The Duggar Family America's Creepiest Family? A ReSounding, YES!!!

The Duggars


Here what I wrote 7 years ago: One word, "yeech". Has anyone seen this show? They are so icky. Always smiling and patient, with 19 kids yet. Apparently, they are supporting themselves and their children and are not on the public dole. Their children are well-mannered and behaved and I have never seen Mr. or Mrs. Duggar ruffled, harried, unpleasant, and scowling; or smacking or yelling at their kids - in other words they are just not normal like the rest of us parents who are on occasion harried and unpleasant. Who scowl, yell, and been known to smack one of our kids when they had it coming. I keep waiting for one of them to snap and just reach around and slap one of those kids, or scream, or yell or something - anything that will let me think they are normal and will not snap at any moment and go on a rampage and burn down the countryside.

I figure a pregnant (for the frigging 20th time) Mrs. Duggar will let loose one night when Mr. Duggar comes siddling over on her side of the bed and starts rubbing on her leg or something. Maybe she'll pull some axe out from under the covers and give him 40 whacks or pull out a pair of scissors and do a Lorena Bobbitt and cut it off for him. Maybe she could do a "Basic Instinct" number and stab him about 60 times with an icepick.

I mean she is doing all the work. He's having all the fun. He apparently makes enough dough to support all of them without working too hard (he's always on camera). Those kids are never causing trouble (at least on camera) and apparently Mrs. Duggar never has a headache or says the magic words, "No! Now get the hell back on your side of the bed before you pull back a nob and I don't mean your hand!"

Normally, I would admire a nice, clean-cut, law-abiding family with loving, caring, involved parents who put their children first. But something about them is just plain scary and icky. They give me the creeps.

Does anyone else feel that way?

May 2008. Good lord, the woman's pregnant again with No. 18. She is currently 6 weeks pregnant and the youngest is only 9 month's old. She's 41 years old. She'll have to stop breeding soon. The oldest ones must be praying for menopause.

December 2008: "Jordan-Grace Makiya Duggar entered this world earlier this week, via C-section, at a healthy 7 pounds, 3 ounces."

The Duggars apparently adhere to the Quiver Full beliefs that having more children brings you closer to a relationship with G-d, brings you closer to virtue and holiness, so their sons with have brothers and their daughters will have sisters, to end abortion, so they won't be lonely in old age, to counter world de-population, to populate heaven, and to contribute to the economy. For more information about this "ministry", see the links below.

New Discussion Board: Click here: The Duggars:

Here's what I wrote 7 years later (Am I a prophet or what?):

May 2015: JOSH DUGGAR MOLESTED YOUNG GIRLS, INCLUDING HIS SISTERS!!! Well looks like my gut was right ater all. This family has been harboring a teenaged (now adult) budding sex pervert all along Seems like Josh was busy molesting young girls, including is sisters. I'll give old Jim Bob some credit for reporting these little twit. It was never prosecuted because the investigating cop was also a pervert investing in child porn. Now one of the victims is asking that the court records be destroyed and apparently, the statutte of limitations has run out. Looks like the bigoted self-righteous are not so righteous after all.

Just like I thought....

Here's the really disturbing thing - the victims, whether they think they are or not. The Duggars have set back victim's rights a thousand years. There they are on national television, identifying themselves, excusing, modifying, and identifying with their abuser. Will their sons touching their daughters be okay? Will Uncle Duggar being along with their daughters okay?

This family is no role-model in any way, shape, or form. This is not how you handle sexual abuse of your daughters. You don't send the message that they are at fault, by locking their bedroom doors (which is a fire hazzard afterall) and restricting their play because you have a mental or emotional health problem in your home. There are a lot of horny teenaged boys and girls out there - but they don't touch their tiny siblings.

You don't excuse this kind of behavior. It's a slap in the face of the many, many individuals who have been abuse and were brave enough to face their attacker. Instead, the Duggars modify and excuse (it was only a few seconds, he was a teen, he was young, he was, he, he, he, nothing about she).

The report is out there. View it for yourselves and tell me what you think.

Here's how so-called Christians are counseled on how to handle abuse in their homes. Please note that it's all about the abuser, it's not about the abused.


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The Duggars are Wrong to Have So Many Children

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The Duggars Are At It Again!

She's Having (Another) Baby! Number 20!

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Blanket Time

According to Mrs. Duggar, blanket time is taking your kid at around 17 months or 15 months (if they are *really* mature) and teaching them to sit still. Now I don't see anything wrong with teaching children to sit still. Certainly, I had to sit quiet and still at others' homes while my mom and dad chatted with friends. It was boring and a little excruciating sometimes because I was, well, a little kid. If we moved and sort of whined about how much longer would we be, we were given the "eye". I don't know about some families, but there are families whereby if you are given the "eye", well you go and sit your butt back on that blanket, uh, I mean couch and wait their in your itches Sunday best until the adults are done talking. Now I've done a little research and supposedly it is okay to smack your under two-year-old if they have the audacity to move. I don't know whether or not this is part of Mrs. Duggar's blanket time training. What I will say, though, given small children's natural inability to sit still for long periods, I hope this training period doesn't last longer than five minutes. I mean I give my *dogs* a break after five minutes. Here's a link where Mrs. Duggar, chipper, as all get out explains blanket training.

Other perspectives on blanket training

Oh and don't move from that blanket or you will get yourself spanked.

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"Normal"  9 years ago

Just too weird. The children are like little christian robots. They are raising their own cult!

MortimerWorth profile image

MortimerWorth 9 years ago from Germany

Actually, I believe there are a lot of stereotypes about have more than 2.5 children, and being serious Christians. When we see a bold example that would prove those stereotypes wrong we become uncomfortable. We must find another dig on the troop in order to keep our boundaries safe. I personally am sick of a culture that gives lip service to how much it loves children but then discourage large families. These guys test our stigmas in many ways.

Erin Coates 9 years ago

At least they seem to be able to control their language which is more than I can say about the writer of this post. Who cares if they have 17 kids? How is that affecting you...stop picking on them and spend your time more profitably. Why do you think that Mr and Mrs Duggar have more sex than any other couple? They just don't use birth what? What is it to you?

Paulie profile image

Paulie 9 years ago Author

Erin, yet I see you took the time to voice your opinion.  So did I and what's my opinion to you?  And *YOU* should spend your time more wisely then wasting time reading and commenting on stranger's opinions!!!

bev 9 years ago

If the world would take an example from the duggars it would be paradise. These wonderful christian people are "living" their faith, not just paying lip service. I cannot understand anyone not being able to see that these people are happy. Does anyone remember real hapiness? Being at peace with The Lord, and yourself, loving God and your neighbour? This world is becoming full of foul mouthed, disrespectful, and most sadly God ignoring people who have lost their way. Erin, before it is too late, take a leaf out of these peoples book. You don't have to have 17 children, that is their business, turn to our Saviour The Lord Jesus Christ, give yourself completely to Him and watch yours and hopefully those you live with lives become as they should be, and as they were made to be, a beacon of hope in this dark world. Please!!! before it is too late!!!

Ariana 9 years ago

I absolutely love the Duggar family. Michelle is a beautiful example of a wife and mother.

maria 9 years ago

I love them I think more people should follow their example. And I don't mean everyone have 17 kids. That wouldn't be for me anyway. But look at how they raise their children and live there life. Is it so wrong to have respect in a home? And living with no debt? If more people were like them would the world be such a bad place??????

Terri 9 years ago

I personally come from a family of seven. I cannot think of a better way to grow up. For me I always thought that we were so Poor we were Rich. Now some people will read this and wonder if I have lost my mind. However the simple truth is that although we did not have the name brands, newest and best of every tangible thing, we were extremly rich in the things that money cannot buy: Love, Faith, and Trust. There was enough Love in our household that many a time my father invited other people to stay with us in our four bedroom home until they got on their feet. At times I wondered where the food would come to feed all that sat around our humble table, but after a blessing there was always enough, and no one left hungry. So God Bless this family and one day maybe someone will see that faith in God and the perseverance to continue even when the sun is not shinning will get them through. Last but not least I pray that we will one day go back to the old way of raising our children to have duties, respect, and reverance. We need to take a lesson from these people.

Lee 9 years ago

So we all should be like the Duggars and have 20 kids pass it to the next available child for buddying and call the house a church and so there would be no taxes and maybe TLC will do another special on families that have large number of children and they'll give us stuff too? Sign me up!

Lee 9 years ago

Of course that was sarcasm for the slower folks. I still can't understand how so many say it's great and we should all be like this family.

Ashley 9 years ago

I don't think anyone is saying you too should have 17 children. I think it's sad that people would think this family is creepy. I have no doubt they have their moments of being sad, frusrated, irritated, etc. They are human and do not profess to be perfect. I think they are a wonderful example of a family who does it right. Do I think it's creepy that they are happy and in a loving home? No. Do I think they are raising a cult, a church, or Christian robots? No. I think it's sad, that people see a family such as the Duggars, who are happy, put together, and loving, and think there is something wrong with that picture. What is wrong with you? I'm sure their children aren't always perfect, but they are pretty amazing. They respect their parents and each other. They helped build a house for goodness sakes! They do their chores and are homeschooled! They do more than most adults. Having 17 children isn't for everyone, but this family obviously can do it. I say kudos! Way to go raising such a wonderful family. We should all be so lucky to be in a home as loving and wonderful.

Anonymous 9 years ago

Wouldn't the truly Christian thing be to maybe adopt kids that are already on this planet that need a good home? Or, take in foster children? They do seem to run a loving home, but it seems awfully selfish to me that they think they are so great that they need mini reproductions of themselves. Also, I have kids myself, and I would never put my kids in charge of other kids. It's too much responsibility! Kids should be able to be kids. They'll be grown up soon enough!

Ann 9 years ago

How come they always have to wear matching clothes?

And why won't the girls cut their hair?

I thought the Holly Hobby peasant look went out in, ummm, I don't know... 1862?

Realist 9 years ago

I believe in God. I don't believe that God would approve. What is the Mrs. and Mr. Duggar's goal? It makes me sick because I grew up with parents that didn't want me or didn't want to spend time with me, believe in me, etc. These parents don't have time to be parents. I believe God gave us a brain to make appropriate decisions and gave us each other to care for as God has cared for us. Duggar's are sick people. I am sorry for their kids and the "record" setting pace doesn't have God in it anywhere. God gave you a brain to think for yourself. Please don't be so selfish and literal of one bible verse saying to procreate and fill the earth....

xavaria 8 years ago

Ever notice how when comments about how creepy and weird, aand just plain awful the Duggars are. Along come the Fundy Christian comments and try to paint these freaks as wonderful Christians.

Lori 8 years ago

Hello To All:

I really have to hand it to these people that handle their lives the way they do. Their children are well mannered & have been taught good morals from excellent parents. They are all equally loved & rather they 10 more children or 20 more it is okay by me because they are tax paying citizens & don't live off the government like many with this many children do. The are brought up with the word of God & thusly will filter off to their offspring & all of them know wrong from right from the very start. They only are allowed around other Christians so that is also a huge plus. I totally agree with how they run their home. They do not own credit cards, they don't have a mortgage or car payments they own everything & work for all they have & they owe no debts whatsoever, lessons for their children as well!!! How many people can do this??? Not EVEN 1% of the population of this entire world!!! I guarantee you!!!To each his own. Those of us that are against it so be it, if they can do it then let them do it & love their chilldren & spread the word of God while they are at it as well. Remember thou shall not judge lest you be judged. Just because we cannot do it or disagree doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to do it, at least they can handle it!!! They teach their children the value of God & of life & not one of them are a problem to anybody!!! If it works for them then let them have a football team.

Now I couldn't do what they do I am being honest but I agree with their program!!!

Now saying God wouldn't approve is not a fair statement because he is the one whom makes that decision & they live by the word of God & seem to be a very happy & content family. Most of us just need more education with God perhaps studing the word will help us all to substantiate what he expects of us as "TRUE CHRISTIANS."

God Bless you, Duggar Family I applaude what you do, you have done a wonderful job!!!



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tiger1981 8 years ago

Here's the real story on the Duggar "family". I did a lot of reseach on these people after I saw the discovery channel show on them because something just didn't sit quite right with me about them. And the number of kids they have is not the reason. After doing a lot of digging around on the net and after talking to some friends of mine in Arkansas, I found out some interesting tidbits about the Duggars. I found out that the Duggars are ultra conservative Pentecostals. If anyone knows about Pentecostals, you will understand why the women don't EVER cut their hair and why the girls are always clad in long skirts (NEVER, EVER PANTS). While people are free to practice their own religious beliefs, I do not appreciate the fact that Jim Bob Duggar has attempted to run for political office (and actually won a few minor elections) on the basis of his religious beliefs. He and Rick Santorum (ex-Congressman from  Pennsylvania) had planned to introduce a bill into Congress that would outlaw ALL contraceptive use in this country, including for married couples. (I worked as a congressional staffer in DC and got this from a reputable REPUBLICAN source.) Now if Mrs. Duggar wants to be a baby factory, that is certainly her business to do so, but I have to draw the line when the Duggars try to tell me that my wife must also be one as well.

 As far as living "debt free", well, that's pretty simple to do if someone else is picking up the tab. Anybody who saw the show where the Duggars built their house will know that people "volunteered" time and materials to assist. It's also no secret that the entire house was furnished by various sources, not one being the Duggars' own bank account. Again, I do agree that people should be free to donate goods and services to whomever they choose. However, don't be naïve. You know somebody is paying for that and it's going to be you and me..paying customers who may end up having to finance that very same goods or services. Also, in the event that the Duggars have Health Insurance, how much more are your premiums for your family of four because the insurance company has to underwrite coverage for a family of 19? Think about it.  

Somebody argued that the Duggars are not on the "public dole". How do you know that?  I mentioned health insurance above but for all we know, they don't have any. That means everytime Mrs. Duggar pops out another baby, your tax dollars are paying for that baby via Medicaid, WIC, and possibly ARChip (the Federal Health insurance plan for kids).

Going back to the Duggars' religious beliefs, did you know that the Duggars have declared their HOME a church? Thus securing tax exempt status for it? That's right, they don't pay any property tax OR sales tax if they are buying something for their home. Wouldn't that be nice if the rest of us could do that? So, since they aren't paying any taxes, guess who is? guessed and me. As I stated earlier, it's not hard to live debt free when somebody else is footing your bill.

Yes, I think the Duggars are creepy. I also think that I'm paying for these people to do what they believe God has "commanded" them to do. And quite honestly, I'm tired of paying for them. 



anonymous 8 years ago

Has anyone else noticed the lack of affection these children receive? The newborns seems to receive plenty, but I've only seen 2 of the older kids ever get even a half-hearted hug.

anonymous 8 years ago

I think they are a family cult run by Jim Bob. I find the entire show very creepy. I think Michele is addicted to having babies and Jim Bob is a control freak nut. It is impossible that they make enough money to support the family w/o assistance from the outside. I am looking forward to when one of these kids is out of the house and write a memoir.

Random 8 years ago

Ok its none of my business I know. But if these people are going to plaster themselves all over the media I cant help and wonder how they earn a living. And what's the deal with the exact same clothing on the kids? Are they raising robots? Individulity is out right? Cant be because of budget.

I will say, compared to normal media disgraces like the Hiltons I would rather hangout with the Duggars. They seem friendly and open. At least in front of the camera. More than can be said for most celbrity types.

8 years ago

Dude Im ganna declare my damn house a church so I wont have to pay any taxes on the fucker.

Yeah great people who can afford their kids...more like finding every loop hole they can to get out of paying shit the rest of us have to pay, but you all keep thinking they are some great asset to this country while were paying our taxes and such that they have found ways to get around...

amy 8 years ago

I really love how they are but that's MY view on it. Just to note that there will be people whom love,hate,dislike,like and people who just don't care about the Dugggar famliy because not matter what we write or do they will have maybe more children. Life goes on no matter what anyone says.

Jody 8 years ago

I feel that the parents are putting entirely too much responsibility on their older children. You heard the mother say that from the time the baby is weened it is handed off to a "buddy," meaning an older sibling. These kids are essentially parents themselves. All Michelle does is breed and homeschool. The other kids raise their siblings, clean and cook.

Ralph DeMattia 8 years ago

This family is like a train wreck that you can see coming, yet can't turn away from. What's going to happen 50 or 75 years from now to future generations if people like the Duggars (18 kids) The McGaugheys (8 kids) The Gosselins (8 kids) influence other religious whacks to do the same? The earth is getting smaller and older, people who support these nuts, and future generations are really going to suffer if certain people don't start having sex just for fun now and again!

Aaron 8 years ago

It should be illegal to have that many kids.

World is populated enough.

Debbie in PA 8 years ago

why would this prompt such "abrasive" responses. i'm sure that in the day of my granparents (13 in one family and 9 in the other) raised as christian's with family chores and dinners and outings, nothing would have been said, then, about being weird. is this where and what we have become in the modern day. i guess we have truly forgotten family and God and that things can be done the "right" way.

David in Dallas 8 years ago

Why is it that people think that having a large family is freakish? Probably because they didn't get the attention that they deserved in a much smaller family. As one of nine children (7 of which were adopted), I know that children in large families are loved individually.

My father recently passed away and all nine of us were there (from all over the U.S.) returning love and support to our mother and each other. When it comes down to it, without family, life is pretty empty. I have personally known several elderly people who now live with regret about not having a family - - as they are now very much alone and bitter.

Growing up we did go without some material things (like the latest fashions or the latest video games - - and other ultimately worthless items). But we didn't see it as going without. We were also appropriately dressed and were always busy. We filled our time playing basketball, football, or other outdoor activities. Others of us learned to play instruments or develop other talents. I wouldn't trade any amount of material items for the relationships that I have with my brothers and sisters.

Hopefully, those of you cynics will realize what life is really all about before you find yourselves alone and bitter in a state-run nursing home with no one to come a visit you.

Kranberrys 8 years ago

Here is the site...I can't get the link to work, but if you copy and paste...

...ok so when you get to the "next" then enter "Duggar" and check the 4 parcels with James and Michelle, then hit continue and then next'll get what you are looking for... b_itemdetail=1&billno=830-38318-000 It says they get a "homestead credit" of $350.00, but nothing about being tax's 20 acres too....all of their parcels show taxes being exemptions that I can see...

Familyman 8 years ago

It is amazing how many people don't have a clue what they are talking about, but act like experts with 60 years of research to back it up. Let the people alone, or change America to Stalingrad so you can shoot them. Stupid liberals.

mehere 8 years ago

Having this many children is deeply inconsiderate of society and our globe. The earth can only sustain so many beings. Here are the rest of us learning about and trying to implement a "green" world and others putting more pressure on limited resources. Many, many others of faith have exercised better social judgement.

8 years ago

I must agree. Our planet is getting smaller by the minute and these people are breeding like roaches. If they feel the need to be surrounded by children, there are many children in the foster care system that would love to live in their home (weird as it may be). It breaks my heart to see so many little girls being programmed to be baby machines like their Mamma. They'll never know what it feels like to meet their full potential because of their messed up religion sees them only as an incubator.

Danny 8 years ago

These kids will always be deemed weird. I feel bad for them; it's not their fault. CULT!!!

Nancy 8 years ago

These kids haven't got a chance in the real world, they simply wont be able tosurvive they haven't been taught to. all they know ih their large family and their way of life. they do appear slightly weird to me, too perfect worryingly so. i don't like the way the daughters must take on the responsibilities that are the parents, why should an older girl must take to mothering a younger one, she didn't bloody give birth to it. i don't agree with people who say they are abusing, neglecting etc their children that is bull shit, they are however being unfair, why should you have to keep to a timetable to have a word with your own mother, get in line Jinger!!

i cant understand the clothes though, now i don't agree with we all need designer bags and stuff but to shop in thrift shops all the time, it is not helping the children adapt to 'normal' life at all. they all dress alike, white socks, skirt and horrid blouse or dress....what?? these clothes belong to a different century!!!

Emily 8 years ago

I think America is called the land of the FREE because it is...and thank goodness it is. My grandmother had 19 children, if she hadn't, I wouldn't be alive. I have 4 and we are praying for more. Whatever the Lord blesses us with we will be thrilled - whether it's 4 or 14.

As for the person who posted about Pentecostals, you obviously don't live in the south, lol. I am not of that religious persuasion, nor do I know (or believe that the Duggars are), but in the south, the Pentacostal faith is HUGE. It makes up as much of the religious movement down here as Baptist. It's not uncommon at all...and it is certainly NOT a cult...that is just plain laughable. My entire family IS Pentacostal and they are anything but a cult. How ignorant.

I do think the author of the post should check her facts a little more before writing - Mrs. Duggar is just now (announced today) pregnant with #18, so I am not sure where you got that she has 19 children.

And now, last, but certainly not least, this is for the people who claim to be Christians, but then say that God is displeased with her giving birth to children. Hmmm...have you "Christians" ever read the Bible? It's quite clear that Children are the fruit of the womb...they are a BLESSING, the man is BLESSED whose quiver is full. They are a GIFT. It says no where in the Bible that God is displeased by children or that He would wish anyone to stop having children. Quite the contrary - God is MOST pleased by children. They are His highest blessing and reward...and His greatest gift.

You can humanly and sinfully say that YOU don't think she should have any more children, but don't use God as a club. Know what God says before you start claiming what He would think about something - He has already made it clear in His word what He thinks and says.

I think more than anything, the fact that the Duggars NEVER say one word against their detractors, that they have never, ever spoken out against anyone who has slandered them or lied about them outrageously, speaks more about their character than could be hauled in a dump truck of yours.

X-Men 8 years ago

If stupidity would hurt, more than half of us would run screaming. They are a shame for the society. Those who kiss their asses, ud better wake up to reality. U know there's a saying; Better little and good, than much/many and wrong. Damm how true is it! Some brainwashed puppets feeding on our energy. And who said humanity progressed? Take a look around, take a look at these freaks and u'll see the opposite. What if all the children would have born handicapped and the "mom" showed no sign of stopping? I honestly fear and pity those kids. America land of the free? ONE OF THE BIGGEST LIES EVER. America's becoming nazi, u stupid asses! All that happens there and in the world is coz of our foolishness and apathy. Sterilize them, sterilize the children or kill them if possible, to let such garbage live or live as they have til now is a crime. And what's the fuss with Xtianity? Didn't u know that all religions are bullshit? I guess many centuries will have to pass til what's called "human race" would understand...

profile image

sqwerlie 8 years ago

I don't find this family creepy at all.  I really admire them and their sense of family.  My husband and I have 7 kids. (and 4 more in heaven already) People are amazed when they find out they all have the same parents.  And that we have raised them on a farm, in a 4 bedroom house with one bathroom (btw, they are all girls).  Our average income is 25000 a year. My husband crop farms and I am a stay at home mom. We have no debt, our mortgage was paid off 10 years ago (on 500 acres and two homes), we have 4 vehicles and no car payments and 3 of our kids attend a private Christian school, the rest are homeschooled.  We have everything we kids have more than enough clothes and toys, they have fun and they have responsibilities.  I'm sure there are times they wish they had more of my attention,  but then they slways have extra attention from their sisters that other kids wouldn't have.  They fight, sure, but they also stick up for each other.  We are proof that it is possible to live a good life, with all the kids you are blessed to be given by God and not have to work three jobs, be in debt and never happy because someone always has nicer things.  Too many people can't imagine this working because they've never been taught how to live within their means.  And they have no rock to cling to and depend on...our Lord Jesus Christ.  There will be a day, I believe soon, when our family will be gone....vanished.  And all of those left behind will realize that maybe we weren't crazy after all.

Frida 8 years ago

I love the Duggars family. Just a personal opinion. When I was reading their stories, I felt their loves for one another. Go Duggars!!

X-Men 8 years ago

No, go to hell Duggars and all the likes of u and ur worshippers!

Terry 8 years ago

They may not be on the public dole, however we are supporting them every time we watch one of the specials on television and for that reason I will not be watching another one. All I see is the older children having all this responsibility heaped on them at a young age. No time for a childhood of their own, always looking out for someone else. Very selfish of mom and dad.

Soph 8 years ago

global warming, that's all I have to say.

well, not quite. Duggar girls, if you're reading this, CUT YOUR HAIR AND PUT ON SOME PANTS!!!!!

southrnbelle 8 years ago

Looks to me like the Duggars gave birth to quite a large staff of slaves!

These barbarians should be imprisoned for child abuse!

Did Jim Bob mention that he doesn't pay property taxes on that 7,000 sq. ft. house of theirs because he's had it declared a church?


louri 8 years ago

I am sorry but I cannot stand the Duggars.

I think it is wrong the way the hand of all the babies to the older children. Then they have a 17 yr. old making lunch for almost 20 people and an 18 yr old making dinner. These kids have to clean, and raise the younger ones. They have a strict schedule. When are they allowed to be children? When do they play? This reminds me of a cult. It seems these kids are instructed on when to smile, laugh etc. When you look in the Duggars eyes they all look vacant.

What I would like to know is what is going to happen if something happens to the parents? What is going to become of the children? Foster homes. Or did the parents will the younger kids to the older kids? These children do not have a normal childhood and never will. I don't mean material things either. I mean making friends, going to college (how will they afford it) going and playing baseball or going on dates.

What really gets me is that I have watched all these specials. It sickens me that if any of these children want time with a parent, they have to go to the kitchen and "make an appt" by writing it down that they want more time with a parent to discuss something.

This is just a sad family. I feel sorry for these kids.

Ricca 8 years ago

I want to say that your comments about the Duggar family are hateful and disturbing. I know we are allowed to our opinions to just about anything, but why say such harmful things that would just crush someone's feeling's. This family is as wholesome and pure as is Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. At least they aspire to be (like him) each day of their lives. If everyone in this world were like them in any way, this world would be a much more peaceful place to live in. As far as their choosing to have as many children as the Lord will allow, they should be able to. The Lord knew what he was doing when he chose them to have as many children as they do. To them, the more the merrier. May the Lord bless you with a peace of mind and peace in your heart someday soon {you just have to want it and claim it). The Duggar's are not freaks, they are a breath of fresh air.

Proud to be a christian!

Dyann 8 years ago

Does anyone really know what goes on behind closed doors?

Kids not allowed to socialize with other other kids in the outside world. Parents don't want tv in their home yet don't mind promoting themselves and their kids on tv, reaping from the freebies. I blame media for this but on the other hand the parents are hypocritical. Why is this family being glorified anyhow? Many large families out there and they don't put themselves in the limelight.

Sonya 8 years ago

The Duggars are my heros...I respect their beliefs and I think they are Great. I myself have 9 children and 6 angels . Who knows husband and I may have more ourselves. :D

Snowy 8 years ago

Can't wait to read the tell all memoir written by the Duggar girl who escapes the compound. Should be an eye opener!

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

Like I've said before, on the surface everything seems okay, but after all the scandals in the news by supposedly religious people, I'm not so sucked in that their way is ideal. *They*, the parents are choosing to have a bunch of kids, but that is not necessarily the childrens' choice. Children are not something you own. Everytime, mom announces she's pregnant an older child must groan inside. I know adults who decided not to have children of their own because they felt they already raised them - their brothers and sisters. I did not grow up with a lot of brothers and sisters (one sister, two brothers), but I was given a lot of responsibility. By the time I was an adult I felt exhausted from the burden of responsibility. Many years later I still resent someone depending on me, because I had been brainwashed during my childhood into feeling that everyone and their needs was my responsibility. Even the most responsible child needs to feel that they can depend on someone. They can call themselves Christians all they want, I still say there is a creepy regimentation about them.

ElDiablo 8 years ago

i love how all the "christians" defend them with quotes from the bible. STFU losers, these guys are completely creepy and all you who agree with them are brainwashed your damn selves. when i first saw this article it made me sick. i wanted to burn their compound to the ground. and why did they have to name em all with J,s same as the dad and grandpas first initial i know but 18 Js gimme a F'n break. also, teaching your kids to only hang out with other "approved" christians seems like a really bad idea. in the real world we have to deal with all sorts. some good, some bad but

ElDiablo 8 years ago

i love how all the "christians" defend them with quotes from the bible. STFU losers, these guys are completely creepy and all you who agree with them are brainwashed your damn selves. when i first saw this article it made me sick. i wanted to burn their compound to the ground. and why did they have to name em all with J,s same as the dad and grandpas first initial i know but 18 Js gimme a F'n break. also, teaching your kids to only hang out with other "approved" christians seems like a really bad idea. in the real world we have to deal with all sorts. some good, some bad but that's

Jenjill 8 years ago

I worry about Christian fundamentalism in the US - it is no different from any other religion that practices such basic "truths".

Having so many children, in my opinion is selfish, ignorant and a blight on our planet. Why not adopt children who have no homes and give them a home?

The problem is that the family would indoctrinate them with their narrow minded views.

I am glad to be living is a truly democratic country - it is not the US

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sweetrese78 8 years ago

Well, first of all, I think debating while calling names on either side of the argument isn't exactly mature.

Secondly, what does having a lot of children have to do with global warming? That has absolutely no congruency with the point. And over-population? The only people who say that live in a big metropolis. Have you ever driven anywhere besides a big city? You know....the country, where there is a lot of land.

Thirdly, the world talks about accepting different cultures. This usually seems to ring true unless it has to do with Christians and some sub-cultures within Christianity, like the Duggars practice.

Fourth, what is the big freakin' deal anyway if they want to have 1 or 25 kids? It's not our life, it's theirs. Whether they dress alike or not.....whether the women cut their hair or not....whether they homeschool or not.....does it REALLY affect your life that much? Maybe you should be honest with yourself and wonder why it bothers you to this extent to bash harmless people that you don't even know.

