The talent God has given me

Gods' Goodness

Many people ask me how can I be so happy with my life and I tell them because God has been good to me. I have wonderful kids,an awesome girlfriend,and many talents that God has given me. I hear so many people complain about their lives and how unhappy they are. I tell them then change your life,pray to God for change,but remember He only changes those who try to help themselves. If you are going to sit and complain all the time about this and that,then you are going to remain where you are. I'm a talented cook and baker so I took my talent and now own and operate three online bakery websites. I owe everything I have and do to God. My favorite book in the Bible is Job. With all the loss and pain he endured he remained so faithful to God,where everyone was telling him to forget about him. I have wonderful children and grandchildren and I know they will succeed in what ever they decide to do with their lives.

My recipie for success is:

one heart,one Bible,lots of prayer,and listening with your heart and not with your head.


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