The biggest Churches in South Africa

Religion changes people for the good all around the world. When the religion is about gods words, it brings love among people; it comforts and gives people faith to live on. Not everyone believes in God’s words.\ because he can’t be seen. They nee something which they can see to believe and they end up making the symbols to praise it because their imaginations tell how God looks like.

There are many churches in South Africa catholic and Judaism seems to be the very first churches in this world. Not forgetting the Islam but for South Africa there’s more than these three churches. The list goes like, catholic, Hinduism, Islam, Pentecostal, Dutch reformed church, Chembe (kzn) united church, Presbyterian, and list is endless.

Churches are there to spread the word of god with love and faith and stay closer to the lord Jesus Christ. God is a god of just, has doesn’t want to share his people with the devil. I don’t want to sound like a preacher but it’s easy to know good from evil. And sometimes a little voice inside everybody tells you what’s right.

In the early 1780s, the missionaries came to Africa to spread the word of god. They started the Dutch reformed church, Baptist and catholic churches just to mention a few. They have brought civilization and now we know how to grow food for ourselves. The also brought education to South Africa.

Some churches in South Africa are peculiar there is a culture that makes black teat to use a medicine for treatment for sickness amongst their members and anybody who wants to heal. And a certain church uses strings in his waist for protection. It sounds like they are mixing traditional stuff and gospel of god. This shows that these people need something or some proof that they can show with their own eyes to believe. The only formula to stay believing is god is prayer and love equals’ string faith.

Zion church in South Africa is very active; they start the prayer Friday night, and pray right through the weekend till late Sunday night. They look so smart in their uniforms with the big Silver Star badge on their left shoulder. They also like singing and dancing. There’s this group of sully Mohole of zcc. Their style is about jumping as they are singing with joy.

During Easter, they all meet at their headquarters in Moria in Pietersburg. They all leave their places on Friday to go to Moria. This Event helps to raise the figure of accidents in South Africa. If you are like me a taxi user, we can’t move around because all the taxies have gone to Moria. The roads that lead to Moria becomes backed with traffic fro mall around the country.

With all the people that go there the church can’t accommodate them all and have to set up tents on the nearby hill. Lastly the name Moria represents the Moria of the bible where god told Abraham to take his child Isaac to sacrifice him for god instead of a lamb.

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Ogbuajike profile image

Ogbuajike 5 years ago

True there are many churches in South Africa and other places of the world. However, I wonder the type of churches you mentioned especially those that allow their members to treat themselves by means of charms (strings, etc). In my part of Africa particularly among the Penticostals such practice is regarded as anti-christian.

What do Penticostals in South Africa think about this.

Mduduzi 5 years ago

I'm from South Africa and i don't use strings to protect myself. Your statement is wrong. The practice you just mentioned is not for Christians.

You also need to get your information right.What you wrote is not a true reflection of what is happening in SA

Mduduzi 5 years ago

I'm from South Africa and i don't use strings to protect myself. Your statement is wrong. The practice you just mentioned is not for Christians.

You also need to get your information right.What you wrote is not a true reflection of what is happening in SA

Tselane 4 years ago

Ogbuajike, u r very true about the Pentecostal Churches. I am from South Africa and I am always asking myself why do some churches use charms, waters and strings to protect themselves.I am not against to what they practise but why do they do that?Isn't it that they mix God and gods.Mentioning ZION Christian Church.

thakhazimu 4 years ago

thulane from south africa if u read bible it mention wetar that if u enter the place of god they must use wetar because u dnt knw wr u work.

Rose 4 years ago

The group you mentioned is not sully Mohole .It is Solly Mohole and I am a member of Zion Christian Church.I love it very much. Thanks for the article

lopolin 3 years ago

de lord is my friend i will worship him with all my heart

profile image

Rapture02 3 years ago

Has anyone seen the new movie, 'Final: The Rapture'? I hear it's a really scary Christian film

Here's their website:

Dion Walker profile image

Dion Walker 2 years ago from Maryland

Some of the churches in Africa (all over) practice syncretism in which they combine Christianity and African tradition religions such as Yoruba, Dahomey, Odinani, Lozi, and Tumbuka among many others. Many Africans practice this in America too. I am not picking on the African many cultures do it, but does it right. It makes both the religions weak, watered down it is not pure anymore. God forbids this practice, You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your GOD, am a jealous GOD, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me!

Leo 22 months ago

Jesus used Mud 2open sum 1 eyes so. Wy not

Tshulu 19 months ago

I am a member and I love it ,we are taught love and peace but most of all respect,i would recommend that you read bible and understand it before making judgement.God bless you

Solly Monene 15 months ago

people people stop talking bad thing about the church if u wanna talk about it go to (moria) nd weakness the things we do there mmmmmmmm god be anto u negative people

sebolaishi. 14 months ago

people think that zcc members are witches remember that it takes one to know one n this dsnt mean if they heal everyone's sickness it means thy are witches how dare u...yah neh ZCC is a very great church n I would advice the bad mothers to stop write now

sebolaishii 14 months ago

I meant bad mouthers

muzi 11 months ago

Do not ever talk dirt or questions any activities been done by any church that u don't attend ,just ask the responsible people or those who attends that church about anything that u may like to know because even u, cannot be 100% sure that your church activities are the ones that's needed and that is correct and genuine.

Lihle Nomgca 3 months ago

don't fool yourself to talking bad things about zcc cause u don't know your end.every churches that preach the name of God it is good.let's be one can allowed to pretend, judge and insult other churches because our blood are all the one and same

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