apocalypse

anna 2 years ago

Drugs make you see things that aren't real, its the ones you see when you're sober that's real. Saw them many times. More than a few times, when the tv iesnt on, I couldt see them on the screen. Human shaped, naked, big black shadows. But when your high, its the devils playtime. Only Jesus Christ can protect you

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Hecriddle777 3 years ago

I have a picture of them that I took last time I was high. I couldn't see them with the naked eye this time. Anyone know how I can upload this photo? I'm very interested in opinions. They basically formed a wall filled with demonic faces up against a tree line in the woods. I am a born again Christian who struggles frequently with the flesh.

Chuck 3 years ago

What about feelin like parasites infest your body every time you use ?

Shawn 3 years ago

God brought me to this page and another today hee is a link to a page to provide answers to get these things out of your life.

Daphne 3 years ago

I recently had a friend on it who killed himself. He smoked meth and marijuana. Seldom times he smoked k2. He began seeing demons when he would use meth and k2 together, so he tried stopping all the drugs. He started back with marijuana would see them but not as often. He ended up back on meth and started seeing them all the time again. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't change his life. He became more of a preacher because he thought if he spread gods word it would make them go away. No matter how hard he tried he would see them all the time, in his dreams he said they rapped him once. He got high his last time the next night he told his little brother which was the light of his life, he didn't want to live anymore. Told him he was going to bed, his brother heard the gun load the bullet, ran to the room opened the door as he was falling. I have been lucky enough to never try meth nor see demons. I have seen simples. A lot of people around me has been on it, He was the worst case, I understand how it can turn your heart I seen people go completely crazy trusting no one and nothing. I know demons can effect people but I think it depends on the situations in life and where your heart truly lies. My little sister has seen to, once when she was six and once when she was ten or eleven, first was after our baby sisters death then the second was before our aunts death. She said it was in the corner all she could see was his eyes, they was glowing red, he also had this horrible smell. The next was standing in her door he had the same smell, was in the light but couldn't make him out, he was pitch black. she said you couldn't see a shirt line a hair sticking up nothing. at first she wouldn't look at him, but after he walked across the hall then came back she watched him, she said it was like he was feeding off her fear, it made her whole body ache, it felt like evil. I

Austin 3 years ago

I agree with just about everything in the post and do believe in drugs opening you up or making you vulnerable to demonic oppression. As a brother on Christ I urge you to do some further research into two subjects. Demons are not the fallen angels, the Bible tells that the fallen angels are in hell until the day of judgement, demons are but the deceased offspring from the fallen angels and earthly women. Although witchcraft is a broad topic, the use of drugs to contact the spirit world is called Sorcery. The Greek word used for sorcery is pharmakeia , a simple concordance and expository dictionary should help you along with prayer to gain some discernment on the issue. God bless brother, I, glad to hear someone with a similar experience saved by the gift of faith through grace.

2 Peter 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell (lit. Tartarus) and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

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jeremy84 4 years ago

WOW! That's really good stuff everyone. If you would have asked me a week or two ago if shadow people are real I would have probably said no. Today I am not only a believer but a living breathing magnet for these things, 2 in particular. I can see them, feel and hear their footsteps, but cannot communicate with them. They hang out with me as soon as it gets dark till I am finally able to get to sleep. At first I was horrified, and at 28 years old sleeping with a night light on. Now I have given up and just let them hang out, still scared sometimes, but they will walk around my bed, on my bed feeling their steps push down on the mattress. One looks just like my dad who is still alive, explain that one. And the other one is a shadowy figure that I would call male, only because of its aggressiveness. Both have blurry faces. I see lights, like flashlight beams, coming out of nowhere and hear talking/whispering. My room has glowed red for minutes at a time. Since being intrigued by these things in the last couple days they have laid with me, sat down next to me, given me hugs(that I cant feel, only see), gotten nose to nose with me which is freaky, and what looked like swinging punches at me too?? I don't know what to think other than I know I sound crazy, who knows maybe I am. I made an appointment with a therapist tomorrow and going to see a lady who is in to the witch stuff hoping she has some insight for me. All I have read really just says mostly glimpses of these things appear, but I can see them for several minutes at a time continuously all night long. I had someone come into my room last night and see if they could witness what I was seeing, and they saw none of it. Everything I pointed out was "I don't see anything". My room would light up and then go dark, the shadow figure was there immediately, still I was the only one who saw it. Even brought the cat in the room with us to see how she acted, and she spent the entire time pawing at the door trying to get out. Why me and why now at 28, and never having any kind of paranormal experience before, is this happening?

Brek 4 years ago

Very interesting stories. I have had the opportunity to experience such encounters with the spiritual realm and am now able to see clearly with a sound mind. It will have been 10 years on April 1st that I was delivered from the control of Satan and filled with the Spirit of God. It was in the darkest time in my life that Christ loved me the most as He dropped a warm blanket of His love and Grace on this dead man. I have learned that in order to understand what is happening in the darkness you must look into the light. It is a curious thing happening in the dark and can be intoxicating to participate. The problem is when you are in the darkness you can't see what is there and with whom you are keeping company. If you remember anything remember this: Jesus is as real as the Devil!

After living most of my young adult life using drugs I found something different when I used Meth. It's as if something was borrowing my soul. I saw the shadows and much more than that. I was actively doing the bidding of the Devil and I knew it. You had to if you wanted to play in his game. Sure, it's fun at first but then you have to work like everyone else. At first you steal, then you kill, and then you destroy. It's the way Satan operates and it says it plain as day in the bible. Did you think he did it himself? The truth is that he uses humans. He uses you and will use me if I let him. And he will give you what you need if you do his will. It's the opposite of living for Christ. To give your life for Jesus you actively pursue a relationship with Him and choose to do His will. I was trapped by thinking that I knew too much to get out of the game. That I had gone too far with my actions to turn to Jesus and if I did Satan would cut me off and Jesus would not want me. But that was the lie. The truth was that Jesus wanted me and the Devil did too. I was the battlefield. And it opened me up to a realm that most will never experience. It is frightening to say the least. If there is someone reading this who is experiencing this spiritual realm where evil is decending all around you remember that just speaking the name of Jesus and believing in Him you can defend yourself from attack. Also showing no fear to those spirits will take the power from them. Just remember that it is not your strength but it's the strength of Jesus. Christain music was also something that helped me when I was in a state of mind where I was hurting badly. I remember when these (attacks) were ramping up and I knew I was in for a scary ride. I would smell this smell all around me, like burnt cinnamon. Everything would switch and reality would change. If I read the paper it would be filled with demonic content, watching tv would be pornographic, the music I listened to would predict my every move and people would do everything they could to make my life miserable. It was like a little taste of my own medicine. These attacks would get worse as I got worse. To the point where I had to choose. Life or death. And when this time comes for you to choose, remember Jesus. He loves you, He knows where your at, He knows what you have done and what you want to do. And dispite the desires of your flesh in the moment you will have the strength to choose to love Jesus. And he will drop that warm blanket of love over another dead person to bring you to life.

Team Wiseman profile image

Team Wiseman 4 years ago Author

That is a horrible thing to hear Chris. We are very sorry for your loss. The thing that most people don't understand about meth is this: Many religious people will fast and pray for several days in order to become filled with the Holy Spirit, be closer to God or even cause something to occur here on Earth by divine intervention. Well, the devil and his army are copycats of God's kingdom and His ways because they can Not work out of God's will. When someone uses meth they go several days without eating, (fasting) and they are usually intensely focused on a certain situation. (That is prayer) When this occurs under the influence of meth the user becomes filled with anything other than the Holy Spirit and because the person is unknowingly fasting and praying without the assistance of Christ then they become free game for evil. They can actually become possessed by evil and be rendered as puppets. We certainly believe that it is possible to not remember something occurring, even something as major as murder. This is the explanation to the situation that occurred in your life Chris. Sometimes meth is used in this exact manner for withcraft on purpose but then there are other times this occurs by complete accident as in the case with your friend. God Bless your family.

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Luke Skeels 4 years ago

I have not only heard voices claiming to be demonic, I have also experienced physical manifestations....including, but not limited to, extreme nausea and vomiting, pain in various parts of my body, being unable to walk normally, having to gasp for air at even the slightest of movements like rolling over in bed, and many, many more. I have seen things that normal people don't see, more than once....I have heard the voice of someone who claims to be Satan, himself....I recently took Holy Communion, and asked that my favorite necklace and ring be blessed. It was done. Since that time, the voices have for the most part, subsided. If you are have been using meth and are experiencing demonic influences, TAKE COMMUNION ASAP, AND ASK FOR SOMETHING YOU WEAR ALL THE TIME TO BE BLESSED. Pray for forgiveness, and mean it. It worked for me, and I am unable to express how grateful I am......God does exist, people....and he's given me back my hope. Satan is real, as well.....and he wants us all to suffer, because he hates us and all we have done. Read up on his fall from heaven, and you'll start to get the picture.....

Chris 4 years ago

My ex bf just killed his gf on a 3 day meth bender, he swears he doesn't remember any of it & is convinced still, that he did not do it.,he misses her , this is so sad. What is meth rage & no sleep have to do with murder or Was it a black out? He was a very nice & pleasant man that is now serving 22 years at 40 yes old. It's heartbreaking , I'm friends w his whole family & they are devastated , as I'm sure the victims family as well.

shay 4 years ago

I used meth for about a year till i completely lost my mind.i called my mom one morning and told her to come picl up my son bc i was going to kill my self. She was at my house in five min.after that i checked myself into rehav. Even in rehab i still saw demons and shadow ppl. They taunted me i even saw bugs on the ceiling.when i used to smoke meth with an old tweak buddy we would also hear the same scary noises and see time he put his hand on the wall wherewe saw worms crawling around and they actually crawled up his hand and arm and then he shook them off.itt was so real and he saw the same thing. I have been sober for about a month and i can honestly say i fucking hate meth but i still get the cravings.meth is evil and it ruiened my life cps took my son and im fighting this fucking addiction to get him back.the demons bairly stoped taunting me but every now and then i hear or see them..i even got on medication and my phyc dr said im syphcitzaphrenic(don't know how to spell that) but i wasn't like this until after i smoked meth...this shit is scary and im happy i found this website so ecleast now i know im not completely nuts. Godbless all of u who are trying to fight this just as i everyone out their that thinks were nuts...u have no clue then cuz this shits real and angels and demons are real ive seen them with my own eyes and had conversations with them.meth is pure evil and opems up the door for the devil to taunt u.its horrible...yet after getting clean u still get this craving...pure evil dude.

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Team Wiseman 4 years ago Author

That's good to hear. Remember, however, Satan will only chase and go after the ones he doesn't own. Hopefully this not the case for you but definitely a thought to ponder.

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not so sure 4 years ago

MsBakes420, I believe you are correct in your religion statement. I have been using everyday for almost ten years. I smoke at least 200 dollars a week. I believe in God, have morals and values and am at peace with myself. Never once have I experienced anything I have read on this comment board. I have never seen a shadow person and have never heard voices.

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MsBakes420 4 years ago

I find this extremely interesting. I have my own experiences to share as well. What convinces me that this drug makes you vulnerable to negative spirits, demonds, etc.. is that it doesn't matter whether u are alone or not, if ur high, u are prey to whatever waits for a weakened mind n soul. I would smoke with my boyfriend, about $100 a night and whatever weird noises, voices or shadows I would see or hear, he would see & vice versa. It got to the point where we wouldn't be waiting for it or expecting it, if I heard something (or he did) the other would react on the same thing simultaneously. We would hear the same voice, same dish make a noise and even see the same shadow. That was then, ever since my faith has been focused on God and Jesus Christ (I'm in the middle of converting my religion from catholic to Jehova's witness) I have not experienced anything out of the ordinary like I had before. Mind you, I still use. I think as long as your faith is strong while u use, u will not fall victim to anything that may involve negative spirits or demons. Hopefully one day I could just leave the damn habit behind. I just know it did open up my eyes n mind & at the same time I have been strong enough to eliminate any negativity that might be lurking around in my life. Thank you for this article. God bless.

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Team Wiseman 4 years ago Author

Can you prove there is no God or Satan...heaven or hell?

Athiest 4 years ago

ok then so yea its people like him is why i hate all people religious hes ignorant retarded and paranoid he believes in fairy's and shadow men. if he thinks shadow-men are real hes watched "Ghost" 1 to many times truth is he has no proof there is a heaven hell god devil demon or shadow men i could claim i saw the invisible pink unicorn wouldn't make it a real deity

Asheanna 4 years ago

I'm 13 years of age however I was listening to a song that inspired me slot, however in the process of me listening to this song in my bedroom I looked out the window I was supperised of the fact that is was 10 at night and the sky was still a light blue. I was enjoying the wind in my face and the trees moving till I looked at the biggest tree in the backyard and I saw a demonic face. It looked like a female in a blackdress in the tree hung with a face of no other I kept trying to make logic of it hoping that the figure would somehow dissaper. It was only till it got worse that I panicked so I typed in on google what does it mean when you see demonic creatures and every time I read something that made sense the screen would scwiggle almost as if what I had seen wasn't an hulisination and what ever I saw didn't want me to find the answer to my question buten I read this I felt I had to share what I expericenced can someone please help me I'm scared out of my mind and I can't tell my parents or they'll think I'm crazy maybe evenIng it up can someone answer quick I need help.

meth addict 4 years ago

To all you assholes who think there is no God and Angels or satan demons, listen to Ravi Zacharias (sp prob off). Not every time I have used meth but more often than I care to remember I have experianced the feeling of utter doom and despair along with seeing and hearing things others did not. It is my opinion that they are indeed demons. As another stated the nazis invented meth and hitler used it himself. They also did extensive experiments on live humans,kept meticulas (sp) records as germans are well known to do. After the end of WW2 our govt/cia confiscated all these records. You cannot have evil without having good. If you think humans evolved from apes, where are the half apes/half humans. Both humans and apes exist. If we evolved from apes then there still should be 3/4 apes 1/2 apes 1/4 apes in existence. For the complexity of universe and all that we know exists in it to be a random explosion has less of a chance being correct than intelligent design. I pray that God will forgive me and grant me the strength to get off of this evil man made drug.

pbaynard 4 years ago

demonic possession, is it real ? or is it a 'FIGMENT" of our imagination, that runs wild with the drug(s), please advise:::

Fed up 4 years ago

I love this article and everything in it. I have been off meth for over a year and I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made. It controls, manipulates, and dominates a person's mind, body, and soul. I do agree there are demons running around among us and are waiting to devour. What should a person do if the people you got high with won't leave them alone? I know they are still using Meth because of all the energy they are directing towards me.

corinne 4 years ago

i have only ever tried meth once,and i hated it. i got high as a kite drank a bottle and a half of champagne and a few doobies with it. i spent the next day so sick and with such a migraine that i will never take that shit again. we humans have a constant craving in us and we will attempt to fill that up with anything taht can alter our conscioussness, so why do we feel our sober state of conscioussness is so boring and intolerable at times? even all the non drug distractions we crave to fill the hole in us that is our constant craving, for food , for drugs, for sex, for things we buy that we think will make us happy at least until we get bored with that thing we have bought and need to go shopping again to get another retail therapy high! it is all the same craving. and none of these things ever satisfies, well only temporarily. i have been of the conclusion for about the last 25 years that it is the truth that we seek to fill our constant craving hole, but the truth is so distorted in our society in our religions that to even try to find your own truth is a less accepted avenue of pursuit, your peers will think you are nuts, because it is a solitary endevour (seeking to fill the hole)you will be on your own. u cannot turn to any ism or religion because that too would still be someone els's truth not your own. ther is no easy way and the hardest part is our own doubt, doubt that we are capable of filling tha hole in us without distaractions\drugs, e.t.c.i notice a lot of meth users here have spoken about seeing angels/ demons when they were children, i never saw demons as a child but i did see and hear angels, this is the bit that gets us, that is why we have the hole in us(the hole of constant craving) because we have had a glimpse at a very early age that there is something else to us , to our reason for being, that is missing, that we have not figured out, that we have not reclaimed our connection with that part of our souls that is capaable of having that connection. we have to perserveer for ourselves and no one else can do it for us. don't blame the devil that is just an illusionary scapegoat for further misunderstanding. our societies have led itall to come to this but it is not a societies fault either, we are all in an ongoing state of physical, mental and spiritual evolution. can't we ssee that? we awaken one at a time through our own endevours and search for enlightenment, unfortunately we give up so easily the search for something we cannot see, touch or ingest physically, and the ironic part of it is the things we choose to fill the hole, give us the illusion of what we think we want. and that is the real illusion. see? seek knowledge that you can apply, it may start as a scientific investigation it may start as in meditation or the like, it has to make sense to you, it has to ring true things you have felt, this part of us we wish to fill to stop the craving can only be filled by a feeling, it is not a tangilbe thing it is not a physical thing, it is not a maaterial thing, you cannot prove or disprove it, you cannot give it to anybody else , you can show then the way (like our angels attempt to do when we are children) but we have to find it for ourselves, you probable won't ever find it in a church,churches have mistakenly taught that we have to go through the church or another person in the heirachy, priest, bishop, pope, jelous god in the sky. the seed has been planted in us, we all have it, it's just a matter of remembering and nurturing the seed we have been given. good luck my fellow soul searchers...

kelscat 4 years ago

Think about this, if all of these experiences are psychotic delusions of drug crazed individuals, why then are they all so similar? If it had not happened to me (with a witness), and not only when high, but also straight, I may not believe these things were possible either. Without going into detail about my experiences at this time, let me say that I know there is another dimension right here alongside of us that occasonally shows itself. I am not schizophrenic, but have had paranormal experiences on several occasions (not just when high). I am convinced with all my heart that there is more going on than meets the eye, and the crazy people are the fools who close their minds.

need help 4 years ago

My brother has been using for a couple of years now. He started smoking it now . He's been shooting for bout 2 yrs. With in the past 2-3 days he's been hearing things nd seeing shadows floating towards him. He knows of god. And while he.was in church when he was younger was told .tht god has something for you. Now I try to pray with him. And he's like no I do.t want to. I just found this site today after reading. These post its clesr

Jennifer 4 years ago

God will never give you fear, something else is making you feel that, the only way to be rid I your fear is to confess with your mouth and believe in you're Jesus Christ is your lord AND savior. That's all you have to do. God is so great he made it that easy. A lot of people only know John 3:16 but read on through to verse 21 and you'll understand more of what I'm talking about.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever just believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. "(John 3:16-21 KJV)

I see you have terrible darkness in you, but you recognize it an that's the first step. Now recognize that Go will not forsake you as long as you keep on believing on Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross. He loves you now in your weakness, for even though you've been through a lot you are still alive and believe me, it's because he has been with you all along, but you have to confess to him you believe and when you do you will feel fear when the holy spirit makes temple in you, but you will be broken from your chain of sin. It's gonna be a hard walk for the devil will not be happy, but Angels will rejoice in heaven and you will have the power of the worlds creator on your side and that is more than enough help to over come any obstacle the devil throws at you. You can be saved, our god is a loving god, forgiving god, and all he asks is that you believe. Call out to him! this is the website to my church we have our sermons live and there is access to past services, I got saved here and I believe if you're seeking some true word of God you can get here. It's not the only place but that's what I have to offer. I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope the best for you!

Andrea 4 years ago

I want to want to stop and I don't i want to want to stop and i don't know how. I don't know how to pray. I don't know how to live without some sort of substance, and it's pot every day and recently relapsed for the 47th time and have started to become more and more frequent with it. I've been off and on for 10 years. I'm 24. I started shooting it 2 years ago. I think I'm unable to quit. I've been to the hospital three times so far and have noticed a lot of changes physically. I can't get over the rush and the feeling of it taking your breath. I keep trying to tell myself I can manage it and today I did a 20 before work. I dunno what to do.

don't know how to live without some sort of substance, and it's pot every day and recently relapsed for the 47th time and have started to become more and more frequent with it. I've been off and on for 10 years. I'm 24. I started shooting it 2 years ago. I think I'm unable to quit. I've been to the hospital three times so far and have noticed a lot of changes physically. I can't get over the rush and the feeling of it taking your breath. I keep trying to tell myself I can manage it and today I did a 20 before work. I dunno what to do.

sharonsings4u 5 years ago

I want you to know that most comments posted are 2 years ago. I found this site this morning. It was an answer from God to some long drawn out questions. My daughter is a Meth addict and has had a battle with drugs since she was 17. She is now 32. She has been raised to know God. I so appreciate you letting God use you. For this has helped me. I have experienced the spiritual world while not high. Don't ever doubt that it is a very real thing! Thanks Sharon

Bob 5 years ago

Ok I read enough here to wonder why my experience is different.

Is it normal to hear your girlfriends sex moans from another room like she's getting her brains fucked by other people and for me to think that everyone knows but me. Then to come home and argue with her about it and never find out the truth but only hints but never catch it in the act???

J 14 5 years ago

As crazy as this sounds it seems very true. Ive watched meth bring down very closefriends of mine. Friends that were like my family an now we ride the streets lookin to kill one another. Its amazing how it happened cuz of meth. Oneex friend actually is now a member of a satanic drug cartel. And the other friend I still ride with speaks about the demons inside him. An the more I do this stuff I start to hear the whispers all around me. I needa lay off this so the demons don't grip me too

shelby 5 years ago

I know this post is old and the last person to comment was2 years ago.....I myself have struggled with a meth addiction off and on for 4 years. I too have seen shadow people, animals that seem to pop out of anywhere, as well as ufo's. Very scary stuff...but very hard to walk away from. I have been clean for 6 months. And once again i feel the demons are just calling my name.....idk what to do when these urges start becoming bigger than I am

LAWRENCE 5 years ago

DRUGS MAKES YOU TOYS FOR THE DARK FORCES TO PLAY WITH. Its Gods love for man that keeps the evil forces at bay, but when you take drugs you are rejecting his love and that's way you see the dark side. You are enslaving your self to the dark side. Reach to the light. Get down on your knees and repent, seek the Kindom of God through Jesus his Son. Call on his name while you still can, ask him into your life ask him to help you through his grace to fight the drugs. He will help, why, because he loved you so much he let evil men nail him to a cross so that all who call on him will not perish.

Jose 5 years ago

I have a close friend who smokes meth and she's been smoking for awhile but couple weeks ago she told me she took a picture of her blowing out the smoke and she said in the picture you could see a girl in it I didn't think nothing of it just thought my friend was just smoked out but soon as I seen the pic she was right you see a little girl sitting behind her as if she were looking into my friends window watching her and believe me that picture gave me the chills this girl doesn't look human at all her skins pale white as if it were grey long black messy hair eyes that just creeped me out seriously they were all black and her smile something that I could never forget I know they say meth brings demons into your life but what does this mean is this girl in the picture good or worst but ever since then my friend says she hears nothing but voices and foot steps and she feels like she's not alone no matter where she's at

Matt 5 years ago

Once you open the door they wont leave you alone. I started this little journey not knowing what I was getting into and using meditation, meth, and weed together to explore the unknown. I met a girl who showed me the true meaning of "mind-fuck". The first night we talked on the phone and she ended up falling asleep...I was talking to her still messing with her while she slept and she came back on the phone...only this time it wasn't really her...this was my first conversation with a demon. She did tell me one thing I will always remember "All drugs lead to the one drug". Ive been in situations where a room full of people were having constant conversations without anyone saying a word. They would say in my head "shut up you talk to much" and talk to me using the tv. Sounds crazy to some but it's some real shit. I was free writing in a spiral one time while meditating and on one line I wrote "how long have I been crazy since the day I went to Hell" scary shit. I would be home alone conversing with different entities on meth trying to learn everything I could from them. All I learned is that all they do is deceive you. After months of "exploring" I had two psychotic breaks where the demons attacked my soul. One episode I turned on all the faucets in the house, sinks bathtubs everything. I was getting pulled in multiple directions in my mind. I wanted a drink from the sink because i was so thirsty and was getting pulled walking backwards away from the sink threw the door that leads to the garage. It was so hard to fight myself to pull threw taking tiny steps towards the sink only to be forced to go backwards into the garage. Back and forth I went until finally I pulled myself up from crawling on the floor and got a drink which ended that battle. After washing everything from pictures to notebooks to computers in the tub struggling to stop myself the whole time and fix this nightmare I finally came out of it to a house that was destroyed room by room with water from the overflowing faucets everywhere and a mom who was on her way home...lets just say she wasn't happy. I remember at one moment I was standing in the bathroom with my arms to my chest scared fighting off every urge to do anything. All of a sudden my arm reached behind me over my shoulder, grabbed the curtains and ripped the rod and all off the wall. The next episode/break was months later. Something was trying to convince me that the only way to save my family from hell was to end my life. I was getting pulled in two different directions in my head... one way was life... and the other death. I told my mom to call the cops because she and I both knew I was losing it. I almost jumped in front of two different cars but was saved at the last minute both times only by the grace of God. When the cops arrived I sat in the road with my hands behind my back and said "arrest me-please hurry" they got the handcuffs on me just in time right before I lost my mind. I blacked out and saw myself run towards the cops screaming and acting crazy so that they would shoot me and they did right in the head...they say you cant die in your dreams, this was even worse for me because I was awake and lived this lucid nightmare. The cops had me on the ground on my stomach and I was still being pulled in my head in two different directions. I think looking back one direction was Heaven and the other Hell. I remember the cops saying "take him to the grass so we don't get blood on the road" I thought they knew what was happening to me and planned to kill me but didn't want blood in the street. one side of my mind was struggling to let a demon take control of my body, trying to rise up with four cops holding me down in the road yelling to people who were not even there and going crazy trying to force the demon to come forth...the other just wanted me to turn my face to the right away from my family and close my eyes and relax. After fighting back and forth in my mind...resting when my head one direction...fighting to bring them out the other, after 15 minutes I eventually gave up exhausted and turned to the right laid my head down and instantly passed out. I don't know what happened but I think I died that day...when I passed out I instantly urinated...sounds like dying to me anyway. The E.M.T cut off my clothes and a few hours later I woke up in the hospital with my arms and legs tied to the bed. I ended up in the psych hospital both episodes. I got out, went to jail for violating probation for a month...and am now at a sober living facility. I know I wont make it out of another meth related psychotic break again. Even with no meth now I have issues with demons even from just smoking weed. Not anything taking over my free will like with meth, but hearing peoples thoughts, footsteps, breathing and hissing in my ear. I always start shivering too. Something about weed will bring out other peoples demons when they smoke with me. I always feel sorry for them because they live with these demons, know it, embrace it, and don't do anything a fucking bout it. I'm lucky to be alive today and I thank God every day that these demons didn't stick with my family. Just remember once you open the door its hard to keep them away. Only a life filled with Gods light can save you. Just remember things can get a lot worse than seeing monsters and hearing peoples thoughts. One guy was at my house tweaking one time and said "Im gonna have to kill you to save my son". I made him leave lol. The next day he showed up saying "sorry I just want you to know im not gonna kill you". These things will attack you any way they can to hurt you and the people around you. I brought them to my family and saw them jump through my younger siblings and children. Shit gets real when your two year old daughter looks at you and says "you're gonna die bitch" and then goes back to coloring. The world is going to Hell and some of us have been called to witness it. Now we can either do something about it or plan to watch ourselves burn for eternity. If you think life's a living Hell imagine what the real deal is going to be like. Keep God in your life and spread the message of hope to others. Its the only chance we've got. God bless anyone who took the time to read this. Hopefully it can help someone else through the stugle.

Diana 5 years ago

Jesus and long-term treatment are the answers.

Long journey 5 years ago

They don't. They are tempters and their goal is to kill, steal and destroy. Meth is the meanest and toughest drug, believed to have been created by satan himself and these shadows are among everyone, but meth users gain sensitivity to the demons after using it. I have stopped continual use for several years, but every once in a while I slip due to my weakness and the influence of shadow people. Jesus Christ Redeems!

MARCO 5 years ago

i am so glad i came across this web site, so my brother is in this rehab an he hasn't used crystal meth for 2 months an says that he says shadow figures that tell him to run away an do meth again. is that supposed to happen after quieting meth over 2 months an how long will it take for these shadow figures to go away?

angel the demon sniper("illuminated wandsmith") 5 years ago

This is a great site.I have read several posts and i too have experienced "shadow people"!I am from the midwest where most of my addicted life i have lived.Let me tell you in K.C. MO area I have heard at least a hundred or so (all fairly close friends) of these stories from addicts.You see the problem is over-usage of the drug called "meth" everybody experiences drug affects differently.What makes the hallucinations simalir is the origin of ingredients, and the people that cook the meth, and all the people and sins involved in trafficing the meth,until it arrives in a little plastic petroleum based closeable baggy.Much like tinkerbells magic flying dust in Peter Pan,she would sprinkle some on them and they can fly but as soon as the sprinkles fell off of them it would start to lose its power but wait at the last minute tinkerbell would appear and re-dust them some more so they could fly just enough to make it to neverneverland.A place where you could eat when you wanted and sleep when you wanted and no parental supervision only orders from your flying friend.Keep in mind he never flew until tinkerbell sprinkled him then they flew around the city wich with time turned into neverland.Ironic isn't it the similarities in drugs and children stories like Alice in Wonderland, or Snow White and the seven dwarfs, or Wizard of Oz,or shall I go present day HARRY POTTER,LORD OF THE RINGS hello people why are we letting our kids get captivated and somewhat obscesed with stories of spells,witches,sorcercy,murder,evil rings that when worn you can go into the spirit world, and see grimm reaper like demons chasing you,but you can only see the demons when you put the ring on.The last person that wore the ring you couldn't even recognize from the effets of the ring, and all he did every day was walk around all day searching for his precious ring and talking to himself.Hmm use your brain people all these stories come from the same place a demon influenced mind,all with basically one thing in common THERE NOT STORIES OF JESUS AND FAITH AND LOVE AND HEALING AND FORGIVENESS.!!THERE DARK STORIES OF MURDER,SPELLS,DEMONS,GHOSTS,OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT MAGIC WANDS.

For the people that don't believe and think that these our just drug induced mental diorders I say look around these thoughts of god and the devil and angels and demons and witches and warlocks there not just in the heads of Meth Tweekers there in the hesds of millions of kids watching these very popular movies and kid shows Sabrina the witch, witches of waverly,or even hanna montana when do they they go to church or talk about stories of JESUS or talk about what faith is? The message is clear to me there is no message only Subliminal mind influence through telivision,that appears harmless and cute or at the worst just Mysticism.Wrong, our minds our being influenced slowly but surely.Doesn't it make sense though? Lucifer cant really show himself but he sure can possess people and influence the mind through all forms of worldy objects escpecially he owns 90% OF ALL RADIO SIGNAL AND T.V. SIGNAL well maybe not own but influences I should say.

Sorry about all this but I am not sure if people really understand how Lucifer works.When on meth or amphetimine the crystallized drug works much like the way a crystal works in a police scanner or the crystal in an ignition key,THEY ALLOW A SIGNAL TO BE SENT.Now you can be detectced and influenced by simples or demons or what I believe to be spirits that once were people involved with the making and selling and influencing of meth,because they know how to get in your head from when they were alive this what they did when they had a soul now lucifer controls there soul,that's why there not burning in the abyss(hell) just yet,lucifer has promised them free roam as ghosts with limited powers and feelings they get when they have influenced your feelings or your decisions to change your path in life forcing you to the crossrads when your not ready yet to face your demons and you haven't had time to learn the word and you are faithless now he has his wings around you giving you comfort and euphoria as the pen falls from your hand like your soul you didn't even know was gone yet until its to late as you march away reaching and grasping for faith to find there is nothing there just a voice, that used to be the holy spirit guiding you, but now is a well experienced simple or demon pulling you along whispering in your ear, it says "its to late".


One night very late I walked down the front sidewalk and made it to the end where the driveway stopped and looked over to where my friends project car, wich was parked in a little spot off the side of the driveway.I saw two silloettes crouched down right next to the front of his car.I started back peddling slowly back up the driveway.And yes I was HIGH and had been up for a couple days and was very used to seing shadow people.So I yelled out hello hello who the fuck are you and what are you doing here?No response.As I am staring to see if one of them actually moves, or are they shadow people, then to my dismay one of them loses his crouching balance, then I ran!As I am getting my keys ready they are chasing saying we are gonna fuck you up punk your gonna drop those keys were fucking you up pussy.I made it inside.Ran up stairs.They banged on the door but "Chiggs"(my friend, his house)giant pit bulls ran to the front door and made them think twice.I still didn't know if they were cops never stating police,or search warrant,never branished a badge nothing.They were even wearing all black with ski masks AND AGAIN NO BADGES NO LETTERING ON CLOTHES NO STOP POLICE NOTHING BUT THREATS CAME OUT OF THERE MOUTHS AND NOT A COP CAR IN SITE.To make this short I called my girlfriend and my friend CHIGG and his girlfriend and they all came over.First thing I told him was don't come back here after tonight without going to the police station and find out if they were cops and if so what the fuck were they doing there in all black chasing me without warrants!!!Later on that night we were listening to the radio some techno,and in the middle of the song the music faded out a little and an evil voice said "hes watching and lurking at every corner the devil is here"or something like that.In the middle of my sentence I said to all of us what the fuck was that did you guys hear that and they all said yes.That's when I started pleading with CHIGG do not come back here tommorow without going to the police station to figure this out.I left.With my girlfriend.Worst decision I ever made in my life.The very next morning MY BEST FRIEND WAS SHOT DEAD IN HIS OWN DRIVEWAY BY THE SAME CROOKED ASS PIGS THAT CHASED ME NEVER IDENTIFYING THEMSELVES AS POLICE!!!!THEY WEREN'T EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE THERE NO WARRANT NO REASON OTHER THAN SOMEONE TRYING TO GET THEMSELVES OUT OF TROUBLE AND SAID THE PERSON THEY WERE LOOKING FOR LIVED THERE WHEN IN ACTUALALITY ME AND CHIGG ONLY MET THIS GUY ONCE JUST TO HELP HIM WITH A MEAL AND A RIDE HOME THAT WAS OUR ONLY DEALINGS WITH THE GUY (HIS NICKNAME WAS SKEET)that's all we new of him well apparently he was wanted by the police.

In case you were wondering yes the cops got away with cold blooded murder.There story is CHIGG pulled a gun on them wich later turned out to be just a B.B. gun.Ah fuck I know how it sounds but he was in his own driveway in his own car registered to him with the same name to the house if those pigs did there homework they should have known that wasn't skeet there stupid fugitive.I wish I would have had a real gun when they chased me not saying police in all black with no warrants and no badges showing.I would have been the one getting away with murder.And CHIGG would be alive!!!!!!!!!

So do you believe in shadow people now?????

Look it up for yourself! Chet Vermillion police shooting Kansas City Missouri B.B.Gun.

Angel Entertainment 5 years ago

Extremely interesting reading! I do not know why I made this google search tonight and ended up on this sight. I have been clean and sober for over 12 years. My story is similar to most. I know that there is more than what meets the eye going on here on earth. My drug use, coupled with week to 10 day binges with major sleep deprivation, took me places I never want to go again. I became aware of the shadow people or simples right after an out of body experience. I was trying to align myself with a moving shadow and after what seemed an eternity the alignment connected and I was pulled into the most amazing light in the distance. I was floating above the pathetic situation below seeing things sober and clearly. I knew that I was not in the dimension of life I was used to. I askes God for help and pleaded I was too young to die. I was instantly placed back in my house with an overwhelming sense of GOD covering me from head to toe. I was alive and felt as though I was part of the world and equal to all living things. Shortly thereafter I came across the serpent in the form of my dope and several glass pipes. I asked if it was ok to continue using and I was given no answer or sign. Well I believe that what I inhaled at that moment of the next hit was an onslaught of demons, shadow people, and lost souls permeated into everything I looked at. It began, as others said slowly. I thought I was special an that I could communicate and see things that others couldn't. What happened is the demons were using me by captivating my mind and devouring my soul and spirit. It got worse and worse. As stated previously by another " This is a SPIRITUAL battle" I don't want to revisit the dimension I was in again. I know the feeling I had when GOD was all over and part of me, and the other side too. I know which way I want to go and would not wish the other on anyone.

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crazy.beautiful 5 years ago

I have not touched meth in 7 months and I was not using meth for very long, only for about 6 months and not every day. At first I started by just sniffing it, the first time I ever smoked meth, I saw and felt the most evil things I could ever even imagine seeing. I smoked so much and was up for days. At first I thought everyone was against me. I was sitting in my friends alley crying, holding a razor in my hand because I was convinced that they were going to jump me. (they, meaning the people who were after me), I created a whole story in my head that was not true at all. I thought my friend got people to jump me, I heard the people talking about me like they were looking for me. I saw their shadows and heard their voices but for some reason they never got to me. I must have been sitting in that alley for hours when I finally decided to get up and walk to my uncle's house.

I walked and still heard people were coming after me, I saw cop cars and thought they were chasing the bad people. I finally got to my uncle's house and I sat on the porch for a bit because I had no way to get in. I imagined that the cops came to my aunt's house 2 houses away and were telling my aunt and cousins they were looking for me, and then my aunt and cousins pointed in my direction. They were actually shadow people. I told myself I was seeing things because of the drug. But it seemed so real. I knocked and my uncle let me in. As I laid in the living room on the couch I saw a dark hooded figure with no face and no feet float in my direction. I jumped up and screamed. I looked to the window and saw the grim reaper waiving at me. I was scared for my life. I turned on the light and they disappeared. I could not sleep ufcourse and I kept the light on. The next day, throughout the whole day, I continued to think people were after me, my family was talking crap, but it was all in my head. THE WORST EXPERIENCE of my life. I have been clean since that horrible incident. Meth is no joke. I am still scared of the dark to this day.

Matt H. 5 years ago

I was shooting cocaine for a few hours off and on and every time I would get paranoid, feeling like someone was creeping up on me, watching me, about to jump out on me etc. I would get so nervous and agitated by it because I knew deeep down it was not real (although I knew it was demons. I finally yelled across the basement, "you aren't fucking real! you cannot touch me you stupid motherfuckers!" I then loaded up the syringe and shot it into my arm.

Then I felt the freightrain rush, and then I saw the demons appear! They were little imps with blurry faces but they just exuded evil. you could feel the evil radiate from them. I was so scared I fell to the ground and they pounced on me, growling loudy in my face and ears. They scratched me, hit me, beat me and kicked me for about 2 minutes. I remember being so scared that I kept my hands over my face and my eyes tightly closed. I know they are real. I have seen them so many times. I am a Christian, and the reason they attack me is because I believe in God. They hate me because of that. People who don't have Jesus in their hearts don't see them. And quite frankly think you are crazy for saying that you do. The reason the demons do not bother them is because they don't have to. they already have them.

Diana 5 years ago

When I got heavy into drugs, about 7 years ago, my drug of choice was cocaine. I received a drug charge and spent about 4 years out of the last 5 incarcerated. After I was released I began experimenting with meth. Still in my addiction, it is the drug I seek out these days when I want to get high. I'm not sure why it is, because there is definitely an evil to the drug that I have not experienced with any other. When on it or coming down I have seen, smelled, and tasted death. And that is the best word I can use to describe it. Death. It steals the soul. On it, I have the will to do the things that horrify me when others do them, when I am clean. I grew up in a Christian family. But ironically, I did not have absolute faith in God until a recent 3-day run on meth when I witnessed up-close and personal a spiritual battle within myself and the people around me. During other binges I had in the past, the evil surrounding me was potent, but this last time was the first of it's kind I've seen. I could tell these stories in more detail, but I'll save that for a later time. That I still desire the drug after these experiences speaks of it's highly addictive nature. It's straight from Hell and Satan knows exactly what he's doing. To those who have not tried it... run.

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ournative 5 years ago

...fifty now, still using meth, which I started in my early 20s. I loved it. I wrotemusic, played and created songs, recorded music, wrote stories. I was active ad creative. Then in Jan 1988 I went on a day day run, no food or sleep. Here came the VOICES, evn with their own orchestration and songs. The VOICES have gradually over the years found a back seat, as I have found that they are NOT REAL and cannot HURT ME exception is the damage to my spirot and brain. They are devils. I actually heard Satan, Archangel Michaael, and the Holy Spirit. I saw battles in the streets between oppossing forces, good and evil. The VOICES arre mostly all demons and dead folks. They talk a lot about SOULS being traded like stock market shares. What a horror!

I still use. I am ADDICTED TO VOICES. Sex is also a kick. A gfew years back my fantasys were played out.

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JawsSD1973 5 years ago

I just wanted to say Jesus is Lord!

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JawsSD1973 5 years ago

I just wanted to say Jesus is Lord!

seenthem2 5 years ago

i was on a 8 day no sleep meth binge a few weeks ago i smoked a whole gram in about maybe 10 hrs or so i went into a state from lack of sleep that was very different for me this time.....

what happened startled me as i was reading abour the simples well i looked over on my bed and there she was about god im serious 7ft long all stretched out but at the end of the bed facing me she was smiling and i was talking to her she was all dressed in black and then wham i looked in the corner and he was there a big 7ft or more dark man in black big like quaker hat on looking right at me and i was telling him off i was startled more when i looked over to the right and he was another one in my closet ....

i stopped and came back to reality for a second and reminded myself they were not real but i fell back into the talking state with them cursing them and telling them they were not in any way making me feel scared and when i really came out of the meth nod i was on i told them to leave i closed my eyes they were gone but i must have went out again as i was holding a dental instrument u use to clean teeth with that i have and i was picking the wall beside me apart slowly,,,,, i was shocked i went what the hell i am to high i was way to high i decided in that state to do another bowl and i went out again this time i seen brown clothed ones they were really easy to abuse and scream at but with out sound i couldn't speak i was using my mind to say the things i said they left and again i came out of this nod i was on with the same tool in my hand and i was carving another hole in the wall behind me.....

i have seen these things before when i have had no sleep for days but the amount i smoked by myself was really astonishing the puffs were like smoke stacks bellowing out of a factory stack and i just wanted to do more to see what would happen when i am in this state i am very dangerous to myself as well as others ,,,,,

i prefer on day 3 or 4 to withdraw to my own world and sit and just smoke alone and think about what i don't know i had many memory lapses this last round and it took me a good week or so to come back i was really shocked about the amount and also the whole scenario ,,,

the next day of course i didn't sleep that whole night i was on my 9th day and i grabbed another bag and began for 4 more days of renovation work onb my country cottage with 2 others a man and his mate we were for the whole time just jacked up on meth and i am amazed at the work we got done ,,,,,

i was the whole time getting more and more physcotic i could feel myself starting to go to a state that for me is really eveil and the other 2 people who are seasoned meth heads stated i was doing way to much and was just going deeper into a bad zone .....

i slowed down the 11th day and on the 12th day i fell asleep form then on i rested like i said for a week or more.............

so last night i did about 12 good blasts in a row like really large blasts and i felt so horribly sick inside about 3 hrs later ....

i haven't had none since i went by my friends house today as i was going to get another sack and told him im done dude i cant smoke any of this shit any more makes me feel so sick....

he told me i am way to intense when i smoke i smoke triple what they do i just huff and puff every 30 mins i do a good bowl and go off again ....

i am nw realizing today that i am am going to stop the game....

i have been a binger on the meth for god about 5 or 6 years now i don't drink i quit the weed 2 years ago but for whatever reason i go through these spells with meth//

i on the first day of being awke am a sexually charged crazy man and i become totally aware of all peoples sex vibe i have to be careful as i have had women as well as men come on to me strangers just because of the way i look at them it is like seriously fucked up,,,

i wont go into details but meth is to me a drug that is so decieveing and i am not a young man i am a man of almost 50 years old i tried it when i was 44 and did it once every 3 months for the first 3 years then i went into it more like 3 or 4 times every 3 months then it started to become every 2 weeks ....

so i stopped for 9 months in decof 2010 i went on a 5 day binge and then 3 times since then....

i am getting no pleasure in the drug but when i smoke i am different and much more intense than those around me and i find myself wanting to seek very dangerous things to entertain myself so this day today as i write this i stopped and have not had any since yesterday around 6pm....

i had to be by a bathroom all day today as if i wasn't i would have literally filled my pants with water coming out of my ass like a fire hose i am not so bad now but i felt so sick earlier today and i feel so much better for putting the stop to this could have been a good 3 or 4 or more day binge....

why i am writing this for the reason is that meth does not discriminate it takes young men women as well as the older ones like myself and it is so deadly if like me u can afford to buy any amount u want i am a pig with things that alter the mind and i always seem to push myself to the almost overdose state for what reason i don't know the higher i get the more i challenge myself to go to the next level.....

the thing about the delerious talking and the dark figured people that were in my room with me is that they were so pissed of that i actually recognized they were there and the women on the bed was so pissed of when i raised my head and went fuck of ur not real beat it ....

thye vanished and i called god right away went god what the hell r doing to urself those people were as real as i am typing this to u right now and the one in the closet he was a dead one cause i remember saying to him ur dead fucker what are u doing here get the fuck out or i will kill u twice go he was sad but i swear i told him he was dead and should just go before i got mad and killed him again.....

i know this sounds like crazy and i am a sane man beleive me this event isn't the first time i have had them come to me i have numerous stories sleep deprivation is always a good excuse but this time i was really chatting with them for along time as i forgot to mention i did my multiple blasts say at 9pm and when i came back it was like 11:30 pm and i know as i could hear myself laughing with them yelling at them and really being involved with talking for a long long time....

so my experience tells me demons or not i seen them i am a catholic born and raised only go to church for funerals and weddings but god i was shaken up when i did come out of the fugue and i know what i was seeing and they were as real as the nose on my face.....

i just thought i would share this and let me tell you alone in a house for days no sleep with these people that only come to me when i am alone and in the deepest fugues high on the dope meth is the most strangest and wildest and unreal experiences i have ever had alone with myself and i cant explain these things to people they think ur crazy well u r if ur in that state no sleep for days jacked up on meth and they come they come and they will always come so i am sure now that for me i am going to get into some serious reality and stop this game i have been playing ,,,

no one knows i smoke the shit except my few select meth heads that are now thinking i am to intense for them so i guess if the ones that are lifers on the shit are telling me i should go easy i do to much over a long period and the sleep deprivation and all the strange shit that happens with me as i cruise around to many different places for days on my own flitting from one place to the next and on such a power trip as the drug just takes me to that level that i am going to have to stop and let it go i can it is just that thes just last few times the dark people were really upset that i was telling them i remember this that they were not going to be around me much any more they were sad and also they were mad i mentioned that god didn't like the way i was at the this time and i have to do his bidding it is my way thatmade them very sad and almost like as if i was crying and so were they this is all ju

steve d 6 years ago

Wow ,the stories are amazing on this site,.I too have been on and off meth for 10 years . In and out of recovery. I have seen many things while using,a lot of things i know weren't real and some things I do believe were very real and very evil.Every time i used meth the spirits would mess with me ..In the begining I thought it was cool didn't know what was really going on so I talked to the voices i was hearing and and the smoke flying threw the rooms.I thought I was having a good high.It just got worse,the voices turned evil and i would see the devils face and shadow people and other little creatures.I felt like I was in hell many times and it was not hot...It was freezing cold.The last time I used was dec 7th of 2010 was up for a few days and the evil began.was in this hotel room with 2 other people and was haering voices telling me to jump out the window,Im afraid of heights and it was the second floor so in my head im like that's never gonna happen i will just go out the front door.I heard if you go out the front door we will kill you when you get downstairs.I was so scared I got dressed ,coat sneakers and crawled out on the ledge held on and dropped.I knew i was in trouble.I hit the ground and tried to run,,,I couldn't get up.I had my cell and called 911.They rushed me to the hospital.I broke my femur,3 toes ,fractured my pelvic bone,L4 on my spine and a sprained wrist.Was on crutches for 3 months.Ive been clean now for a year and never want to use again. Im fully recovered 3 pins in my leg,and I know when the weather is getting cold.My advice is if you wanna quit,there is help out there.As far as the spirit demons go..They wont hurt you ,they want you to kill yourself and I almost did.I did a reiki session with a friend and saw myself being saved by a bright yellow light,that was god...Now I feel gratitude....Peace and stay off the meth it is definitely a way to let evil in.

Sheryll Desmaris 6 years ago

uhhh. sorry for the snobby attitude sure sounds like im trying to take credit for things. BUT its not me. Its Jesus Christ.

Sheryll Desmaris 6 years ago

Going back to school just read that sad story of mine. Just Pray!

Diana R 6 years ago

Thank you Team Wiseman for I can be very hard on myself and forget that very fact. I needed to hear that more than you know. This is a hard time of the year for me for life and situations can bring me down and to know that Jesus really does love me gives me the strength to not give up. I have worked very hard to get where I am at today and I don't want to just throw it all away. GOD bless and Merry Christmas to all.

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Team Wiseman 6 years ago Author

Jesus must be smiling down upon you all right now.

understanding and totally believing 6 years ago

Amen! We choose Jesus Christ as well! Amen!

Diana R 6 years ago

I was not trying to judge anyone for who am I to do so. It is not my place to do so. I just don't believe that there is no using wisely no matter who you are. The only difference in you and I is that I no longer use and haven't used in over 6 yrs now. And how nice it is to not try to control or manipulate my using. I too, have been down that road. It is not in my will power that I no longer use. In trying to figure out what Gods will was for me, I had to start with what I knew it wasn't. So, in that, I knew that He didn't want me to self-destruct any longer. I was dying due to my use. Spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and the last was physically yet I ended up in the pen instead. So as far as it being my will power? NO! It was and still is the power of Jesus that I draw upon. The only power I have is the power of choice and that is GOD given. He will never deny me the power of choice. Today, I choose not to use. When tomorrow comes, it will again be today and I hope to make the same choice. I don't put myself in a situation to use meaning I no longer associate with people that would bring that temptation upon me. Don't be deceived into thinking that I am on parole and that is why I am clean for I have been off paper for over 5 yrs now. I choose to live today! Why give my life to the dope when GOD has so much more to offer me?

understanding and totally believing 6 years ago

Hello sick1. You have defended yourself well and were totally honest of your situation. That is an awesome thing in itself. You can't even find preachers doing that now a days! Diana meant well, I think, but what you have said here will help many. You have realized that dope takes from your life, and it just takes one hit a month to spin your faith, finances and relationships into a downward spiral motion, leaving us to pick up the pieces to rebuild everything that wasn't lost for the next two weeks. I'm sure you know that already. My wife and I used for several years, started out using for entertainment for us, mostly getting it for free. Then we met a dealer and before we knew it we were using about 2 grams a week or more. with three children we were in for it. Things became so bad after the demonic friends we had became so pushy for our lives and our childrens lives that we were pushed into a spiritual war! Literally! A lot of people don't believe half of the things that happened, so I don't even try to share them. We met Satan and found AMAZING grace in Jesus Christ. We would quit on and off for several years, doing it about once or twice a month also. Even though I knew the Love of God, we still used. But as His Love became more and more visible to us, we slowed down even more on the use of it, knowing it hurts our Father in Heaven. Even after all the strongholds He tore down for us, caging us inside that world of meth, we still used about once every 5 or 6 months, planning the use of it so well, that maybe nothing like our finances or relationship with our family or our God was touched. Still, though meth didn't harm any of those things AS badly, We were still very aware of how it hurt Daddy in Heaven. It has been a little while since using now, and instead of promising to the Father that we wouldn't use anymore, we made a covenant with Him instead. Them two words mean the same, I suppose, but the change made the difference for us.

