The female Aquarius Personality

You skip through life making friends with all sorts in all spheres. You bombard other people with questions because you are the most curious female in the Zodiac. The more weird things are, the better: the eccentric and unusual bring a gleam to your eyes.

The more bizarre the incidents in your life the more you like it. One of your favourite things is to stay up all night analysing and speculating. Totally incongruous situations stir you up and make your blood boil over.

You are definitely the unforgettable type that scares some people but delights others. Sometimes you ask so many questions that people think you are taking a survey. You have a great time, too, listening to gossip - the stranger, the better. You are perhaps the best listener in the Zodiac and thrive on helping other people, getting them out of trouble and learning the latest scandal. The chances are you know the details of everybody's business.

Basically you are the friendly sort who needs constant stimulation and excitement, but what you call excitement might make the next person a little wary: magic, mind controls, high mathematics, numerology, palmistry and astrology are all likely to attract you at some point. You have a brilliant, original, far-seeing mind that dares to look at the world differently

Although there are Aquarian females who are militants, the vast majority are not even tempted. On the contrary you tend towards conformity because it is more comfortable. The chances are, your ego is as fragile as an egg. You are terribly insecure, shy and sure that you are not going to get what you want, so sometimes you don't bother asking in the first place. You would like to like people, but you have a hard time trusting them. Therefore you can be aloof and wary of spontaneous friendly entanglements.

You often need to submerge your individuality in whoever seems to be a stronger influence at that moment. In the event, there is frequently no stronger influence. Your attitudes are wishy-washy and your mind embedded in both sides of the question; your intelligence is superficial and your ideas scattered. Your greatest desire is to marry and to move to a security zone where domestic trinkets and treasures will surround you. You are more likely to marry a man for his money, his last name or his credit cards than you are for his smile, his personality or his soul.

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sweet vampire alone 4 years ago


Natalie 4 years ago

Don't agree with the last 2 paragraphs

Natalie 4 years ago

Aquarius never follow a stronger power nor do they say anything they don't mean .... This may come across as wishy washy &. Superficial but believe me we are just the opposite

malahat 4 years ago

last two lines r absolutely wrong

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

Last 2 lines are absolutely right after Aquarius female has married and divorced two broke ne'er-do-wells. . .

Teresa 3 years ago

Seems as though the writer of this apparent view into the world of the Aquarian has been grossly misinformed, or devastated emotionally by the influence of ones birth chart. If the later of the two has happened, I say suck it up and stop slandering the rest of the Aquarian population!

Heather 3 years ago

I'm assuming whoever wrote the above is someone of another sign because most of what was said is very untrue especially the end.... Otherwise I'd be a very rich woman right now. Actually it's said if you see a not so attractive man walk into a room with an attractive woman, she probably is an aquarius. Aquarian woman are more attracted to intelligence rather than looks. We also dislike jealousy, being smothered, arrogance and most of all money has no bearing on whether we like a person or not. We are intelligent, independent, free spirited, intuitive and humanitarians. We are complicated and speaking as an Aquarian girl it's difficult for us to share our inner feelings even if we know all of yours.

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