The Truth of Adam, Eve, and the Serpent?

Adam and Eve, and the Serpent

Most of us are aware of the story of the first man and woman in the bible, and how their life in paradise was brought to an unfortunate end. Most of us are also aware of the repercussions of those actions, and what they mean to us today. Though one must wonder.. Is that all there is to this story? Is it literal? Is it an allegory? Or is there an even deeper meaning to it that is overlooked?

If it is literal, then we can throw out all scientific knowledge and timelines that are supported by scientific evidence and conclude that all research done by mankind is completely fallible. 6,000 years ago the earth was created, and then man, woman from man's rib, and everyone today are descendants of them. Then of course there is the serpent in this story. The serpent (who is later identified to be Satan by some) approaches Eve and tells her that God only doesn't want them to eat from the tree of knowledge because upon eating from it, they will become like God and attain knowledge. Then out of this knowledge we know that this is the beginning of the end, the seed of evil, sin, and death.

If this story is an allegory then it may just mean not to be tempted by selfish desires, to listen to authority. Or possibly a story of maturity, Adam and Eve in the beginning were like children, free from responsibility, living under the protective care of their father. Once they disobeyed and attained the consciousness of an adult, they realized themselves, and their surroundings and it was time for them to live on their own. With their newfound responsibilities, outside of the care of their father they found suffering. Much like much of us do today after leaving the simple pleasures of childhood.

Then there's another twist to this epic story, a much more controversial idea, but to simply ignore it based on presumptions is an ultimate in ignorance, and ignorance breeds evil. Is it possible that we are looking at the history of a fight over knowledge.. an awakening if you will? It was the tree of knowledge that they ate from after all, why would God not want us to have knowledge? Why would an evil force (the serpent) want us to have this knowledge? What does it mean? It seems that the serpent who is said to be the father of the lie, couldn't be lying. Fore after they ate from the tree it was said that their eye(s) would be opened and that then they would become like God, and that they would not die. When God came to visit the garden he confirmed this saying that they had become like one of us(pluralistic, seeming to be others like God himself) and he went on to punish man for disobeying by cursing them(seeming to be a root of many problems) and kicking them out of the Garden of Eden. 

Now there are a few key elements i would like to point out here. Upon eating from the tree of knowledge they gained the knowledge between right and wrong. If they didn't know the difference before how could they have made a rational decision? Also, God then barred the tree of life from them so that they could not achieve everlasting life. It then seems that disobeying God did not directly cause them to lose immortality, they didn't have it to begin with. So upon this interpretation, what was out purpose? 


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SirDent 6 years ago

I believe you need to go back and re-read the story from the Bible. They did not actually become like God by eating the fruit. They came to knowledge of good and evil.

The wages of sin is death. By eating the forbidden fruit, they brought death to themselves and to all who would be born after them.

God putting them out of the Garden was not punishemnt but by doiung so God actually saved them from a life of eternity in theirt sinful flesh which would be sick, tired, hurting, aching, diseased, etc. . .

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eyeofinsight 6 years ago Author

God cursed them by saying"Behold, the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever" -- 23 therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from which he was taken. 24 He drove out the man; and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life. -direct bible quote.

"lest he also take from the tree of life and live forever"

thank you for your comment.

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SirDent 6 years ago

Yes it is a direct Bible quote but you are only using part of it. He became like one of them knowing good and evil. This does not make man god-like.

I already addressed why he couldn't take of the tree of life up above.

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eyeofinsight 6 years ago Author

i'm sorry i was never trying to say that man was literally "like god" I see what you are saying about why they couldn't take from the tree of life, nice work.

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Robert Hagedorn 6 years ago

Do a search: The First Scandal Adam and Eve.

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eyeofinsight 6 years ago Author

Nice, thats a very interesting twist. Also interesting how sex has become a representation of evil.