Anyway, sick1, I can see that Jesus Christ is in your life, and you have it pretty well under control, I would just like you to always remember Gods' grace in His Son, Jesus Christ. As for your family, you are taking care of that, but it is for your soul I am concerned. We have been down your road and we understand. If things are under control as you say, then that is great. Meth is an incredible drug that holds us close to it while we are subject to it and demands from us. i know you know what I mean. So, I guess I said all of that to say this...When trouble comes, don't hesitate to call on the Lord Jesus Christ, He will always show up. Don't worry about what others think of you, I'm sure you don't, we just want to remind you of how God still and forever will see you. Thank you so much, sick 1, for sharing with all of us, and as for society, they can't walk you into Heavens gates in the end, so who cares what they think, Jesus Christ came to this Earth for people like you and I and Diana...He can walk us into the gates and He thinks a lot about you and understands you and is ALWAYS by your side, no matter what state of mind you are in. I know that for sure.

sick1 6 years ago

Diana did i state for people to to please use meth no never i did say if ur gona use use wisely.dnt flip out besides heroin crack u name it people in society have addictions im very glad that u kickd and was saved it takes a very strong minded person to do that.i pray and i bleave in the lord and i love my beautiful children with all my heart and i will do for my kids if i smoke once a month or twice uve judge my persona im the worst of the worst wut makes those fukkking catholic preist who raped not once but for many years those inocent kids teenagers.they had known the word of god even before these kids wur born.its ok for them cuz they prayd and wur gods voice kids they love me we might not be the family of the year but we will back and support one another if shit goes down.twack..meth is one of the most addicting,very hard to quit drug but just like alcohol,tabaco,coke,sex,gambling,diet pills,sterroids,prescription and at times over the counter med people have an addiction.some people will never stop some will die some will relaps some will find a better life some will find the lord.i never said do it its great only to manage it if u continue using or quit...i am not an advocate i simply gave a twackd opinion don't pray for my kids they r just the 1 with the use problem evedently just dnt preach then use a month from now or a week or a year from now cuz ive seen and listen to a lot of individuals who learned about the word of god then they go back to it then its even worse for them the lord has my number.he will call it one of these days look diana i like using once a month im not perfect i love what i draw wut i build wen i clean my pad i am a good father i know that shit is killing me slowly and even after it still takes from me but i will do my daily routine take care of my kids,home,and will manage cuz i have to.uve already judge me but you know nothing about me man im the type of person that will stop to help a person push their car out of the street if u run out of gas.i would help u move using my truk not asking for gas money even if i was broke.ur problably saying yeah right but its true.i thank u for ur response i like to tweek ive dun it for over twenty years ive spun out twice yes its bad but i do manage it im not in denial don't use those commercialized corprrate america rehab words and meth0ds and strike down upon thee and put me down don't judge or point fingers,put dwn help them help humanity cuz u dnt know wut that person has gone thruogh,thinks or has to offer society.....sick1 out...$1ck3nd...$0c13ty...818

Diana R 6 years ago

No, there was no sense in any of that. I am a recovering meth addict and I would never recommend it. This person, sick 1 has no ones best interest in mind. Any of us that know how meth effects us would never try to tell another to use it wisely. This person will learn also if he/she continues to use. GOD has so much more to offer us than what meth does. It does and will kill. There is so much more to life than being high! I am a much better parent without meth. Our children know when we are high. They may not know what we are on but they know we are not the same. How we can deceive ourselves into thinking otherwise? Denial, self deception. What a shame it is to hear what this person had to say. Not a message of hope. May GOD be at the end of his/her path of destruction as He was for many of us. That is all we can hope for. Let us pray for this person. Bring the Holy Spirit down on him/her. Pray for those children too, for in all reality, He is the Father of their soul.

sick1 6 years ago

hello my name is ...... and im a meth addict......look im not gona lie i like f...... meth it brings out my best and at times the sickest.ive seen and heard noises and im fukkken paranoid i bleave im a target of gang stalking here in the dnt bullshit urself and think you can manage a normal life with it perhaps in the begining but you will get tired you will notice life can suck if your constanly twacking right now i just finnish drawing a cookie monster or my daughter for her school project.i cleaned the house made dinner repaired two broken windows at my if i wana get alil twackd out from time to time cool fukk it.tomorrow i will ignore those voices and my paranoya and do for my kids.dnt get me wrong shit ive spund out twice.i have gottn to the point that i hate the world my road rage fukken every day.nobody better not fukkn mad dog me shit im mudda.fukkin.migs,818 can nobody fukk with me...but reality is some1 can kickk my ass i have been just to angry and my actions scare i just try to chill and enjoy the high.the x marine who lives in phx.ariz fukk homie move from there start somewhere else give yourself time to find yourself or rehab but honestly like me i would most likely use if it was there .so it will probly b in my life for a couple more years so i am learning how to use once a month or twice.people we either man up and twack right or fukken quit it if its consuming your life.your friends kids family co workers regular normal things should not be sacrificed just cuz you have been up for two days or a week.get up get out go to work love your kids call and vissit friends and fam the cops are not coming for you and who the fuck cares what people think or know.we all have secrets who said they where normal fuck i know i would stop to help out some1 in need,how about them just cuz they prettend to go to church that means they are good fukk no.look im just saying is if your gona use it don't be a dumb fukk about it stop trippen get some sleep and food turn off the porn for a bit live life as humane as possible do your normal daily shit but when you cant then your a stupid fukk is meth good for you fukk no not at all.but if your gona use it use it wisely i could say dnt be stupid stop using but for some of us its part of our lifestyle.just like drinking smoking cigs over eating gambling prescription and over the counter meds allright peeps im out....perhaps i dnt know wut im talking about im just fool of shit or mayb i do make a lil sense???????????ok sick1 out....till the next time

Miral 6 years ago

I come from a Christian family, however I was agnostic until 14 years old, and then atheist from then until 23. I am 27 now. I have done drugs since 16 and still smoke weed and occasionally trip. But at 23 I did meth every day for 8 months with friends, lost 80 pounds. I saw shadow people and thought they were interesting. Sometimes I would drive through a parking lot in the middle of the night (no one around) with a friend as I would swerve to avoid women pushing baby carriages, men walking dogs, people jogging with headphones while my friend saw it all. We would laugh haha meth shadow people.

Then they started noticing me too. Things got scary, they were everywhere, my paranoia became amped, my life gradually got more fucked up. Then I would be attacked: I could see demons far away (in my walls as if in another dimension) getting larger quickly as they would charge me. Just before they'd get to me I would use all my will power to put my hand up slowly in a stop motion and they would break away into nothing.

This was a trick. I was tricked into thinking I could stop them myself, like I was special with powers or something. Things got worse, I would talk with the shadow demons and they would talk back. Eventually things got so bad I went to take a shower to get rid of them. They started opening my shower curtain to peer inside for the first time (the shower was my only safe place left) and out of the blue I dropped to my knees sobbing and started to say the Lord's Prayer. I was terrified at first because I said the first few words and then just FORGOT the prayer I'd known all my life but hadn't said in over a decade. I heard the snickering of the demons outside the curtain at my lapse of memory. My eyes were closed and I focused so hard that the words finally came out, powerfully despite my crying. The snickering stopped. After the prayer was finished the demons were gone.

I still suffer from sleep paralysis often where I see shadow people, but they don't attack me. I quit meth that day, relapsed 2 years later for a week with no demons and then called upon the Lord again to help quit for good. I still have trouble truly giving myself over to Jesus as I'm hesitant of any religion, but I cannot deny the power of some Creator's force helping me every day, so I find myself praying to God often, usually without thinking about it first. Those demons were too real and it was only God through Jesus that saved me. I still have much to learn and much more to give to Jesus, but I'm better off and still alive. Each of you suffering from Meth can do the same. Your despair is you trying to fight all your problems. Allow The Creator's river to sweep you up in the one true direction and you can stop fighting. It becomes easier that way. Good luck, and may God shine through you.

 6 years ago

this is some real shit i been through sum crazy stuff with evil spirits and crazy people in cults that sell it and fuck with people in supernatural waze that make no since at all make u think u crazy but im glad it has happened 2 me because it scared me so bad that i changed my life around and im with jesus christ he has blessed me with a gr8 job that pay 80k a year and i have been clean 4 5yrs now but it is good to know that im not crazy thanx a lot

Preacher 6 years ago

I was a meth addict that Jesus Christ the Son of God saved who deserved to die and go to hell. I can attest to the truth of the statements made in this forum. Meth opens the realm of spirtual demonics and invites these devils in. I have seen and expierenced the wrath and destruction spirtual wickedness in high places has to offer. This drug opens door ways that allow these entities to infulence your thoughts of suciced, your hated and immorality to overcome you. The ONLY way out is The LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Jesus said " I Am the way, the truth , and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me." John 14:6 If you want out of your painful addiction you must repent of your sin and call upon the name of Jesus Christ and ask him to save you. He said if you will come to him he will in no wise cast ye out. Think about your life and how you got to where your at. You are helpless and powerless to overcome you sin, your addiction, your hell, and the demons and devils who torment you. But there is one who can. He died on Calvary, He shed his precious and innocent blood so that you could have life.Take back your life today and call upon the name of the only begotton of the Father. Again, what you have read is real, the truth will set you free and the truth is Jesus.

Diana R 6 years ago

This is to the soldier that just spoke his story. If you really want to quit using, you can. There is help out there but you have to be the one to reach out for it. You are on an elevator going down and you can get off any time you choose to. I myself had become a shell of a person. No hope, self worth had diminished with each day passed. Almost made the choice to give my life to the meth yet didn't. I didn't want the family that I chose to hate standing at my grave wondering what more they could have done when in all actuality, they couldn't do a damn thing. I hated everyone! Including myself for becoming the very same person I had promised my grandma I would never be. For becoming the parent I had promised myself I would never be. Then GOD intervened as I was facing deaths door. I hated the evil I was experiencing! Hated it even more so! GOD hears our souls crying out even when we don't realize it ourselves. This can be overcome. Fighting them on your own doesn't make you bold as I myself thought. It will drive you to the point of insanity. It's ok to reach out for help. Life is good today and can be for you also. If you allow it.

understanding and totally believing 6 years ago

You were led to this site for a reason...we know that you know that. The answer was/and is here...Jesus Christ. Call out to Him...ask Him to show Himself...and cause a war inside your home. This war will cause demons to scatter from your closets all over the house, people will fall asleep while you scream out to God....take your bone, look at it as you scream into it, " Jesus is Alive!" Anything that belongs to hell, must be gotten rid of. After screaming inside your bone that Jesus is Alive, get rid of it the same way you get rid of every one of the others. You will still have a long road, but this will be the beginning. Killing yourself is NOT the answer! That is a trick SOLDIER! You are behind enemy grounds. Come out VICTORIOUS! Jesus is there with you, you just aren't able to feel Him...yet. You have a story to tell, soldier. This is how your story will begin each time, if you allow it...."Every Knee WILL bow, every tongue WILL confess....JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!" So be it! May God continue to bless you and your FAMILYS' adventure in LIFE.

FormerMarine a jaz 6 years ago

I see demons and monsters daily and the voices wont stop tormrenting me lies no bs ...I was saved 4 years ago but i met a evil personwho introduced me to smoking ... and my self discipline and control i use to havefrom beieng in the Marines vanished evaporated , i smoke daily i cant stop ... usually a teener or eightball a week.. i too hide my bone and destroy it.. and succomb to the evil powers of it daily, i hate my family i hate people i hate life i have a blank expressionless look 24/7 ..i have no feelings the demons talk and there are many of them, they visit me at night and in the day when i am alone at work, there are and still are times when i produce my firearm and try to blow my head off to rid my tormrnting and my fear of going to hell stops me, i try to pray but God has turned his back on me you can only go astray so long before his wrath will descend upon you, I have lost hope all i hope for is to rid myself of these demons and monstruos voices fromm hell in my head..... they know my area of operations and my motives they seem more in abundance when i listen to bands like MONSTER MAGNET, GODSMACK,and stone sour, shine down especially the song Goliath and teh Vampires from Monster magnet... I see many demons and hear them i cant stop i need help please .... a i suffer from PTSD also from The Marine Corp.. and my cat goes crazy when i use meth.. i am beimng watched 24/7 by LEA's and my house has been bugged and i am a a target of electronic infrasound warfare,, also my sense of smell is extremely strong i smell decying rotting people which are from hell ans see rottred corpses burning... i m in hell already from the glasspipe from hell satans wand........ i am tired of hurting other peoplei need to destroy myself.... apache junction arizona.....10-26-10

toconnor7 6 years ago

I think if people saw the truth of the world, we would be serving God daily and more openly. The evil supernatural will play with people who are meth addicts (and other addicts), because it can hide behind a logical world saying the affected person had psychosis because of the drugs. Way too many people seeing the same things, though. An experienced enough person (not something you'd want to be) I believe may be able to get shadow demons or supernatural things to happen or appear in a scientific clinical setting, and the world would be shocked. Outside of that only the people who know believe fully. The good news is if one puts the meth and pain behind them they can get their soul back and the demons will mess with them less and less. I went from hearing voices every waking minute of every day (and interacting with them-bad idea)- even after I'd quit meth. Now, if not at all, I'm hearing very very few voices and I am very close to normal again. I had been diagnosed schizophrenic and told I would NOT get better they said it was a disease that progressed and would need life long anti-psychotic prescriptions- I tried the magic prescription pill didn't help at all- don't do it. I never was "mentally ill" until after I used meth for a couple of dark years when I was in my mid-twenties now the medical world said I had a mental disease and gave no consideration to the doors I opened when I was a meth addict. The diagnosis was over five years ago. No prescription drugs AND I'M HEALED. The battle is a spiritual one. The devil loves the way tweak addicts act and it's spirit flocks to addicts who are close to death. Because of love for us God will let men fall as far as they feel they need to even if it hurts, and meth addiction is the farthest someone will ever fall. No one in the "real" world sees the things that would make them understand the truth. It is a win win situation for evil to use addicts as they will not be credible when giving testament to the very real supernatural things they have experienced. So many people are finding their way back that the future should have many educated good ex users ("wise as serpents...") looking after the world in terms of calling out the truth of evil. Don't try to understand too much what the shadow demons are, don't get in conversations or try to interact with them. Like true shadows they will only confuse, hurt, embarass, and watch while you suffer in that life. Don't use meth and try to get people who do to let it go. Good luck God bless. For those people who have gone through the most: things will always try to mess with you because you were owned for awhile but you are a child of God- above confusion or being sidetracked by destroyers. Let it go and be there to help others who need you.

toconnor7 6 years ago

That was the closest to truthful account of what meth does with the addict. I used meth for 2yrs. on a massive level around twelve years ago. As a Catholic when I fell to meth's super high things started happening on an evil level that ended up with seeing shadows constantly being pulled into me. Not imagined I saw them outside of imagination. I have not used meth for thirteen years and still fight to not get sidetracked by the mental damage of the memory of what I lived through with demons, but have rebuilt, tried to forgive, and heal-and not done meth. I interacted way more than I should have spiritualy when I was high on meth so I probably saw more than most, but I really have heard a common theme from ex meth users about the demons or shadow people they saw while high. Crazy but real. Meth is a drug Satan or- realities equilvalent- attacks living people when they are the dumbest weakest state of their life (tweakers are dumb and weak in the real world it's fact) that drug (and other maybe for some like crack or coke x or h)takes from the user in the real world as we know from how people lie cheat and steal from the family that loves them, then it shows you the evil you are serving. If you use stop and get back any folks you know who are on it. It's hard, but you can get these humans off tweak and they can be human again.

someone 6 years ago

I last used meth 7 years ago, but i did have a "demon" experience once. Was lying in bed, woke up to see a demon/devil laughing hysterically and saying my name. It was really scary, but i just turned away from it.

Team Wiseman profile image

Team Wiseman 6 years ago Author

An amazing statement that you made, ex-stripper. We understand you in the fullest, and thank you for taking the time to share. The devil cried when you left his ways,....Team Wiseman totally gets that!

May God continue to Bless your adventure in LIFE!

Comment made by someone in a relationship with Jesus Christ, not a religion.

ex-stripper 6 years ago

Wow, can't believe some of the hateful posts...hmmm what would trigger hatred? If God is love and Jesus is a picture of that love, then, Satan must be hatred. Wonder why the hateful posts..."F*** Jesus" and "Jesus can't Save." Dude, I feel sorry for you guys. I have been on the other side and was the devil's right hand woman. He cried when I got saved. Drugs are Satan's tool to get into your mind and soul and control your life. The enemy comes only to steal, kill, and destroy...but I (Jesus-God in flesh) came to give you life and life more abundantly. John 10:10 I did every drug known to man: X, K, GHB, cocaine, popped Xanax's, drank, could have been rapped about in an Eminem song, so I know seeing crap while high is very real. I started to be attacked by spirits in my sleep while stripping and doing drugs, and just within the last couple of years (quit dancing 7 years ago by the grace of God) the attacks stopped after walking out deliverance for all the doors that were opened. Don't let the enemy fool you, we are a spirit, soul, and body, and evolution as a lie! I was a science major, studied biology, genetics, cell and molecular, chemistry and came to the conclusion that I agree with God: we are fearfully and wonderfully made! I know I get to live forever...if you guys who believe in evolution want to believe it...are you going to just fade to blackness and that will be the more family, spouses, children?...oh, no, there is much more. You will just not rot in the ground. Only believe. I am sure Darwin wishes he did right now. Bless all your minds on seeking the Truth!

Diana R 6 years ago

I too, am a recovering meth addict. It has been over 6 yrs since I have put a needle in my arm. I haven't had a drink in over 5 yrs for alcohol is my gateway to other drugs, I just don't make good choices under the influence of alcohol. I know this for I have proven it to myself time and time again. I truly believe that meth is satans masered drug as well as crack, heroine and so forth. Too much of anything will cause us to loose control. I too, have had similiar experiences as others have mentioned. Man likes to call it drug induced psychosis yet too many people have had the same experiences for it to not have some form of truth to it. I ended up in the pententiarry in the end. I was looking for answers to the evil I experienced during this time in order to understand. What I have found to be true for myself was that I had to experience the evil in order to believe in the good, meaning GOD, Jesus Christ. What I have also found to be true is that thru time, I can see that some of what I experienced was created through my own paranoia. So in saying that, I can take that out of that pile of things I know I saw and heard and put it in the pile of things I creatsd myself. Now that doesn't mean that all I seen and heard are things I creatsd for their is still alot left in that other pile. The difference for me today is that I no longer try to understand them. I believe for myself that to understand those things would mean the trading of my soul. I am no longer haunted by those days for I know that GOD loves me then , and now. For those of you that are still using, it will only get worse. It won't just go away as you wish it would. The fun part is over. It is what it is. I can say that recovery is possible and I don't believe it to be in other medications prescribed by doctors. I'm telling you, I could have been diagnosed as all kinds of crazy things but I knew I wasn't like that before I started using so to me, that meant it would take time. Some have to die so that others can live. That has rang true for me so on that note, thank you Sammy Neal. May God have mercy on your soul.

Team Wiseman profile image

Team Wiseman 6 years ago Author

First, we would like to say, Thanks for sharing Bobby. It's not easy, and we know that. We have experienced the exact same situation, and hopefully we can help. The "lost souls" you are seeing are exactly that, lost souls. We came to know them as "simples", mostly because this is what the Bible calls them. Yes, they are mentioned in the Bible, several times, even once by Jesus Himself. If you would like them scriptures, you may ask for them. These souls are souls of human beings that have died before their time or committed suicide. They are damned souls that are used by evil doers for many different purposes, but they themselves are useless...simple! They cannot speak or plan. They are most commonly used in witchcraft practices to make some feel "crazy". They are also used to cause some to end their own life. They are the picture of misery, and misery wants company. I spoke to these simples for almost a full year. They would actually listen to me, and with their listening, they caused others to believe, including myself, that I was going insane. They almost, through their listening, caused me to end my own life and join them.

Let us get to the point, these simples are dangerous, although they are non-threatening. They cannot hurt you. They cannot cause anything in your life that YOU don't cause yourself. Yes, they do seem to need your help. But that is a lie being fed to you. They will win you over, pretending to care for you, drive you away from the living by causing you to speak to them more than the ones alive around you. They pull you into death, slowly, by convincing you it is better to join them. Everyone will appear to be against you...except them. They are lost souls who are stuck roaming this Earth, refusing to move on because of fear. They know they are hell bound. They choose to roam and do the deeds of others who instruct their souls as they see fit. When they know you can see them, they will multiply, and you will begin to see more and more each time. They long to be seen, and heard and to affect. Our advice....Ignore them. Act as you do not see them. We, and many other people have been through the same thing, take our word for it. We speak nothing but truth to you. And, if you would care for a little more advice...Stop using the drug that opens your eyes to death. From here it only gets worst.You may only be seeing "lost souls" right now, but we can almost guarantee that demons (in the form of peeking shadows) are lurking about, plotting on how to claim your soul, and separate you from your chance to gain life through Jesus Christ. The lost souls have made their decision, Now it's your decision. We cannot blame Satan, demons,the dope, or God. We can only blame ourselves.

Bobby 6 years ago

Hi - I actually used meth last night and again as always before I saw what I have come to know them as... lost souls... not long ago this extremely small lady (not as in hollywood / childrens movie small) but as in short, I have seen friends who have passed on... the people who I see arent threatening infact I get the feeling that they need my help... is that possible? if so, how do i help them?

believer 6 years ago

i do believe that meth invites demons into your life and he wants to destroy your life with it, my sister was on it for years and said the demons bothered her we tried getting her help but she wouldnt take it and she abused everyone around her and severly hurt her childern and now she is in prison for 20 years and hopefully thats safes her soul.

Via Negativa 6 years ago

Methamphetamine was invented by the Nazis, you morons. Go figure that it is something evil.

frank 6 years ago

This shit is fur real crystal method ducked

Jon 6 years ago

The human brain is a very complex and advanced piece of biological evolution, period. Crystal meth does nothing but screw it up. Nothing to do with angels or demons or any other make believe rubbish. Jesus CAN'T save you. The path of life is determined only by the decisions you make. If you choose to indulge in this stuff, then it will inevitably send you loopy(psychotic).

Lil_Miss_Geeky 6 years ago

i dont believe its demonic at all like the way you phrased shit was just dumb..i think y'all are making up excuses for going crazy..its not the meth that makes you hallucinate its the sleep deprivation and if you dont know how to take care of yourself then you will look bad and be totally dumb..its all about will power and what you do with has nothing to do with God or the Devil it has to do with what choices you make so phrase your words better or get shit straight.

April 6 years ago

wow-u hit it right on when u were saying that basically we become vulnerable to the satanic stuff-i am a recovering meth addict and it so true...

nancy 6 years ago

I have experienced some very frightening things when I was using meth on a regular basis for about a 6 month period. The first time it happened I was not high and had not been so for a few days. I was laying in bed getting ready to take a nap. I opened my eyes and these shadowy smokey like demons were all over the bedroom. I was literaly frozen with fear. They looked like they came straight from hell. I finally got up enough nerve to get out of the room. I ran outside to where my husband and daughter were. When I looked up at the bedroom window there were two of them looking out waving to me taunting me. My husband thought I was losing my mind. I saw them for quite a while mostly late at night I would get woke up and see one floating above me. I was not using meth anymore but yet they were still hanging around. I burned Sage, as that is supposed to get rid of negative evil things. Thank God I have not seen anymore in 2 years. I know what I saw was real and I truly know meth is evil and it opens you up to very bad things.

double_frick profile image

double_frick 7 years ago

well, i've had feelings of people watching me since i was a kid. call me crazy. i don't know why, but its intense.

i had a few year stint on drugs. i did meth a couple times. the first time it was in a friend's house and after that(i'm not sure if there was any weirdness before) there was something way beyond a ghost, i'd go as far to say it was demonic and is likely still in that house. scary shit, really scary.

then i did it once more and began seeing people waving at me, beckoning me. i'm naive and overly friendly with strangers (or was at the time) but these shadowy people far in the distance calling my name scared the SHIITE out of me and i ran. and realized it wasn't "real" and quite forever.

meth is not a "good" drug and there are drugs i deem "good" or at least neutral. :)

anyway, great hub. it was a real interesting read.

Brandon 7 years ago

And then I looked in my side rear view mirror and it looked like a gargoyle statue I said to Kenny I didn't know they had a statue and then I turned around and it wasn't there so I looked back in the mirror and it was still there with like four or five other demons in a tree under the tree it was really scary looked back nothing there but still looked in the mirror there they were plain as day they didn't move but stayed in place it wasn't the last time I used meth but that was when I started tring to quit

joe 7 years ago

This is my first time on this site.Im a ex-meth addict and have been clean going on two years now.I just want to tell everyone out there that when u do meth u open up many doors that allow evil in.Ive had similar experiences wich i dont like to talk about or care to remember.By the Grace of God i dug my way out of that hell.The only thing i have to say is for those who dont believe in what we r saying then continue to dig your hole and one day wether in this world or the next your gonna realize how true it is.For those trying to quit or have quit may the Love of and Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ keep u safe and protect u always.

byron 7 years ago

I need help. Experienced all you said but more. I'm from California, now living in Dallas, Texas. I didn't know what the Reunion Tower and the "ball" on top looked like. I was driven by it one day and saw it for the first time. I didn't see the 4 concret towers that support the ball. As a Civil Engineer in college, I was amazed at how the small diameter of triangle shaped steal could hold up such a large ball on top. I also noticed that there was not enough room for two elevators. Weeks later I drove by the Reunion tower seeing it as it really is. Made of 4 concrete towers supporting the ball on top. The people that drove me by reunion tower the first time basically tell me to forget what I saw, alot of people died. I was told by another human being that I was envolved in a joint military/alien experiment. I caught on and in trying to escape the experiement grounds, I returned to the "real" reality. I saw things in the experiement that I should not have seen. I can go one an on like seeing the bank of america building bending over like a toy pop up. Help!!!

profile image

famin4plague 7 years ago

ive been ussing meth for almost 10 yrs now, and i too as child use to wake up and see spirts that were black and white too standing over me,, many times ive been paralized in mid sleep with this chilling feelin as if there sumthing pullin on me..But once i started getting high on meth i saw dmeons and more deomns.untill they started showing up at my window whispering and laughing and growlin..(this happened just last night, they were doing that and thuping and tappin on my wall and windows and even heard for 3 hours what sounded like a giant walkin back and forth on the roof of my house.all n all these sightings are gettin more intense more haunting qustion is do you think they are after me now should i be scared or concerned,cuz after all theyre sayin my name now..this scares me..maybe u can give me sum insight..i use to talk to them and have conversations with them..even cus at them..i hope i dident make a big mistake by doin so..anyways thanx for reading Wes

Stephanie 7 years ago

I have been a Christian my whole life and am also a full fledged meth addict. I am in recovery now and have used not so recently a few times but it has been quite some time since I was in my darkness as the girl BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN. At this point I would use everyday, I needed the shit to stay alive. To function, to go to work, to have enough ambition to do even the simplest of things. That demonic drug destroyed my life. I have recently been researching the connection between meth and demons because I believe that during those 5 years of my serious drug use I opened up my soul to receive the dark side or demons that are hidden all around us. It frightens me at times, and to this day I am still afraid to be alone...I am not afriad of whats around me but what lurks within. Im looking for a way to exercise whatever evil is lieft within me hoping that I will finally sleep at night at not be afraid of an empty room. I recently had an experience with the holy spirit and I was felt like the holy spirit was attacking something inside scared me to the core. I need more of that light from Jesus to relieve me of the horror that is sometimes still my life.

 7 years ago

wow 7 years ago

ive also experinced this stuff off meth! just not as strong i am now drug free and have accepted jesus into my life! if you or any one you know is having this stuff happening they need jesus in there lives! its the only thing that made the demons go away and the best decision of my life!

wow! 7 years ago

wow i wish i wouldve found this sight along time ago! i believe that people that participate in witch craft can use meth with there spells and ive seen alot more than shadow people on meth that i know wasnt a halusination ive seen demons! they do back away when you tell them about jesus and how he died on the cross for all my sins i didnt just see them for a sec out of the corner of my eye it was like a hour or so! i also saw a little boy inside the demon on the wall it was crazy meth is an evil drug that opens people up to satans world in other situations my kidney would twist and turn i blacked out once when i was using meth with some wiccans and i dont remember what happened i believe they called a demon to enter inside me! it was pretty crazy! and when you get that greasy film on your hand and the taste of metals that means the demons were messing with you wile you were on it!

hot writer profile image

hot writer 7 years ago

that makes since now cause alot of the old rock band were all messed up on somthing and doing devilish things

Forever Grateful profile image

Forever Grateful 7 years ago from BROOKLYN

Thanks for the comment. This was a fascinating hub!!! Really, Wow the information hear makes it easier to understand why people who are addicted can participate in actions they wouldnt normally do if they werent high. Keep up the great articles.

mr williams profile image

mr williams 7 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

Very good information. I gotta say, I love every hub you made so far. I never used drugs before, but I know some people who have, and the information provided here shines a light on this topic that I would have never thought about on my own.

Great hub :)

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    Monica Armijo 4 weeks ago

    two years ago my brother and i saw a UFO in the night sky. we called for our nana to come see what we had witnessed but just as she arrived it disappeared behind a house. nobody believed us, either tho both me and him smoke weed we were not high at the time. on Jan 10 2017 my brother committed suicide. my whole life just crashed. we were closest we were not life a normal brother and sister. we had a bond like no other. i do believe it was meth he did because he said he was seeing demons and they were after him. i am seeking help, my couiosity is gonna get the best of me. i want to see for myself what he saw. he said he sold his soul to the devil, he tried to get it back but he was having a hard time. he did not do it for fame or glory or money. he did it for someone. i am not sure what that means and i want to know. i will do whatever it takes to get his soul in the hands of god, even if that means selling my soul.

    Trb512 7 weeks ago

    I have used this drug and saw the shadows but they were there when I was a child. I turned to God to save me from them before I tried this drug. I stayed with him while on meth....I told many people who where on it about God. They listened because I was like them , using the same drug....I told them drug use doesn't mean that God doesn't love you if and its a big if you can still care and love others and keep doing what God says. On meth its hard because you are tempted by Satan, but your tempted anyway whether or not your your on it.

    I fell to the same temptations I had before in life. Only on meth i found excuses that made it easier. But being a Christian Gods words spoke to me even in that lifestyle and I could use my failures to show Gods love. How even high he would speak and tell me there was no excuse and to stop. ...and I would stop because I wasn't a slave to the drug but i was to my God.

    Many people didn't believe me. They would cut me off from buying the drug and leave me without it to get me to admit to addiction.... OK I'll admit that caused me anxiety, but I'd play my Christian music (hard rock like Skillet) and it was no harder than giving up soda when I really wanted one.

    They couldn't believe I wouldn't do anything to get the drug....I just laughed at them and said , I'm not addicted.... Sorry but its true....

    That was another way God used me to shine his light. I've always said if it helps his kingdom I'm not afraid . Not of dying and certainly not addiction for my God is with me showing himself thru me. I hoped during that time in life I planted seeds in souls that someday grow and allow them to come to God. I certainly showed that God was the only difference in us and why I could live a good life while on it then walk away from it.

    The shadow people are real though. I've had them step in front of me with mouths open as if screaming at me....I told them get the hell out of my way and continued to my bed and good sleep because being scared or believing in their power is what gives them strength. I fear nothing but my God who created me loves me rules over me and has the power to judge me unfit to be with him in eternity... No one else can do that. AMEN

    Clarence 8 months ago

    I shot meth up for about 5 months, and I seen demons inside of other ppl, I was a prime target because I'm naturally sensitive to the spirit world, I actually think I was possesed, I heard whispers and I overdosed twice, but thanks to God I'm clean and married and GOD has delivered me, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS STUDY, AND I KNOW FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE THERE IS A SPRITUAL WORLD SO MANY DONT REALIZE, I JUST WANTED TO SHARE A LITTLE EVEN THO I COULD GO ON FOR HRS. THE EXPERIENCE I HAD, MORE PEOPLE NEED TO BE AWARE OF THIS

    Audrey marino 15 months ago

    My mother was very religious I've gone to every church in my town growing up and in lodi ca that's a church on a llmost every corner my mother tried her hardest to make me a angel I all ways say my prayers at nigh t but an angel im not for when I was little I new all about God told my mother one time I love you mom more then anyone in this universe she then yelled at me you shall never love anyone more then are father god for he made you she said ok mommy I said the reason I went to so many churches was I grew up with a very loving mother butt once or twice a year she had these actions that went normal and she was put into mental hospitals most of her adult life from late 20s to her late 40s all for no reason it took my ex mother-in-law who was a rn at lodi memorial to have the ambulance turn around and take her to be tested for low pattassiom it was so low they were surprised she was still alive and not acting crazier then what she was she started taking potassium pills never had to go to mental hospital again the reason I explained my mom is because she has made me the person I am her love and beleafes in god has opened me up and protected me many times see I'm a pipe smoker have been for many years it has taken everything from me of any suspince or materialistic but reallyhas never taken god it trys i mean ii have allways wondered what lifes allabout every since mom told me we well die i was shocked die why why do i have to die this i ponder with everyday i observe life and everything and everyone i try to allyways do whats right and spread as much love as i can i have meet a lot of great people and watched a lot of people on meth and there exsperiances meth diolates your eyes witch opens the spirit world up to you and demons are greater in some places and other places i belive comes spirits of who u love but they stay away were bad ones are my first spirital exseriance was before meth my one year old had passed away she was my love my shara that night my baby died i was so hurt and in so much pain i asked god to please let me see her let me say good by as I fell to sleep i remember coming out of my body and looking done and thinking could i go three the wall like in the movies and I did i remember sitting over my in-laws in the living room and for some reason I was to do this and what i Hurd them say hurt me badly that's what I was to learn that they really didn't love me as I thought and it thought me to watch them but when I was done listening to them i went thirds the kitchen and then I was waking upbutt the pain in my heart and chest was gone i felt i had not yet been notty so god let me out of my body to say good by to her for i felt in my heart she was ok then soon after that i started doing meth a little here alittle there i left my cheating husband and meet a man who was my soul mate we started a life together we meet a man who was a dealer moved right in with us he was pure evil in human form took my soul mate who was a leader and made hem a follower by the click of a bag i did every thing to get hem away from us as soon as he moved out are house was filled with evil showdowns every were i wouldn't let my soul mate leave at night and if he had to I'd sit next to the front door wide open waiting for hem to get back all along praying to god to protect us but feeling unworthy because I was on meth well this evil drug dealer had given my soul mate a neckless of the spickie son and moon emblem and when i had to leave my soul mate for everything had gone so bad to were i had two babys sliced my rists and was swoting in this gross apartment when a friend came over and saw me slaped my face and told me f you and f your soul mate you have tree buitiful babys right there who do you want me to call so i left hem hes love for me was so great he left that evil place and surched for me and found me as we were trying to get back together one night we desided to take aromantic bath well i removed that neckless off hes neck and remember nothing but waking up to hem yelling at me asking me why was I talking to hem like that I responded with not understanding what he was saying well the bath tub was off so we went to are room now remember he woke me up three times in the bathroom Well when we got to the room I crawled in bed all of a sudden this heavy feeling of tiredness took over and I tryed to fight falling asleep all of a sudden i was shoved in the back of my body in tidal darkness ass this spirit came into my body and was looking out my eyes and talking to my soul mate but because I was aware if it this time it's voice in me was different and thank god my soul mate new something was ring he took me by my shoulders and shook my telling the evil spirit who the he'll are you get ot of my wife it left as fast as it came all i could do was scream and try to explain what just happened butt my soul mate grabbed me told me every thing well be all right say jahopha tree times close your eyes go to sleep and it well never happen again he took this neckless and trew it out the window but now every time I see that spickie son and moon emblem i get that spickie feeling to me that's what the bible ment when it said the sign of the beast well be in everyone's house hold it's on coffee cups shower currents blankets curten clothes even yard declarations and if you look in ancient books the devil worshipers worshiped on this emblem that's in every body's house or yard I've been to a property on meth that was nothing but many of evil spirits sometimes I'd see them take over the owners body and say weared stuff butt the last exsereance ive had was when my mom passed a year after her death she came to me in my dreams she dident talk to me in words she talked to me trew my spirit the first thing i felt was her pain that heavin was nothing like she thought it was then i woke up and she was still talking to m e trew my spirit and what i felt she was saying was if you dont do it right the first time you half to do it all over again i dont want to be born allover not noing what is right or rong hoping to be lucky enough to have loving parents or parent because beleave me allot of good people ive meet in life even on meth had terable parent or parents and most of the ones i no that do meth are trying to hide from that I'm a good person that does meth i can't e xsplain why I do no i was blessed and so proud when all my children did not do it then just recently i found out my oldest was doing it and I just wish for you to pray for her Samantha Marino please because it looks like the gremrreaper came and sucked all her life away and left nothing but skin and bones and in this world theres the drug world and the streat world and the drug world Is so much harder and I don't wish it for no one let alone my own daughter so can you help me pray so she can have the strength to stop destroying her self because no matter what it does not one good thing for you i now this to be true but like you say i must be a puppet because I don't stop even throw i see all the evil and bad it does I just don't want my child to be her to thank you and god bless

    worrior of God 16 months ago

    I went into a house full of full blown meth addicts. I have done it very few times. I seen demons as people. they all had needles in there arm and the next night I was with my best friend who had got hooked on. I was in a hotel room with him and a female. I walked to him and said let's prey Jesus will release you from this. that Lady siign on the bed Indian style then became upset bent over pulling at her hair as I was pteyin I seen this I kept on till she fled to the bathroom

    came out 30 mins later and had this evil look of a demon in her eyes it was not human or loving. she looked like a regular person when I looked into her eyes I seen evil. I could also tell she was uncomfortable around me. this is no joke. god is real and Satan is taking peoples soles with methemphetamines. I will never use or be around sny1 on it. you wouldn't either unless u are serving the devil

    HOWtoHAVEhopeONmeth 20 months ago

    God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible...if you seek these things you will find hope in using meth IS NO HOPE AT ALL.

    MrSherrill profile image

    MrSherrill 20 months ago

    Methamphetamine and lack of sleep leads to a well documented form of psychosis in which users can experience terrifying hallucinations, feelings of persecution, complex free form delusion, etc. This is a result of buildup of neurotransmission related brain chemicals which are responsible for the "fight or flight" response. That's one explanation for the stuff meth users claim to have seen. Sounds reasonable to me.

    Having said that: I have been a meth user and gone on multi day binges. What I saw and experienced was a very real, very evil, hidden world that is all around us, which becomes visible when enough crystal meth has been absorbed into the brain. If you have seen this world then you know that it is real. If you have not, then go with explanation # 1, dont ever use meth, and dont worry about it. Satan is real. He is waiting. Patiently...

    beentheredonethat 21 months ago

    well ive been clean for the most part for 3 yrs now after about 14 yrs of using... and this is all soooo true.... shadow ppl, paranoia, i started getting high because it was fun with my friends then i was dealing cuz i loved money so much and then i got high for free then i was cooking cuz hey more money more high.... i cleaned up with out treatment no groups, it just got old and watched too many ppl go to prison or die... plus like i said i started using to have fun with my friends, well ppl change completely when using they will steal from u, get caught and snitch,, a lot of ppl would snitch on their own gma if it ment npt going to jail and being able to stay high.... but i was in jail and they have this book there "meth equals sorcery" and if u want they will give u a copy to bring home with u i got one and i show it to so many ppl.. its kinda a standing joke in my home i call it my bible..... dont get offended, ITS A JOKE... so reading this article is just another reminder where ive been and where i am now is such a relief!!!

    mala 21 months ago

    When i use to tweak,i lived a fantasy land where i felt unstoppable and capable of doing it all,i had no heart and didnt care about nothing but me and the homie crystal,use to kick it with crysal only on the weekeds to stay up but then we started hanging out even more,i found myself investing my time and money in her,it boosted up my confidence to the point i would be tweaked out at work but when she would leave i would feel horrible,i couldnt sleep,eat,and i felt like every time i tried sleeping i would feel like im falling,eventally i started investeing more money in it,i would get excited to have her in my hands,till she turned on me,she would tease me,ill stay up more days and will be at the club and felt like everyone was out to get me,i was building hatered in me and would plot evil in my mind,sadly i would grin to such thoughts and it would excite me,i would stay up more days missing her without eating again but then i loved my body for the motive i was losing weight, but my face was no longer looking the same,i would find myself staring at the mirror and picking at my skin or pulling my hair,i felt like everytime i used meth i had to stare at the mirror,i would see evil in my eyes,and i felt a shadow over my sholders,i had bags under my eyes and my lips were chappy and my face was breaking out for the motive i would pick at it,i would bust my lip and would costanly bleed from my nose,at times i felt my body drop temperature and i would jave to takr a hot shower the get temperature, i would panic without realizing i did,people would tell me i did but i honestly felt normal,i got real pale,i lost color ,but the deeper i chased her tough lust,she was getting aggressive, and this ill never forget,i manage to force myself to sleep ,i woke up seeing myself in a car accident,i tried waking uo but felt like someone had there hands on my eyes forcing them shut and someone was choking me at the same time,i felt a heavy body on top of me,i was gasping for air,i felt a demon tell me i coming for you,i would often see him in my dreams,i woke and would trip out or at times see black spirits pass by

    kat 21 months ago

    For anyone that still doing it and wants some protection. Buy a Bible, I have the new king James version, even if you don't believe, it will protect you, you must read psalm 23. Also buy sage, light it. Once the smoke starts make your way from the back room of your house, pray that all negative has to go only positive can stay, walk out of your from door with it. You can google it for more info. This helped me when I was on it and scared. Be strong and don't be afraid. Just believe one day you will get out of this. Peace & Love

    Jennifer Brown 21 months ago

    Yes this is true. I used to be a meth addict and it turned my world upside down. I seen demons all the time. Small and big. One time I seen so many small ones in my room in the dark I seen prob abt 50 shadows. It consumed me and my life. Sucking my life out of me. Now my son's both do it, One has lost his mind now. In a mental hospital right now but coming home soon. The other is not far behind, and he just robs and doesn't care. This drug makes your conscience void of all love or respect. You lose emotions that are good, and only have evil thoughts. You have shark eyes just void of all emotions. Evil is in this drug. You open a gateway for the devil and demons to take over you and your life, and it rips everything away from you. You get paranoid. You think people are watching you. You see tree people or as you say shadow men. You see evil things and they are there. It is not a hallucination. It is the gateway door you have opened into a evil spiritual realm and you are so far in it that you can see it. If you have not used this drug you will not understand the thoughts or visions that meth users have experienced. They are very real and evil. The mixing of this meth is sorcery. Using it is sorcery. It is all evil! I thank God everyday I do not use meth anymore. However even after all the years of being clean it is still a struggle. At times I had to face meth and it was very hard for me not to use it. It is a powerful demon and it is only out to take you to hell. Kill steal and destroy. The high was amazing or so they want you to believe until you can not function until you smoke some. Can't get out of bed until you smoke some. Evil when you don't have some. Do anything to get some. No care at all in who you hurt. Pray you never use this drug!! You will unleash the devil himself in your life and your soul will be eaten by darkness

    mishelle 23 months ago

    Everything I just read in this article is so true I am a methamphetamine addict clean for almost 3 years now. When I was using I also got involved in witchcraft (it is real) the devil I'm shure is what made everything I wanted to happen I got even my kids back that I lost due to the drug. My mother never was going to give them back to me. She died from unknown reasons at 48 years old. I got my kids back because she died. Also I had been getting visited by shadow men, I would see them just on the outside of the fence always watching I knew all about the evil around me I smudged the house with sage and sweet grass then done a protection spell and barrier all around. I know it sounds crazy right. But it all true. After mom passed away I knew I asked for my kids back at whatever cost and it was the worst possible way to get them back. I was able to stop using by the power of strong family praying for me and asking the Lord and Jesus Christ for forgiveness and to lead me back down the path of God. I haven't touched the stuff since have absolutely no desire to do it or be around it and the shadow men never came back around. The Lord will send his soldiers to protect his children wherever they go. With the Lord in your heart you will never face evil alone or be defeated by it. And he will forgive all sinners if they ask and accept him into their lives.

    Luna SilverMist 2 years ago

    I am a practicing witch and I have never done drugs or anything of the sort! The practice of Wicca is peaceful, healing, loving, and calm. However I can clearly see you need to relearn Christianity for who are you to judge anyone let alone an entire religious community.

    Since we are clearly showing our ignorance here I ask; how would you feel if I wrote this same article but turned it against Christianity? You saying that people who use Meth are witches and warlocks is like me saying if you molest little children your Christian. Get your facts correct and leave the religion of others alone as it makes you look like a blithering uneducated idiot!

    Reuben Dunn 2 years ago

    I seen what seemed like spider webs in my rear view mirror but I never seen a face. This only happened in one spot and after I broke my pipe. It happened to me twice but its like they went away after I got so far.

    young82 2 years ago

    OK here it goes I used meth the better part of my life about 15 years I'm about to be 33 I have IV smoked lines hot rails ate it every way there is to do it this I'm not proud has took me from top to rock bottom more than a few times I sold meth cooked meth all of it over the years it takes you away to a different world you loose track of time so bad years and month cn pass and seem like no time Ihave had friends kill each other die in wrecks from being up to long I have seen the shadow monsters as I call them that is from sleep deprivation it does crazy things to your brain and how you think and act most people don't eat and drink while on meth unless you been doing it a very long time and learned how to make yourself that being said your body is dehydrated

    Survivor 2 years ago

    Seen the shadow people for years. I witnessed a full-blown possession with bone structure changes on a woman, the partially invisible flies, etc because of this demonic substance. I not being pure of heart took a big loss expelling this demon from my home shortly after the woman left. I haven have video documentation of Angels protecting my child that i never want anyone to see. There is some truth to this article.

    Crystal 2 years ago


    You may or may not know me.

    I destroy homes.

    I tear families apart,

    I’ll take your children and that is just the start.

    I’m more precious the diamonds, more valued then gold.

    The sorrows I bring are a sight to behold.

    If you need me I’m easily found

    I’m all around you in every city and every town.

    I live with the rich I live with the poor.

    I live down the street even next door.

    I’m made in a lab just not the kind you think,

    I can be made under the kitchen sink.

    I can be made in the closet or in the woods.

    If this doesn’t scare you to death it certainly should.

    I have many names but one you’d know best

    My name is Crystal meth.

    My powers are awesome just try me and see.

    Try me twice and your soul will belong to me.

    Once I possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie

    You’ll do what it takes just to get high.

    The crimes you’ll commit for the high and fame

    Will be worth millions once I get in your veins.

    You’ll lie to your mom and steal from you dad,

    When you see their tears you won’t even be sad.

    You’ll forget your morals and how you were raised,

    Once I teach you my worthless ways.

    I’ll take your friends, your control, your pride,

    But I’ll always be with you right by your side.

    You’ll give up your friends, your family, your home,

    When you run out you’ll be all alone.

    I’ll take and I’ll take till there’s nothing to give,

    And when I’m through you’ll be lucky to live.

    You can try me for fun but I’m no game.

    Giving the chance I’ll drive you insane.

    I’ll give you nightmares while you lie sweating in bed.

    I’ll be the evil voices inside you head.

    You shouldn’t have tried me how many times were you told?

    But you challenged my powers how could you have been so bold?

    You couldn’t say no, and just walked away.

    If you could do it all over again what would you say?

    I’ll be you master you’ll be my slave.

    Don’t fear being lonely I’ll walk with you to your grave.

    I’ll show you more pain then your deepest betrayal

    So come take my hand as I lead you to HELL.

    JJ 2 years ago

    I do believe that Meth is evil but a lot of the hallucinations are from sleep deprivation. You can't tell me that people who are religious but have insomnia are seeing demons. Sleep deprivation is used as a mind control method.

    libbygurl 2 years ago

    This all is making sense. I have never used meth or any other drug, but my husband has been addicted to meth for going on 3 years. He battles this demon everyday. Sometimes when he sleeps he is awakened by a strong dark force that won't allow him to move or speak. His eyes are open and I see tears, but he can't move. .. are these demons???

    jaime aceves 2 years ago

    God it's great and we know right from wrong, now every time you lust to sin on flesh it's the demons whispering to you to do bad things, so the devil can tell God, look I told you they are a lost cause, they are unworthy, that's why we have to better our selves one day at a time, the only person you should be better than today it's you yesterday.

    Damian 2 years ago

    You know you probably see these things because you are a little ignorant to being so bound by one way of living and claiming which path (which there are far more than two) is right and wrong. Fact or fiction how can you know. There's a bigger war going on than guns and missiles and its too close for comfort.

    Tracee 2 years ago

    I could right a lifetime of stories. Meth ran deep in my family. I'm just glad to be clean no meth in 9 years. By the Grace of God. Meth is demonic. I've seen things that will stick with me forever. Thanks for this site. It's powerful. And helps me remember where I came from and where I am at now.

    AlwaysFighting 2 years ago

    I can relate to these experiences.

    I found my initial freedom when i recognized how I'd desecrated my home, body, and soul by interacting with meth's darkness.

    I mourned and prayed:

    God, lead me to your light.

    Help me to understand my darkness.

    Restore me to the beauty you created.

    Consecrate me, Oh, Lord.

    I felt redeemed, safe, and pure. A divine grace saved me. And, I somehow understood the daily/constant work I'd have to do avoid meth's demonic snares.

    To live/sleep soundly in warmth and peace again has been priceless!

    Thank you.

    Brooklyngirl22 2 years ago

    I have never used meth, however my brothers have. There is a true demonic possession that takes place when using drugs. Coke, meth or heroin. I was 11 yrs old and my mom woke me up and told me my brother had a knife to his heart and was going to fall on the counter to kill himself. I walked into the kitchen and he looked my right in the eye. His face was green and his flashed red. He snawrled st me as if to say go away. I remember opening my mouth and Satan in the name of Jesus i bind you and the spirit of suicide up and i cast you. In the name of Jesus you must flee. I dont remember but my mom she stood there in disbelief as my brother ran past her to the bathroom where puked for about 20 mins. She said i just went back to bed like nothing happened. My brother slept for 36 hours straight. My brother has no memory if it.

    chuco 2 years ago

    been an addict for 3 years straoght smokin it on a dayli basis

    juan carlos Castro 2 years ago

    Iam a christian with with alot of christian famiy ,as uncles and biological brothers are pastors&ext, well i'v served the lord in the worship ministry for over 12 years ...But i now know both sides of The coin ...... The parasites infesting ur body n chest, The voicest in your head connected to the parasites claiming to be demonic ,and satan trying to get ahold of your hearth and mind . well i have been at constant warfare with these generes, for our battle is not agaist flesh nor blood but against principalities and potestants and rulers of the dark.. well let me tell u , the shadow men are real some are easier to see and perceive than others with a precence of fear they only lurk the night, i personally perceive them through a spiritual gift from our lord jehova jireh called spiritual dicernment, and they cannot touch u while u are a son of god and accept jesus as your own personal lord and saviour and if u confess this with your mouth that jesus is the son of god and that he resssurected him from the dead .. well i got good news for u ,you are no longer alone and he will fight your battles for you .. put on all the armor of god as ephesians 6:6 teaches us part by part i do it every morning and as sons of god and validated militia members ,this will gives us protection from the wicked realm, and it is written it will... there is no evil outtere stronger than us!! for he who is with me is greater than he whoed in the world !!! dont be afraid and seek congregation from a real church of jesus christ... do this and read your bible oftenly for it will sharpen your swords in battle.... pls give me feed back i would love to help .... 530 7611389.

    buddha 2 years ago

    This is the realest thing I have ever read

    I've seen the tall man poke his head out of my closet when I was 17 staying up for days. I went through a huge evolution spiritual on a scale to relearn who i was after after doing psychedelics and girlfriend threatening be over the more I got a new sense of life I'm not advocating drugs but their needs to be research on psychedelics curing meth addicts 2 years ago

    Glad to hear that you have gotten urself ckean and made a change for the better , but for u or anyone to say the drug made me act that way or meth is why i have lost everything is an excuse and a good cop out to cover ur inner demons that u have . Meth will bring out the true demons in everyone that is if u have them . Those demons are the true you even though it took you to be high on meth to trigger those fucked up habits and desires they are wat you really are deep down and eventually the true you will or has came out in the past or future without meth being involved . So to sum up my point meth brings out the true evil in everyone who uses it but only the ones who are truely deep down evil already . If ur seeing pink and purple elephants and shadow people then you shoukd have used moderation and hopefully are not substituting some other drug for another because you are obviously weak to hsve let something ruin u and who you are and have an addictive personality that lets those demons in ur life . If u fucked up then blame who should be blamed thats nobody else but u . No excuses just you and only you got u clean the same person who made bad decisions and nade you an addict .

    mike 2 years ago

    At 16 yrs old I just had my psychotic breakdown from doing lots of different drugs I was recovering doing no drugs taking anti psychotics to control the voices in my head when I would go to sleep at night I would see a shadow on my wall like some1 was looking in my window and everybody was asleep this 1 time I woke up at about 11pm something told me to go outside I seen this man walking along my fence and these animals following him in a line so I thought it was my grandpa cause he always does work around the house so I opened the gate looked and said granpa!!the man turned around looked at me and dissappeard I've also seen shadows outside my room door looked like a man with long hair and I heard crying this was in the morning too wen everybody was at work _ one night I was on my knees praying to god begging and crying to him to make me normal again cause I'm scizophrenic well that night I went to sleep I woke up in the middle of the night and seen this little angel it was very bright white and I just looked at it I fell asleep and the morning I asked my grandma a very religious women that I seen like a bright white fairy she told me that it was an angel and god sent it cause he heard me praying to him begging. Well now I am doing pretty good in my life I still have my hard days but I just have to deal with my illness and hope for the best I rarely get depressed anymore I don't pray alot bit my opinion I don't think u have to pray If u have a strong believe in god and just talk to him in yer head wen u feel down u don't have to say the whole rosary I've been through alot in my life at about the age of 5 I was in the hospital very sick almost died I had a blood disease well I was on my bed realy sick my family was all around my bed praying that I wake up bit this boy I shared a room with we were friends liked Pokémon and such he got out of his bed grabbed my moms hand and I woke up I hope I see him wen it's my time to go I wish my uncle Steve was here cause he also sufferd from the same illness we could've helped eachother get thru hard times I will see him in heaven one day but till then I'm going to be strong and say fuck this illness I am going to get thru this

    blueyes77 2 years ago

    To all the people say they see shit cause you been up to manys days go to sleep .you can be straight as a board stay up for few days u still gna see shit called no sleep your brain doesmt function right with out sleep so straight or methed out stay up for days both partys gna hullucanate just the human body.devil dnt make you do dopt that a crock of shit .only yourself can choose to do that. Cant nothing take your free will.big pic people do meth cause they want to,nobody makes them. Be adults about it and truthfull instead makon excuses y u get high.people will respect more for be honest .i knw i would .tell people i smoke meth cause i like to not cUse oh the devil made me do it really now thats a crock of shit in my book.

    Kandice 2 years ago

    I was saved in 2004 and after my divorce In 2009 I started with snorting and smoking meth then quickly moved on to eating it and after three years, my using partner helped me start using the needle. He told me how amazing it was but never did he tell me about the shadow people that were with me all the time. It was terrifing. Even when I cleaned up and checked myself into treatment I would catch them out of the corner of my eye or hear them whispering. Three weeks after treatment I went back out and on the third day of the run I overdosed. While in the hospital I seen my first demon face to face. He was not lurking in the shadows he was right in front of me waiting for my heart to implode. The four days in the hospital they didn't leave me. Yelling, pushing my bed, looking like my family or friends then turning into a demon before my eyes. When the sun would go down they would have to give me haldol so I could get through the night of torture idk if it was the meth or real demons. I never talk about that part. Not only because it makes us look crazy but it still is the most terrifing time of my life. I have been clean and sober for two and a half years, thankful for a forgiving God!!