Lastly, look at our mainstream culture now. The teenagers now for the most part don't really have a focus in life. Their idea of exercise is moving their fingers to play video games. The majority of them haven't been taught morals by their parents. A majority of their parents actually rarely SEE their children.

Now look at culture 100 years ago. Most children had household duties and chores they had to accomplish daily. Most families were larger. More families established moral behavior as a GOOD point. More children stayed out of trouble. I'm not saying that every family was perfect, but I can guess that children grew up understanding responsibility more. They had better family ethics and work ethics. They knew how to survive in bad times. I doubt that my generation, (X,) or the following generations would know what to do in economic crisis or in an emergency situation.

I don't like it when non-Christians use expletives to make a point. And I don't like it when Christians quote the Bible to make a point. To use the Bible to make a point isn't going to turn a non-Christian to your viewpoint. All they are going to think is, "Crap, here comes some more mindless Christian jargon." Their mind automatically tunes out what you are saying. And the same goes for the cussing....that's definitely not going to get a Christian to see the secular viewpoint. It will only turn them off.

My point: I think that the Duggars have some things that we could learn. However, I think that some of it is a little extreme. I don't think that large families cause global warming or over-population. Most small families have 3+ cars and probably travel more than large families. Most large families have 3 cars max.

We have 4 children with one on the way. They are well-behaved, but still have a LOT of personality. I lose my cool with them. I'm not Martha Stewart. I hate cleaning, but I do it anyway. My children do have daily chores, which they often forget and I constantly remind them to do. We not only wear pants, but also shorts!!!! (SHOCKER) And we're Christians. (another SHOCKER) And I have a music ministry that goes not only to churches, but also to bars! (ANOTHER SHOCKER) We have two vehicles: one van that gets 18 mpg...ouch. And a used geo metro that gets 40 mpg that my hubby drives to work everyday. We pay our taxes. We homeschool. So we pay taxes for OTHER kids to go to school. wow. We aren't completely out of debt. We have a small credit card bill....very small which will be payed off this year. We have our van payment and two house payments. (one rental home where we used to live) So we aren't perfect, but we aren't CULTISH by any means. I think people use that word when they don't completely understand something.

I think a lot of large families are stereo-typed. I also think that they just need to be left alone to do what they want to do. Their children aren't a menace to society. What's the big deal? We just need to leave each other alone and get along with each other, regardless of our beliefs.

tired of violence 8 years ago

what's wrong with a girl/woman having long hair? My daughter has always had long hair and so have I (except as a child). We love our hair. My daughter went to PUBLIC school that had uniforms (k-8) and dress code (9-12) and she now (@19) dresses conservatively, for which I am eternally grateful (no pantiless, dancing on tables). Also, as far as children helping, my daughter is an only child and she always had chores and thought it was unfair that she had noone to share them with, but is a better adult cause I stuck w/them. (She is a great cook and knows how to change oil on a car.) I watch the Duggars cause I am sick of the violence/nudity and sex of other programs. The only thing I think crazy is the homeschooling. My grandmother had 12 children and they all went to school. (I only have the 1 cause that is all I got, maybe that's why I find the Duggars fascinating.)

Lisa 8 years ago

Yes, there are many large families including a local family where I live that do not plaster themselves in the media. The parents both work real jobs. The Duggars are using religion for selfish reasons. Twisting the bible. I really feel sorry for the older children for being born slaves. Intelligent, responsible humans use some sort of birth control. I canted stand people who work the system.

EA 8 years ago

If we shouldn't care if they have 25 kids, then why don't they just keep it to themselves. It seems like the so called parents are out to prove something with no regard to their children. It is so sad that these kids don't have friends to socialize with other than siblings. Their life is this compound they live on.

Ann 8 years ago

If they want to have 30 kids then fine, just keep it off the national TV. If they can really support and pay for all those kids, then they don't need the media. Jim Bob is a politician (can't stand politicians anyway) and knows how to work the system...using his family for his benefit. Anybody can get pregnant just like cats and dogs. It's the intelligent, responsible citizens that have some sense of control and don't just get pregnant because you can. "God" will give you kids at age 13 or younger...doesn't mean you should get pregnant every time you have sex. Humans should be above the intelligent level of animal instict. Saying if "God" wants to give you more kids is so rediculous....what would the world population be if no one used any birth control? This family makes me sick to see.

Andy 8 years ago

I have no problem with them living a Christian life, or being happy. The sole problem I have is the fact that they are giving ownership of their eighteen children to God. I think we have gotten to the point where it's obvious if you believe in God you should also realize that biology is a reality. I think that it is ignorant and irresponsible for a well-educated family to think that having eighteen children is perfectly fine. It is very well known that China is overpopulated, and obviously this is going to become a problem elsewhere sooner or later, so why hurry the process? It blows my mind that the obvious fact that more people equals more consumption equals more of a burden on the Earth that they believe God created for us is a non-issue in this household. I also have a huge problem with the parents delegating responsibility in raising the kids to the other siblinbs. I understand some of your comments that it is good they have responsibilities, and I agree. Kids need to have responsibilities. But, you have to remember, these are still kids! They deserve a childhood! I personally think homeschooling is very unfair to children. School with children other than your siblings is a necessary phase in childhood in today's world. It allows the kids to be without their parents, but still supervised, around other children, and allows them to develop communication and friendship with others outside of their own family. There are so many things I find wrong with this family, and none of them involve their faith, and I'm sure that is the same way a lot of others feel, so if you are arguing for this family, please, enlighten us to what you feel about the issues outside of the family, because to me, those are the most important in this case. You have to be conscious of others, and respectful of the Earth. I honestly see no way that in this case having eighteen children can be justified.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

One of the things that "bother" me is the insular way that they live. These people appear to only socialize within the family and a very select group (other Christians). The kids never appear to interact with people of color, other religions, or people of other ethnic origins, therefore, missing out on learning about other people - all valid topics. The world is getting smaller and smaller. Interacting within your community but globally as well to me broadens the mind and experience. They live in a vacuum.

Tal 8 years ago

These people scare me. Everything about them screams, "CREEPY!" That man is raising his own personal cult. Their children all dress, talk, act, and think alike. They're completely brainwashed. No individual identities. It's sad that such beautiful kids that could be so much more than tools of the Church will never be more than part of something - part of the boys, part of the family, part of the cult, part of the religion. They have no individual identity and no hope to develop one whilst inside that border. What a waste.

Camille 8 years ago

I do not think there crrepy, but I do not believe everything they show us. NO family is this perfect and no family should be this perfect. The kids to me seem like little drones instead of being creative and unique which each human being is. I would like to see these children have their opinions than just mimic parents views on EVERYTHING. The children seem to be on this schedule and what about being spontaneous and going outside of the box!

Vero 8 years ago

The shows about the Duggar family is basically just another reality tv show. Considering some of the appalling reality shows out there I find the Duggar's probably the least offensive and if you do not like them then don't watch the show. Everybody is entitled to live their life the way they want to and worship they way want to. I am not a fan of fundamentalist christianity but I don't hold that against a person unless they try to force their beliefs down my throat (then I tell them to research the council of Nicea when the books for the new testament were chosen and edited removing all references to reincarnation except one "he who was elijah will come again"). The Duggar's seem nice enough, I may not agree with them on everything they do or some of their attitudes towards equality in the home for both sexes but I do not walk in their shoes and it is not my place (or anybody elses) to judge them. If they are doing a bad job one or two of those kids (at least) will rebel and write a tell all book that we will all devour and many will disagree on. Worry about something that applies to your own life not the Duggar's. As for accusing them of damaging the enviornment by having so many kids you forget that there are alot of DINK's out there (double income no kids). So if you allot 2.5 kids per couple my DINK friends and I can cover 15 kids that we did not have that the Dugger's took care of having, plus 2.5 of their own so with the 18th child on the way they are only over the quota by .5 of a child. And I'm sure there are some other DINK's out there willing to give them their 2.5 kid allotment so she can keep producing until her uterus prolapses or menopause hits!

Mathew 8 years ago

Just add guns and yell Wacko

Kaz 8 years ago

I grew up as the eldest child in a family of five children, and though this does not seem very large, I had to bring up my siblings as my mother seemed to pumped out each child with little thought of the future. As an adult, I am very glad now to have my siblings, who are my closest friends, but I must say that my mother was an overwhelmed, younger sort of mother, who could not always be relied upon - hence I was a mother figure to all of my siblings. I came to resent it - not my siblings, who couldn't help it, but my parents who thoughtlessly birthed child after child without really thinking of the fact of having to look after these children. Trust me, elder children who grow up having already looked after baby upon baby can't help but feel like they've lost something because of it. I'm in my thirties now and can't stand the thought of having children. I've done that already for my parents. Every time I look back over photos of myself as a child and a teenager, there's a baby on my hip.

Kaz 8 years ago

I should also add that the neighbour's children, younger than myself, were also neglected by their parents, and were basically brought up in our family (or me, who they looked up to). Most times around the house there at least six other children for me to look after.

Missie 8 years ago

GOOD GRIEF!!!!! Leave the poor family alone!! what have they ever done to you all! they are not creeps, they are not a cult and they are not penecostals. They happen to be Southern Baptists as am I. And so what if the girls don't want to cut their hair, and so what if they don't want to wear pants, is it hurting you! Think about it...if you had 18 kids wouldn't it be a little hard figure out which pants were the guys and which pants where the girls?? And I have seen a couple of them in pants! And when you live on a certain amount of land you can consider it and farm and it can be a tax deductible, not a tax exemption. So what if they receive freebees, they didn't go begging to anyone for them. The only reason they are on national T.V. is to spread the love of Jesus Christ. You people are clearly misisng the message that they are trying to give you. They are a loving and sweet family, the only reason they seem perfect to some of you is because they have the love of God whitch gives them the strength to stay patient and persevere through life. I'm sure they would tell you that they are far from perfect. And as someone mentioned, CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING not a hindrence, and they are not hurting the invironment! The kids are not slaves, when you live in a large family you have to help out to keep everything running smoothly. I come from a large family and we all know that we have to do our part! I also don't believe in birth control and I hope i am blessed with as many kids as them. You people who bash them seem to be jealous of their happy family.

Kate 8 years ago

If every woman who had a miscarriage made the decision to keep every child and get pregnant as often as 'god' intends, how long would it take for the human race to have serious food shortages? How much of the other species homes would have to be destroyed even further to support us? Why does this family think they're special. I think it's disgusting and should be against the law. And to bring your children up brain-washed and deluded with a terrible fear of hell if they put a foot wrong. Why don't they try reading a science book instead of the bible at the dinner table and learn something useful.

Ignorance is religions best friend. These children will grow up ignorant of life, the world and where they came from, and they will think proliferate breeding is expected and good.

Esther 8 years ago

"Saying there is too many children is like saying there are too many flowers" ~ Mrs. Duggar

I agree 100%.

debbie herrman 8 years ago

I say have tlc broadcast a show that has mre.dugger doing all the work a mother

with children should. bathe dress feed diaper etc with no help from the older

kids . she wouldn't last a week.

commenter 8 years ago

they are not christians. they are part of the mormon religion. mormons believe that you must have so many kids in order to advance to the different levels of heaven. the need to have "spirit children". its a duty.

8 years ago

They're weird. There's no need to debate it. Society tends to conform and move toward what is 'normal' (whatever that may be). By any standard, in this country or others...THEY'RE WEIRD!!! Fine, they're Christian, SO AM's still WEIRD!!! There's no need to feel like they're being picked on...they put themselves out there and are availing themselves to criticism... We're simply doing what they've allowed us to do. They're good people, good parents, good children...that's all lovely and I wish them no harm, but....THEY'RE STILL WEIRD!!!

katrina and Jason 8 years ago

Well what do you say about the duggar family??hmmm We are not Usa folks yet we are folks from Australia, and are being bombed by the duggar family on our paid TV, yeah you don't have to watch it some may say, yet my goodness how can you not? its not just scary to think that a family has so many kids, yet the scary thing is, everyone of those children are a carbon copy of their parents!

That's the scary part, we are a family of 5 grown children, and raising them was a task on their own, making sure their needs were met, and allowing them to grow within guildlines, so that when they reach adulthood they have the tools to make choices for themselves good or bad, yet look at the children of the Duggars, I can say that not one of them has their ownself, eachone is a carbon copy of the parents, the girls, want to grow up to be a stay at home mom with a large family, my goodness, were are their true dreams, like growing up to explore their roles in this world? look something that makes me think this is scary is, if you the Duggars were living here in Australia, like you are there, with your children running around all wearing the same cloths, having to attend school at home, and attend your own home church, our government would be investergating them, because in our eyes, that's not allowing your children to have free choice, here in Australia, we addmire parents that show guildance, are actively involved with their children, yet making carbon copies to have only the parents beliefs systems, act like them and so on, nope sorry duggars you would be regarded as a cult here in Australia, and your children would be taken from you. God Bless those that show that all great and small have the right to develop ones own choice in life.

Aussie Chick 8 years ago

In response to Katrina and Jason - I'm from Australia and I completely DISAGREE with everything you've mentioned!

Praise God for the Duggars! Praise God for the gift of children! Praise God for everything!

WOO HOO! Duggars rock!

God continues to bless the Duggars in abundance because they are good and faithful servants who are obedient to His word.

katrina and Jason 8 years ago

Well I didn't ask for your acceptance all I said was, Were is each childs right to be themselves without the mainstream programming of their parents and the belief system they have programmed into these children, this truly makes me realize is how narrow minded some are when they start programming babies from birth to accept and live as them, a child is so easy to program, monkey see monkey do, so to speak.

And as far as beliefs go and following the right path, gee what is the right path, so many have different versions of it, I feel the teaching of a christian ,is to develop, guild and nuture that child into being able to be all they can be, not carbon copies of their parents let them grow and develop their own way of thinking not that of others, when you as a parent don't, or christian then you are not living a good path you then are in it for ones own self not that of your children.


Linda 8 years ago

I totally agree with Katrina and Jason, these parents of so many children are creating duplicates of themselves, what I have seen is each parent is living their lives through each and every child in the family. One thing that disturbs me is how false the reality they are exposing their children too, life isn't about having heaps of children, home schooling, and building a home church plus being a reality TV family, and teaching them all to live it. Life is about nuturing, teaching scocial interaction, not just with siblings and church members, yet cultures and beliefs of others, interaction with a real world good and bad teaching them, boundries and respecting themselves, therefore being able to have respect for others, yet how can you teach a child self respect when you live your life through your children, how can you think that's the lord's plan, that to me is a ego's plan, one that only see's what it wants to see, like 17 plus children made up of big and little michelle's, and Jim Bob's sorry that's not the lord's plan for us, yet I salute them for the well mannered children they are, and getting them to help within a family unite, yet the stage they have their children at to me is nothing short of brain washing. I know this if I was raised in the same manner, maybe somewhere down the road, I would harbour some restment towards my parents, for making me accept only what they beleive, that to be is bad parenting. And why do ego's of man and woman have to quote verses and knowledge of the bible and teach this, when they don't understand it to begin with just like many religons out there.

katy 8 years ago

Im sorry, but watching this family gives me the creeps. Really. They are the most bizarre people. Their children have no personality of their own. All of them are programmed robots. All they ever do, is chores. And if its not chores and looking after the young ones, they read the bible with mother and father. Don't even get me started on the michelle. The only reason she is having this many children is because she believes that god wants all females to pop out as many babies as humanly possible before they die. So naturally, her being the good little christian she is, she's doing her damn best to not let god almighty down. " saying that there are too many children is like saying there is too many flowers"...........mhm......riigghttt. Ugh. Seriously. SO DISTURBING.

katrina and Jason 8 years ago

Totally katy you have won me on that comment, Good christian and God's will to be blessed with having so many children....yeah Right, Don't people know about how their bodies work, more so for this family to be given some education on what's real, to start with, its not God's plan nor blessing it bacis human function, known fact the more children you produce, the higher the fertility, and if your having unprotected sex, well really what will happen? yep you all guessed it you get pregnant simple fact not a blessing yet plain simple science..... yet Michelle darling if you take the chance to ever read this, Are you aware that you place yourself and your future unborn babies at greater risk if you continue to produce children, as you become older the higher the risk of having a down's sydrome child with a higher risk of you having problems, Along with many other problems that can accure, yes to be given the role of parenting is an honour, as some people cant have children, having children and teaching them to be productive, and to help develop their personalities to guild them teach them how to be all that they can be, and when they are grown, and leave with a good well rounded upbring, that is when you can receive or even say you as a parent are blessed, because you finally have forfilled your role as teacher, mentor,nuturers and last of all a co creator of the human race, that's the blessing when its all said and done, so Duggars, while you still have a chance open your eyes to the truth, and this shall set you free!

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Eppy 8 years ago

It seems to me that the people that are so against this family come across as threatened by the Duggars' faith, devotion, and obvious dedication to one another, which I think is pretty sad. It may not be for everyone, but it's obvious to see that these children are happy, healthy, and enjoy a strong sense of themselves, and a strong sense of family. I would give anything at my age (mid -40's) to have siblings I felt close to and shared a history with. Contrary to what someone posted, I believe these children will actually have an easier time adjusting to adulthood- they've already learned some of life's most valuable lessons. I don't see any signs of neglect or lack of attention. It's my personal opinion that in general children from larger families are more mature, selfLESS, and well-adjusted. While I couldn't do it, I can't offer up anything other than encouragement to this family.

Linda 8 years ago

I don't think for one minute, others or myself are threatened in any way with the duggers large family, nor in their beliefs, for me I think that anyone that is so gullable and blind that place their trust in something that is purely a fare sighted thing like religon are not living a real human life, so to the reader that posted, NO I AM FAR FROM THREATENED BY THE DUGGERS I am concerned for the children becoming Religious Robots by the choice their parents have instilled in them plain and simple.

Eppy 8 years ago

I humbly disagree....the Duggars act boldly on their faith, and that can be intimidating, or threatening, to those that do not share faith or trust in God, which is far from a "fare sigted" existence. If you are a true Christian, you understand that a "real human life" is actually the farce or the practice run, whereas where you will spend eternity and who your Lord and Master of your life is the much more real and everlasting focus. Mankind is by nature fallen, and tries to deny the existence of God. You can ignore Him, but it doesn't make Him any less real....We are increasingly becoming a Godless society, and reaping what we've sown.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

Some people believe in God but they have little faith in man. Especially when you see so-called Christians preaching intolerance and hate for those who are different, Rabbis killing their wives, Priests molesting children, Ministers having sex with members of their congregations. Why shouldn't people have doubts?

lover of myself profile image

lover of myself 8 years ago from Southeast Texas

HALARIOUS! You know i have always thought it, but never thought to write about it. he whole world thanks you. I was just thinking perhaps everyone was dosed a special morning smoothie, with a hint of crack in it to keep them all so perfect.

I sure enjoyed reading your hub, thank you

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

Even Mother Teresa had doubts after witnessing all the evil and suffering in the world as revealed in her letters that were found after her death. She even stopped praying. I'm not saying this to break one's faith; but certainly, I don't place mine in man and organized religion.

I remember watching one those 20/20 or new magazine programs where this woman had been murdered. They were interviewing one of her relatives who also was a preacher/minister/man of God (take your pick), when asked about forgiveness for the murderer, a look of hard hatred came across his face and he basically said, [to h*ll to the Christian teachings I've been preaching each Sunday], I hate him and hope he rots in hell. A human reaction, yes, and one many of us can understand, but I thought where is all that pious righteousness now when the chips are down for him? Where's his faith now? Yet another revelation that put another chink in my abhorrence for organized religion.

You can be sure if one of us was grieving a loved one, he would be spouting a lot of pious crap about forgiveness. But when the going got tough for him, it was a different story. Now mind you, once again, I could understand his reaction - it would certainly be mine - but then I don't go around shoving my beliefs down other people's throats and basically making them feel guilty for feeling and being human.

There's a movie, darn, can't remember the name, but I'll post it soon about this child molesting priest that was at it for like 20 years and they *knew*, the bishops all of them *knew* and they transferred him from one parish to another.

He's living in Ireland. He's not a known or registered sex offender there if they have such a thing, free to continue. This is a documentary and they featured several of the victims. And the look of pain on the parents faces. One family used to leave their daughter with him nearly everyday. As they would be walking out the door, he would be kneeling and praying.

They have bits of these bishops and priests being interviewed and what liars they were. In one see the women (the little girl) flew all the way to Italy for a consult with the pope. Do you think she got in? Do you think the pope would lay a hand on her head and perhaps allow her some resolution, some solace? Hell, no!

And when I see the opulence of the robes, the money that people just hand over, it just turns me off. There have been so many recent stories of thefts by members of every kind of church. No, you can't make me trust man.

There must be a special place for people who take advantage of people's need to believe in something greater than themselves, to take advantage of their fears and trust.

Linda 8 years ago

Gosh how narrow minded are we when it comes to religon? So many place their most precious thing they own, Faith, Trust in something that really brings nothing in return, Like religon, I would class myself as an honest, truthful and compassionate person, I weep when I see uncaring acts upon others, I cry when I see children used as tools for others, yet am I a church going attendee? Nope am I a christian? that could be questioned by others that don't share my way of living. yet What I am is real, Religon is nothing more than a far sighted system of people that look for salvation and comfort in a teaching that is practised by controlling the masses with fear and lies, and this is done by handing over the most precious thing you own, YOUR FAITH/TRUST if people placed that faith in themselves and trust they could move moutians, they could change their lives for the better and not only that would be in the true power of God/Goddess yet again many follow like sheep looking for a fairy tale ending, and an acceptance of what they really are. For me, I know who I AM, and don't need the lies and Mumbo jumbo crap that religon spills.

Eppy 8 years ago

there's a reason that people mistrust mankind in general....because mankind in general is untrustworthy, fallen and broken. People are aghast when they hear stories of abuse/unkindness against one another, but the real miracle is that we behave as well as we do. God loves us when we are unlovable, and loves us perfectly, which we are incapable of ourselves. It's a misguided but common mistake to confuse "religion" with God. As soon as you put people into the equation, you have trouble and that has been true from the beginning of time.

Linda 8 years ago

Eppy, I don't mistrust mankind, that would be like me saying I don't need my brain to make my body work, what I am saying I don't beleive in the religious mumbo jumbo, of preaching and doing what some beleif system say I should, religon isn't living as god would want us, he wants us to be unprefect, like he is, after all weren't we created in his own image, he wants us to make mistakes, he wants us to be good and bad, because only then can we truly know the father, and therefore know ourselves. its when we pretend to be something we are not, is when we dishonour what we are, And religon teaches us just that, to be something we are not, look I was raised as a baptish, I attended church while my parents became heavely involved in this way of life, and I can recall one time sitting in church looking around at the fakeness of others there, all pretending to be something they were not, good christian people, yet everyone had a hidden agenda when they left that sunday service, they all went back to back stabbing, cheating and so much more, to be honest I was the only one that was being real, I took from the plate, I questioned the service given, and I asked the many there, Why they pretend to be caring and nice, I was only 8 when I saw the true nature of what was real, and in the lords church people were pretending, to be something they were not, by listening to the sermon, and giving praise to me I sat through hours of lies, hours of untruths, yet all the time I really was hearing the real truth, and that was "be all that you are, for that is how I made you!

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

Looks like everyone is agreed so far that religions and so-called religious people can be pretty fake, can prey on peoples faith and belief, but I don't think anyone is knocking faith or belief. Personally, I just can see myself going to church anymore.

Eww 8 years ago

Remember the Stepford Wives? How about a Stepford Family! Right-wing, fundy, wackos!

I'm a practicing Christian, but these people are different than extremists of any religion.

katandjas 8 years ago

Hahahaha, My husband said he stopped beleiving in what the church practised when he found out at 5 years old that father christmas and the Easter Bunny weren't real!!

To be or not to be, that is the question! And for me, I choose not to be like the duggers practising and beleiving, that it is soley their responsibility to populate the world in their own image, or better still building their own little kingdom, bound only together on their lack of taking real responsibility to say enough is enough.

Michelle, get your tubes done, or send Jim bob off for the chop......You both have what you entended to get out of this, Media attention, free stuff etc..... stop being greedy, look up what is said about Greed in the Bible, and practise being Real!

mitsy12 8 years ago

It's pretty disgusting to continually read how being a "Christian" equals using no birth control, home schooling, and a bubble encased lifestyle. The Duggars make other Christians look bad because they have some pretty strange beliefs. Most Christians I know do not live this kind of lifestyle nor would they believe they are good Christians just because they have 18 kids. God gives people brains. It's obvious the Duggar's aren't using theirs. They are not trusting God with their sex drive, so why should they trust God to take care of having more and more babies? Because it's the older kids who are raising the younger ones. Get a clue people. This family is whacko.

katandjas 8 years ago

Whacko, hmmm I think they are pretty selfish more than anything. Its funny I saw on the tv the other week, a tv station interviewing the duggers for mothers day, , boy here was all the children looking just like their parents, ready to surpise Mum with some presents the children had picked for Michelle, complements of the tv station. Yet the surprise was on the children, Michelle told the children, they were having baby number 18, I will never forget the look on the face of the older children, more so the older son named John, his face said it all. It was the look of YOU GOT TO BE JOKING, and then Jim bob and Michelle commented with " the lord has blessed us with another baby, and we will continue to have children until the lord stops this from happening", gosh how funny and stupid was that comment? Lets pray for the older children that mother nature takes over and this is the final dugger that will enter this family, after all Jim bob just makes them, Michelle spits them out and the older children raise them, lets pray for the older dugger children, to give them the strength to continue parenting, be lets face it Jim bob and Michelle arnt doing it.

Lorraine 8 years ago

I think this family is weird on a lot of levels. I as a parent, want to spend as much one on one time as I can with my children. To just keep having babies and letting the oldest children take care of them is just sick. Children need affection and attention. This just seems like a strange cult. With that many children, how are they getting the one on one time that they need? Another thing is, how do they have time to have that much sex when they have that many children? Something is off.

Jason 8 years ago

I don't really think they would have lots of sex, after all you only have to have sex once and if there is no protection in place then the chance of having another child is very high, I agree with the comment made anout having one on one time with each child, in their wacko world they made think that spending alot of time home schooling and reading the bible with their children is one on one to them, who knows?

yet I am a father of 5 grown children, and Grandfather to two grand children, and I never have enough time in my life to have very much one on one time with them all, and yet I treasure the time I do have, all I can say is that these parents haven't a stable foundation for these children with all the crap they beleive in, and maybe later in life they made just see this, when the youngest is 21 and the two parents are too tired and worn out to see what they have missed out on ONE ON ONE.

Sara 8 years ago

You people are all just silly. Who cares if they have any children. And by the way they probably dress the way they do because its cheap. People today are obsessed with clothes and the way we look, they don't seem to care. They aren't worldly like most of us. They are probably debt free because they don't do unessesery spending. All of you idiots who buy expensive cars and than wonder why they owe money. They believe that all children are a blessing, and that seems completley reasonable to me. None of you know what kind of stabibly they have. The Duggar family hasn't even aired that many shows. What's sad is that most of us had shitty lives with only a few sibblings. I plan on having a ton of children and I'm pretty confident that I can raise them to contribute to society in a good way. Hey and guess what, I'm going to raise them to love God and love people.

lets not be a bunch of socialists.

Paulie 8 years ago

No one is saying that they don't love their children. Read the original comments. Despite the positives, rather than admiring them, which I would expect, I find them creepy. To each his own. And you don't know how anyone who has posted here lives. So you mind your manners.

normal 8 years ago

What is wrong with these people?! Ive been waching this pathetic example of parenting for some time now. I have yet to see the mother or "babymachine" hold or show any amount of affection to any of her children. It seems to me that the eldest children have assumed the parenting role. They have absolutely no social skills and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if every single one of them spent the rest of their lives on that remote piece of farm land. They are COMPLETELY alienated from American society. The reason the queen of this ant pile is always pregnant is very clear to me...SHE IS AN ATTENTION WHORE! It also bothers me that these people do not seem to care about the odds of producing a mentally handicaped child. They'd probably just hand it off to the next oldest child anyway.

Also, has anyone else noticed the similariities between these people and those polygamist degenerates in Utah?

katrina and Jason 8 years ago

Gosh are we silly people? this seems to be the comment made by Sara, well I didn't know free speech was regarded as silly, or the freedom to buy a fancy car if one so wants too,? and having tons of children is a act of freedom as well, yet as a free speaking human I have the right to voice what I to beleive in, and that maybe to disagree on the way these duggers breed and raise their children yet do I have the right to stop them? NO I DON'T. yet am I silly or stupid to others out there that agree with the duggers way of life? NO I AM NOT because my fine folks that is their freedom to disagree. And about all this christian ways and so forth, I don't give a rats bum, if you are a god loving person or a heathen that is your right to beleive in what you want, I care for others not out of being a christian or following the good path of god, yet because we all have a common tread, that is we are all humans. And as a concerned human that see lots of children living in sorrow and starvation in parts of the world, the duggers need to count all their blessings, and take better responsibility in guilding them not to be just a good christians, having large families, yet to be satisfied with what they do have, and not want more, and take a risk with a childs life or child to be life, and when you do have children don't expect others that didn't make the choice to have children help raise them and when the Parent duggers understand this that is when they will become true caring people (human)

Linda 8 years ago

Well good for you sara!!!!! You have heaps of children, raise them to love god and others, yet don't forget when your up too your arm pits in dirty nappies and screaming children, that it was your choice to breed these little humans and it isn't their responsibility to care for eachother while your pop out more ok sweetheart, and while you teach them to love god and love others, just add to your long line of teaching to teach them the importance of being themselves and respecting and loving themselves, as this will better help them in life, and oh don't forget when your are so tired and wanting a break, that it will not be your older childrens role to look after their siblings while mum and Dad take a nap, after all you are to surrender all selfish thoughts and acts to ensure your children grow up to be themselves remember that Sara before you make a bold statement that you are going to have tons of children........think before one act lol

Rachel 8 years ago

I respect these peoples. I was only able to have one child. I had three miscarriages before I had her. I was lucky to even be alive after she was born. She is fifteen now. Don't judge people on having children. THey are a blessing.

linda 8 years ago

No one is judging these folks, we are all voicing our right to free speech nothing more, and having children is a blessing and for those that struggle with achieving this, more so. Yet there is some out there that just keep popping them out and don't understand that it isn't the responsibility of their older children to help raise them, like in the dugger family, stop and think about it, when you have reached baby number 17 or whatever number, as a parent you will seek assittance from whoever to help make your job easier in raising them, like placing more responsibility on the likes of the older children, yet is it fair to place this upon them? after all did they have a say into how many babies mum and dad want!

