The oil keeps coming, and the signs of the times

Is the end near?

Does anyone know what is going on? Can any of you believe what we are witnessing this day and age?
We have wars and rumours of wars, we have sink holes and earthquakes on what seems to be on a regular basis. We have disasters such as devastating oil spills.
What is going on? Some say that we are in the end times like what we can read about in the bible.
It may be so.
Why do I say that? I am saying it not to be a alarmist or one who yells "The end is Near!" But I am saying it because I do believe that we are in the end days., This is not to say that the end is today, next month or even next year; Only God knows. But I am saying it because the signs are everywhere.
We have wars and rumours of wars. We have earthquakes, sink holes, fires, floods and droughts in such a massive scale on a regular basis, more so than ever before. This is only to mention a few of the things going on in this world.
I also say, do not panic, if your life is right with God then you have nothing to worry about because when one has given his/her life to Jesus and is following Him whole heatedly then we will live with Him for eternity.
If you do not have surrendered your life to Jesus then do it now, like I said, the end is near but I do not know when that is, I do however believe it will be in my lifetime.
The signs are everywhere, this world is falling apart and people are becoming more lawless than ever before. We can see it in everyday life and even with some political leaders like Obama as well as some others.

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rhondaroo profile image

rhondaroo 6 years ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico

I so agree He is coming!

Captain Jimmy profile image

Captain Jimmy 6 years ago from WV

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