    TardisPls 2 years ago

    I wish I had time travel, to go back. Many nights were spent high on meth, doing things I shouldn't have been doing, opening doors that should have remained forever closed. One thing that would often happen, The text in magazines or newspapers would change. Things would start to be about me, and they were not at all good. I too, have seen them should discussed on the stock market, and have met demons and angels in the physical realm. I was tested many times ethically, and many times I failed.

    I would read about my sins, and I was warned over and over again about my sexual misdeeds and selfishness. It was a bad and very hard time, and I was told to 'stop poking holes in my beautiful physique' (by homosexual masturbation and acts). I disregarded, and continued into the depths of addiction and despair. I ended up homeless and alone.

    Fast-forward to today, and I am clean, living a good life, but still very much broken from the ghosts of my past. Sex doesn't have the same feeling it once did, and today I understand what the holes, a metaphor for not being able to perform as well, nor getting the same enjoyment I used to during straight sex, meant. I find it hard, almost impossible to get ahead in life. and it seems like almost everything I do ends up in failure. Attempts at success are met with mediocrity at best, and it is nor from lack of hard work.

    A curse from above for years of being selfish. Believe you me, I wish I could go back, I would have heeded many different kinds of advice, been less selfish, passed more tests, done more good. I would have never taken that first hit, nor followed it up with the immoral conduct that proceeded it.

    Trust me, meth is evil. Very evil. Stay far, far away.

    IsaAls 2 years ago

    I have seen some things very similar to things described by others on here. I shared an apartment with a girl whom was human in body, but not in soul. She could read my mind, and made no secret of it. When she was asleep, I would read magazines, and the text would be her speaking to me. She would often chastise me for things I had done wrong, judging me for my moral failings and sins I had committed.

    I knew she was powerful, made even more so by my meth use. I was blatantly guilty of immoral conduct, and paid a very dear price for it. I have seen countless other things while not with her. The weird thing is that my things happened on a physical plane, but we're very much "otherworldly".

    She tried in vain to point me on the right course, but it was of no avail. I learned that just as a mother having a baby has a veil placed over her (to make her "forget" the incomprehensible pain of childbirth) so does the addict have a veil to forget the pain of active use. Addiction is hell. True, unadulterated hell. This veil keeps us going back, no matter the amounts of pain we have experienced. Condemnation, unless we act by faith and stop.

    I have been to stages of hell where I was told that God had abandoned me, as it was hopeless to keep believing. I was yelled at for having faith, and told it was useless by these demonic voices. I was told that God was never coming back, it was too late. I was told that Satan was in charge, and I needed to submit to him as my god. I refused, knowing loyalty is. Supreme virtue, and kept my faith and loyalty towards my Creator even still. I was threatened with destruction, injury, and death. I did not waver, and refused to worship anyone other than He who created me. God did make it seem, feel, that He was never coming back, but it was a test of faith, and a hard one. Even still, I refused to serve anyone but Him. This may have been my saving grace.

    During my last use, Well over six months ago, I was watching television, and the guy on the television looked at me and said "Disney! You want to invest in DISNEY stock now!" During previous uses, I had seen my soul and others discussed on television as if they were stocks. I put down the meth pipe for good, moved out of state and made a mad-dash to start being good. The weird part? My present girlfriend has a Facebook cover photo that is of the castle in the Magic Kingdom. It is her present background and she put it up over a year ago (we have only been dating 2 months and met 4 months ago!). You can't tell me this other dimension isn't real, nor that it isn't connected. True story.

    lyn 2 years ago

    is there anybody that can help me to shake meth I been dealing with this drug for a few years been off and on and I tired of getting clean and then decideing to smoke again Im not the type of person thats open with this addiction but its getting bad so bad that Im just ready to seek help and advice on ways to leave it alone all togerther I would go to rehab but I just dont know how to go about getting that type of help ive always just ended up stopping for some months but im coming to find out what im doing not helping this problem

    Team Wiseman profile image

    Team Wiseman 3 years ago Author

    Are you still breathing? There is still time then. God already knew the mistakes we would make but it is up to us to turn it all around. Simply follow these instructions:

    1. Repent... turn from the drug and towards Christ

    2. Don't believe the devils lies about it being too late.

    3. Don't worry about what has been lost... simply consider it all lost. The devil may have taken everything from you but your soul is the only thing that really matters. Losing "items" can cause a person to stop defending the most important part of their being... the soul.

    This experience is most likely happening so you can grow. Maybe pride was in your life and this is the only way God could cleanse you...or maybe a secret sin is being shown. Who knows? The fact of the matter is this situation can cause growth in an individual. The Lord says we should "Lose our life in order to gain it." So,let everything go...including yourselves. We (humans) have a hard time giving up items and traits so sometimes God will take it from us. The God we serve, Jesus Christ, NEVER leaves us...neither does He forsake us. NO MATTER WHAT! He loved us before we loved Him. Christ should become your focus now. Make better choices to show your Love for Him.

    So get up, dust off and continue the race. Be strong in the Lord and do not allow Christ to appear weak. Show His power and strength. Starve the demons and they will flee. Christ has already won this battle for you, simply accept the victory. Do not forget to talk to Him....He is waiting for your reaction to these events. My advice is to be thankful to Him and praise Him anyway.

    Stay Humble and may God continue to bless your journey!

    Megan Varney profile image

    Megan Varney 3 years ago

    I have been using meth for the better part of the last ten years but I have never smoked it, just lines. I have never seen 'shadow people', demons or spirits. The common denominator here seems to be smoking it. I believe that once meth is burned the properties of the drug have a chemical reaction that makes these things seem real.

    cassie 3 years ago

    threaten to break up with him

    tiffy marie 3 years ago

    rocks like me are crystal clear

    i lower your confidence

    but take away your fears

    you crush me upwith your credit card

    doing me is easy

    leaving me is hard

    you line me up and you take a sniff

    your body feels tingly

    your throat has a drip

    you break a piece off and u put me in a pipe

    u think i take away your problems

    but i take away your life

    you light me uup and i start to melt

    ill take over your mind but give u the love u never felt

    you take a big puff and u dont even choke

    blowing your future as you blow clouds of white smoke

    u feel so good and u feel so high

    everyday u want more

    and u deny the reason why

    ive become your addiction and as u take another hit

    u tell yyourself "therr, after this im gonna quit"

    days later u find yourself at it again

    and u dont care that you've lost all your family and friends

    now nothing matters but you and me

    i took over your life


    i wrote this when i was locked up.... as i wrote it i cried. it sad too see my boyfriend lost on meth. hes crazy! he thinks hes god. he even thinks i killed his dad. how can i get him to go to rehab???????????

    leaving the devils arms 4 years ago

    before I only read a small part & had to comment

    .. can't sleep so read on

    your great! this is what I need.... a start..

    I know I need God in my life. & know he's been there for me

    Im selfish


    just hope I don't get stubborn & angry when I come down to 're visit

    profile image

    JEZEBEL-ANGEL 4 years ago

    wake up and call me right now because I seriously think that I got abducted by aliens and I think that really I am in a alien spaceship right now and its just an illusion that I am still at the motel on earth because nobody is at or answering at the front desk you are not answering richard isn't here tray isn't answering and neither is someone else who was blowing up my phone earlier and I just had the most fucking incredible orgasm of my whole life and I think that it was an alien and not richard because idk where he is he is not here now but he just was. I am trippin my fuckin ass off right now!!!!" Call me because I swear I am in a fucking ufo or I am dead in between worlds. Everyone is just all of a sudden gone!!!!" This is the text I sent my friend last night. Also I am having to re do my comment because I started it and I am on mobile internet and I got up to get a lighter and sat back down and my whole comment was gone but in the comment box it said " whatever ". I don't really see a demon saying something like that but I am in a motel room and at the time my husband had gone to the store. But I can tell that most of you who comment are high on meth. Y'all. have a lot to say. As I do. First of all I have been doing meth for a long time and I started shooting up two years ago. I spend about $500 a week supporting mine and my husbands habit. My life is screwed up so bad and we are living in motels and I have now become a "whore" for the last two months. I do know for a fact that the demons or shadow people or whatever you call them are real. My husband has heard and seen the same things at the same time as me so when two peopke hear and see the same thing how can it not be? it seems like I don't start seeing them until I have been up for at least two days. I believe that between the drug and lack of sleep you really do start seeing and hearing what really is there and everyday sober people who sleep can't see these things. They have taken over my body before. Around 4am this morning I did something I would never do. See, being a whore makes me hate myself and makes me feel like a junkie worthless piece of trash. I usually. only do oral sex because I am quite talented at that and most of the time have them out the door in five minutes. But every person every day wants to grab my tits and play with them and shit and it makes me cringe. These assholes see me as anobject. A tool used for their sexual desire. Not ad a person. I let them do it but I hate it so much. and now I have a hang up about it. Anyway I don't let my husband even touch my tits anymore because when he does it makes me not want to have sex anymore because of that. Also my husband is " my daddy ". He is the dominant. one . But at 4am I was being very dominent and aggressive and telling him to grab my tits and suck on them and stuff and I would never do that or act like that. Then in the middle of all that I started hitting him and started freaking out and I only remember part of all of it but there was something that took over my body and I felt it the moment it left. And that has happened before but not like last night. That's why I googled " meth and demons " and found this page. All of you that think people on meth are crazy think again. These " forces " are very real. Just wanted to share this. Thanks.

    Diana Hernandez 5 years ago

    Ok long story short, my husband has been using meth for some time and she told me once while he was high on meth,that he saw a shadow at a coner of our room I did not pay attention to him causr I would be scared to. Then I just went back to sleep, the next day he told me what he saw and I was scared but I just said in my mine it was because he was high on meth. I do believe in good and evil and angels and demons they just revealed to us wen we are more at our lowest point.

    surrender surreal 5 years ago

    ps..this goes out to the idiot dumb-founded dipshits who havent a clue about shit..calling this a psychiatric problem,depleted dopamine levels,or hallucinations..i read the/m all,ive exp. every single one of these type things and many more,for 20yrs.,100 times ,i have it all on video,narrated minite to minute,last time 3 hrs. b4 they left,the devils grand finale...meth...ive been studying and researching this for years...this is more real then anything tangible ever could be to me...hallucinations are not real...this is ...the halo is coming down to snuff u out..non believers fu.k off..ur all a bunch of f-ckin slaves..u cookie-cutter yuppie fuc.ks..the oppossite of what society as a whole percieves to be real is really trully know GOD,are the ones that endured suffering like no most of all of you..defently like me..this is far far beyond being crazy..or having a mental condition...trickery..the devils middle name...strive at all cost to become one with GOD..and never lose hope,keep trying because nothing else matters..esspecially u plastic fu.ks that say shit like "get psychiatric help" its pathetic" your pathetic ..all those who dont believe in GOD guess what..he dosent believe in you either..stay the off this site..cause u are the only thing thats not all you kids..that dont someone else said...if u havent exp. this..or tryed meth...please dont...RUN..ive done every drug there is 10,000 times,10,000 days...for 30 me..i stayed up for 60 days the time..i thought it was cool...the seductor of pain...does two...laughing all the way as he watches your life go down the the fire that eternally reigns..this site and whats in it..IS TRUTH..praise JESUS...and GOD bless the dude who created it...ive been trully enlightened...and no.. im not high right now..for those of you that think this cant happen to you or wont...and u continue to do meth...IT WILL...the devil already has you on his schedule...the day will come...when you dont know what time it is...and thats when it will be..different for you..then anyone else...i know..because that anyone else is now me!!!

    Justin 5 years ago

    I have been clean from meth for almost a year now,and I was on it for2 years on and off,but when I did use I would have very intensehalucinations and see tracers and dark cloud human like figures moving across the aunt was making it so it was very easy to get it whenever I wanted,shewas busted almost a year ago in a casino hotel in lake charles la go to google and look up shannon austin meth lab to get the story,god has helped me out of that world so many times while I was using but after I would get my life back together in a few weeks quiting and working but I always would go backknowing what was going to of now iv been out of work for awhile and loat my house and my job and my girlfiend of 4 yrs.I put her through this about four or five times and I'm 23 and the adult life I have lived so far was meth induced,iv learnt from my mistakesand am trying to get my family back at this point in my life.but my mind seems to have been affected by my meth use I'm not the same person I was before I started using meth.I have deep depression,iritable,and and when around people heart will race and will freeze up,and hopeless,I'm currently not using any drugs,so I assume eventually this should go away,most of my adult life I used well the last 2 years larecets,crack,speed,cocaine,I love to be high,I quit using everything now cause I need to get my life in order now for my future,I was diagnosed with add s a chile and was on aderal and it calmed me down,I believe I may have sum symptoms of add as an adult and drugs seems to help it,I have an appointment on the 7 to get on summeds maybe this wull help with my success,what do ya think?

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Mm 5 years ago

    I moved into a new apartment and found a loaded meth pipe and thats the first time I used... I was a lil over weight and heard thit it helpedu lose weigjso I tried it.. When I exhaled I felt an evil presrnce surround me and it just seemed l ok e yesterday.. Its been over a month now and the pipe keepa producing its own dope just when I think I've, finished it of out revitalizes right before my eyes.. I'm now down top a waif like 66 lbs and being a tallgirl I lopk lille death..ii dance with the simples ans the shadow people tell me I'm beautiful except for the sores I some are so deep I can see bone our maybe meath rock forming on my bone.. I've dug some out anId I try

    smoking it and its like the best meth I've ever had butt the shadow people fight over it and so I never have enuff to go around so I have been removung chinka off flesh and just allowing them to search top the soiree wounds and feed on the meth coming outta my porous bones butt they get greedy sandidont wanna let go and have been going insidw me and dwarfing butt they say I look beautiful I used to have nice skin

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    crazy.beautiful 5 years ago

    I have not touched meth in 7 months and I was not using meth for very long, only for about 6 months and not every day. At first I started by just sniffing it, the first time I ever smoked meth, I saw and felt the most evil things I could ever even imagine seeing. I smoked so much and was up for days. At first I thought everyone was against me. I was sitting in my friends alley crying, holding a razor in my hand because I was convinced that they were going to jump me. (they, meaning the people who were after me), I created a whole story in my head that was not true at all. I thought my friend got people to jump me, I heard the people talking about me like they were looking for me. I saw their shadows and heard their voices but for some reason they never got to me. I must have been sitting in that alley for hours when I finally decided to get up and walk to my uncle's house.

    I walked and still heard people were coming after me, I saw cop cars and thought they were chasing the bad people. I finally got to my uncle's house and I sat on the porch for a bit because I had no way to get in. I imagined that the cops came to my aunt's house 2 houses away and were telling my aunt and cousins they were looking for me, and then my aunt and cousins pointed in my direction. They were actually shadow people. I told myself I was seeing things because of the drug. But it seemed so real. I knocked and my uncle let me in. As I laid in the living room on the couch I saw a dark hooded figure with no face and no feet float in my direction. I jumped up and screamed. I looked to the window and saw the grim reaper waiving at me. I was scared for my life. I turned on the light and they disappeared. I could not sleep ufcourse and I kept the light on. The next day, throughout the whole day, I continued to think people were after me, my family was talking crap, but it was all in my head. THE WORST EXPERIENCE of my life. I have been clean since that horrible incident. Meth is no joke. I am still scared of the dark to this day.

    profile image

    Psturgill 5 years ago

    This post is a little out-dated. Tho i agree with most of what you said, i do disagree with some aspects of it. The 'hallucinations' you refer to isn't hallucinations at all, it's breaching the doorway between the realms. I've seen it. I've spoken to them. I've seen them in the trees also, but that doesn't stop there. I was a user for almost 4 years. But after my encounter with the demons (named Gheel and De'la) i went to church, was saved and baptized, and Thanks to the blood of the Holy, i've been clean now for almost a year. No Rehab, no treatment. The 'hallucinations' aren't hallucinations at all, They are glimpses into that realm. And if you keep opening that door you WILL be marked Unworthy by Christ. I honestly believe that it took me opening that door to find Christ. Until they started visiting me, i didn't believe. No one is lost unless you believe the demons lies. As for "Satanic witch of Hollywood" is concerned - Satan is a liar, whatever he promised you, you deserve what you get.

    Satanic witch of Hollywood 5 years ago

    I am a shaman and profit for the rebel angel Lucifer who was called to do his work in the town of present day Hollywood to promote sacred sinning and to trigger a major comeback movement of devil worshiping rebellious big hair musicians and vampire goth freaks. He finds present day sinning too profane for him and he is disgusted. The satanic scare will show it's face again in rock music with a bigger vengence than it did in 70's and 80's. This comeback movement will far exceed the size of 60's flower children movement.

    Party Pete 5 years ago

    during o

    that same binge I had been up 24 hrs going of the rails, I kept seeing the shadow people, through the corner of my eyes at the same time i could see flashes of light as if someone was taking pictures, even in my whacked out state of mind, I knew there was a battle being waged between good and evil, but i would keep using, I was so messed up, I didn't care, my nose became so clogged up, I couldn't snort anymore, I went to look in the mirror, and i had blood caked up all over, so i just started eating the stuff on my plate the drug had me by the balls, I stood at my door looking out the peep hole for about two hours and i could see two people standing guard at my door, I went back to my sofa, looked at my kitchen table, and the flowers that were sitting on top started going round and round, as if the were alive, the freaking kitchen table undid itself literally took itself apart, then put itself back together all before my very eyes, I knew there were demons all around me, it was only through God's grace that i am able to share this with you all today. Stay away let go and let God

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    JawsSD1973 5 years ago

    I was a heavy user of meth for a long time and this article is so true, in fact I remember sitting in my living room with the lights out with a girl friend sitting on the coach looking at the same smokey apparition floating in the corner of the room she was shocked cause I wasn't making a big deal about it cause I was used to it. I ran into her a few years back and she brought it up, either we had the exact same hulluciination or it was really a demonic spirit. Strange things happend there all the time. In fact I even heard the same voices as other people kicking it in my old apartment and we came to this same conclusion that this shit is truely demonic. No bullshit!

    Dave 6 years ago

    Shadow people do exist... and I found that the more meth that is in your system and the longer u stay awake the more your mind gets opened up to hell that the shadow people show themselves more vividly I found this out when I had been awake for 6 days and I was walking down a dark road with no street lights and it was pitch black in a field and I could see about 6 shadow people and they were dancing almost like a ritual and I felt almost compelled to go join them but it scared me and my heart started pounding and I thought I was going to have a heart attack and I knelt down and breathed slowly trying to calm down and my heart stopped beating completely for about 5 seconds so I ran away I haven't touched meth since that night... I didn't know if it was a hallucination or what until I read this article it really opened up my mind

    methbigginer 6 years ago

    dammm reading all these stories make me think twice with what i did on sunday i smoked so much i felt that everything was taking control over me i kept hearing shit & seeing shit i was tripping out too dam much that i had to go to my mom & to this day im on a come down & i still see smoke all over my room but thers nothing there and i just have my moments like damm im critian from la lux del mundo & ive heard the devil really dislikes us & by me being doing this doesnt really help ,e dam what should i do ?

    Matthew 6 years ago

    i'm only 18 years old but after reading most all of your posts i'm scared shitless to try crystal meth.. i wuldn't say i'm a good christian or anything but i've been raised christian since birth and i do believe greatly in God, devil, demons what have you. I smoke weed daily and i've taken x numerous times and acid a couple times and i plan to take more in the future. I've decided though that i'm only gonna stick to weed, acid, x, and mushrooms cuz from info i've learned these seem way safer then coke crack, meth and such. anyways i'm just curious on all your oppinions on these drugs, i noticed that a couple of you mentioned acid and x. i'm not worried about x but as i'm going to keep trying acid at higher doses and more frequently i'm just curious u guys got any bad experiences on acid? the first time i tripped i had a "bad" trip so i know how to handle another one. just if u guys have had any demonic experiences while on acid. i haven't heard of any, just curious. i know most of you are totally against the usage of meth wat about acid?

    Sheryll Desmarais 6 years ago

    Okay, here it is. I had no clue what this drug was right. until i had my first hit, then after someone telling me with a evil smile saying "its Meth" Im 18 now. Yes, im still using. I try, and try. for 3 yrs now to break free from this demon that seems to have a grip on me. It probably knows me better then myself is why he tears me apart. I've been raised in a Christan home and was a good kitty. Things happen in my life that i just couldn't understand. I was angry with God. When i was 16 yrs I ran away from home. right, and met complete strangers and tagged along with them. My goal was to go throw it all away. That their was no line. 2 go beyond and hurt myself. & just feel sorry for myself. Had my first overdose right after a couple days of first using. Was in a coma. Didn't remember really anything about what I did all in that one week just that i ran away. I woke up with my family around me in the hospital. Was really sorry for what i did. Big time ! But after that. I felt distant and out of place with my family. Like i was invisable . well, now. im a loner with my drug addict partner {my boyfriend}. I just need people 2 pray with me and agree ! That i be set free. And to move on. 2 be the warrior i that was when i was a child. & rebuke demons In Jesus Name !

    I know That He, Our Lord Jesus Christ is real. Because He revealed himself to me when i was a child. Even heard Him whisper. hehe ! Was on fire. yo ! 10 yr old walking the streets and preaching His name. The best yrs of my life. He really used me big time when i was young. He was Good 2 me. But now, i don`t know. well maybe i do. idk. but partly dont understand. Just i guess after doing what i did i felt far from Him. Like He took away His revealing self away. Things weren`t the same. Now that im older Its hard. & 2 have my mind twisted with this worldy stuff with His teachings. I feel lost and alone. I dont feel Him. I cant simply do this on my own. Or maybe..... hmm okokay i need to shut up. Please just pray for me. Agree with me that i will be set free. hmm. Also that The Lord would put my fleshy worldly ways in line. Well idk what i need. but..hmmmm.

    Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” philippains 1:6 Well, i know His Spirit is Still there and simply reminds me.Its honestly been awhile since i read. Im glad He reminded me of His Word. Its been soo long since i even said a verse or even read the bible. pray that the faith He gives me. That i will use it right and not waste it. I always do these first steps. idk what next. i have still alot to grow in Him but silly me... hmm I would say I probably have a stupid sprit. I heard something like dat. Please pray. seriously. I let the devil put a foothold in my Christan family. Brothers a crack head. hes only 16. Dads half i don't know what. Sister. i have no clue. not really close to her anymore. oh did i mention im a meth head. This thing is tearing us apart. This happen all because of my selfish fleshy stupid feelings. you know, I was sober for a couple weeks now right, i thought this was it. but, just not long ago. I relasped. ughhh! hmmm well i guess thats it. If u wanna talk.. uhh e-mail me.

    Boy, i need some Christan friends. yes. that was a invite. ha well hope to talk soon. don`t feel to tell me the honest truth, yell at me. okay bye. IN JESUS NAME I AM Covered With His blood And Safe From Any Harm That will try and come upon me from reading.

    Sheryll Desmarais 6 years ago

    Okay, here it is. I had no clue what this drug was right. until i had my first hit, then after someone telling me with a evil smile saying "its Meth" Im 18 now. Yes, im still using. I try, and try. for 3 yrs now to break free from this demon that seems to have a grip on me. He probably knows me better then myself is why he tears me apart. I've been raised in a Christan home and was a good kitty. Things happen in my life that i just couldn't understand. I was angry with God. When i was 16 yrs I ran away from home. right, and met complete strangers and tagged along with them. My goal was to go throw it all away. That their was no line. 2 go beyond and hurt myself. & just feel sorry for myself. Had my first overdose right after a couple days of first using. Was in a coma. Didn't remember really anything about what I did all in that one week just that i ran away. I woke up with my family around me in the hospital. Was really sorry for what i did. Big time ! But after that. I felt distant and out of place with my family. Like i was invisable . well, now. im a loner with my boyfriend. I just need people 2 pray with me and agree ! That i be set free. And to move on. 2 be the warrior i was before. & rebuke demons In Jesus Name !

    I know That He, Our Lord Jesus Christ is real. Because He revealed himself to me when i was a child. Even heard Him whisper. hehe ! Was on fire. yo ! 10 yr old walking the streets and preaching His name. The best yrs of my life. He really used me big time when i was young. I really was obedient to Him. But now, i don`t know. well maybe i do. idk. but partly dont understand. Just i guess after doing what i did i felt far from Him. Like He took away His revealing self away. Things weren`t the same. Now that im older Its hard to sit still and wait. I Just feel alone. I dont feel Him. I cant simply do this on my own. Or maybe..... hmm okokay i need to shut up. Please just pray for me. Agree with me that i will be set free. hmm. That i be like David that i WILL Have faith and fight this Goliath in my life. Also that The Lord would put my fleshy worldly ways in line. Well idk what i need. but..hmmmm. Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” philippains 1:6 This verse just popped in maH heart. Its been soo long since i even said a verse or even read the bible. Wow` uhh. pray that the faith He gives me. That i feed it and just that He would over flow my cup. Cause I always do these first steps. but this he gives but silly me doesn't use it right. i guess. Gets taken away from me and wastes and I dont use it right. I let the devil put a foothold in my Christan family. Brothers a crack head. hes only 16. Dads half i don't know what. Sister. i have no clue. not really close to her anymore. oh did i mention im a meth head. This thing is tearing us apart. And i just feel soo alone sometimes. I let him do this because of my selfish fleshy stupid feelings. I was sober for a couple weeks now right, i thought this was it. but, just not long ago. I relasped. ughhh! hmmm well i guess thats it. If u wanna talk.. uhh e-mail me.

    Boy, i need some Christan friends. yes. that was a invite. ha well hope to talk soon. don`t feel not to tell me straight, yell at me. ha. oh. thought i would share. first time posting personal stuff like dis. Oh quite high school so don`t mind the bad grammar. Yes, because i have a addiction what lead me too dropping out of school because of my shameful disgusting self.(ways) w.w.J.D ? :| pce mon. IN Jesus Name That you will not take on this Evil Spirit(meth). From reading. Well, because i'm an addict.

    allabouteternity 6 years ago

    Jesus Christ is Lord... Meth is disgusting and tormenting and it is a tool of satan, but so many things are... Do not be decieved... The wages of SIN is death.

    Bobby 6 years ago

    my visitors when i am using meth are not demonic (except once - god he scared me half to death) but usually they seem quite normal - like they are coming to me for help but while i see there mouths moving I cannot hear anything

    Stephen Levi Guptill 6 years ago

    Furthermore, as a personal user of LSD, it allows me to open veils normally occluded to the sleeping humans, and access events, places, and awareness you could not imagine speaking face to face with.

    Most notably, God.

    Ben 6 years ago

    in the uk a drug called mephedrone is extremely popular at the momet. it is sold legally as a bath salt or plant fertaliser through a loophole in the british legal system and is causing huge problems. the drug is being used in copious amounts by a good 50% or more of the people at my college. i, along with numourous amounts of friends have experienced very frightening "hallucinations" all of which have been of demonic, satanic or monster-like theme. i have seen demons chasing me through trees, black demons following me, demonic faces taunting me etc etc. basically i, along with lots of other prople who use this drug have had very dark spiritual expieriences. these effects seem very similar to demonic expieriences people on meth have had. be careful with mephedrone - it is most definetly an EVIL drug. i know this but yet i cannot stop using it....

    James C. 6 years ago

    Shadow people are most def. real though not in the context that this article puts it! Shadow people are not demons or anything of the sort! They are live and in the flesh human beings who have mastered the art of deception,being sneaky,etc.! When a person sees shadow people it usually means that the so called friends they are doing meth with have turned on them in such a way that they do not want to be found out! It is all a means to cover up their criminal activity! Just as a place where the drug is used regularly is called a trap house! It is called that for a reason! It will literally be turned into a trap house so that the main drug dealer does not go down for his criminal activity and someone else will unknowingly take the rap! I used the drug for 2 1/2 years and all this happened to myself!

    DJLovejoy 6 years ago

    I have been a big time meth user/abuser for more than thirty years. Now I have taught myself control over my drug of choice. I know what I expect out of my high. I know why I use it, there are about five good things I get out of a high, one is creativiy. All I can tell you is that the drug itself is not evel because everything in our world can be used for good or bad. It is the nature of our world ever since satan fooled Adam and Eve. Lucifer, the devil is the one who is responsible for the fall, bringing evel into the world.

    He fooled one third of God's angels into fooling his foolishness. That he could raise himself to the level of God. Thus, many of the demons want to be worshiped like Gods, ie, the ancient gods and goddesses of various cultures like the Greeks and Romans. They were thrown out of heaven and cast to the earth which is now their prison. Thus the holy angels said "Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for satan and his are amoung them." I can tell you many truths that have been revealed to me by them. I have spent hours and hours with them, talking to them, them trying to harass me and scare me. For three straight years I could hear four of them whom I gave names talking to me, telling lies, pushing the buttons that would drive me into fits of anger. Sometimes I would shout at them so much I would loose my voice for a few days. (always I chose a private place to do this, not in public, but close a couple of times. I begged God the Father to drive them away, kill them. I tried every know verse in the bible to cast them away in the name of Jesus. Nothing worked untl I conquered them with understanding, love, and forgiveness. They have absolutely no magical or spiritual powers. All they have is their lies and deceptions. If they can get you to believe them them they have power over you. Remember FAITH is power. If you honestly believe something then it will happen if it is in the realm of God's will. Jesus told us that we could make mountains jump into the see if only we had the faith of a mustard seed.

    I don't know how many demons there are, the bible only says one third of the angels fell. Millions, billions? I do know this, they are everywhere. In buildings, the forest, lakes, rivers, trees, rocks in the air.

    The bible says that the angels are spirits of fire. This would fire means light. The spiritual world is a dimension that is normally invisible to us. Side by side with the material world of the flesh. Interlaced and intermingle. Certain brain defects, birth defects, and certainly durgs and alcohol will open windows of awarenesss and we that live in the flesh will get glimps of the spiritual things around us. Various cultures "medicine" men have been doing this all throught out the histories of various tribal communities. Read the books written by Carlos Castanada, the Berkley anthropoligist. Mid seventies.

    There is no such thing as a magical spell unless "you believe" there is, The demons have no powers. Just the power of deception and lies. That is it. They can appear like anything they want to be. Big, small, visabble, not so visable. Scarry, angelic angels of light. They like to show themselves in the image of people who have died. They are the so called ghost of hauntings and ghost sightings. They are the ones who give physics there so called special knowledge.

    I have challange hundreds of them to try to hurt me. I have challanged satan himself to appear and kill me. I know he can't. I have called the demon leader out many times giving him a chance to prove to his followers, the demons, that he has the power to harm me or kill me in a most hidious way. He never shows up. He knows he can't hurt me. Why? Let me tell you why. Because I belong to God. I am a child of God, a baby angel. Jesus said when we die we are "like unto angels" When we die, our spirits are born. Jesus told the great spiritual leader of his time, Nicodemus, "Don't you understand the flesh gives birth to flesh by the will of the flesh, and spirt gives birth to spirit. The flesh is born of blood and water, the spirit, by fire. The demons can not do anything to me that is not the will of God the Father. When you honestly believe in God the Father, then naturally you believe in His plan to save us from death and evil, thusly the mission, the terrible death, and then the resurection of His only son, Jesus. Jesus is the only one, (besides the prophets of old), the truth about the spiritual world. We live in darkness, (ignorance), Jesus is the light, the truth, the only way to heaven. It is very simple, either you believe it or you don't. All other religions and esatoic spiritual cults where started by various demons, or groups of demons to lead us away from God and the truth.

    Not all the demons have hideous demonic hearts. They all have different attitudes and wishes. Some get off on your fear. Some get off by you believing the lies they have wove in their webs of decits. Some demons are kind. Some demons know they were fooled by satan and thorn out of their beautiful place in the heavens because of his deciet. They are not happy campers. However I have given them hope. I've got some of them believing I was chosen by God to give them the message of hope. But I will not get into this now. Email me if you are interested and I will tell you my view point of the "big picture" Why does God allow us to live in a world of desease, sorrow, disappointment. If you really want to know what is going on I will tell you what is most likely occuring, and why.

    What demons can do...

    They can make you hear voices, even voices you know the can mimic

    They can be seen by you if they want you to see them.

    They can make noises that bother you.

    Rarely then can move material objects. Not many of them can, it requires great knowledge and personal will power. Remember, they are all like dieing batteries. Angels get their powers by serving God and being in heaven near God. The bible says that the fallen agels have left their posts, ie, their jobs.

    The bible says that angels were created to serve men, (mankind), yes even though God created them first and was with them who knows how many millions and millions of years before God created the relm of the flesh, the earth, all that is in it, and mankind. The bible says that men will judge the angels. Yes we will. Everything that is said and done is being witnessed and will be told to all when the judgement time comes. No heart will be able to hide, all will be seen clearly.

    Demons can make you see hulucinations. To them it is kind of like us making movies. They do the same thing but with the spiritual light, ie power. The demons are masters of light and shadows. Mostly they like to remain hidden. They move from shadow to shadow, they hide in the darkest parts of the night. They can bend light easily making something appear to be in a place that it really isn't. Remember, light in our material world are particles that move through space and time. The vibration rate of light determines it's color, and the force of the light, brightness, intensity, determines how many particles are bombbarding your eyes. Remember, everything you see, exception a light source IS A REFLECTION. When you see an object you are seeing it because of the light particles bouncing of of it. Spiritual light has different rules and properties.

    Demons will tell you truths to gain your confidence. Once they have you believing in them they will tell you lies and lead you down a road of destruction. Most of them are selfesh and only interested in their own needs, desires, and agendas. Some have become very twisted believing their own lies, lost in their own deceptions. Sometimes, in fact, most times I feel sorry for them. Look how far they have fallen. From beautiful angels of light and love to dark twisted spirits living in the darkness.

    Oh yeah. many many of them hate us vigorously. Why. They were created to serve but want to be served. Remember this, the devil, satan, lucifer, whatever name he presents himself as is A

    Brandon 7 years ago

    I use to cook and use meth I am a Christian and what I'm about to say is very true.I had been up for about two days that's not two long when your used to staying up for weeks at a and some friends were partying We had the stereo on and the tv was on mute we all noticed that the words from the music were going with what was going on on tv we thought it was wierd kept watching and listining and then a pipe busted on thecartoon we were watching and so did the one in the house I knew what was up cause I am a Christian and I knew we were doing evil things and it was demons we opened up another demention cause all the evil we were doing.then I started fealing really bad so I went outside and I saw things that still kind of frightin me till this day I saw a dead woman well she looked dead hovering above the ground with a white dress on and then I saw a huge creature stuck on the side of the trailer had big sticky fingers like a tree frog it looked was me and my friend Kenny I was telling him the things I was seeing he was tring to keep me calm I had seen shadow people before but this was way more intence.

    lisadpreston profile image

    lisadpreston 7 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

    Good work, and thanks for your honesty. Its quite refreshing. Unfortunately, I see demons everyday, however they are in the form of people.

    lacyleathers profile image

    lacyleathers 7 years ago from US

    Great insight into the things that I have seen with a family member who is an addict. As well, I'm wondering if these demons may possibly know our life path and just hang out and wait til we make critical decisions... As the word says that God knows our life from end to beginning... perhaps the demons have a glimpse of this as well. The addict in my life had spiritual sightings as a child as well. The one thing I do know is once the door has been opened to them...they are hard to get rid of... as they fight the possibility of loosing thier grip. Thanks for your insight.

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      Treila Morgan 41 hours ago

      Confirmed as true here as well. I let it control me for too long and lost so much. I've been set free 10 years now and possess a degree in management. Still trying to get back what was stolen by the devil. God promises to return all that was stolen. Jesus saves....

      NOTHING SHORT OF GOD!!!!! 3 days ago

      So i used meth for 15 years im proud to say that iv been clean for almost 2 yrs now but i have hod horrible things happen to me and my family during my meth using time. Using meth put me in prision away from my children twice. My two older childrens father has been dead for 6 years due to his meth use when he passed i was in prision if i had been in the world i probably would have killed my self. But i went back to meth when i got out during that time i seen black shadowy figures with glowing red eyes in my neighbors yard almost every night. For three years straight i did not sleep barely ate. I fought with my boyfriend who i had a child with constatly i would hit him try and beat him up. Accuse him of doing things that i still dont know are real or if i was making it up. I begged God to help me i ended up in prision where i found God while i was in prison my mother was trying to take my children by the grace of the Lord i am saved and still have all three of my beautiful children and i give all my thanks to The Lord above... There were times when i moved out of state trying to be rid of that drug and the evil it was bringing to me but ended up still doing meth. So i would move back to where i new hiw to get drugs faster and cheaper im telling u nothing would help me be rid of meth it was NOTHING SHORT OF GOD that delivered me from meth..

      Trb512 7 weeks ago

      And I need to add...God allowed me to do the drug and not become addicted because of the fear that's continuing to keep others from him.. I've read stories here of others feeling damned to hell...No your not!!!!!!

      If you feel any guilt or anything bad if you feel hopeless ....then you must understand your not lost yet!!!!!

      Its satans lies to keep you feeling far from God ....God is right with you while you're doing drugs.....Do you think some man made drug can seperate you from the father who made the universe and everything in it? ...... Come on ! Don't be deceived by holier than thou people or nightmares or things Satan whispers.......YOU HAVENT RUINED ANYTHING TILL YOU TAKE YOUR LAST BREATH.........DO YOU THINK YOUR EVIL WAS STRONGER THAN GOD CAN TURN FOR GOOD?


      Juice 2 months ago

      Its simple as this..

      Some of us have had encounters/experiences in our lives with extra terrestials.Those of us who have had these experiences then try/use meth are affected much differently.ON METH..We begin to vibrate at a higher frequency which takes us directly into the astral realm and lower 4th dimensions which contains all types of entities.You have Reptilians who from the lowe forth will literally attach to your solar plexus and or sacral chakra energy wheels on your back.Once attached they stimulate your sex organs and feed off of the energy you produce.The only way to detach these leeches is with high frequency sound via earphones.In fact when high you are turned into a stereo that broadcasts whatever music you are playing in your ears and projects it throughout the astral and higher dimensions

      Ur lost, miss informed 2 months ago

      Too many people (like you, the author of this webpage) will believe anything and continue to pollute the internet with incorrect info. Fear is the tool religion uses to trap and take advantage of simple minded fools! Meth is 5d, it only exists by thought then an action eliminating emotion. This will only work if the subject runs his/her life with plutonic love! These days we live in a society of people trapped in a right brain prison, and this is the direct reason why most methheads act the way they do (simply not ready to acend to 5d) they can't resonate in this dimension. I could keep on going forever about ur miss guided concepts, but I won't. I'll simply say ur so far from the truth it sad, ur stuck in a belief system without asking the who, what, when, where and whys.

      The key to existence is to past beyond fear, have a think about that before you write someone else's ideas that u r parroting without any thought of ur own.

      Anonymous 3 months ago

      I am so glad I read this. I am almost six months clean. However, what I went through on meth haunts me to this very day. I was on heroin for five years and meth only six months. Meth took my addiction to a whole other level. It took me completely away from my kids and reality. It was the reason I attempted suicide three times. I seen and heard things and I thought that I was crazy. I have wanted to know the truth behind it all. I believe this article because I lived with Wiccans and that is how I got introduced to the spiritual world. I turned my life over to God and only because of God am I clean today.

      Leslie_Siegel profile image

      Leslie_Siegel 3 months ago from Hollywood, CA

      My stories of meth use are so old that I could see the cobwebs on them, but when I read this, it brought it all back to me in a flash, even though I have nothing to do with it! Thank God, who got me free.

      Cash 3 months ago

      I would also like to say that it is not too late for you to call out to God. His arm is not too short to pull you out of the pit. No matter what you have done, He loves you! Cry out to Him with all of your heart and see if He doesn't answer...God bless you!

      Cash 3 months ago

      It is so sad to see how many are deceived, thinking they are saved, but continue in a lifestyle of drugs, sin, and darkness. Good and evil, or light and darkness cannot dwell in the same place. If any of you are looking for a way to get off of drugs, Teen Challenge is an awesome organization to help you. You do not have to be a teen, although that is in the name. Many adults go through this program. They have a very high success rate. Please get help for your sake and for the people who love you!

      Leslie_Siegel profile image

      Leslie_Siegel 3 months ago from Hollywood, CA

      I had to start a new post to tell you another "meth" incident. And again, no devils or demons were involved. Another time, I had done meth. The same friend as before was at my place. This time I was telling my friend about another childhood memory. It was when I bought a motorcycle cycle trail bike I had bought against my mom's wishes. My dad had died the month before, so I just bought it. I was so happy to have it. It was like a lucky charm. I told my friend a whole bunch of stuff about that motorcycle. I finished the long ago memory by telling him about the accident I had on the bike. I was riding fast down our street when my neighbor pulled out of his driveway. I saw him and got scared so put on the front break and the bike tilted and the back wheel came around and I fell off and slid down the pavement. I had cut both my knees and my elbows and was pretty shaken up. But I got up with the help of my neighbor who was a Mormon man (God was there). He said, "I could have killed you! Are you okay?" I said I was, but blood was dripping down my legs and arms. He helped me to my house. I quietly walked in and washed up and my brother helped me bandage it all up. My mom hated that motorcycle, so when she came home, I put on a long sleeved nightgown that covered me all the way to my feet to hide the injuries and bandages. I was also very upset and shook up, but when she came in, she noticed and asked if I was okay. I said yes. Then she sat on my bed and asked me outright, "Are you having sex?" I said, "NO WAY!" She thought I was because I had this look on my face. I swore to her I was not having sex. then she saw blood staining the elbow of the nightgown and found out about my accident and was none too happy. I was telling my friend about this whole motorcycle thing with me as a kid. We talked a great deal about it that night. Then, the next morning, I turn on the news. The first story was about the Chief of Police who was riding a dirt bike that actually looked like the one I used to ride as a kid. I sat in shock as the story unfolded. He went dirt bike riding and his wife didn't want him to go. She begged him not to, but he didn't listen. So he's riding his motorcycle on this dirt path by the beach and suddenly, for some reason, he lost control of the bike and fell off and broke his hip! Again, I was blown away by this. I was on meth at the time. That was the second time something like this happened when I was on meth and chatting about an old memory as a kid. I ran the story back for my friend and he was again blown away by the fact that I was talking about the motorcycle memory of my past in great detail. Again, it's not God, or a magic trick, a demon or the devil! Again, it goes back to the brain frequency that for some reason the meth opened up again. So my brain picked up the frequency about the story which had aired the day before. That day was Sunday, and I had not watched any tv the night before! They had broadcast the story Saturday night, but I never heard it. Instead, my brain did. Due to the open receptor when I was on the meth that evening, my brain frequency picked up the frequency of the story on the news, even if the TV was off. That didn't matter. Again, I was amazed at this. Intriguing and very odd. No evil either. I must have talked about that motorcycle accident for a good solid hour. Then we went to bed. The next morning I turn on the news and the first story was that motorcycle accident that put the Chief of police flat on his back. I showed my friend all the scars I got from my accident and we both marveled at the way the brain can be affected by stimulants like Meth. But you can't just keep doing it. You do a few hits, and let it ride. My mind was wide open for it. So I decided to keep watching the news. I was not on meth. It had worn off hours before. I'm watching and all of a sudden the news is talking about other things I was talking about that night! We talked about my trip to Albuquerque New Mexico, also in great detail. All of a sudden Trump comes on and the news said that he was in a state that hardly any candidate went to, and it flashed right there. Again, my brain frequency (not demons or devil) must have picked up on the story frequency. But there he was, right where I was going to go, and what I was talking about it that night, as well as the motorcycle kid story. They also said "Ft. Lauderdale Fl." 2 times. My family is there, and I was telling my friend all about how they have rejected me and live in Ft. Lauderdale. We again talked in great length about it, and yes, I was on meth that night of the discussion. Then the morning news shows James Comey the FBI director. I had also told my friend that night (on meth) that I was living in a house for 10 years that was owned by James Comey's sister. Told my friend that night about how she would always call and say, "When James retires, he will live in the house and you guys will have to leave," which blew my mind when I saw him on the news. Again, no demons or devils, no overuse of the meth, and again my brain picked it up that night too. So the meth opens doors to the brain that usually are closed. I think what you are getting mixed up about is how Adam and Eve ate the apple (meth) and found knowledge, but from what the Bible says, it was evil knowledge. All the knowledge I picked up was frequencies from the stories aired on TV while the TV was shut off, and then the next morning, after I had talked about all the subjects I mentioned, I see most all of them in some form on the news. So I can't agree with your theory at all. The only demons we have are the ones in our heads. The devil is not real, but devilish thoughts do run though our brains, so maybe you got mixed up. Or maybe you've been with meth heads who abused the drug and didn't use good sense. Any drug can be useful in small doses. After that, I stopped doing the meth. No side effects except the first 4 days, and then I felt back to normal somewhat. I believe that when those receptors are open so wide from the drug, you can pick up some great stuff, memories from frequencies broadcast through the airwaves. Now with Wireless and WIFI, this can be easily achieved, especially if you have the knowledge of how to use Meth. So I had to put my two cents in. Thanks. God bless. No devils or demons here.

      Matt von Schwerin profile image

      Matt von Schwerin 4 months ago

      Humanity has been using drug induced states since thousands and thousands of years before recorded history or before any perversions of spirituality into religious doctrine and dogmas. It used to be done in a controlled environment with the spiritual and tribal elders and shamans as a rite of attaining adulthood, or finding ones special craft or status within a tribe, and in such situations "bad trips" were controlled and learned from. Because drugs simply magnify and enhance what is both within and without, it is not true that they are inherently evil or good. They are simply a tool and wether used to find good or ill, or excuse good or bad deeds on the part of the user- is entirely an individual concern. The government has flooded this dysfunctional society it and the powers that be have created with negative sigils and symbols, and black magic- therefore it may be true that one is more likely to see dark forces manifested - however that doesn't mean that is all there is to see - and it takes a strong user to have an unguided positive first trip. Be careful be positive & Mohalo!

      profile image

      MindBodySpirit180 6 months ago

      Several years ago I started to sense the presence of evil while on crystal meth. I came across this article as a result of this sense, and it spurred an awakening in my life. I began to realize I was playing with fire. Here now years later I was inspired to write my story; however it was just to long for this comment section, so I created a new hub page. Here's a short teaser:

      I’ve been considering writing this for a long time. Deep down, I've known this story needs to be told. I have kept silent because of the overwhelming fear I had about what people might think. My goal is to finally be able to let some of this stuff go, because it causes me a lot of pain. I would also like to give back to the people who shared their stories on the Hubpages article, “The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft, and Demons.” When I found this site, I found word-for-word experiences of what I went through myself. Finding this website was a big part of me finding Jesus and getting sober.

      Finding the Hubpages was a big part of me finding Jesus and getting sober. I am going to say the name, Jesus, throughout this story instead of God or my Higher Power. The reason is that through all my experiences, I have come to believe that not only is God real, but that Jesus Christ is God. If you aren’t a believer, trust me, I get it. A few years ago, I would've read the first couple sentences and completely shut down once I heard the name “Jesus.” My idea of spirituality for years was eating hallucinogens. After experiencing these different levels of consciousness, I became very interested in a lot of New Age stuff which lead me to eventually believe in a God but most definitely not Jesus. I’m asking you to please not let the name Jesus stop you from reading further. This is the story of how a God that I wanted nothing to do with never stopped loving me and transformed my life when I was about ready to give up. I’m currently writing this in rehab with 8 months sober. I’ve been doing drugs for the past 16 years and this is the longest I’ve ever been sober....

      Please continue reading at the following link:

      Lee 6 months ago

      I used meth on my youth from 16-19....I escaped it's destruction but feel I do not completely escape it's ghosts. When I was on meth, as is typical my family was going through hard times. We had a house that no one was ever at home except for me.i had a little room on top of the garage, disconnected and alone. I would,so to speak, tweak out alone all night. I would obsessively look for meth on the ground, pick at myself, look out the window, etc. I believe my one saving grace is that I would constantly pray to Jesus to help me. I would obsessively pick apart the bible (although ashamed now to have disrespected the word in my meth addled state in doing so), and write theories on what evil is and what the devil does to destroy us. Now as I am clean, I see now that it helped to keep my mind on Jesus in some respect, but I was just drawing the devil into my world. I would hear footsteps outside my room. I would see shadows in my room. One time driving on the freeway at night to score, a shadow man came in front of my car. Initially, I did peg this as hallucinations from the chemical effect of the drug. But nowadays I believe what this article says is true because I still battle demons. I have dreams where I'm excorcism demons with such passion and force that it jolts me awake and the awful feeling trickles into the next day. In my dreams I'm yelling as passionately as I can for the demon to leave, reciting bible verses, singing Sunday school songs in desperation. I've been 10 years clean and just the other day I saw a pizzo in the parking lots with meth in it, and my first instinct was to grab it before someone saw and even to this day it was hard to walk away from it. The old tweaker in my reared it's ugly head like a demon. I follow Christ these days, and though I am a happy and positive person, I am scared at times that my evil is not truly gone. All I can do is pray and do the best I can as a flawed wretch, and keep my humility as a reminder of how easily i can lose God forever if I give up.

      dl 7 months ago

      Your article is the first communication I have read from anyone that knows exactly some of the stuff I have went through. My story: After being by myself for a decade, I prayed and asked God if there was anyone in His great creation that would be right for me. I missed male ccompanionship even though I had been actively studying my Bible, doing jail ministry, attending almost every service my church would have: Sunday school, Sunday morning services, Wednesday evening services and Friday nights overcomers meeting (basically for those who were coming out of jail and trying to break various drug/drinking habits. But I also attended to help me overcome several things that were weighing me down in life.

      A wonderful man came into my life. That was almost 6 years ago. At the end of the fourth year we knew we had fallen in love with each other. I was 60 at the time. He was a few years older and a 'retired outlaw biker'.

      It was just about the time I turned 61 that we picked up an old habit common to both of us...smoking pot. That was just before he introduced me to meth. I was curious. He said the high was a little bit like the one you get from smoking pot. Before I knew it, things were taking a very dark turn. I watched as a satanic ritual was performed before my very eyes in which my boyfriend was used as a major tool during this horrible event. I felt frozen to my chair and the things I saw are still to this day unspeakable acts of evil. I went for days and nights without eating or sleeping. By the third or fourth days I was in full hallucination mode....or as your article explains, I was a puppet of satan's as was my love. All my fears were coming true at an alarming rate. I tried to talk to my family about things I believed to be true. My family are all born again Christians as I am as well. They listen to my dark tales in varying states of astonishment, sadness, confusion, and anger. My sister finally put her foot down. As I would describe what I could see out the window, she adamantly stated: YOU ARE HALLUCINATING! THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE. Those were actually words my soul wanted to hear, but my mind wouldn't accept it. I did infact feel spiritually my eyes were open to things and fears I felt I needed to shield them from. I saw the sadness and the disappointment in all my loved ones eyes. Except for my boyfriend. He just kept the meth coming in and i followed him deeper into darker and terrifying states of mind. We would break up and get back together. I loved him so much and truly believed God had brought this man into my life. Unfortunately, at the end of my run with satan's drug, I told him i was off of it and if he continued to choose it over me, I would have to leave. No fighting, just calm stating of the way I needed our relationship to be. He/me had seen evil spirits enter into our home. And in the end, because they were female demons and knew how to appease his sexual appetite better than I, he chose them. There were three. I've now been off that crap for over a month and feel no desire to go back. I left him to his choices a few weeks back, changed my phone number, and then homeless, my sister allowed me to move in with her with the stipulation that if I EVER went back to that stuff I would know to never again enter into her life. The love of my sister to keep telling me that none of what I went through was truth, my Savior reminding me of certain scriptures, and the heartbreaking memory of the faces of my loved ones as I took two trips to the hospital, both accompanied by the police....all that is what has lifted me out of that hell. I will always love the man God brought into my life and with the love I have I will continue to pray for him. But I know I can never again be with him. I thank God for the family that raised me, for the daughters and grandchildren that I helped raise, and mostly for the Savior that never one time forgot this lost sheep. I still suffer from one thing that hasn't went away yet, and that is the feeling and belief that I am infested with worms. I have tried to show my family and I have went to the doctor several times over this issue. I am trying my hardest and praying many times a day that it is true that I am still just hallucinating it all. But even now, I am still concerned that this stuff 'on me' will eventually infest them too and it breaks my heart. But like my doctor finally announced to me, "I'm NOT buying it!" Like my sister keeps telling me, "oh nonsence! you do NOT have worms. It is still the affects of that stupid drug!!" I continue to pray and try very hard to believe what they tell me. If anyone here reads this and prays, please say a prayer that this last thing will go away. Thank you so much for this article. I can't explain how comforting it is to hear from someone that also knows about the shadow people and the demons that I have seen. God Bless you all and everyone that reads this article.