I am a mother of 5 grown children and when my oldest was 13 I was having my 5th child, it would have been easy for me to have got my older child to baby sit, change nappies and help with raising them, yet was it fair of me to place this demand upon my oldest child?, No it wasn't, so my oldest child was never made to change nappies, bath the younger ones, nor feed them, nor baby sit, or even be a buddy friend to them, He was allowed to be himself and now he is a fine computer programmer, not married and hasn't any children, and the question why he isn't married and have children, because one he watched how hard it was for his own parents raising him and his siblings, that he learnt that unless you are prepared to give up everything you disire in life, to devote your energy and time into raising a child by yourself or with a partner then don't go there, this is what all my children have learnt, and I am proud I didn't mold them all into having heaps of children and palmming them off onto others to raise, for when the time comes for them to have children they will all be ready to take full responsibility for them..

Rambo 8 years ago

These people are sick. It is socially iresponsible to have that many kids. They should not be praised, rewarded, or scene as celebrities. This day and age to have that many children is signs of there own selfish need to be scene as good christian people and not a gift from god. Anyone who backs them is just as insane as they are. I hope all there kids write books on how horrible there parents are and someday they will be scene for what they are. A BUNCH OF FREAKS.

Wanda 8 years ago

OMG i had to turn the show OFF when the teenage boy asked his girlfriend to marry him and wouldn't even kiss her. I was so freaked out, If a fella asked me to marry him then refused to kiss me I would run the other way. That for sure is the creepiest family I have ever witnessed. I can't stand how stupid they are.

Paulie 8 years ago

I don't see that they are having children for the children's sake. Or even for the blessing that they are. I have one child and I chose that because I realized that financially and emotionally that was all I could handle. Also my husband was not supportive. When people have children beyond their emotional, physical, and financial means (not that they don't have money - I thought Jesus says be humble - but they don't mind exploiting their family and children for TV), then they simply should not have them. I do wish now I had more, but I know that I couldn't have supported more than the one.

Lucy 8 years ago

I come from a larger, christian family (6 kids) and the Duggars definitely weird me out. I realize that everyone comes equipped with different talents and gifts but I honestly don't believe that those parents can equally spread their love, time and attention out over that many needy human beings. Sure, they may be providing for them physically but are these kids getting the love and attention they deserve? I've seen it time and time again in large families where parents just get worn out. The younger ones are usually somewhat neglected emotionally and the older siblings are relied on more heavily. It happens in my family, though I think we are fairly functional for the most part.

What I appreciate most about my parents is that they have raised us to think. I'm the oldest and first to leave home and I still have an excellent relationship with my parents. This isn't because I was raised as a robo-clone or brainwashed, but brought up in an open, nurturing environment where I was encouraged to think freely and develop my own opinions on the world around me and how to live my life. When I see the Duggar children spewing out regurgitated lifestyle values and expressing their desires to have tons of children just like mom, it makes me upset with their parents for not giving their kids space to breathe and become their own people.

I'm also glad for the opportunities I've had to take part in the rearing of the younger siblings (the youngest is 2 in november) as it has taught me patience and responsibility. However, there has always been balance in that I had a lovely, carefree childhood where I was allowed to play and use my imagination. I think at least some of the Duggar children will break under the strain of such a rigid, scheduled lifestyle.

This is not to say that everyone should let their children run amock and abandon all moral concept. By all means teach your kids to be good citizens and human beings in general, but don't filter absolutely everything they are exposed to! My parents, instead of shielding me from the world's many unpleasantries, would expose me to them in a safe way by watching movies/tv with me and discussing our beliefs after. I think this is much healthier than just pulling the wool over their eyes. What happens when they leave their bunker-of-a-home and realize that the world isn't quite as rosy as it's made out to be? Or on the other hand, that it's not so wicked as it's claimed to be either and a lot of beauty and worthiness can be found in things that are new and different from what we regularly experience.

I'm so grateful for a lifestyle and opportunities I've had to experience different cultures, countries, and life perspectives. I've met wonderful people from all over the world who have enhanced my way of thinking by presenting me with ideas different from my own. I feel like my upbringing has made me a better christian in many ways because I am more tolerant and loving towards mankind in general than I would be otherwise. I only feel sad that the immense sheltering of the Duggar children will prevent them from experiencing these things and living their lives fully.

Wow. That was a lot longer than I initially intended it to be.

Paulie 8 years ago

Great story. You sound very lucky.

Steph 8 years ago

They are pitifully ignorant and patheitc. It appears they are trying to move back into time to the "cleaner way of life" that never really existed. The children are dressed like freaks, and live in an insular unreal world that exist only in the minds of the parents. I find them far more creepy than the fundamenalist latter day saint cults

Trisha 8 years ago

I think the fact that they are pure and devout Christians is the only thing I like about this family......I agree with another poster who said that the children don't seem very affectionate or don't receive much affection as the infants. This is due to the fact that there are so many kids that none of them gets the personal attention, love and acknowledgement that they need from their parents---or even eachother. Think about it---by the time everyone got only one a hug a day from everybody, the day would be over and it would be time to wake up and start all over again.

These kids are going to be messed up. They live in a bubble world---and as a mother, I know how you wish you could protect your kids from sin and the bad influences of tv, media and other people...but making your kids only have friends who are their siblings....too strange. I mean they are so cut off from the world, that none of them seems to have a clue as to what even the "styles" are right now in the world. They look like Little House on the Prairie living in a mansion.

I am sure our tax dollars are going to support people like this. And I don't understand at all how they were allowed to deem their home a "church"...but that isn't an honest thing to do---especially for a family who is so religious and "strict." I have one child now and would love another but I am worried b/c the economy is so bad, and public aid only helps people who "lie" to get it, by saying they live alone when they really have two or three incomes....people who keep popping out kids because the more kids they have the lower their gov't healthcare or the higher their food stamps will get. Honestly I once saw a woman who had 900 dollars on her food stamp card---and she was wearing name brand clothes---things I can't even afford, but i still don't qualify for food stamps?????? I don't believe that the Duggars could afford their own healthcare for these kids. Who are they trying to fool?

I don't "unlike" this family, but when I watch them, I do find something to be a little "off" and it creeps me out. And for goodness sakes, someone fix the Mother's hair. She looks like she's in a cult---and she could still wear it long if it were just styled the right way.

srp 8 years ago

How interesting that this family generates so many heated comments.

To the "selfish parents producing slaves" argument: these children will be able to run a household whether it be one or 10 when they leave the nest. They will be able to clean, cook and fix things around the home and have had great examples of living within one's means to guide them. They will know that the world does not revolve around them and are unlikely to run away from responsibility. Good for the parents.

To the "no personality/individuality" argument: since when does manner of dress/hairstyle define one's personality? Would you say to someone who was raised in a Hindu household that constant exposure has rendered them a robot? I believe that the prejudice against Christianity is alive and well here. And it's interesting how if a non-religous family removed television from their home and raised their kids without it they would be applauded. I don't think this is different.

"Not enough affection/attention": it seems from the programs at least that this family knows their children quite well. They seem well adjusted. In a large family, there are more than enough people to give and receive love. I highly doubt that is an issue.

"Not paying taxes": Would any single one of you turn down a legitimate tax break? I suspect not. And while I don't know about Jim Bob's push for no contraception, I suspect that it was a measure that could have been voted on. So don't vote for it. Unlike here in CA where gay marriage was made legal (a lifestyle choice like no contraception would be) without a vote from the people.

"Pimping out their family to the Discovery Channel and getting free stuff": So what? If you got half an hour a week to show people how you live and got some free stuff for it, wouldn't you? Why not? I'm all for it. You don't like it, don't watch. If people didn't want to see it, the Duggars wouldn't have gotten their own series.

It is refreshing to watch wholesome television like this, and I don't even have children. I wonder why people are so hateful. Maybe you should take a look into your own life and focus that energy into finding what you are missing. Good luck.


srp 8 years ago

How interesting that this family generates so many heated comments.

To the "selfish parents producing slaves" argument: these children will be able to run a household whether it be one or 10 when they leave the nest. They will be able to clean, cook and fix things around the home and have had great examples of living within one's means to guide them. They will know that the world does not revolve around them and are unlikely to run away from responsibility. Good for the parents.

To the "no personality/individuality" argument: since when does manner of dress/hairstyle define one's personality? Would you say to someone who was raised in a Hindu household that constant exposure has rendered them a robot? I believe that the prejudice against Christianity is alive and well here. And it's interesting how if a non-religous family removed television from their home and raised their kids without it they would be applauded. I don't think this is different.

"Not enough affection/attention": it seems from the programs at least that this family knows their children quite well. They seem well adjusted. In a large family, there are more than enough people to give and receive love. I highly doubt that is an issue.

"Not paying taxes": Would any single one of you turn down a legitimate tax break? I suspect not. And while I don't know about Jim Bob's push for no contraception, I suspect that it was a measure that could have been voted on. So don't vote for it. Unlike here in CA where gay marriage was made legal (a lifestyle choice like no contraception would be) without a vote from the people.

"Pimping out their family to the Discovery Channel and getting free stuff": So what? If you got half an hour a week to show people how you live and got some free stuff for it, wouldn't you? Why not? I'm all for it. You don't like it, don't watch. If people didn't want to see it, the Duggars wouldn't have gotten their own series.

It is refreshing to watch wholesome television like this, and I don't even have children. I wonder why people are so hateful. Maybe you should take a look into your own life and focus that energy into finding what you are missing. Good luck.


Paulie 8 years ago

Perhaps and then some people grow UP and say they don't want any kids because they already spent their childhood raising their brothers and sisters. They will tell you they resented the housework and never having a childhood. Look at what's been happening in Utah. NOBODY knows what is going on in someone else's household...NOBODY.

Boston905 8 years ago

I have always felt these people are absolutely crazy. There is no way to love and nurture all of those children as they deserve to be nurtured. A couple of things that REALLY bother me:

1. Does Mr. Duggar have sufficient life insurance should the unspeakable happen? Anyone can keep getting someone pregnant. How will this family be provided for should he die? Have they even thought of that every time another "gift from God" is added to the horde?

2. The dating rituals of the oldest. Really irritated me no end. A chaperone was needed constantly. The couple were never allowed to be alone together, much less kiss. They could only hold hands and at times had to have a much younger sibling act as the chaperone. What message does that send to the young man? It basically is saying you cannot be trusted. What does it say about how he was raised? That they didn't do a good enough job teaching him right from wrong as it relates to how to treat a young woman on a "date". Terrible mixed signals.

I sure hope menopause kicks in real soon for Michelle. Of course by that time, the oldest will begin overpopulation activities of his own. Think of these irresponsible attitudes about family size X 18 (as of this writing). Good grief.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

Hear! Hear!

kat and Jas 8 years ago

Who cares if he has life insurance, frankly I am over this very strange family, yes they are strange, wheather others agree or not. All I have to say is, will it be a blessing when a child is born with major problems, , who then will the Duggers give thanks too?

I am sick of all the bullshit spoken about this christian's, beliefts systems and so forth. Anyone in my eyes that put a child or future child at risk by continueing to breed knowning all the risks involved with having a child in the latter part of a womans reproductive years, and ignores all advise given on what could happen and so forth, are not God loving humans, yet selfish ego driven humans, that don't know that their flower vase is full! And no more flowers can fit into the vase without causing some sort of damage to the new flowers being introduced into the vase, these parents are NOT CHRISTIANS Folk!

I beleive the ones that are real christians and treat all their children with the realness of life are Joh and Kate plus 8, I am watching them from now on, for they are real people, doing the best for their family......Go Joh and Kate plus 8 heheheheh

kathleen 8 years ago

Didn't Michelle dugger say "Having to many children is like saying there is too many flowers" or something to that effect?

yet really what a statement, to me she and husband are just trying to justify their inability to have self control that's all, too many children is like saying there are too many flowers, maybe they should consider opening a florist then, that way they can have all the flowers they want!!! LOL

johnny 8 years ago

do the math, in 5 generations with 18 kids per child there would be 1889568 children (almost 2 million extra people) For every 530 familys did this today one billion people would here in 5 generations. If we all adopted the dugger life style in 25 years we would have over 2 trilion mouthes to feed. hope your in the mood for soylent green.

sickened 8 years ago

I know they get paid to do TV specials and shows. I don't understand if they aren't allowed to watch TVs and such why they are allowed to be recorded. Also, they never seem to have much emotion. You watch Jon & Kate and the kids scream and you see the parents stress. But then you see the Duggars...yeah, that's off.

fancy 8 years ago

I think that it is their business if they want to have multiple children. There are many other people living off the taxpayers, such as foreigners who pay no tax to live in the united states. I'd much rather pay for people who have class and will more than likely grow up to offer our country positive influences!

Linda 8 years ago

What is positive about teaching your off spring to breed like rabbits do for any country, with the way the world is going these days, with global warming, food crisis, not to mentions the economic structure, how can this big good for any country? I beleive china has the right idea, one child families, due to the country not being able to cope with a very large population now, they took steps to do something about it, gosh what would michelle and Jim bob do if they were told by the government no more children?, oh I know, they would encourage their off spring to carry the torch for now folks just think how would that effect the world cirisis? hmmmmm

RD 8 years ago

The author is complaining that these people are actually saying and doing exactly what they say they believe in. How many other so called Christians practice what they preach? See Christians can't win against these snobs- if they fail as humans usually do, they are hypocrites but if they actually achieve some success at living the gospel they are labeled mindless robots. Being a Christian means recognizing the example of Christ and setting these high goals for oneself and just because we fail to achieve all of them doesn't mean the goals were not worthy. Our only choice is to ignore the self-absorbed snobs and continue to strive towards being more like Christ. We are not surprised that those who have not set such goals would criticize those who do, it has been that way since the time of Moses.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

Oh give me a break. The biggest small-minded snobs out there are so-called Christians who are so self-righteous and self-assured that they are so right about everything as they march against other people's rights to co-exist on this planet. Who's more self-absorbed but "Christians". As soon as I meet one that is not a self-righteous, small-minded bigot, I'll let you know.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

Paulie, I am not a small-minded bigot nor are many others out there however in regards to this article, mo monther came from a family of 14 and in those days it was comon amongst a Catholic family. My grandmother loved children and the family is thankful to have one another. In today's society it may appear strange but I have watched the show and they are blessed to have there children, it is there choice if they want so many, as apparently they can afford them. They are not abused or mistreated and all are healthy so try not to judge. It may be odd and strange to many as personally myself there would be know way, but again remember it is there choice. You should read my article about Gay Rights as it may form a different opinion about some of us christians. :)

Kat and Jason 8 years ago

My goodness what is wrong with you so called christians, my goodness you band together like a swarm of flies when one is challenged or someone is saying that they may not agree with what is being said or done by them (christians), You sit in your homes, stating you are christians and tell others that don't agree with the duggers not to judge them, my god who is Judgeing who? hmmm

And for all the church going christians out there, that believe we are to follow chrisit's teaching "wake up and smell the coffee, we are humans created in the image and eyes of God what is that saying folks?, god takes the same form as us, he thinks like us, he has fualts like us, he is negative and positive, he is us, not some image that looks like us and then behaves like some astral angelic being, shit stop teaching bullshit and stop judging us because we don't think as you all do, and for gods own sake stop lying to yourselves and seeing us as against the duggers, we are just stating the normal way some out there think, and that is the duggers are weird in their thinking, about having a larger than large family, and the way they go about doing and raising their brood, simple, as far as them personally I don't know them, I don't know if michelle has inner thoughts, dreams, plans and the same with jim bob, so I don't judge them on them personally, I just have a opion on how they are shown to the world, and that is an erratic over breed, religious family.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

Kate and Jason, You should read my article "Gay Rights in Today's Society I am far from being a bigot and I do not believe they are being erratic. So if a person was an Atheist and had a brood then you are saying that would be o.k.? I noticed that you point out Christianity and religious interesting... It is there choice to have so many? Who are we to judge them and mock and point ? It isn't right as define normal? Since you are also quoting God then I see you believe and who is judging you? I am certainly not so please do not place all of us in the same category.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

Someone being an athiest doesn't bother me. I don't foist my beliefs on others. If they were similar to the Duggar family, I would find them creepy. I don't find the Duggars creepy because they are Christian; but maybe because they are Christian, they are creepy.

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Paulie 8 years ago Author

AEvan: And your mother's family was probably not creepy. My mother wanted 10 children and regretted she only had four. She wanted them because she loved kids. Altogether with my father's marriages, I have 18 siblings. I don't find big families creepy. I find the Duggars icky and creepy. I can barely watch them. No where do I say I find something wrong with large families. But yeah if because of society's pressures, some poor woman is expected to have one baby after another whether she wants them or not because society or religion says it should be so, I find that wrong. Many women in the past were saddled with kids and were stuck in abusive marriages. Having a bunch of kids and then handing them over to the oldest to be raised, then exploiting them on TV (let's face it, its a reality show) in my opinion smacks of the phoney. This is Christ-like???? Where, where is this Christ-like??? Slap "Christian" on it and then its okay??? Christians seem to judge all the time. Or at least the loudest, most bigotted get center stage. To paraphrase, "Do not judge, lest ye be judged." Why oh why are they on TV. Have your babies, raise them in private, go about your pious way. But reality TV?Oh....come....on....already!!!!

kat and Jason 8 years ago

Evan, to begin with let me say, I find all christians ready to defend and challenge all people that don't beleive in the same thought process of themselves, you are doing that now, by questioning me on what I have written, so point one I said correct, all christian gather like a swarm of flies when they are challenged, now about a none religious person or persons having a larger than large family, would that be excepting to me, personally to me I don't give a crap, yet if they showed themselves on a reality Tv, having a great brood and continue to pop them out handing them over to the other children to raise, yep I would state my opion that's a fact, because if a person places the most important thing to them for others to see on tv, then expect others to have a opion on them simple, now about my intrest in christians and religious topic's, I am saying this, two many christians or ones that state they are run around creaming out to others, about others that don't share their beleifts are judging and to stop it, look at yourselves find out who is judging before you re-act to the treads, go through the countless responces and read how many, state we (none christians in their eyes) are judging, when truthfully all we are doing is saying how we see and feel about the duggers,

The duggers show to the world that they are christians, yet I question then what religion that they are living by, because real people don't put their family on TV and continue to have babies after babies and hand them off to others (children to raise) that isn't normal thinking that's what I define as NOT NORMAL Evan, and as far as intrest in religion, I cant stand countless humans hidding behind a beleift system that is utter crap, because if it was true, then why isn't their christ like humans running around the world healing the world of all is problems? oh that's right you are all waiting for the second coming of christ., sorry Evan that's why I am intrested in religion, because I cant beleive how stupid some people are......pffft

kat and Jason 8 years ago

oh Evan you asked me weather I read your tread about gay rights I don't have to ok, because I know what problems a gay person faces every day my oldest son is gay and I know the struggle, and its all because of religion and erractic narrow minded Christians, people that claim they are christian loving humans, I know all too well about gays wanting equal rights, and if we stood one day against religion the main stream one, then maybe the world would be what the good word wants us to be, real Christ humans.

Boston905 8 years ago

Did anyone catch the show this week which was a repeat of the engagement episode? This family is doing such a disservice to their children. Josh has never dated anyone; he proposed to this young woman after only spending a limited amount of time getting to know her. Now he thinks he is COMPLETELY in love and ready for marriage. Same for her. All it is is their natural hormones raging. Josh seems about ready to pop out of his skin because of it and he has been allowed no release other than to hold her hand. Good grief.

I personally think it is terrible to enter into a marriage knowing so little about the other person's personality, likes & dislikes, views, etc. They talk about how this will be a once in a lifetime decision/event and I think it is tragic that they are both so ill prepared for it. The producer asked one of the preteen girls if, when the time came, she would be open to dating (meaning going out with more than one boy) versus the whole [creepy] courtship ritual. Her response was typically scary in that she would never even CONSIDER dating a variety of boys.

The Duggars are living in the 18th century with regard to courtship and marriage. I don't wish them ill but the odds of true marital happiness for all these children is dismal.

bella 8 years ago

There's nothing creepy about having a large family, its how they live thats' creepy. Its like the mother's only purpose is to have children, and they all smile and act like absolutely everything is OK , all is fine, nothing in life is perfect, especially with a large family. The babies never seem to cry or get chaotic, no child ever seems to express an original opinion, its like their brains have been deadened. And then I hear they're part of Quiver Full "religion" and that is all kinds of creepy

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Paulie 8 years ago Author

As we say in my family - EGGxactly.

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AEvans 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

Kat, I sense a little agitation I understand you don't need to read my article however I am only asking that you do not put all Christians into one pot as we are all not the same. I become offended when people place us together and we are all entitled to our own opinions. I am certain that I have gotten a backlash or two over my beliefs but I think we should have more to worry about then pointing fingers at all others, do you not agree? As for the Duggars I agree that they have the right to have as many children as they wish, however to clarify I also believe it should not be placed on TV for the entire World to see. Amazingly we all know about them and somewhere along the line we have seen the program or else none of us would be having this discussion. Also in agreeance I do also find it odd that everyone is so uniformed, but that is apparently what our Country wants to see and they are getting the ratings, or else it would have been cancelled by now.The only thing I can suggest is to stop watching it, don't judge it and find something more interesting to discuss as unfortunately none of us can change it.:(

kat and Jason 8 years ago

Evan, it makes it really hard not to place all christians into the one pot, for the reason when someone finds God again or whatever, they do tend to continually say what they beleive is correct, and do tell others not to judge, this is what gets my hairs to stand up, truthfully, I have nothing against others beleiving in whatever, I just cant stand it when I hear those christians say DON'T JUDGE when we are not, like you wrote christians have the right to opinions and yes they do, just as we are, Judging is when no matter what in your eyes they are judged to have done wrong, with the duggers its not that they are being judged by the likes of others like me, rather we are stating, This family is creepy and showing to the world they are a strong christian family with strict Religious boundries, that are not to us normal and therefore we are questioning that all what and how they live, after all you tend to agree with if you don't want the world questioning how you live, then don't agree to placing your family on TV, yet you know I thank the duggers just for that, because what they beleive and how they live, only helps me to say "you know I did a great job raising my family of 5, because they all have the tools to handle what life dishes out, without the falseness of a strict religious beleift system.

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AEvans 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

Kat, I understand and I honestly despise it when the same people who believe in the same as me pass judgement on others, that is not what we are supposed to be doing. We are not supposed to Judge and I know it is hard to lead others to whatever religion we are supposed to lead them too when so many are over critical. I think behind those doors and after the camera goes off there is more to it. As I am certain that it is well scripted. I am also certain that they are making an abundance of money of the show as I am certain that with only her husband working they would not be able to support that many children, only Donald Trump could would you not agree? I am certain that you did a fantastic job at raising all 5 as you allowed them to make there own decisions and be who they wanted to be and did not pass any judgement on any of them, and I commend you on that . I wish more parent would do the same thing but they don't which saddens my heart.


Marsha  8 years ago

A friend of mine just told me about this Duggar Family. I have not personally seen the program. But I am shocked at the venom that I have read coming from some of you people who have posted here. What is it about people that they have to tear others down that seem to have it together? What is wrong with a family that is happy? What is wrong with a family that believes in God? What is wrong with a family who loves children? What is wrong with a family that wants to homeschool? What is wrong with a family that has figured out how to live debt-free? The only thing I figure for why so many of you have the need to tear these people down is because they threaten your own life-style and beliefs and so to pull yourself up and be superior, you have to tear them down. Why can't you look at them and draw some lessons from how how they live and try to make some improvements in your own life instead of ripping them to shreds? This is pathetic.

kat and jason 8 years ago

Again, another jumps on the band wagon, claiming others are attacking the duggers, boy don't some have some lessons to learn, and as far as What is wrong with the duggers questions asked by last tend, well friend nothing apperently that's the statement you made! well being you haven't seen the show, take sometime and veiw it, then post what you see and feel, yet remember not to judge, just view your opinions.

Evan I see we share a intrest, that is its is a pity some parents out there don't understand the guildance given when raising a family that is to trust, honour that they too have a brain and thoughts and if they make choices you don't agree with, then don't judge them because of it this is how I have raised my children, give them options and sit back and waite for them to work out which one is best for them, that's real parenting that's what I beleive anyway, yet with the duggers I don't see this being so, yet maybe after the tv camera's are gone maybe this might be done, who knows, yet I doudt it after all what they show to the world is what they do, after all trying to keep up a act would be very differcult wouldn't you think?

kat and jason 8 years ago

yes it makes you wonder if they are being paid for the show, most likely they are, really who wouldn't ask for money after all nothing these days is for free, and no matter what they follow in their christian life style I bet the duggers get a nice slice of the pie, and that brings me to this question, would they regard it( the money) that is as a donation to their church which they hold in their own home, therefore pay no tax on a non profit org or are they honest people and declare the monies as an income and like everyone pay tax?

Also here in Australia some non profit orgs get a grant from the government, is it the same in the states?, and if so do you think the duggers would receive it, being they are on reality TV?? Many questions, yet alas no truthful answers, well not from the Duggers that is!

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Paulie 8 years ago Author

Dear Marsha, you can have an opinion about something - even a harsh one - without being threaten. My original point was here was a family that seemed to love their kids, was not on the public dole, etc., etc., all these positives things and yet they give me the willies. I wanted to know if others feel the same way. It was notable because why would something seemingly so positive make me feel that way. Hey and maybe because it does threaten? Hmmm....I don't think so, because, I think, something is wrong. Perhaps the Stepford-like, insular way they are raising those kids. They are stifling the natural, completely normal and, nay, I say, God-given urges and desires that we have. Human beings are meant to learn and explore and even make a mistake or too (that's how we learn) and these kids are not given an opportunity to do so. Perhaps it is their cult-like lifestyle. Surpression and brainwashing are just that no matter how you dress it up. Dress it up it the cloth of religion and try to disguise it, but it still looks fishy from where I sit.

amanda 8 years ago


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Paulie 8 years ago Author

Amanda you and your family sound perfectly normal.

Anon 8 years ago

I just don't like how she's the mating machine. Its just like the family guy episode "vigina junction, what's your function?" "Taking in sperm and spitting out babies." That's exactly what's she is and it seems like she never has time to recover. I'm glad that they are happy and that they have raied 17 godly soldiers and another out of the shoot. Idk... I just want to know if they really know each of their children individually. if Jinger was upset would her mother really notice... oh yeah I forgot No one is ever sad in that family.

RosaRosa 8 years ago

While the Duggars have placed themselves in the public eye, I don't believe they deserve the harsh criticism Amanda has dished out. No one really knows what really goes on in the Duggar household, but it is apparent that this family is at least decent, well-behaved members of society. I would have never considered having 18 or even 9 children, but respect Mrs. Duggar's decision, her attitude about her faith and her abilities. I think more attention should be paid to those men who have several children and fail to provide and care for them unlike Mr. Duggar.

The issue of a buddy system is not unusual and not "unfair" as many families manage their households where the older, more responsible children look out for their young siblings, do housework and are expected to love and protect one another. Once again, we don't know the finer details of the Duggar household, and aside from what is presented, it isn't really anyone else's business. I am sure we all we would be seriously criticized for how we run our homes, discipline our children and care for one another if we permitted the media into our living rooms. After watching the Nanny shows, viewing the Duggars on TV was refreshing. And for those who criticize the hair and dress of the Duggar girls, I am sure there are many people throughout the world who don't think walking around half-dressed is appropriate, dressing a lot like streetwalkers is desired and spending money that you don't have on clothes that you can't afford is smart. Every young girl n the US does not want to look like Beyonce or Brittany.

Mitsy 8 years ago

Tiger1981, the Duggars are not Pentecostal. If you did the research, you'd find that they are Baptist. There are different variations of Baptist, some being more conservative than others. Many "independent" Baptist churches tend to be the most conservative of all the branches of Baptists. "Southern" Baptists can range from liberal to conservative, but it reallly depends on the individual church. If used to attend a Pentecostal church several years back, but my basic background is Baptist, so I know a thing or two about which I speak. Pentecostals do NOT preach about not using birth control. You will find that the majority of Pentecostals see nothing wrong with birth control. However, they do not usually wear any kind of makeup (which Michelle and some of the older Duggar girls wear). Most Pentecostal women do not cut their hair, but they also wear it up instead of free-flowing. The United Pentecostal Church basically believes that only UPC people are "saved". Many Baptists think that Baptist is the best way to go, but many do not believe that only Baptists are saved. I'm not against church or people who believe in God, but I am against people who mindlessly breed and try to label it as part of Christianity. The Duggars offer nothing to society as a whole except filling landfills with thousands of diapers. Like another poster suggested, we never hear of them helping out people less fortunate, only how they are prego with another one and are going to have another TV special on Discovery or TLC. Truly makes me want to vomit.

cmdh 8 years ago

I think the creepiness factor comes from the inconsistencies. Truth be told, they don't practice what they preach.

