Why I believe in God the Creator

A mystery how it happened

Okay, I am not a theologian. I am trying to put a handle on why I believe in God. So that means I like the creation, stuff that is made by God. And yet the stuff made by God isn't God, so I don't worship the sun, but am sure glad it is created. So then I try to define that God is Spirit, or something not made. And I think back to Adam and Eve and realize God formed them and made them.

Forever by Michael W. Smith

Unborn God

So, a point in history came when Mary was with child. This is important to me because, it was a miracle. God the Son had always existed and in this point in time, he became an unborn child. He became flesh from conception, cells dividing, growing. He is an unborn child for nine months and he is God during that time. He is God when he is born, and grows and becomes an adult man. He is God when he dies and he is God when he comes back to life. He is still God and he is still man.

So, it matters to me that the incarnation was unique. I know every birth is a miracle, in a sense, yet the incarnation of God has happened only once. If Jesus was God during the unborn part of his life, he models what every human goes through before birth. He is called True God and True Man. He shows us what it is like to be human as originally intended before sin came into the world. 

Who Is Jesus?

If you believe that Jesus was a good teacher, or moral guy, or role model, that is different for me from worshipping Him as God. Then his unborn, unique status is diminished. In this belief system, there is really no uniqueness in the life of Jesus from any other life. That would diminish the importance of the unborn also. Life itself was infused with the Divine in this incarnation; that is why it is unique and special. Yet Jesus was not half God and half human, but fully God and fully human.

So it does go back to what we believe about God, the separateness of the creator from the creation; uniquely joined in one person who did not merely take the form of a person, but was a person.

The incarnation is significant and relevant for us when we try to determine when human life begins. Without the incarnation, it would be a good guess that life begins when the heart starts beating, or when the unborn child would be viable, or able to live on its own when it was separated from the mother.


Anyway, the incarnation is an affirmation of life for any human, unless you believe that life starts at a later point than conception or at birth. When the Word becomes flesh, I believe this implies a tangible thing, something not spirit, but something that has mass, has molecules and cells and life. This tangible collection of organs and tissues and nerves and bones is distinct from the other parts of the mother, even as Jesus was distinct from his mother (as True God) even while He was unborn.

God Become Flesh

With the Incarnation, God taking on flesh, Jesus demonstrates for us (I believe) that the moment we become flesh, when we have cells and tissues and a heart and a brain and skeletal structure and fingers and eyes and organs and the cells begin dividing, we have life.

So, to summarize, I do believe in the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I acknowledge the mystery of it all. I believe the intelligent design of the universe to be significant and important and affirm the 'otherness' of that intelligent design, which took on human form and is the reason I believe in God today.

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

A very nice exposition here. Thank you and welcome to hub Pages!

internpete profile image

internpete 7 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

Nice. I look at the world sometimes and i simply cannot believe it came about without a perfect creator who made it all. Creation is beautiful.

Kebennett1 profile image

Kebennett1 7 years ago from San Bernardino County, California

Awesome, accurate and I absolutely agree with you. Keep up the good writing!

christopheranton profile image

christopheranton 6 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

Very inspirational. Thankyou.

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