      Chris 7 months ago

      I am 20 years old. I started reading the Bible in late 2015. I wanted a relationship with God and tried my best to be a Christian during the week but on the weekends i would party with my friends. I asked God to give me dreams about what I was doing wrong and for months i would have dreams of partying. Dreams of me walking out of the church to go party. I knew i needed to stop partying but i thought "its okay i can stop later, the blood of Jesus can forgive my sins" so i kept doing it despite the warnings in my dreams. I had a dream that i went over to get drugs at this persons house and these fat people on the couch said "have you ever done meth?" And i said no why and they said "it allows us to know your thoughts and how you think" and i said i didnt know what that meant and they said you will see. I then went out to my truck with my friend and busted out some coke we got and before the dream ended i saw a lightning bolt in the coke. About a week later i actually went and bought coke with the friend that was with me in my dream. We got 2 grams and did half a g and later that day i was reminded of my dream and i was like wow there was a lightning bolt in the coke thats probly not good so i poured it down the toilet. Then i had a dream that i was at my aunts house and i went to go ask her a question then came outside and a cop walked up and said "what are yall doing?" (btw the cops in my dream are what i interpret as God aka authority) and i said we are just hanging out and he handcuffed me and then uncuffed me and i look over at this hill by my aunts house and fire came rolling down the hills and i stayed with the cop and said "bye drunk people yall have fun". About a week or two after that dream i went out to my aunts and invited some friends of mine to drink and take what we thought was molly. A friend gived good light shows if he has glow sticks so he asked me to see if my aunt had any so i went into her room to ask her and all of the sudden i remembered my dream and was like okay i dont want this dream to come true. So i walked back outside with my friends and im standing around thinking and all of the sudden my whole body got chills and it was if this voice was speaking into my brain with a microphone. It said "you have the holy spirit, you have the holy spirit. You need to leave" and i freaked out and was like "are the cops about to come?" And it said "not actual police but something bad might happen" and i was like well its 3:30 in the morning and i dont need to leave so i went inside and was talking to these 3 distinct voices that seemed to me like the trinity. I was talking to them and they told me what i had done tonight was methamphetamine. My legs got really hot as if i was getting burned and i didnt put 2 and 2 together. I thought since i stayed with the cop in my dream i would be okay. But i was excited that this voice was telling me i had the spirit so i texted my friend and said hey i just got the spirit and all of the sudden those 3 voices went away saying "we still love you" and this evil voice took over and said "wow! What a shame! I tricked you! Youre going to hell now" and laughed this evil laugh and i just lost it. I was scared beyond belief. Ever since then my dreams have been scary and basically showing me im going to hell. I am almost positive i committed the unpardonable sin by saying what i thought was good was actually something not good. I just wanted to share my story in an attempt to save those who still have an addiction to meth or any drug for that matter. Drugs are the devil. Its a way in for him like a portal. He is very deceptive. But fortunately there is a way out and that is through JESUS CHRIST! Please people turn to Him because He loves and cares about you! Dont make the mistake i made. Once you turn to Him dont turn back. Finish the race strong! Just because i killed myself spiritually doesnt mean i want others to be doomed to hell for eternity. Seek Jesus while you still can. There is a war going on for our souls whether you believe it or not. Eternity is a long time. Dont figure out hell is real after its too late. Jesus says seek and ye shall find! If you dont find Him immediately keep seeking! He WILL reveal Himself to you. The door will be opened. God bless!

      profile image

      sdk0677 10 months ago

      stay as good thinking as you possibly can in all walks your life we will stumble and we will be tested keep faith in Jesus Chtist and know this battle had slready been won for it is the Lord Jeszs Christ who walked in the flesh the true physical manifestation of God. Know yourself , I smoke meth and yes my friends or people I know or all trying to kill me however the drug brings on phycotic side effects to some, Do not give power to any negativity ( this article) be aware that even scary movies can be harmful to ones phycy. So live try to be more peaceful, humble, forgiving, brave and full of joy, trying is faith. A mustard seed . i love you, peace

      Kassie 11 months ago

      I'm stupid, I started using meth when I was 17. I fucked up, I was an honor roll student, a good person. I went to school, yes I dabbled around with drugs and drinking but I had it under control, it least I thought so. After I started using I was fine, I could comprehend being high on it. Although I fucked up my life, I stopped going to school, I left all my friends who were actually my friends, I left my family. I left myself. For meth. This drug showed me a life I did not understand, showed me new perspectives in life. I was scared. I started to believe I was schizophrenic. I was fucked. Now I feel it's to late. I gave in, death is upon my dead soul. God forgive me.

      Carlyn L 11 months ago

      Drug comes from the greek word "Pharmakia" which means: black magic, witchcraft and sorcery. While I absolutely agree with above mentioned demonic properties of crystal meth, it is not exclusive to that drug. All drugs are accursed items which means they draw demonic activity as well as their paraphernalia and the people who use them and sell them. They will all give satans' kingdom the legal right to access your life to steal kill and destroy you making you an accursed or cursed person with demons from hell following you feeding off of your emotions and using you to destroy others. please refer to this website for biblically backed up truth regarding this.

      Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 14 months ago Author

      Thanks for sharing Jeff. We totally understand. The "imaginary" guy in our life had the name Jr. or Junior. If you have faith in Christ then you have freedom through obedience to Him and not these demons that are trying to run and ruin our lives. We must remember that our fight is spiritual and not carnal. Prayer or meditation on Gods Word plus obedience frees you from the crowd around us. God Bless and please continue to share your stories and share this article with others who may need a safe place to vent. May God Bless your adventures on your journey.

      Jeff 14 months ago

      I had my story of addiction typed and close to ready to post and my pc gpt jerky and I accidentally deleted it. Im going to re-type it in microsoft word or something and then copy andpaste it to post it. This stuff blows my mind and Ive had most of the same experiences as people that have shared their stories. So close to seeing and hearing the same things it is absolutely go me scared to be in my house alone, which is bad because my girlfriend and I broke up a few months back and I am living by myself and I learned the hard way people start noticing real quick when you hang out at their houses night after night and stay up all night 10 or so nights in a row. Then they either are tweakers like what I guess you would describe me as or not and then they make you feel bad by saying things like "please get some sleep", or "you are going to have to slow down on that stuff" especially the slow down comment coming from one of your freinds that was in the top 3 people you know who had an unbelievable oxycontin habbit ever since you met them 10 years ago. Thats kind of embarrassing or eye-opening aim not sure which one or maybe both. When I get my addiction/demon sightings/ hallucinating/ paranoia story of my life or past year abd a half typed up Ill come back and post. Also has anybody heard of a book called "Meth equals Sorcery" or a title close to that, my ex said she read it in prison and it goes into detail about how the meth dont actually make you see the demons but lack or sleep for days or weeks gets you closer to another dimension where the way I understood her the dead exist and demons exist, and normal people dont see them walking among us when the do when they cross into our world but lack of sleep spmehow affects their ability to blend in and allows those of us that havn't slept in awhile to see them as some people describe as interacting with them to my experiences or catching just glimpses of them. I did see what I'm going to call a hellhound beside my gravel road at night when I was driving up the road on the way home. It was lifechanging, ill put it that way, because I never thought of stuff like that my whole life I guess, and where I wasn't took to vhurch as a kid dont have muchcommon christian knowlege of the bible, Satan, demons, ghosts, God, and angels. Before seeing that thing when I would be on a week long binge which I wasn't very experienced with meth binges, maybe had been doing it 6 months, or so, I dont remember seeing what I would call the shadowmen or anything, I would see tracers in the aair, and lights that weren't there. ALso hearing noises and voices that werent there but they werent demonic or even close. It usually ended up in paranoia about my ex cheating, or having guys over while I was at work. She had a 3 year old boy and a 6 month old little girl and with kids until they went to sleep you and your girlfriend/wife or spouse don't get much alone time, and I got it in my head if I was awake 24 hours a day that was about 12 hours we got to spend together just us. Its funny how your mind tricks you into injesting more of the substance that you are addicted to, and that is killing you and causing mental breakdown at the same time. I got to where I imagined a program on our computer that hid cheating internet behavior, like deleted messenger history and stuff, I remember seeing it, clicking on functions it was not there. It was totally a figment of my paranoid dillusions, also we both were on suboxone at the time and we couldn't afford the 400 dollars a piece a month for the suboxone clinic, and I got 3 a day so she quit going and I gave her half my meds, which was fine with me but sometimes we would get low or run out and I got it in my mind that she had a hiding spot where she was saving up extra suboxone she was stealing out of my half and stockpiling it for when she planned on running off with the imaginary guy she was cheating on me with. I don't really have anybody to talk to about this stuff, Im embarrassed to talk about most of the stuff with my friends that dont do meth, and the people zi know that do it I dont consider friends because they are bums, and out to get whatever they can gain for them. I have a wonderfull mom and dad, and 2 brothers and 2 sisters but none of them even drink, and have never had a drug problem, so talking to them about the real dirty details of my problems is out, but Ill post , more of my experiences shortly. Thanks for listening.

      Tony Pham 15 months ago

      Just about seen it all

      Aimee 15 months ago

      I have had several experiences over the past 4 years off and on. Im 39. So its weird that this started in my later years. For several days ive been hearing a muffled voice. Sounds like it outside the window etc. I hear it and i can tell its english but i cant make out the words distintely. Yesterday i was in my bed propped up doing crosswords and it started raining. Nothing too heavy just regular rain storm. I started hearing that muffled female voice and i would start feeling what felt like raindops lightly falling on my head. But my hair wasnt wet and i have no leaks. So as i ignored that, i would feeling my shirt on my back being rugged lightly too. I try not to freak out over these things. They are not frequent and ive had things similar things happen. Not that it isnt unnerving still! So i try to just keep brushing it off but i started seeing what looked like fog or like steam from a hot shower. It would come from around my shoulders and even my hands at time. I would hear something tap or knock all around the room and from the other room as well. The "fog" is something ive never experienced. This is new and in all seriuosness, i can still catch a glimpse of it vaguely. So it was becoming more present in my room. Also around the time the smoke/fog started i also was seeing a black shaddow figure. Those always scare me!!! Needless to say yesterday was a little intense for me. I had a voice that was behind me from what sounded like ourside the window. And a very large shadow creep in front of me. Even this morning it was all starting again. Has anyone had anything similar? I wanted to hear what the female was trying to say but just couldnt make it out

      blurp 16 months ago

      lots of tweekers leaving comments it seems ;-{

      eric 16 months ago

      Meth is the drug of the devil listen to me I'm only 17 I've worshiped the Lord all my life but as soon as I picked up meth I started claiming Satan as my savior as my Lord I've been doing things I'm not proud of things I would never do I walk around looking for problems I pray to Satan to keep me safe it started with one line now it's 4 lines a day don't pick it up save me i don't want to be a slave to Satan I don't want to burn in hell he wanta me to take his hand but I say no I'm afraid of I keep doing more I won't be able to resist help me save me he whispers to me 38 in my head all day long what does it mean? Help me

      Tina Gonzalez 16 months ago

      Let me start out by saying that I have been clean off of Meth for a little over 3 years now. This drug destroyed everything that I had going in my life. I lost all finances, employment, two cars, so on and so forth. It only took 2 years for me to lose all of that. When I was using, a person that I was smoking with blew out some vapor and I took out my phone and snapped a picture just playing around. When I looked at the picture, I could not believe what I was seeing. In the vapor cloud was a distinct face, the face of a demon. This demon was very visible and not just to me but everyone of my drug friends. I decided that I would try this again but with a different bag of meth and with a different group of friends. Once again he blew and took a picture. There was another face among this cloud this time. He wasn't as scary but more of a scared face. This was some scary stuff. I have also seen what we call "Road People". These are people in the road that are not really there especially while you are driving.

      Tim 16 months ago

      I have struggled with meth for about a year, and at one point, I thought I can never quit. But i did it without going to rehab. Of course I relapse many time, and flush meth down the toilet many time. I am now 1 year clean. And I don't ever want to go through that phase again! It's a living hell.

      To anyone struggling to quit, remember: it's not easy, but its possible; at first it will be rough, but after the rain, comes the sun. Do it one day at a time. I promise you that will feel like yourself again without using meth, remember times when you weren't a user and you were a much happier person, you did not need meth to feel any euphoria. God help those who help themselves, so do yourself a favor: quit and never look back. I've done it, so can you!

      Anthony Michael Perez 16 months ago

      I have seen this Drug straite destroy peoples lifes and others around them.

      Britt 17 months ago

      Here's my meth story. I was always a good girl. Pretty. Popular. Well known around town. I got a boyfriend we started smoking weed together, then I found adderall. I loved the energy it gave me. Our drug dealer introduced us to meth. Described it as adderall X 100. I wish he would have explained the cons of it. I wish I would have researched it more o wish I would have known before I snorted that first line. I was always a die hard Christian. Me and God had a great relationship. Until I started doing meth. I no longer went to church I no longer talked to God and I started to believe that everything in life was coincidence and there was no God. One night while high on meth me and boyfriend was laying outside at night time having sex. I looked in the sky and saw flashing lights. I told my boyfriend look look what is that?! He said I don't know we stood up and looked at it walked around the house looked up and there was over 20 ufos in the sky surrounding our house they were small but the one in the middle was huge. We could see it so detailed. Then one flew down in the matter of a half a second flew right down to our face and back into the sky we both ran inside looking at each other clueless as to what just happened. We knew we both saw it we knew it was there but could a sober person see? We invited a couple sober friends over. They could see the vague blue and red and green flashing lights in the sky but they could not see the detail of the ships. We made alien watching a nightly thing. We had friends stay with us because we were so terrified. My boyfriend was in the yard and a red beam appeared on his face. My sober friend actually saw it and pointed it out. There was 5 people standing outside when it sounded like a jet plane flew directly over us all in the matter of 3 seconds. Everyone ran. Then one night while 6 of us were in the house at night time scared to death, the door handle wiggled. No one was outside. We froze. My best friend (who was pregnant at the time and sober) peeked out the window and that's when it all changed. She froze and i said what is it? She ran back to the couch and said, it's aliens. There's 3 standing on your porch! We all took turns peeking out the window at them scared to death to make eye contact. I wish someone would have been brave enough to go outside but we were all paralyzed with fear. I called my grandparents and when they pulled up the aliens were gone. My friends would no longer stay or come to my house. Our TV would go blue at times. My radio in my car would malfunction when I pulled into my drive way. We saw ships with long metal legs parked in our trees and we wondered. Is this stuff actually here or are we just hallucinating?! After that experience we quit doing meth I found God again and all the stuff stopped. But I did embarrass myself by posting on fb what I witnessed and the whole town has now labeled me as that drug addict who saw ufos. No one believed us except our small group of friends who witnessed it also. We had to stop thinking about it and talking about it which was so hard because it's all I thought about 24/7 I thought about life and how when your on drugs you actually see what's going on in this fucked up world. God is here to protect us it was the biggest mistake of my life straying away from him and I learned my lesson. My God forgives and my God keeps me close now.

      Vanessa 18 months ago

      TESTIMONY shared for the first time with the public::: My life was once fully dependent on this substance. Values Stolen: Relationship with God (Jesus Christ), family, job, car , home, freedom. I lost it all. My life spiraled down slowly and all the while I really believed I was holding it together and could be a "functional" meth user. I was raised right, taught right. Family was far from perfect but it was good. Raised in church as a child and always kept what I thought was a descent relationship with God. I hit a grey area in my life that I didn't realize at the time was grey...I was just having fun with new friends , they were both fearless and Godless. We ended up at a friends of theirs and he pulled out the first pizzo I'd ever seen, loaded it and started passing it. I was nervous as heck but wanted to "try" it. Silly of me to have thought this was going to be a one time spontaneous little sin I would never do again. This is the day my life was stolen...While in the midst of using I felt is was a great way to numb feelings and emotions I wanted to push away and make "disappear", it was easier not worry about things rather then take care of them responsibly...I met sooo many users and dealers through out the course of 2-3 years after this. The things I saw and people I associated myself with were at one point things I use to frown upon and people I felt sorry for and looked down on... During my journey of self destruction and alienation I met someone who I thought was an angel sent from God to save me. We fell inlove and got together. He wanted me to stop using and I made many attempts to do so, but when the substance lives under the same roof as you it's no easy task. I lacked not only the strength, and support but desire to quit for me. Suicide became a huge option for me when I realized I was full on addicted to meth. It had full control over me and I knew it. I felt trapped and like I had no one to reach out to that was capable of helping me. My boyfriend at the time took me out of this slumber of suicide and over powered my dark desires with love and support. "He was my angel"...months later we came to find out I was pregnant. Drugs stopped. I told my boyfriend adamantly at the time we had to move from where we were to a safe environment for the baby. After the move things were great! Our own place and new start for our soon to be family...Baby came and I found a whole new kind of love I never knew existed. With our new bundle of joy I was at what I trusted was the "peek of my life's happiness"...6 months later I received a call from my closest sister in town, I had just been told that the father of my child had been molesting her 3 youngest girls for a year now. Her daughters decided they were finally ready to open up to their mom (my sister) while in their truck riding home. My sister had to pull over to the side of the road, gather her thoughts and I'm sure resume her heart from beating before calling me. When she did my heart dropped and I went partially deaf to all noise around me....My life was turned upside down after this. He turned himself in to the authorities and now faces 60 years in prison. When this happened I turned to God and prayed for strength and asked that he make my heart cold....My wounds were too deep and my heart too resistant to fully let God faith was lost and for the first time in my life I pushed God out of my life and I made sure he knew it....I thought drugs were the biggest mistake of my life I quickly learned after this, eliminating God in the misdt of the heaviest darkest trial I had ever had to face was the worst thing I could ever do.I knew one could hit rock bottom, what I didn't know was you could fall off the ground! We lost our place, car, money...I was placed in the worst place in the world, back at his old house with his mom(user). I fell back into drugs to dumb it all. We were treated cruelly if food was cooked my daughter and I were left scraps, allowed to shower when his mom was in a good mood and happy with us, drug traffic everyday. Under my depression and all I was facing I knew I had to get my daughter out. MY CRAZY PLAN: I was to continue doing drugs to pacify my pain and misery so I can get up everyday and take care of my baby and all that she needed, seek help from social services for aid and counseling and once placed on prescriptions or anti depressants break free of drugs. Key: I also reached out to God. I went crawling back and asked for him to please come back in my life and take over our lives.... Ya know, as crazy and my plan was it worked and with God's grace and love I was on anti depressants for 3 weeks intermittently and quit taking them. no longer needed counseling. I was free of it all!!!! He opened doors for us to live in a safe a loving household and got me back to work, 2 raises in 1 year! and in church were my daughter and I go through out the week. My baby is now 3 years old and places hands on people and prays for them, she loves Jesus and and going to our church and bible studies. WHAT I'VE LEARNED: Demons are real, if you are a user of meth and they have not yet surfaced to you they will. One hit opens doors. Take a picture of the cloud you blow and frighteningly enough you see all the faces of spirits, I thought this was me and friend tweaking out but I know it was more, it was confirmed by two other users I've come across that "had fun" while smoking and did the same. You can actually see the faces of the spirits in the clouds. You don't have to focus or look closely, they are very apparent and real! I've also learned God can use the devils works to do good in your life. I've learned there is hope when all else seems hopeless, and he IS there with you when you all around you is falling apart and dark. FAITH. God love all of us. Even if you don't believe in him, he believes in you...Thank you Jesus for saving me. And if this testimony touches one soul out there. I love you. I want you to know there is hope. God's waiting. Just open your heart and let him in. He will do the rest:)

      Kaylee 18 months ago

      At the age of 15 I started using meth with my boyfriend, he was 20 and had been using for a long time. I stopped using out of pure fear because I was being haunted and terrorized by both shadows and the man I love who I see now as a possessed soul. I became pregnant and immediately stopped all using, but even now, over 3months clean and just about 4months pregnant, I still feel and see these things everywhere. The father of my baby whom is still being controlled by this horrible thing, is very ill and will probably die before our baby is born and he's too delusional to even know his name some days. Please pray for my baby's dad because he's such a wonderful person and I truly feel as if I'm grieving the loss of a loved one, because even though it's his body and his voice I hear, those eyes and the words he say are not his own. That evil radiates from him, and I don't know how to help him break free of that evil inside him. Pray that he will seek help to get off of meth before it's too late for him. So that he can begin understanding all that has happened to him to work towards recovering his spirit.

      kane 19 months ago

      im addicted to meth just reading the comments makes me feel like a piece of shit dang

      eric lehman 19 months ago

      I was hooked on meth for many years very long years I watched my self go from having it all to loosing everything by going to prison because of anthony joe harris thought he wss a buddy but low and behold he wasnt now I chose this drug cause I could stay up all I wanted had all the r energy in the world to do what ever I needed but it came with a price a very stiff price one that cost me lots family friends and most of all freedom ive seen the shadow worriers ive seen the spirit people yeah that part is real ur eyes get opened to a realm ur blind to cause ur taught not to believe in it told it doesnt exist well sorry it does exist its real ive found they cant hurt u but they r scarry as fuck everytime u c them u freak out the voices yeah very real ur subconscious talking to u telling u its bad doing this to stop but u dont listen u keep going farther and farther till u can go no were else u almost believe ur in control but ur far from it very far its almost breath taking the things u c and hear ur on the verge of going crazy but u just cant take that last step forward some do though but others go insane

      penny 19 months ago

      This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. First off if it makes you aware of demons and evil then you have a leg up on fighting to them and keeping then at bay

      profile image

      cydni 19 months ago

      Thank you "Iwishiknewthen" I had some insight into what you told me just recently as I decided to do some meth again after 17 years clear of any substance. I would love to hear you expound on the souls compared to bodies and the connection with things being connected together.

      This time around I had many different types of experiences than in my earlier years. My first experience this time ar0und, as I lay in bed quietly, I heard spaceship noises and then the beings they located me (I was thinking they were aliens (at the time). They walked on me as I lay in bed (I felt the footsteps on me) and I felt they were there to take samples from my body especially eggs but I am unsure of their motive.

      The second experience was the face of the person I was with kept changing into other men right before my eyes and I felt that through the ages this one soul was many different men and I was seeing them and I had to purpose to keep my heart pure and not desire them because they were evil (this is the part I was connecting with your comment) But now that I think about it, it could have been demons manifesting before my eyes. It was really interesting and I wasn't scared but tried to keep my heart pure.

      At another time, I saw demons in the form of people. They seen that I spotted them and knew it scared me and so they taunted me through the rear view mirror. It was a girl and 2 men and they were making these weird scary demon movements and I actually had a person walking by call the police for me because I thought real people were actually killing someone. The policeman made me leave the truck and call a taxi. That was nice of him. Later when I came back to get the truck I looked at a bag of dirt and the 3 faces were looking at me through the bag. They were real faces plain as day. They jumped in the backseat of the truck and rode with me all the way home. I could see them through the mirror but when I turned around to look they were not there. I did this all the way home, stared at them in the rear view outside mirror My husband was driving while I was scared to say anything to him about them because I thought they would hurt us.

      Many other terrible things happened and I even had one experience with peaceful beings. I believe this was Jesus and angels and heavenly beings protecting me from something about to happen.

      So much more. The spiritual realm is there and invisible until you open your mind and eyes t0 them. Fear gives them the right to torture you. I lost a lot during the week I was out there doing the thing. It was not worth it because it really hurt some people I love. Plus I could have lost my soul and died there. it is so scary there and not for my mind that does not understand.

      derek777 19 months ago

      This comment comes from an experienced soul, in both spirituality and the meth experience. I agree, to a point, with the above article. Meth is a complicated drug, it has both stimulant, and hallucinogenic properties. In moderation, one may not experience the second, more sinister effect, which usually is the result of high dosage and/or sleep dep. When one reaches this point, the doors of percetion are noticably more open than in "normal waking consciousness". The dark, faceless entities (often known as Shadow People) spoke of, definitely become manifest in places where before remained unseen. Our frequency of experience, while in this state of consciousness, overlaps theirs. S, essentially, they are not much the interdemensional beings that we have ccused them of being. We are the ones guilyy of blurring the boundaries of what we call reality and treading upon territory we, for the most part as a non spiritually oriented race (modern/western mankind) are not spiritually prepaired or disciplined enough to understand. Also, when the law of attraction begins to give the imagination free run of creating a reality out of our deepest remorse and guilt, our fears and paranoia take over and we are trapped in a reality inseperable from what we know to be "real". You never know you are dream,ing until you wake up. These doors are in need of investigation. Become familliar with what you will encounter on the other side before u cross the threshold of multidemensional doors to the more subtle worlds beyond our spectrum of consciousness as human physical beings....

      wannabe sober 20 months ago

      wanna see a demon? take a look at yourself on meth after you've been up all night or 2(most likely after watching porn and playing with yourself many times) Feel like a demon? Well if you've set yourself and prayed to God asking him for knowledge wisdom and understanding and of course getting all this from the Holy Bible.....Now you should realize your are demon-like going against God, you then realize your not only playing with yourself but playing yourself as an enemy of 15 years i have learned you cant try to substitute weed and alcohol to try and quit meth or maybe you can BUT I CANT....ALSO YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW..MEANING IF YOUR SMOKING METH AT 16 WATCHING FREE INTERNET PORN ALL NIGHT WHICH MAY EVEN LEAD YOU TO A BIBLICAL TERM CALLED A REPROBATE...BUT DON'T WORRY AFTER ALL HOMOSEXUALITY IS OK AND SO IS GAY MARRIAGE, WHO WILL YOU FOLLOW MAN OR THE LIVING GOD...gOD IS A TERM THROWN AROUND, EVEN PRINTED ON FILTHY MONEY...THESE DAYS GOD CAN BE THE IDOL AT YOUR LOCAL ASIAN RESTAURANT ...SO IN WHICH God, do you trust?

      lacey 20 months ago

      may the Good Lord be with us all. The bible tells us ( a letter written to us from our heavenly Father) instructions/ a compass to life. Satan comes only to Kill Steal and Destroy. Well that's exactly what meth does. It has unlocked the gates of Hell. The land is Satan's play ground. I remind myself, he only has the power we give him. He tails us apart by using our own hearts against us. Emotions, The Devils best friend! It destroyed my life. But I saw pretty quick what time it was. I was raised w my head buried in the bible. It kept me. In all the everything life throws our way, I remind myself DAILY of corinthians 1:13 The way of love. Read all about it. Keep your Faith Hope and LOVE STRONG! THE WORLD DID NT GIVE IT AND THE WORLD CANT TAKE IT AWAY! CALL HIS NAME.

      Paula 20 months ago

      My daughter was using meth for 6 years. There were two incidents where she attacked me and tried choke the life out of me. She was screaming I will kill you bitch! I saw her face and it was not my childs. Her eyes were black and her features were strange, I saw the devil in my childs face. I could feel the presence of pure evil....I started praying Psalm 23: the Lord is my sheperd, I shall not want.....somehow I was ablec to alert my son in thecother room and he stooped hercfrom killing me. Whencshec got clean, her facial feautures became softer more like my childs. Very scary and heartbreaking to watch someone kill themselves.

      Manny Sandoval profile image

      Manny Sandoval 20 months ago

      I want everyone who reads this article its true what they say it is the devils drug and it ruins lives and takes away everything that ment so much to you everyone that you love will leave you and move away far away and sometimes you do finally see the light its to late but don't let that discourage you God will always forgive and will be by your side just believe in him and his plan for you I lost a great woman one of a kind and a great son over this I miss them so much there's not a second that goes by that I don't think of them but as long as there happy and safe it puts a smile on me and yes I will always want them back but when im a 100% better but when that time comes and it's to late I will accept it I love you guys and miss you so much

      Lori Lopes profile image

      Lori Lopes 20 months ago

      Pure example of what meth does. My heart goes out to this girl you can hear her whispers of torment "your soul is trapped" you can hear her say. I do believe it opens the doors of evil. Dear God please help this girl in her battle with these demons, that she may find her way to you.

      Jimmy 21 months ago

      I am not religious but when I was a meth addict I had a weird obsession with satan even though I did not believe in him. I lost trust in everyone around me and believed everyone was out to dome harm. I saw shadow people, would get close looks at demonic looking beings and one time turned from a shadowy figure with a clear outline to a doppelganger of myself. I had a very sinister smile on my face, it felt very evil. I started making movements and it followed everyone like it was some sort of a game. (that specific incident was after two weeks of a very little amount of sleep and the use of a lot of meth.) I have done a lot of drugs and am currently addicted to heroin but nothing has came close to affecting my mental state like meth.

      profile image

      JaidaPatterson 21 months ago

      Wow I tried so hard to try to read every ones comments but there are so many I will have to come back to the ones I didn't get to later when I have the want to and the time!!!! Also that will be maybe then that I decide to post my story and my experience I don't know I guess we will just have to wait and see !!

      Bruce 21 months ago

      I used to do meth and cocaine, and a variety of other substances...yeah I was what we call a trashcan addict. My drug of choice was more of whatever you have. I know some Wiccans...they are some of the most spiritual people I know..but that aside...I found that for me personally, that 12 steps programs were my solution. It's worked now for me for over 25 years. My favorite saying is this: "If you like what you're getting then keep doing what you're doing...if you don't like what you're getting then do something different".

      crystal methodist ......cause i think thats funny... 21 months ago

      first thing i would like to say is ....looks like you guys need to put the pipe down .....and get some sleep .........thats the longest ....article ....ive ever scene ........and you probably wrote it in two/three days straight ........GO TO BED NOW ......ITS OKAY ........SHHHHhhh.....get some sleep .....some real rem .......and it will all go away .......promise .........its not the drug on the person ......its the person on the drug .........and if i believed in god say ....thank you god ....for avocado's .........and if i believed in god .....i'd say ....thank you god ....for fluffy white pillow's .....and if i believed in god .....etc ....etc .....etc ......

      Alli 21 months ago

      I used I saw angels and demons. I wrote about the shadow people and tried committing suicide several times

      Nannie 21 months ago

      My daughter became addicted to meth. First smoking, then snorting and last shooting it.

      She has lost her children, because she sexually abused all 4 of them. She is looking at 30-40 years in prison.

      She comes from a God fearing family so don't think it can't happen to you or your children.

      She OD'd at least 10 times. The last time was this past February but we think she tried to kill herself not just OD. she swallowed 6 grams of meth. When she finally woke up she said I'm sorry but that sorry wasn't truth.

      She has manipulated, undermined, lied, stolen from,etc., etc, her family & friends.

      She saw those shadow men and my grandchildren saw them in the house when she was here.

      This drug opens things in the spiritual realm that people don't realize. I pray over my grandchildren all the time because I don't know what their mother spoke over them while in that realm.

      My daughter is 26.. She ruined her life, her children's lives, her families lives and people that cared about her.

      Don't get this deep. Seek God, something she wouldn't do. She told me through text that God didn't need her Satan needed her more. She believed that lie and it cost her tremendously...

      Bigboy 21 months ago

      Ima user my self and unasked is there a god is there a devil or characters set up for a different ways to life ask who u go for ask them to show u that they are real as of a long time I know no devil nor no god I smoke ND I'm still pushing life forward decide and let me knoe

      profile image

      Jennifer Shane 21 months ago

      I was once actively addicted to crystal meth. I saw the things this post talks about. A mountain lion was sitting in front of my tent once when I was homeless. No lie. I used to think I was crazy and hallucinating but this post has made me realize I wasn't. Then I struggled with trying to get clean for almost 9 years. At one point I had 16 months clean and I relapsed on meth. I met a man and started dating him because he provided me with meth everyday for months. I rarely ate, slept or did anything good for myself. I tried to leave him and I couldn't. I saw things that I swore were real.

      During the time I was with this man, I began thinking I had a rare disease created by the government to kill people called morgellons. I kid you not, I had believed it was real so much that I spent all my time using and researching morgellons disease. I saw fibers and bugs growing out of my skin and I constantly picked them out. I had open wounds everywhere that would not heal because I was using. I tried speaking to God and telling him I wanted out, I wanted to get clean but I was trapped and bound by that nasty flippin drug. I was skinny beyond belief, my hair was falling out and I was on death's door step. This is all the truth.

      My dad came to the rescue by moving me to another state where he lived but of course that was God working through him. While detoxing, I was tired and hungry all the time. I wanted to die and cry and run away back to that drug. It was terrible. But thank God I didn't go back. I didn't get clean really though because I used other stuff but a few months passed and I finally escaped active addiction and got completely clean.

      Today, the 27th, I have 5 months clean. I am pregnant with a baby girl who God has truly blessed me with and I have not used meth in almost a year. I feel free bit there is always a tugging at the back of my mind and I know it is Satan trying to get me to go back to hell with him through using meth again. But it will not happen because God saved my life and blessed me and I will not drag my child through hell with me. Please believe this post because it really is true. Crystal meth is hell's front doorstep and I am a living testimony to that. There is no drug on earth that I can think of that could do the damage meth did to me in just a few months, hell, about 9 years. I am lucky to be aalive and I give all the credit to God for that.

      Natalie L 21 months ago

      My name is Natalie n I am an addict!! for over 27 years I was enslaved to the hell of addiction. I've been there Ang seen it all and repent for all my sins now. I can only hseen that this website and the stories within may help save one from the Horror of addiction!!I have seen the demon within me take over every aspect of my life let it be physical emotional mentally and spiritually. I am one of the lucky ones that made it out alive. but I can share about the horrors of addiction is very real. everything I've read in this story is true. no matter what the religion you have the right, wrong, and indifferent in every society, race, religion, practicing or not. I have danced with the devil. but it was my lord of Lords and King of kings that helped me walkthrough the shadows of death. you too can achieve a spiritual life if only we hold our hand out and let God from above guide us in our every step. I choose God today, I don't want to have to live that hell ever again. so if I can save just one soul from this treacherous tragedy, I will help in any way. I have taken God into my life and I can't share enoughof the treasures God promises hereafter. better than half my life, is lost due to addiction of crystal meth as well as other drugs. I believe in a higher power, I believe in the 12 steps, I believe God can save us from all things that enslave us. Just keep praying n asking for GOD'S WILL be done in all areas of my physical and SPIRITUAL life. He is everything to me!!!!!

      James 21 months ago

      I know it's evil. . When I was actively using I would I would take huge hits of the pipe and blow out the huge clouds real slow and record the smoke when you pause it you could actually see the evil demons faces within the's no joke it really is evil..

      Henry 21 months ago

      a long time ago it was my first time smoking meth. Needless to say; I ended up in jail that night. As I lay in a padded cell I look up to see a man laughing at me. He said; you're going to hell. I put my head down so I wouldn't have to see him. I knew I was actually the only person there. When I was released at 5:00 am, the jailer said he could hear growling coming my my cell. Like an animal growling. Asked if I was ok. I never touched meth again.

      The Bringer Of Light 21 months ago

      I am often spiritually lead by Christ Jesus, for he lives in me within pure light and love. I was lead here, after watching a video of a girl on meth. She was obviously intoxicated with a drug, she was twitching and scratching.... but her voice was deep, and spoke in third person, about "how weak this bitch is" and " we have the same heart... HAHAHAHAHA" she would erupt into laughter when she again realized she was being filmed by a human. I KNEW she was possessed, and I knew that Meth is that gateway to the Luciferians, those "fallen angels" the Bible and this artical spoke of. I myself have experimented with hallucinogens, but never meth. MDMA, in it's purest form, resembles meth almost twin like, but I experienced God, the warming embrace of, and a ringing passion for light and loving the people around me, also, while on MDMA, I was enlightened further into understanding Christ Consciousness, what Jesus of Nazareth came to embody. I know for a fact MDMA is a gateway to Gods holistic healing love, and an innate ego busting drug that lets you feel everything without stigmatizing human judgement. Although, it is no for everyone, and I don't recommend doing it without a sense of your own spirituality, and you MUST know Jesus, or it is utterly pointless.

      There are unseen forces scattered across this planet, existing in different dimensions and frequencies of existence. They harbor one thing or the other, and in them they are absolute. One is Light, one is Dark. One is Love, one is Hate. We have a God, a Source, a Great Spirit that commits so feverishly to LOVE that with all its power, it gives you some, and it gives it to you in the form of free will. Will to believe, or not. I'm very pleased seeing you people have some kind of understanding of that, but alot of people think they are born into whatever they experience..... when in reality (or at least this plan of such an existence) it is solely up to You to deiced as a human being. I am a being of Light, here to assist any and everyone in understanding this truth. Christ himself embodied it, so in his light I shine the same. There is always hope and a way out, if thats what you will to believe. Remember your divine essence. Repent, ask for forgiveness, scream to the sky, do whatever makes you feel closer to that Source of True Love and Light.

      Jack 21 months ago

      I used it for around 3 months straight lost everything including my whits.Started with just line hooked lost my job lost my girlfriend starting running full speed towards the drug.There were children exposed to the drug to the point a 11 year old girl who was the cooks daughter was sneaking the drug. Long hair red headed dude who had the axel rose look was aware she was using as well as his young son this is ware I drawled the line .Kids are being damaged by there self center parents who use.Everyone got busted in the end encluding the meth cook who tried to set me up with his meth lab told me to drive it up the road after a deputy sheriff passed by his place including walking out the door with a gun.I drove that truck as fast as I could out if that area I got away with his lab getting rid if it on a back road I left the drug life for good I was a drug user for over 10 years of my life Jesus Christ set me free the story keeps getting better I have a wife a house a good job and have not touch a drug for 13 years don't trust your so called friends when running with devil they will sale you out.

      casey 22 months ago

      Hi I use to be a user for 10 years or better I agree but also disagree with this page...I believe that drugs bring out who your soul truly is..Meaning if you are on drugs & you started thieving after using drugs then people want to say it was the drugs but no it was your choice & you did it..I never changed who I was on drugs I never stole I never screwed people over or turned selfish & only cared about myself or the drug because that is not who I am as a person...Demons are around people who do not do drugs demons use material wealth & all sorts of stuff to get people to go along with Satan but those people never really had Jesus Christ in their heart in the 1st place because you would not go along with the devil if Jesus was in your heart..

      As far as the demons making people psychics or intuitive that is crazy..Let me explain something to you the ones that have any kind of intuition while doing drugs are usually the ones with Jesus in their heart he usually gives messages like who to stay away from & in my own experience he would give me intuition for my well being the devil doesn't save your life..The ones with Demons on them do not feel anything they do not care about spirituality they do not know if they are coming or going they just care about their next hit..Not all drug addicts are the same & if you have any personal demons Drugs will bring them out for the world to see...In the bible it is wrong to get drunk but not wrong to drink to you get where I am going with that..To get out of your mind is wrong..Demons do use drugs to attach to people but only the ones who allow them to..I actually found Jesus while using drugs I don't think it was because of drugs that I found him, I believe it was part of getting older & a maturity thing...To say that Jesus can't work in lives of a drug addict is wrong & crazy..Jesus never leaves his children alone..Not all people are gods children they may have been born gods children but at some point left god...The dope demon is what I call it & if you call it out in the name of Jesus Christ you will be shocked at what happens.. I have seen it pure evil but it can happen to a sober person as well..When I was using I was just like I am now I spoke to people about the lord & encouraged others to turn to Jesus & pray so I believe what you are saying is partially true but I believe that if you are a strong person with Jesus in your heart that the devil can not get you on drugs..If you have strong morals then nothing can make you do things that aren't morally right...

      Jerry 23 months ago

      It is great to see that another has experienced what I did with Meth Amphetamine. I have tried to explain how this stuff exist in a class all by itself but very few can truly understand its exact nature. Hells finger prints are all over it from its origin to its manufacture. In fact, I came to believe in god, the devil and the bible because of Meth.

      shine 23 months ago

      I started using meth when I was 15. I used it to stay up and do homework at first. But quickly I got to the point I was partying to much and spun out and could no focus I dropped out of school. I then met a man who tried torape me he ended up going to prison for a charge he was fighting and his son and I drained all his bank accounts n got meth. We got high 24/7 I soon started seeing things bodys hanging weird short creepy men I was always afraod id call my mom panicing. I finally went home and slept 2weeks and 20lbs lighter. I only ate one time in those weeeks. I had friends that saw men in trees clocked men in the yard and home. I came to the same idea as this article that meth use or the lack of food and sleep opened our mind to things it normally is strong enough to block out. I had a easy time getting clean completly sropped and im now disqusted by it. My bf users and it kills me to see him doing that damage to himself and he doesn't see it. Im afraid he is gonna lose his mind fo it like so many people ive met. Since he is a lil crazy already. I want him to stop I think I have to leave him and it sucks bcuz I love him but I cant have anyone who does that ddug in my life and that lifestyle I cannot have it around me. I want as far away from it as possible. He has skipped church now 3weeks and he was strong in his faith but the demons got him and wont lef him go to church bcuz it knows that may help break its hold on him. God help his soul!

      Amy Choisser profile image

      Amy Choisser 23 months ago from Melbourne Fl

      I'm glad i read this article. As a professional mental health and biblical counselor, I had clients who were on meth. I always believed it was the devils drug but after reading this hub and comments, it is clear why many are unable to stay clear of it, saved or not. Now I can have greater insight into these persons struggles and teach them how to use their authority and power in Christ as well as recommend healing and deliverance as part of their sobriety. Another note, I see shadows and figures as well usually when i'm in spiritual battle. I have never smoked crack or any other drug besides pot a long time ago. I would say i am sensitive to the spiritual realm and it can be scary if you are not grounded in Christ. Otherwise, you know they are lurking like a parasite and with simple phrase "leave in the name of Jesus" makes them disappear every time.

      Rett 24 months ago

      I'm a spiritualist and not into religion although I will listen to what christians have to say remember conversation is a two way treet so do not try to convert me by shoving your beliefs at me. In the bible it states that God gave freewill to all as well as pooring his spirit into all.

      Daniel Sinclair 24 months ago

      Everybody lied to me im still slipping up and i always thought it was in my head......i trusted them and they made me crazy

      Ghost 2 years ago

      Wow this all hits too close to home. I too have had experiences like the ones everyone is talking about on this post. Only while or coming down from meth. The shadow people in particular. I actually thought it was my imagination or hallucinations. But now that I read of everyone's like experiences, I'm convinced it was real. And an evil portal was opened. I've even been convinced that my boyfriend was possessed at times. Like his eyes would go all black pupil covering everything. And just go in crazy rages. Anyways I witnessed the curtains flying above me as if ghosts or spirits. There was no wind in the room. Then shortly after I saw tiny elf looking men about 1 foot tall with tall pointed hats laughing and pointing at us non stop.

      Marsha Cooper 2 years ago

      I was very happy not long ago when I mentioned someone to my son and he told me he had stopped hanging out with that guy because he had started doing meth again. Praise God that my son had made the right choice in that situation!

      Flora 2 years ago

      Reading all of these posts has me tripped out... i used meth for a horrible long 3 months till my 3 year old daughter got ahold of it and almost died... right then and there i was done with it... But 4 years later my husband is still addicted to it... he has been on it for 10 years.. and its awful.. there are days where i think hes lost his damn mind... he has paranoia sooo badly it drives his crazy, he steals from me, his children and anyone else that gives him the chance. he cant hold a job, we have lost many houses.. He basically traded our truck that we were still making payments on for drugs. its awfull. everyday i sit home with our children and wait for that call saying that hes either dead or on his way to prison.. i wish i knew how to help get thru it and become sober and stay sober...

      Americas Brightest^^^ 2 years ago

      Your all delusional or in denial! Staying awake for more than 24 hours causes your brain to short circuit, the hallucinations come from sleep deprivation. Anyone that would stay awake would start seeing shit What arrogant article.

      johnna l 2 years ago

      first of all WICCA or as your ill-informed article called it 'wiccan' Is NOT evil frm witchcraft, TRUE WICCA is the practice of "good " or 'white craft'

      Samantha legarretta 2 years ago

      I am 5 years sober on January 1st 2015. I am so great full to have an opportunity to live a clean life without that demon controlling my life or being killed by it...I thank God for the strength and I pray for those souls still lost.

      Holyghost filled 2 years ago

      I use to smoke ice (meth) for at least 4to 5 years. I started having these demons show up and do things about when i was in my 3rd or 4th year,smoking. My wife who smoked it once and didn't want to anymore,would know that something was happening because our dogs would see something then look at us as if they were saying to yall see that! Our cats would stop and stare at something and chase things that wasn't there all in the room that i would be in. Almost everyone i knew who did Meth,would be into Porn and so was i. I use to sit in or against my bed and it would shake,I even sat in a chair once and it began to come off the floor. My eye sight would be so enhanced that i could actually see things moving. I would sit in one spot because i would be so terrified to move and once i did jus that but that demon that was around me took my lighter and moved it. Those things would posses my dog until they would fall into a trance and have really bad diarrhea that was the worst smell that i've ever smelled. I once was up for six days and i went another part of town and my wife had gotten saved and filled with the Holyghost but i was still smoking ice and she began to cry in the car and say,i need to pray...God is telling me to pray! When i got close to my destination,i began to feel this weird eerie feeling that something was following me. I parked my car and i went inside of my grandmother's house and i was in her living room when i begin to here this weird sound of something that sounded like a wolf's howl /owl, call. It was calling me,i know for a fact. I went out the first time and i looked around and i didn't see nothing so i went back in and i heard it call me again,i went back out and again,nothing. The third time it called me,i went back out and as i didn't see nothing,i was about to go back in and something in me said stop! As i turned around i saw it! It was on top of a waste trash can that goes inside of an apartment complex. It was sitting on top like a gargoyle,it had a huge white head,it had long arms and long fingers and it actually called me using arm and finger motion as well. I had my pistol with me and i wanted to shoot it. I went into my grandmother's house and i asked my wife and my grandmother to come here and look at something,i didn't tell them what it was or what i felt like it was. They knew that i smoked dope and i didn't want them to be like oh' he's jus high and tripping so i wanted them to form their own opinion of what they saw. We went outside and i said...what does that look like to yall? My wife...idk but it doesn't look right. My grandmother looks like it's beckoning at you! And once i heard that,my heart felt so heavy because i knew what God was allowing me to see and know what was on my trail! I have seen shadows moving so much and i know that God was with me because i started to see Gold lightning after a while whenever i would see the demons coming after me. Shortly,i went and got saved,sanctified and filled with God's precious Holyghost and now i live a life of Holiness. It was nothing but the blood of Jesus!!! That saved me,HalleluYAH!!! I got tired of putting my wife,my dogs,cats and myself threw that mess! It's so much more that happened that i don't have the time right now to keep going. My dogs eyes would turn pitch black! I would hear the demons manipulate the tv and talk threw it just tormenting me constantly. When i got saved and Holyghost filled,i talked to my leaders at my Church at Full Gospel Holy Temple in Dallas Tx and i told them everything and that's when i found out that the gold lightning was God protecting me because He had work for me to do.

      Crystal Meth is a gateway portal straight to hell and it's going to take Jesus saving you. I got tired of hearing the whispers and my bed shaking and my t.v popping. I hated watching porn but i couldn't control myself. If anyone who's reading this,needs Jesus...listen! If you find yourself high and the devil is trying to possess you and you start to shake and you start to feel sick like your going throw up,You need to yell out...JESUS PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! But you have to mean it because the devil will try to possess you while your on it. Sometimes he jus waits till your oppressed,depressed and then he possesses,i know because it happened to me. I called out for the Lord to forgive me and the supernatural happened. Jesus showed up and all i know is that the demons jumped out or off of me and my wife and i heard them running on our roof! It was a supernatural noise and feeling! But you do not have to let it get to this,Go to God now and repent!!!

      God bless you.

      Bornagainst 2 years ago

      I'm glad u brought this up But u have a one sided opinion . meth has opened my mind up positively no regrets I'm much more aware of the meaning of life and way more positive I have pushed all negativity out to under stand more from my angle please u tube the holigraphic disclosure thanks

      Nyarlathotep 2 years ago

      How do I properly utilize methamphetamine to contact demons? I have been integrating it with my vitamin regimen, but thus far all it seems to have one is give me incredible mental acuity and the ability to psychically read the neurological blueprints of those who are in servitude to "jwh". What mechanisms are necessary in order to properly invoke the manifestation of physical demons. It would be preferable to this "genius intellect" nonsense.

      Josh 2 years ago

      This is all wrong. I've done meth twice and had a 12-month dextroamphetamine addiction. I've also abused opitates, benzos, dissociatives and even a few deliriants. Now I meditate daily and still take psychoactives but few and far between.

      I would like to point out from my experienced perspective that psychosis feels like your inner demons are manifesting themselves externally. When I saw shadow people they were not frightening and didn't seem to care or even be aware that I existed. Maybe this is because I'm not afraid of the dark or the mysterious? What would frighten me is when I would hear demonic birds flying outside and hearing creatures moving through the gaps in the walls. Spiders were the worst because it became difficult to tell real spiders from fake spiders. At the time I was terrified of spiders and was a bit of a shut-in. This is probably why amphetamine psychosis elicited those hallucinations.

      So if you're still reading you might want to go on a rant about spirits and that what I saw was real. Before you do you should know that I am very spiritual and have met many entities on many planes of existence. I have seen actual demonic spirits which are more similar to what has been depicted in this article and I have had to defend myself against a few. The trick is that they prey on fear and can't actually do anything to you. They use fear to get you to hurt yourself. Maybe this means people who are suffering from meth psychosis are more vulnerable targets and that some meth users have been able to see these spirits manipulating them. Even then it would mean meth isn't making them see the spirits it is only making them more desirable for spirits to manipulate. In other words meth can be used to improve spiritual focus but it would require an immense amount of willpower.

      peachpurple profile image

      peachpurple 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wow, that is a long hub and long comments that I thought I could never get to the bottom, I say, prayers help to overcome everything including demons

      Black Sheep 2 years ago

      I have used method for over 20 years I am 47. Meth has taken so much away from me like 3 times in jail first time 14 months second time 50 days and the third time 19 months. It has made me do a lot of things I would never have done. Yet I keep coming back to it time and time again I can't shake it. I believe it is a form of self medication but when you have bin through and seen the things I have seen its enough to drive a person to the point of insanity. I was involved in a crew in BC and we were ordered to do things that still haunt me to this day. Think of the worst gang movie you have ever seen and times it by 10 now you are getting the picture. The longest I have stayed up for was almost 28 days without sleep. I can't say I have ever seen demands or anything like that but I can see the changes that happen to the ones around me. I have seen method break up a solid house hold of good people in less then 8 months that when from a loving and caring family to losing there kids there house and everything that own. The end up staying where ever that can. Method seems to take away woman's souls that become cold and uncaring that blame the bad things that happen on meth and that use method to cope with the bad things that happen. Men it turns a man into a much more aggressive person, uncaring yet more sensitive. But if you think about it where does one go for help. The justice system puts math users in jail rather then offer them help. These people don't need to be put in jail that become more resentful and lose even more hope till that get to a point where meth is the only thing that know. So instead of sitting back reading stories make a difference make a call write some one and only then will things ever change. So instead of being part of the problem do something about it and help these people help them selves. Meth is like no other drug on earth and the penalty for addiction should no be incarceration that will just keep making things worse.. Thank for your time and remember one person can make a big difference.

      Ina 2 years ago

      I have smoke meth. I do believe that demons dwell where this stuff is smoked or done however you wish. I've seen groups of people takes pictures of who could blow a bigger hit. In these pictures you could clearly see demonic faces in the clouds. This was done in different groups of method smokers whom I knew didn't know each other put they all did the same took pictures of each other and the same faces had shown up.