They want to have 18 children, that is their choice - or God's as they see it.

They want to teach their children personal responsibility - they should practice this and not hand off the younger ones as buddies. Helping in a large, or small family is a good thing. Having a buddy (or two) when you are only 12 that you are responsible for their studies, hygiene, cleaning your assigned part of the house each day...That's where the line is crossed. This is where the parents are no longer running the show, they are passing the buck.

They do not wish their children to watch TV or be over exposed to secular entertainment. Guess what Jim Bob & have just MADE everyone of your children secular entertainment. They will never have the blessing of being able to go into public to work or go to college in any relative normalcy. They will be hounded by the press and gawked at. You did this. You invited this in and it will never stop. You cannot have it both ways.

As for dressing the kids the same way...c'mon...I'm all for thrifty, and I dressed my boys alike when they were all under 7...but if they don't think that dressing their 17yo son in a matching outfit as his 4yo sister is unfair, they are really out of touch. I'm all for modest. I get the dockers and polo shirts. Just let them mix and match their own colors for crying out loud. There aren't that many combinations.

Lastly, your oldest son has just been married. You have taught him well. He is a good man. Be his family, but let him live his life. The welcome note on your webpage said you were looking forward to being grandparents! What about what the young couple wants. They haven't been married three months yet. This just adds to the creepy factor.

So, in my opinion, these are a few of the just over the top and/or hypocritical issues that get to people. It then opens the door for all the other ugly stuff.

cmdh 8 years ago

Sorry, I did want to add that (as another poster had mentioned) I soundly believe that God would smile on the Dugger family if they chose act as foster parents. To open their hearts and home to a child in need is one of the most selfless, awsome gifts they could offer. The rewards to the child would be unspeakable, however the experience for the entire Dugger family I belive would be life changing. I am not suggesting they stop having children. That is between them and their God...perhaps simply take a long enough break to allow time for this service to Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last...JOY (as is preached by the Duggers).

J page 8 years ago

It's a vi jay jay, not a clown car, they don't 'live off the government' but seeing as he worked for the man they enjoy the free healthcare.

awesomeabe 8 years ago

ha they creep me out too. Its like a trainwreck though I cant help but watch in utter disbelief. All that bible junk and their stupid names starting with J. For christ sakes the fathers name is Jim Bob. Someone needs to back a cargovan up next to their "pantry" with about 2000lbs of fertilizer and 20 gallons of gas.

anon 8 years ago

I think the family is creepy. Its creepy that the girls perm their hair and keep it long because "Dad likes it that way". Its also creepy that the girls have to wear skirts all the time, even when changing oil. These kids are totally unprepared for the real world. The engagement episode totally bothered me. Let Josh and Anna kiss for crying out loud. Poor things. Its a good thing they finally got married. Weird, weird family.

kat and jas 8 years ago

I have been reading the last few texts as I haven't been on for alittle while, in the time off the site I have undergone big changes, I have just attended my stepson funeral as he was killed in a hit and run, and since then I read the treads and think how stupid this all really is, and here we are all voicing our own feelings in regards to the duggers, when really it doesn't matter if they continue to have child after child, and even raise them strange to the likes of others, the truth is they are a family no matter how weird they seem, and when you lose a loved one and now we have lost 2 sons in ten years family is so much more important than complaining about someone elses.

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roddma 8 years ago

So many women cant have children. Nobody thinks of this. I guess I wont go to heaven since I don't have any. Any good Christian knows it is the Lord's will. A small family can be filled with love and a family with no children too.

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roddma 8 years ago

So many women cant have children. Nobody thinks of this. I guess I wont go to heaven since I don't have any. Any good Christian knows it is the Lord's will. A small family can be filled with love and a family with no children too.

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moonlake 8 years ago from America

Big families were normal at one time. I see nothing wrong with their family. They dress the way they do because of their religion. There is one thing they know for sure and that is they will always have someone to take care of them in their old age. There are many other families like theirs that dress the same way and have large families their just not on tv and don't have as many kids. I was always taught not to cut my hair but as time went on and we married into different religions ideas also changed.

I think lots of the religions in the area they live in feel the same way the Duggars do about dress and hair. My Mom and sisters live not far from this family.

I'm sure they make a very good living off the show.

They have the right to live the way they want.

Really17? 8 years ago

Funny how I never have seen the Commandment that says "Thou shalt use birth control" or "Thou shall have as many children as thou can" I think the reason most people stop at 2,3 or 4 is common sense and probably the way God really wants it, if not then why is it abnormal to have such a large number of children?

Then again as a Christan I never suppose to know the mind of GOD.

Lisa M. in PA 8 years ago

Well, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to understand why these people are having so many kids, Every time she squeezes out another one, that mother gets tons of free stuff and the sponsors of the show pays for practically EVERYTHING in their lives! They are con artists using the system. I don't mean the welfare system, I know they are not on it, but they have figured out a way to ensure a life time of free stuff, no taxes, earned income credit forever, and a lifetime of constant travel: have a kid a year.

Michelle Duggar may be a nice enough woman but has anyone else noticed the stupid smile she has on her face CONSTANTLY? And she hands the baby off to one of the other kids to raise while she grows another tax deduction in her belly! Those girls are gonna hold that against her probably for the rest of their lives. I cannot believe that her doctor allows her to have kids like that constantly. Her body doesn't have a chance to heal between pregnancies, when she gets older she will have a prolapsed uterus. She is past 40 now and pretty soon her kids will start to be Downs Syndrom babies, and the others will have to take care of them and raise them! Oh, and they will receive SSi for the Downs Syndrom kids, so there is another free ride!

I think what they are doing is shameful. There comes a time when you have to do something, if you don't use some sort of protection (withdrawl even, or condoms) of course you are gonna get pregnant every time you turn around. You are more fertile for the first few months after giving birth so that is really when you should be watching.

The girls (some of them) are getting to be teenagers now and it looks like they are actually wearing a little makeup. They are getting to be pretty girls, they have perms and have braces (thousands of $$$ per kid) and even they act like they are fed up with the whole situation. They kind of roll their eyes when they talk about the "modest swimwear" that they have to wear and you can just tell that they think this lifestyle is off kilter! Now the oldest boy is married and I pray to GOD that he and his pretty little wife don't start this whole ball rolling again. Maybe they'll have more sense, or at least the wife will try to keep the population of Duggars under control in her own way!! Being pure of heart and following the Lord is all good but using it as an excuse to get lots and lots of free rides (tv shows, magazines, sponsors, speech circuts, etc.) is shameful.

Lisa M. in PA 8 years ago

Michelle and Jim Bob (nice name by the way) are nothing more than back yard breeders running a human puppy mill!!

Jaz222 8 years ago

My, My what is wrong with everyone lately, for goodness sake, so what if this woman and man have 50 kids, so what who cares I dont after all is it effecting me? NO, And as far as how they are all being raised, I AM NOT INTRESTED, they dont live under my roof, so should I have a reason to comment on them then? NO way, their lives dont effect mine in anyway, so why the hell should others be commenting then, are the duggers living with all of you on the site? Look people life is too short, like one writter wrote, so to all that have made it their business to speak about the Duggers, get a life!, make changes to your own nest before you comment on some body elses. For all out there, LIFE IS SHORT, go for a walk, or play with your own children, or better still talk to your own partner, dont sit on the computer typing treads on how weird someone elses life is, start living your own!

Pastor  8 years ago

Thank God for the Duggar family. Scripture says that Children are a hertitage of the Lord and are like arrows in the hand of God.

We all love the Duggar family, thank you for you being the salt of this earth.

Linda 8 years ago

Again someone is quoting words that another has written, personally I dont beleive the bible was written to take literally, children are blessings, just as all life is, yet I dont think we should be having children because the bible says so. The Duggers seem very steadfast in what they beleive, and live according to their belief, and I say good for them, do what makes you happy, yet to take the words in the bible and breed to the point, that you become a tv reality show, displaying your family to the like of so many, I dont think thats right, and I dont think it written to be ok in the bible eaither.

FromAbove 8 years ago

Do you know why they are different? It's because Jesus Christ is living within them and their family on a daily basis. Makes you curious uh? Well, why don't you look into it.

Linda 8 years ago

Ha,hahahaha FromAbove, was your comment meant to be funny, I thought it was ..heheheh, my question "look into what"? I am so sick of some over the top christian folks, not all yet some that make stupid comments like that.

Hey FromAbove are you saying that comment because you beleive I dont have Jesus christ work through me or he/she isnt in my life, because I dont act or live like the duggers?hmmmm Well let me refresh your narrow minded thinking, in what you think about me, to start with everyone has the christ spirit within them, every man ,women and child was created in the image of God, and everyone has a soul that is a part of God, the difference between you and me, is my christ spirit works humbly and looks for no attention, it doesnt have me judging, nor screaming from the top of my voice, the lords spirit works with me , and that is when another needs a hand, or a shoulder to cry on, or a compassionate ear, the lords spirit brings tears to my eyes and pain in my heart when I see so many suffer through the hands of others, or who are less fortunate than myself, and then I am given free will, the choice to help in whatever way I can.

So please next time to surgest another to "look into it", take sometime first to stop, and go within and ask your soul what you should do, rather than allow your ego to comment, many blessings FromAbove to you!!!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happier new year for all!!!!!!

Kathleen 8 years ago

Marsha -- if you have never seen the program, then I don't have a lot of respect for your opinion about what others are saying. WATCH a few episodes of the program, THEN post a response. What you've done is like saying "I haven't seen 'Batman' but I can't understand why some people liked/disliked it." Well... you have to WATCH the program to possibly gain some understanding. So far, you have ZERO experience with the subject.

kat and jase 8 years ago

Totally agree there Kathleen, nice name by the way, have a child with the same name!

Also you know why some make stupid comments on something they know nothing about dont you?

Because they cant see the forest for the tree's, they beleive the Duggers are good christian folks, having numerous children and raising them with such limited life expereinces, apart from that, in their eyes (others) Marsha is one, that beleives the world needs more people like the duggers, yet I ask this question would she support them if they were non christian beleivers? I would bet she would be screaming at the top of her voice, sterlize them!!!!!! hahahaha

As far as having little respect for her opinion based on the fact she hasnt seen the show, regardless she is allowed to comment and I do give her points for being honest with her tread and telling us she hasnt seen the show..... oh well thats life I suppose.......happy holidays everyone!!!

Zlatana 8 years ago

Even though they are called creepy, I adminred them for how they live (without debts and many materieal things)

Michalle teach her children about life, God, and moral values that our society has lost.

They don't go to school so what?? Today, when our educational system is so bad ( children can listen CD in the class, no homeworks) I am sure these kids know nothing more than regular kids that go to " school". Do you know that grade -eight student didn't know to answer in which season leaves are changing the colour, spring or fall?

Besides, prayer is giving them patience, hopes, modesty, and strenghts and I think these kids will will be able to achieve everything they want.

God bless,

Linda 8 years ago

I cant say weather home schooling is better than attending school, yet I wonder how they go as far as mixing with others apart from the siblings, and some church friends, I'm talking about mixing with different people that live differently from themselves, to me it seems that learning about different cultures in history books and social studies is one thing, yet to have real hands on with others is another thing, and no matter how much michelle educates her children,the truth is you cant bet the real thing! And I dont think any parent can teach that to their children, without allowing them to socialize and mix with others this is done only in a school setting not at a kitchen table no matter how big or long the table is. :)

Lisa in PA 8 years ago

Well, #18 is here and in about 4 months we will surely get word that there is yet another addition on the way (big surprise there!!). After all, that is how they make their living for the most part, having babies, I guess professional parenting is a very lucrative deal. I wonder which girl this one will be handed off on to raise.

Human garbage 8 years ago

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some people litter the world with cigarette butts and coffee cups,

these people litter the world with more broodlings.

wasteful, selfish and irresponsible.

Gabe 8 years ago

Wooooo!!!! Number 18!!!...Dude I totally agree with this article...I work with High School and Jr. High kids and when do they not get in to trouble just a little bit. My kids are awesome, but every now and then they get out of line. Teenagers just do that, it's fundemental to their growth...these kids are like children of the corn kids...creepy

Bianca 8 years ago

This family is fucking creepy and that's all there is to say. It's great if they want to have all the children they want, but why the hell are they on TV? I would honestly rather see bimbo Paris Hilton prance around on TV than see this family. The family is doing a great disservice by allowing these children to grow up sheltered and nurtured by the strictest of religious beliefs.

The mother was probably born pregnant, and it disheartens me to imagine that she's been pregnant consecutively for, what, eighteen or nineteen years? DISGUSTING!!

Linda 8 years ago

Well thank Goodness baby number 18 is healthy, with no mental or serious physical defects, I think that Michelle and Jim bob, must'nt be very bright because it is very plain to see they dont really understand the serious nature they put on future babies if they continue to have child after child.

They may say that children are a blessing and so on, yet why put a childs life at risk by continuing to populate at the rate they are, What will happen if they have baby number 19 and there is something wrong, what then? I think these parents are so selfish because after all would it be fair from a handicap persons point of veiw knowing that because their parents were so selfish that that childs life is so much different than its siblings, knowing these parents they will say, "the lord gave us this baby as a gift, with all this childs physical and mental problems, we are very special parents to have been choosen", this will be most likely what they will say, yet the real truth will be, Because its parents were thinking only about themselves, rather than the wellbeing of a childrens life and future!

I say these parents are no better than crimmals that commit crimes against others, if number 19 comes and something is wrong, lets hope there isnt anything wrong, yet if there is, they should be charged with a crime against humanity! thats my take on the matter, after all if you have Aids and knowing pass this onto others you can be charged, why then shouldnt the Duggers!

Boston905 8 years ago

Well, the Stepford Family has added another humanoid. The child hadn't drawn a dozen breaths before Jim Bob starts talking about adding to the brood. Sick, twisted family.

Kaitlin 8 years ago

Sort of sorry for dragging up an older topic, but I would like to contribute to this as well.

My father was one of seven children with him being one of the only boys. My Aunt on my father's side was one of the eldest girls and she was one of the girls who had to take care of her younger siblings because both of my grandparents worked. She hated it. But, unlike the older Duggar girls, she only had a few children to look after, and even then they weren't incredibally young.

I can't imangine that each of the children gets the attention that they need from their parents. I'll liken it to being in a classroom. Do all of the students get the same ammount of attention? No!

I also have a bit of a problem that they decided to have that many children when there are so many children in the US that don't have a home! I can understand that people want children that look like themselves, but still...

While I don't wish anything bad on the new baby, I would like to see what would happen if the baby had Down Syndrome or Autism. Would the parents actually pay attention to the child, or would they put the child off on one of the daughters? Or, would they use the child as a poster child and attempt to make money off him or her?

I'm Catholic, and I have absolutely nothing against loving God, but there comes a point where it just gets scary.

Stacy 8 years ago

In an era where resources are limited, and the environment it being taxed to the point that it may not ever recover no one has the right to contribute to over population to the degree that the Duggars have! They are being selfish, and narrowminded. We all have the responsibility of taking care of the environment, and having 18 children is just unsustainable! What if everyone decided they wanted to do that, we would have a serious problem.

DONNA 8 years ago

I watched the episode where they all went to the thrift store for shoes for the kids. It is time to sew it up if you have so many kids that you cannot afford new shoes for them. How can they feel like they are doing the best for these kids when they have to wear someone elses shoes. Absolutely Gross!!!!! Call it quits duggars before her uterus falls out on the street. Wonderful jim bob find a hole in the fence.

Bruce M.  8 years ago

I think that this is Ridiculous! This man and woman need to start considering using birth control.

These people are producing enough kids to start a small country! Wait till the others start to reproduce.

In case these fanatics don't realize, we are starting to have a population problem. It wouldn't be so bad, if they decided to adopt children, not contribute to an overpopulated planet.

You'll notice that on the TODAY show which aired on 12/22, the father started to promote a book...yeah, as if millions will run to the store an buy it?!

I believe that they are feeling the pinch of feeding all of these kids.

Lastly, I don't think they realize that us taxpayers will have to PAY for this overpopulated family, if something tragic happened to the parents.

What a group of dumbasses.

profile image

TheDivineMrs.M 8 years ago

The wife/mother of all these kids gets lots of attention by continuously giving birth. It is sort of like a Munchhowseins syndrome. It's attention from the medical field, attention from the media, from the public, ect. I agree with those who say the older kids will be resentful because they are truly the ones raising the younger kids. When these kids start having grandkids, and the wife/mother now is no longer the center of attention, how will she behave? She certainly cannot meet the individual emotional needs of her own kids, how will she be able to extend herself emotionally to her children when they become parents? And she's not going to want to give up the spotlight of "perpetually pregnant woman" when her kids start having kids. It will be like a competition.

nickipicki profile image

nickipicki 8 years ago from Norton and Barberton

No its perfectly normal to have that many children in fact I want a set of twins and a set of sextuplets like Jon and Kate Gosselin

Mkaye 8 years ago

Seriously, why would you or I care how many children these people choose to have. I can't stand people who think anyone who does something out of the norm is "creepy". They all seem happy and healthy. They are kind and helpful kids who love each other and their parents, which is more than I can say for most of the families I know with only TWO kids.

Also, I have seen both of them flustered at times and Michelle telling the little boys no a couple of times. However, I suppose if you beat and yell at your children, you may not recognize a quiet caring voice as discipline.

For those of you concerned about population problems, you should do a little research. You will find that MOST industrialized nations will be facing the problem of UNDERPOPULATION within the next few decades due to a lack of reproduction. Countries like Norway actually pay $600 a month for every child you have in order to encourage people to reproduce.

Serioulsy, who is this person concerned with where they shop?! Gasp, they make WISE financial decisions!!! Do you realize that this family is completely debt free?! They didn't get there by buying a brand new pair of stride rites everytime a kid grows out of a pair of shoes! But then again, how unAmerican to be thrifty and not care about how you appear to others.

For those of you concerned with the older siblings taking on responsibilites, I can only say this. I hope that my daughters will leave our home knowing how to cook, clean and care for a baby, unlike myself. I hope they are half as responsible and capable and, dare I say it, SELFLESS as the girls in that family. A generation, or two, of completely selfish kids is destroying our country as it is. Also, my husband is one of eleven kids and everyone of them Loved having tons of brothers and sisters (even the girls who are the oldest and did have to help care for the younger ones). Look at their oldest son. He is only twenty years old, renovated a house for his new wife and runs a company. How many of you can say that about your twenty-year old.

Consider also, if you have two children, who do you expect to care for you when are older? THE GOVERNMENT! I know a family with seven kids and when there is something that their elderly parents need there is always one of them who can fly down to see them. They all pool resources to make sure that their parents needs are met.

Ya know, I really think that government should be in charge of making sure that each family is only allowed 2.1 children (the number of births it takes to replace ourselves given mortality rates) plus one dog, one cat, a two-story home in the suburbs and one subaru and one volvo.

Mkaye 8 years ago

One more comment. I'm sure that all these kids receive more attention than children who spend their prekindergarten years in daycare, then go to school all day, after school programs, soccer practice, summer programs, babysitters and so on. Instead these kids know that they are worth something to their parents, so much so that they are actually willing to stay home with them!

Jenni 8 years ago

I am split about the Duggars. I like the way they live their life. Most of today's kids have a lot to learn from the Duggar kids. My biggest criticism/concern is that the Duggars seem to be using the older kids as babysitters. Jim Bob and Michelle are lucky that none of the older kids have rebelled against them for imposing that they take care of the little kids. I mean, think about it. How could Michelle feed all of the babies at the same time. She can't! So she has to resort to the older kids to help out. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about giving kids responsibilities, but they shouldn't be babysitters. Seems like the older kids are not being allowed to live their adolescent years. One other thing, Michelle......PLEASE GET A MAKEOVER, YOUR STYLE IS SO OUTDATED....A LITTLE FIXING UP IS NOT A SIN.

beth 8 years ago

I have three of my own. You know 18 kids is alot to have . The older kids are probably not enjoying there child-teenage time because they are practically raising the younger ones. Teenagers need there own space. I could see have 7-maybe 8 kids if you want a big family , but 18 kids wow thats a little bit to much. They dont belive in birth control well at the age of 50 she will be giving birth to her 25th kid , come on. I am just stating my thoughts. I think she should stop while she is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead...

jess 8 years ago

now lets all be honest with ourselves they are FREAKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chealsea 8 years ago

i wish my family was like that!!! i dont think i would mind having great parents. instead of a druggie mom and who knows where my dad is!!! i wish i could have the twin siblings my mom aborted last year. i watch this show to help me get away...i hope i can have a loving family one day.

they are freaks, i think they are created a munch needed change.

id rather have a family of "freaks" than no family at all.

profile image

docsdeb 8 years ago

I have a big problem with them not paying property taxes by claiming their house is a church. If that is a fact, is that lie and cheating the "Christian" thing they keep preaching? What else do they lie and cheat about. With the recession and real estate down, do you and I pay their bills? Hopefully the tv rights cover them. She has been pregnant for their entire relationship. It is bizzare, but their choice. As long as I don't pay for them.

2themax 8 years ago

This family follows the teachings of a man named Bill Gothard. LOOK BILL GOTHARD up on the internet- creepy. They follow his teachings to a t. He runs a fake college/institute called Advanced Training Institute. They believe in arranged marriages, no tv, no birth control, obeying husbands, etc. They say the children have say about their future lives- but that is absolutely not true. They would be abandoned if they ever turned from this system. There is a lot of abuse in this organization. It is by all means a CULT- christian fundamentalist- although not polygamous like the mormons. It is a very scarey homeschool move across the country of ultra-wackoism. The clothes, the modest swimsuits, the engagement (Did you notice how the oldest boy is PROPOSING and he says, "come over here" to his future bride? demanding her around-- please- some things you just can't hide), I mean come on- what is this? Just NUTTTTTTTSSSSSSS!!!!!!

jasmine 8 years ago

Duggers = Selfish, egocentric, Ignorant and unevolved. Not only is it horific, and in my opinion child abuse to have so many children, but a scourge upon the earth which as humans we are destroying by our unabashed disregard for the fragility of this beautiful planet which was a gift. We are here to be guardians and caretakers of the earth and everyday we corrupt it more by our unconcious and arrogant attitude of self entitlement. The Duggers supreme disregard for anyone's future but their own, is so offensive they should be in jail for what they cause by contributing so abominably to overpopulating this world..

I say shame on them, Like the judge told OJ, they are the epitiome of ignorance and arogance combined...and in my eyes no better than anyone who commits murder for they are murdering our planet.

Michelle in MD 8 years ago

What many are failing to realize is that the Duggers and others like them that are bringing so many children into this world is MY PROBLEM and MY BUSINESS. The earth's resources are not unlimited. There are many on this planet who do not have clean drinking water or nutritious meals to eat. Imagine if we all decided to birth this many children...its so ignorant and irresponsible. I don't judge them for living a Christian lifestyle, but wouldn't it be more Christian to spend their energies as possible foster parents or missionaries to help others who are less fortunate? Conservation of the earth, that is a true gift to us as humans, is more spiritual and God-like than selfishly wasting its resources with more and more bodies.

profile image

TheDivineMrs.M 8 years ago

Michelle, you make some good points. Unfortunately, the Duggars live an extremely insulated life and are unable to reach out to others on any kind of personal level. It's all about them. For the mom, it's all about her. Foster parenting and adoption are ways to extend yourself into a world that doesn't revolve completely around yourself and the world you've created around you. No way these Duggar parents want to leave that comfort zone.

kaysmommy 8 years ago

i think the duggars are great...i love watching their show. They are not creepy people to me i admire how patient and loving they are to their children. It doesn't hurt kids to have responsibility. It actually helps them to be better in life. If you don't teach kids at an early age when do you expect them to learn??? I think the kids have been able to experience a lot of things other kids wouldn't get to experience. They are getting older now and even one is married and none of them have harmed anyone or anything so how can you say their parents are horrible or the kids are horrible. If you actually watched the show you would see what they do for a living, how they save money, how they discipline the children when wrong, and how sometimes when they go shopping one of the little boys drags stuff off the shelves and michelle has to discipline the child. I think they are normal people but have an extraordinary family. To talk so angrily about the duggars must mean you don't have the happiness in your life that the duggars have so you think its impossible to be that happy but maybe having rules, loving children and doing what you think is best for your family is HAPPINESS!!! So don't hate someone you don't even know personally, cause they might not be as creepy as you think!!!

2themax 8 years ago

I'm sorry Kaysmommy, but I am NOT JEALOUS. Why would I be jealous with a family who wears long dresses, has long hair, matches the boys in polos and has all the children nodding along with everything I say. I enjoy thoroughly my children having a free mind to explore all points of view on issues in their lives. I have never abused my children, I am not in debt, I have a loving husband who is my closest friend and who the children adore. We ARE christians- just not christian robots. We are not talking "angrily" out of jealousy- but out of fear for these children. They are going to end up living on the Duggar compound, with dozens of their own babies and what will happen to JUST ONE of these kids if they decide this is not the life for them? Will they be shunned and rejected by the rest of the family? Things are not always as they seem (the super sweetness). When a family goes to such great pains to appear so entirely perfect where they cannot relate to 99.9% of the world- what are they hiding? What are they trying to win people into? Their way of thinking? Their cultic ways? And when people don't buy into it hook, line and sinker the people who are the Duggar clone families rear up in anger? Just remember who decided to put themselves out into the middle of the world to be analyzed- and scrutinized. It happens with every family on TV-- so people need to get used to it. If they don't want bad "PR" they should stop doing programs on TLC-- because I'm afraid the PR is just getting worse and worse the longer they promote their point of view. And if people feel the children are in a mentally (mind control) dangerous situation then THEY SHOULD BE VOCALIZING IT!!

anonymous 8 years ago

I don't care if they have 20 more....obviously the reason behind all of this is their deep relgious beliefs AND ...they financially have the ability to provide a wonderful home and lifestyle for these children. Not sure where all of the money is coming from, but I also think that the publicity is reaping them financial benefits too. Oh the delights of capitalism!!

Hannah 8 years ago

I just think its so unfair to those girls because they are always cleaning and taking care of kids. They aren't suppose to be mothers they are suppose to be sisters. I think when you have to have older children take care of your younger children because you can't handle it you have had enough children. The other thing that bothers me is they don't let their children watch TV yet they have a show on TV. It just seems hypocritical. It certainly an advantage to be a boy in that family.

ranchmaster 8 years ago

These people obviously have religious people who come on the net to boost their perception. Because their is no way in hell that anyone would think this is normal or acceptable unless they had some strong belief it was to be so. What they have done and what they believe is just over the top and gross! If we're talking about some religious cult here then they should be analyzed and scrutinized for abuse. And if we see it -- we should speak up about it as a community. And I think there are some serious educational issues-mental brainwashing- and child slavery (or at lease child labor). It is sick to see so many kids in their teen years sleeping in the same bedrooms as well- like bunkhouses- and we all know the stories that come from that condition. The kids don't seem like they can think for themselves - and to see this many following the family "code" hook, line and sinker says, "Something isn't right in Dodgeville." Their compound looks eerily similar to the photos from Warren Jeffs that are on the net.

Mandy 8 years ago

The thing about the Duggars is this: yes, people are free to live however they choose. Michelle and Jimbob are choosing their own lifestyle, and no matter how much I disagree with those choices, they are their choices to make. BUT Michelle and Jimbob take all choices away from their kids, and that, ultimately, is what makes the whole situation so objectionable.

The children have no exposure to other people, lifestyles, values, and beliefs. They are receiving grossly subpar educations from a woman with, at best, a high school education. (An early special showed a bumper sticker that said ATI Bound; ATI is an extremely fundamentalist Christian homeschooling curriculum with virtually no grounding in academia.) What kind of education can one woman give to fifteen students of different ages simultaneously?

Furthermore, it is not the children's choice to run an enormous household and parent their younger siblings. And yes, the older girls are responsible for the vast majority of parenting. The Duggars themselves admitted that "buddies" are responsible for the dressing, hygiene, feeding, and schooling. The older girls are expected to make breakfast/lunch/dinner for twenty people every day, do all the laundry and ironing for twenty people, clean up the messes for twenty people-- and the list goes on. That was not their choice.

There is nothing wrong with children having responsibilities, but when "helping out" turns into a teenager running a household of twenty and parenting as many as three young children (at last count, Jill had three buddies), something is very seriously wrong.

And that doesn't even mention how little parenting Michelle Duggar actually does. She has readily admitted that she weans the babies at five or six months and then hands them off to "buddies." Beyond that point, buddies do essentially all of the parenting. Michelle actually admitted that they have a sign-up sheet for one-on-one time with a parent. When a child has to SIGN UP IN ADVANCE to spend time with a parent, something is very seriously wrong. That should be a giant red flag that parents have more children than they can properly parent. Those responsibilities fall to the older girls which, yet again, takes away their freedom of choice.

So I see a great deal that is wrong with the Duggars, and it is because I believe people have a right to choose how they live. They have a right to a decent education; they have a right to exposure to more than one type of person; they have a right to choose whether or not to be parents (and some of these children are, for all intents and purposes, parents).

I object to the Duggars not because I want to impose my choices on them, but because I object to the Duggars imposing a lack of choices on their children.

Boston905 8 years ago

Mandy - EXCELLENT post. I don't understand why more people, especially those who think the Duggars are GREAT, can't see your point of view. My main objection to this family's lifestyle is how the daughters are given no choice other than to be mothers to the children Michelle & Jim Bob keep spitting out. It actually is a form of misogyny to have the females in this family treated this way.

