Hadees about Dog

Hadees about Dog

The book of Ahadees, Sahee Bokhari, Sahee Muslim and Sunan Abu Dawood are resplendent with the raucity of the Hadees kind: Per., Mohammad’s order all dogs were to be killed and in specific words the order will read, dogs of a specific colour (black) had to be killed.

Now the quotes:

Sahee Bokhari vol. 4, No 540: Allah’s Apostle ordered that all dogs should be killed.

Sunan Abu Dawood No 2839: Were dogs not a species of creatures, I should command that they all be killed, but kill every pure black one.

Sahee Muslim No 3814: Abdullah Ibn Umer said: Allah’s Messenger ordered killing of dogs and he then permitted keeping of dogs for hunting, for herds and in aid of cultivation.

Sahee Muslim - narrated Maymunah: One morning Allah's Messenger SAWW was silent with grief. Maymunah said: Allah's Messenger I find a change in your mood. Allah's Messenger said: Gibriel had promised me that he would meet me last night, but he did not meet me. By Allah, he never broke his promise; and Allah's Messenger spent the day sad. Then it occurred to him that there had been a puppy under their cot . He gave an order and it was turned out. He then took some water in his hand and sprinkled it on the place. When it was evening Gibriel met him and he said to him: You promised me that you would meet me the previous night. He said: Yes, but we do not enter a house in which there is a dog or a picture. So the very next morning he commanded the dogs to be killed. He announced that the dog kept for the orchards should also be killed, but he spared the dog used for the protection of extensive fields (or big Garden).

These Ahadees are authenticated to be true. Whereas we see the Prophet SAWW when in 8 AH he was going in triumph to enter in Makah, with horse riders, footmen, men walking, and a huge army of men on camels and mules, in the way of the marching men a bitch was lying with her new born puppies. The Prophet SAWW ordered that a cordon be made to protect the bitch and her puppies from getting hurt or run over by the marching men and it was done. Police stood where the bitch was occupying her place, sitting with the puppies and it directed all men to bypass the place.

The Prophet SAWW showed that kind of care to a nursing bitch. He did not order to kill it. And the Mohaddaseen - the narrators, narrating the Prophet’s Ahadees, only after two hundred years of his death, write Hadees that the Prophet orders killing the dogs, such writing starts from 217 AH and on. A Hadees of the Prophet SAWW in which a mention of the dog was made was narrated by Hazrat Ali Als.

Hazrat Ali says, he heard the Prophet SAWW say: Do not amputate hands and feet of anybody, be it a biting dog.

And that was the only authenticated Hadees that can be called true. The Prophet of God’s action cannot be contrary to God’s. God, in Surah Kahef Aayet 18.18 praises the dog sitting with his forelegs spread in front of him though asleep, but still guarding the door of the Cave. There is no concept of the dog’s uncleanness derivable from there. Instead there is conveyance of affection in describing the posture of the dog. God therefore likes the dog. And then this Aayet from God reveals the dog is in the company of As-haab Kahef who are clean and it has an equal share in the mention of the praise of their actions. The praise of the dog, suggests it was due to go to the environs of the heaven with the As-haab-e Kahef who were made asleep for three hundred years along with the dog.

And this praise of dog in the verse of the Quran is like, when God takes oath of the running horses breathing hard from their nostrils and rushing for the accomplishment of mission with their riders and the hooves of the horses raising sparks, striking the rocky grounds, (Aayat 100.1-2).

Horses could not be ridden unless trained that was not until the years 2000 BC, and the dog cannot be useful unless trained till to this day. And the Ulema say the dog is Najis – unclean and it is the concerted opinion of all the schools of thought in Islam derived from convention and not injunction. Whereas no where the Quran says the animal is unclean. It is not in the nature of God to appreciate and praise in one place and then condemn and slight without folly or fault in another place. And how could the Prophet SAWW who is Rahmatulil Aalemeen - a blessing for the entire worlds, order killing of a Zee Rooh – one with life, when it was not doing any foray, any provocation. And about the Nijasat – the pollution itself feared of the dog, the definition of Nijasat – the unclean state of anything, God gives in Aayet 9.28:

O faithful the hypocrites are totally unclean and after this year they may not come near the Mosque’

So the definition of the unclean is one with the state of mind like of the infidel. In faith, the infantile or the reduction of faith or Nijasat one carries is not because of his body fulfilment – save the pig. The hypocrite and the apostate may be free of illness, clean of body, clean of clothes, but still he is Najis - polluted, because he carries a foul mind. But we see that definition of Nijasat does not apply to dog, he is not Najis he is a tool of help to man, with its sense of detection to a violation. And the aversion to touch the dog even in its dry state has grown over the years out of convention rather than injunction.

