The only mistake at the time of Creation

The Origin of Sin

At the time of creation everything created was for a purpose. Some creature were created without teeth, some were created without legs while others were formed with all necessary life tools. Humans were created to have more knowledge and wisdom than other creatures. This is the reason why there are two basic categories of creatures namely the upper and lower animals. Apart from these two categories the plants stand on their category as prey to all. Although some lower animals are naturally prey but plants feed both the higher and lower animals directly or indirectly.

From the animals that don’t have teeth there used to be a saying that “when a person wakes up in the morning and the person is chased by a foul (chicken) that the person should run away because he does not know if the chicken germinated teeth over night”. In the same manner no one has ever seen a dog with horn except in animated cartoons.

When someone wakes up in the morning as usual, dresses and leaves his home for work he expects to go to work, cordially interact with his colleagues at work, and put his efforts for the day in reward to the money he will make for the day. I don’t envisage anyone going to work with readiness to bitch, make noises and fight or quarrel with his fellow workers. But I have been subjected to an environment where a woman is the chairlady, manager, HRM, accountant, event coordinator and she is still working on becoming the general workforce. Is this not a crazy movement? Well you don’t have to blame her because that is the aspect of imperfection in the creation. A little of this personality might clear more air for understanding of my predicament in being a part of this organization where the sub has overthrown her Boss and autocratically issue orders and defy rules made by her. Once upon a time there was amidst us ex-military personnel. As everyone knows if one serves in the military for even a day he tends to be very bold perhaps an acquired influence. That day came and this woman arrived at work place. Seeing too many people at the gate she flared up and started screaming at everyone to enter into the yard. All of a sudden this gentleman asked;” Is this person or Chi Wawa?” Well for those who don’t know what chi Wawa is… Chi Wawa is a very small looking dog but very noisy. You can comfortably stampede the Chi Wawa yet it is the noisiest domestic animal.

The main point in the disappointment that came out of creation is that everything was created to fulfill good obligation but the devil was created also who although its mission was to keep the world at equilibrium but sometimes make it uncomfortable for the peace loving individuals. Before I conclude I would love to inform you about an oncoming article about Satan as an agent of equilibrium. This might be some what goes deeper into mystery and nature-forming tools.

For the world to be at peace the devil must be destroyed. The devil controls those who seek for power. The devil tells us how we can get richer by robbing our fellow being or subjecting individuals to hardship while reaping from what they sow. The devil advices us how best we can gain from other peoples hard-earned efforts. Note that any creature that exists in other ways than its natural form is a real evil, however the seen evil objects had their form as punishment from birth – the snake which we call serpent --- No legs but runs faster than legged animals.

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Mary 6 years ago

Excellent Article, sounds like that lady in charge shouldn't be!

Classycut profile image

Classycut 6 years ago Author

Actually you are absolutely correct but unfortunately she seems to have gained ground.

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