      Daniel 2 years ago

      From shadow people (black shadows you see when you've been up for a couple nights in your room even with the lights off) tooo figures and faces in clouds and trees tooo some outline of a figure which walks through a tree and then to the other side of your backyard into the fence tooo what appears to be a wireless signal or signals in the sky which drops down fast tooo your computer screen starting to move and animate tooo hearing voices and songs and lines of movies in your head tooo past pornographic videos that come back to haunt us when wore not tweaking tooo this is all a set up and there are people in the trees with guns pointed at me tooo staring at the sun for to long till your eyes start to burn and water in which your will see a red spot for a little bit and then start yelling at the sun then half the sky is blue and half the sky is gray then escorted to jail where you are put in a holding cell in which you feel the cops are just gonna leave you there to die and just turn off the lights and leave the building in which now your yelling help at the top of your lungs so they finally open the door and now you feel relieved there letting you out of the cell in which you feel like a caged animal only to be taken down hard and tackled to the ground by 3 cops on one 145 lb vegetarian now your on the ground crying saying what did i do and all you hear is just relax you feel like a cop if cutting your back open and putting something inside you or taking something out now here comes a paramedic lady to give you a shot in the arm in which you say i dont want that, they dont care if you dont want it, they give it to you anyway now your taken to a hospital and strapped down in a bed with 3 cops outside to watch and they forcefully take your blood cause they said you refused a urine test in which all you remember saying was help now there trying to put salt water in you cause they say your dehydrated COULD THIS ALL BE FROM STARING AT THE SUN FOR TO LONG? tooo thinking the moon or sun following you when you walk or run tooo thinking the earth is gonna one day turn into atlantis tooo asking who zeus is tooo feeling like area 51 is where the voices in your head are telling you home is tooo beleiving so much on Jesus you just wanna wait for his return tooo praying to greek gods cause your trying to find out the true God tooo feeling like your not from earth tooo feeling like nobody really cares about you and everyone is out to get you tooo thinking meth is good for you cause you have a.d.d and cant learn with out it tooo feeling like the tv or music is talking to you tooo thinking the tv or computer screen is recording you while you watch porn and play with your self tooo thinking you are something when you are not so now you must become nothing to become something tooo thinking if i cant do what Jesus did why waste my time tooo thinking your spiritual gift if prophecy tooo reading the online news and see one religious group being killed by another while the nobody else even cares but seems to agreeing with the eveil religious group tooo feeling like homosexual marriage is not correct by God tooo feeling like If god said thou shall not kill then why would he have his Son be killed tooo not have any friends too feel like everyone is doing better in life than you are too feel like after 10 years of preying to God you really dont know what your doing or believe in anymore too have this random scrpiture come to mind... Romans 8:24 It is *in hope* that we have been saved. But an object of hope is such no longer when it is present to view; for when a man has a thing before his eyes, how can he be said to hope for it?

      lady in nm 2 years ago

      i had started hearing the people i smoked with thoughts and saw my own death by the people i s

      had smoked with. Crazy evil stuff i lurked in. Thankfully i stopped

      Megan 2 years ago

      I used Meth on again off again for five years, I started when I was 18, I'm 29 now and have got 5 years sober March 11. I was raised Christian, and I Love God, while I was using when i was 18, I was quickly homeless, I stayed in a condemned hotel, at night I would be consumed with fear, there was one room specifically that when I walked past all my hair would stand up and I knew there was something there, in the dark. There was a dog that seemed like it patrolled the rooms and would stop and bark at that room. I saw the dark shadow man many times, across the street, or in the corner of my eye. I'm so glad I got out. And I had to work extremely hard to stay off of Meth. It took everything from me, and even when I thought I had nothing left to lose, it took more. I lived every day so consumed with fear and never really understood why. But reading this just put all the pieces together. It all makes so much sense now. By the Grace of God I'm still here, raising my kids, healthy, happy, and always moving forward

      Kris 2 years ago

      I used crystal for about 15 years on and off. I went from snorting it to smoking it, which I preferred. I never once saw any of those dark shadows or strange men in corners. Yes, I eventually got in trouble with the law, but I never halucinated or saw crazy stuff. I never imagined anyone was following me. When it came time for me to make a decision to stop using, I just quit buying it. I didn't go through withdrawls. And I used almost everyday for the last 2 years out of the 15 total. I have been clean for 7 years now. So maybe my case is different but I never felt any of the things you are talking about. I went to work everyday (I had 2 jobs) and I considered my self to be a functioning addict.

      shaun 2 years ago

      I first noticed a demon in my girlfriend when I'd look in her eyes they where empty and she wasn't the same person I onced loved it hurt me a lot I would ask it to take me but it refused but try to take my Breath well I slept she would be gone constantly I'd here things in her living room I thought it was her one time I went out and her roses where spilt over the island table as if something was mad it stayed cold in the apartment I'd lock myself in her room cause I felt a presence but never really told her but watched the strange activity she would do please be careful with meth cause if your weak it's possible that you can lose your soul and not be the same in life like u would normally be.

      derek 2 years ago

      I agree with everything except that you cannot hallucinate on meth i have hallu inated on meth several times while eating capsules full of large amounts meth .

      chris 2 years ago

      Thanks do the frugs dont let the drugs do you

      Mina 2 years ago

      My "friend" was driving me home... I was tweaking so bad... Uhh.. I saw this metal sign and it was the devil with a weird sign... Almost as if I pulled into the place the devil would be ruling it like it was his house or something.. I was so shocked and tongue tied I couldn't even say anything til about a few weeks after it and I wish I wish I went inside to see what's up or maybe that coulda been the end of me

      profile image

      Bumbleball86 2 years ago

      I can honestly say that I have experienced some of the most bizarre and scariest things I have ever saw in my life on this drug. It ruined my life and my family. First off it takes control over your mind, leads you to do the unspeakable. I have seen shadows lurking around me in my room, outside, everywhere. One time I walked outside to have a ciggarette on the porch and as soon as I shut the door behind me and sat down I looked to the left of me and there sat some demon looking child, she had white skin with lesions all over her and pitch black hair covering over her eyes but you could see her evil look on her face and her black marble colored eyes were peeking through her hair staring straight at me. My heart just sank in and I lost my breath ran in the house terrified even to be inside the house. When I was a teenager around the age of 13 way before I was even introduced to this terrible drug, I have had the experience of demonic possession. I don't think I was fully under possession because I started to pray but only inside my head because the devil wouldnt let me speak! I was laying on my bed sleeping as usual, i believe it was around 2 or 3 am., I started to dream or should I say started having a nightmare, at first it was as if my body was very very weak, I got very very hot, like I was sweating alot, and I was seeing bibles in flames and scary dead people ripping their face off and laughing at me and upside down crosses, it was really weird. I believe I tried to scream but as I did I couldnt let out nothing but a peep, I was too weak to even speak. It was as if he had control over my entire body. I then awoke but still weak and hot at this moment and I was terrified, my bed was spinning my room was spinning, it was as if someone spun me around a million times and I tried to get up and run out my room but it was so hard,I prayed in my head over and over and finally it was as if jesus gave me energy to get up and run. as soon as my feet touched the floor, my doorway began to get further and further away from me. This is no joke, I mean I really saw this with my own two eyes. I finally made it out the door which felt like 5 minutes just to walk out my room, and I made it to the hallway and the hallway grew longer, I was trying to run to my parents room to tell them what had happened. So I was running and finally regained all my energy back and made it to my parents room to tell my mother what had happened. She said I was just dreaming and to go back to bed. I was so scared to even walk past my room again yet go in there! So I ran as fast as I could past my room and into my sisters room to sleep with her. I was crying and I was terrified to go to sleep. But very thankful that I had the ability to pray in my head or else Im not sure what would have happened to me. As I grew older I was curious about buying a ouija board because I wanted to make contact with my grandfather that had past away. My mom came over to play and so did my sister, so it was me, my husband, my sister and my mom. Before we started to play I made a few sheets of prayers I had written down to pray before we started because I was sure of the dangers of possibly conjuring up something evil. Well boy I was right, We were talking to someone that was pretending to be my dead grandfather, as we started to ask it more questions it became apparent to me that it was someone else, but I was just thinking maybe another spirit. We asked "is this a good spirit"? no answer, we waited a bit, then I asked, " Who am I speaking to?", I didn't get a reply it was much worse than that, The candle that I had lit earlier started sparking up and the flame extended out somehow and lit the prayers that were on the table on fire. It was a huge flame we all screamed. We were able to put out he fire but what I felt after that was something so evil there in that house. I instantly grabbed the board wrapped it up in a blanket and chunked it in the dumpster outside. I have vowed to never ever touch a ouija board ever again! So after this had happend I would say about a year later I had moved out of that house, and to another city close by . Things were going good and all and then someone had offered me some crystal meth. I hadn't touched that stuff in years. But being desperate for some kind of drug at the time I decided to get it. I didnt have a pipe to smoke it in, but the girl that was selling it had needles, So I decided to use that. Boy was that the biggest mistake ever because the first time I was hooked. It was unlike any high I had ever had before. My addiction got worse and worse and in just a few short months I was a full blown meth addict. I was using more and more each time and losing more and more of my mind while on it. I was not paying attention to the important things, bills, husband, kids, work, family. I tried to stay away from anything that required any emotional, mental, or physical well being on my part. I remember seeing things out of the corner of my eye. Being completely paranoid of leaving the house or what might come in the house. I thought people were living under my house or in my attic. I felt needles pricking me through my mattress as I tried to lie there and sleep. And as much as I used this drug I never stayed up for more than 2 days, because I knew about the extreme paranoia and hallucinations that would come If I did. But that didnt matter. I saw things anyway, heard things anyway. I remember hearing a mean dog growling right outside my window like it was about to jump through and eat me. I started to accuse my husband of sleeping around on me and was so damn obsessed with this idea I was driving him and myself mad. It got to the point where he would basically ignore me and I was scared to death all I wanted was love and just to know that nothing was really going on but I couldnt make my mind think that. It was beyond my control. I was thinking the worst and doing the worst and not caring at all as it hurt my family and tore us apart. I then attempted to commit suicide, multiple times. I have ran out in the middle of highway on a busy street with oncoming traffic, I have cut my arms up with razers and razerblades and watched as the blood hit the bathroom floor and felt as if I just didnt care to die. I wanted to die more than anything because I wanted to be released from all the heartache, the drugs, the addiction, because I just did not know how to stop. I have tried to hang myself with a rope with nails sticking out of it around my showerhead. I have thought about injecting too much meth, and I have thought about injecting bleach to kill myself. I have taken an entire bottle of tylonel without a single feeling of fear. I was very lucky that my liver made it through that. So as you can see the devil was clearly in my life put me on the wrong path to do this drug, made me try to end my life, tore my family apart, and fucked up my thinking and my sound mind. I was clearly on the verge of going to jail or a mental institution. Then by the grace of God some good friends took me to an AA meeting and I sobered up there. It was as if the devil was clearly kicked out of my life completley. But I dont believe he is ever gone completley, I believe that at any moment and time I could go right back to doing what I was but since I have God in my life now I do have the right to choose without him trying to mess with my head. I am not perfect in any way but I am alot better than I was. All I would like to say now is that if you are ever introduced to this drug, PLEASE DONT DO IT! ITS THE DEVILS DRUG !!! I believe this 100 percent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading. :) Hope this helps someone!

      melissa sue mcdow 2 years ago

      I used Ice for years but then i usedshake n bake meth and i saw the grass was shag carpet a lil demon squated beside a cars back tire i also saw a tree that didnt exist with y a man behind it but The Man was white he wasnt black like the demon or shadow Man so i havent smoked anymore causethat shit was crazzzy so its all 420 for mi

      young82 2 years ago

      That also plays into everything I have thought crazy bad things before I stayed up for 3 weeks and 2 days before I lost my mind and slept for 5 days when I finally got too sleep this drug has ruined so many people I knows life including myself in more than one way I call it the devil dangerous

      jason 2 years ago

      Yes i have seen the shadow men, demons, while on dope me and my best friend were having a really bad fight, and suddenly a voice said "he's going to kill you both" but i wasn't worried about that, the fighting was normal, but all of a sudden in broad daylight all i know, is something very strange and overpowering suddenly happened, i didn't know wat happened all i know during our bad wrestling standing up a sudden quite so strange, i thought a power plant or nuclear facility blew up..just before i could stop to say something was wrong and the strange dead silence came upon us, my best friend was suddenly at arms length away from me, Pleading "JOSH!" with his arm reaching out for me and as he did that i watched as two large black shadows flew out of our apartment first one, then the other followed quickly... and my best friend just kept saying, "did you see that! Did you see that!" and i said yes...but it turns out i didn't tell him right away it was demons, rather, i asked him wat he saw, and he just said his eyes had the occasional shooting star thing happen, you know wen your eyes sometimes sees little white pricks of dismayed God got his glory, a few weeks later in front of another mutual friend he mentioned the story, and i asked him wat he meant...and he discribed 6 bright lights that were shaped longwise, as 6 lights that were the hight of a human!! so he said they appeared behind me suddenly and behind him i witnessed the two demons who were driven away

      Elissa 2 years ago

      All I saw in my husband was fear. he was wide eyed. He was violent and angry. Meth has wreaked our relationship! I tried to help.....u can't help someone who doesn't want help!

      profile image

      pigpen147447 2 years ago

      mr wiseman, teamwisemen, can you tell me about preminission cause I think I had one or something similar

      Anonymous 2 years ago

      I'm sober off meth for about a year and a half I slipped the other weekend and it just made me realize i do not want this it made me feel gross and didn't feel good at all.. Anyway I use to do meth for quite a while is started when I was 18 and I'm now 21 and quite a year and a half ago it got bad to the point where I was robbing ppl selling my body and it was a dark world. In my dreams i always saw demons I'd be awake in my dream but my body would be sleeping it'd be dark and I'd see a black shadow on the sealing in the corner and id be screaming in my dream calling my mom but my body would be dead... Second time having a dream the demon tryed grabbing me I was screaming for my mom who was down stairs in my dream same spot she was when I woke up, she came running up the stairs and my mom grabbed me and dragged my body out of the room I looked dead in my dream.. I then woke up and it was so realistic.. Meth took a toll on my life it was a very dark world since being sober im living s bright happy world gonna graduate soon and everything is finaly comming together.. The people I use to communicate with are still in the same place from a year and a half ago but worse..

      Donald E Hogue profile image

      Donald E Hogue 2 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

      This Story Is The Most Accurate Description Of Meth I've Seen This Was My Experience With It Than Years After I Had Stopped Those Demons Took My 15 Month Old Son. He Was Killed By His Mother And Her Boyfriend In A Meth Lab Explosion They Had In His Room. You Can Read My Sons Story At Since I Speak Out Against Drug Use And Meth The Devils Drug Of Deception. And It Has Lead Me To The Door Of Corruption Within Our Own United States Government At The Deepest Levels.

      Donald E Hogue profile image

      Donald E Hogue 2 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

      This Story Is The Most Accurate Description Of Meth I've Seen This Was My Experience With It Than Years After I Had Stopped Those Demons Took My 15 Month Old Son. He Was Killed By His Mother And Her Boyfriend In A Meth Lab Explosion They Had In His Room. You Can Read My Sons Story At Since I Speak Out Against Drug Use And Meth The Devils Drug Of Deception. And It Has Lead Me To The Door Of Corruption Within Our Own United States Government At The Deepest Levels.

      crystal 2 years ago

      I was introduced to method at the age 15 ever since I was addicted to it I wanted to get high and be left alone. I experienced a lot of things while being on it. From not sleeping longer than a week I was like a zombie no joke I didn't eat for days nor drank water it was crazy I didn't even have a appetite for food. I heard voices, had evil thoughts in my head, I did things without realizing I did them I would black out and get violent. I couldn't stand my husband who was a non user of any drug I didn't pay attention to my kids like I used to while not on it. Anyways you said every sight seeing has a meaning well I hope I can get mine answered today but I seen half human half animal type people with long tails kinda like avatar people they only came out at 3:00 am I was scared when I seen them. I also felt the devil over my body breathing loudly on me I was in shocked I couldn't move I remembered I kept asking god for help and praying and when I did that it made the devil mader and he wouldn't stop breathing on me it was like he was in my body. It experience plenty of things things that no body believed me about they looked at me like I was crazy which I wasnt . anyways meth is something not to play with I'm glad I'm saved and sober. I do get tempted at times and I do have a lot of dreams that feel so real that I messed up and got high and I tell my self in my dream why now you have to start over again feeling guilty then I wake up and I'm in shock like omg I got high how do I get clean after a few minutes my hearts pounding I'm like its not real its a dream

      Pastor Bruce 2 years ago

      I have a masters degree in theology. My comment is short. I've taken 1 1/2 of New Testament Greek. The Greek word for "witchcraft/sorcery--- pharmacon'. This is where we get our word "pharmacy" from. I believe witchcraft and the demonic is intimately tied to drug use.

      Anita whitlock 2 years ago

      Yes there out there! All of them that followed he hasn't got much time left. An an for god sake don't let them device you!!

      Jessica Adair profile image

      Jessica Adair 2 years ago from Saint Cloud, Florida

      I've tried commenting on this twice but it won't post it... I guess because there was a bible verse in it? Ephesians 6:12. It'll tell you what you need to know...

      Jill Hamontree 2 years ago

      Ok. First off ppl, you shouldn't call others assholes because they don't believe yet. I remember when I didn't believe in God, I was very sceptical. We are all on a journey, & in a process that only God knows about. Life is hurtful enough. Could you just imagine how much pain would go away if ppl would just stop being cruel & judgmental in all religions? I had ppl telling me i was going to Hell because I smiled. Good for them. The person is dead now, heartattack. Was a very big person. He answers to His for judging me, & yes Shadow ppl are very real. I saw them without the use of drugs. & i have done alot. Beat thing you can do, is pay them No mind. & continue to praise Jesus. Best Spiritual Warfare. Thankfulness, & praise. When I sense something evil. I say Thank you Jesus for...& i move on with what I am doing. DON'T FEED IT.

      ninergirl 2 years ago

      Happened to me so many time not doing meth now and I still see it

      d towns finest 2 years ago

      4 yes later . . my mind still

      . . . ya

      Eyj 2 years ago

      I've never used meth or anything drugs like that, but have seen the black shadow cloak figures several times in the past 15 years.. All started when I started day a guy whose brother was deep into witchcraft, he was a stoner and I just thought he had smoked way to much pot when he'd tell me his stories, but then my boyfriend and I began to have paranormal experiences as well as our friends and other family member who would visit. It got so bad that we had to seek help from a Pentecostal church. Two members from the church came out and anointed our house and the activity stopped for a long time. It did eventually come back and we went back to that same church and eventually got saved there. We ht married and his brother moved away, but still to this day when he comes to visit strange things will happen for a few days after he leaves. Anyone who doesn't believe in demons obviously has never had an encounter with them (lucky you) be thankful that you've been blessed not to.. As far as drugs opening a door to the devil/demons I absolutely believe that's possible.. Any sin can make us valuable.. Plus the Bible clearly warns to be SOBER minded, everything the Bible warns is about is or our benefit, we may by see it right away but eventually we'll understand it completely. All I know is I am very thankful to God for protecting us, and I'm thankful I never did any drugs especially when the activity was so bad, who knows what would've happened if I wouldn't have been a sober person.

      Conner Beam 2 years ago

      I have A.D.D and take Adderal. I have also accidentally mixed it was meth and I had gotten alot of sleep and was eating. One night i was with my 'homeboy' and alot of other people and everyone was on meth. That night i didnt just see a demon but i saw my 'homeboy' and a demon!

      dakota 2 years ago

      as a meth user and future withdrawal fighter and want another bowl tweeker i want to say that all these things i have read make me feel so much at ease with my sanity now. I am planning on leaving town the state actually to get away from the scene cuz i cant quit any other way not that i tried i just know that is the way that it has to be. my daughter who is four and i have been in and out of her little life but not heart (thank God) is here with me tonight saying all these things that make me happy and sad at the same time. i saw the shadow along with my boyfriend at the time who said he didnt later after a arguement admitted he saw it too i had been crying for 20 min or so uncontrollably cuz i felt i was going insane and than got pissed cuz he admitted cuz he had helped me think that i was insane later finding out that his dad who is very wealthy and an idolized man in korea had me followed from day one of finding out that his son who was single for the past 3 years or so had a girlfriend he knew i was being followed and didnt tell me even when i was begging for some relief on if it was my brain tricking me cuz of the dope. he knew and never said a word. he is mot in my life anymore for only the past two days and im hoping he stays that way but he is a meth rage obsessed man who says he loves me and doesnt know that he really just doesnt like being the dumpee at least i think so anyway found out that his dad is more powerful on a mafia state than just the wealth of his taikwondo schools and i am afraid for my freedom and i hate to put this out there cuz it could be true but my life also. the voices are real. the demons love to see me so they can fuck with my head. even the headphones wont drown them out anymore. i am not the social butterfly i was once called. i dont laugh or smile anymore. i was stronger before and now i am just existing till i can get clean. ill be back to answer for whatever it is that i did wrong which i am so sorry for i didnt know what i was doing at the time and wish i could take it back. i never physically hurt anyone but that is no excuse. my ex talked to me like i was a piece of trash and all the money he says hes going to buy more dope with (saying right after that i bet i was wanting to stay than which i didnt) i hope that he finds a reason to want to be happy and alive again becuz the dope isnt it. the demons wait and live in his home. ive seen things in the sky that others have seen but brushed off i hope they realize some day that they were real and that the dope is a real evil thing. im still using even tonight i dont want to but i do. i believe that a strong mind and heart have helped me to remain good. be good or be bad but do no evil. the casino is filled with these demons and yelled at me constintaly for the music i listened to as loud as my phone would go i believe that they used my ex and his friends somehow with making me sick right now. its in the air like the lint that floats in the air or on your eyeball they are small red worms that are getting worse and the crazy black hairs that grow places on your body the hairs are alive and were created by the families who have controlled the world for centuries driven by the evil they do and are for the power and money they crave. if getting clean takes this away and is a meth hallucination i cant wait but if it doesnt than i want to live life till i get sick and die i saw the words form on my leg one night i laughed and pointed at my leg my ex grabbed me hugging me telling me not to pay attention to that cuz i wasnt going to get sick and die for a long time i never said what it said on my leg and asked him why he said that he said i told him. i didnt. he saw what i saw which makes me think he knows more and i believe that he does. the asian general that i heard him called just days ago makes me get lost in my mind trying to put this all together oddly not scared im hoping its the dope that makes me feel no fear cuz if its not what does that make me. The Creator watches me and my girls and i am so grateful and feel so pitiful the demons wait still i feel them outside the door and hear their footsteps if not my ex's on the roof. i found a black mask in his garage that the black covers the face i asked him he said it was his i never seen it at all this whole year that we have been together makes me feel that creepy feeling that im sure women being stalked on movies ive seen have played out so well. he is a 6th degree black belt his father a 9th. also thankful that his father probably has some pity for me otherwise im sure that i wouldnt be typing this right now. i mentioned that part out of fear of his father and part respect cuz when your mother tries to commit suicide taking you and your siblings along with her and the cries of her children stop her she realizing poverty can be put up with rather than killing your kids and self is worth it than your son moves to america to be a successful martial arts grand master and idoled in the country i think whatever he did and had to do to become that is worth mentioning cuz his mom probably died a much more calm and peaceful death and shes probably in a much better place then she would have been. im sad for us still . i love everyone and hope that the dope doesnt take people to the deep end cuz i dont think its easy to come back. i pray for my recovery and sanity and my ex's als0 along with all the people that i met along this crazy road i chose to go down im sorrry still i didnt know what i was doing

      Jason Willcuts profile image

      Jason Willcuts 2 years ago from Santa Rosa, California

      A few years ago my girlfriend had taken me to Carmel, CA. for my birthday. The last night we were there we went to bed and several times that night, and when I say several I mean at least 6 or 7 times I would have these dreams these visions of these dark beings grabbing me and I could literally feel them pulling on me trying to pull me into the ground. To where I would wake up in a cold sweat screaming and grabbing anything I could to keep me from being dragged into the ground. I remember telling her that I thought I was possessed and I had a demon living inside of me. I grew up going to private schools so I have a pretty strong religious background so I believe in heaven and hell and angels and demons. My girlfriend who has never used a day in her life, was obviously confused, and didn't know what to think. The weirdest part was that normally when you wake up from a bad dream you fall back asleep and you dream about something else. But I kept having the same dream, or maybe I should say vision because of how real it felt. Now reading this I see that I am not the only one who has had these visions. I really enjoyed reading this thread because it helps me to know that I am not completely crazy. I have had similar visions since then in my sleep but none of them felt as real as they did that night.

      profile image

      lostwithoutchrist 2 years ago

      I have been meth free for a few years now. I experienced most of the things that you all have mentioned. Meth is a very powerful drug that connects a human to the dark side every time. I saw shadow people and 8 ft tall demon looking shadows. Meth is a huge tool used by satan. A person that is on methwill lose all their morals and do whatever the demons want them to do.

      Catrina 2 years ago

      Witchcraft really?? NEED to get your facts straight witchcraft pagans wiccans dont even believe in the devil/satan. time to get clean ppl and take responsibility for your own choices and actions and stop saying the devil made you do it. I used meth for 23 years started at the age of 13. Ive been clean and sober for 4yrs now and did it threw NA the steps and my sponcer and Im not gonna say praise jesus he helped me do it or "God" no I did it with the help of my support group and Im pagan and Im responsible for my own actions and choices I make. Yes I agree meth is a evil drug but witchcraft hahaha

      SweetDEI 2 years ago

      I in no way condone the actions of many, or in no way deny that the spirit world is real. I do believe when you detox UR body of toxins that WE freely consume daily and stay up for extended periods of time. WE do become more aware of the spirit world. I DO NOT believe their demons or believe they have the ability to harm US in anyway. I agree the use of Crystal meth could easily get out of control and could destroy families. But I also believe that the LoRD uses everything in accordance to HIS purpose. Healing begins when condemnation ends. GOD deals with each individual person according to their deeds. Colossians 3:23 states " Whatever U do, do it for the LoRD." I AM a true testimony of GOD working in mysterious ways. Was at the depths of MY lowest and yet GOD still chose to use ME as HIS Servant. I know without a doubt I used MY addiction to fuel MY NEW found addiction in seeking and learning about FATHER. I not only used MY extra time to study the word but also shared it every chance I got. With those who were just like ME, struggling with life and all that comes along with it. And seen visible change in some very special people GOD has placed on MY path, Thanks BE to GOD. Lets put down the stones and stop pointing fingers. Wouldn't it be GREAT if WE all wore signs with a list of all OUR sins, product of society, and who we've become. Putting people in prison doesn't end the epidemic. No it sets US up for failure , more kids without parents, more broken families, and bigger addictions. What needs to be taught is what JESUS proclaimed, to come as YOU are with all UR transgressions. And HE will cleanse YOU. So instead of condemning those whom are chosen people of GOD. Help by showing LoVE and giving HOPE to those whom are lost instead of throwing stones. Has it worked yet? Mark 7:15 It is not what goes in UR body that defiles YOU: YOU are defiled by what comes from UR heart. So lets share OUR testimonies and get OUR FAMILIES back. Healing begins when sins are confronted and confessed. GOD placed ME right where HE intended with all MY brokenness for HIS GLORY.

      Beautifully Damaged 2 years ago

      After running the streets for many yrs. I've seen the Most anyone can imagine. I feel I see I hear those shadows day n night high or not high. Wat they want from me I'll never know cuz I'm better off not knowing will they leave me alone No!! Theres a lil one in every pic I take of myself. His image is very clear.. n I do not let his angry eyes have me fearing him. The things I've done while being high was his damage n just like that puppet I was blinded to c him pulling my strings.. till one day I had my life flash before my eyes.. my vision where clear n I clipped those strings n gave him a taste of his own medicine. They way he fooled me i fooled him in a womans way.. became stronger and more wise and more responsible.. cuz just like many others I've lost hurt and felt wat he wanted me to fall into "weak" n "easy to manipulate" Wasted Days n Wasted Nights... I wasted my days wen I should of fought n tried n wasted nights wen I should of never partied and smoked till day light.. I wish everyone reading this the best in life n it's never to late for the fight to get ur life back. 32YRS Old with 7 beautiful children of my own with one awsome father they have to take care of them will I fight this battle on my own. JUST BELIEVE ME WEN I SAY THIS TO EVERYONE.. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. OBSERVE N SOAK IN WAT U CAN CUZ U WILL LEARN FROM IT AND IT JUST MIGHT B THE ANSWER TO UR QUESTIONS U CONSTANTLY ASK. BUT REALLY ITS THE SIGNS TO UR GIFT U WERE GIVEN THE REASON Y UR HERE.. MINES IS TO Write the POETRY I write.. that comes out naturally that comes from my heart and many people can relate to them.. I have beautiful handwriting. With my poetry and writing I can write a book and sign it with my beautiful writing.. So I can say I learn from my mistakes but I don't regret them I just out smarted those DEMONS.. "Im sitting on the edge of a cliff.

      And my mind starts to drift.

      To another place That's very sweet and full of bliss of such beautiful memories that I miss.

      Should I let myself wonder if could do anything to change this. The bad feelings I constantly squeeze tight thru my fist. The grips so strong to the wrongs I've done on my list. As much as I try I could never hide scars on my wrist. I know I could never forget or regret all that made me so pissed. for I wouldn't be right here writing like a lyricist.


      Mario 2 years ago

      This article is so dead on! Every addiction is a spiritual battle! I too used to see shadows, and hear voices! I was suicidal and homicidal until I gave my life to Jesus Christ! Jesus is the only way of true deliverance. He is the way the truth and the life!

      I've been sober now for 20 years and still going strong in the Lord! I did not have to go to rehab nor any hospital, all it took is a word from God that changed my life forever! I never had a craving for meth nor did I go through any withdraws! God is good and me giving my life to Him was the best decision that I have ever made.

      The good thing about God is you don't have to be perfect or sinless, you can come to Him as you are! The bible says that whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved! That means drug addicts, gangsters, liars, thieves, and I know this is truth because this used to be me!

      God loves you! Really, God loves you!

      Why pay such a high price to live a low life?

      santana 2 years ago

      I have been clean for four years and I still get tested here and there by the devil but I dont give in I struggle with these demons everyday until I say my prayer at first i thought I was tripping but after being clean and seeing them I know its real! Meth is a harsh drug that is taking over so many peoples lives

      Robert M 2 years ago

      I liked having sex and taking videos when on meth. I would get scared cause of it and end up erasing them every time. Don't give them power, brush them off and allow the Angels to be your guide. I was once told that that tingly feeling you get is when you're being touched by an angel. Well, I feel it now. God bless, and be well.

      profile image

      What is done in d 2 years ago

      Here is what I remember about being a Meth addict, concerning Evil. I was reading Dante's inferno and other occult writings. Alot of the vocabulary I was unfamiliar with. I highlighted the words like disconsolate, etc. I made a crossword puzzle on my computer. I printed it out and gave it to someone I was associating with who also was a user. A few days had past by. When I saw him again he had developed palsy on the left hand side of his face. It was really really weird to look at him. When he looked at you only one side of his face was "Alive" the one side of his face stayed "fixed" staring straight ahead. Did I unknowingly put a spell on him? He had a brother also who was a heavy user. He seemed to have the ability to "disappear" turn a corner and he was gone. His eyes / eye sockets looked like they were sinking into his head from having little or no sleep. Another associate was told I think you have a demon, his reply: Ya 13 of them...

      I have 9 years clean thx to the out pouring of GOD's Holy Spirit. I thank Jesus for getting me out of that living hell and paying my price on the cross. Amen

      Jay 2 years ago

      I always seen evil shit when I was little to and nowam older and tryed meth and it got worst one time me and my bf were fighting and we seen the devil face on some sheets and later after fighting I told him what I saw and he said he seen the same face in the same spot. One time my boyfriend flies out saying people were out to kill him I was do scared and mad at the same time because hr was letting the method control him so I told him u just need sleep go in the other room but that was the worst thing I could of did he seen the uglyest thing ever it was a demon he came back to me shaking I felt so bad for him.. We had so many scary day something told me to just stop and out of no where I stopped for good but for some reason my boyfriend will keep going back to it very sad

      Jessica Adair profile image

      Jessica Adair 2 years ago from Saint Cloud, Florida

      I love that so many people are sharing honestly & openly. It also makes me feel a little less crazy... I have experienced strange things my whole life - seen shadows, things out of the corner of my eye, voices & heard noises etc. But when I started meth weird took on a whole new extreme... My very first time I got high I used the needle, it was all over from that point. In the beginning I could get high and just ignore the hurt that I was hoping I could by doin the dope. Then it got to a point that I was paranoid nonstop, I tried hard to hide that though. It was almost like I could hear people's thoughts & intentions. I was a junky but I honestly can say I never traded myself for dope or stole anything from anyone. I tried to stay a good person in that world of darkness. As an already observant & intuitive person - on meth those things took on a whole new meaning...I didn't miss a thing. I could tell for that reason people never wanted me around because you know meth heads, they're always tryin to get over on somebody. Dated a guy who sold dope. Let's just say he did pretty well for himself so he intended up gettin busted by the FEDS... Who knows how long we were being watched so that added to paranoia. I used for close to 2 years but towards the end was when it got unbearable. I started hallucinating, seeing...whatever...snakes...everywhere! I thought I was losing it! And so did the people around me. If I had to guess now I'd say maybe I was seeing the presence of evil or demons. I would think I heard people I knew having conversations but I wasn't around them... I could look at people and their faces would be black or kinda shadowy then they would look at me again & be their normal self. I even looked at myself in the mirror once and saw my face look like half of it was blackish and there was a hole in my cheek. After I kept having a feeling something bad was gonna happen to me. It's like I'm not sure if these weird things are our intuition working on a different level or satan & his demons playing with our minds. Meth is the devils drug. Your mind, body & soul become weak and susceptible to the enemy's attacks. I was saved when I was 13...but I could never ever get high enough to escape Gods voice. I lost a lot of myself on meth but He still has a plan for me & guided me out of the darkness I was surrounded by! That says a lot! You aren't crazy or nuts. More then likely what your experiencing is your high mind playing tricks or spiritual warfare. Not everyone is brave enough to speak on what they see, hear or feel and when you do the people around you probably say "oh you're just wiggin out" or "you're just paranoid". Trust your instincts. You aren't alone. Ephesians 6:12 says,"For you wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age..."

      Now I've been sober a year & 2 months. The night I found out I wa pregnant I was high... Imagine that, right?? My amazing son was my way out! I hope everyone struggling with this addiction can find their way out. If me, a used to be junky can do it...ANYBODY can!

      pedro j. 2 years ago

      Seen so much things ive come to fear.. seen demons human figured shadows and of course witnessing evil at its finest and darkest, SATAN himself. . Im constantly worried for myself. Paranoid constantly, i dont trust anything and am so afraid of losing the little i have left.. So depressed

      Charlie 2 years ago

      I use to smoke a lot of dope I'd have to drink slot of alcohol and smoke slot of weed just to try and nap. I drove a expedition around all the time I saw shadows in the dark occasionally but after getting lit at three am and driving down a mountain seeing shadows in my back seats staying awake for a week probably wasn't a good idea.. I saw a lot of shadows on separate occasions but that time I felt the prescence of something with me.. Watching me waiting for me to fuck up it happend occasionally until I stopped using I'm just glad I wasn't the only one seeing these things.

      joshua 2 years ago

      You are particapating in witchcraft when making meth pharmakia as its called in the bible. Every process in the making is counter clock wise known by experience. And just as Jesus fasted for 40 days and seen and spoke with satan i have fasted for more than half that time and seen and spoke to the devil and could see things such as shadow people and interact i was his right hand man and had no fears you bring yourself into that spiritual realm fasting either way i was fasting for the devil but angels protected me but would allow the evil spirits to do things to me i made it through many years of this and changed my life @camnnetxpert

      Cory Collins 2 years ago

      Honestly, if you do even a small amount of research on Meth, you will find that it can and does cause hallucinations, which wouldn't be hallucinations if the one suffering from them didn't think they were real, and honestly, this could, at the very best, be called a case study, this has no truth except what the author thinks. Doing research on it is sometimes used by doctors and is approved by the FDA for medical use. also, all of those beings you have seen and all of those voices you have heard while on the drug, are from you, you create your own living hell, it is not a mystical being coming up to torment you, demons live within us, and if you let a drug break you like the way meth can, your demons will seemingly come out to haunt you.

      Chris gilbert 2 years ago

      I would like to invite and encourage everyone on this page to look up Celebrate Recovery, and start attending because it saved me from everything that was spoken about in the post on this site. GET A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS, this is my prayer for you all.

      Vegas 2 years ago

      Lol u must be on meth to write tgis or even read it. Haha shadow people. 2 years ago

      suboxone is covered by state insurance and takes the withdrawal symptoms away completely... do yourself a favor and get help the easy way. No aches no pains no withdrawal! It takes a certain kind of certification foe drs. To write this go to the website and type in a zip code and they have the names...they have great funding and can get you it for free or cheap...make the choice of life and Fuckin do it. Side effects are family and friends come back you sleep and act and feel good and you don't look over your shoulder anymore, your clean and healthy and happy.

      lopez 2 years ago

      Im still a user its hard to stop

      tynerz 2 years ago

      Can I just say holy camoly!?! Okay, the prayer/fasting explanation has me swimming in circles! Mind=blown. As far as watching yourself do and say things you would NEVER ever do or say, and having no control over your own self....I have experienced this and tried about 2 years ago to explain to others why I tjought it mu as t be demon possession and heard nothing but shit talk, was told nice cop out. Thank you for this. I constantly see people or children about a block ahead while walking st nigh and never know what to think or how to mention it without sounding like a loon.

      Fuck meth 2 years ago

      fully automatic clip with endless rounds for all you meth dealers !!!

      Stephanie 2 years ago

      i guess i must be the only semi-exception here. i've never heard, seen, felt demons or shadow people or anything of the sort. i've heard like music when i've been up for too long or maybe some whispers, but thats it. i never see anything either, sometimes i get delirious or something but yeah, i don't know, my experiences are just different from all of these.. those sound scary as fuck, i would never use again in my life if i had these issues. i'm sorry to those who have

      Lori clark 2 years ago

      It doesn't matter if you use drugs or drink alcohol to be tormented by shadow people or demons. You can be a devoted Christian a Muslim a catholic if they desire to visit you then your visited.

      Michelle 2 years ago

      This has really caught my attention this morning I pray for every addict that still suffers and their family most of all Lord deliver them and help the chains of satan come off. I pray u are covered my the blood of Jesus the devil must flee and GO in the mighty name of Jesus you can't have these people.

      timothy boothe 2 years ago

      I stoped using less then a week ago and now im starting to realize the good lord is comeing soon and forsome rason I feal he has came to me to prepar me I use to have doubts a bout god but with all this illuminati an Obama and this blue beam projrct I been doing resurch on has inlightiend me that my soul still belongs to him and I feel he is using me to try and tell everyone what he has been showing me the end is near people are thinking im crazy but I can see all the signs look at some thing I have shared on my page and please help me out this just popped up on my feed strange as can be but for a reason my good and almitghty god is showing me the way so please let me kno what u think

      Darryl 2 years ago

      That is the biggest load of bullshit i have ever heard. It doesn't implant anything into your head that you weren't already capable of yes through sleep deprivation and a skewed perception it brings that to the surface that wouldn't under normal day to day scenarios but to blame it on the supernatural is just another form of escaping the acceptance of responsibility for your own actions.

      KMS 2 years ago

      I am the mother of a former meth user. She lived with me while she was using....I saw these thing also and I am not a user....the door was opened by her - they were in my home. They are real.

      michelle e 2 years ago

      I started using meth at 15, unlike most of my friends I was blessed enough to get off of it in two years. in those two years I have seen some freaky things that sound crazy when I explain them to other people but I know they were real. The most terrifying of them all was one night I was laying on the couch trying to sleep I was laying flat on my back when I looked in the corner of my eye and I started seeing the TV which was completely turned off turn a gray staticky, a lot of black snake looking eeal thing startered slithering out of the TV over to my living room carpet towards me it was completely frozen scared shitless. flat on my back I realize there was nothing I could do as I could not move my body to get up then a black shadow figure was sitting over my chest on top of me. I could not breathe talk scream just cry tears were rolling down the sides of my face and I just pray to Jesus in my head. whatever that thing was I said if it was trying to kill me pushing on lungs. I repented him in jesus name to go it suddenly disappeared.

      Sarah 2 years ago

      Meth is indeed pure evil. It's a brew a potion from Satan himself. It's acts are very ritualistic no matter how your group does it, for instance a pipe or foil, several people sit in a circle talking and passing the pipe everyone in sync..then the snorters line up, the needle heads all decide who hits who as they clamber in the bathroom looming over a silver spoon. All very polished perfected acts to which the rules are followed without skipping a beat. Anyway to me needle junkies are the lowest form of user and they sicken me, turns the females into whores and skanks and the males into perverts and sickos. Morals disappear immediately..... That is my opinion only though. I always smoked and my boyfriend then (15) yrs ago had only ever shot it, but I was going to fix him..... At first it was fun and I enjoying scaring him with spells and charms, while we tweeked because I'm a witch not Wiccan or dark just flat out full powered witch. My powers change from willing things into existence to changing moods minds and messing with memories mostly to keep him safe from getting caught stealing things. I feel power high or sober but when I'm high it bubbles inside me begging for me to all out cast and I fight it. I'm usually busy with his guilt ridden questions because he's lied and hid so much he thinks I have as well but the truth is I'm not hiding anything I'm to busy proving my love to him.... All the while knowing his lies reading his mind and eyes. Feeling his feelings, I hate that power so very much. And the demons toy with him, he's like a demon jungle gym and they use him to attack me constantly. I'm driven to the brink of insanity. But my love for him is so strong I can't let go, in fact if I do I know what will happen to him. I've seen it....... Sex demons, tormenting demons, abusive demons he has at least 12 I know a few by name. And yes I believe in God and worship him. My powers aren't a religion or title they just are. Never ever do meth if you haven't I'm at my breaking point suicidal and crazy angry hurt sad and resentful I'm like a ticking bomb.... I just pray he makes the stand to save us before the ticking stops. Because there will be a bang a bad one.

      Ernie C. 2 years ago

      The only monster I ever Saw on Meth was Myself!!

      Cheri Cole 2 years ago

      My brother smoked meth for years. I will never forget him calling me because he was so scared. He would tell me they were trying to kill him. We would be standing in his living room and he would say "move"!, they are unscrewing the ceiling fan and it is going to fall on you. He would see snakes falling out of the vents in his wall and dark people trying to get him. I would try to calm him down and tell him it was nothing there, but I knew it was all demonic from the drugs. He had opened a door for them to come into his life. I would pray for him continuously. He would tell me he wanted to be close to God, but he was not strong enough to stop the drugs because he was in so much pain from 2 car accidents where he broke his neck both times. He was in a wheel chair because his feet were so messed up from the last wreck. I prayed and prayed and talked to him, but his heart finally could not take any more drug use and he died. My best friend was gone. I did receive confirmation from 3 separate sources that were not knowledgable of my situation; my brother had received The Lord in his final moments of his life. I am happy he is not in pain and he is with his savior! I know demons are real and meth use will cause them to work heavily in your life. I know because I experienced it through my brothers life and seen the havoc and torment they can cause. Be blessed!

      Jessica Adaire 2 years ago

      I did meth for almost 2 years. I was a junkie from day one... At first I loved being high, it made me forget the heartbreak that I used as the excuse to start. I also am a Christian, I was saved when I was 13 years old. But all my life I've had strange encounters - voices, shadows...ghosts - whatever. Like I was saying being high to begin with was wonderful but then it became miserable but I kept doing it...felt trapped - like I'd be on crystal & that needle for the rest of my life. Not to mention the growing paranoia and heightened senses... I could hardly stand being around other addicts. It was almost like I could feel or know all their intentions were bad. I was always being told...oh you're tripping or you're just being paranoid. Then I started seeing snakes all the time, which to this day I'm not sure I was crackin up or I was seeing the presence of evil in that form. Almost everyone I knew thought I was crazy. Shoot, I was pretty convinced I was. Then. I got pregnant. And I got sober, thank you Lord! I'm now a year & 2 months sober. I still have problems with paranoia, I take an antidepressant daily & avoid situations where I'm surrounded by people. Except for church. And I still believe in those shadows and glances if things you "think you are out of the corner of your eye". I do believe evil is lurking around us nonstop especially those of us who have been addicts, we don't realize how weak we made our minds while using. Ephesians 6:12 says,"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age..."

      Get clean & stay clean when you have the chance! God bless!

      profile image

      MarcoStarr 2 years ago

      i have had many interactions with the spirit world long before meth was ever in the picture. the other side is a place of unconditional love. it is only in this third dimensional realm in which lower vibration energies exist. call them demons or whatever you like, but yes, they are real and meth has a direct connection to them. meth really is the devil's drug. i preferred the days when i wasn't aware of this fact as i still struggle with using. my relapses are few and far between but they are scary. i don't like seeing myself being raped by demons on video. it terrifies me and the demons feed off my fear like parasites. fear is a lack of faith in god and it is the lowest vibration possible… even lower than hate believe it or not. drugs put holes in our auric field which allows other energies to get in. i can actually feel my energy being drained from me by them. thank you for all of u for sharing your stories. i wish you much love and light and most of all recovery from this highly addictive and sinister drug.

      Aaron 2 years ago

      drugs are drugs........they are designed (or at least I believe) to relieve symptoms, treats diseases and body chemical imbalances. when we take too little or too much for our needs they can all have dire consequences. they are to be respected. and studied

      alex 2 years ago

      I posted a story that took over an hour for me to type all out I ended up using all the allowed letters, and I copied it to my clip board after I was through typing it but, it was removed from the site and my clip board. I didn't turn my computer off and there is not anything else on my clip board either.

      Pop 2 years ago

      I was

      unknownfeelings 2 years ago

      i cant believe i came across this site. i have been feeling like i've been going crazy, cuz it just started to get bad recently. im 24 and took my first hit when i was 17. i saw shadow monsters (is what my friends used to call them), i've attempted suicide, lost my kid (but got him back), recently i seen a demon like figure in the trees that was next to a wall with a glass angel figurine that my mom put up to watch my house, and seen a ghost like cloudy like thing through my boyfriend. whatever it was scared me to death. so i started doing some investigating, and think i finally found my prayers answered.

      dont do meth.

      i repeat... dont do it.

      it takes over you completely.

      wish i would have read this about a week after i first tried it.


      dustinp 2 years ago

      I believe demons an angels are both real I've been an an meth cause addict for. Five years now. I've never experienced shadow figures .....almost every time I get high I do see snakes its really creepy at times. I've asked around but no body has ever seen. Them my question is why do I see them an nobody else an wat does it mean???

      Faith Walker 2 years ago

      u all should read a little but powerful book called "Meth =Sorcery" u all are correct and its all very true i believe the authors name was Stephen something its.been over a decade since i read it God.bless us all!!!

      profile image

      Street Angel 2 years ago

      I agree and it isn't just meth. I had hallucinations on coke as well. For some reason I always felt they were real. And about the dogs behaving strange this recently happened to me. I adopted a reservation dog. I relapsed on meth and alcohol recently. The hallucinations start right away for me, the first couple of hits is all it takes now. First I do see the shadow people. Very distinctly. I also see very distinctly very scary faces only in door knobs like they r right behind me. The next day I was still tripping. My dog freaked out 2 times. Once she was on my bed staring at the closet barking and her hair was standing up. Next she stared at the front door and barked. Finally when it came time to go to bed she kept going to the opposite side and looking down like she was seeing something. Needless to say my paranoia was back full force like I just started to use. Another time my little chi was on the bed. I was pacing and paranoid. She laid in the middle of the bed and howled. She never did that before. I used to travel for business and away drank in my room. I was in Philadelphia staying in a very old hotel. I was in this odd little room that stood alone by the elevator. It was even stranger inside it had this little alcove area and did not look like a hotel room. I passed out as usual and woke up because I heard my name whispered in my ear and then it felt like somebody blew in my ear which made it more than auditory. And, in my old home in FL at night when I was either coming down or detoxing from alcohol I would feel the covers being touched, another time it felt like somebody or something tickled me. My life in that home was horrific for 19 years. I just know that evil entered that house. Since I moved 2,000 miles away Ive not encountered that, but still saw faces and my dog saw something the last time I was on meth. The feeling is so real Ive always thought that drugs are truly a gateway to invite evil in. And I think once that happens the evil is lurking just waiting to taunt you again. In the program we like to say the addiction is doing push ups staying strong just waiting. I just know in my heart that its more than just hallucinations.

      Thomas Harris 2 years ago

      "Seek and ye shall find" God sent me to this page. I was originally an all out athiest who didnt believe in God, th devil, demons, angels, ghost, spirits or anything else related to the supernatural. I felt like when u die that was it no life after death NOTHING. The bad part is my parents are Pastors but i ventured off. I focused on what seemed logical and ignored everything else. When I was younger I use to always ask God for power to do stuff but tha never happened. Then 2yrs ago I moved to Arizona where Meth is a very popular drug so I started smoking it with friends and of course I started seeing the "shadow people" but as time went on I started seeing what I thought was little kids playing behind the curtians of my sliding door that led out to the pool. I put dark sheets up over the curtains because I thought I was hallucenating. But then with doors locked and sheet begin to rise up and form sum type of demon face. In complete shock I begin to play with it and ytie stuff to the sheets ad tell it to pull it. I went from pulling little bags to large suitcases. So I thought I had been given that power that I asked God for. I even recorded some of it but there were times when I would try and record and it would move the camera and th curtains would move indicating NO. As time went on my friend introduced me to the needle and thats when things got even crazier. I could see things happening "visions" and they really happened in like 2 to 3 weeks. I tell the spirit to go mess with my older sister who stated with me and it would pull her leg and cover and she would always be complaining about what was happening. I was all fun and games until the spirit wanted to turn on me and begin to pull and tug on me, mess with things that I was operating and visiting me in dreams. I then realize that if the spirits that i had been playing with were real then so was the Bible so I return to Jesus. But it was still happening I would right bible verses in a tablet that I was reading and a couple days later 2 visiting pastors and my dad reached onthe scriptures I had wrote on 3 different nights. Itold my dad and he said that when I was a little boy a prophet told him that I would be a prophet and would see things. she didnt say how but everything she said is coming to past. So yes this Drug is a way into the spiritual realm and sometimes that portal stays open. I feel like that is what has happen in my case but God protection is helping me though it. At first I kept doing it trying to get that spiritual feeling and didnt want to wait for God. The devil is very smart and looks to give you your wants and kill you in the process but i have now taken up this scripture "I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my Salvation: My God will hear me" Micah 7:7

      profile image

      a son of god 2 years ago

      I smoke meth all the time and surrendered to jesus , then god came to me through my phone i was on meetme, well actually back up a minute i was reading corinthians and i was reading it as if i wrote the book and i was reading to god as if he could hear me, i then got a high from my own interpretation of the bible walked down the street to to Ingles and was on my galaxy s2 on meetme .com tryin to find some easy strange because the high is like a aphradejeatic high i like to have sex on this bendge.... i began to sit down and read a devotional on on my phone in the store. it was called a breathe of fresh air. it said to go where my name is known and had a story about some man who had a son named jonathan and didnt spend much time with him it also answered my questions about tything and said god honors more sociallly by you being socially tything with your family rather than money as the church bullshits about.. god doesnt want you to sacrifice unless its guna get your attention and then he reveals his heart. hes cool....any way it said chris take a breathe of fresh air. literally said my name written out... i then broke down and started crying...Supernaturally my phone will quit and then alll these notifications popped up supernaturally and on said J for justice and subtxt said fuck the police.. (i say that all the time) the next one was a image of the dos saqous guy . and then another profie profile came up and said women are not objects. lol w/e thats another story, ever since than i have been in a great relationship with god and jesus

      profile image

      trentortnert 2 years ago

      okay so ive read about quarter of the comments and still going to keep reading as days pass. but alot are really similar to whats going on with me as i type. I definitely can admit my faith for god was going down the drain, that is until these experiences started. Im trying really hard to stay sober, but sober for me, is using suboxone..always in the cornor of my eye, though theres more than a few so even if in the cornor theres more in front, ect. yet my faith for God is stronger then ever, i cant seem to get them to stop pestering me. like jeremy84 i can see them. they dont do the punching thing, instead one has a scythe and is going down at me. not only that i can* feel them thou. they pull at my legs, slowly pull on my blanket, phone charger, even moves pretty much moves anything i look at?(video to back it up). bed shakes pretty much every night now. know exactly what jeremys talking about when he says he can feel them "walking" on his bed. sleep paralysis is becoming more n more now. also is weird that one the things it moves is a holy bible? umm any advice would be greatly appreciated..grandma and aunt think im crazy.

      its not my imagination, i know a halucination from real life.

      also, good or bad to try to communicate? havent tried only because idk if itd be bad or not. first post opening up to this thanks.

      cm 2 years ago

      so one time i was high off meth for a couple days and i was coming down and still getting high more then i had something called WAX its made out of weed and other shit but anyway after i was stoned off that and i started having a bad scary feeling so i left my bros n laid on the couch in the dark the feeling just gets worse and worse as i am reminded of something bad i did and voices were telling me i was going to hell and i was reminded of all sins and the voices got crazy intense and i felt like something was trying to possess me or something and i was thinking how i might as well do bad crazy things to the world before i reach hell and suffer for my already done sins so after that i was scared as fuck praying to GOD to help me and protect me the voices kinda blocked me off and i was going back with my friends in the room or atleast trying to the DEMONS were like fucking with me on the walk down the hall wayy... i went into the room shaking kinda pale and my friends asked whats wrong and i said i felt horrible.. they suggested going outside and getting air while out there i was even more pale.. everyone said so.. and i felt calm.. then i threw up and felt better.

      Finleylass 2 years ago

      You guys... Really? Demons? Drug abuse can cause problems in a person's life, sure, but being an atheist this whole conversation sounds very strange.

      Jones 2 years ago

      These "shadow men" are known as djinn in the Quran. They are very real and are well known to Muslims. They can be good or evil like humans, but they are forbidden to contact us, and so the only ones that humans will every have an experience with are EVIL ones who are indeed the minions of Satan. Satan was a djinn, but not an angel. Angels are a different species, they have no free will and only obey the will of God. Satan and the other djinn however do have free will like humans, which is what allowed Satan to disobey God and become Satan in the first place (he was the first being in existence to do so). Very interesting and spooky article.

      bee yang 2 years ago

      Hi my name is Bee yang, I live in Fairbanks, AK.. I had the same experience. except I can not use computer, because I don't know much about internet. I had email, but i cannot use it because the meth thugs cheated me for ten years. which means they would changed the pass words every time I made one. how they cheated is taking picture off me when I am in my private time, ether with my girl or me taking a shower, which is privacy intrusive, and living by taking picture of private life with their phone. now they are accusing me,framing, threatening, attempted murder,harassing with out ending. that could mean they had done something bad or a crime. they computer genius, for ten years I never notices this until they spoken to me for the last three years. I never does meth, because to it is only human tears and human bitterness. I also see two person or may be four or more shadow. sometimes light one. They comes and move with in a Flash. I don't see them all the time, only when they moved. See them at the angle of the eye also. I try explaining to people, asking for help some time but every one thought I was crazy. Now I feel like I am not alone because I found this site. These shadows or puppeteers cause my life to crash down making me lost every thing, ruining my reputation by using my name on face book, pretending that they are me talking shit about others and my own kind and saying that they went to others using voice imitate me. Even now they are also here watching me type this up. They said they uses their phone to hack others, like this place here. but any ways I had more to tell, there not room to say. How do I know that this isn't any drug addiction programs or any fraud that thinks that I am crazy. I reaching for help but and searching for answer. how do I get rid of these shadow puppeteers. please computer but write me a letter or maybe post comment again. I will stay in touch. 500 Graig st, Fairbanks, AK, 99701

      Christal 2 years ago

      Oh my God, I believe God brought me across this web site for a reason. My boyfriend is going through all that. he is been using and exploring all kind of drugs heroin, cocaine, marguana and finally meth which the worst. I never used any drugs and I don't know how people become slaves for it. all I know that I love my boyfriend so much that I put up with all that. our life turned into a nightmare since he started using meth and the idea of seeing shadows/ people spaying and wespring, it all so much stress that affected all of us. we have a baby and when ever her dad is high on meth she look at him very weird as if she is afraid which I believe she can see other entities in him while on drugs. anyway, I never thought he will go that far, he used to go high on cocaine occasionally and was able to stop and go through withdrawal symptoms and after a while get back to normal, it was never normal that is why he gets back to over and over. Now, he is going down hell and I have done everything u can think of. I can't be supportive anymore am in a state where am getting depressed and feeling bad. I've decided to stay away from him, he is nothing but stress. now he has no sense of reality, he accuses me in front of people in public, stay up all night thinking people are spaying on us, thinks that people are trying to kill him. oh my GOD when I look at him he looks evil, not the person I used to know. even his family are trying to help him and he thinks they are trying to kill him. am so tired and soo lonely and I know nothing in the world can do anything except praying for God and ask for his help. for everyone out there please stay away from drugs my story is real and demons are real and it's true that we are in a time of spiritual battle, we just need to stick to God and he will protect us from the evil. please, pray for us to get through this I know it's over between me and my partner which I've been calling him my husband and he calls me his wife. it's sad seeing us falling apart, I really wanted him to be around his daughter and be her real model. I grow up around a sick dad which never provided any of my needs as a child and I know how it feels when I saw my child scramming and looking at both of us when he is high and we are fighting and she was like STOP IT, I rather raise her without a dad that will cause lots of damage in her life. we don't need that. he already caused me lots of psychological damage. I still love the person I used to know, not the person who he is now, I can't believe it him. but I do want God's help more than anything in the world and i accept his choice for my life even if that means we will not be together anymore. I do want to be the ideal mother to my child, like my mother did to me, even though my dad did lots of damage in my childhood, but God was always there providing and protecting my family.