Linda 8 years ago

Boston905 and Mandy, I couldn't have said it better myself, so many applued the duggers saying what wonderful people they are, and how many wish they could be like them and how well balanced they all are, yet like the both of you I too say well what about the rights of others, the endless mindless choices the parent duggers continue to instill in the life and minds of their children, being a parent myself, my role was to instill morals, pride and trust, honesty and confidence to make choices in their own lives was and is the only blueprint a parent can offer a child, yet the duggers dont do this with their children, they control, manipulate, take all rights and personal choices from them, by enforcing their own, makes me think, that the dugger parents are just living a falseness and lie and this is what they as parents have blue printed into each one of the dugger children, how will these children ever know that what their parents are doing is no less than cult living and with very controlled lives how will they ever be free from it?

After all the oldest child now married is continuing the life style his parents have blue printed into his being, I think the duggers are all lost, none will ever experince life away from King and Queen Dugger and the Kingdom they have created, its sad to think others out there think the duggers are wonderful parents, some thought Jones town was great too, and its founder yet look at what happened!

Anna 8 years ago

The Duggars are part of the Quiverfull movement which eschews all forms of contraception OR fertility treatments. Whether God decides to "bless" them with children and/or the amount of children God decides to bless them with is something they are taught to accept with blind obedience. They do not have children necessarily because they like kids so much, but because they are taught it is God's will and they must obey that. Andrea Yates and her husband are reported to have been adherents to the Quiverfull movement. Thus, despite Andrea's continuous and severe mental problems including post-partum depression and psychosis, her husband encouraged her to keep popping out all those little blessings who she eventually drowned, one by one, even chasing the 7 year old around the house before murdering him in a bath. The Quiverfull people now try to say she was not part of their movement, due to shame (note how her family's dress and hair style was eerily similar to the Duggars.

From what I have researched, includuing old interviews with this family before they were on t.v. (when ol' Jim Bob was running for office), I learned the following: The Duggars are very extreme, fundamentalist, right-wing, evangelical Christians. They apparently follow a system of "discipline" which allows corporal punishment for children as young as 8 months old or so. They now call it "correction" so they do not turn off their huge t.v. audience.

They also pratice "blanket training" which consists of placing a baby or small child on a blanket with toys, then tapping the edges of the blanket with a wooden spoon to let the child know where the boundary is and then "correcting" the baby or child if and when they get off the blanket. The method includes placing enticing objects or foods outside the blanket's perimeter and then "correcting" the baby when he or she goes for it. This goes on until the baby dashes to the far end of the blanket away from the desired object for fear of "correction". The goal is to be able to have a small baby or child remain in one place for certain periods of time without a parent holding them there, so the parent can attend to other things. To people who follow this method, it is not considered punishment, but, rather, "training".

Another discipline technique these people employ is having their children play a game in which they follow a random series of their parents' commands, regardless of meaning, logic or reason, without question or hesitancy. This is supposed to be fun and is not supposed to be done in anger. I think it is a great way to raise future victims of pedophiles or wife beaters, or future mob members who dare not question right or wrong but blindly follow the leader. Hitler would have loved these cats in his army. They are "training" children not to be able to think for themselves or to question authority and this can be very dangerous on both a personal level and also a larger, social level.

In their religion, husbands are the leaders and wives must submit to them. Women are expected to raise children and be wives, and not to work outside of perhaps a family business, nor to achieve higher education. Children must obey their parents without question and harsh and swift punishment will result if they fail to do so.

The skirts and "modest dress", the long hair, etc., are all meant to stamp out individuality and clearly define the roles of men and women. Long hair and long dresses can sometimes confine women - make it harder to participate in certain things and that is the point.

The Duggars are radical right-wingers. Jim-Bob ran as an "extreme" christian. They follow a scary guy named Bill Gothard who has some very fanatical, extremist views - anti-gay, anti-woman, etc. Appartently, Jim-Bob wanted to pass a bill outlawing contraception. I cannot say that for certain, however. It is hard to find the truth these days about the Duggars' beliefs and politics as they and TLC are making money by keeping some of their radical beliefs under wraps, but the info is out there. Take a look.

Someone posted several months back that the mini city that the Duggars are creating has nothing to do with global warming. It does. The larger the world population, the greater the use of fossil fules which contribute to global warming. Further, it increases pollution of our waterways, oceans, earth and air as more people use more contaminants, more phosphates, etc., which impact our world. Granted, the Duggars are one family. They cannot be blamed for our world's problems. But, their mentality, if it spreads, can.

2themax 8 years ago

Thank you Anna. You said it much better than I could- since I don't know as much. If what you are saying is true- then ranchmaster is right- there should be investigations for abuse. Any kind of cult will allow abuse at some level. This is a historical normality as sad as it is. I looked up Bill Gothard and got all the info. I could. It's nuts.

Don't you think the "positive people" on these boards are those from within the cult? I am friends of people from the Family and everytime they speak out against what's going on within this religion, a PR person from the family comes along and talks about how wonderful it is and on and on and on. They can recognize it's someone from "within" because they can say NO BAD at all about the group- just like the complete brainwashing that goes on. These groups do a good job of managing their group from looking bad to the outside.

Linda 8 years ago

Religion boy will that have a big hand slap when the time comes, hehehe so many beleive in far feeched dreams and relaities, and yet how many do more harm in the name of God than any other beleif system in place in this world, look back through the history books, read how many were killed and so forth in the name of religion in the name of God, I dont understand how anyone can say that the duggers are good parents/people because it is abuse, religion taken to extremes like what the duggers live by, is abuse of the humans right and is abuse in the eyes of God, and if a time comes when questions will be asked of these people all I can say is I hope they know some divine defence lawyer to help them out, because when they are asked to answer for what they have done, saying "god I was following Bill Gothards teachings", the sentence given for them isnt going to be a nice one! hahahah boy I think God has a wicked sence of humour......

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

See links above about the Quiver Full Movement. The Duggars apparently adhere to the Quiver Full beliefs that having more children brings you closer to a relationship with G-d, brings you closer to virtue and holiness, so their sons with have brothers and their daughters will have sisters, to end abortion, so they won't be lonely in old age, to counter world de-population, to populate heaven, and to contribute to the economy. For more information about this "ministry", see the links below.

David 8 years ago

What is it about the Duggars that frighten people?

Here we have a large family living for God. They have established that large families can support themselves. The family unit taking care of its own. Older children taking care of the younger children. This is not only appropriate but establishes a familial bond.

Responsibility is seriously lacking in today’s society. The “ME” generation has taken over and laid waste to the American way of life.

We see families such as the Duggers and it frightens us. Here is a very large family not only exiting but thriving. The family community cares and nurtures it young. This family forces us to take a hard look at ourselves and a hard look at “responsibility” and we cringe. So instead of cleaning up our own lives we want to attack those who are actually happy.

Is it your hope they will become as miserable as we have become?

God Bless the Duggers and may God bless them with as many children has He wants them to have.

kat and Jason 8 years ago

David wake up and smell the coffee, havent you heard of how stretched our worlds resourses are already?

In todays world with the treat of gobal warming excess use of fosal fuilds and so forth, creating a larger population is not only criminal, yet very irresponsible in this day and age, The world ihabitance should be putting pressure on the Dugger family to stop this stupid act of selfish, mindless irrogrance to how they follow anothers way of life (Bill Godard) teaching and make them realize that even tho they may own their own home, be free of financial burdons, they are still using the worlds resourses, they use electricity which compared to another family would be alot higher due to the size of the household, waste products would be alot higher than anothers family waste would be, water intake would be alot higher and the list goes on.

As a Australian, not Amercian we here in this country and in most states of Australia are on water resrictions of high levels, and we dont have the high population America has, yet because of Gobal warming and so forth, this liquid gold as we all call it is running out, and if we as a nation sat back and continued to praise people like the duggers breeding out of stupidity and of all things religion beleifs, then we really dont care about what would happen when the water runs out, yet I have a right as a tax paying country inhabitant to say, hey look Duggers enough is enough the world cannot cope with the stress you add to its already stretched resoures regardless of how well maintained your life style is, the truth is THE DUGGERS STILL CONTRIBUTE to the worlds situation, and out of christians caring for others first and self last beleif system, you would think they would see the bigger picture.

David you made a statement that many seem afraid of the Duggers, well let me tell you this family and others like it we should be afriad of them after all they have no compassion nor concern for others here on this earth, struggling with the effects a stretched world has right now, they live in their small community teaching their large family brood, how to destroy the world by continuing to breed out of stupidity, rather than love for another!

If this family was living here in Australia, continuing to drain resourses , then I would be campaining to the goverment to do something to protect what little we ALL have left!!!!

People wake up and smell the coffee, we are running out of what we need to survive water, and yet people like the duggers dont care, because in their beleif system God is the only thing that matters and pleasing him/her by having as many children as the lord wants them to have, that is stupid and whats more criminal.

Linda 8 years ago

I hear ya kat and jason, and many others do to:) the problems is do the duggers and others that beleive in the duggers way of life? may be when the shit hits the fan the duggers may hear us then, yet as always it will be to late, reminds me of the story of Noeh and the Ark dont you think? :(

Kathleen 8 years ago

After reading about the Bill Godard and his teachings, I wonder if this man, knows what the hell he is talking about, to me he is no more than a con man, praying on the minds of vanuable weak minded people, that are looking for some answer to how they are suppose to live, and this business about having lots of children to basically make you feel like you have achieved something important, really what planet is this man from? what a wanker and it all that live by his words.....Grow up and get a life, learn by what you do and act, not by what another says!

reindeer 8 years ago

Paulie, I am sorry to say this but the world would be a much better place without people like you. Please help make the world a better place. CHANGE! Follow the example of the Duggars. They are full of genuine love for God and humanity.

Kat and Jason 8 years ago

What right do you reideer, have to say that another needs to change? looks like you beleive that Paulie along with some others here that support what she has written, need to change in order to make a difference to the world, well let me say this to you and others that share your truth ok, each and every person on this plannet has the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to live and act and say what is RIGHT for them, truthfully I beleive mainstream religous leaders need to change and the way they go about preaching their truth, yet out of respect for myself first I choose not to be sucked into what they nor others beleive, just as I see so to does Paulie, yet I am not screaming from some mountian CHANGE, the topic is about how the Duggers continuing to breed and what they stand for to some is creepy and I beleive them to be just that, STRANGE, I dont beleive the Duggers truely follow a christain family lifestyle, this is shown by shifting younger children onto older children to raise, and the whole business of two parents showing to the world, how loving they are yet still practise shifting responsiblities onto such young shoulders is creepy in my eyes, and to some extent wrong, yet like you and me IT IS THE GOD GIVEN RIGHT of them to do this. Maybe you might need to change your attiuade towards Paulie by not answering to a tread you dont agree with, after all that is your GOD GIVEN RIGHT, and by the looks of what you have written, you might find more support on another forum.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

For the critics: I'm not afraid of the Duggers and their lifestyle (to each his own), but watching them one day, I realized that instead of admiring them (as I felt I should - self-supporting, loving, happying, smiling people), I found them incredibly creepy. As for Reindeer, I work in a field where I help people every single day. It is a tough job and requires me to come into contact with people that most wouldn't give the time of day to. So don't *you* judge. This is an exchange and I censor no comments, including ones that are critical of *me*. Comment on! People who ahere, without questioning, any ideology, to any one individual are unthinking in my opinion. No one should put all their trust in any one doctrine (look at Jonestown, David Koresh, the Mormons, Catholic Priest scandals). We should be curious, cautious, questioning human beings.

Rega 8 years ago

Not too many years ago, I was applauding the Duggars's boldness in doing what they felt right by following their religious beliefs to have all the children God would want them to have ...BUT... now, after these last few babies, I have serious doubts about them.

I do grant that they are living a decent life. The children are well-behaved and trained because family life is first priority for them; they have not allowed the modern distractions and self-absorptions into their family. I have no doubts that they are receiving a good education at home. I am also assured that they provide for themselves without taking any assistance from the government or community; whatever they make from the TV show is earned. Their children obviously cannot get much undivided attention, however, I feel that there is enough love and support to go around their home. If they want to skip fashion trends and dress in a very modest code, that is their perogative as well. And I'm not even going to complain about world population but rest on this one contention:

They speak of their conviction to allow God to plan the size of their family and yet,

How can they consider this is God's plan when they go against nature? They do believe that God has created the human body, both male and female but should not be noted that a woman's body was never meant to produce so many babies in one lifetime; that is able to do so does not mean it should. If one was interested in following God's way, then it should be realized that a child does not have a full set of teeth until it is around 3 years old. This is the way a baby was designed. Yet here she is weaning these babies at 5-6 months of age, thereby stopping the natural birth control which would occur: a part of the plan for how her body was made. There are several biblical references of children being breastfed till they were 3-4 years old, and some that indicate it could have been even longer. Couldn't she at least go for 12 months? Or how about 9 months? Her body was pregnant for that long, wouldn't it seem prudent to give it another 9 to recover?

Yes, though, beautiful family, happy to have so many blessings that are never counted as burdens. But 18 children in 21 years? It's getting bizarre.

Rega 8 years ago

Wait, I do have concerns about the children as I have been around other large families with my children, and have noted quite a few times how they stuck to themselves and didn't reach out to mine. I'm wondering if this is typical. And how about the Duggar kids? Do they know how to reach out to others? will they have the ability to make friends outside their family? or does this lifestyle encourage them to keep within the clan?

gmdee 8 years ago

Jim creeps me out!

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

You said it well Rega, I feel the same way. It's beginning to seem more like a baby manufacturing coalition rather than a family. If there is a message (and I am assuming there is one, since they allow their family to appear on TV) its starting to get lost. My perturbance comes from that I feel I *should* be admiring of the many positive qualities exhibited (at least when appearing on TV) and yet cannot. I'm conservative (with an open mind) and watch in dismay as I see this country falling to failure as parents fail to parent and raise their children and teach them moral values. I see a lack of work ethic, courtesy, and hard work in the workplace. I see rudeness and a sense of entitlement every day. You can barely get a courteous response from a clerk in a store where you are spending your money. Employers tolerate terrible behavior less they be accused of discriminating against an employee. With the state of many of our schools, I can see parents who prefer to home school. But the world is a big place and unless (and they probably can) you are completely self-employed and live in a community of like minded people, I assume you can function within your own little world. My understanding is Mr. Duggar started out by fixing and selling cars. If you have a business you have to deal with the public and the wider world. I do not watch the show anymore and don't recall seeing them proselytiazing to others but I assume he is also selling to non-Christians. So exactly what are the rules? You practice insular living, but you allow your family to appear on national television on what is essentially a reality show? What's the message here?

Jaza 8 years ago

Bottom line to the Duggers is they are nothing more than a clan of over religious freaks, trying to show the world how creepy their family is and what they live by, to me I say "whats the point to understanding the duggers and why they are living this way" In all of my being I keep hearing this one sentence and that is, "This isnt normal", they really are addicted to having child after child, and the thing that will help them is therapy to make them deal with this addiction, rather than keep pretending and denying and living behind a vail and calling it Religion to which they use to continue their addictive life style, I think someone should take these two parents aside and explain what a addiction is and how they seem to be showing signs of just that!

Boston905 8 years ago

An earlier poster did the math on this family and determined if these 18 children reproduced at the same rate as their parents, there would be 1,889,568 Duggars within five generations. From ONE family.

Now, if they reproduced at the level most people consider SANE (which is to replace yourselves, i.e., two children per family) there would be 576 Duggars within five generations. Let's see, 1 million eight hundred eighty-nine thousand, five hundred sixty-eight Duggars or 576 Duggars. The fossil fuel requirements for nearly two million versus a little over 500 people ~ what makes sense to you? Just curious.

Bobbi 8 years ago

No offense to some here who defend the Duggars, but none of you have even considered what having that many children does to the environment, the world's resources. If everyone were as loving, but as fruitful as they were, we would end up like the Aztecs. 18 kids produce waste everyday, they consume everyday, they use fuel, electricity, water, everyday. they wil then marry and produce more. We chide those in poor countries for having 2 kids because their country can not sustain them, and where do you think America would beif everyone was like the Duggars.

It is obvious they love their kids, but to put he weight of having to parent so many other kids on the shoulders of so many of their young children is wrong. The kids did not choose to have kids, the parents did. So parenting is THEIR job. Hence the name PARENTS. I see other chidlren taking care of other childrenmore than the parents do themselves, which is not to say they are not involved with their kids. Any other "family" and they would be accused of robbing their children of their childhoods.

And finally, wht disturbs me, and to that one up top who said this person was judgmental and cruel, all one has to do is go to the Duggar website where they say using birth control is selfish and kills babies. Yeah and poverty, homelessness, birth efects, and being unable to raise kids due to mental incapacity is a better alternative for women? many women use birth control because they know they are not good parent material. Some choose to be single. Some choose to have careers, etc. And they themselves said they couldn't afford kids at first. So had they not been "selfish" as they put it, we would have been supporting them through state agencies and welfare.

I think the Duggarshave a lot going for them. I just think that it is more selfish to continue to produce chidlren that the already over-populated world can not support in many countries. And why couldn't they have adopted? Isn't that the Christian thing to do? Don't other kids deserve homes too? Ask me, I think putting your own need to multiply above the lives of forgotten children 18 times over is selfish.


Bobbi 8 years ago

P.S. I apologize for the typos in my above post. My keyboard is rail thin and sometimes I don't quite push the keys down hard enough while typing for fear of jamming a letter.

And despite their above flaws as I stated earlier, I think that they do have a lot going for them. I do not wish for their belief system to be pushed upon me though. I know the bible says be fruitful and multiply, but at the time of that statement much of the world was unoccupied dueto technologyand logistics. Another species that is fruitul is the flea, but it doesn't mean I should be become a flea.

kat 8 years ago

I can remember the saying in the bible that said God said to his followers, "Now go forth and mulitpy, spread the word of the lord amongst the land", well something to that effect, yet I think the duggers have taken that lituraly, and beleive they should populate single handed, What a laugh!

Look everyone has the right to beleive what they want, choose what life they live, and say what they want, yet I do agree with many out there that the Duggers have gone alittle over board with the whole gammet of this beleif system they follow to a tee, yet I do agree with why didnt they take children into their homes that would beneft from having some structure as there are so many children without a home that are not wanted by their own parents, that to me would be a great service to the lord, yet again so many think with their body parts rather than their hearts and minds, and unfortuntly because of this we will always have a problem with so many homeless, unwanted children.

Michelle and Jim Bob if you ever read what is written please consider this giving is not from the body yet giving is from the love of a soul, and you would be doing really what the lord is saying and that is, Children are a blessing from God, and every child is a gift just like Michelle said "having to many children is like saying there is too many flowers", yet consider your vase would look so much more beautiful if you added a different type of flower to your collection!

Kylie2009 8 years ago

These people are creepy freaks anyone that beleives the shit they do, need some serious therapy, I beleive that michelle or jim bob need to be fixed so that no more children can be born.

Micki 8 years ago

Kylie, you said it and you know it. This is ridiculous. Getting pregnant every year and now she is at risk of dying or having a mentally handicapped kid. What would happen if she did die? What's scary is old Jimbob could reproduce into his 80's(look at Tony Randall). Would he find another woman? He and Rusty Yates should move in together. This family is in their own world and they want to protect them from media influences? They are pushing themselves into the media. Go figure

kylie2009 8 years ago

You know Micki, I bet Jimbob if Michelle died because of over production, I reakon the freak would start to have sex with his daughters to keep the family going, and then come up with some explaination that is apart of his religion, just as many that behave like the duggers do, look at the past cult leaders and how they convinced followers to have sex with family members and then say it was what the Lord wanted them to do!, this family is in real need of some outside intervention, and I am not talking about religious intervention. The Government needs to step in before history repeats itself with some oversexed father having sex with his children then saying it was what the lord wanted to keep his quiver full, how sick is this family beleiving that crap?

BAFGA 8 years ago

They don't bother me as a whole. The only thing that concerns me is they aren't being introduced to any sort of diversity. They seem to be pretty sheltered. Also, they aren't getting any sort of higher education after "high school". If they are satisfied being in construction or used car sales that's fine. Doesn't seem they don't strive to be much anything else.

Olivia 8 years ago

ugh I absolutly hate these people. Every single think they do bugs me. I have watched their program before and i have just recently watched an episode in which Mrs. Duggar is ready to give birth to like her 50 millionth freakin kid....and uhh well they were showing the kids the hospital room that was "going to get the baby outta mommies tummy" haha sounds so gay. They are seriously messed up....why in the hell would you name all your freakin kids with J's.....are you just trying to assist in the process of humiliation at school or around others? Of course the duggars dont go to school.

Mrs. Duggar needs to get her freakin tubes tied....b/c she is so fucking old...jesus woman you need to stop or else your gonna get so loose that everything will fall out



Kylie2009 8 years ago

yep so true about the Duggers, they dont strive to be anything other than a continuations of their cult following, What the parents have failed to see is that they have taught their children to live and act like themselves, meaning each one of the Dugger children have only been programmed to grow up, take care of younger family members ,so that when their time comes to be parents they will know what to do, and therefore the cycle continues, teaching children how to care for others is a important lesson they can learn, yet to programe your children to become parents that is creepy and freakin sick. My mom taught me how to clean up, have pride in my appearance and how to cook, tools I needed when I left the family home, she never taught me how to parent others, that was what I had to learn by my own mistakes when I married and had children, and you know I am glad cause the more children I had the easier paernting became, yet I learnt this all by myself, with some insight when needed by my own parents.

My Mom is in her 70s and I have sat with her and watched this programe of the Duggers with her, and then asked her what she thought about the Duggers, she nailed it as far as the Duggers are concerned, this is what she said!

Well they seem to be in a world of their own, teaching such a large family rules and boundries is a good thing, yet I wouldnt had handed babies over to my older children to raise, and expect them to met all the needs required, the reason why I wouldnt do that is because some of my parenting skills maybe not that good, and if I hand my babies over to other much less experinced than myself, then I am asking for some trouble Mrs Dugger to me is shifting her responsiblities onto others, and maybe she is doing this because deep down Mrs Duggers cant parent after a certian age, or its all to much for her, so at a certian age they become someone elses problem, this is very overious this is what is happening, when the child gets to a certian age it is handed over, now some cultures do this my mom said, yet it is mostley done in a tribe type of setting, were the sisters take care of the younger brothers and sisters, while the mom continues to have another child, my mom said now if this was the case then we as humans accept this quite well because the people concerned live in other countries and so forth, yet she said that the Duggers dont and it dosnt look like a culture, nor religious practise with what is going on with the Duggers, rather Michelle just cant parent nor cope having to raise all the children on her own, and that is the bottom line.

Now question is Michelle and Jimbob are so caught up in all of this, they fail to see what the real problem is, and continue to breed keeping the cycle going, I have to agree with my mom and that is until Michelle and Jimbob realize this is what is going on, they will continue to populate, its like a drunk they cant get help until they realize and stop drinking, this is the same with the Duggers, they cant stop having babies until they realize they cant cope with them after a certian age.

Mau 8 years ago

Who dosnt love babies, I would have had hundreds if they had stayed at that cute wonderful age of infancy, after all what demand does a infant have apart from feeding and changing and the long cuddles we attentitively give the infant?

Any parent will tell you that demands and trouble starts aground the age of teething, long sleepless nights, tempetures, running noses and so forth at the age of 5 to 6 months, this seems to be when Michelle Dugger hands off the child onto another to raise, she most likely does give the older child advise on how to care for the baby, yet many out there give advise on how to parent a child even tho they may not have children of their own.

I can see how Michelle and Jimbob can say the comments they do about having so many children and the blessings they bring, yet the truth is once the baby hits that demanding age that requires more attention it is then passed off, Michelle and Jimbob may be addicted to babies, were its like a endorfen type feeling when they hold their new born in their arms, a feeling of being high, of total happiness, and continues during the months until that feeling subsides, and they then prepare for another and she falls pregant again, I recall seeing a show were Michelle said that the older girls start looking at the callender each month, from the time the child is handed over to them to raise, and when the child is about 9 months old mum is announcing she is expecting again.

So from that comment and the way the history of the duggers is playing out, its safe to say Michelle and Jimbob are addicted to new born children, and confuse their feelings for the common answer they give, and that is "The lord will determine and bless us with as many children as he wants us to have"

To me thats sooooo wrong and I am sooooo suprised her Doctor hasnt sat them down and spoke to them not about the complications of another pregancies, yet about what their minds are doing and the reason why, to me any Doctor that encourages this behavour is buying into the risk of a seroius problem down the track, like a mentally handicap child or the death of the mother and possibly both.

Ema 8 years ago

I don't care that the Duggars choose to have lots and lots of children by not using birth control. What I DO care about is that these children are getting a VERY censored education. They're homeschooled by their mom, so of course, I'm sure they're not learning about evolution, or ACTUAL science. I saw them go to a creationist museum on an episode a while back. They were so happy to see a place that acknowledges their "the world is 6000 years old" belief. It was really kind of sickening.

kl 8 years ago

I watch this show with my 7 mo. old son. His dad doesn't even acknowledge he exsists so watching this is a sort of way to keep sane. It helps me to realize how great I have it!! I live with my family, don't have to 'obey' some jerk guy, am allowed to wear regular swim wear, can kiss a guy I'm dating( by the way I WAS married to my son's father...for all you weirdo ultra conservative NAZI douche bags!!!), and get to focus ALL my energy into raising my son, my way. I don't have to ruin my body and health(women's bodies are PROVEN, by REAL SCIENCE to suffer greatly from multiple pregnancies...we have TWO nipples not SIX...think about it!!!). I literally go for days without going out, showering's not because i am lazy it's because I take WONDERFUL care of my son. I don't pass him onto another person(whether that be an older sibling, personal friend etc.) just so that I can f*$k in order to have another child when I am frazzled caring for the one I have. This is 2009, not 1909 -- thank God for it too!!! People like this family want to make it seem like living a hundred years ago when God was the only belief people had, when 50% of babies died before age one (the biggest reason people used to have bigger families), when we didn't have medicine or vaccines when we didn't have ANY laws to protect workers or to prevent kids working 13 hr. days in factories...when 'modest swimwear ' was all anyone could wear... well that these were wonderful times and that these are the times we should emmulate now...ok it's official --- they ARE CREEPY!!!!

Susan 8 years ago

I find the Duggar's lifestyle to be very disturbing. Those children are quite mentally confined, stiffled by two people who deprive them of emotion and the world. I do not watch the show but I tuned in last night to see the eldest get "married". I felt so sorry for that poor bride.....This is your life Anna....Submit to your husband, have baby after baby. Books, movies, dancing, a good glass of wine, wearing a pair of jeans, getting a pretty haircut, so many small things she will never know. (All the sisters too).

And a question, the son who just got doesn't appear he works. For the two to three months between the proposal and the wedding he seemed to be unemployed. Considering the childrens' education or lack there of I wonder what he or they are capable of doing in the outside world. Certainly none of these children will go on to college. Just so sad.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

Josh was married last night. I missed it! There is an encore on Wednesday night on Discovery Health at 9:00. Have to remember to catch it. Anybody catch it and have an opinion?

worried 8 years ago

If Jim-Bob and Michelle want to have a bunch of kids, that thier choice. For the most part, the kids seem well fed and clean. Yeah, the older ones have a lot of responsibility, but just ask any child of divorce about that - taking care of younger siblings goes with it. Yes, they do creep me out because thier beliefs are different from mine.

What worries me, is the future. What happens when one of the kids is gay? or commits suicide? or wants to go to college in the "outside" world? Or want to marry outside the religion? Or is mentally ill? Statistically, something is going to happen. How will Michelle and Jim-Bob handle it? With love and consideration or with banishment because some of these issues are considered "choices"???

Kylie2009 8 years ago

So the oldest got married, was this a arranged marriage? And what outside preperation did the son have for marriage? Havent seen the wedding yet as it hasnt filmed here (Aus) tho I have heaps of questions regarding this event, did his wife come from the same church back ground as the Duggers, and if so was this woman (wife) raised the same as the Dugger children? many questions can anyone answer them?

anon 8 years ago

I just watched the wedding episode last night. It absolutely disgusts me that Anna's father referred to Josh as her "authority". And in the vows she promised to submit to Josh's authority and have as many children as possible. And there was no dancing allowed because music makes men "lust after women". I mean come on! IS this footloose or something! These people are so paranoid about lusting after eachother. Maybe they need to deal with there own perverse minds and stop taking it out on the kids. It is sad. Also, Jim Bob telling josh that sex is like the way leggos fit together is sick.

kylie2009 8 years ago

You must be joking, about what Jimbob said to Josh about sex, for god sake what are these poeple thinking, and this so called father of the bride saying she must submit to josh's authority what the hell is he talking about, to me its nothing more than male control, I was under the impression that times were a changing and a female was starting to take her place at the sides of males, my god this is disguesting behavour on behave of the parents of the young couple, so what when Anna in the future becomes older and tried from raising children cant say "NO NOT TONIGHT DEAR" she must submit to her husbands physical needs as well as having no control in the actions he has, shit this blows me away!!

This family is so sick that it shocks me beyond belief....someone please help save these children from the sick minds of those that believe they are God. Lets get something done about how this is all unfolding because if we sit back and do nothing then we are just as bad as them!!!!! These are sick people, having children for their own satisfaction, to feel like they are GOD!! sick creepy people!

kate 8 years ago

what a strange family, all this stuff on protecting the males from lusting if they listern to music, sounds like it to me that Mr dugger has a lusting problem himself, for he cant leave his wife know I have found that folks that complaine or do all they can to protect themselves about certian things, like this lusting problem, are folks that are saying they have no will power against certian things.............strange really when their faith is so stronge they struggle with a human desire......................really strange that dont you think?