The people of book, the Judas by their Jewish law do not prohibit keeping dogs as pets. The Christians keep them as pets; the seculars keep them as friends and pets. It was another thing that if a secular like Pervez Musharraf came out with a dog, he was back prayed, and the intensity was so everlasting that its continuation had him abandon the presidency. And there was the Shah of Persia, Mohammad Raza Shah Pahlavi, though he swept the floor of Imam Raza Als’s shrine but because he cuddled puppies, he was so much back prayed that he had to run from his country. Though he was as much a Shia at heart as was anyone else, only his approach to reform and progress was different and his atrocities had come out of his fear of insecurity. But there is a time for pardon and his and his trail should be given a controlled showing in Iran. The criterion of indiscriminate hate and disdain is dangerous. Each judgement should be on the basis of merit. The psychogony should be moderated and modified.

The dog particularly in today’s circumstances is a very useful animal. The necessity of detecting and destroying the suicide bombers before they reach to their targets is absolute; this allows no freedom of choice into the laxities to consider the dog an unclean species and untouchable. The Shias especially need the dog as the detecting tool to protect their mosques and their praying, the premises of their Imam Bargahs and their processions. This does not necessitate the dog has to enter in the premises to make the piously high spots impure. But the conception, if one touches the dog, he will become Najis will have to be reviewed and abandoned.

The maltreatment of the dog was a vendetta springing from the need of governance and politics. The Abbasids received the help of the Irani Shias. They imagined they were supporting them to help restore the rights of the Ahlebait - the people of the House of the Prophet SAWW and were hoping to see the Khilafat moving to the Ahlebait, but the Abbasids installed them on the throne after the Umayyad fell in 750 AD.

And it became necessary for them to actively contain and humiliate the Zoroastrian to discourage them to resurgences from whom power had gradually moved over to the preceding Caliphs from the years 633 till its complete capitulation in the time of Mutwakkal Abbasi, died 861 AD; murdered by his son. The Zoroastrians loved and respected dogs and considered it next in Ashraf – the respectable beings to be next to the human and the converts from the Zoroastrians were made to show to the Emirs an evident despise for the dog, and as well as spit on the fire, since the converts did not pay Jizia on the pretence that they were Muslims and they turned apostate when convenient and the belief that the dog was unclean was deliberately injected and fostered in Iran. This excluded doubt that who among the Zoroastrian of the just gone Sasanian dynasty was a Muslim and who was a convenient convert, reverting to his faith as suited.

However this said the ten year old survey of years 2000 says, there were 47 million dog bite victims annually in the USA and the children were the most affected. And the dog bite losses exceeded one billion Dollars loss in one year. Though this may be springing for not selecting the correct breed dog, and the dog was allowed into the bed rooms of the houses, it still suggested they were animals whose utility was specific and they ought treated neither as Najis nor a venerate. Then the dog as with any other animal will have diseases, and his disease of rabies is dangerous, however it has been completely eradicated in the USA and the UK. They will also have foul smell coming from their mouth and such ailments what they have, has to be treated as of any Zee Rooh.

My paternal grandfather Sayed Nazim Husain in Mauza Ralah, Tahseel Sirathu, Zillah Allahabad, kept two dogs. They stayed outside the house and never entered even in the Dahleez – the corridor of the entrance, but they were affectionately talked of by my uncles and each dog had its name. They guarded the oxen for ploughing and the buffalo kept for milk and the goats and they also kept the cattle from entering in the crop field. And then the animal was sheer pleasure, I have seen dog follow his master wagging his tail and doing just that what told.