      Michael 2 years ago

      @ below, no drugs cause hallucinations. People believe that drugs such as mth, acid, mushrooms, etc cause hallucinations. This is actually incorrect, There are 15 different causes for hallucinations the most common one being Psychosis. Having suffered a drug induced psychosis and having extremely tormenting visual, auditory and feeling hallucinations I can tell you that it is much different that an acid trip. Acid and other psycodelic drugs cause objects to be visually enhanced or change, but they are really there. During a hallucination, the item,person,being or whatever is not actually there. To the person suffering it is but to the rest of the world it is not

      Jake 2 years ago

      As a Wiccan, and a recovering meth addict, I agree that crystal meth is demonic, but understand that Wiccans do not condone or in any way support the use of something so dark and evil. We are healers of the Earth, whereas crystal meth is a destroyer. It promises you a high better than nature can offer, with a parallel promise of a low, the likes of which you have never imagined. Wiccans view nature as sacred, and therefore any attempt to transcend or control it is a giant middle finger to the Gods. It's a vain human delusion that humans know best (I'm sure Christians will agree with me). Remember that the Earth creates crystals of light, this is scientific fact. But those who disrespect the Earth create crystals of darkness.

      Chris B 3 years ago

      Please say this prayer it will bring you back to our plane. Allow yourself to tap into the white light and the Creator (God) energy. As you say the prayer aloud imagine white light beaming from inside of you and surrounding you, you must believe the words of the prayer as TRUTH, and you will find divine comfort.

      The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. AMEN.

      This prayer will allow you to begin the process of closing "the door" please repeat it often, say it out loud, allow it to become your truth......Now comes the hard part..... You must stop accepting that the other things are real, do not validate their existence! Do NOT ask what they are, why they are, or who they are, ANY validation of a spirit or energy will only feed it from your energy. Stop allowing them to communicate with you. Questioning/ meditating/ sketching out will only make them stronger. Fear is the best energy source for them, do NOT fear them! This could allow manifestions (actual events) to occur. Not good! Instead, realize that you are WAY WAY WAY more powerful than they are, we are already fully manifested, living beings, sculpted by the hand of God. You are a vessel for this divine energy, But here is the best part! Because you are human YOU can choose to manipulate energy also, this is our special gift from God. The "evil energy" you describe can only exist on our plane through the energy that WE provide them, so you have the upper hand here. Realize that you are allowing them to manifest by providing them with the energy they need, STOP NOW, control your thoughts, control your world. YOU have all of the power that you need to change and manipulate the energy around you, by Gods divine plan. The most important thing is you MUST love yourself and allow love to come back into your life. Realize that God is not a person sitting in a far off place judging you. Meditate on the divine mystery of what God is. See Him in everything, the infinite, the entire vastness of the cosmos, and time and space itself, yet, every atom in your body is held together in perfect alignment to create a living, breathing being. Out of nothing came something. God is the energy that binds the fabric of creation together, he is infinite and his plan is divine. YOU are loved as much as JESUS because we are all His children. This means we are so powerful! Forgive yourself, and the universe will forgive you. Love yourself, and the universe will love you. The next step is to give another person some love through actions, or word. Just remember actions speak loudest. The positive energy you spread will come back to you 3 fold. So it takes very little to get a whole lot! So keep doing it. LIGHT AND LOVE TO ALL.

      -Chris B.

      Digge 3 years ago

      Yo Luke! Wut about your dope? Haha preach it to me! I am here to say you all are schotzoids, if you can't handle speeding, then by all means necessary refrain from use. Like a feeding frenzy, one off the other! You see your shadow and run in fear lolol. Your minds being stimulated, we all have an imagination don't we? Steven Spielberg's begging all of you, to quit overdosing and tripping lolol . I'm just laughing at ya.

      stellar 3 years ago

      hi jus wantd to add my two cents here...been practicing chaos magick, and altering my consciousness in many diff forms and ways. Anyhow i've also studied and read other forms such as enochian, ceremonial, hermetic, goetia, the olympic spirits, anagrams and linguistic magic of words and power words, psionics, and synchronicity sorcery. Messed for prolly five years straight on thoughtforms and sigils through my applied emotions and sex rituals, trance work, and by launching one sigil into others minds through marking snow, walls, and wearing a shirt.....and then I messed with mathematics, letters, and gematria with an irrational mathematical code that will remain unnamed.

      To get to my point it was after this last experiment that suddenly i was under attack by what i believed to be a demon that would always appear on my right side periodically in my house or away outside. In the corner of my eye it would shimmer like heat and other times appeared as a shadow. This is where your comments on shadow people come in. I tried everything not really sure if i invoke or evoked it through a dark arts rituals or if it was a thoughtform of my own creation.

      It caused me great distress, attacked me and other friends causing my muscles to involuntarily contract, insult me in other voices of people i knew, talk or refer to me in in third person, cause fear, paranoia, bouts of sleepiness that seemed unnatural, send internal heat through body and cause physical health problems constantly, and also like to repeat unintelligible phrases over and over while also instructing me to do evil things that i refused to do. At point when banishing it, it away from my room while staying with my brother, it caused an empty glass to explode without anyone touching it. If under the influence it would have a field day attacking me. Basically i finally realized through my intuition and qan article by franz bardon, a hermetic magician, that this was larva or energy parasite that we all create and unknowingly have or can see at times periodically. When i doing magic, they amplify, but i killed this one. Hope this clarifies these shadow people.

      Pilt Back Activist 3 years ago

      lmao okay bro nice article very creative, to say the least. Truth? far from the truth, and I can tell your just super spracked writing this out and possibly allowed this drug to take advantage of you. Why is adultery so bad? if your wife would agree with it, all your doing is expanding your sex life. in terms of sin under god theres no difference between murder and smashing the sexy neighbor sin is in ask for salvation and your good. I liked the magic wand thing though shit was funny but ur wrong. Meth as weird as it sounds saved my life, because I quit drinking to point of destruction basically drinking all together and accomplished the obstacle of getting clean off weed for employment drug tests never figured that would happen and it did. month clean, meth is gone in 3 days so I can lose that quick vs 3 weeks

      But this whole meth takes ur life over and brings you down is outrageous to me. When I smoke meth I spend hours researching numerous business outlets, reading books, studying up on career paths. with a new found sense of motivation that when compared to sober motivation/ passion is exponentially increased. What harm could come from Energizing boost of life, Confidence, Ambition, and faith in everything your doing so your not being held back?

      I capitalize got a couple friends we discusss life al night in the car not harming anyone just listening to music plannin the future never been compelled to steal lie or cheat. Either you have morals and ethics or you dont. Meth doesnt create nor destroy either. People are weak enough to give control over to a substance that holds no life is stupid, especially since Crystal is a bitch and as a man your breakin G code you let a bitch play u like that. I love her but I dont need her bro i make the shit kool she doesnt make me anything but myself just high, lol chillax holmes your minfucking yourself to insanity Go get some chicks and fuck em all night blowin clouds in a hotel room.

      Good chicks not crack bitches u find on the corner. Not all users are irresponsible immature mischievous but most females are ahahahaha but crystal s a bitch and users are in a relationship. Not everyone who has a bitchy girlfriend is an asshole himself get it? dont think so much in that aspect concentrate your deep thinkin into government monopoly of the drug trade or some passionate issues you have and write a damn book. Make a story plot line witchcraft (meth) and some warlock or whateva u was saying. Get stuck on that for 9 hrs straight you be surprised the degree of intelligence you may have when focused. Tweakers are like Magivors give em a a paper clip battery and some chewing gum and something is gettin fucked!! Stay up in the clouds bro by the way only whackos I know in so cal at least are the bums and majority shoot the shit up thats where they fuckin up

      boyd harris 3 years ago

      i have over the years used meth and speed and coke to suplement my energy when i worked un godly hours i would stay up for days sure i saw things that were not normal that is to be exspected but the last 6 monts i have been batteling something i guess you might say demon what ever it is scared of me i have seen this thing jump into 2 pepole this all started when i started filling gulty about helping outhers get meth one night i was siting on my bed filling gulity 2 frends were standing in the hallway talking i walked up was saying 2 them how i should start my own bible study before i could finish saying bible study i was getting ready to pat my frend on her back mind you she had her back to me me before i could finish saying bible study somthing jumped into her like i said she had her back to me before my hand reached her back she twirled down spun up and started screaming and acted scared of me ran out of the door i went to the door to see what the heck waqs wrong with her she was trying to get in her front door her husband was holding hershe told him she thjought i was the devil she was going in the door when she turned around looking at me it was not her that thing had no white nor pupils it freaked me out when i asked the outher pepole there did they just see what happend like me they could not belive what just happend i had felt this feeling all the time this was going on i dont know what this means they said i had a glow around me wile this was going on and it made them feel safe and happy nither of us wanted to tell anyone that would be like saying you say bigfoot at yankey stadiam. but every since that night my faith in god was renewed.butt i have been getting meth sores that are poping up in front of me and my wife they hurt so bad i took a pitcher the last time for some reason it never hurt as bad as this before the next day the pitcher of my head had what looked like the app for america on line beside it was a five star pentagon above in the middle was a 7 this is realy bothering me bad whats going on with me

      Cassidy 3 years ago

      I am a white witch, a Wiccan. I believe there are many paths to the Devine. Jesus is definitely one of them. I am a recovered meth addict, and give thanks to the Devine for helping me move past that evil shit. I have seen plenty of shadow people. Meth opens a door that allows you to see spirits, sadly they are typically negative ones that are attracted to meth users. But these spirits don't belong to the dead. They belong to black witches who use something called astral projection to step out of their bodies in spirit form which allows them to walk about practically invisible. Those who have had that door opened due to meth use or other means sometimes can see these spirits. There is something in meth that attracts them, like they can smell a lit meth pipe a mile away. They attach portions of themselves to meth users and enter their mind through the third eye chakra and plant subliminal messages to get people to do more meth and stay up for days. The more meth in your system and the more lack of sleep a person has increases their vulnerability to these messages. They try to get folks to do evil things they would not normally do like have lots of sex with people they just met, and if possible unsafe sex. They try to make people become HIV positive, lose their job, leave their lover, family, friends. Isolate them, make them broke and destitute so they will kill themselves. They believe if you commit suicide you go to hell and Satan wins your soul. They use other drugs like cocaine too, but meth is their drug of choice. It makes you weak. After I became addicted to meth I came to realize my neighbors who lived below me where physically reacting to things I was doing in my apartment, as if they could see what I was doing. Once I stopped doing meth they kept trying to push me back to it. They feed off of others misery. They are black witches, demons maybe, but human as well. I moved away from them and they followed me. I would watch their spirits walk into my home, uninvited, constantly for months. If you are being stalked by shadow people and want to be left the fuck alone, first and foremost get off Meth! As long as its around they will be too. When you see them, tell them firmly to get out and don't come back. If they do, pour some bleach in your toilet, lure them into the bathroom, push them into it. The bleach will destroy that part of their spirit. They will likely go bullshit and send a shitload more of themselves to taunt you but if you keep doing it they will get the hint or lose enough of themselves that they will not have enough spirit left to astral project themselves to u anymore. Also, spend more time with friends and family and try to connect to the Divine. The light is the way to recovery. Blessed Be.

      SessionInTheDesert 3 years ago

      (I only read the first 15 or 20 comments, but not the other 10 million of them).

      One comment for all to chew on:

      I also agree: what you all have come to know as "Demons" & "Angels" & "Shadows" and what not, are indeed very real.

      But they are NOT at all what you think they are. Every religion has their own terms for such things, and their own explanation of the roles they play, and what "side" they're on, based on their cultural surroundings, and the only "history" they were ever exposed to.

      All religions are attempting to describe the EXACT same THING.

      They are merely describing it from their own perception.


      [ Now I'm not saying I, or anyone like myself, knows what God is, but we can certainly know what He ISN'T.

      (True spirituality cannot be attained through someone describing how it works to you, or reading about it, or singing songs about people who wrote a book trying to describe it; it only happens through EXPERIENCE.

      Once you've had the experience, no explanation is necessary, nor possible.

      We can surely give some "winks" & "nudges", through riddles & quotes & analogies & what-not, TOWARDS the direction of finding YOURSELF. But only YOU can open the door, and only YOU can find the door.

      Having a well renowned & respected religious elder sink your head in a tub of water has just about nothing to do with finding, much less opening, the door to a true spiritual awakening.

      It may be symbolic, if anything, but that's about it. ) ]


      Back to the point:

      Once again, these beings are real, but have been terribly miss-understood.

      More than any bit of advice relayed on this whole page, out of all of these posts, to help anyone in any similar life-battle as you all here:

      the single, best piece of advice I could ever hope to give any & all of you, is:

      Read a book called "The Celestine Prophecy", and it's three sequels: "The Tenth Insight", "Shambala: In Search of the 11th Insight", and "The Twelfth Insight".

      And then read it again.

      And then read it again.

      It's just as amazing of an experience, in an entirely new way, each time you read it; all based on where you are in your understanding of spiritual reality.

      I guarantee you, if you read even just the first book (and by "read", i mean READ), life & our reality will make SO much more sense than you ever thought possible, and you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky, as you'll realize how perfect everything is.

      Then you will at least be well on your way towards a true spiritual awakening.

      Although it's not a "religious" book, it is an ever-deeply SPIRITUAL book.

      Two vastly different definitions; It's hard for religious people to see a difference in the two, and this is simply because: religion is the only source they know of spirituality.

      True spirituality is something that can never be instructed by a book with guidelines on exactly what & what not to do, telling you that you have not the power to save yourself (one of the most dangerous LIES in reality)..

      Spirituality is an EXPERIENCE; an ever-evolving experience of which NO words can grasp.

      And finally, after you've read the Celestine Prophecy,

      read The lost Gospel of Thomas.

      Which, for those of you who haven't read it, it's essentially just a collection of invaluable quotes said by "Jesus Himself", no more, no less.

      Just a straight one on one lesson from Jesus Himself.

      (before you go off saying "ah that's all hogwash!" or whatever anti-gospel-of-thomas theory you've subscribed to, i've got an idea for you:

      why don't you actually read it first?

      And not just the first 5 lines of it, but every word of it.)

      Although He surely used different words,

      most of the points,

      and i repeat,

      MOST, but not all,

      of the points he made, are successfully delivered in Thomas's recalling of what Jesus was actually relaying.

      Although this lost gospel is, just like any gospel, a work of man, and as such has it's errors & points-lost-in-translation (in more than one context of that term), but overall:

      THIS (meaning: The Gospel of Thomas) sounds like the Jesus I KNOW.

      Which is vastly different than, and in some HUGE cases, the exact opposite of,

      what most modern Christian sects preach about Jesus' teachings, and, surprisingly, falls quite a bit in line with much of Eastern Philosophy.

      Very much so, in fact.

      It's very ironic, from my perspective at least, that modern day christians love Jesus SO much, and live & die by his name..

      As when Jesus comes back down to earth as promised

      (which i wouldn't be surprised if he's been here since, oh I don't know, say.. between 24 & 26 years now; just a "wild guess" :-) )

      and decides it's time to greet his "only followers" (Modern day Christians), he's very sadly going to be outright denied by the entire Christian community as a fraud, and they will MISS their Rapture (which is also, another massively miss-understood concept), as what he will be trying to "preach", or CLARIFY,

      will sound a LOT like The Gospel of Thomas, and very little like what's been taught in our churches for the last 1,000 + years.

      I speak for Him when I say:

      There truly is no "good" or "evil".

      There is only LOVE & FEAR.

      Two terribly different concepts that are all too commonly incorrectly used interchangeably when trying to describe our reality, and "what's" responsible for "what".

      Once you've come to know the reality of Love & Fear, the old biblical quote makes much more sense:

      "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

      Luke 23:34

      And forgive you all He will, weather you buy His "hogwash" or not, and He'll provide just the "spark" we need to move towards a spiritually-based existence;

      Ironically, Christians are the least likely to follow, and may actually become Jesus' biggest obstacle this time around.

      Just as the Jews, His own kind, were ironically his greatest obstacle last time around.


      My intentions are only to attempt to share my personal knowledge with my fellow people, and I certainly hope I did not upset or offend anyone in the process, as that was just-as-certainly not my intention. If I did, I'm truly sorry. Best of love & luck to you all.


      LeeN23 3 years ago

      I agree that the content here is pretty heavy and most everything said is opinionated, we all go thru things in life wether it be experiencing drugs or whatever, that is how we gain our knowledge! I was a meth smoker for about 8 years and made some really dumb decisions also did things that i am ashamed of..there was an article above that mentioned we are given free will, which i agree we make the choice to use drugs or include ourselves in risky behavior..but the article said its not the devil whom brings the drug in our lives and its not God whom takes the drug out of life....i disagree because my self will only wanted to use meth, it was a power greater than me that allowed me to open my eyes and take the desire to not smoke meth away, i have been clean from meth for 19 months and i must say God is great, i love being sober i am aware that i make the choice to be clean everyday but it is god who allows that! in my darkest days of addiction i experienced evil things that i would relate to being demonic..there is no reason to go into vivid detail, but I KNOW MYSELF THAT DRUG IS RELATED TO SOMETHING IN THE DEVILS WORK, maybe it just makes the human mind more vulnerable to the outside realm and more aware of whats really going on around the physical form. it releases certain chemicals in our brains, chemicals that are only released at certian milestones in our live exaple birth & death, u hear stories all the time about people dying and and coming back to life, their stories are believable , well its the same as people whom have done meth i think....anyways not everything will ever make sense in this life, afterall its just the classroom for what is really lies ahead whole point is that these days i dont judge, thats only for our father in heaven to do, i stay more open minded and aware of my surrounding. good luck to all of u who still fight the addiction, i know ive been there! and to those of u who just want to disagree and say that people dont know what they are talking about...okay thats your opinion, just like this is mine! if you dont agree then move along and focus on the things that do matter to you. in the end its all spiritual warfare..however you want to look at it!

      profile image

      Andrew1222 3 years ago

      Are you still breathing? There is still time then. God already knew the mistakes we would make but it is up to us to turn it all around. Simply follow these instructions:

      1. Repent... turn from the drug and towards Christ

      2. Don't believe the devils lies about it being too late.

      3. Don't worry about what has been lost... simply consider it all lost. The devil may have taken everything from you but your soul is the only thing that really matters. Losing "items" can cause a person to stop defending the most important part of their being... the soul.

      Been less than a week since the last time we put that stuff in and around us. The comments above I take to heart. My life is now a constant battle. My wife will not repent. She is now the catalyst of what I'm hoping will not be a tragic end. I have to laugh when I read some of the posts. The lies that we are made to believe. Lying to yourself is very easy.. Excepting the truth can seem impossible. I am in the middle somehow. I have heard it to many times by whom I don't even remember. You can't be lukewarm. Cold or Hot, In or OUT. I crave salivation. Good luck to you...US ALL!

      profile image

      amanda1980 3 years ago

      I found this site very interesting. I am going through a similar situation with my (soon-to-be-ex) husband. He is an alcoholic, pill popper, and meth addict (smoker). We have been having very strange things happen in our lives that just are not explainable. Recently, we moved into an apartment, due to him falling at work and breaking his back. We had some weird happenings at our old house, but nothing like we have been through here. The moment we moved, one of my sons and I had this constant feeling that we were being watched. And several times, I had feelings of something that was very mean and dark running up behind me as if it were going to grab me, making all the hairs on my body stand up and my spine tingle. We (my husband included) started seeing a large shadowy man, about two inches shorter than the door frame, in the back part of the apartment. I would say he looked as if wore a cloak or maybe just wide and wispy below the neck. He usually walks across the hall into the wall or out of my closet to the foot of my bed. But the thing is, we do not see him out of the corner of our eyes.... we are all looking straight at him. We laughed about it a couple of times, maybe just to ease the tension. But my son has had 4 friends see the same thing at different times (and we are not telling anyone about this). Well, anyway, the latest thing, my husband has completely lost his mind. It started out when he had a run in with this shadow man while he was home alone. He said that the figure was so dense, he could not see through him. He tried saying some scriptures to get rid of him but was met with unbearable back pain and sweating. We thought everything seemed lighter for about a day, maybe two... then my husband disappeared for 5 days on a drug and booze filled escapade, then came home admitting that he had cheated. I gave him another chance. And now three weeks later, I came home from work and he was violently outraged about something one of the kids did (something simple, like not finishing homework). He destroyed the house, threw me around several times, strangled me, spit in my face, and tried destroying mine and the kid’s phones so we couldn't call the police. But what got me was, he came after me and tried to take my purse (with the keys) away from me when we were trying to escape. I wrapped my arms around the straps and he literally lifted me up off the ground with ONE hand by the straps of my purse!! Let me remind you... he has a broken back!! The first chance we had, the kids and I made a run for the car and left for the night. He left multiple voicemails telling me he had killed my dog, screaming and cursing, slamming stuff around, and asking why "I" was doing this to him. We were tipped off that he was at his dad’s house 70 miles away. So, we came home. That weekend, my son had a friend over, and we had come home from eating. The friend went running to the bathroom once I opened the front door. He stopped abruptly, turned around, and came running back to the living room saying that a man just walked into my son’s room. But he only saw his shadow. My son and I asked him what he looked like, and he described him as the shadow man that we've all seen! The boys ran into my son's room and a smell of fresh cologne filled in the air when he opened the door. We stood there for a second stunned, and then heard a thud in the bathroom. The boys went to investigate the sound. And when the door was opened, the same cologne smell filled the bathroom!! The smell is not cologne that anyone wears in our house! We were so scared! I haven't slept into my room this entire week! I feel like I'm a thousand miles away when I walk in there to change clothes. It's just crazy! The other thing that has been going on, I've been going through MRIs and spinal taps for swelling on the brain, but doctors cannot figure out what it is. This all started when we moved into the apartment. My eyes will also dilate different sizes at the same time, like my right eye will have no color, only pupil. And my left eye will be almost no pupil! I’m trying to get rid of his things, hoping that this man and the feeling of doom will go away.

      profile image

      Andrew1222 3 years ago

      I was lying in bed reflecting and trying to make sense of what has just happened. My story is long and goes back many years. I will tell you about our most recent event. About 8 months ago meth came back into our lives (my wife and I). These 8 months seem like a very long day. I don't remember a lot of things that have happened during that time. It came back into our lives like a thief in the night and we have lost almost everything again. We are so close to being homeless. It lies and makes you believe that things are great and that everything is going to be OK. It shows you things that are out of this world. I have so much to say but don't know how to say it. It is to unbelievable. Towards the end I cant help but think that one of our neighbors started to pray or maybe a few of them got together and somehow pulled us out. We were gone. Everything you talk about happened. As the sun would go down the shadow men would start to come out through the walls I could see them in the blank screen of our tv that I never watched anymore, I would stare into the blank dark screen for hours.They would manifest in our curtains and our canopy over our bed. I have video and pictures that I cant watch I am scared to sleep. I am so fearful of them coming through the windows at night. Our little dog is traumatized. She would watch them all night trying to warn me and protect us. My wife became hypnotized by the computer screen and said she was working on things like spreadsheets and things for her work. Come to find out she was staring at a blank screen for months. She lost her clients and has no job now. I watched on the last day as she frantically tried to produce a payroll she could not produce. She had all these printed sheets of random numbers. She kept saying how easy it was to get it done while in tears and laughing. It was like a horror movie. She could not do something she had done a thousand times. I was made to watch this. If I tried to help she would become violent and told me I would be sorry if I did not leave her alone. I cannot get my life back together I feel like it wants me no matter what . Like I have been marked and forsaken by my lord, I feel like a Judas. How do I save my wife.How do I save my soul from that darkness. I have committed so many horrible acts against my lord. The pornography, adultery,blasphemy, everything you talk about We or I did. I have become violent I say wicked things. Is there any hope for me. How can I change the direction I am going. Is it to late? I am sorry.

      Yimothy 3 years ago

      I'm searching for a drug that is like meth just without the insomnia and the libido ! I would gladly do without both! I hate the libido !Anyways you are wrong about meth being man made nothing is man made the Lord made everything! I believe that the meth is not finished in it's development yet and I am searching for heaven on earth a drug that will stop all sin and turn all users to God like meth has for me. Meth gave me a life where I never had a desire to do anything at all my 16 years of not using until now I been using for 20 years. Last time I used I started opening up in Psalms , praising the Lord for hours! I don't see how these men in the bible gave praise to God they must have had meth also. I believe the bible is a chemical recipe book and have been working on unlocking the revelations in the parables. I have read the bible twice in my life all on meth and read it also frequently and fervently. I believe their are drugs not yet discovered that will turn everyone to God. I don't see how meth and witchcraft are linked. People who practice such things are politicians and designers of atomic weapons and such are sorcerers. Their laws are almost like a spell book! I hate my life I live about a couple days out of a two week period. The rest of my life is consumed by depression , TV addiction bad TV addiction. My days are taken up by the evil nicotine I been smoking since 13 yrs of age! I hate cigarettes in fact I had been so high on meth for about 2 weeks that when I finally came down my nicotine addiction was gone and it was just as easy to say no then to start smoking again. I'm not saying that meth is the answer John 1

      King James Version (KJV)

      1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

      2 The same was in the beginning with God.

      3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

      Andrew Osta 3 years ago

      if any of you guys want to take some time off and get off these drugs, free yourself from demons and come closer to God, email me and I will put you in touch with a place where you can do this.

      God Bless

      GHP Bihawk Guy 3 years ago

      We are all special. Smoke the shit and fight the demons, or die scared.

      Srdjan 3 years ago

      I'm glad i found this forum, myself i had some fucktop similar experiences that i red here, and i was surprised of the similarity with what i experienced. There is truth here somehow. The problem tough with this site, itself is filled with illusory fanatic sect religious type of informations. I suggest only to read just the drug experience part with the shadow men and demons that you may saw or felt while on drugs. Good luck to all of you and try not to aggitate the other darker side of this world we live in! And above all buzz of the drugs M'ayne..

      profile image

      miyuyang 3 years ago

      coming to this page makes me sad and happy at the same time. I pray that the ones who are using will stop. I stop because the power of God (Jehovah). If he can make me stop cold turkey then he can do the same for you. You just have to really want it and when you ask him to help you.

      profile image

      miyuyang 3 years ago

      First of all I would like to say that you can believe what ever you want. I don't care if you think I am crazy.

      I am a very sensitive person and it was easy to make me cry when I was a little girl. I guess this was one of the reason why this happend to me.

      My sister once told me that when I was young I woke up at night once and started to cry for our mom. I was yelling that my sister was infront of me. You see my older sister use to scare my brothers, sisters and me. But my sister was in her room sleeping.

      The funny things is I do not remember any of this happing.

      Then there was another thing that happend to me was when I was in the 6 grade i believe. One night my brothers, sister and me staied up playing. I had a funny feeling about something in the back yard. I went to the sliding door and I saw these two bright red eyes. I turned on the lights to see if it was a cat or some kind of animal, but there was nothing there. Right when I turn off the light I saw the red eyes again. I was speechless and walked slowly to the couch. I didn't want to tell my brothers or sister about this because I knew it would scare them.

      I have been 6 years clean from meth. I can truely say that God saved me and I am happy to be a live. I stop using once I was pregnant. I remember seeing shadows, things touching me, talking and noise. Yes, I do believe it was the drugs doing this to me but I also believe it was demons. I don't see, hear any of these things often anymore. But I do know when I sense them near me sometimes.

      I believe it open a door that should have never been opened. I know it was demons because they told me something that my fiance would do in the future and it did happend. I still want to know why it told me that. Was it to miss with my head. One thing for sure is that I will never do any type of drugs ever agian.

      Sorry, it was a really long story. I hope my story help someone and thank you.

      profile image

      oOGypsyQueenOo 3 years ago

      I am 34 years old and fairly new to Meth; I began smoking less than a year ago. At first, I used to stay up during my graveyard shifts at work. I wasn't afraid of addiction. I've smoked meth here and there but never habitually or alone. I've done other drugs socially, including crack cocaine. It was the most intense high that lasted no more than 10-15 min. I wanted to punch my friend in the face, snatch the pipe and take another hit. Because of that intense want, I never touched it again. It was my first and last time, my curiosity was quenched. I've prided myself on not getting addicted to anything, even cigarettes. I stopped smoking when I found out I was having a baby. Never looked back. I was a heavy drinker, still am just not as frequent, so coming down is no more than a hang over. Believe me, my hang overs are no joke. I am habitually addicted to meth because it perpetuates my productivity. I am a divorced single mother with a toddler, who works 60 hour weeks. By the time I get home from work my daughter wants to start her day. Hence the hits here and there. I can quit if I want to, but I don't want to. I've learned to take care of my body on this drug. Eat, drink gallons of water, take care of my skin, teeth and most of all SLEEP. My checkbook takes a hit, I'm learning to balance that as well. No one knows my dirty secret and I am very much ashamed. I've done less than favorable things while high. The evil truly seeths.

      I do not see shadow people when I've been up for 2 or 3 days. However, I do not exceed 3 days. When I was younger and high, regardless of the drug, I did see shadow people. I was also held down and silenced by an unknown force almost ten years ago. This unknown force has returned. It gets me while I'm in limbo, not awake, not asleep but dozing off. It happened just the other night.

      In college, I learned of a scientist who used a wide array of drugs to reach a nether word portal. We are at a higher state mind in the drug induced portal, opening ourselves to the spirit world. A realm that our normal mind cannot comprehend. His name was Aldous Huxley. Also, Sam Harris. Amazing. It makes perfect sense and it harmoniously intertwines with the rest of the hub. The shadow people are very real and present; if not careful while in this state, we may never return.

      Whatever held me down that night would not leave me alone, I was scared. I knew it was real, I knew what I was dealing with, and I hadn't had real sleep for several days. On my 4th attempt to ignore this entity, he gripped my face not allowing my head to move. I think he wanted to look me in my eyes. I clenched, tried to fight, tried to scream... I prayed to the Lord. I asked for his blessing and protection, teeth clenched with heavy breaths. At that moment, my 3 year old crawled into bed with me, nestled under my bosom and said, "I love you mommy, u okay?" I held on to her for dear life, fighting back my tears. He didn't return throughout the night.

      romagirl 3 years ago

      So I am on this site reading all these posts and it is horrific to me to see all the wasted lives of the people who have and are ruining their lives using such a horrible and horribly addictive drug. Mostly, I am worried about my daughters that are using and ruining their lives. I guess I just don't understand how one crosses the line to using such an addictive drug. Surely, we have ALL heard the warnings of how addictive meth is? I think the woman, Linda who stated that meth is just a stong stimulant, is totally minimalizing not only the effects of the drug but also the addictive nature of it!! How much of her life did she waste before she got clean?

      Has anyone else noticed the poor grammer with which this article was written? I don't to be rude because I know the writter is trying to do something good and bring awareness to this problem. How about the people that are thinking about using go to school and get an education instead? It might not be easy......but it wasn't easy for any of us either!! Have something good to show for your life that's positive and good and that you can be proud of and maybe your parents and family too!!

      Regarding's not really religion at all!!! It's in the Bible and if you want to know what it it and READ it!!! Join a bible study with kids your own age, do something for someone else like volunteer at a soup kitchen or help someone in need and YES, JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU and cares deeply for YOU and is always available to you if you just call up on HIS name!!!

      Advocateeve 3 years ago

      Thanks for your research we Chrstians need to be ready for battle like John 10:10 says satan steals, kills and destroys many unbelievers don't understand because they are decieved and blinded . Christ died for us so we could be saved and have life

      nick 3 years ago

      Wow, rubbish, excuses..


      Char 3 years ago

      If you ever bothered to pick up a book, you would realize that your Intense fleshy feelings are caused by chemicals in the brain. Drugs release more of those chemicals which makes you happier, more sensitive, blah, blah. Theres no dark magic to it. When you say things like that, it makes me wonder if you're still taking drugs.

      I believe in demons and such myself. But drugs do not have much to do with them. Even if you see them during.

      For example the after life can be explained easily because of a chemical released in the brain called 'DMT'. This chemical puts you in the place where you think you're going to go. It's a trip. A drug induced dream where you go to escape the pain of death.

      People have been to hell in their near-death experiences. That wasn't really God taking them to hell, that was the DMT in their brains giving them vivid hallucinations. In fact, if you go take DMT now, it will have the very same effect. That is why so many people claim to speak to God or the devil on drugs.

      It's all in your mind and enhanced by whatever you ingest.

      But of course you'll just tell yourself that this is Satan talking through me and not listen. Thats fine. Ignorance is bliss, and thats the true reason you are filled with happiness.

      Morgan 3 years ago

      GO TO SLEEP!!! sounds like u been up for days and are hallucinating (symptom of sleep depervation)

      lilian 3 years ago

      Hello, everyone my name is Lilian from Canada i never ever believed in spell until i meet a man called Dr upesa, who help me cast a spell that bring back my ex-lover who left me for one years before our marriage, His spells works beyond my imaginations and today i am happily married two kids and me and my [ex-lover] now husband are very happy more than ever before, what more can i say rather than to say thank you Dr upesa for been there for me, contact him today and your life will never ever remain the same his email is

      3 years ago

      u guys are idiots u dont get hallucinations from meth you get them from being sleeped deprived and their called delusions if you think thier real.

      denav 3 years ago

      I have seen many demons while on meth, I have pictures

      myles 3 years ago

      i was takin that shit for abit after the first few times i keept on wakin up at night have a pannick attack and think that i was being poked or someone pulled my blanket of me convinced something was in my room and i had to turn the light on i dont now if i was hallucinating it although at the time i was convinced it was real but it always happend when i was not high on the meth but it was in between taking it.

      Shawn 3 years ago

      Man, I have been looking to get info on things I have been dealing with and God brought me to this page and another today. Here is a page I believe will help everyone troubled by this.

      MJB2 3 years ago

      I have been using for 10 years now, and i have opened up so many doors, in fact i have been able to talk to be people using only the thoughts in my head, been able to control certain things like the radio with my mind, has any one ever seen a section of there wall turn black like a little damn hole with a red laser light coming out of it? been able to see through my walls and in fact i was able to see snakes coming out of my hands and i had snakes for fingers and a tarauntuala crawling around on my head and im able to see in the dark, part of the reason why so many doors have opened for me is cos i have died once and i have been to hell i was dead for twenty whole minutes i met the devil once before and now myy eyes turn green from time to time my eyes are brown as hell right now i have seen the ghost that helped shaped this country and much much more

      Rinion 3 years ago

      If you don't believe in Meth-induced hallucinations, you've obviously never done enough meth to dive into stimulant psychosis. It sucks. And believe me, the hallucinations on acid and shrooms and such are quite benign in comparison.

      matt 3 years ago

      it's not witchcraft at all. It just enhances your strengths but also your weaknesses. You have some personal demons you need to work out. thanks for sharing them with us but dont think everyone who does meth struggles with the same things.But it does let you see the unseen world, and they will use that to create fear. therefore i wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesnt believe in God and His power. We give the same compounds to our kids with a.d.d. And the seperation it creates is from misled people who never used it trying to control someones life. anytime someone tries to push what they believe onto someone else forcibly it creates a seperation.

      matt 3 years ago

      Any bible works. or just faith and trust in God and you can throw these things away from you as violently as they would like you to believe they could do to you. He gives us power over all our enemies. Just truly believe and you will not fear anything or ever let them influence you.

      jdraper84 3 years ago


      That is awesome how you are able to use the BoM to repell these things. I too share in that faith and have a problem with using. I have extreme encounters with these entities on a daily basis. I am somewhat used to their presence now, but would still welcome their decision to kick rocks. I have gone as far as reading out of the BoM to them, to either scare them off, or help them to return to our Heavenly Father. I can see now that they are not meant to return to him; I believe they are part of the one third fallen. They feel like they want to use my body, but that isnt going to happen, nor do I fear it. I have come much closer to our Father and even though Im a mess with my addiction He still stands there with open arms for me, and you. The entities I live with are not just glimpses or brief encounters, they are all day and night. Like one will come lay by me and chill, others will sit down, others will pace back and forth from one side of my bed to the other leaning in really close to get in my face. Some are so bright in like a blue light that it will shine and make my room light up. Like flashlights are on but dimmer, and others I can see like my room is in the middle of a fog. Like smoke or fog fills the room. Others I can see waves like loooking over the hood of your car on a hot day. Very intense stuff. They will talk and at first I couldnt hear and now lets just say I wish I couldnt hear. They are tricksters. They like to play. I can feel their weight pushing down on my bed reaching under my pillow tapping pulling on my shirt. The latest was them blowing on my face. When I make physical contact with them I almost feel weightless, dizzy, drunken wobbly, and like no feeling I have felt before. Some are cold some are warm. But the touch is like the only way I can describe is like two magnets when put together there is that force that repels each other, similar to that. I wish that I could control my experiences by simply pulling out my scriptures and holding on, but they fear not my scriptures. I sleep with them every night and still means nothing to them. Good luck to you and God bless. Hang in there and keep your chin up.


      Aimee 3 years ago

      I posted a previous comment about a month ago, though it seems much longer.

      I'm still not clean, this drug has taken hold of me worse than my previous drug of choice (heroin)

      While using heroin I didnt experience half of the stuff I do on meth, I doubt even 25% and even that is being generous...

      The last experience I had frightened me.

      I had laid down to go to sleep, but before i could even turn on my fan or dim my lights in my room i instantly had tunnel vision and my ears began ringing and i got this weird taste in my mouth. It felt as if something was on top of me, I couldnt move. It wasn't like being held down by someone it was a very different feeling, like I could move if I really really tried to but I had no intention/it seemed pointless to try.

      The tunnel vision and ringing in my ears would happen over and over, but i would snap myself out of it. Every time I would come out of the daze I would see things in my peripherals for an instant, and also in the darker places in my room such as my opened closet and doorway of my bathroom.

      The whole thing that makes me believe it was not just fatigue is that I cannot sleep without my fan on (white noise) and with my lights dimmed down, otherwise one of the mounted lights in my room shines right in my face. I've also started dimming the lights instead of turning them entirely off because of things like this as well...

      Another reason is because toward the end of this experience the feeling of not being able to move/being hopeless/having no control drove so much fear into me that i began praying out loud, and after i finished (not coincidental) I threw back the covers and reached over into my night stand.

      My family is Mormon, so I had a Book of Mormon (Basically a Bible specific to the religion, they also use the Bible itself)

      I grabbed it and held it with me for the next few minutes, none of the feelings or tunnel vision returned, and I thought everything was fine so i put it back over to the side of my bed.

      The feelings returned extremely more intense and I began hearing voices, saying hateful things toward me and acting as if I betrayed them for some reason. I fought the feelings and eventually I had moved my hand enough to touch the holy book again and the demons left...

      I kept in contact with the book the whole rest of the night and had no other encounter with any demons... I'm not sure what to do, but I have been sleeping with the book in my arms every night since then.


      his 3 years ago

      wild i knew i wasnt nuts. ya know the government pays me now cause ive been spoutin this crap for decades wow

      yo 3 years ago

      the "demons" are not bad, quit labeling them that way. it's not their fault you can see them, hell they are just as suprised as you

      profile image

      Gods Hammer 4 years ago

      God is real from an ex Satanist,Black Metal afficionado,I never did drugs but was Satan soldier and plead to fight against God in the Great Armageddon.I understood the Spiritual dimension.The power behind themredllion dark forces on earth.I embraced myself with Wrath and all the other 6 remaining powerful capital sins backed powerful demons.

      God is good and has forgiven me.I no longer have hate or wanted to get into a Bloody fight with police and military seeking Barbaric fight and over throwing any authority figure out like rebellion and anarchism.Thank You Jesus Christ.Now I'm walking with the Holy spirit.


      Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 4 years ago Author

      Thank You, The next time you cry out in fear...cry out to Jesus Christ, Him Yeshaua. Don't stop there, although you could, also cry for Michael, His Archangel, and then for 10,000 angels. I understand that you may have cried out for these before...I did to no avail also until I was sure I wanted to stop. Then ALL Heaven broke Loose. Repent, there is still time to beat this dust! Find Grace, the Jesus factor. Christ did not come to make bad people good, He cam to make dead ones Live. All glory be to Christ. Mailbox

      Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 4 years ago Author

      To Jeremy,

      REPENT...It is not what you want to hear but it is required. Of what? Only you know. If you don't know, ask God. If you still don't figure it out then I will give you the most common cause...look at your doctor prescribed prescriptions and be assured that all are truly required.

      My guess is that you already know, God has told you many times. I would like to also note that I have also been through this same thing so you can take this for what it is worth to you. Sure, it is much easier to avoid ever hearing this answer.

      Aimee 4 years ago

      The first time I saw a spirit/ghost/whatever you want to call it, was when i was 6 years old. Since then it feels like i have one foot in our world and the other foot in theirs... Its become part of my life to the point where I almost don't notice them around unless I am by myself or if I encounter ones who have the intent to cause sorrow to others...

      I tried crystal meth for the first time about 3 weeks ago and on my first high and ever since then (i've used most days) I have noticed I encounter many more evil spirits and demons. I want to stop using meth, but the problem is that it has such a stronger pull in a much shorter time. Meth grabbed me, and I'm wishing I had never tried it.

      I'm not too sure where to go from here although I do want to stop using... My parents just found out I am using drugs again after being sober for 7 years, the tension between you and your loved ones makes the torment from these evil beings so much harder.

      I came to this Hub on the first night i used meth after my first experience posted above. I left thinking nothing much of it... I encourage everyone to listen to the advice given on this Hub...


      profile image

      jeremy84 4 years ago

      I am truly blessed to have witnessed some of Gods miracles, even those that are not meant to be seen by us at this time in this world. I have ordered them out of this house many times in Jesus name and they refuse to go, in fact in doing so I have gotten one to say "I am the devil and I am not going anywhere; what are you going to do about it bitch?" WOW! He said all this after while I was saying to get out he was bellied over laughing and slapping his knee like I was saying something so funny. Many times that I have ordered them out in Jesus name and they almost always laugh at me. One has even flipped me off too after saying it. I have been trying to network as much as possible with others who are in similar or have been in similar situations as this to gain more understanding and the upper hand on this; if thats even possible. I know that as of now their powers are pretty mild and I dont fear of danger, but i can see the suicide side of things from a total breakdown and unmanageability. I have a doc app tomorrow to see about getting on some anti psychotic meds so maybe that will help if nothing else. I struggle with the fact that I am only human and am so intrigued by these things so when i order them out I get the feeling that there is the part of me ( even if it is 1%) that they are clinging on to and that is allowing them free roam. Now because of that I have asked God to take this from me, that I have tried but I am weak and mortal so the part of me I cant make come to want them gone I give to you Lord. Help me to overcome this and cast these entities out of my life forever. Has not worked still. In complete disarray. I am staying strong for now though and really appreciate your thoughts on this. Gad bless you and all your wisdom in this matter.


      P.S. You dont have to post this, can but dont have to. Was mostly responding to your comment.

      Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 4 years ago Author

      Thank you for following this hub & offering advice to others !! God will Bless you, Amen

      Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 4 years ago Author

      You are living and becoming one with the dead. Beware my friend, they will encourage you to join them. They will cause you to consider suicide. That is their purpose. That is their goal. I have been there...take it from experience. Suicide is their purpose...keep them out of your home and do not welcome "simples" (the dead who are stuck here)

      I don't know what you will do...but I chose to serve The King. Jesus Christ truly freed me. Michael the Archangel helped when I called for him. Christ is full of Grace for me...& you. I am very free this day & proof of Gods power! All praise o The King !!

      profile image

      jeremy84 4 years ago

      I have been using for the last three months and I have been telling all my family, friends, and even my therapist up until yesterday that I am six months clean. (therapist only). The weight that this lie has put on me is unbearable and making my using become so paranoid based that it isnt even much fun anymore, well ya it is but... My experiences with entities first started about a month after starting, and I was thrown in the fire head first. There was no testing the waters. My experiences are extremely vivid in every detail and it all started at the age of 28 three months ago. I have been either hallucinating more than any psychadelic ever did for me or these accounts are very real. My therapist seems to lean toward the substance induced psychosis diagnosis, while I tend to lean more toward the doorway of dimensions unseen by "norms", was opened wide to my eyes and ears. I have gone from thinking of ghost stories as just that, stories. Now today I have a completely different view on the spirit realm for I have become a walking, talking, breathing magnet for these things.

      There are definitely shadow animals, I have also witnessed them myself. Last night was most recent actually. I often see dogs, which is weird because I prefer cats, LOL. My cat was playing with a ghost cat one night, that was really cool. I have been tormented by these entities for the last several weeks and either they are getting stronger in the ways that they can manifest themselves, or I am becoming more in tune to my surroundings. Or just losing my mind! I see and hear these entities every single day, most of the day. They still have the ability to scare me sometimes, rare, but still manage to pull it off. Never been harmed by one but just their dimmeanor can send a chill down my spine. They can move things around like doors, they love the doors, and blankets and most recent the tv will turn. I have noticed though that they are masters of light and shadow, and can manipulate and bend them in ways that can cause an object to appear as if it is moving while it is only the light source reflecting off of it playing tricks on my eyes. i only noticed this because I had my door closed and believed to see it opening until i saw the door jam moving with it, which we all know is not possible at least without making a huge mess and much noise. I can feel them when they get on my bed or walk on it or sit or lean like they have the weight of a human adult being. Very weird I know but I assure you this is all true. they can tug on my clothing to get my attention, and at night once in a while they will tap on my pillow just like a kid would that is just trying to get your goat, really gets me going sometimes. I have witnessed many great and miraculous things lately. Last week I saw a ghost riding a ghost bike, inside the house, apparently no manners on that one, LOL. I have seen children entities, adult entities, and some that I dont know what to say about their gender, just evil. Some are very polite and warm, while others just rub me the wrong way. I have a few that hang out all the time, and many of them wear glasses, get that one. One of them is constantly eating and drinking something, yet still manages to keep a good figure, I guess:) And everyday these entities seem to become more and more human like, in appearance, like they are filling in and becoming less tansparent. Dont know what to make of this but...

      I honestly am a fairly "normal" individual that really does not act or have crazy tendencies.  This whole experience has my head spinning.  I am constantly more and more able to interact with these entities like our worlds are colliding and the veil is bursting all around me.  I cant expect to have everyone understand or believe my experiences, but the more i have been driven closer to God the more I see the many miracles and mysterious ways He can communicate His word.  I know He has given this gift to me and I am, if anything, being driven closer to Him so this experience isnt all bad. Well to all those who understand what I am saying, keep your chin up. These things are very real and we are not crazy. Although sometimes we may feel that way. I am proud to say that this is a gift from God that has been given to me and consider myself blessed, not cursed. We all should. Not everyone has the ability to see and hear the veil on the thin side. We are in the end of times where our Lord and Savior will rise again, and in these times I believe that many more of us will come to "see". These times are taking the veil over this world and causing it to rip and burst open. I love you all my brothers and sisters, make yourselves ready, for the time is near. I pray for all of you and enjoy reading about your experiences. You are not alone in this. If any of you have had similar experiences I would love to hear about them. My email is Send me your thoughts and i am also following this hub too.

      runamokinpitts25 4 years ago

      I found your posting very interesting... I have to agree... I have felt "godlike" on meth... have seen walls bleed.... neon bugs.... and people would turn demonic... and my body would feel alittle possessed by evil..... I do believe drugs open portals into other worlds... Wish I had that thought in mind when I used to use meth... I would have been able to control them better... lol but never touching that shit again..... Last time I used meth, I spilled poppers on my chest, pasted out, and fratured my jaw in three places..... But be warned! The worlds you see on meth aren't always worlds that want to be seen....

      Duh! Quit Smoking It! 4 years ago

      I came across this page purely by accident. I was directed here by Google search after searching for something very loosely related. Since I have been using meth everyday for the better part of the last ten years, curiosity got the best of me and I began to read a few posts. (Quick synopsis of my addiction - I have used meth daily for a decade but have never smoked it or shot up, I do lines or put it in my coffee, that's it). And guess what? I have never seen shadow people,demons, or simpels. Smoking it seems to be the common denominator here. Addicted is addicted, I get that. The reason I have never taken mine to a progressive level, smoking, is because I have watched people around me go from functioning addict w/ a job, a roof over their heads, custody of their children etc. to homeless, jobless, not even visitation rights to their children, dumpster diving bag whores in 90 days time once they hit that pipe. In my mind I know that being addicted to this shit is bad enough why would I want to further cement myself in it?

      I have 3 things I want to say about what I have read here tonight -

      1. It blows my mind that 98% of you think you have it all figured out. God, the devil, the shadow people - their roles, intentions, motivations etc., when none of us knows what lies beyond our earthly realm, if anything. I did 12 years of Catholic school (I am 38 now) and grew up in a devout catholic family but I could never bring myself to buy into it. Too many ??????? with no answers. I do believe in a creator of some-kind but I don't think its as cut and dry as if your good you go to heaven, if your bad you go to hell. That's my opinion. Faith is a good thing, don't get me wrong. But having 'faith' means to believe in something you can not prove exists. All of you stating your beliefs as if they are facts is not only arrogant and presumptuous, but would surely piss God off (if there is one) for you all to be claiming you have the mystery of life figured out!

      2. Many of you reference Satan when it comes to using Meth and reference God or Jesus when it comes to getting sober. When God and Satan have nothing to do with either. 'God' supposedly gave us the gift of free will - correct? That means we make our own choices, right or wrong. You and only you chose to do meth for whatever your reasons were. Be it peer pressure, a tragedy, escapism, addictive personality, bad childhood, low self esteem - whatever your reasons. And for those of you that sobered up, you and only you got yourself off it. Because you have been given the gift of free will. If your clean now, take pride in YOUR accomplishment, I haven't found the inner strength to do it, I applaud you! But I'll be damned if I would be giving credit to anyone or anything other than me for accomplishing what I see as the hardest thing I will ever do! Again, merely my opinion and my observation.

      3. Every post I have read here tonight has either said that meth is evil, opens some gateway to allow evil into your life, or that because of using it, it has brought these demonic entities upon you etc. Everyone is blaming the drug itself or calling it Satan's drug. One person even said the Nazis created meth which isn't true. Hitler used it (he shot up) habitually and he administered it to his soldiers regularly true. But During WW2 our pilots and soldiers were using it and so were the Japanese. But you didn't see us committing the atrocities that Hitler and his armies did and you didn't see the Japanese doing it either. Which brings me to my final thought......

      Satan didn't create meth, man did. It was created in the late 1800's for no apparent reason really. No one knew what to use it for initially. In the 1930s Dr.s began prescribing it to treat asthma, narcolepsy, and symptoms of the common cold. In the early 1940s the FDA approved it to treat narcolepsy, mild depression, post encephalitic Parkinsons, chronic alcoholism, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and even hay fever. WW2 took it from a medicinal drug to the start of the meth epidemic.

      Not Satan and his demons. Man.

      I have encountered my share of evil human beings during my history of using meth. The most scandalous people I have ever met have been pipe smokers. But here's the thing. Drugs and alcohol simply magnifiers of whats already in a person. i don't believe that drugs turn people evil, I believe there was already evil in them and the the drug merely intensified or magnified it. I'm not saying that we all haven't done things that we shouldn't have because of our addiction, I'm talking about the people that don't acknowledge, let alone care that they have - or take responsibility for their behavior - the ones that have no soul. But I believe they were soulless before they ever did meth.

      Thanks for letting me voice my opinions on the topic and I hope we all find the peace we are looking for!

      Nicolas 4 years ago

      Hello there, I'm happy to see you have very similar ideas as me... you can read my theory about the spirits of meth, the myth of Faust and the pact with the "Devil" here on Bluelight:

      Clinton 4 years ago

      I am very sad to say that I let God down with Crystal Meth. He showed me my name being crossed out the book of life because of it. I also have not slept properly in over 2 years. I have been punished and kept awake for more than a month!! thereafter.. I had maybe 20 days of crapy restless sleep in over 2 years!! Your family IS IN BIG DANGER. I promise you. Take my word for it It this stuff is EVIL and I am SO SAD because I don't think I will ever sleep properly again :(

      curuiosGirl 4 years ago


      genaricwiccan 4 years ago

      My heart goes out to the writer of this article and to most of the folks commenting. I believe faith in something bigger than ourselves is so vital to the healing of addictions, and the continued strength to fight that addiction everyday.

      I must comment though when my religion is being likened to a meth pipe. I believe the writer really believes what was written and I don't believe what was written was done so in a spirit of hate, but of misunderstanding.

      Modern Witchcraft, or Wicca, is a nature based religion that is older than written language. Male or female, we are called witches, wiccans, or pagans. The term warlock is not generally used as it once was the term for a traitor.

      Followers of Wicca believe that the earth, and all things in it, are sacred. We do not believe in hell, the devil, or demons. These are all Christian based ideas. The religion of witchcraft predates Christianity by thousands of years.

      All of us believe in God, but believe that the Divine also has a feminine side, or Goddess. Most groups refer to our deities as Lord and Lady, but others worship from other pantheons. Pagans are a diverse group! But none of the deities are "demonic". Witches didn't invent demons and certainly don't worship them.