Paulie 8 years ago

You said it Kate, JimBob seems to have no trouble getting it on. Is it just a sense of duty or does this natural act, just feel good?

profile image

Louise03 8 years ago

The Duggars trust God in every area of their lives, and in return, he blesses them bountifully. He gives them well-behaved children as well as the means to provide for their growing family. They have a new book, which I highly reccomend, and it explains all the miracles God has bestowed on the Duggars.

Jamie 8 years ago

Has anyone else noticed that Josh's new wife, Anna looks JUST like one of his sisters? Eek!

profile image

ckrn101 8 years ago

If the Duggars were Amish, we wouldn't know a thing about them.

Kate 8 years ago

Why do folks say such stupid comments on a fact of life, that blessing are bistoad upon a person by their own power not something else, its like this why do some win lotto when others dont, is it because its a blessing? nope its just chance, luck call it what you want, yet its not from some higher power, yet as some folks do they convince themselves it is, and some how feel more worthy than others, and what about children dying due to wars, shortage of food and abuse, is it a blessing or would you say its what God wanted?....what a load of shit, the blessing the duggers recieve is through addvertising their children and themselves on reality TV nothing more, grow a brain!!!!!

Donna 8 years ago

I love the Duggars.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

Interesting comments. Certainly having a foundation for how you chose to live your life is a good thing. Presenting a united front to your children as to how they should be raised, what values you want to instill, and how discipline should be meted is a good thing. But teaching our children to not only get along with each other and within the family, but also in the larger world is also a good thing.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

Interesting comments. Certainly having a foundation for how you chose to live your life is a good thing. Presenting a united front to your children as to how they should be raised, what values you want to instill, and how discipline should be meted is a good thing. But teaching our children to not only get along with each other and within the family, but also in the larger world is also a good thing.

Paulie 8 years ago

I checked out Josh's wedding. They are indeed insular, but there is comfort in insularity. You don't test anything and nothing tests you. They seem afraid of their own natural sexuality. The entire focus was on sexual contact and avoiding it at all costs. Even a small kiss was seen aS potentially dangerous.

Dad's advice was pretty much black and white - all men this, all women that. (I'll never look at a lego the same way again). Personally, I prefer balance. Like a lot of people, I am tired of the overt sexuality plastered all over the place, but I don't believe in completely sheltering kids to the point of obsession. Even while I viewed a happy, clean, wholesome family, I couldn't help feeling sorry for the bride. They are so young and, to me, rushing into marriage so they could finally have that forbidden sex. Knowing exactly what you are going to do say, think, and feel for the rest of your life takes out all the guesswork and that titillating thing called living.

They looked so clueless. Darn, I am so torn, I want to like them!!!!!

Well nobody's gettin' on the bus with that group. See how they blew off that waiter??

Parker 8 years ago

I just watched an episode of this show. This family is so creepy. They are robots. The oldest son creeps me out the most. I love how in the intro they talk about how their kids are not allowed watch TV - yet they have their own TV show.

The wedding- which I watched, was just insane, those kids are so young, and so brainwashed it makes me ill.

CalifNative 8 years ago

I am certainly of the belief that America is the land of the free and that we have the ability to choose our own lives and destinies. That being said, I think that having 18 children crosses the fine line that separates freedom from license.

My husband's mother was one of 13 children. Within the last year, her mother died at the age of 102. My mother in law's eldest sister hadn't spoken to her mother in years, because she was angry at her mother for the fact that she felt that she never had a childhood, because she had to raise her younger siblings. Though none of them may not verblaize it, you cannot tell me that some of those Duggar girls will not end up feeling the same way.

Living such a sheltered existence (being home schooled and only associating with those are home schooled also) should any of these children attend college, even in a relatively smaller big city like Little Rock, they will be in for a culture shock. I predict that should any of these kids go to college one of 2 things will happen, either they will be outcasts or they will run wild and rebel. I have known children from very religious large families and at least one of them rebels, especially children of ministers (Grace Jone, Alice Cooper anyone?).

Psychological studies also show that depression and serious mental illness manifest more (proportinately speaking) in large families rather than smaller ones.

It will be interesting to see what will happen to all these children 20 years from now, but I will make some predictions and only time will tell to see if I am right:

At least one of the daughters will end up being wild and a bit trampy and disowned

One of them will be busted for a DUI

and it wouldn't shock me one bit if one ends up committing suicide

One or perhaps more will end up feeling angry and resentful

I am sorry, but it is just not natural to never raise your voice towards your children. I think Michelle is addicted to the attention she gets being pregnant and is a prime candidate for someone who will later manifest symptoms of Maunchausons by Proxy. It's always the quiet and sweet ones who end up snapping and draowning their kids. It's normal and healthy to show a little anger sometimes.

CalifNative 8 years ago

I am certainly of the belief that America is the land of the free and that we have the ability to choose our own lives and destinies. That being said, I think that having 18 children crosses the fine line that separates freedom from license.

My husband's mother was one of 13 children. Within the last year, her mother died at the age of 102. My mother in law's eldest sister hadn't spoken to her mother in years, because she was angry at her mother for the fact that she felt that she never had a childhood, because she had to raise her younger siblings. Though none of them may not verblaize it, you cannot tell me that some of those Duggar girls will not end up feeling the same way.

Living such a sheltered existence (being home schooled and only associating with those are home schooled also) should any of these children attend college, even in a relatively smaller big city like Little Rock, they will be in for a culture shock. I predict that should any of these kids go to college one of 2 things will happen, either they will be outcasts or they will run wild and rebel. I have known children from very religious large families and at least one of them rebels, especially children of ministers (Grace Jone, Alice Cooper anyone?).

Psychological studies also show that depression and serious mental illness manifest more (proportinately speaking) in large families rather than smaller ones.

It will be interesting to see what will happen to all these children 20 years from now, but I will make some predictions and only time will tell to see if I am right:

At least one of the daughters will end up being wild and a bit trampy and disowned

One of them will be busted for a DUI

and it wouldn't shock me one bit if one ends up committing suicide

One or perhaps more will end up feeling angry and resentful

I am sorry, but it is just not natural to never raise your voice towards your children. I think Michelle is addicted to the attention she gets being pregnant and is a prime candidate for someone who will later manifest symptoms of Maunchausons by Proxy. It's always the quiet and sweet ones who end up snapping and draowning their kids. It's normal and healthy to show a little anger sometimes.

bridget 8 years ago

Does anyone else think the name Jim Bob is retarded? Only people who have 20 kids and dress the same as their five year old are named Jim Bob.

Sheno 8 years ago

I definitely agree with you but not just about being creepy. This family just makes me a bit angry. I KNOW we all have our freedoms but there has to be a line drawn some-freaking-where between individual rights and common good. Imagine if every woman had that large of a family with some sex-crazed man. Our world would explode from overpopulation. Some of you may say that women are Africa are each having around 6-7 children each. GUESS WHAT? Those women have no choice and if they DID they wouldn't waste their life being pregnant and this has been proven by many countries. These people are being horribly selfish by creating so many children and then encouraging them to create children. I don't mind religious beliefs, but when they counter science I get kind of exasperated. A Muslim's religious beliefs may be to kill Hindus. Is this right? No. I'm not saying birthing large families is wrong, but at a time like this it is not responsible. You can always adopt if you desire a large family...look at Brangelina! A bit of birthing and a bit of adopting. Also they are being horrible to the women with the whole Josh-Anna thing. It really disgusts me. Here is where they draw the line and really make me hate them. Fine they were irresponsible having so many children but really? Anna submitting to his 'authority'? It is people like the Duggars who are ruining the human progress. And finally, all the children do the same things, such as playing instruments, etc. Now I just wonder, how is it that 16-17 kids ALL end up liking music? Ok I admit there might be a possibility but come on! I bet at least ONE kid isn't really into music. Yet they do it, WHY? Because the Duggars are freaking psychotic and don't let anyone have their individual opinions and personalities!

Well that's my viewpoint. Sorry if it offends or anything, but I am allowed to share my opinion :)

Fontie 8 years ago

This family is home schooled, the parents have no clue about what's happening in our world, She had no clue what a head shop was didn't reconize a hash pipe. They need to Live in todays world, get out of that bubble. These kids will not survive in the real world. Get with the program Dugger family, befor it's too late, Do they vote? do they even read the news?

JimDan 8 years ago

I find it amazing that for the Duggar's, charity begins and ends at home. I have yet to see anyone in this opportunistic family do anything charitable or being of service or help to anyone outside the family. The Duggar family is self centered and have a robotic lack of concern for their fellow man. The Duggar world begins and ends with the Duggars and their comfort and their attitude of entitlement. Also, I am surprised in the obsession with worldly goods within this family. Apparently, the Bible takes a back seat while the Duggars sell themselves out on a weekly basis thru TV, speaking gigs or hawking a book. Other families, much less fortunate volunteered or donated time, materials and food for Josh's wedding and reception. Jimbob thinks his family is giving back by feeding some animals at a wildlife reserve! Any family would pay for the opportunity to feed the animals up close, but in Jimbob's warped view, the family is helping others!

Hey Duggar's, try helping your fellow nonfamily neighbor! This person might be non white or even non christian! Also, try teaching your homeschooled kids about compassion,concern, and care towards others, personal and family sacrifice, and that rewards come in the afterlife! Also, we are all brothers and sisters, not just the 20 people secluded in your family compound. I guess I don't remember anywhere in the Bible where it tells man to sell out his family and their private lives on a weekly TV show for pieces of silver, or a fitted out tour bus, or a house finished and furnished thru donations and TV paybacks. Duggars are a family of "Posers" who need to learn to "Represent"

ABC 8 years ago

Totally agree !!!!!!

Joe Bob 8 years ago

Jim Dan has nailed it !

Jim Duggar is in reality a shrewd and cunning man of the worst sort. His vanity and obsession with his looks and his overuse of hair lacquer is creepy. He rivals PT Barnum for creating a great show with freak appeal. He convinces his wife to keep breeding so they can get the tax benefits of a church. He never misses an opportunity to parade his brood around because there might be some good hearted individual who will donate something to the family. He finds family outings where he will get free admission, keepsakes and the plot for his next money making episode. His kids seem to feel entitled or as they put it "blessed." How about teaching them some responsibility other than the older girls raising their younger siblings? How about stop using all those paper cups and do something green for the envirnomnent?

When Josh gets married you can see that his future in laws live in a double wide that has seen better days. The bride to be's sisters do all of the sewing on the bridesmaids dresses. I'm sure all Jim Bob had to do was put a call into David's Bridals, promise a great episode with lots of media attention with the girls trying them on and looking for modesty in the gowns and gotten free dresses. But wait a minute. then it would have meant helping out someone other than himself.

Unfortnately for Jim Bob, this show will be off the air soon. Maybe Josh and his bride will buy another season if they get on the program soon with a new baby. Michelle Duggar has played that card already. I hope that at some point these kids get to experience the world and not stay cloistered for life on the Duggar compound.

chatter 8 years ago

to Joe Bob's comments, without trying to be too harsh and judgemental, i agree with most of your comments. all the reality people gain financially from their shows. i'm not sure how very much though. they aren't Brad Pitts after all. but i can't help but notice the hypocracy of their show considering their kids watch very little tv. at least the other reality family's dont claim such of their kids.

further, i so have to agree with your environment sentence. and the help someone else was too funny. watched the diamond mining episode and jim bob said if he found 1 he would sell it and invest. i was appalled. thought he might say give to the needy or something. wow

and i did a facebook search and found josh duggar other than the group thing. man, did he have alot of friends, mostly women, and some very provocative pics. why does his new wife allow that. then the next day, the page was just gone. i did copy the profile pic, and it is small but i'm sure it was of him and his wife. i cant zoom it though to make sure. i was quite disgusted though that he had so many female friends. none im sure that he knows. he's 20, on tv and full of himself because of it. but is that very christian? and i would so not allow my husband to allow that many anonymous friends. i wait your reply

ABC 8 years ago

The Duggers are the true reality TV family, messed up, full of themselves and claim to be christians, what a load of bullsh-t! hahah

Anonymous 8 years ago

I have to say I myself think the Duggar family is a little odd. I feel sorry for the kid because they are way too sheltered. They are way too conservative as well. They need to lighten up on the clothing a little. The girls should wear pants for some of the activities they do.

Paulie 8 years ago

Hear! Hear! Joe Bob. I think your comments are right on.

Esse 8 years ago

Quiverfull.....just when exactly is a man's quiver full? Where is that in the bible?? That is the loophole that allows people to take it to the limit and beyond. There is a point where enough is enough. But when? I believe in God but does that mean I keep on reproducing over and over till my body is so exhausted that I die a nice young age? I would rather have my three children whom I can dedicate all the time and attention they need rather than passing the buck to the next available sibling to raise. They call themselves parents? I don't think so. Try raising EACH one until they are ready to leave. She doesn't yell because she doesn't have to deal with it. The older children do. Gee maybe I should have had more so I could have built in pseudo parents for all the future children I decide to pop out. No wonder life is easy. REAL parenting isn't a holiday. It's a challenge and a labour of love. It's about being down to earth and taking EVERYTHING that your children dish out. Whether it be the little bumps and bruises to fighting with each other. My children are VERY well behaved by the way. I get compliments everywhere I go about how well behaved they are. Gee and I didn't have build in nannies to do it for me. What a concept! Let's have a new show where Michelle has to raise them all on her own without her older children doing all the work for her. Now that would be a show I would watch!!

profile image

Empress Lauren 8 years ago

I don't hate the Duggars because they are a large family or their religious beliefs. I hate them because they are so damn annoying about it. They constantly push their faith in other peoples faces. They have no tolerance for others of different lifestyles and think they are great because of this. The kids have the charisma of a dead frog and they isolated from others. These people make me sick. When the oldest, who is younger than me, has no higher education and runs a used car lot, got married they were talking about how they can't wait for them to have grandchildren. How warped are their minds? I'm not saying that a big family is bad. I knew a family that had 16 children, however most of them were adopted. But here's the kicker: some of these kids had some kind of handicap and the couple adopted them because they wanted to not because some religion said it was a good thing to do. Why didn't that family get a TV show. Also, someone said on here that most of us had less than great childhoods because we had smaller families. What the hell? I am an only child and I can tell you my childhood was awesome. Yeah, I was spoiled by my parents sometimes, but they also kept me grounded. I can't stand it when people say that must have been hard growing up with no siblings. Please, I had my own room, I didn't have to fight for bathroom space, and I birthday parties were spectacular. So, don't tell me I didn't have it good. Last point: Ok the eldest proposed to his girlfriend, but didn't want to kiss her because that would be too intimate? That must have been the most awkward wedding night.

GetOuttaTown 8 years ago

I got stuck watching their show tonight and it blows my mind. Tonight was about their one kid getting married and he and his soon-to-be wife have never even kissed. Are you kidding me. These kids are robots. I am just blown away that this Duggar kid found a girl thats as wierd as he. I think its great to hold on to your virginity, but not to even kiss. So wierd. And where did this kid propose, a Dennys? This family makes Disney look like Hustler.

Jennifer 8 years ago

Shame on you. Would you rather he was like most of the young people in America today and HAD to marry his girl because he couldn't keep it in his pants before marriage? I think the Duggars are a wonderful family. They raised their oldest son to be a decent man, and their other children are all so well behaved and sweet. You think there is something wrong with that, really?

Jennifer 8 years ago

JimDan, . "The duggars never did anything charitable for anyone".....blah, blah, blah. Apparantly you didn't see the episode where they went to El Salvador and bought so many toys and food for children that don't have any. Nor did you know that they do this EVERY YEAR, even before they had the TLC show. You have nothing better to do than to spread lies about this sweet family? What have YOU done for YOUR fellow man, huh? Other than rip them apart on a blog when you don't even know what you are talking about. Are you MAN enough to now apologize and admit you were wrong about them not doing anything for anyone? Probably NOT.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

IMA girl and, no, there is no apology for them. Basically, they pimp their private lives on TV. What's Christian or charitable about that? I think photo op.

Andre 8 years ago

Michelle Duggar is my aunt. I spent most summers growing up vacationing with her and my grandparents. For all the commentors that say they push their faith and aren't tolerant don't know them. I am a long haired, body pierced atheist, who believes in evolution, and they have always excepted me. They have never pushed their beliefs on me.

And I do know for a fact that they are extremely loving towards all their children.

I know so many "normal" families that are so much worse off than they are.

ABC 8 years ago

Dont you think that maybe some of the Dugger children are writting on this board, boy reading Jennifers comments it sounds like a Dugger child to me.....hahahahahah

What would mummy and Daddy think?

Hannah 8 years ago

This is just wrong. Don't these kids even know about the real world? That Women have rights and that there are tons of children that need to be adopted? In my opinion, the Duggar parents don't really care about their children at all. They're like people who buy puppies and then give them away as soon as they aren't cute any more. The Duggar parents just like playing with babies, but as soon as they become difficult to keep up with, they hand them off to an older sibling. These kids will be scarred for life. I really can't wait for a memoir!

profile image

shannabanana 8 years ago

Sounds like the Duggar family sold their souls to the devil and have a very nice front of being 'Christans' to hide it. A big house, big TV show, a big political career, big fake smiles and creepy obediant kids. As we all know, it's hard to be a politician without having to give up something. But Jim Bob has it all.

Read the writing on the wall, people. Jim Bob is the antichrist and Michelle is in for the ride. The plan is to overpopulate and take over. Get your family in the spotlight and get into the weak and trusting peoples' hearts. He's almost there.

And....The Duggar Family is creepy.

Jarod 7 years ago

For the family member who posted who is the atheist / their REALLY NICE because they want to SAVE YOU! DONT YOU GET IT?


Jennifer 7 years ago

Hannah....why should people that are able to have children of their own be criticized for not adopting? That makes no sense. Most people adopt kids because they aren't able to have kids of their own. And, no---I am not a Duggar child as one poster accused. I don't understand why most people on this blog take such joy in ripping this decent family to shreds. Yes, their children are well behaved. Yes, they love each other. And yes...they have alot of kids...which is their God-given right to do so. They aren't on welfare and they managed to take care of the kids just fine BEFORE TLC offered them a show. I'm sure they would have continued to do fine w/out TLC, too. How many of you bloggers have kids that are messed up, marriages that are failing, etc...? I think the reason you all rip the Duggars apart is because deep down, you wish you had what the Duggars have. How does it go? "Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone...." By the looks of this blog, there must be ALOT of perfect, sinless people, huh..... :::sarcastic roll of eyes::::

Randy 7 years ago

Most of us know the Duggars only becuase of their TV show but please keep in mind since the TV show is only about their family you will see only what they want you to see.

I would also think that a large part of their financial success has come from their TV show and related sales and advertising. I think it would be interesting to see a break down of how much income they derive from "ALL" the different sources, including their real-estate business, the TV show, their book, and or product endorsements including any donations they may have received anywhere along the way.

Mickey 7 years ago

So where is written in U.S. law that it is illegal to make money with a reality t.v. show? No where. So why is that being listed as one of the Duggar family's many "crimes" against humanity. If you don't like the show don't watch it.

As for the people who have suggested the family adopt, did you happen to see the special on the Murphy family. 23 adopted children, most with special needs. If adoption is the golden ticket to having a super sized family they certainly win. Yet no one is asking the really tough questions. What will happen to those children and adults, the majority of whom cannot live on their own, when their parents are no longer able to care for them? Adoption, in my opinion, is a tricky business, and not always as rewarding as Discovery channel specials make it out to be.

Overall I admire the Duggar parents for raising their children with a strong work ethic, a strong sense of family and a commitment to moral values. I may not want that many kids, but as long as I'm not footing the bill, it's none of my business what they do.

ABC 7 years ago

yep your right we shouldnt be concerned about how the duggers are breeding, raising their brood, yet in the whole of the bigger picture Mickey, have you stopped to think about how those dugger children have been programed that having a large family comes rewards by the way the parents beleive in their way of life.

well stop and ponder this The duggers if they all breed at the rate mother and father are when old enough lets say the youngest now in 20 years has her first child, what effect do you think that will have on the worldy Global warming, not to mention the enveriomental effects, look we are all living on a dying plannet now dying a slow death, and yet we the human rase say we need to do this and stop driving that and using this, yet truthfully in 20 years the world is going to be in a worst situation than it is now, so why knowing this, why shouldnt people say look Duggers its great you live like you do thats fine, yet when you home school your children teach them about how we as a population now cant cope with the amount of humans that are here living on this dying plannet, and dont do what mummy and daddy are doing being selfish to the rest of the population, think about that Mickey!!!!

Mickey 7 years ago

I certianly have thought about that. If we were to do what's best for this planet then every human being should here and now be sterilized. At the rate things are going even allowing couples to have no more than one child each will not save this planet. All we can do is hope that the Duggar children won't do the same as their parents, the same way I hope most of the people on this planet will decide not to have any. There are a lot of things wrong with this world, and families like the Duggars, few and far between as they are, are by no means the biggest.

There are smaller families in this country with three plus cars, burning up fossil fuels and filling the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. Do you believe they are teaching their children anything about protecting this planet. Think about that.

ABC 7 years ago

Totally agree and I constantly think about it, more so when I look at my two year old grandchild, and think, my goodness what are the human race leaving for this generation and younger ones to come, so I teach my grandchildren, yet I didnt continue to breed and I dont encourage all my children that havent children yet to think before they act, i tell them is their going to be a plannet for your future children, I dont make stupid statements like the duggers at their oldest son's wedding , we look forward to lots of grandchildren........!!!!!! so what do you think the Dugger children will do, like the saying goes monkey see monkey do!!

norma 7 years ago

The one thing that freaked me out is when the camera man asked one of the girls about their long hair. One of the girls said that their dad liked long hair.....because their daddy likes long hair, does that mean they have long hair, whether they like it or not ??????Creepy...creepy....

emon 7 years ago

chrisitian robots they have great family morals and are completely chrisitian and theres nothing wrong with that. Its there business on what they wanna do quit hating and get over it. Your going to hell if you say anything bad about this family.

profile image

roddma 7 years ago

Not only should I breed nbunches of children but they should only hang around other Christian children? Christian can mean many things. Neither the government nor the media should dictate how many or if any at all children a couple has. This is a personal decision.You will never see a child free couple on TLC because society says you cant be happy without them. To those who think we criticize because of our messed up lives, husband and I will be happy with or without. We have stayed together ten years without kids. How many wives get abandoned because they cant reproduce? Talk about messed up. Children and marriage dont always bring happiness either. Multiple children is not best for everyone so dont judge.

Isome 7 years ago

I was just talking to my mother about the Duggars the other day. She thinks they're a wonderful Christian family. I think they are CREEPY. (That was the exact word I used.)

I don't put too much stock in what my mother thinks about people, because as long as they profess to be Christians she thinks they're wonderful. She was also a fan of Jimmy Swaggart and Jim & Tammy Baker until their respective falls from grace.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

If I suddeny fell on this planet and people were saying they were Christians my world view would be that Christians are insular, hippocritical, narrow-minded, preachy people who think they know how everyone else should be living and shove their ideas down everyone's throat. I grew up attending church and that teaching can never leave me. I believe in a God and Jesus, but I have to say I have never met a professed Christian that I found I could admire or look up to and I think that is a sad indictment for Christians. While I am a member of one of the "Christian" faiths, I never profess to be one because from what I've seen I have no desire to be one of their members. Just what is a Christian anyway??

ABC 7 years ago

Hey a christian is a person that beleives in the Easter bunny and father christmas and the tooth fairy............they all have blind faith, and thats it they are blind to what is the real picture....heheheh

Christians are nothing more than a label given for a person that cant live with what choices they have made in their lives and therefore seek some sort of justification for why they are like they are.........they instead turn to a faith and declare themselves forgiven through accepting Jesus into their hearts, truth is bottom line, they are unreal none truthful people that band together and point fingers at others for not sharing in the same belief system as them, by saying " ask jesus to forgive you for your wrong doings as that was what he died for" I say yeah right..........grown a brain and take responsiblity for what choices you made and live with them simple!

k_ann 7 years ago

First I want to start by saying that I am a pentecostal christian, have been my whole life. I have NEVERbeen taught to breed for the kingdom as it seems the Duggars have done. I have to agree with others that by adopting and bringing in foster care would be a much better use of their God-given talents.

This is my biggest issue with the family: They have made a spectacle out of their "religion". Being a christian is about having a relationship with Jesus Christ, it is not about rules as this family has clearly done.

If there is truth to the family declaring their home a "church", my conscience is clear in saying that is wrong.

There is nothing wrong with having a schedule, but once the children hit the age of accounability there should not be a forced schedule. To force your children is wrong.

If you have faith in God, I do not believe you would need to be that controlling of your family.

To those christians who say that this is not cult like, I must disagree 100%. It does seem very cult like. Does this family actually go to church outside their home?

God does bless people with multiple children, but I believe they have taken matters into their own hands out of grief for their miscarriage due to the pill. The fact that she does not give her body much time to heal is not would God would want.

The word christian is such a loose term in today's society. I believe christianity has become "religion". God does not teach us to be "religious" but to have a real relationship with Him. A relationship with God makes a christian. These people seem to be religious and there is a difference.

I hope that what is portrayed by this family does not keep others from having a relationship with God.

We are to strive to be Christ-like. This family seems to be perfect and that is what is scary. What really goes on when the cameras are off?


I do not believe that they are leaving their pregnancies up to the hands of God. If you have ever taken a medical course you would know how much of a miracle it is to concieve a child. There is literally a very slim window of oppurtunity to concieve each month. You can not convince me that they have gotten pregnant by chance 18 times. That is called strategic planning. Even in remote areas of the world where it is customary for women to have lots of children it is rarely that many in the end.

Nevertheless, the children are here therefore they are a blessing from God and that is the truth. My heart and prayers go out to those children. To be sheltered as they are is wrong. But then again, I doubt mommy and daddy have given them much aspirations to go out into the world---> which is what Christ has called us to do....

With as scheduled as the time is in this family, where did the oldest get the chance to go out and date?????

kat and Jas 7 years ago

Hmmmm Intresting comments, yes from a medical point of veiw, there is a small window of oppurtunity for a pregnancy to accure, yet the Dugger parents hit that window all the time, so I tend to agree with what has been said, Mrs dugger must know at the right time when she is able to conceive, I wouldnt be at all surpised if the Billingly method isnt practise and known to Mrs duggers.

All life is a miricle and a blessing , yet it is a part of life, we grow and develope and multiply and die, thats the circle of creation in all walks of life, yet the Duggers are taking it as if the lord has something to do with it all, and that to me is a falsness they show to the world, yet for some that are so religous and dont really understand what being a christain really is stand and defends the Duggers yet truthfully it is nothing more than humbo yumbo this what is shown to the world, people that are very ignorrant, uneducated sheep that live by the laws of some faith, remember more demage has been caused through religion than any other cause known to man, yet people still defend and stand by the cause rather than see what really has or is taking place.

I just want to know how the Duggers will cope when told soon after birth that their child given from the lord, has some physical and mental disorder due to over populatating and the mothers age factor, what justifaction will the Duggers use?This is the question I ask and this question is being asked from a medical opinion! After all we in the medical field are left to explaine to these parents the whats and why this has happen and then help them knowing this all could have been prevented........................yet again that stupid way of thinking comes into play and that is God is looking out for us, and the lord wants us to live like that...again Religion!

profile image

roddma 7 years ago

There are poor people right here in America Just turn the block and you'll see foreclosed houses and the like America cant take care of its own people and yet preaches to help neighboring countries liek the Duggars

Good Person 7 years ago

I love this family and your blog is a huge waste of time. It's a free country and they can do what they want. To tell someone they cannot have children or raise them any way they want as long as they are not being abused is communism.

The way they live may be different than most in our society, but it's not wrong. They raise their children to be respectable, responsible and most of all, to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

And yet you took the time to post. I never said they shouldn't have children. I said I found them quite creepy or something to that effect. They put themselves on TV. If they hadn't put themselves on public display, noone would know anything about their lifestyle and create forum for posting their opinions. I approve all comments. Thank you for posting.

alyssen 7 years ago

I think the Duggar's are an amazing family. I have to give them so much respect to be able to take care of such a large family. There is nothing wrong with a courtship. It takes a lot of self control not to even kiss before they were married, and I have much respect for them. I myself was also married at a young age. I am now 21 and have 3 children myself. I can understand why they would want to have many children. As long as they can take care of their children, then it shouldn't matter if they want to have 30 children. Every child is a gift from GOD. They had went through hardships and have also lost children because of contraceptives. I also think that it is great that the family shares their life with us.

ABC 7 years ago

Boy you just cant talk to some people that are so lost in their faith, why do they become so blind, and also Judgemental? after all no one said the Duggers cant have children,......

My advise to all those that beleive the duggers to be right in the way they live.....well good for you I say, just dont preach your iggnorance onto the likes of me, who happens to enjoy this hub page......:)

Dragonfly 7 years ago

After I read this comments, wow it very pretty about negatives and positives... we all are judging their outside of book, but we should judge inside before we judge the outside of book.

ABC 7 years ago

What the hell are you talking about?, at least make what your saying readable to others that would like to make sence of your comment! may have worded it this way, before we judge the person based on how they live, first we must judge our own way of life!!!!!.......instead of the outside book and so forth.