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Michele Rubatino 4 years ago from Seattle, WA

Well 6,000 years ago isn't correct because 2 Peter 3:8 gives us the timeline, one day to God is 1000 years to us. Science reports water is 13-14,000 years old. If Adam and Eve were in the garden in 4000 BC, we are on the cusp of entering day 14. That means the entire bible story takes place in two weeks time, that is, God's time. Furthermore, we see Jesus made aged wine, showing God can make anything aged. As for the tree of life, it's not a literal tree, and is found in the center of Eden and the center of Heaven. A mirror effect. As to LIKE GOD, we are the mirror image of God, not the real thing. I do believe it's an allegory, and I am not alone in this. L. Frank Baum transposed the map you can draw of Eden into his tale of the Wizard of Oz, using the story of Job by understanding the four creatures of Ezekiel. This is published in the book "The Origin of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz."

anonymous 3 years ago

No one knows how to interpret the Adam and Eve story as this story is much like two thirds of the Bible. Its vague ambiguous unclear inconclusive and contradictory. No dates and no authorship is given. How long did each of the 6 days of creation last? Was there a gsp of time between each of the 6 days of creation? What was a talking tempting snake doing in the blessed Garden of Eden? How does a snake even talk? God was negligent and a lousy irresponsible parent almost from the start. He allows danger to enter the Garden of Eden in the form of a talking tempting snake and allows Adam and Eve's sin to be passed on to ALL future unborn humans. Unfair. Why ruin human nature? If that's not bad enough God also curses and punishes the ENTIRE creation with Natural Evils such as diseases predation violence killing death painful chiodbirth toil venomous animal pests parasites mass starvation intense cold intense heat hurricanes tsunamis physical ugliness birth defects etc. Why ruin the entire creation? God refuses to forgive Adam and Eve. God here is unjust irrational unwise unkind unreasoning unforgiving and cruel. This God decides to ruin and flush the entire creation down the toilet because two ignorant humans disobeyed Him by eating forbidden fruit 6000 to 30000 years ago. Its a travesty. Jealousy could be one reason for this God forbidding Adam and Eve to eat from the forbidden tree as this God cannot stand anyone or anything being like Him. Having knowledge of good and evil is reserved for God only and He could not tolerate Adam and Eve having this knowledge. But the punishment this God inflicts is way out of proportion to the sin. This God indulges in overkill to make a point. He punishes punishes punishes and His punishments are monstrously cruel inhuman and beyond what we can imagine. If God was testing Adam and Eve then its a cruel unfair test as He allows a talking tempting snake to deceive them and He refuses to forgive Adam and Eve and goes right ahead in punishing them and the entire creation for all future time. Its sick cruel and disgusting. This is not a loving merciful God. This is not a wise God. This is cruelty irrationality insanity stupidity and negligence. The creation was set up to be screwed by this experiment with free will and Adam and Eve. Its a recipe for disaster snd tragedy. This God has no common sense and has no reasoning and does not know how to forgive. Some believe that Satan entering the Garden of Eden and made the snake talk. If that's the case then why did God allow Satan to tempt and decieve Adam and Eve? This God allowed danger and evil to enter the Garden of Eden. Humanity was set up to be screwed. Its a cruel insane destructive unjust immoral experiment. On top of all this garbage theres a place of eternal punishment in the next life where the mass of humanity is going to end up. Its called hell and theres fire worms suffocation excrement demons and Satan. Its monstrous sadistic fiendish diabolic cruelty worse than any horror movie. This God has abdicated the world to the Devil. Satan the Devil rules this world. A loving God does not.

Mega 3 years ago

The god that people pray to is a reptilian adam and eve where the kunderlini serpents in the garden of satan is evident the proof is in the pudding the worms eating from the apple and the seeds is really the serpent eating from the tree of life men and woman where really repitilians before humans

brittni J 2 years ago

They gained CARNAL knowledge. They were in spirit in the beginning. They died spiritually. It was a spiritual death. Which is why now in order to have a relationship with God now we have to be born again. Forgiven for our sins. Before Adam and Eve ate of the tree ( in other words they has sex with the serpent) which opened there eyes, which is how they became aware of there nakedness, but before they ate the tree they had direct contact with God. They were spiritual beings. And whe God said they have become like one of us he was talking to the angels.

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