      A pentagram isn't Satanic. It is a five pointed star enclosed in a circle, with one point up. Wiccans believe this is a symbol of protection. Satanist (people who do worship devils) corrupt this symbol by wearing it inverted.

      Witches are not evil. Wiccans believe in the Three-Fold Law, which states that whatever you do comes back to you three times over. This goes for the good and the bad, so ill wishing anyone is never a good idea .

      Witches tend to be vegan(not always), tend to recycle, tend to do volunteer work often, tend to be as green as possible, tend to be very positive people. We worry about endangered whales, but worry more about endangered humans. We are your neighbors and your coworkers, but you most likely will never know. Another big difference in Wicca and Christianity: Wiccans will never try for a conversion. We figure you guys will find us if you are meant too.

      I understand meth is a demon to you. But get it right. Satanism worships demons. Witches and witchcraft has nothing to do with your addictions, nothing to do with demons and devils.

      I am a 3rd generation Wiccan, taught the ways of my faith by loving family. It's a sad statement that in the US hundreds of years after the Salem burnings, I still will not sign my real name to this comment. When will all the hate end?

      My rant is over. Please, if you are fighting addiction, seek help wherever it is offered. Christians are fine people, and help a lot of people with free addiction centers. Please, just reach out to someone. You can't break the chain of addiction alone.

      Back in the Devils arms 4 years ago

      relapsed after 7 years. crack before . stupid me very drunk with wrong crowd had a pipe... 3 awake days later... felt very down sketchy.

      and have carried on smoking every day . I've lost it & so angry that I've found out I've been smoking Crystal meth not crack

      I googled help on crystal meth & yours made me happy. & confident I can get back from this horrible dark place

      The devils onlyway to get more of us on his side is to alter the brain by these drugs. dealers want cash drug pushing to get it. that drug addict taken over to work for devil... without even knowing...

      the changes in people on drugs is scary.

      What I just read was shocking amazed . I couldn't believe it.

      my dog has started barking. running outside my door. up & down the corridor. scared. then will not come back from the end of the corridor. even my flat mate said what the hell is that dog on. because we're always thinking someone's outside so go to the door but no one

      flat mate does not know am smoking .

      I'm in a bad way so maybe he does...

      I have spent my savings 7k in 2 months on a drug I would never of touched as I know it's meant to be harder than crack to come off

      ..... its 4am gonna go. been up for 2 x days again & teeth hurting. face burning chewing my teeth

      what the fuck happened!

      dropped my gaurd

      when I wake I am ready and willing to stop. I need help

      profile image

      seaked1 4 years ago

      team wiseman you r very correct when you say that meth makes you more spiritually aware. Its very weird how it takes control of you so quickly. Last time i used was two and a half years ago i promised god and myself i would never use again. i would use it on occasion like about once or twice a year for the sexual high i got from it. I could go for eight hours or so. but it wasn't normal sex it was kind of scary intense sex like i was being puppeteered by the devil like you said. I would never act that way sober and never have in my life. Satan used that as the lure to get me sucked in. You know how in the bible it says that satan can appear even as an angel of light. well i know this is true because at the end of my high i would feel the spirit of god burning in my soul and i didn't see anything,but i heard for awhile angels singing. I know that this was not god but satan tyiing to convince me to keep using. I am very grateful to god for being free from drugs to this day. He has saved me, although it took much sorrow and repentance on my part. Curiosity is what did me in. All just trust in god from now on.

      profile image

      not so sure 4 years ago

      I agree 100%. Thank you for posting your opinion!!!!

      addict #9 4 years ago

      I came across this page purely by accident. I was directed here by Google search after searching for something very loosely related. Since I have been using meth everyday for the better part of the last ten years, curiosity got the best of me and I began to read a few posts. Quick synopsis of my addiction - I have used meth daily for a decade but have never smoked it or shop up, lines or in my coffee, that's it. And guess what? I have never seen shadow people,demons, or simpels. Smoking it seems to be the common denominator here. Addicted is addicted, I get that. The reason I have never taken mine to a progressive level, smoking, is because I have watched people around me go from functioning addict w/ a job, a roof over their heads, custody of their children etc. to homeless, jobless, not even visitation rights to their children, dumpster diving bag whores in 90 days time once they hit that pipe. In my mind I know that being addicted to this shit is bad enough why would I want to further cement myself in it?

      I have 3 things I want to say about what I have read here tonight -

      1. It blows my mind that 98% of you think you have it all figured out. God, the devil, the shadow people - their roles, intentions, motivations etc., when none of us knows what lies beyond our earthly realm, if anything. I did 12 years of Catholic school (I am 38 now) and grew up in a devout catholic family but I could never bring myself to buy into it. Too many ??????? with no answers. I do believe in a creator of some-kind but I don't think its as cut and dry as if your good you go to heaven, if your bad you go to hell. That's my opinion. Faith is a good thing, don't get me wrong. But having 'faith' means to believe in something you can not prove exists. All of you stating your beliefs as if they are facts is not only arrogant and presumptuous, but would surely piss God off (if there is one) for you all to be claiming you have the mystery of life figured out!

      2. Many of you reference Satan when it comes to using Meth and reference God or Jesus when it comes to getting sober. When God and Satan have nothing to do with either. 'God' supposedly gave us the gift of free will - correct? That means we make our own choices, right or wrong. You and only you chose to do meth for whatever your reasons were. Be it peer pressure, a tragedy, escapism, addictive personality, bad childhood, low self esteem - whatever your reasons. And for those of you that sobered up, you and only you got yourself off it. Because you have been given the gift of free will. If your clean now, take pride in YOUR accomplishment, I haven't found the inner strength to do it, I applaud you! But I'll be damned if I would be giving credit to anyone or anything other than me for accomplishing what I see as the hardest thing I will ever do! Again, merely my opinion and my observation.

      3. Every post I have read here tonight has either said that meth is evil, opens some gateway to allow evil into your life, or that because of using it, it has brought these demonic entities upon you etc. Everyone is blaming the drug itself or calling it Satan's drug. One person even said the Nazis created meth which isn't true. Hitler used it (he shot up) habitually and he administered it to his soldiers regularly true. But During WW2 our pilots and soldiers were using it and so were the Japanese. But you didn't see us committing the atrocities that Hitler and his armies did and you didn't see the Japanese doing it either. Which brings me to my final thought......

      Satan didn't create meth, man did. It was created in the late 1800's for no apparent reason really. No one knew what to use it for initially. In the 1930s Dr.s began prescribing it to treat asthma, narcolepsy, and symptoms of the common cold. In the early 1940s the FDA approved it to treat narcolepsy, mild depression, post encephalitic Parkinsons, chronic alcoholism, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and even hay fever. WW2 took it from a medicinal drug to the start of the meth epidemic.

      Not Satan and his demons. Man.

      I have encountered my share of evil human beings during my history of using meth. The most scandalous people I have ever met have been pipe smokers. But here's the thing. Drugs and alcohol simply magnifiers of whats already in a person. i don't believe that drugs turn people evil, I believe there was already evil in them and the the drug merely intensified or magnified it. I'm not saying that we all haven't done things that we shouldn't have because of our addiction, I'm talking about the people that don't acknowledge, let alone care that they have - or take responsibility for their behavior - the ones that have no soul. But I believe they were soulless before they ever did meth.

      Thanks for letting me voice my opinions on the topic and I hope we all find the peace we are looking for!

      P.S. I think that the chemical reaction brought on by a flame (to smoke it) is what causes the wide spread hallucinations of shadow people and demons. But again - just my opinion!

      addict #9 4 years ago

      I came across this page purely by accident. I was directed here by Google search after searching for something very loosely related. Since I have been using meth everyday for the better part of the last ten years, curiosity got the best of me and I began to read a few posts. Quick synopsis of my addiction - I have used meth daily for a decade but have never smoked it or shop up, lines or in my coffee, that's it. And guess what? I have never seen shadow people,demons, or simpels. Smoking it seems to be the common denominator here. Addicted is addicted, I get that. The reason I have never taken mine to a progressive level, smoking, is because I have watched people around me go from functioning addict w/ a job, a roof over their heads, custody of their children etc. to homeless, jobless, not even visitation rights to their children, dumpster diving bag whores in 90 days time once they hit that pipe. In my mind I know that being addicted to this shit is bad enough why would I want to further cement myself in it?

      I have 3 things I want to say about what I have read here tonight -

      1. It blows my mind that 98% of you think you have it all figured out. God, the devil, the shadow people - their roles, intentions, motivations etc., when none of us knows what lies beyond our earthly realm, if anything. I did 12 years of Catholic school (I am 38 now) and grew up in a devout catholic family but I could never bring myself to buy into it. Too many ??????? with no answers. I do believe in a creator of some-kind but I don't think its as cut and dry as if your good you go to heaven, if your bad you go to hell. That's my opinion. Faith is a good thing, don't get me wrong. But having 'faith' means to believe in something you can not prove exists. All of you stating your beliefs as if they are facts is not only arrogant and presumptuous, but would surely piss God off (if there is one) for you all to be claiming you have the mystery of life figured out!

      2. Many of you reference Satan when it comes to using Meth and reference God or Jesus when it comes to getting sober. When God and Satan have nothing to do with either. 'God' supposedly gave us the gift of free will - correct? That means we make our own choices, right or wrong. You and only you chose to do meth for whatever your reasons were. Be it peer pressure, a tragedy, escapism, addictive personality, bad childhood, low self esteem - whatever your reasons. And for those of you that sobered up, you and only you got yourself off it. Because you have been given the gift of free will. If your clean now, take pride in YOUR accomplishment, I haven't found the inner strength to do it, I applaud you! But I'll be damned if I would be giving credit to anyone or anything other than me for accomplishing what I see as the hardest thing I will ever do! Again, merely my opinion and my observation.

      3. Every post I have read here tonight has either said that meth is evil, opens some gateway to allow evil into your life, or that because of using it, it has brought these demonic entities upon you etc. Everyone is blaming the drug itself or calling it Satan's drug. One person even said the Nazis created meth which isn't true. Hitler used it (he shot up) habitually and he administered it to his soldiers regularly true. But During WW2 our pilots and soldiers were using it and so were the Japanese. But you didn't see us committing the atrocities that Hitler and his armies did and you didn't see the Japanese doing it either. Which brings me to my final thought......

      Satan didn't create meth, man did. It was created in the late 1800's for no apparent reason really. No one knew what to use it for initially. In the 1930s Dr.s began prescribing it to treat asthma, narcolepsy, and symptoms of the common cold. In the early 1940s the FDA approved it to treat narcolepsy, mild depression, post encephalitic Parkinsons, chronic alcoholism, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and even hay fever. WW2 took it from a medicinal drug to the start of the meth epidemic.

      Not Satan and his demons. Man.

      I have encountered my share of evil human beings during my history of using meth. The most scandalous people I have ever met have been pipe smokers. But here's the thing. Drugs and alcohol simply magnifiers of whats already in a person. i don't believe that drugs turn people evil, I believe there was already evil in them and the the drug merely intensified or magnified it. I'm not saying that we all haven't done things that we shouldn't have because of our addiction, I'm talking about the people that don't acknowledge, let alone care that they have - or take responsibility for their behavior - the ones that have no soul. But I believe they were soulless before they ever did meth.

      Thanks for letting me voice my opinions on the topic and I hope we all find the peace we are looking for!

      P.S. I think that the chemical reaction brought on by a flame (to smoke it) is what causes the wide spread hallucinations of shadow people and demons. But again - just my opinion!

      Chris 4 years ago

      Well I am 21 and have been smoking meth for 9 years and was prescribed it in 2nd or 3rd grade I cant remember but I remember I didn't want to take the pills I remember the very first time they gave it to me and I tried to spit it out.... I didn't want it because I some how knew it would change me.... Your article is nether wrong nor is it right.... I suppose to some people it is spot on and for others its not and for people like me it simply doesn't make a difference. I have very very seldom seen any shadows people or any paranormal activity, but I'm not denieing I have seen things I simply don't know exactly what I saw I might have been tripping.... But I have always said and thought that I have my own daemon, and he can be helpful and fun sometimes he has his days that he is just pissed off about something but he basically walks in my foot step and he must be a bad ass because any "shadow people" seem to flee as I come close.... only once has another energy stood up to us and we eventually gained mutual respect and the other energy ether moved or went back to sleep. See these deamons who follow you and posses people is because people do not either give there own demon the energy to ward the free roamers away and often the human has some type of emptiness and is missing something either love, hope, blah blah blah and so other energy attempt to hitch a free ride in that void.... Me..... I'v been using meth for so long I lack some emotions and I am aware of the power I have..... I'v become to understand that black and white do not exist nor good and evil they are an infinant and everchangeing shades of grey and these shades of grey makes up everything from god and the devil to angels and deamons to you and me. I just came across this post and not even searching for Meth related articals and you allow comments without registration so I stoped by to put my opinion in. If you wanna talk to me my email is I was actually searching that I found out my shadow is a demon so I am running from my self....

      profile image

      analiez 4 years ago

      Just curious...I haven't been using too long but I do tend to get extreme when I do use. I can relate, in some way or another, to every single post on here.

      I propose a theory. 99% of us tend to believe that at the core of everything lies the forces of good and evil..angels and demons. Could it be possible that at the state of mind we're in during our moments..long or short...are soley influenced by the lack of sleep coupled with heavy meth, we are so sensitive to our lives and surroundings while we're high, a screech caused by the skin of my foot brushing along the waxed kitchen tiles (which takes less than a second) seems to take forever and sounds amplified to the point where it becomes incorporated into our existence at that moment and thus creating a sound to go along with what our THOUGHTS align it with...usually something of paranoia.."them watching, getting caught, aliens among us"?? Shadow people are configured in that same context...simply, our minds are so complex yet vulnerable and under the influence and sleep deprivation..we are actually creating our reality of fear and paranoia that we actually turn these shadows into images that just confirm our dark thoughts?? Are we just creating all of this? The lack of sleep is a vital part of the shadow people but doesn't exist in the same realm without the meth to boot.

      What if we were taught that shadows were to be associated with "good" things and not darkness?

      Why do they go away when I stop "thinking" about them??

      These are just questions I ask myself in order to try and break everything down to the real truth. I do believe there is a good and bad and I do believe in G-d and forces of evil. We have to be careful who and what we put our deepest and most sincere beliefs and thoughts in to.

      I'm just proposing this as a thought. Please don't take offense to it and for the record, to me at least, the images and sounds are so aligned and perfect to my world during these times that it is nearly impossible to think that we are just creating it. It's just too real. I just never underestimate the power of our minds and if we were allowed to control our thoughts and mind, well.....I guess that's what meth really allows us to do..sort of. lol

      profile image

      PabloJay 4 years ago

      Interesting thing about the meth pipe really being a magic wand: In the Book of Revelation, when it talks about those who refused to give up their evil ways, it lists one of those evil ways as witchcraft, which is the same in the original Greek translation as "drugs".

      Chad 4 years ago

      My whole world flipped, everyone is against me. Why is the plot aimed at me ? The shadow men emanate guise. Something greater than them sets the scene. You are then thrown as protagonist into this "play" so convoluted, wicked, and outright fucken sick that it could only have fermented in the mind of Pure Evil. Fuck you, we're all fucked up.

      Samantha 4 years ago

      Ok, many of the stories on here have been posted by people who currently are using meth or that have used meth in the past. My story is different though because I am not a user; I have never used meth but my brother is has & still does. I lived with my brother for three years & he was a meth user for the majority of that time. While living with him, I experienced nightmares almost daily. In my nightmares, I was always being chased by a young boy and I was terrified for my life. I would pray to Jesus and God in my dream and beg for him to keep me safe, which always seem to stop the evil dream. My nightmares got so bad that I had to start sleeping in bed with my mother; mind you I was 22 yrs. old. Then, the nightmares turned into this ever present feeling of evilness. Whenever I was in the house, I felt as though something evil was following me around. Then, just before I moved out, my mom came to me and asked me what man was sleeping in my bed with me at night. I didn't know what she was talking about. She proceded to tell me that on her way to work the previous morning, she saw a man sitting at the edge of my bed. This was my final confirmation that evil was learking near by. There was not a man in my bed and the situation became more than I could handle. I moved out the following week. I truly believe 100% that my brother's drug use opened up the door for evilness within that home. I no, without a doubt, that both God and the Devil are real. They are both very powerful. It is scary to know that my brother's drug use could allow evil to enter into my own life. Even though both the God and the Devil are real, take comfort in knowing that God is more powerful & that if you trust in him & pray to him, he will help you.

      Michael Martinez 4 years ago

      first off great hub ive been smoking meth for a year and a half so ive seen some weird stuff voices in my head, but it wasnt really scary just weird i would see stuff like those tall men in black, it freaked me out but not like it did tonight i was sitting in my room high on meth and i started to hear a voice usually i ignore it but i dont no why this voice put so much fear in me and i looked out the widnow (thats where the voice was coming from) i saw a dark figure of a smaller person maybe a little boy and it was jumping and calling me over with his hand i was looking at him for about 3 sec tops and ran out of my room i had so much fe...but heres the thing every time i do meth i start hearing and seeing things after the 3 days or so, but i just did it last night so its kinda freaking me out. i do believe it was a demonic..have you ever heard about anything like this.. and just so you have a clearer picture fear level when i see things usually 3 tonight was 10. thanks

      Linda 4 years ago

      I am a spiritual person in recovery for many years. It is sad that this webpage exists to scare innocent, impressionable people. I don't want to appear like I am defending meth, but I don't like to see such misinformation either. Meth is nothing more than a very strong stimulant, which is actually still available (very rarely) by prescription. It revs up your vital signs (heartrate, etc), and messes with neurotransmitters in your brain (such as seratonin and dopamine). These things alone are bad enough. The things you describe are 'hallucinations' caused by the powerful physical effects of the chemical on your brain combined with lack of sleep, as well as possible pre-existing conditions in the user, combined with scare tactics like this webpage. Hallucinations are not a good thing, but they are not real either. There are enough very good reasons to quit or never use this drug, but satanic possession and demons are not one of them, unless that person was into those things anyway. Have y'all seen the movie "Redstate"? This kind of stuff reminds me of those people. Personally I would rather be a strung-out meth fiend (which I am not) than be as lost and empty as some religious fanatics, but whatever works for you.... recovery is available for both illnesses.

      Cat 4 years ago

      I had an incredible experience with a witness BEFORE my addiction when I was 17 yrs old. Without going into detail at this time, just want to share that this is very real. There's not a doubt in my mind. I am an educated person who lost everything (great job, respect of family), I 'm sober now but have Hepititis C and a lot of guilt. If these things had not happened to me I would have trouble believning it. It is a portal for evil.

      4 years ago

      I've seen ghosts, demons, shadow people, angels, all of it. Meth just opens the door. You can make yourself see and hear your worst nightmare on the shit. It's evil and everyone knows it. The hard part is letting that addiction go, out of your heart, out of your mind and out of your soul. I know everyone that used to use dreams about it, thinks about it. It's hard to drive by an old house or hotel that you used to use in without the memories. Religious or not fuck that shit. I sold it for a long time and I ask for forgiveness everyday when I learned I was only the devils puppet. Anyways I don't know if my sightings of demons and ghost are real but I ignore them. You can't close the door meth opened but entertaining it will only let "demons" closer to u. That's all I got. To everyone who has experienced this addiction, let it go.

      luence 4 years ago

      wow ive bee in aland of demons they wasnt shadow ppl they tryed several times to kill me.. i seen them poseese ppl around me inf

      Tuan A Nguyen 4 years ago

      Hi there researcher. What do you have so far for the research? Did you ever feel like there's a chance of spirits already living in you to see these kind of shadow figures?

      ErinElise profile image

      ErinElise 4 years ago from Near Sacramento, California

      When I was about 13, the summer between 8th and 9th grade, I (and most of the kids in our "crowd") began drinking, smoking weed, snorting cocaine and meth. The cocaine went away but the meth hung around. Long story short, I didn't do it too much until I was 16 or so, my 10th grade year when I was snorting daily. I could make a 20 sack last for a few days. By the next year I wasn't using daily, just a weekend warrior so to speak. Right before my 19th birthday my first husband and I got married and quit meth. That lasted for about three years. Then one day we decided to do some just for fun, but just that once.

      About a year later, I was working for a governmental law enforcement agency and I met a few people who used and next thing I knew it was a daily thing. Eventually I transferred to another department because of some stuff. (My jobs were terribly boring and there was a lot of down time, but when I was on meth, I could always find things around the office to make the time pass.) Eventually, I quit my job and quit meth.

      A few years later, I started using again on and off but eventually I was able to just quit.

      During the time I was using, I had never stayed awake for more than one night because no matter how good it was, my body would make me go to sleep. I never hallucinated. I never heard voices or saw anything like people describe. But I know many people who have.

      I am a child of the God, I am a Christian, I love Jesus. I was baptized in 2007. I never scammed anyone, ripped anyone off, or did anything along those lines to screw people over or to myself that I regret except regretting that I was probably emotionally unavailable to my children and others and I was spending too much money.

      I don't think that people who don't hear voices or see demons do not have Jesus in their heart, because I do and have this whole time. I just think that some people are more prone to seeing/hearing that stuff than others.

      profile image

      keiwal38 4 years ago

      Drugs are sorcery and sorcery is a demon, pride is a demon. these demons take people to torment, today is the day of salvation. you will feel a knock on your heart, that is Jesus wanting to come in. Let him in by asking for forgiveness of your sins, ask him into your life today, into your heart, he is full of mercy, dont let that demon of pride keep you from salvation. pride will lie to you. humble yourself before God and he will come into your heart dear friend. God will wash you and clean you up. he did it for me. I was on drugs for 28 years total. I almost died of a drug overdose Sept 26 2005. I saw these demons they wanted to shred me into pieces but I asked Jesus into my heart at 18 years old, The Lord told me if I would of not asked him into my heart then I would be in torment forver and ever right now... Dear friend Jesus is only a prayer away..we are not promised tomorrow. todays is the day of salvation. I hope to see you in heaven one day . my time here on earth is short. I saw 12 angels recording everything. even our thoughts

      guard your hearts and minds and be careful what you speak, life and death is in the power of the tongue ., speak Gods promises over your life, seek God and know who you are in Christ. you are wonderfully made in his image. the Lord told me this 4 times.. DONT DOUGHT, WORRY OR COMPLAIN. he had to tell me this 4 times dear friends.. trust in Jesus and his word. he will never leave you not forsake you.

      bent 1 4 years ago

      i have been using crystal meth for 10 yrs now and have not only seen shadow people but i've also seen spirits

      profile image

      Skyshow 4 years ago

      Thank you to all who have shared there experiences, I was raised as catholic and have always had some sense that there is definitely more than meets the eye on earth, at a young age (2 - 12 ) I have experienced some forms of the spiritual world, speaking about it amonst friends made me feel like the left one out, so I kept to my self from then to now. Growing up during school years I was pescrippted dexamphetimines for supposedly having (ADHD) I then started getting into fights and skipping school, smoking weed and mixing with people doing the same as me. I have always had good intentions and compelled to do the rite thing do to having good parents but at this point in my life my I was not seeing clearly,my addiction to my medication and weed grew stronger, I left home and school and lived from place to place with criminals and addicts although I did not see them as that at the time. I had a growing police record and wasn't until I was arrested for armed robbery that brought me back to my senses, I realized there was more to life than drugs girls and getting drunk that there was a whole world outthere that I didn't need to be high to expirience it. I got a job and quit all drugs, it wasn't easy as I felt I was stuck in the middle of 2 rhelms and was experiencing lucid dreams signs and things I could not explain. That passed and was moving forward for once in my life. 6 years had passed and I would only smoke one a joint once a month if that as I didn't see the harm. The last year feels as though something big was going to happen as if god was trying to show himself or warn me about something but I didn't make sence of as there was another presence pulling me away or blinding from seeing the truth. I cheated on my partner a few users ago, I new it was wrong so I didnt do it again but I gave into temptation one night at a bucks night and received a lap dance at stripp club and didnt think much of it but now feel ashamed. Around this time my daughter was born, I built a house and things were good but still felt like a dark presence was over me. It was on my birthday I had some mates come over to celebrate, but something didn't feel rite, a police car turned up and sat outside my house and when it left I was offerd a joint which I smoked (big mistake) after my mates left I sat down and then a flash hit me like a tone of bricks, in this flash I was saw my life flash before my eyes and fionce and daughter screeming noooooo! Then a script saying end of days and closing as if my life was written in some holy scriptur. Since then I haven't things havent been normal. Putting the peices together from events that have taken place and from what people have said to me over the years it makes sence that I have died as crazy as it sounds not once but twice, feels like people have been talking to me in toungs my whole life and its only now that I see clearly, more clearly then ever before and yet I've never been more confused. I now no that god exists there is living proof every day and that everything he has created is there for a reason, a guide, he has been there my hole life trying to get his message to me but my actions have blinded me from seeing the truth, I have indeed followed satans ways and I feel like I'm doomed, I pray to jesus that he can forgive me and help the world see that there is a deicever out there. We all have a chance to be someone and part of something greater than we can imagine! Don't blow it!

      profile image

      not so sure 4 years ago

      Either for the past 10 years I have been smoking garbage here in Utah or my A.D.D prevents me from experiencing what eveyone else is.. I would give anything to see and hear things. If any of this ever happened to me I would be terrified and never touch the stuff again. I would also save 1,000 dollars a month!!!

      Mike Ca 4 years ago

      I want to support all claims to experiencing the demonic world by the honest folks who have commented. I have been off and on meth for nearly 3 years and have had many crazy nights of evil presences, seeing things and have been "puppeteered" into doing things that I would never normally do, only to suffer the mental anguish and consequences of having actually done them. There is no doubt in my mind, by experience, that there is a real and spiritual dimension to meth use.

      many 4 years ago

      hi to everyone, my name is Rey im a tattoo artist... well i was a tattoo artist in hollywood ca, and being in that lifestyle and working where i was working it was easy to get my hands on meth... about for years ago something happened to me.... in the biginning of using meth everything was so perfect, i loved that drug it made me feel so good.. i loved doing that drug with girls i had just met because we would be up for days in hotel rooms it opened us up to sex in a complete diferent way.. but for some reason i enjoyed doing meth alone in a dark hotel room or in my house.. with all the windows covered i mean pitch black the reason was that i could hear things and see things that i couldnt see when i was sober, there was one time i was with this girl getting high with the room all dark.. and she started screeming yelling that someone black figure was standing behind me... although it was only me and her... and she left scared.. it didnt matter to me. i just wanted to keep getting high.... my life was the same for almost 6 years, but in the last years it just got worst, i had become dependent on cristal, i tried getting into rehabs and when i came out i would only be sober for a couple of weeks and i would go back to doing the same things... i was tired of that life, but when i really wanted to leave the drugs thats when things started to get real bad, i thought shadow people would only come out when i was on meth, but things started happening real bad, i would wake up after a lond drug binge and get ready to got to work or something, and while passing by kitchen appliences things started to turn on by themselfs, blenders, microwave, and the refrigerator door would open right infront of me. and this just freeked me out... at that point i knew i was going to die. but even after that i kept on getting high. till one day i was getting home with a baggy 200 dollars worh of meth and getting ready to be up for about 4 days, i remember i had the tv on but i wasnt paying attention to where i had it, i was too busy getting some drug on the straw to load up my pipe, and i remember i kind of mumbled this in my head "MAN IF THERE IS A GOD, HE WOULDNT FORGIVE ME" as soon as i finished that sentence everything went black, and i remember i was thinking ahhh shit it had to be the drug. and i was like blind but something that was on tv caught my attention... and to my surprise everything that was being said on the tv was about me about my life, about my kids, mother and i started crying like a lil boy, and this happened for like 3 hours, until i knew what i had to do... i got on my knees and said, God if you do exist and are as powerful as people say you are then cure me....... at that moment as soon as i finished saying that i felt something rud down my head.... it was a peace that i had never felt before, and i could physically feel it move down my body and as soon as it hit my throat i stoped sobbing and a peace enteres me, a peace that i have never ever ever ever experienced, and i felt it,,, i felt clean, i layed on the bed and slept like a baby in the arm of his father, feeling protected and safe... that night i was cured of that sickness. i left my job that same night i went to my moms house and explained everything to her, and ofcourse she thought i was crazy, she tought i had lost it, from that point on i have given my life to Christ, i have given my testimony on tv and in many churches.... to everyone who is reading this... i have done many many drugs and there is none like meth.. meth opens doors that should not be opened, shadow people do exist, you become vulnerable when you are on that drug.... evil does exist, and if evil exist then there has to be good and God... remember the devil can not hurt God, so the only way he can hurt him is by hurting us, because we are made in Gods image.... blessings to all and VIVAT JESUS

      Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 4 years ago Author

      Thank you for your encouraging comment. You now have strangers (us) praying for Paul & your family! Continu e to fight for Paul. Do not allow Satan to win!

      Sarah 4 years ago

      This Forum is great, lot of useful information. I find it hard to read some of these blog's, it reminds me of my son, who is 34 years old, he is a meth addict, he was introduced, to the drug at 19, he picked up a hitch hiker, and this person taught my son to cook meth, yes my son has been a meth cook, he has been in and out of prison life for over 10 years, his life has been a roller coaster, I have tried so many times to help him, but every time he goes back, meth has destroyed his good job, he has no connection to his 2 children, they really don't know him, he has a hard time concentrating, his long term use has caused him to have delusional thinking, he lie's constantly, and is a thief, he wants to blame everyone else for his problems, and or feel sorry for himself, he never takes responsibility for his action's, in all this tragedy he has also become institutionalized, from being in and out of the prison system, its been a difficult time for me and are family for over 14 years now, I love my son deeply, but see no end to this terrible disease. My family and I are Christians and have been Praying for Paul for years, we know the devil has his hand in this, to hurt our family and God's people.

      Thank You so much for your forum its a blessing.

      Paladin 4 years ago

      Demons can be complex I am a Holy knight and or paladin a protector of the light I my self have not done the hard drugs as many here have but alcohol proved to be my problem and while i was under the influence i fell pray to a named demon for when you are out of complete controle of self you open yourself to attack that can lead to possession for there is always influence but possession is the worst you become some one you are not i came to grips with my problem and with councling with a prist i was able to leave my alcohol alone and persue a life in the path of god and serving jesuse or christ and lord in this path i had a calling from the lord and it was to become a paladin i have fought demons and it is not easy for they are powerful and will drain your body just like spirits demons pull from you also as a side note a rough spirit is the same as a demon if a spirit enters you the same as a demonice possession you must exspel it this is how first dont be alone read scripture pray to god for forgivness and to give strength to overcome this demon or spirit get baptized and with the person you choose to be with you to over see the process recommend a prist in a sober mind and plan to stay that way dont fall back in to the drugs cause when you do this you haft to be in control of yourself call forth the demon or spirit and by the cammandment of his holy name you exspel the demon how ever you haft to face your own evils in this proccess and it wont be easy and to prep have the prist or yourself read the scripture of the armour of god it will help you prepare for a journy that will begin the rest of your life and after this exsorcisum you must must read the word and pray and keep yourself from falling back to the old habbits that got you to a point of dispare and now for all the nay sayers in this forum what you have said is the most disrespectful thing ever wheather is be science or just plain rudness i encourage a open mind by you and to just take five minutes in the book of genesis it is truly remarkable the beginings of our exsistance and read in the book of revalations for the lord thy god speaks to you that befoul the very word with blasphamies I dont persicute any for being a non beleiver for i my job is to also help those see the path of richousness and well not all do and that is why there is a heaven and hell.

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      pbaynard 4 years ago

      help me understand, is this real, demonic possession is it safe to say or ask., it's me..

      EDWINGCO 4 years ago


      Tuan Nguyen 4 years ago

      If the devil exist, then God must exist. So don't be afraid of the devil or death. It is just a matter of us going to hell or heaven for doing good or bad deeds

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      NicSoBlu 4 years ago from Seattle, WA.

      I'm not sure if anyone is following these posts any longer but I'd like to make a few points against the naysayers who disregard the experiences of otherwise (drugs aside) sane people. For starters, the argument that sleep deprivation is the soul cause of these hallucinations is absolutely unwarranted. That's speaking from personal experience and internet based research of firsthand accounts of others' drug experiences. I started using drugs at a relatively young age but not before scouring the pages of a very good database of user accounts on every drug you can think of, meth is the only substance to produce shadow people. I have used many substances which might mimic the effects of scary hallucinations but none have come close to what I experienced last night. I have taken up to ten pills in an evening of MDMA (pure and xtc press tabs) which is a seratonin based flood in the brain similar to some of meth's operative, spent numerous hours tripping on LSD & psilocybin mushrooms- both considered potent hallucinogens and did not experience shadow people, stayed awake for up to 3 days on powder cocaine and on numerous occasions binged on crack cocaine for 2 or 3 days, crack being a close cousin to meth by acting as a dopamine agent that can cause dopamine psychosis quite similar to those caused by meth psychosis, and this did not result in any visions at all. I have NEVER hallucinated with such malicious feeling nor with such an actively aggressive threat posed to me like I did last night/early this morning after using a moderate amount of speed. I used about $20 worth throughout one day (yesterday), approximately 4 small lines. I have used the drug before and in excessively larger quantities both by smoking and snorting it but I never once heard or saw anything as a result, it merely seizes up my appetite and acts similar to ADHD medication (with a kick) for my uninsured ass. I did stay up the night prior at an after hours dance club and then carried my day over with just a small nap and enough energy off the 4 bumps throughout the day. This does put me at a sleep deficit by some standards but like I previously stated, I have pushed my psyche much farther with lack of sleep with cocaine or MDMA. So around the time it got dark, my senses were a little irritated from the come down of the speed but I had been coming down for a while and it wasn't too bad, just maybe felt extra sensitive to basic movements, nothing bizarre. I was definitely not feeling high anymore besides not being able to sleep yet and extremely dialated pupils when I looked at my reflection. So here I sat at my computer right near a window at ground level and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing outside the window. It was dark by now and I assumed it was someone stopping over to buy a bag of weed or something and it was a friend of mine who had called earlier but flaked out. He has a sense of humor that might make him want to scare me by sneaking up on me to knock on the window so I pulled back the curtain a little farther to get a look with a big smile on my face ready to call him an asshole but the figure kind of vanished, and I thought oh it must've been the computer glare on the window at a strange angle. Suddenly I started to feel dramatic changes in body temperature, my whole body went into goose bumps from a deep chill and creaking steps started walking around on the second floor of the house, this I attributed to some kind of speed based paranoia. I really did believe that this extra auditory hallucination was just a result of an agitated, heightened brain on drugs. Things felt weird, I didn't want to accept that either being that my boyfriend is out of town and I didn't want to get into crazy paranoia so I continued to talk myself down as the illumination of evil progressed. When I saw the figure in the window out the corner of my eye once more I logged myself of the computer thinking that my dialated pupils mixed with too many hours staring at a computer screen was probably not helping my situation. So I left the drape slightly cracked just for enough of a visual incase some other tweaker (there's a ton in my neck of the woods) noticed my boyfriend wasn't home and was going to nab some electronics or something. I really started to feel like I had seen something out there but you know you don't ever really want to turn into that speedfreak who believes their own twacked delusions. I crawled into bed feeling like I could unwind a bit but perhaps not fall asleep right away and I brought my cat with me who suddenly starting acting very anxious when looking off the foot of the bed, so I look at the body length mirror at the foot of our bed and out come pouring dozens of shadow people. They literally began filling my bedroom and surrounding the bed (I cant fucking believe i'm actually writing this down) and drawing themselves in around me, they were also outside of both bedroom windows watching the scene in my room. All were of some very whispy substance and cloaked with some variations of the black draping outfits, some of them with more elaborate shoulders, some moving more swift and loose. Then one neared close to me in my bed and tried to touch me, he wore a big black hat and he was much larger than the rest. I started screaming for my savior Lord Jesus Christ and any religious/Christian references I could think of. I snarled at them to be gone but they only began to distance themselves to the screams of "Jesus the innocent Lamb spilled his blood for the sinners and He is my Savior, He is the son of God" or the Lord's prayer once my completely shocked mind could recall and recite it. The big one went to the foot of the bed and touched my feet which sent my cat into a fucking frenzy! I felt the icy and weight of the touch and it took me back, I began reciting the Lord's prayer with urgency and jumped down to the edge of our bed because I was pretty irate at this point. I attacked their worthlessness as mere images and pawns of powerless Satan, being only smoke and mirrors with no physical force for the physical realm, told them God banished them and to go back to Hell but also I forgave them with help from Jesus and His love in my heart. They didn't like that, they knew they had lost some of their power with me but erasing my fear with strength as a believer in Christianity. I was unyielding with my silent and spoken prayers which cleared most of them out but they stood outside the french doors of our bedroom passing by and sending one back in every so often to approach the bed but I just maintained my efforts to finally pray them away. After about an hour or so it was done, but to me after watching all the bullshit ghost hunters shows on TV, an hour with a spiritual apparatus is quite rare and also very real compared to most other visual hallucinations I've had. Auditory wise I heard them whispering outside of my room with occasional soft singing of a child. I HAVE TRIPPED BALLS BEFORE AND THERE IS NO DRUG OUT THERE THAT DOES THIS. CRYSTAL METH IS THE GATEWAY TO FUCKING HELL/EVIL/HATE/DESTRUCTION. I will NEVER use it again and I am glad as fuck this happened, but please know that it's definitely a real thing. God bless.

      5tranger 4 years ago

      I used to use snort meth alot at the age of 16 and in the end of the day i would hear someone in my attic making noise and i would see mist in my room and i would smell a bad scent one day i open my door to see if someone was there and a gust of wind went downstairs i got freak out and locked my room and prayed to god

      profile image

      Uglattoboy 4 years ago

      I have had some strange things happen to me on meth, I personally believe it does open doors to th spirit world, it gets you to vibrate at a freqancy that they can pic up on and are drawn to you like moths to a light, when I was up for a couple of days I would start hearing the most horrible sounding wistle they would wistle this deathly most evil sounding wistle i have ever heard and they would knock on the window and on anything , I would see them ,the shodow people in my mirror ,they would pop up and the second I would turn around to look at them they would pull back but I would see them, I would feel them walking around my room ,whenever they would touch me I would feel cold spots all over the place especially when I touched a shadow, sometimes they would show up as orbs of smoke , I asked a orb that formed in my room if it was good and it did not do anything, I asked it if it was evil and it said yes and then it broke down into a smoke like spirit that filled the room ,after that it started to come to me and started entering me through my feet, it felt cold and it kept going inside me through my feet, I kept yelling at it to go away but it would not go away, it tortured me all night, I held up the cross to it ,it looked at it for a second but then still it came for me and went around the cross and started entering my body, it tossed and turned all night sweating and screaming ,I felt like I was being possessed all night in my sleep, and I had the most horrible nightmares that night,it scared the fucking shit out of me, another time I was up for a couple of days and That day my grandmother called fighting with me to go to church with her, I dont know why she did that she has never called and faught with me that way to go to church but in my state of mind ,church was the last place I wanted to go, so I was like fuck no! And I hung up later that night on Easter day the weather was going crazy, lightning and thunder were blasting the sky and I felt like it was just a evil fucking day, I go into the bathroom and the shower door slams shut reallly hard by itself, I looked in the shower and there was a orb in it , I looked at it and I got the vibe of pure fucking hatred coming from it, the closer I looked at it the more it started to glow bright with hatred , I looked inside it and there was a fire burning inside the orb of light with a vibe of pure hate coming at me, it scared me and I ran away from the room,I kept hearing the sound of rain drops tapping this sound like someone was playing with sticks tapping them on wood, I look out the window and I swear I see this thing that looks like a Alien and a reptile mixed together , it had a long skull with evil reptile eyes, it reminded me of the creature from the The Twilight Zone movie that was eating the engine on the plane, that is how it looked like, it was tapping that rythm that was driving me crazy , I thought it was the sound of the rain tapping something at first but after looking at it I was like fuck that and I looked away and ignored it, I regret not getting my camera and recording it, after that I ran into my room and I could feel this thing on my bed that was running around on it, I could feel it on my bed ,it felt like a invisible child running around on my bed, I could not see it but I could feel its footsteps on my bed, that same night my alarm on my car started going crazy and going off all the time, my car has a motion deterctor in it and it kept going off during the storm like someone was in it, I finally pulled the battery out to shut it off, the lights in my house were going on and off by themselves and it was driving me crazy, I tried to sleep but the spirits would come and slap my head hard to keep me from sleeping, I would yell at them to leave me alone and let me get some sleep but they did not want me to sleep so they can drive me crazy some more, I was terrified, I was in my own home and I felt like I could not find any refuge from them anywhere, it was horrible, finally I slept and I had horrible nightmares of demons all night, even though I was sober after that I would still see the orbs around and the knocking in every room I went into was not helping eather, I was thinking to myself did this drug cause brain damage ? Why am I still seeing and hearing demons all over the place? I asked a christian sight to prey for me and All that I got was ridacule from them and judgment, I was like hey I really need your prayers and not for you guys to act like psychologists and doctors telling me to seek help, the fact is I am not addicted to meth, thank God I am not, I did use it every once in a while, I dont have a problem with Meth, Heroin is what I can honestly say I am addicted to but meth is nothing to me, but spiritually it has fucked me up, I still feel footsteps running on my bed at night because of the meth I had used, I feel like those demons are still after me and the only way I can get rid of them is to stop using Heroin, I am trying but it is hard,meth I never want to touch again and I honestly regret ever using it, I am on Methadone now and I prey to God that I will be able to get myself out of this spiritual mess I have got myself into, I dont expect anyone to believe this by the way, I just wanted to share my story.

      Atommix 4 years ago

      I would like to relate a terrifying incident that happened to me while using crystal. It is only by the grace of God and Jesus Christ that I am still here to speak about it. I had already been up past the 24-hour mark and beginning the next workday when I decided to eat the last bit of meth I had. I was already on my way to work when I decided I just couldn't go. I pulled over and ate the rock. After about 20 minutes I started to feel very very weird like I was being drained of my energy at an extremely alarming rate and became overwhelmingly thirsty. All I could think of was getting to water so I drove downtown (I live in a coastal city) and exited my vehicle. I began to panic. It was like I was being steered by evil forces down to the water. As I walked I heard horrible voices from people I passed laughing and sneering. My clothes were PHYSICALLY being pulled down and off me by evil spirits. It took everything I had to reach the water with all my clothes on. Once there I sat down on the edge of the peer by the water and jumped in clothes, shoes and all! As I went under the water, I remember being pulled down by demonic forces and I thought, no- I am not going to die like this. I managed to reach the surface of the water. By this time a few people had begun to gather on the peer calling to me. I saw a police boat a ways off shore coming nearer. Although I had reached the top of the water I was stuck. I could barely move. I thought I was bumping into invisible boats that blocked my way to the shore rocks. A couple of kids came over and told me just to swim over and after several minutes, got my body to move and swam to the bank. I climbed up on the rocks as I was being attacked and beaten by invisible forces. Then an ambulance showed up. I was driven to the hospital and treated for dehydration and hypothermia. The hospital experience was something else altogether. In the room I was surrounded by white-whispy silhouettes of unknown creatures. They seemed to get off on my fear and pain. At the time I though they were aliens but now I realize they were just demons. I ended up spending a week int he psych. ward and they followed me there but left after a few days. Praise God for not letting me die that day and for continuing to call me back to Him. I am still struggling with meth addiction but will never eat it ever again. Eating meth, shooting meth directly puts spirits into you and let me tell you, they are not friendly. Smoking meth, snorting it is a little different. It starts the fast in which you and the spirit realm become more aware of each other. BE PREPARED!!!

      Tuan Nguyen 4 years ago

      I'm pretty sure that when all of us in here started to see shadow people, it means that there's already demons living in you. I really don't think meth itself can cause use to see shadow people unless they're in you and you possess the same ability to see their own kind. Just get an baptism, it helps a lot

      help me 4 years ago

      It's clear tht he is dealing with.evil I pray daily for him. How can I get him to see Whts realy going on before things get worse.

      Tuan Nguyen 4 years ago

      After having many theories and thought about this topic. I would like to conclude this. Meth itself doesn't have anything to do with seeing demons or connecting to hell. Just that meth users like us are really attracted to demons because it cause paranoid and we when paranoid which we are at our weakest stage, demons will penetrate us. Once we have demons living in us, we will start seeing themselves. They do exist and it's not hallucinations, only the devil cause hallucinations. So if anyone in here still a meth user, remember not to try to do it when you're alone because that's when demons really like to wait for the chance to attack us. One way to test if there's any spirits or demons living in your house is to bring home a small chihuahua and see if the dog will act weird like hiding into corners or hidden areas n sleep instead of sleeping where it should be. I will continue writing and share with you my experience with my demon. The demon living in me is pretty evil, it tried to kill me lots of time. And now I'm suffering serve depression. I could also hear it moving inside me. Not scary but just annoying out of me because it gives me blackout all day

      kuen 4 years ago

      My Brother is on crystal meth and yes i am well aware of the Demons in our home and the presence of Satans power because there is a constant battle between the light in me and the darkness in him it is horrific terrifying and traumatic 2 live in this war for those who are cursing the name of Jesus judging and condeming u r forgiven but make no mistake Satan is going to do things 2 u that may end up being unspeakable just so he can prove a point 2 u his the evil 1 not u and u wont beat Satan and Demons when it comes 2 being Evil so just give it up and switch sides Jesus is God ask Satan even he knows it but is incapable of speaking the truth so you will need to consult the Holy Spirit all drugs involve powerful demons i know they are at war with me and what a war it is

      Tyler 4 years ago

      Hi I'm Tyler and I'm a tweaker I've been using methanphetamine for two years now and I gotta say I thought about all this crap when I was using and believed it for a second but then I realized its a load of crap we see things because we've been awake for days on end we believe and do crazy things cuz meth causes severe dehydration which leads to paranoia schizophrenia and hallucinations

      raksh 4 years ago

      same thing happened with me as camerron. talking with spirit and demons and god too. Its just meth/mental illness or sth else ( outer world/spirit world), I haven't been able to differentiate till today, after being clean for 2 years. Once you hit meth, I guess at the same time you trade your soul with it. I guess i am normal and fine guy these days but still find myself soulless person. There is no way I am going back to the same road but I do hope and pray, one day I'll be the same person,get my soul back and hopefully brain back.

      cameron 4 years ago

      Wow, soo many people telling my thoughts. its like we get this special knowledge of the afterlife or God. i'm a christian, a Mormon and have been all my life but ive always had, since 12 years old, been addicted to substances. i did meth when i was 13-15 off and on and just reciently relapsed for 6-8 months strait at 22. i'm now 23 and have been sober for 5 months or soo. my brain has been soo destroyed over the years..epsecially by the inhalents but what really did it good was a shot of dirty dope...i should have know better but its too late now. im a former shadow of what i was i have speech sluring and it is very difficult to articulate a sentence let alone a full blow conversation. im comstantly fighting the urge to end it all and kill myself but my spirit wont let me do that.

      anyways, i remember as a young kid.. i would see things..some shadows and always black and white dots. i remember being haunted for years by 2 demons assigned to me, i couldnt sleep alone. ive been a rebel all my teenage years and its gotton me no where but in trouble. at 22 i drifted to sacramento and found a place with the homeless there. that is when i really got into meth, though it was more just dope/ speed, poor mans meth mostely but still got the job done. it was crazey how everyone around there was on it! it didnt take long before i was slammin' dope every day. it is soo much more intense than smoking but with a different high. little did i know though, i was surrounded by wiccans. everyone was a fucking witch or a warlock! was really set it off or how to say...what really let me see that meth opens up the otherworldly side was when i was asking my wiccan friend questions about who he was cus he would give me hints saying "ive been called many thing throughout time, something like a paladin." "the drugs on other planets were much more intense cus of the different atmosphere" weird shit like that. it was a uhh "saayy aunts" you know being a host basically for someone else. he would say things that wernt from his mind...messages...the whole community of homeless would speak for them as i was finding out, had been "awakened" "illuminated" and from that point i could do things with my eyes and my thoughts, like me frequency was overloading the other minds of the other homeless people and making them scream off the demons. living outside was amazing i loved it i loved being high everyday and still being in a community that did the same things. it was like we were in our own little world, i would get high and still praise God. yeah well it soon came to hail satan SS 88 666. i dont know exactly what happened but i know there were many people out there that had relationships with the demons and spirits. they lived with them and the deamons would speak through us to eachother with the common goal to take over was crazey but when it really wnet wrong for me is when i started sleaping with this black whore like an idiot. she was poison and very close to the devil. we were having sex one time and she says "look into my eyes" it almost hurt to do it, our eyes widened and i was at that point possesed by that female demon that was in her. i just got more and more crazey. i was really insane at this point. i was talking for demons to demonds and everything. i felt like i had powers and abilities to do things. satanism is very real and the powers are intriguing. i felt as if i had the power to read minds and thoughts. decernment. i could see when the spirits would enter a person. i realized that me and lucifer and i were very good friends in the pre existence (mormons believeing him as out brother along with the 1/3 of the hosts of heaven aka demons aka shadow people that have been spoken of. i spoke to voices that would identify thenselves as gabriel sven and lucifer. i would speak in deamon tounges and still can to this day. i could put curses on people that i didnt even know. i was enslaved by soo many deamons and being controlled by soo many witches and i was in the dark. no one would talk to me or explain why non off them would get near me (other homeless) but it was insane. i wanted to see things but they were more scared of me. i wanted to see shadow people and demons but they wouldnt appear to me. i must seem like an evil person because of my infatuation with the darkness. i'm now back with christ somehow. somhow he forgave me for all i did and all the blasphemies i spoke against him. im just soo greatfull for the attonement and what it enables us to achieve in this life.

      i was taught by many spirits many many MANY different truths THE BRIEFING scientology and much more in my head. but all i learned is worth nothing to me now because it is not my truth. i was cursed by many witches and it was everything in me to not kill myself as the voices told me to. the demons tell me i'm a dead man but hey, i'm still alive for now. i dont know exactly it is that meth does but it connects us with the spirit level and even to the minds around us, it can make us feel as if we have powers and it can teach us things we already think we know but most of all it will destroy everything that is good and diecent in your sole until you are a slave to the devil and right becomes wrong while wrong is made right. i'm happy to be finally recovering from the mental illness that i created for myself and now i can finally just be sober...even thoug i'm pretty brain dead, my mind is healing and i hope to be happy again someday. If God can forgive a wretch like me, he can forgive anyone.

      Aylla 4 years ago

      I was always intuitive and sensitive from a young age. Seeing shadows watching me sleep or sitting on my bed from the age of six. I remember having my first sleep paralysis episode when I was only 5. I was raised a catholic but believed in the good of every religion... always a very spiritual person finding happiness in doing things for others. Last year I tried crystal meth for the very first time after my best friend offered me some. You smoked it from a little glass pipe, it seemed harmless to me. It was an experience like nothing else. A rush so intense that I immediately felt I wanted to stay that way forever. I was addicted for six months and knew it. I would go 5 days straight without sleep or food, my skin was pale and my eyes empty and dark like the walking dead. At the start I would say something and then it would happen, start talking about a friend and that friend would call. I was even finishing people was like my abilities were stronger. While I was high I used to meditate, read tarot, angel oracle cards, and try to fill my heart with love and I strongly believe that is what saved me from going too dark. After every meth binge I would suffer from sleep paralysis for about a week after, full of terror and fear. I always saw the infamous shadow people but never thought anything of them. I just kept living my life with them all around me. One time I was driving with my friend and there was a shadow person in the middle of the road and I kept screaming that I was going to hit it....she saw it too. The two most terrifying experiences I had was actually hearing a demons croaky husky voice asking me to "go to the window" and being attacked by a demon in my sleep while in sleep paralysis. I felt my legs ripped open and in my dream state I remember the fear I felt so I started to pray. Immediately it got angry and I felt this high pitched electrical noise get louder and louder in my right ear. My body was hot, burning even and shaking and I felt that falling sensation many people have. When I woke up I couldn't stop crying, I drove to my parents house hysterical and climbed into bed with mum. I cried all night and the dog growled at the door all night. The night that happened I wasn't high. The next morning I tried to sleep during the day and again sleep paralysis set in, in terror I lay there unable to move while I heard giant footsteps in my room. I promised myself I would never touch smoke crystal meth again. I have cut that friend out of my life too. It's the only way to be completely safe as I will always crave that high. I have detoxed completely and finally feel good again. I don't regret that part of my life because I feel I learnt something and hopefully can help someone overcome this terrible drug someday.

      Tuan A Nguyen 5 years ago

      I believe that evil spirits know how to find our weakness and attack us when we're at the weakest stage or when other people think you're crazy, this is a possibility. They can also have the ability to manipulate what we see and what we hear.

      Tuan Nguyen 5 years ago

      Yes, I also believe most of the hallucinations are caused by meth. But some of them are real. I've seen the soul ripper shadow. The next thing I know I went to my mom's friend dad funeral in the next few days. It's kinda like future sighting but in a distorted version. I also heard thunders, few days later it rained. It is true that not all spirits are evil. They can be sent my Jesus to temp the human to do bad things

      Realist84 5 years ago

      Had a few typos in there cause I'm using swype to text and though it's a smart phone, it's kind of dumb. The only one I will bother to correct is that they are craving to feel good again. The rest I'm sure won't be hard to figure.