Just a helpful hint thats all, :)

Boston905 7 years ago

I like this blog. I have posted on it and like to return from time to time to read the opinions of others about this insane, irresponsible family. I actually quit watching the show recently because it was just too upsetting for me. I disagree entirely with how they are raising their children (blanket training, female servitude, insular environment, lack of personal choices), with the fact they continue to breed without regard for their other children who end up becoming each new baby's caretaker, lack of respect for our planet's resources, their religious "philosophy", patriarchal attitudes, etc. I could go on and on and on. I think the topper for me, even more than the spooky courtship ritual of the oldest son or the sexist manner in which the daughters are being raised, was when they revealed how a child had to make an appointment to speak with mom or dad. Michelle ~ Jim Bob, how would you have felt as a child to have to make an appointment to talk to your mom and dad about something important?

Dragonfly 7 years ago

Oh I only give my opinionals, if it dont make sense to you and I am deaf person....

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

Dragonfly, I am very familiar with the deaf community and your comments are welcome and valued.

To all: excuse my typos (I was just reading all my past comments and realize there are many typos in them - well there goes being grammatically correct in the age of instant information/communication).

Everyones' comments are welcome and I approve them all. It's an open forum to express our opinons about people who make their intimate lives public. The Duggars are no different than any other reality show personalities or public figures. When you expose yourself, especially on TV, then you have to accept the fact that people will have opinions - you don't have to accept their opinions - just the fact that they have them and, with the internet, their opinons can be made them public and others may be interested in what the common, ordinary person thinks.

So to Dragonfly and everyone else - I welcome you to express your opinion about this very public family - especially in today's climate - whether it be religious, political, or economic.

Anyway, I am thinking about moving this discussion beyond the Duggars into Christianity, Catholicism (what I know), Baptistim, and other religions, etc. I grew up in a family that valued religion - to a point. Certainly, we kids were expected to gain from religious instruction - how I feel about that, what I think about organized religion, what others think - I think, might be a forum that other persons would be interested in.

Yes, I know there are other forums out there that cover these topics. But they are run by individuals that are conversant in the Bible backwards and forwards, who are scholars on religious ideology, and are learned individuals who are way smarter than the rest of us (we?) poor, everyday slobs.

But I wonder what about the rest of us? In these times of struggle, of the middle-aged wrestling with kids and aged parents and their own decline - what do they think and feel about God, a god, religion? What are we ordinary, plain old non-glamorous folks doing to keep body and soul together? Especially those of us that are not so sure (self-assured?) about our own religiousity or for that matter non-religious belief?

I would like to start a chat about the things that trouble us - whether we believe, or not, don't believe, kind of sorta believe, believe now because we are facing a crisis in our health or family health or recent death...whatever the reasons for our interest.

This has always been in the back of mind which is probably why I started this Hub. Because no matter how modern, hip, cool or whatever we think we are today, we cannot let go of that - even a little bit - of the religious indocrination we received as children.

The other reason is that while reviewing comments today, I realized that one of us mentioned a recent family death that made that individual realize what is important and may be not so important (commenting on this family) in the scheme of life of losing a family member - all else pales. Yes, I know what it feels like to lose a family member, but I still say, nay, because we are still here and unless we do away with ourselves and for some of us that is unthinkable for religious or other reasons then we have to remain here until...well what...our Lord calls us? We go "home"? We just die and there is nothing else? Anyway, I say, nay, even through pain and grief. Because I know the discussion of religion and beliefs becomes even more inportant we a loved one dies...will we see them again? Can they see us? Are they happy? With God? With a god? What there a purpose or meaning in their death? What can I do to make it meaningful to me and others?

Because no matter how insigificant we think we are - our thoughts, feelings, and opinions, can touch ourselves as we are reflected in others. So to that person (read back in the comments), I apologize for missing your comment at the moment and not expressing my condolences for the loss of your family that you had experienced and the grief you will always we will all experience in our lives.

A long comment to say....please comment on and will keep every informed on the new HUB I would like to start to discuss things religion that I would like to hear from everyone.

Sorry for the long post...I am feeling philosophical (well I always feel that way) maybe because of the recent choas that is out there. But for some people, the internet is a way to reach out and be touched.

And once again, excuse my typos. I know how to spell and make a grammitical sentence!!!!

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

And yet in the last sentence I still spelled something wrong. Okay I am not writing a college paper, just forgive the typos.

Kat and Jase 7 years ago

Thanks Paulie for your kind words in regards to the recent loss of our son, as the time passes the pain becomes alittle better to handle, yet I dont beleive you ever get over the loss of a loved one.

Personally for me the point I was trying to make was , regardless of what the Duggers beleive in or how they live, they are a family and that in itself is a blessing, more so in this day and age, with so many unloved and unwanted children casted aside by uncaring People that will not and dont want to take responsiblity for them, as far as the Duggers stuctured life style goes, it is abit weird and strange, to me its very old age programming that the children are raised in, yet they are a family and therefore that deserves respect, yet I will not be changing my way for a Duggers way of living, its not for me nor my family..........:)

miranda 7 years ago

the Duggers are wierd. its annoying how they all wear the same clothes. i feel bad for the girls in havig to dress like that..that look has been out for like a century.mrs.dugger should get her tubes tied. havig more children in an economy like this is selfish. i beleive the only reaso they are popping out more children is for fame and money. obviously people are donating everything to them. growing up, my parents couldt even support me and my brother. an average family could never support 20 children. the duggers should getoff tv. they make me sick.

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Paulie 7 years ago Author

To Kat and Jase: I can't imagine losing a family losses (so far) have been my mother and father and older family members. If they had disease, if they were old and had lived long lives, if they had been suffering, it was easy to somehow justify their deaths. But the death of a child, no matter how old...oh boy I can't do it. I have one child...he's an adult...and for whatever bizzare reason that mothers justify to themselves (you know no matter how old they are you sneak in their rooms and listen to make sure they are still breathing), we can never understand or justify a child's death (whether 4 days or 40 years old). We are so important to others (an aside - ever beem invited somewhere and blow it off? So have I...until I had a retirement party for my husband and a friend didn't come...I was so upset and at that moment I realized how each person contributed to that event in their own special way and how much their non presence was missed...and I vowed to attend every event I will ever promise to attend because I realize how much we can be missed)...and we have no idea how important that the fact we exist is important to others...that when we are no longer here for whatever the reason...we leave gigiantic holes in someone else's heart. So in this time of Easter and Passover...count our blessings of family and friends...we for them...and them for us. ...Blessings to all.

For those who have experienced a about them as though they are still here. Quote them. Say, "Remember when so and so did this or that?" Express your grief. Teach others who are uncomfortable (because they don't know what to say to you) that they, too, can share their memories of that person....that you want...need to hear it...and they will your heart.

I suppose that is what the Duggars are...a family...but I still think they are weird!

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Paulie 7 years ago Author

To Kat and Jase: I can't imagine losing a family losses (so far) have been my mother and father and older family members. If they had disease, if they were old and had lived long lives, if they had been suffering, it was easy to somehow justify their deaths. But the death of a child, no matter how old...oh boy I can't do it. I have one child...he's an adult...and for whatever bizzare reason that mothers justify to themselves (you know no matter how old they are you sneak in their rooms and listen to make sure they are still breathing), we can never understand or justify a child's death (whether 4 days or 40 years old). We are so important to others (an aside - ever beem invited somewhere and blow it off? So have I...until I had a retirement party for my husband and a friend didn't come...I was so upset and at that moment I realized how each person contributed to that event in their own special way and how much their non presence was missed...and I vowed to attend every event I will ever promise to attend because I realize how much we can be missed)...and we have no idea how important that the fact we exist is important to others...that when we are no longer here for whatever the reason...we leave gigiantic holes in someone else's heart. So in this time of Easter and Passover...count our blessings of family and friends...we for them...and them for us. ...Blessings to all.

For those who have experienced a about them as though they are still here. Quote them. Say, "Remember when so and so did this or that?" Express your grief. Teach others who are uncomfortable (because they don't know what to say to you) that they, too, can share their memories of that person....that you want...need to hear it...and they will your heart.

I suppose that is what the Duggars are...a family...but I still think they are weird!

jax 7 years ago

What I think is wrong is if the older kids were allowed to go to school the parents wouldn't last a day at home with the younger ones!!! the mother is addicted to having babies and when they are at walking age they are passed on to the older kids to raise so having a big family is great i come from seven being second to oldest i babysat occasionally but never had to give up my childhood to raise my mothers kids!!

ABC 7 years ago

Jax I think large family's are great too, yet draw the line at expecting the older children to be parents to the younger children....this is what is weird I feel in regards to the Dugger family.......

Effie 7 years ago


momof3 7 years ago

The Duggers are NOT pentcostal! They belong to some Baptist church. Most Pentcostal quit dressing like them 30 years ago. I ought to know, I grew up in a pentcostal church and still attend one. That said, I like the Duggers but not Michelle. She gets on my last nerve! She's sickly sweet and it doesn't seem real.

I have an adopted specal needs child from China- I have nothing against having a large family, we would have had more children if we didn't have fertility issues but to me share some of that familylove with a child that has nobody to care. Michelle seems to brag at the beginning of the show that she has 18 children herself. If they love kids so much, adopt one or 20! I think she's addicted to having a newborn and all the fuss that goes with it.

rj 7 years ago

Deplorable example of myopic christianity.

david bihler 7 years ago

permitting any group of people to live off the public dole, specifically

property tax avoidance in the name of religion is in direct violation

of church and state: dear IRS, please audit these "lovable parasites".

ssminow 7 years ago

I think they are weird beyond belief. I found it interesting that one of the daughters couldn't do a simple mathematic problem that any 12 year old should be able to do. On one episode they actually left one of the children and went sailing off on the babyexpress before returning to gather the crying child.

I think they are a sham, fraud and just plain ....BULLSHIT.

Anonymous 7 years ago

I think that this family lives in a bubble...To me I think that it is kind of sad that they are so far removed from what is going on around them in the world. Just because everyone is not like them doesnt mean that everyone is bad...To them having sex or even kissing out of wedlock is if a teenager has unprotected sex why is that a sin and not 'one of god's blessings'....

boston905 7 years ago

Well, it didn't take the oldest son long to start his own baby train. Just read he and his bride are expecting a child in October, 2009. I actually wondered what had taken them so long. They were married all of 4months before she got pregnant. I'm sure we'll be hearing soon that Michelle is pregnant again. Her newest infant is now 4 months old ~ she has about one a year so I guess it's time for her to spit out another one.

If each Duggar child reproduces at the rate of their parents, within five generations there will be ONE MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY EIGHT DUGGARS descended from Michelle & Jim Bob. Heaven help us.

ABC 7 years ago

Your Right Boston905, the breeding train has begun, boy Michelle and Jimbob should be real proud of the fact they have achieved the out come they were looking for, and that was to brain wash their children into the same mind frame thinking that they have...:)

ABC 7 years ago

david I think Jimbob was elected as some form of government official, not to sure on that one as I read it somewhere, yet if he was do you think the IRS would check them out? I dont think so as he would have many so call friends in government and I dare say the IRS too, Here in Australia many a bad government official's do get away with almost anything and have many loop holes to crawl through, like we say here if you want to committ a crime that you can get away with get into politic's, you sure to get away with anything, they have no justise to answer as far as the duggers go, I beleive they have explored the beniefts and a ways to advoid paying any taxes.....hmmmmm

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Jay Cee 7 years ago

The only thing I like about watching the show is finding little slips that are allowed in. Like the day they went shopping as a family - they bought all of of the kids used shoes (like that's really good for a growing child's foot - I bet the parents don't wear used shoes; well maybe the mom, but I'm darn sure not the dad) then went to a warehouse type store for groceries. Did anyone notice the dad putting a CASES of Pringles Potato Chips on the check out? Come on now - you can't buy your kids a NEW pair of shoes, but you can buy cases of potato chips??? Also in the same show, one of the girls said she liked the shopping trips because "we get to go out". I think that's sad that a child rarely gets to see the outside world. They rarely watch TV, their computer time is limited (and you better believe they aren't allowed to surf the net), and they don't socialize....What type of education in life are these children really getting ? Well, on one of the shows one girl told us - Her goal is to get married and have lots of children. These girls aren't even aware they have choices. Well, like many have said before, they will have tons of experience in child rearing, they have literally raised their younger siblings. I guess others also wondered where the money came from since the show openings now include that they "make ends meet" from rent they receive from commercial properties ......I wonder where they got the bus they travel in - looks like it was really inexpensive. Religion aside, most ppl don't have huge families these days because they simply can't afford to house, feed, clothe and educate them. Well, I haven't seen anyone applying to, or attending college (or any institution of higher learning for that matter) so I guess that's one expense the Duggars don't worry about, and the cookie cutter dresses and thrift shop polo shirts shouldn't cost them much, and they sure don't have any barber/beauty shop expense (every time I see the mom I feel like dragging her to a salon and getting her hair styled). If anyone saw the recent show about the power outage you saw some pretty wound up kids (makes me want to see a REAL day in their lives, not one altered for the camera). Personally, as far as I'm concerned they can have as many kids as they can support - however, allow these kids some individuality, allow them to experience the real world, and give them some choices. It will be interesting to read about these kids in years to come - who will become an alcoholic, drug addict or even worse because they cannot cope with the real world...........SAD but it most likely will happen to at least one of them, since unlike even the Amish who give their kids a chance at the age of 18 to see the outside world before making a life decision, the Duggar's won't allow any choices.

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Jay Cee 7 years ago

The only thing I like about watching the show is finding little slips that are allowed in. Like the day they went shopping as a family - they bought all of of the kids used shoes (like that's really good for a growing child's foot - I bet the parents don't wear used shoes; well maybe the mom, but I'm darn sure not the dad) then went to a warehouse type store for groceries. Did anyone notice the dad putting a CASES of Pringles Potato Chips on the check out? Come on now - you can't buy your kids a NEW pair of shoes, but you can buy cases of potato chips??? Also in the same show, one of the girls said she liked the shopping trips because "we get to go out". I think that's sad that a child rarely gets to see the outside world. They rarely watch TV, their computer time is limited (and you better believe they aren't allowed to surf the net), and they don't socialize....What type of education in life are these children really getting ? Well, on one of the shows one girl told us - Her goal is to get married and have lots of children. These girls aren't even aware they have choices. Well, like many have said before, they will have tons of experience in child rearing, they have literally raised their younger siblings. I guess others also wondered where the money came from since the show openings now include that they "make ends meet" from rent they receive from commercial properties ......I wonder where they got the bus they travel in - looks like it was really inexpensive. Religion aside, most ppl don't have huge families these days because they simply can't afford to house, feed, clothe and educate them. Well, I haven't seen anyone applying to, or attending college (or any institution of higher learning for that matter) so I guess that's one expense the Duggars don't worry about, and the cookie cutter dresses and thrift shop polo shirts shouldn't cost them much, and they sure don't have any barber/beauty shop expense (every time I see the mom I feel like dragging her to a salon and getting her hair styled). If anyone saw the recent show about the power outage you saw some pretty wound up kids (makes me want to see a REAL day in their lives, not one altered for the camera). Personally, as far as I'm concerned they can have as many kids as they can support - however, allow these kids some individuality, allow them to experience the real world, and give them some choices. It will be interesting to read about these kids in years to come - who will become an alcoholic, drug addict or even worse because they cannot cope with the real world...........SAD but it most likely will happen to at least one of them, since unlike even the Amish who give their kids a chance at the age of 18 to see the outside world before making a life decision, the Duggar's won't allow any choices.

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Jay Cee 7 years ago

The only thing I like about watching the show is finding little slips that are allowed in.  Like the day they went shopping as a family - they bought all of of the kids used shoes (like that's really good for a growing child's foot - I bet the parents don't wear used shoes; well maybe the mom, but I'm darn sure not the dad) then went to a warehouse type store for groceries.  Did anyone notice the dad putting a CASES of Pringles Potato Chips on the check out?  Come on now - you can't buy your kids a NEW pair of shoes, but you can buy cases of potato chips???  Also in the same show, one of the girls said she liked the shopping trips because "we get to go out".  I think that's sad that a child rarely gets to see the outside world.  They rarely watch TV, their computer time is limited (and you better believe they aren't allowed to surf the net), and they don't socialize outside of families just like their own....What type of education in life are these children really getting ?  Well, on one of the shows one girl told us - Her goal is to get married and have lots of children.  These girls aren't even aware they have choices.  Well, like many have said before, they will have tons of experience in child rearing, they have literally raised their younger siblings.  I guess others also wondered where the money came from since the show openings now include that they "make ends meet" from rent they receive from commercial properties ......I wonder where they got the bus they travel in - looks like it was really inexpensive.  Religion aside, most ppl don't have huge families these days because they simply can't afford to house, feed, clothe and educate them.  Well, I haven't seen anyone applying to, or attending college (or any institution of higher learning for that matter) so I guess that's one expense the Duggars don't worry about, and the cookie cutter dresses and thrift shop polo shirts shouldn't cost them much, and they sure don't have any barber/beauty shop expense (every time I see the mom I feel like dragging her to a salon and getting her hair styled).  If anyone saw the recent show about the power outage you saw some pretty wound up kids (makes me want to see a REAL day in their lives, not one altered for the camera).  Personally, as far as I'm concerned they can have as many kids as they can support - however, allow these kids some individuality, allow them to experience the real world, and give them some choices.  It will be interesting to read about these kids in years to come - who will become an alcoholic, drug addict or even worse because they cannot cope with the real world...........SAD but it most likely will happen to at least one of them, since unlike even the Amish who give their kids a chance at the age of 18 to see the outside world before making a life decision, the Duggar's won't allow any choices.

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Jay Cee 7 years ago

Instead of the Duggars going out of the US to offer assistance to others, it would have been really nice to see a show about them traveling to Appalachia to bring gifts and necessities. Or how about a show where Michelle and the girls make shrouds for the poor babies of Appalachia (many mothers there don't even have anything for them to wear in death) due to the high infant mortality rate. Let them learn of the poverty right in this county, not too far from where they live.

Donna 7 years ago

Here's a thought...think you'll ever see this family on Nanny 911? No Way! Sadly, those families probably more accurately portray the average American family experience than the Duggar family. It is interesting to watch a family function as such a cohesive, cooperative unit. All religious prejudices and beliefs aside, I am encouraged by the kindness they consistently demonstrate toward one another.

star 7 years ago

they don't socialize outside of families just like their own i think this is very races

Raven 7 years ago

I used to watch the show a lot, I do admit that seeing such a large family from only one woman was fascinating to me.

Until I saw the episode about the family going to the Creationalist museum. *gagging* To say that humans lived side by side with the dinosaurs and the world was only 6000 years old made me nauseated... And their comments about how man "didn't" evolve from apes did it for me, I changed channels on the spot. It has been proven that we share about 98% of our DNA with chimps... Do they discount the fact that DNA exists too???

Like others, I see one of the children going nuts and either really rebelling and writing a tell all book or having a really bad case of culture shock and winding up in the nuthouse after seeing what the world is like outside of their bubble.


Thus being said, I am not against people having huge families. It's when they start trying to shove their religious beliefs down other people's throats that really annoys me. I believe in freedom of religion and they way the Duggars act, they think EVERYONE should believe exactly what they do, and that attitude is not welcome around others a good part of the time.

The blanket training... That really really made me upset, that's abuse in my opinion. Children need to explore the world around them, their PARENTS have to make sure the area is safe first and if one has to hit a child because they moved out of a certain area, the person who hit the child should be whipped within an inch of their life in my opinion!!


Viv 7 years ago

Do you not realize the way these people live was the norm for most of our world's history? They crazy way that we currently live in the US is NOT normal it is chaotic. This family is an example of what love and discipline look like. This is foreign to most young people who have grown up in a cynical society that has constantly dumbed them down. There is nothing "creepy" or freakish about being happy.

It saddens me to see some many youth of today waste themselves in pursuit of nothing. Texting constantly, yet having no REAL relationships. Desperately lonely in a group of "friends." Empty.

They are not selfishly trying to "clone" themselves they are trusting God to give them as many children as HE want to. It's about faith.

ABC 7 years ago

What a stupid remark....They are trusting God to give them as many children as HE wants too.....that is the most stupid dumb remark I have read in awhile, its time people understood having children is not deemed by a faith nor anything related, and sure is not determed By God, its the body and a group of hormons and the right enviorment for a womans body to reproduce, GOD has nothing what so ever to do with conception........Michelle's body alone will determine how many children she will pop out, and also while determine if they will be normal and healthy....that is a basic knowledge of how they human body works, now to say God will give them as many children as he calls fit, is a very guallable way of thinking and maybe if people do beleive that, need to go back to school and pay attention to what the teacher in human developement is telling them.......stupid people!

Boston905 7 years ago

Viv, do you REALLY believe that God is personally responsible for the number of children the Duggars or any other humans on the face of the Earth have? "...trusting God to give them as many children as HE wants to" is a very scary concept. If you take this type of thinking a step further, you are basically saying that all the illegitimate children born to young teenagers were pre-ordained by God. Does your way of thinking also apply to the children born of rape or incest or is it just children born to Christians in wedlock?

It's not about "faith", it's about the evolutionary process which drives humans to procreate. The Duggars are just a pair of homosapiens procreating at a selfish and totally irresponsible rate and then deeming their actions religious by stating that God is really the one in charge. I just don't get this way of thinking.

ABC 7 years ago

Boston905 its about time someone with some brains finally wrote something that is so suprises me that some out there think this way, I am all for free speach and so forth, yet when someone writes the stupid remark about the duggers I think Oh my God are they for real????? you wrote your tread with such illteligence....well done!

disturbed 7 years ago

While I understand the joy parenting brings, I don't understand why these people don't adopt......and at some point these kids being deprived of normal experiences like going to school, hanging out with kids of different backgrounds or religions are going to come back to haunt these people.....and with so many kids, at least one of them is going to be gay..hopefully they won't tar and feather the kid

zoe 7 years ago

Why do people have to quote the bible word by word? Why don't they see that some of it is out of date? i.e. to have as many children as possible, to me, that was to ward off the high motality rate of babies back then. But today almost all kids survive and average life span has improved many folds. Plus today we are no longer farming, ranching, where having enough labors were so crucial.

Serenita' 7 years ago

These people are rather strange. Interesting how odd behavior is considered acceptable as long as it is under the guise of religion. Non-stop pregnancies, forcing the girls (and mother) to wear their hair long and long, "PA Dutch" like attire, (long prairie like skirts) is rather disturbing to me. Just another way to keep women down, which is what ALL religions do anyway. Why is there such a need in this country to behave in such extreme ways in order to be considered a Christian. I just don't get it. Gee, if Jesus were alive today what would he think?? I don't think that was the purpose of Christian teachings.

ed 7 years ago

I think the Duggers are cool. I love watching their show, they all seem so happy and positive. I wish my family was more like that. Im not religious at all but I can really appreciate their core values, and the Mum seems like the sweetest lady you could ever meet.

moon 7 years ago

I think they are great, and you are just jealous because you are so disfunctional. Who wouldn't want to live with so much love around them, as they obviously do.

Smacky 7 years ago

Oh please moon. Console yourself with our wickedness. I am a Christian and I get what is going on here very clearly. when the mother reaches down and whispers in her sons ear "Stop it or you'll get a time out" the boy knows she really means this is code for "Your going to get a beating." There is no way you can have such absolute control of children without beating them behind closed doors. this can make any child seem "perfect" if they are trained to look that way. this is really CULT BEHAVIOR----plain and simple!!!!

Please go back to your compounds. and STOP BLAMING GOD FOR YOUR IRRATIONAL BeLIEFS and CHOICES!!!!!!

Taylor 7 years ago

the duggar family is cool. i dont see why everybody is making fun of them. i think the parents are cool for keeping their temper all of the time. i wish the very best for this family and hope that all of the kids grow up to be very sucessful.

feenix851 7 years ago

Believe it or not---this WAS the norm many years ago and I think it is refreshing to see that we have families with morals and children that are well behaved in this troubling world today. My mother (88 yrs old) and father (deceased) both had 14 and 12, respectfully in their families and this was during the depression. It not only did not hurt them but helped them to become very strong individuals in their adult lives. I could not do this but I commend the Duggars!

Openmind 7 years ago

I like this family- they are different (for obvious reasons), but I think they are raising some really great kids with really great values. I love how Josh treats his new wife, Anna- he is so sweet to her. While they do things a bit different from the rest of us, let's not judge too quickly. Their way of living works for them and they aren't hurting anyone. What if your life was broadcast for everyone to see? What would people be saying about you?

Ava 7 years ago

I can't understand how Michelle looks so beautiful, not a sag, bag, or wrinkle, how???? With alllll those children, her husband, always happy and smiling, and calm. How?? I just simply cannot understand how incredibly beautiful she is, and her face and skin, not one sign of ' I AM TIRED '. Your opinion comments, I would love to read.

Boston905 7 years ago

Well, it's because her daughters are doing all the work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You would also have to consider that a woman's hormone level is at its highest when she is pregnant and because this woman is popping out a child at the rate of about one a year, her estrogen/progesterone levels are always elevated.

lmb 7 years ago

These people need to be arrested for child abuse. The children, especially the girls, are slaves. They are just trying to breed their own cult of little religious nut, right wing voters.

Ava 7 years ago

Boston905: Hey! Thanks! You know, I never considered the estrogen/progesterone levels! Smart person you are! Thanks for responding, and giving your opinion, I appreciate it. I was really hoping people would give their opinion/view on my query, and you did, again, thanks!

i h8 the duggars 7 years ago

This family is so annoying and they think their all that bcuz they have a freakshow of a family. They should join the circus. JOHN AND KATE ARE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My grandma gave birth to 15 kids and u dont see her boasting on the tv. The parents are fakes. They say they are religious when they make the older kids work as slaves. I wish the parents the worst ever!!!

amy 7 years ago

i cannot stand this preachers!...god this and god that...For being holy people that certainly like having Sex!

Hmm... 7 years ago

Just another example of stupid, selfish, attention seeking people if you ask me. It really bothers me, TLC would glorify any people like this. Hey, TLC!!! You should do a show on octa-mom. The world doesn't need you to have child for them. We all know the money to feed your addiction "have children" is coming from the state and the church offering.

OpenMinded 7 years ago

You all criticizing need to calm down. Real Christian do not point out fault. In America we have something called Freedom of Religion. Also, for the people that say the girls need to dress more fashionably... YOU are the reason girls are bulimic, cutting themselves, having sex, etc. JUST TO FIT IN. This life is not for everyone but we should not judge them. Also, we do not know all the facts Tiger1981 you do not need to spread blasphemy. I am adopted and it is a blessing but adoption is also very expensive while having sex with your husband is free. Adopting from other countries can cost 25 to 50k sometimes. As newlyweds I am sure they could not have afforded that.

OpenMinded 7 years ago

Also, maybe if my older brothers had helped care for me they would have some more life skills. They also might be a little more responsible. It is not all bad there is some benefit to working as a child. I worked on a farm every day of my life working for what I wanted. I have some very valuable life skills for doing other peoples' dirty work. Let me just state that I was NOT paid. 15 years 25-30 hours a week no pay

Sharon 7 years ago

Anyone who is so unhappy within themselves will always find fault with others who are living right and doing the right things. They are an example of what American families should be, then there wouldn't be so much violence, etc. Feel sorry for you all you negative people, why cant' you be happy for someone like the Duggars.

Josie 7 years ago

To the Duggers: STOP F**KING, for Christ's sake!

Her vagina must be helluva canyon. I'm just sooooo disgusted by them, and God this and that, it's just down right creepy.I do agree that their kids are well-behaved and polite. That's a miracle, considering that most family siblings fight and do stuff to each other! But this family is acting like robots and since they don't interact with the rest of the world, maybe they will start having inbred children? Hooo noooooooooooooooooo!

Josie 7 years ago

To the Duggers: STOP F**KING, for Christ's sake!

Her vagina must be helluva canyon. I'm just sooooo disgusted by them, and God this and that, it's just down right creepy.I do agree that their kids are well-behaved and polite. That's a miracle, considering that most family siblings fight and do stuff to each other! But this family is acting like robots and since they don't interact with the rest of the world, maybe they will start having inbred children? Hooo noooooooooooooooooo!

amber 7 years ago

environmentally irresponsible...among other things...

JimDan 7 years ago

The only time the Duggars help out their fellow man is when the network picks up the dime. These people are materialistic, opportunistic, and totally consumed with pleasures of the flesh or a video opportunity to make themselves look good.

On a episode, JimBob gets a free baseball outing with freebees for all and a luxury box. He is so arrogant, he tries to explain the game to his brood even though he doesn't knows the first thing about the game or the rules.

Third world countries know baseball, but not the Duggars.

I guess in the country of Duggar, baseball hasn't been introduced yet. Idiots like poster Jennifer should move to Duggarland and experience the life of a Duggar female in bondage to the men and then comment. Another poser!

karen 7 years ago

ok, to all the people who are hating on the duggars you are just jealous of what they have and you are proablly in so much debt and hate your own life i love my life and im expecting my 3rd child at 23 and married and i live fine i live acording to Gods will and im so happy and rich bc of that i don't thik ill have 18 kids and im not saying anyone should but why do you care what they do is it hurting you personally no, i didn't think so at least they take care of there kids which is more than i can say for you haters you pobablly spend what 2 hrs a day with yours and a nanny raises them thats messed up so stop hating and get over yourself

Isadora 7 years ago

The thing that bother me is how indoctrinated this children are.... they can't even choose their own clothes or hairstyle? I see a big lack of individualism in these kids

Natas 7 years ago

Another major problem with the insulation of the kids from society, is their home schooling.

One person can't possibly teach classes ranging in different ages in any effective manner (different grades, kids that can't read mixed with teenagers, lack of social interaction that developes real-world skills).

The kid's education will be highly limited and, of course, very dogmatic. I doubt they could even function outside of the family, and therefore are trapped into the lifestyle their parents created for them.

