The Dogon Tribe - Taught by Aliens?

The Dogon Tribe

In the Homburi Mountains near Timbuktu in the African country of Mali lives an ethnic group who have at the centre of their religion a star that is not able to be seen by the naked eye and extremely difficult to observe through a modern telescope and was first photographed in 1970. In fact, it is only in the last 50 years that astronomers have discovered this particular star. The star in question is called Sirius B and is part of a binary star system. The other star in the system is Sirius A. The question is, how did the distant ancestors of this tribe know about the star and who told them about it?

The Dogon Mysteries

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Cave PaintingRitual DanceLegendary NommosSpace Craft
Cave Painting
Cave Painting
Ritual Dance
Ritual Dance
Legendary Nommos
Legendary Nommos
Space Craft
Space Craft

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Marcel Griaule and the god Nommo

Between 1931 and 1956 a French anthropologist called Marcel Griaule studied and lived with the Dogon tribe. They frequently talked about their god whom they called Nommo but because they did not trust him they did not tell him who their god was. They also had frequent ceremonies where they would wear costumes made out of bamboo sticks. These costumes were very square and box like and even the headdress was square shape with just a slit for the eyes. From the moment he watched the first ceremony Marcel thought that the costumes looked similar to an astronaut's space suit.

It was some years before the Dogon high priests began to trust Marcel and started to show him and tell him about the origins of their religion. They spoke to him about their god Nommo who was from a deity of amphibians who arrived in a magnificent ship from the sky. They preached to them as the Dogon gathered around their huge spaceships. The god Nommo was their leader and told them that they came from a star which orbits Sirius A once every 50 years. This star turns out to be Sirius B which has only recently been recorded as orbiting Sirius A every 50 years. It's existence was only suspected in 1844. They also claimed that the orbit was elliptical, which it is, and it rotates on its own axis, which it does.They also referred to another star in the system as being called the 'female' which orbits around Sirius B. This has been suspected by astronomers but as yet not been confirmed.

The Dogon also knew about the rings of Saturn and that Jupiter has four moons and have known for hundreds of years that the planets orbit the sun.

The Dogon Code


The most amazing thing which Marcel Griaule was shown was a plate like object with about the same dimensions as a large plate which had a wooden rod about 1 foot in length attached to the centre of the plate like object. One of the tribes elders told Marcel that the object was full of mercury and that it was an anti-gravity machine which had been handed down for thousands of years. When spun using the rod, the object simply hung in the air and continued to spin until it was stopped.

Whether you believe this or not, there is an interesting parallel in that at this moment in time NASA and China are experimenting with anti-gravity engines and they are both using mercury as the prime component.

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

Fascinating stuff here; thanks for the information. I have heard nothing about this until this article. Very interesting.

one2get2no profile image

one2get2no 3 years ago from Olney Author

I only very recently heard about this tribe too. Thanks for dropping by Billy.

Kalmiya profile image

Kalmiya 3 years ago from North America

I've heard about the Dogon tribe and I there must be videos on YouTube about them. And there was a man who invented a plate-like anti-gravity flying device but the details escape my mind just now but I'm thinking he's somehow related to all this. Thanks for the interesting hub!

NatalieArias profile image

NatalieArias 3 years ago from Montreal

I have definitely heard about the dogon tribe in the past. But I do not see how that disproves evolution. If we take the hypothesis that the dogon by extension the rest of us are descended from another planet then that still doesn't account for all the rest of the life on earth that has clearly evolved, and continues to do so, in some cases right before our very eyes (bacteria). I very seriously want to get to the bottom of the hypothesis of ancient astronauts, I would be willing to accept it as true if the proof was definitively there, but as it is I haven't researched it enough to come to a conclusion, so I'm on the fence.

one2get2no profile image

one2get2no 3 years ago from Olney Author

Thanks for dropping by Natalie....have you read Deinekan at all?

NatalieArias profile image

NatalieArias 3 years ago from Montreal

When I was very young I read both Daniken and Sitchin, then the bug hit me and I ended up reading a ton of other stuff. But as I grew older and went through the university paper mill I became a lot more skeptical. I never renounced their theories but I was genuinely confused and decided to take the view that since I haven`t done an in depth analysis of the evidence for and against it I`m not qualified to give an intelligent opinion on it besides just saying that i find it highly interesting and worthy of further research.

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