      Realist84 5 years ago

      I just want to say that this post is uneducated. As a user as well as somebody who has spent many hours researching its effects, I can tell you, yes with meth that has not been"stepped on" and smoking a little more then you are used to in one sitting it can mess with your visuals. Yesterday I experienced it first hand. I see shadow man at any given point, almost never when high. And never lurking in trees. He walks slowly like he's just strolling about. I have seen and felt things all of my life, but less when high. The reason meth is so addictive is because it effects your dopamine levels which refers personal reward and happiness. Smoking releases then at a very large rate causing you to feel euphoric; orgasmic. The more that this happens the more the body forgets to our how to produce the release of dopamine naturally. Leaving the person sad, hopeless and craving the ability to feel god again. Leading to more use. And with more use comes more damage. Being as meth quickly effects the person by rapidly shooting straight to the brain like giant magnets rushing to embrace each other, while it's an immediate solution for the user, out is also an immediate slice to the brain. It's unsure if when you hold your hit in (you are supposed to exhale immediately) if you get any higher. But in my opinion it will leave traces in your body from your throat down to your lungs that cause bad build up. Not only keeping you high longer but also leaving you with a nasty cough that is accompanied by a thick very sticky and hard to expel mucus. That which will not only be coughed up but also drain from your nose. Causing sores in your nose sure to the chemicals. It can also cause lung collapse due to an air pocket that can wedge herren the chest wall and lung. Back to the brain. Smoking to much for to long can lead to symptoms of schizophrenia. And eventually the disorder itself. Schizophrenics experience hullucinations, tics, paranoia, fits of anger/rage, and more. This is all science, not religion. If you put a bunch of chemicals in your body it will harm you physically and mentally. That's common sence. I would also like to reproach the shadow man before concluding. The man that meets my eye from time to time, piety seldom in these days, looks as though he has a cowboy hat on and ar trench coat. There is never a sence of fear induced by his presence. He has startled me on occasion like when he walks part my clear shower curtain while I am in there. He isn't hostile, and actually puts off a protective vibe. I have run into bad, evil, lost, and/or misunderstood entities throughout my life. Not all shadows are evil. Some you just can't see directly because are not ready to see who is watching and protecting you. When he's near me, the good spirits are still near. And the bad ones seen to be held back. You have to realize that the world is not black and white.

      surrender surreal 5 years ago


      jess 5 years ago

      Im 25 ive been doing meth since i was 14... the last 5 of those years i shot up... ive been clean for 5mths now... the first time i cleaned up for 4yrs had 2 kids ngot married... got divorced n started using again... both times the lord has saved me... praise god he is so awsome... he is the truth... thank u for this site bc it awaked something in side that was fastly fading.....

      Tuan Nguyen 5 years ago

      The most koolest things that I've had experienced while on meth was that my house at night is floating in space kinda like before or after the big bang when universe is still dark. And also for some reason, I feel like my body was transforming into kryptonite while my mouth keep repeating that word. Later on that day of the recent Friday 13th, I heard the nailing sound keep pounding next to my ears. It got to my attention that what if somehow when you on meth, you kinda creat worm holes that travel thru time to the past or future. I also had a feeling that the battle between god and devil inside my head or my body as like millions of souls taking to each other. The funny thing is that instead of fist fight, they mouth fight, so funny LOL

      surrender surreal 5 years ago

      i live in atl. am interested in meeting someone female 30 to40 that would like to talk about this to help one another escape from the evilgrip of meth and addiction,im in my early 40s,after 20 yrs of almost daily use of crack and meth,i continue the struggle,and through jesus christ,ive got it down to once a month for 2days,in case u dont already know,thats a miracle in itself,however i must find a way to end this once and for all,and i feel all alone,i have so much love to give,as everything in my ife i love is all gone and has been for a long time...ive become very spiritual..and desperatly searching for a way i am reaching out to hopefully touch someone..i know is out there...that shares and understands xactly what i mean..if ur single and in atl. and need to talk im here to help,im so close to being found agian as i have been lost 4 so long,i feel the need to share my knowledge like it might just be the answer we both know we need and have been and still are searching for,out of all these exp,i promise u,been there-done that,this is 4 real and it will f-ckin take you out,for that is its only purpose,and YES demons,spirits,shadow people,ghosts,manifestations,full body apparitions,and friends that have pre-maturely passed on,ive seen them all many..many times..last night agian since a year or so b4 that,and oh,also an out of body exp. 10 yrs. ago from a ghb and ketamine overdose in backstreet atl. parking lot,i left my body,and backsreets ripped out of the ground and 100ft. high spinning around in circles on fire,then the most terrifying dark force pulled my soul into a void i know lead to hell..i prayed to jesus,in tears,and instantly an overwhelming power like a tug of war exactly,i have no doubt in my mind,it was the hand GOD ,demons were everywhere like the faces in jacobs latter and devils advocate the movies,then my eyes opened as i lay on the ground,it was all the book "the ketamine exp." anyway i have more exp. with demons and i just hope someone reads this...before they ever have to find out for tmemselves..this is a losing game..thier is no shining white night waiting for you at the end..please trust me on that..but anyway if you need help or need to talk or meet up anytime..e-mail me at bless...

      surrender surreal 5 years ago

      i spent 2 hrs writing and it erased a utshell,20 yrs. of crack,and meth addiction,yes this is real..ive seen it all..for over 10 yrs. now..i cant count how many times..f-u to u mf who dont take this seriosly,youre already dead-your life is an imagination of itself..i choose to live..jesus christ o.m.g..what have i become,after 18 yrs. of daily use im down to once a month for the last 2..and it remains a staining i struggle less,the trickery lowers the boom,the devil will not ever stop,please do not underestimate the power of darkness,meth is pure evil and the opposite of what its percieved to be..god help us all..i cant do this anymore,everything in my life i love is gone now..and has been for a long time..jesus those who suffer understand b4 its to late..i will pray for us all..and i hope this message helps someone ..because i understand ,and need the same even more..god bless..

      FreeYour Self 5 years ago

      ** meant to say "My heart goes out to all who shared their stories..." ( typo)..

      FreeYour Self 5 years ago

      My heart goes out to you all who shared their stories. I have been in your shoes before and can relate. All I want to say is we are not perfect but as long as we know right from wrong and choose to do the right thing and acknowledge that God is all powerful and the only one that can save us ; these evil demonic attacks shall pass and we will be victorious in every wicked battle we encounter mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I'm not here to judge anyone but truth be told with God all things are possible!

      chris 5 years ago

      I've done some drugs not a lot maby more than most, never touched hollucinagons so at first when i smoked it i thought the shit had to be laced but i have seen some of this shit on meth, i saw scorpions and other bugs that had smoke coming out of them on my carpet so i threw blankets on them and stomped on them. Guns pointed at me from people with remotes that make them invisible. things too disturbing to even write, the shadow people out of the corner of my eye, had conversations with them, even in public. they followed me everywhere. what i saw was like the hollow man just a transparent figure. they were on the walls too, everywhere. the hardest part was that i was the only one that could see or talk to these people or things. i could go on forever but meth is no good and since i got clean i dont see these dillusions anymore but the paranoia, i feel will always be there. if these things i saw really do have a meaning let me know what you think

      profile image

      soldier12959 5 years ago

      I was hooked on heroin and also Crack ,I must admit I never saw Gargoyles or shadow men while on these drugs, although I was quite evil myself ,but Gd was merciful and delivered me from these drugs ,Amen ! I decided I wanted to quit and I did and thats all it really takes , iots for you to really want to !

      david 5 years ago

      my name is david and im fighting this battle as we speak and am scared to death ive seen hundreds of shadow men walkin in my house and think its my fault......i just saw a sign before i got on here.....i dont wanna mention it.....i dont wanna b condenmed sister gave me some of this "new drug" at first.....after awhile they would talk about me when i got high wit them thinkin i culdnt hear them because it took away there ability to b aware of everything around them.....they would cheat lie and steal from eachother and i would just watch them....i never saw nothing so evil in my life.....i dont love my sister anymore cuz its not glad i read this thank u

      amanda 5 years ago

      my best friend uses meth she has been hooked on it for about 2 years she has gone down hill...she talks crazy nonsense to everyone and she is always talking to herself and laughing it really creeps me out.... when i suggest things to her to help her change she refuses to listen and will make a million and one excuses why she cant do things...she once told me that she hates God i just couldnt believe this was coming out of her mouth i told her GOD loves you and with a cold dead stare she just told me fuck him......i feel sad because she doesnt care about what she is putting her friends her kids and her family through.... i feel like i lost my friend forever everyone tries to help her but she doesnt want it so i dont know if i should just leave her be honest when she does visit i feel anxious around her like her energy is draining.... all i can do is pray for her and hope one day she'll find GOD and stop using this evil drug...

      Emily 5 years ago

      im 17 and iv been smoking meth since the begining of october. im finally home from a 8 day bender really sleep deprived and im coming down. this happens everytime i come home..its always scary. holy fuk it just gets creepier the longer i look into the darkness. shit f**k hell! i hafta go in that.

      i dont like this reality but i like smoking meth. its available. just gotta chill out and ignore shadow people shuffling around me and other demonic forces i dont know how to explain yet. this articule explains alot. omg. i swear they be moving in and hating the place ever since. its getting freaky all by myself... even the air is alive and angry

      they no longer hide in the shadows im soooo scared right now. i cant even explain myself without jumping away from moving monsters...i think they're fuking with the curtain as well. im alone, but there everywhere. in my flesh in my ears and they keep getting closer and closer to me. i feel them putting there invibility limbs on me. mostly my hands, hair and legs. black flashes by my feet. parts of my vision disapears and comes back. holy fuck i thought some one was behind me. shadows arnt suppoes to move and appear as an object. just to go and repeat. i wish this wasent happening. holy fuk the noises are getting louder. so they say im insane but really they are for not beliveing that they're shadow ppl and they're in our house. im tripping the fuck out. oh god i hate being alone down here they haunt me. i think thier conspiring against me.i keep feeling someone coming up behind me but noones there..

      hey lookie at my shadow move without me and thoes shadows too! but thoes shadows dont have any objects! how are they doing that?! emily's making this time a positive shadow demon visiting hour..i should go to bed but it scarier there only bcuz..they watch me..

      shelby 5 years ago

      I am 20 years old and iv been smoking meth for the past 4 years off and first it was amazing, actually the complete opposite of evil. I never seen heard or acted in any demonic way. Then later down the road it quickly started changing. I had a habit of becoming completely obsessed with sex and men that I thought understood me and were doing meth as well. I started thinking that everyone on meth were actually the sane ones and anyone who wasn't on meth were just different reeds.e Meth made me happy and I felt so loving and caring to I finally found something that made me a better person. It's hard to really explained everything...but suddenly I was starting to get extremely paranoid. It started with just hearing voices I guess u would call them. But I paid no attention because I knew I had to try to keep my sanity as much ad possible...I had to remind myself I was on meth and haven't slept or eatin for a period of time. Then a couple years later I reached a point where I truly believed I completely lost my mind and all touch with reality. I was on a 2 month binge of being 6 months sober prior. And let me tell u this was very good dope...I was up for 4 days with no food and I never even nodid out or gone to sleep for even 5 minutes. I was driving with 2 other individuals at night wen I saw a UFO that was chasing us. When I stopped it stopped...I felt like it could read our minds. I began to panic and I really thought aliens were going to take us and I would never see my friends and family again. I was going 100 mph trying to get away from this thing while crying and screeming uncontrollably. I then tried calling my mom to get help. Thank god she didn't answer. I proceeded to call 911 untill one of my friends grabbed my phone and said that wasn't a good idea. I kept thinking I just wanted to kill myself so I didn't have to experience this horror, that felt like I was living a nightmare. One of the individuals I was with (also on meth) was telling me how crazy I was and saying I just needed sleep. I was chaos inside my car with 3 meth addicts strung out. I was so frustrated that he wasn't seeing what I was seeing. We had a gun in my car and I told him I was going to shoot him if he wouldn't believe me. I parked my car and just started breathing trying to calm down. Everytime I looked out my Windows I would see people right at my window just staring at me and then would vanish in a second. I felt like I was living in a scary movie. 1 year ago this happened and I never could figure out if it was real or not. It made me crazy. I didn't know what was reality or a meth induced allusion or if there really was a reality. I thought that was going to b the last time I would do meth, but even that was enough to scare me away. Iv only been clean for almost 6 months. I can't seem to stop thinking about getting high again...I know it has ruined my life but idk how to become bigger than the voices inside my head telling me just to relapse. I would love to buy some and load a fat bowl and get high as Fuck for days...that's all I want. But I also just pray to God to help me get away from this devil. God is the only one that can help u. If you haven't tried meth...please don't ever start...I think we are definitely at war with this evil substance. Not to mention a started shooting up heroin...not that its not bad either but there is something about meth that is like no other drug. God help us

      Advice from God's Annointed 5 years ago

      All I can think about is saving your life . My niece put a gun in her mouth and left this world as a result of drug use and she had told me about the demonic activity that took place in her life as a result of drug use. Please if your heart is stil beating you have a chance . Cry out to Jesus , Jesus please forgive me , Jesus please save my life and my soul. The only way to beat thi addiction is to pray continually and read God's word and seperate yourself from the people and places that temp you . You have the power to take your life back though Jesus Christ. Think about the price he paid for you onthe cross and don't let any one or any thing send you to Hell. Will you give yourself to the one who knows you best yet loves you most. Begin to resist Satan and he will have to flee from you. You did open the door to Satan through any kind of drug use, but you can open the door to Jesus and he will help you to kick Satan out. Talk to Christian people who are not on drugs tell them that you want help and stop denying or hiding Satans secrets. A real christian will love you and pray with you and you will have the support of someone else. Please don't waste any more of your life with sin , call it quits with Satan and tell him to get out of you and leave you alone in the name of Jesus. Seek help from a minister in the deliverance ministry. Dont give up. And don't fear tommorrow God's already there.

      Advice from God's Annointed 5 years ago

      Don,t trade Jesus in,don't compromise with Satan, Don't be overcome with Evil, don't give away your robe and crown,don't let a day go by and forget to pray,don't back down on your way up,don't loose out on your salvation, don't accept satan's bribes' don't turn on the best friend you ever had, Jesus. Don't become lukewarm,don't giv away your inheritance, don't cripple yoursilf with sin, don't brush shoulders with satan, don't let down on what you believe in, don't hide your sins, don't pretend, don't let this life sadly pass you by don't give up Jesus for love ,drugs, or money. Don't make living for Jesus harder than what it really is' don't stop reading your bible, don't forget to gather with the saints, don't look at the hypocrites life

      BaconMe 5 years ago

      The other night my friend and I took ecstasy, and I now believe it was laced with meth because I went through hell that night... Thinking that my friend was going to kill me, that her room mate was a serial killer. My mind was literally going down a dark tunnel where everything and everyone was a threat. I also saw shadow people in her house. And I heard strange things going on all night, sounds that shouldn't have been there. The next day my friend said it sounded like someone was trying to get in her room, the door knob was being jiggled and pushed.

      Can these demons be attached to certain houses or places, or did they appear because of the drugs?

      Never doing that again.

      CarlaClean 5 years ago

      I did Meth for 5 years on a daily basis. I did indeed a demon many times throughout my use. The creature that I saw was approximately 3 feet tall, greasy grey, and the best description I can give of him is the bad gremlin in the movie Gremlins (not Gizmo)He would grin at me with razor sharp teeth and blood red rubbery lips and would sit as close as 3 feet from my face. There is noone on this planet who can not tell me that demons are not real. This thing was 3 dimensional and although it never spoke to me I knew his ultimate goal was to either watch me die or at the very least be there to watch me take my last breath. He seemed overjoyed at my suffering when I first began to wean myself off of meth. Has anyone else seen this demon? Just wondering if we all have our own personal demons or if he has been seen by others?

      Tuan A. Nguyen 5 years ago

      Is there a way to test if there're evil spirits inside the house by using some kind of greens or trees? Or a magnet or radio static maybe?

      Tuan A. Nguyen 5 years ago

      It is true when you said when you're on meth, it is hell on earth. It is because it make you think like it's only you against the world

      Tuan A. Nguyen 5 years ago

      I would say when you on meth, it's like you're dreaming in a reality if you know what I mean. But I think it's just us being paranoid most of the time. What it does is that it magnify our evil thoughts like 50x that make us scared. All I'm saying is that, meth make us much more scared to something that we are not scared when we sober. In another words, when you on meth, you're just being retarded and acting like little kids. That's how I feel about it.

      Believer 5 years ago

      I believe I have seen many of the things you are talking about. IT IS NOT A JOKE. Take these sightings and learn from them. Jesus is the only one who can save you from damnation! I have seen life after death and let me tell you this: It is not something I would wish on anyones life. Not even my own enemy. Thank you for this post.

      rshahi123 5 years ago

      I tried a lot searching for a site that connect meth with some supernatural,demonic , satanic and that sort of things. I did meth for 2 continues month without much sleep. Now I am almost 18 month clean and never ever want to go back. After continues use for two month, i started hearing voices telling me what to do what not to do, moreover controllling my brain and soul. I used to talk with voices and belived it to be real. It occured to me as a spritual awakening. I was talking with god, demons and all sort. meth took my life away from me, I lost my friend and near ones as i had delusion that everyone was after me during that period of time.

      I told a lot of friend now days who are sober ones, they all tell me its all psychosis and hallucination i had of the substance but deep inside i am still not been able to wipe out the thoughts,visions and the stuff i heard during that period. I tried to ignore it , just making myself belief that its just psychosis and hallucination but it had more than that. I search a lot of meth stories in internet and was really suprised to see how each story connect the same element of demon,satan and so on. I am a non- christian but i do strongly belive in good, the good things thats exist in thisd universe. Meth is surley a devil drug. it connect you with devil and takes your beautiful life away from you. I do regret my life , i still hear those faint voice now too but i am living a normal life. god bless

      mctwisty83 5 years ago

      this is a very very affirming and empowering. i have been using jib for ten years and there is no doubt in my mind that meth is a powerful choatic majick. be careful it can and will open you up to things u only thought never said or expressed aloud, only thought; into reality. your mind will turn on you eventually in an attempt to keep you as healthy and functioning as possible. this is the brains ultimate function, entire health. The mind will turn never mind with the help of jib and the host of possiblitlies it brings...... love to all who have moved on and especially to those like myself who still do all we can to survive ourselves and our demons ~ ur not alone ~ peace

      RC 5 years ago

      Well I came back 2 this site and see the post well... The problem is that I took the Crystal and buried it in his back yard... and I repent I do not want 2 touch it ...I still get that weird feeling I see signs thru diffrent things... The nite some thing got a hold of me I saw 2 moons and the the name hat and hen keep on popping up I really need help I am going 2 church asking GOD to forgive me ...I really regret the whole 4mnts ...I do not know what happened ...I feel like I sometimes I will not say it because even when i write things get turned around...I do see the shadows but and now hear them ...thru weird things and i take pictures and you can see them ... It is a Great world but I am gratful but what have I done ...I ask god to forgive me I am tring to turn things round and not use any wicca just have faith in the Holy Spirit...thank you

      ShadoWing 5 years ago

      I have never done or have been associated with anyone who uses meth. I was researching about information regarding satanic demons and the like. I find this information regarding the connection between drugs and evil fascinating. I would wonder if that also applied to weed users as well but to maybe a lesser degree.?

      unknown 5 years ago

      We couldn't find you on Facebook, but here is what you may need to do. You say there is a crystal in the corner of your yard? REMOVE IT! Replace it with a small cross pendant. Pray over the cross first. Also, put blessed oil on the cross. You can use even vegetable oil for this. Pray over it and ask for forgiveness over the cross.

      While removing the crystal, you will notice not be alarmed, just continue. After completion, take the crystal and wrap it in a damp towel(this binds the evil inside.) Also bless the towel by praying over it. Demons reside in crystals, why it was buried there, only "Kerry" knows that answer. Crush the crystal with a hammer or something while INSIDE the cloth. Throw it in your dumpster and set it to the curb. Sprinkle the remaining oil around your property and all entry ways to your home (doors and windows).

      If you do this, you would have reversed all evil and your home will even seem brighter.

      VERY IMPORTANT: Do not do this at night, only during the day light. That is when they are in the crystal. Do not be afraid at all...Jesus Christ has already won the battle, you just have to claim it in His mighty and Wonderful name. May God Bless your unique journey through this magnificent world.

      RC 5 years ago

      I did not know that was all going 2haooen 2me wehn I deciced 2take this drug for 4 monthes I did meth ...I had a baby was going through deppression nobody understood what I was feeling and the drug just made all that awful oain of rejection and humilaiation just go away .... now i have this visions anybody who walks thru my house always have a dejavue some how things always come in numners 2me ....dreams I have had people seem 2relate them 2somehow them ....and that feels like an invasion i quit 4myself my baby my son and GOD 4reasons that are worth more then that bone .... it is a long story ... I regret everything I did just not know all information i what i lacked .... my kids got taken from me but god willing I am getting them back I will not ever take the devils drug.... my story is longer all I can say is all my world got turned upside down i am even reading things upside down because it seems messages come through in a weird way things that you have said while on the pipe... songs on the back of a CD .... I have demanded this things go i never buried a pipe but a man named Kerry burried a crystal from my house in the corner of my house .... that was enough for a graveyard 2start his wife did the meth with me always in 1 of our houses.... then everything that came out of my mouth came true things come in blue and red always ... the # 3-4-96-12-10-1- and i always seem 2find a penny somewere I at in the house or outside if you think you can be some help i have smudged my house with sage ...yet even from playing black ops... I feel as the demons got control of all that has been damaged husband family everyone has shut the door on me 3x I am not lost I am sober if you are clean and would like 2help me my email find me at facebook rosachavira Klamath Falls stalkers only people with good intentions 2help me put my puzzle together....god bless

      Howard 5 years ago

      It is Hell on earth.

      profile image

      justinkace1 5 years ago

      did you know that if you take a picture of the smoke coming out of a person that just took a hit off a meth pipe you will see demons images in the smoke ?

      free 5 years ago

      This has helped me realize that the things I saw and heard after opening the door to meth were something from hell. I saw the

      same demon twice. Once when I woke up in the physciatric hospital after being on a heavy tweek. The second time I saw the same thing when I was stone sober and closing up the store. It looked like a man. So I guessthis was a simple right? A few weeks after I saw that I was talking to my mom in the parking lot of the same store. We both heard a loud creepy sort of hysterical laugh it sounded like it came from the top of my vehicle. At this time I was contemplating suicide and I was telling my mom that I felt like giving up. I know these things were out to get me. This events happened 8 years ago and since then I have relapsed by using marijuana and cocaine. Today im free from the hard stuff. I have no desire to do meth again. It is so nasty.

      Jimmy Evola profile image

      Jimmy Evola 5 years ago from Australia

      Interesting hub, keep writing

      CountedSorrows 5 years ago

      First things first, general information. My name is Brianna and I'm 16 years of age. By the age of 15 I had experimented with almost every listed drug, including cocaine, ecstasy, pure MDMA, acid, shrooms, marijuana, heroin and almost every 2c type available. (sadly, this list is longer than I've made it appear.)

      More often then not, I'm careful and cautious with drugs. I believe I have to be. I research and make sure I fully understand any drug I'm contemplating on trying. I have a lot of self control, and am able to avoid becoming an addict to even the strongest of substances. Thus, my confidence has sky rocketed, giving and allowing me more control.

      Then there's my ability to hide the fact that I'm interested in drugs to the eyes of another person. I don't mean to be stereotypical or crude, but a persons appearance is very important and thus I live a double life. In which I get away with anything and everything. (Allowing me to grow mushrooms and DMT with absolute privacy and minimal suspicion.)

      Continuing on, I would like to inform readers of a disease I have in which I cannot determine reality from a dream. A mild mental illness. Ascending upon that, my uncle had this same disorder and actually commited suicide by shooting his right temple with a single bullet gun. Things became to intense for him. My parents cried that night he died, when I was 7, because they knew I inherited the same disorder.

      I believe my parents stopped loving me from then on in order to save themselves the pain.

      I don't mind this, I don't believe in love to begin with. Though don't get me wrong, I would jump in front of a bullet for them. I respect my parents very much.

      Anyway... around the same time my uncle had passed my older sister, who was 14 years of age, began smoking meth daily. One day I walked in on my sister smoking with a friend, I believe I was 7ish. She offered me some. I declined her offer and told her to get over the death of our uncle and quit wasting herself.

      She told me she could see him when she smoked. She could see his soul in a black silhouette figure, and that she felt an energy absorbing her into him. She loved it. She loved him.

      I cried, and ran away. I came back later that night, and was unable to find my sister. That was the last time I saw her.

      I told myself I would never try meth. I would be nothing like her.

      3 days ago, I took 7 meth bombs. Things were okay at first. I felt alert and awake as I sat in the park with a few friends, drawing pictures and having fun. Around 9 (4 hours after indigestion) we began walking to a party we were invited to. When we arrived, I took the last of my pills for a boost of the energy I had thought I lost.

      That was a mistake.

      The entire party I was trembling, shaking and uneasy. At one point I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

      You could no longer see my teal colored eyes, only the black from my pupils. My face was flushed, and my lips were a deep red. I looked inhuman.

      After spooking myself (and I'm sure others) I left the party with my boyfriend. We went to his room and talked for awhile. Everything was back to normal and I felt safe again. Later on, I had him drop me off at home because I had to work in the morning. We said our goodbyes and I went to my room.

      Things became strange.

      I could not sleep. (I expected that) and I was having hallucinations more vivid then when I was on acid.

      I almost lost my sanity that night.

      I became frightened and heavy. My body felt as if it was collapsing and my mind was poisoned. I felt helpless and afraid. I stared into the endless depth of my ceiling as strange black lines and human like shapes crowded around and reached for me, unable to actually touch. They chanted the same line over and over again, "Don't follow the fallen"

      I was then having a battle within myself, should I respond? People say I shouldn't, I should ignore it, what should I do?

      I told them I didn't understand.

      All of a sudden a rush of a deeper black swirled across my room in different directions. It was like looking through a kaleidoscope. Out of nowhere, I wasn't afraid anymore. I began to laugh a little at this entertainment the shadows were giving me. Soothing me like a child. I started to smile a bit.

      I know I shattered that fateful night, because I began creating my own universe with the shadows of my room as I lay in my bed. Morphing and moving to my command. My eyes wide open as I painted my masterpiece.

      These visuals didn't fright me. I began to realize the only thing I was afraid of, was myself.

      My insanity.

      The next morning my boyfriend and I met up. He went on a long rant about society and how he felt he had wasted his time and life on things that weren't productive.

      I couldn't really listen to him... I was still hallucinating and having strange delusions.

      When he dropped me off back home, I went to my room and turned the light on.

      The light started yelling and screaming at me to leave.

      I turned it off and silently sat on my bed in the dark. I thought about my life, and how I'm slowly killing myself.

      My body has been nothing but fragile, using all of its strength to protect the soul that inhabited it.

      Born with a kidney that would fail at the age of 6

      Born with the susceptibility of seizing

      Born with broken eyes

      Born with a fatal heart

      Born with insomnia

      Born without the ability to differentiate dreams from reality

      Instead of attempting at protecting this frail body, I abused it with multitudes of substances.

      Blow after blow, love (one of the many substances) tried crawling into my now collapsing body.

      But as soon as it entered, my body became afraid and pushed love away. Refusing the help of anything that would attempt to claim superiority.

      I still, do not believe in love. Simply because love only makes a human weak and vulnerable.

      I cried more that day then I have in the past 15 years of my life. What have I been doing, all this time?

      I thought of killing myself. Just to escape how afraid I was to be alive and to be the person I am. To join my uncle.

      I decided not to (obviously) because I believe things can change. Life gives you a multitude of opportunities.

      I don't regret trying meth that one time. I found it to be a profound experience. But I do not ever want to put myself in that position again.

      I now take anti psychotic medication because the shadows continue to taunt me. Only heavy users report what I had seen, and only heavy users have managed to permanently damage themselves to my degree. I don't understand why it hurt me so much. Maybe I'm just a pussy. Who knows.

      I do know that I've been f*cking around with my life for far too long and It's time I actually accomplish something.

      I think when the shadows told me not to follow the fallen, they meant to not follow the path my sister had chosen. She destroyed her life with meth.

      And I'm not about to destroy mine.

      Lily Luna profile image

      Lily Luna 5 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Your article is why there is so much misunderstanding about witchcraft. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with methamphetamines. Most witches wouldn't even consider using drugs. Educate yourself. I'm a witch and personally, people like you are much more dangerous with your fearmongering.

      supergypsy1978 profile image

      supergypsy1978 5 years ago from Georgia

      When I got heavy into drugs, about 7 years ago, my drug of choice was cocaine. I received a drug charge and spent about 4 years out of the last 5 incarcerated. After I was released I began experimenting with meth. Still in my addiction, it is the drug I seek out these days when I want to get high. I'm not sure why it is, because there is definitely an evil to the drug that I have not experienced with any other. When on it or coming down I have seen, smelled, and tasted death. And that is the best word I can use to describe it. Death. It steals the soul. On it, I have the will to do the things that horrify me when others do them, when I am clean. I grew up in a Christian family. But ironically, I did not have absolute faith in God until a recent 3-day run on meth when I witnessed up-close and personal a spiritual battle within myself and the people around me. During other binges I had in the past, the evil surrounding me was potent, but this last time was the first of it's kind I've seen. I could tell these stories in more detail, but I'll save that for a later time. That I still desire the drug after these experiences speaks of it's highly addictive nature. It's straight from Hell and Satan knows exactly what he's doing. To those who have not tried it... run.

      crystalangel 5 years ago

      thank you very much now i no what iam dealing with around me inside me and iam a beleiver in JESUS BIND THE DEMONS AWAY IN JESUS NAME

      siswheel 5 years ago


      Did anyone else notice how atrocious the meth heads are with grammar and punctuation?

      Bottom line, weal minded people believe everything they see or hear....

      Party Pete 5 years ago

      this stuff is real, I'd see the shadow people, actual demons, I was so whaked out once a little demon creature walked right out of my bedroom he looked like a gnome but was so ugly he was naked had hair all over his body he kept laughing at me walke past me and was right under my kitchen table, I kept looking straight at him he just looked back and kept laughing, I knew i was on the brink of an OD

      Shawn 5 years ago

      I totally agree, I know what I saw sitting on the side of my bed one night. I wasnt high on meth at the time but it was the day after. A dark figure with hair and eyes as black as cole, the size of a four year old child with facial features and grey flourescant skin. Pinched myself rubbed my eyes looked again and it was still there. If there are demons that are after me that also means there are angels who will protect me and a God that loves me very much. I havent used meth since. This was my spiritual experience. I try to live and want to live according to Gods will. Ive done things it said not to do in the Bible and what it said would happen did. Thats enough for me. I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm. Plans to give you hope and a future. I like that.

      saved 5 years ago

      Very true...people who have never used meth to such an extent will have no idea about this and will not believe any of it. Jesus saved me from the Demons that were inside my however I believe there may still be a few lingering within me even though I have them under controll

      goochmaster4CHRIST 5 years ago

      Thanks man. That was a good reading. I'm from canada and am a believer in JESUS CHRIST! My name is chris g. and I have been addicted to crystal meth for off and on about eight years. I am currently on federal parole living in a federal halfway house in british columbia. I concur with what was said about not hallucinating under the influence of meth; however, one is in a different reality than the reality that we all exist in. Once when I was living in a recovery house years ago I was walking back home and it was the evening still light out enough to see but getting darker i guess dusk, I saw a silhouette group of people. I could see their forms which looked obviously like human male forms but I could also see through them. There was about five of them and they were walking by me on a road with no cars coming or going at the time. As they walked by me I noticed the one at the front turned its head to look at me like most types of common place things that happen in every day life as we experience and observe walking down a busy street. As you walk by people you notice them and they you, normal. Which is my point that figure at the front of the group was the only one who looked at me and the rest didn't. I was actually clean from meth for about a month and I truthfully do not suffer from any mental conditions that one reading this might try to diagnose me with personally and or specifically in my experience that I am trying to accurately portray to you as such. It was weird and unexplainable to me however I have a theory for it. Ephesians ch.6 vs. 10-20. It's in the Bible. Check it out for yourself if at all curious. I'm also clean now as well. I can't even think of using because the consequences are far to great. Back to prison! No thanks! I will pass on that! Oh and for those disbeleiver's out there waiting to pick apart what's been said and say things that they wouldn't wan't to say to your face, acting the tough guy cuz no one can see them; window warriors is what we call them in jail, God bless you little brother's and sister's alike! I hope you all find Jesus!

      Praetorius 6 years ago

      I'd like to elaborate on the passage i posted "he who finds his life (Eathly happiness, sex, sin, drugs, sorcery etc) will surely lose it. yet he who loses his life in my name's sake (Obedience, resistance to Satanism, Going to church, Repentence) Will find his"

      Praetorius 6 years ago

      Always remember that everything Satan does is in God's allowance. God can wipe Satan from existence if he chose to, but he hasn't chosen to. Ask yourselves why. Here's my understanding: Jesus is the shepherd, we are the sheep. There are strong sheep and weak sheep. There are ill sheep that can be made well. There are also ill sheep that have given up in the fight to live. God allows Satan to Cull the herd. Take the weak sheep for himself, while the strong sheep or those not willing to give up survive. Nothing Satan does escapes God's grace. he doesnt have free reign over us. Unless we allow him to. Unless we listen to De'la or G'heel and believe what they tell us. The only 'lost sheep' will be those that choose to be lost. Despair? suicidal thought? Sorcery? Demonic Communion? all allowed by God. RESIST them. Then you will gain God's favor. "He who finds his life will surely lose it. Yet he who loses his life for my name's sake will find his" DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES. Trust in God. meth is from Hell there is no doubt of that. But we choose to follow it or follow God. Take what you have learned and go forth.

      Praetorius 6 years ago

      First of all, i'd like to say that i've gone thru this bout of demonics and meth addiction and came out a wiser man. There are truths to this but also lies, or half-truths. The very first and foremost thing you have to remember is that God is Sovereign, Satan is not. Satan's power is limited by God's allowance. Satan's power is embodied in making you BELIEVE that God has turned his back on you. God will never forsake you. Satan never stops forsaking you. You choose your fate. There is a light at the end of the Meth/demon tunnel but you have to want to see it. There IS redemption after this. There IS forgiveness. Dont believe the LIE that Satan tells you "You did meth, you are a Sorceror or witch" Only God can condemn you. Satan makes you feel condemned, but his condemnation is only valid if you accept it. never give up on the Grace and Glory of God . If you'd like to contact me my email is:

      6 years ago

      I know what you speak of. I have made my way through the portal , for about a year, and I got to know those shadows very well. I beieve in Jesus Christ ,too. I had heard of Meth being witchcraft before I did it, but I came to understand why it was. It basically was the "portal". It is WORSE than people could imagine, but once youve been their you can understand that darkness. I have had 6months, and I have done it once after those 6months . Since I did i t again, I have really been wanting to go back, but please pray for me. I don't ever want to go their again, I dont want to be a breeding ground for demons! When I quit the first time, for 30 days, I had them streaming in my head , giving me visions of horribel things, and saying the worst things to me I had ever heard! I just wish I didnt know what you were talking about I do, and I really glad your out of it TOO!

      Hope all is well,


      anonymous - 20 years sober 6 years ago

      I think a lot of Christians become meth heads because they are too hard on themselves. They need a release, or the energy to reach up to their own demands, so the get revved up on meth. Forgive me if I'm wrong: I've never used meth before and think it's a speed type of drug. I had no idea people hallucinated on meth, but I've hallucinated, 30 years ago, in the 1980s, on a mixture of pot and peyote. The hallucinations, I believe, were always there, I just didn't notice them until this drug combination opened up my awareness. One halluciantion was two littel girls jump roping who wore old 1800s style dresses, another was one of those dark forms escaping out a window of my friends room, and another was something else I can't remember, but none appeared to be mean demons. I believe they were people from the dead: I just never noticed them before.

      Meerers 6 years ago

      I said to my friend after we injected Amphetamines , on a massive RuSH listinging to LEFTFIELD; Tonight we are going to see a ghost

      It was 3:00 clock in the morning 3 Days awayke

      there was a Black guy walking with a Black Doberman

      When he walked into the light he disipeared and when in the dark he looked normal , this was right infront of my house and i freaked out , this is a scary place

      My friend also saw this , i talked to it and i heard it say something in a weard deep accent

      No cars one road lot of bushes

      Believing is seeing Fucks so ,fuck you if you dont believe me . Ask my friend some weard shit is among us



      me agian 6 years ago

      as dog not ass...sorry...i had seen this demon in such a diffrent portal world as thow where he/she/it/?...existed there was no time for them, time did not control them, they were as thow gate keepers of the sinners/fallen/us...when i had this i had been very very wasted & was havin chest pain, i was layin on floor & shakin with great chilles, i thought i was goin 2 die, the shadow man had very great power, mind u the shadow man only had come into my room after my thoughts of if i die now i would go 2 hell then he came laughin laughin at me, so i prayed 2 Christ & he vanised & all things house & everything around was seen threw my eyes/mind as thow i seen my house from above this clear programed world in clear blue & a little ord of light was formin in my room, then peace had overcome me & i felt better, but i really could never was right after this experince, i sometime cant be around people cause i feal this extrame energy come off them like there mind flows threw me & i have visions in my mind of there secrets....this is no joke, this is why i never want 2 really go out anywhere, my grate grama was a witch so i dont know if this has anything 2 do with it.......>>>

      ME 6 years ago

      yeah my shadow man was laughin at me with such joy then threw what was in his cup(all my sins) into my face then the liquied had turned into a visions of how i was seen by them ass a dog....

      Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 6 years ago Author


      Sheryll Desmarais 6 years ago

      Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” philippains 1:6

      Hes just molding us I guess 2 something better.

      Boy, we pay big time when we don't listen.

      He was very revealing too me. Like, I knew He was there. His warmth and love. Very comforting. But I made some stupid mistakes because of selfish worldy fleshly feelings. And became destructive after facing situations. Jesus Christ Save Me From myself. I need you so much. We Need You Lord. Forgive us. Also Lord This demon that torments me everyday. (meth) Thanks Lord Amen. Oh, Still using been 3 yrs since i felt Him Like i use to. Because of this sin. I miss Him. So much. :) lots. OKay, I've been addicted for 3 yrs. since i was 16. just turned 18. I just relapsed not to long ago. was sober for a couple weeks. was really loving it. but tryed to do it my own way. tried to Lie to myself and say i dont need Him to get me out of this stuff. but. nope. boy i can be my worst enemy sometimes. OKay. Lets say this prayer all together. hehe lets agree. YAY! :D Lord, Jesus Christ forgive me of my selfish ways. Forgive me thinking i can do this on my own. Lead me Lord Jesus. I need you now. I miss you so much

      In Jesus name that you will protect us.Cover us in your blood. Our minds. Our hearts. Our temple. Use me. Do your will in us. In Jesus name.

      Just I ask Lord Jesus that you minister to out hearts and fill us with your Spirt. Refresh us or even teach us. Fill our cups. In Jesus Name no harm will come to me or my family. Amen ! :D

      cara 6 years ago

      I used to be addicted to meth. When i smoke it or snorted i never saw the shadow man or anything at all. But when i started shooting it up I saw all kinds of thins days later. One time i shot up and my vision went out and they was a church and people dancing away. and I felt like our car was crashing in to everything and I was screaming. And then my boyfriend made me eat and it started going away. I have seen things that was not there. And one time i saw my parents on the roof and police all round the house looking for me and they wouldnt really there. But i like I said it was only when i shot it up. that drug took control my life and It took everything from me. i have been clean almost 2yrs and I am still paying consequences. But I believe its the devil's drug

      Diana R 6 years ago

      It is really sad to know that there are so many out there like free thinking. So blinded by pride, the ego. And so judgmental towards something he or she knows little about. Thank GOD for that my friend because many don't make it out. With your lack of faith, you may have been one of those people. As for failing at life? There is no failing when at the end of all that crap, there is Jesus Christ waiting to forgive one for what you consider to be failure. THAT is not failure. It is eternal life. May you or the many others that don't share the same journey never have to experience addiction as we ourselves have. I would hate to have you think of yourself as you do us. GOD bless you all!

      Free thinking 6 years ago

      Wow, just wow. This is the biggest pile of shit I've ever seen. You guys don't need guidance from god. You need psychiatric help. NOW. The devil did not twist your arm into the meth lifestyle, you just decided to take it one day. Shadow people are merely a figment of your drained, tired and abused imagination. The devil is not making you take more meth, the ever decreasing dopamine levels in your brain are tempting you. All I see here are a bunch of weak, weak people looking for an excuse for failing so miserably at life itself. Stop blaming and start taking control, it's pathetic.

      Diana R 6 years ago

      I beg to differ on this comment for if I have been marked as one who can see, why then am I not taunted by them? I live a very very peaceful life and it's the peace and rest given to me through the grace of GOD and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This doesn't send a message of hope to those that are in such a state of hopelessness. The only way they can bring me harm in this fashion is if I were to start using again. Then it would be as if I had never quit. It does go away by the grace of GOD. Let go and let GOD!!!

      Marliza Gunter profile image

      Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa

      Sjoe!! Ask these people if they ever almost died of a hallucination or know of someone who did? Once knocking on death's door, you quickly learn to go and ask some questions..the right questions...once you've been in hell and seen Satan and his pitbulls, then you will never doubt again, not in poverty, divorce, illness, accidents or whatever mess you could find yourself in...demons are real, so are angels...why not go and swear at Satan for a while...people could yell at him to..why not..will he chip a nail?...challenge Satan head on if you find it so difficult to believe in God (the flip side of the same coin)..then a human will soon see the devil up close and personal..

      On the other side..if God truly shows you the devil, in your room, living, breathing, and speaking...will a human maybe then love and worship God? I don't think so..they will run to God out of fear and not out of Faith...

      Team have one great hub here..yes..any suppressants can make a person sensitive to the spiritual world, but it could also be devastating dangerous for them...once you've seen them demons, they mark you as one who can see, and they will never give you peace afterward...

      Thumbs up...!!

      t.j. 6 years ago

      i have had some wicked times using meth. i agree that meth is demonic. i have done alot of drugs but meth was by far the best and the worst, if you know what i mean. about 6 months ago i was working construction in oklahoma city and was using meth daily. one night i was drinking while coming off meth. i went to sleep or so i thought i did. two of my roomates said i got up in the middle of the night to take a piss, when i returned from the bathroom i started to curse them in spanish. they said i tried to square up with something, they said i kept saying "lucha mi diablo" or fight me devil. they said i was pounding my bed and i puched some holes in the wall. one roomate said he was about to call the cops but he was to scared to reach for his phone. shortly after all this i went back to sleep. they said that they stayed up the rest of the night and watched me to make sure i wasnt goin to attack them. the next morning jamie told me what happened and i said to quit fucking with me. he kept saying how fucked up i was! after this whole thing happened i started to realize how evil meth is. i think all drugs have an evil side but meth is by far the most evil drug ive ever done. this is just my opinion. whats even more fucked up is when i talk about it my mouth waters. ever since i did meth i sometimes talk to the devil. i believe in jesus christ though so there is hope for me and i know that the holy spirit is in my heart. by the way i feel bad for the hater "FUCK JESUS YOU NIGGERS"! GOD has a special place in hell for you dumbass!

      fukn up 6 years ago

      They're fuckin with me right now, as I just finished typing my story, I scrolled up the page to look at something and right back down, and it was all gone! Anyway, let's see if I remember all that I wrote...

      Afer reading this I literally got chilled head to toe. I've been using daily for a month after having years clean! I make myself go to sleep every night, so I know the shadows I see in the corner of my eye, are not due to a lack of sleep. The first night after I used Meth again I had an all too familiar dream of the evil demon that's after me and can even FEEL him on my bed, as I try desperately to call out to my old man next to me to wake me up, but it won't let me. Terrifying, but not enough to make me quit! About a year after I very first started using meth, I got into an accident while I was high. I decided then it was time to put a stop to it. That's when those dreams first started. I was terrified to fall asleep, the second I did they were waiting for me, and its so intensely real, I cannot put it into words. I would make someone watch me as I would try to sleep so they could wake me. Needless to say, the dark side won, as I continued to use a ruin my life, lost everything and everyone.

      Also, good to know I'm not crazy, as my cat fuckin knows what's going on! That cat has been right next to me the last few weeks, usually he so lazy and ignores me! Soon as I get high, he'll look right as me and run... creeps me out.

      Well, I hope this puts my ass in check...

      Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 6 years ago Author


      mitchell 6 years ago

      my comment is an experience i had i was shooting up heroin and to get off heroin i tried using meth well i used it for 8 days and and the end of the 8th day some crazy stuff a devout chritian i love the the lord jesus christ with all my heart but heres my story me and my girl friend only had a 30 bag of meth left we were shooting it up well i was sitting at my kitchen table and i looked into the spoon of the tool i used to shoot up in and i saw a man i thought it was jesus because he had some sort of heart looking thing in the middle of his cheast and behind him were people partying and eating. then my girl friend looked at it and she said she felt fear come over her she knew right away that it wasnt jesus it was a demon then she looked at her spoon and there was a skeloton in hers we freaked out and flipped the spoons over there was black on the back side of the spoons. we left for about 15 mins came back and the spoons were flipped back over again.i have had a relationship with jesus for a while now and i have seen excorcisms and bob larson exorcisms so i started rebuking the demons in the Name of Jesus that was a bad idea at the time because i had back sliddin and had just shot up meth. the next thing u know the demons start pulling on my shirt and pants i started jumping around scared they did the same to my girl friend. i was quoting scripture after scripture, i couldnt find my bible because it comes to find that later on that the demons hid it from us. but they were pulling on my girl friends clothes too trying to scare us and mess with us. me in my ignorance kept rebuking the in the name of jesus with needles and spoons and meth sitting right on the table. after about a hour of trying to rebuking them and cast them down in the name of Jesus it wasnt working and suddenly my girl friends face turned bright as Gold and she shouted STAND FIRM IN YOUR FAITH i knew it wasnt her but the Holy Spirit because i was jumping around like a rabbit scared of them so i stood firm they continued to oppress me. Suddenly God spoke to me and said that we had to throw all the needles and drugs and spoons away to get rid of them and so me and my girlfriend went and sat at the kitchen table contimplating if we wanted to or not the addiction was so strong at the moment that my girl friend suddenly started saying that she didnt want to throw it away but just do the rest of it. i was like o no what do i do but at the same time i wanted to do it so i walked out of the kitchen for 2 mins came back into the kitchen and said ok fine lets do the rest of it i grabbed the bottle and left the room thats the last thing i remember. It comes to be that i had got majorlly oppressed a demon and tried taking over my mind my eyes turned black and i had two shadows the things that the demon said is still hard for my girl friend to speak of becasue my face changed and she knew it wasnt me. So the next thing that happend was unbielable. now let me tell u a lil about my girlfriend she is a shy girl and always has had a hard time speaking the word of God out loud. So God spoke to her and she realized what she had to do she had to go throw the needles the spoons and the drugs away. By this time there was ten to fifteen demons in our house so what happened she ran in the kitchen and tried to grab all the stuff and throw it all in a bag but has she walked into the kitchen she felt the demons pulling her in and and grabbing her stomach and almost suffocating her she said it was very painful. What she thinks they were trying to do was either kill her or totally posess her and take over the house. But by the grace of God she got and realized she couldnt do it on her own so she ran in again yelling Jesus Jesus Jesus and as she was grabbing the drugs and the needles she felt wings of angles pulling the demons away from her it was amazing Praise be to the lord Jesus Christ it just shows how powerful his name really is. me and my girl friend have had many other experiences too if u have questions some have to do with heaven litterally coming into our house and seeing and fealing angels

      Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 7 years ago Author

      Hello and thanks again for your comment Fishin' Cricket. Your comment and anyone elses views are always welcome. That is how we all learn from each other. To let you know, we see this as a discussion rather than a debate and you seem to be approaching this the same way, so thanks.

      We checked out that site you provided. Thanks. Ummm... The first page is filled with pentagrams. If you are not aware of the meaning of this symbol, it is symbolic to Satan, so....

      To reply to the comments on us being religious, we think you will see that we are not if you want to visit one of our other articles named, "Jesus HATES Religion". We happen to agree with Jesus on religion. And, if we had to vote on the quietest and least offensive religion, we would vote ....Wicca.

      We know, positively, that we are of God, and the whole world around us is under the power of the evil one. And we have seen and know, positively, that the Son of God has actually come to this world and has given us understanding and insight, progressively, to perceive and come to know better and more clearly Him who is Truth; And we are in Him who is True-in His Son, Jesus Christ. This is the True God and Life Eternal. Keep yourselves from idols,(false gods)-From anything and EVERYTHING that would occupy the place in your heart due to God, from any sort of substitute for Him that would take first place in your life.Amen...So let it be!

      Thank you again, Team Wiseman

      If we may comment on the fact that you say Jesus says..."He who is not against me, is for me." We are very aware of "statements of confusion", and you have provided that in this statement. The correct way it is written is "He that is not with Me is against Me; and he that gathereth not with Me scattereth abroad."(Matthew 12:30) You said the same thing, just with a sort of twist. So we agree on that, at least.

      Fishin' Cricket profile image

      Fishin' Cricket 7 years ago from The Ozarks Hills and Hollers of MIssouri

      You didn't offend me, you merely didn't make sense.  Allow me to expound:

      Jesus said "He who is not against me, is for me"

      I provided a site,, that I can find no "evil" in.  When discussing Wicca, you misrepresent it as a tool of Lucifer.

      I submit to you that your computer is more a tool of the devil than the Wiccans I know and love.  They are not "tree worshippers" (that would be the druids) and are not breaking any of the ten commandments any more than a Gnostic Christian is.  It is unhealthy to demonize a religious movement that is a productive and peacful example of religion, simply because it isn't Christianity.

      The "Witch Trials" and the inquisition are over.  It's a new world. 

      My apologies if I should have simply moved in (rather than commenting on something that I feel is incorrect and incomplete information), I look forward to reading your hub that "dives more into the details of this subject"..  I look forward to seeing how Wicca could be classified as "Devil Worship" anymore than you can classify visiting more than your Church as "devil worship".

      Similarly to your suggestions here, My grandfather (The protestant pastor) claims that my strenuous studying and practice in Aikido (a martial art) is inadvertant "Devil Worship". 


      Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 7 years ago Author

      And here is Team Wisemans response to you Fishin' Cricket. Our apologies for offending you on this matter. We are not against people, we are against the forces of evil. No matter what they practice, people are not our enemies, evil is. We know without a doubt that wicca is the new age name for witchcraft. It is more widely accepted by this title. You may not consider their practices to be acts of worship to Satan, but it just is. Let us explain... Wiccans are worshippers of the earthly elements, and yes, a lot of times know their true god is Lucifer. Alchemist do the same. None will have anything to do with Jesus Christ or His ways. "Broad and wide are the ways to destruction and straight and narrow are the paths to righteousness"... In other words, no matter what you chose to worship, whether it be a tree or the sun, it's not Jesus Christ. We also have many friends who are wiccan, and many have turned from their ways after realizing their worship acts were giving glory to Satan. Many do not know this fact, they are simply just practicing the art. Many practicing wiccans are not on drugs of any kind... But Team Wiseman chose to put these "crystal meth wiccans" under the magnifying glass in order to expose their connections. Nevertheless, Jesus says "You cannot serve two masters: For either you will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon." (Matthew 6:24) Team Wiseman has another publication coming soon that dives more into the details of this subject, and we hope you will join us in this article as well. Thank you for your comment.

      Fishin' Cricket profile image

      Fishin' Cricket 7 years ago from The Ozarks Hills and Hollers of MIssouri

      Uh, what does all this (good info) have to do with Wicca and Witchcraft? Please explain? I have family and friends who are Druids and (True?) Wiccans, and I do not consider any of their worship to be at all related to your "Devil" or to Methamphetamines.

      I look forward to your response....

      profile image

      coffeesnob 7 years ago

      Well Now -you have written much and given us much food for thought. I know there is a realm we do not see (most of us) I also know that at God God removes the veil so we can see. Thanks for sharing

      christinekv profile image

      christinekv 7 years ago from Washington

      TW - Thank you for writing on this topic and going into some depth with it.  Satan's mission is to steal kill and destroy those God loves, and that includes everyone, whether they have a relationship with Him or not.  I believe Meth is one venue the enemy uses to accomplish his goal.  I know from personal experience, when I used this drug, I did things I would not have done had I not been on it and regretted later...things that I thought might be cool but ended up making me feel really dirty...things that the man I was in a relationship likely would have appreciated had it been anyone but me....I'm sure when he learned what I did, it caused him to think twice - from then on - about one of the ways he would choose to spend his free time when he needed some R&R.  Thankfully however, I never did become an addict.  We need sleep and I like to sleep (speaking physically, not spiritually here).   

      I agree demons are lurking everywhere and when a person has been without sleep, they may see things as a result of it because they are in a weakened state.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, when people are spiritually strong in the Lord Jesus and loving Him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength, they may experience visible Holy angelic visitations.  Those I know who testify to this usually operate in the prophetic and apostolic.  Apostles are Generals in the army and throughout the OT especially, so many times when angels intervened, it was during times of war - battles over possession of a land.  They also appeared to strengthen, protect, deliver encourage etc the prophets of God in their time of need...and we see many examples of this in the NT also.

      Animals are very sensitive to the presence of spiritual beings...I remember before I got saved, I started to read the Bible.  I was home alone with just a dog and a cat at the time and I woke up in the middle of the night with my dog on my bed (not usual) sitting by head growling at something I could not see.  

      Seems you may have a calling to minister to those who have or are going through this battle.  May God bless you in your efforts and anoint you to bear much fruit!




      profile image

      Adam B 7 years ago

      Interesting hub, I have never done meth, but I get a pretty good idea of what you are seeing / experiencing throught your writing.

      James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      Pretty heavy content here Mr. Wiseman. It is about time this truth was revealed. Are there demons lurking about? Absolutely.

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        Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons have a connection and Team Wiseman has exposed and revealed this Truth in their Articles. A Must Read!!

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