The Bridge Of Intercession

Bridges Don't Just Happen
Bridges Don't Just Happen



INTERCEDE: To plead for, speak on behalf of, or to mediate. It is an action for or on the behalf of someone else. Standing in the gap or becoming a bridge, a go between, as Jesus did for us and continues to “ever make intercession for the saints”. Heb. 7:25, also Rom. 8:2.

Intercession therefore becomes a thoughtful and heartfelt response in prayer as the intercessor stands before God and pleads favor, kindness, mercy, love, healing, or for whatever the situation calls for as Holy Spirit leads the intercessor in his or her mediation.

INTERCESSION & PRAYER: These are the greatest weapons in the Christian’s armament and often times the least used.

Why? Partly because of a great deception that has overshadowed the church from the beginning. The Devil has been going about the earth making war against God’s saints and has assisted in keeping the church in the dark about what intercession and prayer can accomplish. There have been doctrines written by past scholars disqualifying prayer and purpose, replacing intimacy with a caring God and opposing the infilling of Holy Spirit. They have chosen instead to believe there is no power present for a believer’s life, and no power to be passed on through prayer into others either.

YOU AND GOD: Right from the start of this concept this means RELATIONSHIP. God desires relationship. He has initiated this idea and has responded by including His Holy Spirit mingled together with our spirit. He is willing to meet with us, and exercise his will through us. He wants mere men and women to fulfill his ordained purposes. How is God’s need met? By giving ourselves wholly to him, for the purpose of intercession. Relationship suddenly changes from simply knowing about God to knowing him more intimately. Getting personal with the God of creation and chasing after his heart.


Intimate or intimacy; to be near, close, personal, friendly or have friendship. To reveal secrets to.

God makes a commitment to Abraham, through a covenant. Gen. 17:2, Lev 26:42

Jonathan and David make covenant. I Sam.18:13

God spoke with Moses as one would to a friend. Ex. 33:11, Jms. 2:23

Jesus was a friend to his disciples and to Lazarus. Jn 11:11 also Jn.15:13, Ps. 34:18


See Jn. 14 & 15 & 17 “as you see me and the things that I do, you see the Father.”


We cannot enter this relationship with our minds alone. God is spirit and when we try to come to him with only our minds, we find that our minds will fight us. We need a spirit transformation, such as being born again and having Holy Spirit come upon us and empower us to become sons and daughters according to his plan. For the intercessor this becomes a deeper calling, and a greater discipling action for Holy Spirit on our behalf. He will help us to know God better, know ourselves better and will help bring us into a fuller, richer and more effective prayer life. We will be called upon to step out of personal doctrines, things that have inhibited our faith and see ourselves stretched and our faith encouraged to ask expecting big.

This will all happen, not because we have reached some new plateau in our learning or spiritual experience, but because we have been willing to give our lives to him. Everything that God desires for us hinges around relationship and intimacy. God calls the intercessor into a closer walk with himself, so he can share his heart and we then can pray his heart into reality.


Why doesn’t he just speak things into being like he did with creation?

Just like the relationship he had with Adam in the beginning he desires to have with us. He needs us and we need him. He does not want a non-personalized robot. That is not how he created us. He wills to enhance our personalities with his fullness and gifting and he desires for us to make choices, activating our will in accordance with his. As we let his will fill our minds, our thoughts and his thoughts become one. The more we know him, the freer we are to represent him and do his actions. For his perfect will to be done on earth we need to spend more time with him in heaven right now. We can do that because of Holy Spirit giving us access to the throne room and because of what Jesus did in preparing the way for us. As intercessors we become “God presence” oriented. We will ourselves to walk this way. This is real spirit walking. Imagine if the church would focus on being spirit walkers; we would pick-up on and reflect God’s mandate. This was Jesus petition on our behalf in his prayer. (See John 17) This is not some flaky, mystical trip or mind manipulation as some have tried to make it. This is simply following how Jesus lived and represented the Father. As he was, so should we be.


Something that is happening right now, or presently. Bearing the presence of God and having the appearance of God in your midst; just as Jesus did.

See Acts 3:1-10, 5:12-16, 8:26-40

Lk.9:2 & 11, 10:9, 11:20, 17:21




It’s obvious we know about him. We have written record in the Bible for us to study and gain an understanding. Our finite minds have a difficult time grasping the things of God, simply because God is eternal and lives and moves and has his being in the spirit realm and equally so in the natural. How could we ever comprehend him? The only solution was for God to help us, and he has by way of his Holy Spirit coming into our lives and engaging with our human spirit. He joined himself with us so we might have our understanding enlarged and could know him personally and know his ways. (Eph.1:15-23)

Will we arrive in our lifetime?



There is no performance on our part that will achieve the relationship that God desires. God has approved of us. He acknowledges our weaknesses and has made provision in Christ Jesus for all our needs. We have arrived by the grace of God. We must stop striving and performing in order to get more of his approval. This will never lead to the fullness he desires for us in Christ. The only one who can accomplish his actions in and through us is God himself. We must not disqualify the work of Holy Spirit in us by measuring humanistic thinking against the power of his Spirit. Humanistic thinking says, “I am someone and I know something!” It does not have its roots in humility. As Holy Spirit fills our lives and is allowed to have his way in and through us, he will lead us into deep intimate times that will extend far beyond our human comprehension, bringing heaven right into our midst. This lifestyle of intercession and communion Jesus knew can be ours. God has willed this to be so, and will do all he can to assist us.

We simply come to him humbly and seek his face. This means coming closer to him, face to face, able to look into his eyes. The seeking of his face and these encounters will have differences because of our personalities, gifting and so on, but the end result will be a closer walk with him as our heavenly Father. This close walking will then be extended to others as our intercession is expanded and enhanced.

Again be reminded that our individual intercession will have differences, but all having the same purpose, to see God’s will for the situation accomplished.


Does every time we pray or are moved to deeper intercession mean that this will be perfect or this sense of grandeur? No; there may be heightened times of faith, experience, manifestations, the overwhelming presence of God, or there may be very little of anything felt. We can expect him to touch us with his presence, but prayer is meant to involve the release of needs, petitions, desires, love, expectation, and praise. In return the release of God’s will toward us. Prayer and intercession are not based on feeling, emotion, nor an attribute to our five senses. We may feel and have our emotions greatly effected. Even all our senses may come into sharp focus during deeper times of intercession. Just because these things happen or don’t happen, does not mean we have been touched or not touched by God. We enter into intercessory prayer by faith, which is neither, an emotion, feeling or sense. The release of faith must accompany our prayer, but that faith and release comes from God.


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UlrikeGrace profile image

UlrikeGrace 6 years ago from Canada

Saintatlarge, I am still working my way through you hubs on intercession...and this is a remarkable Hub on the subject. Your ease and manner of explaining such a complex (or do we make it complex? Hm-m) subject is nothing less than God inspired and Spirit enabled. Thank you very much for the sharing of yourself in prayer and teaching.

Blessings to you


Saintatlarge profile image

Saintatlarge 6 years ago from Canada Author

UG, i appreciate you very much and i extend a prayer for your faith to be enlarged and your understanding to increase as you further seek the Father's Heart. Blessings, St. L.

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