The Shias have a special reason for the appreciation of the dog. They will never forget the spectaculars of the dogs barking with their historic contribution at Hawab to highlight the erroneous, crossing the limits. They had barked at Bibi Aisha and had warned her she was wrong in her pursuit. The Prophet SAWW had warned her ‘Let her not be that, on whom the dogs of Hawab will bark’, and they did bark after twenty five years at Hawab when she took the misguided errand and yet she continued and waged the battle of Jamal against the rightful Imam.

And the dogs were the harbingers, warning Bibi Aisha, alluring her detach herself from the disaster she was entering in. They warned and the least was they created suspicion in her mind but she continued to move towards peril and then cried all her life over her folly. So the dog was the fellow supporter, whether the fellow took him seriously or not. But be whatever the case Bibi Aisha cannot be rejected wholly for her truthfulness and delivering some Hadees in Praise of the Aehlebaait which may have never reached to the Ummah as one uniting force between them, unless she was there with her services.

During the Rama’s rule, peace and tranquillity ruled his kingdom. One day a dog was found barking outside the palace gate. Lord Lakshman went and asked the dog, why he is barking, what he wants. The dog said he has a grievance. He has been hit by a mendicant, but this was a matter he is going to tell only to Rama. And the dog was led to the court of the King Rama Chandra. But the dog stood outside the entrance door of the court and would not enter in the court. Rama called the dog, but the dog said, ‘Pardon me O High King Rama; I am the vilest of the animals I am told, I would not enter in your court to pollute the place.’ But Rama said enter, you are aggrieved and not polluted. Rama said that; and Rama Chandra was the Imam of his time! ‘A nation and people oppressed and aggrieved become purer due to the suffering of affliction.’

The prayer to the great Ulemas of Sunni, Shia and the Ahmadi schools of thought is; May they give a deep thought to the dog’s acceptability as not unclean. The Tobacco when it first appeared was chewed and it was found to be habit forming and addictive. The Mufti therefore declared it Haram. But then people started chewing it in secret and smoking it in the hubble-bubble behind veils of secrecy and started committing sin - doing something against the Fatwa. The Fatwa of Haram was therefore withdrawn by the Turkish Mufti and made Makrooh – a something preferable not to do, but if done no sin was committed. And since then it is so.

It was the tradition of Allah that if the obedient of God was entering into sin on account of something which he found irresistible He SWT forgave this slave of Allah and made that something Halal on him. In Aayet 2.187, God permitted later during Ramazan to visit wives in the nights, which was previously not allowed in the month of Ramazan, but the slave of Allah had entered in sin because of it.


Sayed Athar Husain

Shia Afkaar (Shia Thought)

London. April 8, 2010.

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firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 5 years ago from Pakistan

Very informative and pain taking hub. Certainly, dogs could prove very helpful to fight against terrorism and suicide bomb attacks.

Kamran Sadique 5 years ago

good job mate!


Suhail and my dog profile image

Suhail and my dog 4 years ago from Mississauga, ON

I liked this hub. Thank you for reproducing some events from history that at least I did not know. I have a hub supporting your viewpoint.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

Thank you for your appreciation. The dogs are a humble animal and even noble in character and with sense to recognise a Wali. Haroon Rashid's hounds were chasing a deer and he was chasing it with them. The hounds sudddenly stopped when the deer had reached to Hazrat Ali's grave. And the hounds would not go near it.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

To firdousi0, Thank you for you appreciation. I just wrote a five line reply to you but it is gone in some corner of the Hub. Yes dogs are not only useful, they are humble and have sense to recognise that they do not go near to a Walis's grave.

arina khan 4 years ago

why you have written the dog and the hadees astag-firul-ul-la

Suhail and my dog profile image

Suhail and my dog 4 years ago from Mississauga, ON

Every time I read this hub, I get more educated. Please write more along the same lines.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

Suhail and my dog, have you given a rating to the article. If you have liked it say 'beautiful'.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

Arina Khan, what is wrong in the title. There are Ahadees about Dog.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 4 years ago from Pakistan

The title "Hadees about Dogs" would be better.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

Dear Firdousio and Arina Khan thank you I have changed the title of this article.

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