"The Wedding Dress"


Several years ago, I saw a made for TV movie entitled “The Wedding Dress”. It was a cute, little romantic flick that was enjoyable and not overly sappy. At first, I had a hard time following the story line, because it seemed to be nothing more than a series of unrelated events. At the end of the movie, everything came together and it made perfect sense.

In the movie, there was a woman named Zoe who was in love with Travis, her best guy-friend. Travis, on the other hand, was in love with another woman. Zoe decided to leave because she couldn’t bear to see the man she loved in the arms of someone else.

It didn’t take Travis very long to see his fiancé for who she really was. He ended up breaking off their engagement and searching for Zoe, not realizing that she was long gone. He couldn’t find her anywhere.

Both of them went on with their lives apart from one another. Unbeknownst to them, they met a number of the same people and developed a number of mutual friendships. They eventually crossed paths again and married each other a short time later.

When the movie was over, I sighed and felt all gooey inside. I turned off the television and couldn’t help but think about God. I thought of the movie in relation to the Kingdom of God.

See, Zoe and Travis had known each other for a while. She really wanted to be with him, but the timing was all wrong. Zoe went on with her life because she thought that the desires of her heart were not to be granted. She thought the answer to her prayer was a resounding, “No!” But it turned out to be a, “Not yet.” In the end, she and the man she loved became one because they were intended for each other from the beginning.

Though the movie was fictionalized – and possibly a bit idealistic – it showed me that God’s hand really is in every aspect of our lives. W really and truly cannot miss what He has for us. Whether it’s a specific mate, a specific job, a specific home, or a specific _____________ (fill in the blank), as long as we’re in God’s will, doing what He has called us to do, we can not miss what He has for us.

No matter how bleak the circumstances currently seem, we can rest assured because we can’t miss what he has for us…wedding dresses and all.

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