Natas 7 years ago


2 months ago

I can't understand how Michelle looks so beautiful, not a sag, bag, or wrinkle, how???? With alllll those children, her husband, always happy and smiling, and calm. How?? I just simply cannot understand how incredibly beautiful she is, and her face and skin, not one sign of ' I AM TIRED '. Your opinion comments, I would love to read."


In my opinion, she looks very plain.

Not one sign of "I am tired" because she has a brood of worker bees to take care of the youngens (her older daughters do all the work).

Of course she doesn't look tired when the Duggar system is for the kids to take care of the kids, wheras a typical mother of two likely puts in more hands-on work than Michelle. Say what you will about their positive virutes, but there is a degree of exploitation of their children in their lifestyle. (I doubt one of the older girls has the CHOICE to say: "No mom, why don't you take care of your own babies today, I want to go study and pursue a career.")

Aqua 7 years ago

Omg! I can't beleive that she is pregnant again. Somebody should go get her "fixed" like how they do dog.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

Wishing for menopause. This is just getting embarrassing by now.

SATANS-GRANNY 7 years ago


Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

CNN show "Issues" declare the Duggars as examples of what not to do. They are referred to as resource hogs. What does everyone think of that?

Becky 7 years ago

In light of global warming and depleating resources having 19 children in this day and age is a sin against the enviroment

Boston905 7 years ago

As I predicted in my post of five months ago, I knew another Duggar would be on the way soon. Those poor daughters will have another mouth to care for soon ~ not Michelle and certainly not Jim Bob. This is just beyond irresponsible. There is something seriously wrong with the mind-frame of these parents.

Amending the possible number of offspring born to this nut case family within five generations if they reproduce at the rate of their parents: 2,476,099 Duggars descended from Michelle & Jim Bob. That's alot of diapers, food, clothing, natural resources, fossil fuel, etc. Can't they adopt if they want such a large family? How egotistical is it that they have to continue breeding in this manner?

Amber Berglund 7 years ago

Back in the pioneer days, families needed to produce a lot of children to work the farm. Before the industrial revolution, a lot of this farm equipment wasn't in use. Also, there was a high rate of childhood mortality. Kids died back then. Take a look at Thomas Jefferson, as rich as he was, five or six of his "legitimate" children died, as did his wife. This Duggar family situation wouldn't have been possible without modern science. Someone, if not several of these children would have died. Michelle might have died and JimBob (or whatever his name is) would have remarried and those children would have different genes than the first batch of children with his first wife.

If this goes on for centuries in this town, there's going to be a lot of in-breeding, resulting in genetic disorders like hemophilia.

Why didn't the Duggars adopt at some point? If they wanted more children, couldn't they have saved a few from orphanages? There are abandoned children in the United States who need homes, even as I type this.

7 years ago

She's pregnant AGAIN from what I just saw on TV. Let me vomit. Good example for women... guess we are just here to have 90 kids if our husband wants it. That isn't even good for her body.

I feel bad for the oldest kids, they are forced to raise the other ones, take care of them all the time, and there's no way all the kids can all get attention from their parents. I'm sure the kids will need a lot of therapy down the road.

Like someone else said, if the parents really care, adopt kids instead. But nope they want money and attention. And there's no way they are paying for all of those kids each year, I bet they are getting government money.

Kat and Jase 7 years ago

hey everyone, I have'nt been on here for sometime, and when I thought just go see what is going on, I could'nt believe my ear's Michelle is having baby number 19, it was at that stage I just sat laughing, god I have been away for what seems a while must have been 6 months have passed since the last dugger was born, so yep baby number 19 is well on its way.

maybe if I was the medical doctor to Mrs Duggers I would be sitting down all the family and stating the truth to them, "look having as many pregancies as Mum is having can be dangerous to Michelle and to the unborn baby", maybe talking to the children rather than the parents maybe the way to go, as Michelle and Jimbob live in a non real world, and really dont care if a child is born with medical problems or worst both die as a result, because they both play the risk game each and every pregancy, I believe the Duggers should be praising the lord for all the children they do have that are born normal and healthy, and concentrate on that rather than continue to play russian rollette with lives, because not only are they risking their lives with having baby after baby, yet they are putting their other children in a position they may not have a mother due to her neglect, so I say sit the kids down give them the facts and I bet then pressure would be put on both parents to stop to call it a day, after all truth comes out of babies mouths, so let them talk to mum and dad.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

Yeah she was quite pleased, thought no more were coming. Its a blessing, she'll be palming this one off to the oldest one in no time.

Michele 7 years ago

I agree. She's like a plaindressed, plain looking Stepford wife. And the kids creep me out too. Seriously how much brainwashing is required to force the kids to buddy up and raise their younger siblings? Time and Time again. And yes if it's so normal to have all these kids why does she stwitch obgyns every few kids? Why cause they're probably being told enough already something will happen.

Torns 7 years ago

I think that it is incredibly risky for Mrs Duggar to be having another baby, not only because of her age but because there are great health risks for the unborn child too. I understand that they do not believe in contraception but they need to think of the implications this will leave on their other children and as for Jim Bob's wish to ban all forms contraception I have just one thing to say to you "try and stop me from acting responsible and taking care of myself so that my children have a loving MOTHER to look after them not an older sibbling". When the children start to leave home as most of the elder ones will inevitably do over the next few years who will be there to help her if she does become seriously ill or her health suffers as a result of this pregnancy. There are some that will say that if they have the means to support a family this big then let them continue to have children but my question to those people is When is enough enough? and are they really supporting themslves? NO they pay no taxes, that is wrong if they don't pay taxes then they shouldn't have the right to vote and have a sayon how the country is run. It is certainly too late when the Duggar children are lowering their mother into the ground as she has passed too early. Then there are those that say people who have a "negative" opinion of this latest pregnancy don't have faith in their lives or do not believe in god, my message to you is that it may be a gross misjudgement on your view as not everyone who believes in god lets god dictate to them how to live their lives, the first thing i learned in religious studies at school was NOT to believe everything you read in the bible, this came from a brother as I went to a cathloic school. Some of the people that have a so called negative view may actually be health care professionals and could just be showing a genuine concern for Mrs duggar, as it is obvious that others may not.

I am a health care professional I know the risks of falling pregnant so soon after a c section. This woman is psychotic her last baby was delivered via c section so it is obvious she has no idea of the risks or has such disregard to her own health that she just simply does not care. If you ask any doctor that about how long you should wait before falling pregnant again they will tell you 18 to 24 months before should try to conceive. She is a very Stupid Woman. I pity the poor children of this family they have no idea what the real world is like. I lived next to a family like this when I was going up a couple of the children turned out to be gay, 2 of their daughters had children out of wedlock and were disowned, their eldest ended up divorced twice and another refuses to speak to their parents. The Duggar children are so sheltered and it is really disturbing that they have no abitions outside of being like their parents.

Caitie 7 years ago

I think these people are all around nice people and as long as they can financially support their children and are not abusing them in any way it their business the way they live their life. They so seem like they are colsing their children off from educational opportunities. They tend to expose them to only creationism, and prevent their children from learning scientific theories thiat chellenge this theory.

Judy 7 years ago

And who raises these babies and infants, the older children become surrogate parents and each older child is responsible for caring for a younger child. How is that normal for a child growing up. Some day, these children will be in the news headlines going "Postal". They do not live in the real world.

torns 7 years ago

They do not live period the are autobots doing what their parents want them to do. It reminds me of the move Virgin Sucides, the kids in that movie were so sheltered and weren't allowed to do anything that ALL 5 children killed them selves just to escape. What these parents are doing is a form of child abuse just that noone recognises it as abuse the fundies see it as a "good wholesome christian family" raising their kids right. When will it stop if this family does not want to be critised then they shouldn't plaster their lives all over television. As for finacially supportinging themselves without government help that is easy to do when you DO NOT PAY TAXES

D-LO 7 years ago

Any normal person can see these people are very disturbed.

Katie 7 years ago

I think these parents are incredibly irresponsible for having so many children. Our world has limited resources and it is becoming more overpopulated at a scary rate. They need to think about future generations. Think about if each of their children then had 18 kids and then each of them have 18 children. How can they not see how socially irresponsible they are being? And those poor kids can't possible get the individual attention kids need from their parents. I came from a family where I was the oldest of 6. I love my parents, but I resent them for having so many children. I was forced to act like a mini mom when I was a child myself. I see my siblings fight for my parents limited attention and it makes me sad that parents put their own needs in front of their children's needs. God gave us birth control for a reason.

Robin 7 years ago

Why do we continue to praise this family and shine the spotlight on them? They keep having children and then they make the older children raise the new additions. The older children each have a sibling they are responsible for getting up, getting dressed, making sure teeth are brushed and hair is combed and so on. I thought that was a parent's responsibility! It sickens me to see how these children's childhoods are taken away because they have to raise the children their parents keep having. I will never watch this show. I watched the documentary many years ago and that was enough for me.

torns 7 years ago

And it gets better folks if this family wasn't sick enough lets make our Daughter in law give bbirth at Home and then broadcast it for the world to see. ENOUGH is Enough no more DUGGAR specials please. Lets just hope that Anna has a back bone and puts her foot down on the amount of children she wants.

Rachel Perkins 7 years ago

Okay, for whoever thinks that the Duggars are Mormon, they aren't. They are baptist according to their website. Mormons ARE christians and so are baptists. So pleaseee stop with the Mormon stereotypes! They are stupid, and untrue. Mormons believe in everything most normal Christians believe in. We are not cults and most of us don't even have large families. My family is made of 3 children and we believe that God is our Heavenly Father and Jesus is his son. If you would like to learn more about our religion so you can stop sounding ridiculous, visit . Please stop being judgmental and learn to care about yourselves.

The Duggars have a lot of good beliefs but I think that they overly dramatize about them. That's my opinion! They can have as many children as they want... as long as their kids behave themselves! But just remember.... a lot of people from a long time ago have had like 21 children.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

Now's she competing with her daughter-in-law.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

Now's she competing with her daughter-in-law.

Mike 7 years ago

the duggars are bad parents they took them to this creation museum once in an episode and it showed how dinosaurs lived with man because the earth is only 6000 years old and the sharp teeth were used for chewing vegetables because there was no death ok if people still want to be religous in this day and age for some reason then thats fine but when you spoon feed this mis information to children it puts you in the boat of bad parents just because they are morons who think the earth is 6000 years old and that tyranasauros rex ate vegetables thats there own idiotic problem but when you teach this to your own children it becomes child abuse

torns 7 years ago

They are full of S*&t thats what they are. As I said before enough is enough when you subject your daughter in law to giving birth on tv for ratings then thats going to far. Josh should be a man and say no i don't want that broadcast. It is so hypocritical of this family, we are "modest" people we don't show alot of skin because we believe that is for your partner to see. But we will exploit our daughter in law and show her giving birth PLEASE someone rescue the children of this family so they don't have to be subjected to anymore abuse

imsikofu 7 years ago

i think this religion sounds like a great way to get back at muslims who are taking over the world-

Theresa 7 years ago

Who cares? They are happy. You are all subject to your own beliefs as they are too. EVERYONE is raised differently. You all should realize this by now. What you may find weird, others may find normal, or what they find normal you find weird.

melissa Smith 7 years ago

Oh I absolutely love this family!!! It is so sad to read some of these criticisms from people who don't understand where this family is coming from.They are a loving and very devoted to God.My hands are applauding for showing them on tv.I hope they will always show others like us viewers an example of being Jesus' followers.

Torns 7 years ago

hey melissa you need your head read sweetheart you supporting this family is exactly what is wrong with this society. Its people like you who probably lobby for an end to captial punishment and say we shouldn't smack our kids when they do something wrong. OPEN your eyes. If you breed a bunch of robots like the duggars have then you really aren't contributing productivly to society. But I guess like the duggars my taxes are probably paying for you too. Oh and by the way if you like the Duggars do not believe in evolution and eveything that it and modern science brings with it can you please explain WHY it is then that you take full advantage of the health care system?

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

Join me on the Duggar forum. Discuss the Duggars.

Christine 7 years ago

The Duggar family are the epitomy of true Christian values- misunderstood by an increasingly bizarre world punctuated by foul language, ignominious "reality show" lifestyles, fuelled by materialistic self-serving greed.

How desperately sad that young women are compelled to sacrifice their virginity to adolescents who have not been taught to respect and revere the future mothers of mankind

Torns 7 years ago

Christine you are whats wrong with society, why don't you open your eyes to the real world. You say it is sad that adolescents sacrifice their virginity, we were all given brains and it is an individuals choice whether or not they wait to have sex not YOURS or the Churches. You say that they haven't been taught to respect and revere the "future" mothers of mankind, if the duggar girls are a picture of what the future of mankind are gong to be then this world is going to be in shambles as they will create duggarbots that are ignorant to everything but what the bible teaches and respect is something that is earned NOT taught. Can you please explain to me what creationism has to do with how thee world came about when there is clear scientific evidence that the world is in fact older then 6000 years old i.e. Dinosaur fossils are 65 million years old or older the first signs of humans were detected over over 6 million years ago. If they are the Epitomy of TRUE Christian values then christianity has deviated from the road it was on when i was at school, and if THEIR version of christianity is what is accepted today (which i think we both know it is not) then it is no wonder people are turning away from religion in droves. Once again I compell you Fundy right winged nuts to OPEN YOUR EYES and step back into reality.

Torns 7 years ago

Christine you are whats wrong with society, why don't you open your eyes to the real world. You say it is sad that adolescents sacrifice their virginity, we were all given brains and it is an individuals choice whether or not they wait to have sex not YOURS or the Churches. You say that they haven't been taught to respect and revere the "future" mothers of mankind, if the duggar girls are a picture of what the future of mankind are gong to be then this world is going to be in shambles as they will create duggarbots that are ignorant to everything but what the bible teaches and respect is something that is earned NOT taught. Can you please explain to me what creationism has to do with how thee world came about when there is clear scientific evidence that the world is in fact older then 6000 years old i.e. Dinosaur fossils are 65 million years old or older the first signs of humans were detected over over 6 million years ago. If they are the Epitomy of TRUE Christian values then christianity has deviated from the road it was on when i was at school, and if THEIR version of christianity is what is accepted today (which i think we both know it is not) then it is no wonder people are turning away from religion in droves. Once again I compell you Fundy right winged nuts to OPEN YOUR EYES and step back into reality.

Jessica 7 years ago

Wow, everyone here is extremely judgmental of this family. I think you all know how the saying goes about @ssholes and opinions. This family is interesting, that's for sure. To each his own. Like all of you, I have an opinion about them, but after reading all of your comments and relaizing how ridiculous you all sound, I'm just going to keep my opinion to myself. MYOB people. If you don't like them, don't watch their show. It's really that simple.

Meg 7 years ago

Can you idiots who are boasting about grandmas and grandpas with many siblings understand that people had LOTS of kids back then because child mortality was high?!

12 kids is okay... 19? Idk how good that is... let's just hope they're Green Friendly.

Also, I hope the sexy daughter, Jessa, breaks free from them... She's too pretty to be stuck there

Artemis 7 years ago

Wow. Someone needs to tell the Duggars that God is not real. It bet you any money that their excuse for "Yes, God's real" is that the bible says so. Well, that also means that Neverland is real, and so are magical faries and wizards and dragons because a book says they are, so it must be true. Also, dinosaurs were around 65 million years ago and if Adam and Eve were a caucasian christian couple, where did all the different races and religions come from? The only "proof" they have is a magic storybook and the Flintstones. What idiots.

Paul_in_AZ 7 years ago

WOW, I find some things amazing about this thread:

The level of hate and intolerance coming from people who preach tolerance is incredible. Why don't we just call them evil jews and gas them? (And those who will resort to Goodwin's law with regard to my analogy, thy can just tell Goodwin to take his law and shove it. The truth is that analogies between how the world sees Christians these days and how Jews were seen during the Nazis are becoming quite accurate.

Fortunately we know what the source of this hate is, so we're not surprised.

I do think that the Duggars are overdoing things in some areas, and although I'm somewhat of a fundamentalist at heart, I wouldn't go as far as them, I would still pick their family any day over some families with parents as hateful as the comments show here.

There is also obvious MISINFORMATION being spread here with malicious intent. I'm sure the Duggars are not perfect people, and they might even do a few things that are wrong, but that still does not excuse the hate and the false accusations being spread here. I grew up Pentecostal, and I doubt they're Pentecostal, I'm pretty sure they're not mormons either, they're most likely just very fundamentalist Baptists, the Bill Gothard type. And even if they are part of some cult, it's none of any of your freegin business. Sadly, the saying "We live in a free country" is not true anymore as there are hordes of rabbid moonbats out there who can't stand the thought of a simple family exercising their freedom of religion. These are the same people who go ballistic at the thought of laws being made against allowing women to murder their unborn children.

WOE to those who call that which is good, evil and that which is evil, good.

skippy 7 years ago

Nobody can imagine that a woman would want to stay at home and raise kids; therefore, she must be brainwashed, right? Society views children as burdens that prevent us from living "real" lives; therefore there's no way they can all be loved and cherished? It's sad that people see a happy family and think there's got to be something wrong with them. What happened to being open-minded ? Is different automatically bad? Or does tolerance no longer apply to religious people?

And to the people who say the Duggars are too insulated and don't know anything about the world... they take frequent trips and vacations, and spend time with other people in the community. They have family members who don't subscribe to their beliefs, but they still welcome and accept them.

skippy 7 years ago

Also, in a recent episode, one of the younger daughters said they could wear pants if they wanted to, they just choose not to. Why is it so hard to imagine kids who have religious beliefs? Not all kids are rebellious and hate their parents.

Willard 7 years ago

This is the CREEPIEST show ever shown! Did you see Josh Duggar in People Magazine! He was caressing his newborn's foot with the most disturbing face I have ever seen! An on the TLC website, there is an even creeper video of Anna's pregnancy, that lasted 3 min. to Amazing Grace! Enough said!

mike 7 years ago

We have no cable/Satelite etc. and found out about the Duggars in the news and ordered their DVD series. It is our families favorite show. It is nice to see families with similar convictions and beliefs as ours.

I only hope TV does not change them too much.

Alana Lee 7 years ago

The Duggars are trampling the ecology of Earth to death with their flock of carbon footprints. It is an insidious way to proliferate their religious ideology.

Helen! 7 years ago

Hello. I just wish to comment to those who have a problem with MIchelle and Jim Bob..Please Stop projecting your issues onto the Duggar Family

They are beautiful people who have a message of unconditional love. They can choose to bring in as many souls as they feel they can because children are a blessing, especially when the parents are so at synch with each other...and sorry if they are not materialistic and selfish like most parents! Bless your family and for standing up for your own truth!

me 7 years ago

I thought they lived in a free country, wouldn't that mean they can freely have as many children as they want? If you don't like them don't watch the show! It would be like me going into a christian church and attacking everyone in it because I don't believe in their God. If America isn't a free country as you American's are so fond of saying please stop saying it. Leave them alone to do what they want. Get on with your own life. I don't know whats so normal about screaming, hitting and being unpleasant to our children is. Just like I don't understand why being loving, kind, smiling and patient with your children is icky.

kirsty 7 years ago

michelle and jim bob are living thier life the way they feel god is telling them. this may not be how others feel god is telling them how they should. its a free country. baby number 19 is a blessing just like any baby, the older girls dont seemed to be forced to look after the young ones, but they seem to enjoy it. and josh is a new generation and if he wants to continue what he has been brought up doing that is his choice.

yoda7777 7 years ago

Here's something Michelle Duggar needs to know about. It's called a rubber! SHE NEEDS TO MAKE HER FREAKING HUSBAND WEAR ONE! The last thing we need is for our tax money to go to another Duggar because they keep procreating like third-world Africans! Learn some responsibility you welfare-grubbing Duggar freaks!

sarah 7 years ago

you guys need to look at the world,michelle and jimbob are great parents,what business is it of anyones how many kids they have,they take care of their kids,give them lots of love and they are well behaved and respectful to their parents,they dont watch tv and sit around playing video games all day,shoot most people cant handle one kid but look how their kids act in public,they must be doing something right,none of our money goes to support any of those kids,they got a right to live their life let them alone,god has a plan for them,im happy for them because it shows you what you can do if you have god in your life,they deserve some respect for the way they have raised their children,they like their life and thats all that matters,with almost 19 kids they are happy.

Charlye 7 years ago

These people are a gross example of continuing sexism and ignorance in America....

Amy 7 years ago

It is actually not natural for human beings to give birth this many times. The reason I say this is because before birth control, people used to have 5 or more children. The average being around 8. My mother-in-law had her tubes tied after her 5th child. My grandmother that was born in 1901 was the youngest of 9 and my grandfather was one of 11. The difference between present day and 70 or more years ago is that now we have great medical care, infant formula (I will explain the influence of formula) and we live much longer than we ever did before. In the past, women would not live long enough to have the opportunity to give birth 19 times. Women used to die during childbirth, babies would die before they reached their first birthday, children would die of common childhood illnesses which now we have immunizations for. Babies breastfed, a natural form of birth control as it suppresses ovulation. When mothers feed their babies formula, they start ovulating shortly after giving birth, thus this explains why some women who do not practice birth control have babies so close together in age. With our extended life expectancy, infant formula and quality of life improved, people can have the opportunity to be rabbits, but most of us choose not to.

valerina 7 years ago

I am the youngest of 9 children, my siblings don't know anything about me, they left home or we moved in three chunks, when I was 3, when I was 8 and when I was 12 so only a few of them know me at all and none of them was there once I was a teenager. I feel so sorry for the Duggar kids, they may think they are happy now but when they are adults and in the real world they are going to do a major double take and be unprepared!

MSSherri 7 years ago

You don't think the Duggars are freaks? Just read this quote from their website:

"Oh, God, he [Jim Bob] prayed in that doorway, from the depths of my heart, I ask that Michelle could be mine and that I could become her spiritual leader."

He prayed this prayer after SEEING Michelle ONCE. But to me, that's not the creepy part. The part that utterly gives me chills is the part where Jim Bob prays for her to "be mine and that I could become her spiritual leader." There's a control freak if EVER I've heard of one.

And to some of the earlier comments on "not understanding" the Pentecostal movement -- I'm from the South -- and even here they're considered freaks. It isn't the fact that they worship God or that they fall into the "Christian" category... it's the fact that they CONTROL their women with a fist of stone.

To me, this was all a brilliantly planned publicity stunt. What a better way to garner attention, support, controversy, and financial gain than to have an absurd amount of children and claim that "God" told them to do it. All Jim Bob had to do was find a woman stupid enough to become his freak-factory.

Bravo, Jim-Bob, you sly politician and douche-extraordinaire.

jamie 7 years ago

Overpopulation is a problem people have their heads in the sands about. While the Duggars are able to support themselves they are creating a future burden to the environment. Years ago when the life expectancy was low it was prudent to have many children... it was a numbers game for survivability. Today if every family had 10 or more children we would reach 10, 20, 50 billion people in no time. Where would we all fit? What would we all eat? Where would all of our waste and polution go?

god pledged to never interfere in our lives again. He isn't going to be sending mana anytime soon and I doubt he will send any polution scrubbing/waste eating angels either.

Truth 7 years ago

To Skippy (and all the Duggar breeder lovers on here)

The children repeat whatever their parents tell them to say like parrots. I saw the episode you are taking about. The little girl is probably only 8 years old. She also caught herself when she said she could wear what she wanted and then corrected herself looking around awkwardly. The parents were obviously standing near coaching her as to what to say. Anyone notice how they hardly ever interview the older girls? Why is that? I have a feeling it's because they are getting fed up with all the rules and control. I grew up in a super religious home. I was never allowed to go anywhere or date. All it taught me was to resent my parents and for a while I left my faith. Thank God for Cousin Amy. She is like a breath of fresh air. She laughs and plays. The kids seem to come alive when she is there. I pray that the older girls move out when they turn 18 and pursue their dreams (if they have any). Hopefully their dreams go beyond reproduction.

P.S. I'm still confused by their out of style clothes and hair. Does having frizzy permed long hair styles from the 90's make you more holy? Couldn't they at least get a cute little below the shoulder layered cut? SMH. Guess they get their style and dress tips from their mom who stopped caring how she looked when she began her baby making crusade. I think they should go on TLC's "What Not To Wear"

Tam 7 years ago

Just to put this out there, They are Mormons not Christians.

(Yeah,there is a big difference in that)

Tam 7 years ago

Just to put this out there, They are Mormons not Christians.

(Yeah,there is a big difference in that)

Pete 7 years ago

These fruitcakes are insane! No one should be allowed to have more than 3 or 4 kids ever!!! They are selfish, pathetic, religious maniacs and should be stopped! These 2 idiots are now responsible for adding countless numbers of people to this already severely overcrowded planet over the next few decades. Just because they smile does not mean it's OK for them to do this crap!!! I say it's sort of like an animal pissing all over it's territory to claim it or ruin for everyone else. I personally don't like the smell of their piss!!!

bob 7 years ago

Well, good for them. Mrs Duggard who almost died from being pregnant her whole life must love this lifestyle (aka: abused wife). and all you Duggard lovers, how will you feel when the 19th child dies? Huh?? Yes, any moron would realize that 19 kids is a tad to much for the family in a lot of ways, but you fans of procreation just keep supporting the Duggards "loving" lifestyle while you quietly stop thinking that this really isn't normal behavior. Does Cult living ring a bell? Pathetic....

STFU 7 years ago

I know how I'd feel if you'd shut up, bob.........

STFU 7 years ago

Oops! Sorry Bob! I skimmed through your comment cause I thought it was another "Doucher Lovers" one. Then I realized it wasn't and you have a brain.


Give it a Rest 7 years ago

Open Letter to Michelle Duggar:

It's time for YOU, Michelle Duggar, to STOP having children, before you end up dying, or the baby does. Did you two know that the Bible approves of ABSTINENCE--you and your husband could do like they did in the OLD DAYS, and SLEEP APART, and concentrate on raising the kids that you have INSTEAD of making your other kids do it! I came from a large family, where we had to watch all the younger kids, and some day those kids will grow up and resent the HELL out of you for making them be nannies all of their lives! YOU brought those kids into the world and YOU should raise them, not the other kids! How can you tell your kids to just say "no", and practice abstinence, when YOU don't?

Also, NO ONE should have over THREE c-sectons, and so far, according to your history--you have had THREE now. That's enough. Stop where you are. Yes, I hope and pray that little girl lives, but YOU two need to stop bringing more children into the world.

And one last thing: You, Jim Bob, if you even CARE about your wife, you will keep it in your pants! Next time she could die!

Kash 7 years ago

These are not the people I want pushing their genetic line down humanity's throats for the next hundred years. All the responsible people without the profits from a television show who had a handful of children so they could be assured of giving those children the best that they possibly could can look forward to hundreds of Duggar-spawn competing with *their* grandchildren for whatever's left of the world's diminishing resources. Hundreds of people who aren't necessarily smart, don't necessarily work well with people outside their beliefs, but boy, are they good at breeding. Be thoughtful and *STOP MULTIPLYING*, you insufferable fanatics.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

The question now is, will Mrs. Duggar abuse her poor uterus one more time and go for number 20? Number 19 must be spinning and the two second oldest must be groaning aloud. Number 2 has already raised 16 kids already.



LMAO! Yeah right. These people will NEVER stop! They are obsessed. I bet even if they had miscarriage after miscarriage they would continue and say "that's God's will". *rolling my eyes* No, that's YOUR WILL! You know what's really funny, the defenders of the "Douchers" all spout the same crap the Douchers do. They can't explain why having 19 kids is a good idea without using the word "blessing" or the phrase "gift from God". They are parrots just like the kids.

bob 7 years ago

Would somebody please tell Mr. Duggard that polygamy is the safest way to spawn children so he doesn't kill his wife that he supposedly loves and the babies he is trying to procreate? Geeezzeee even a championship horse breeder knows you can only breed an animal so many times before you kill it. Get some education Duggars!

Lisa 7 years ago

I am a believer and this family deeply disturbs me and I am not alone in the church with my thoughts. There is no way to give the necessary time and attention to that many children-NONE. I think they are nothing short of being attemtion-whores who stand behind the veil of religion. The church is replete with disturbed, warped, socially inept folks...that's why you find them in the church-they need help and a social connection, a place to be loved and ministered to. TO breed like this without providing a home to the countless children in true need tells us much about their true christian beliefs. An overworked uterus in not a calling of God! They went past quiver-full a long time ago.

randy 7 years ago

I don't get why people are so amazed by this abnormal sexual behavior of the Duggars. They are from Arkansas after all.....we should be thankful that Mr. Duggars sister isn't pregnant too!

randy 7 years ago

I don't get why people are so amazed by this abnormal sexual behavior of the Duggars. They are from Arkansas after all.....we should be thankful that Mr. Duggars sister isn't pregnant too!

Jim 7 years ago

There needs to be a website called "Free The Duggar Girls"! It could be all about how to rescue then and free them from slavery!

DebateSarah 7 years ago

As a mother of 5, I enjoy watching the Duggars. It's inspirational and encouraging. I enjoy getting new ideas on organization and remaining calm. Eh, some are gonna hate them, I think they're just jealous ;)

Michelle 7 years ago

Yes Debate, we are all so jealous of the duggars. We all wish we had tones of kids to pawn off on our older kids.

I agree with Jim, FREE THE DUGGAR GIRLS!

Gimme a Break 7 years ago

They dishonestly register their home as "a house of worship" to avoid paying property taxes as well as other taxes. They don't mind utilizing state & federal services without paying for them. This is no different than being on public aid, just a sneaky & deceptive way of conducting themselves. They also "home school" as if they are qualified to teach chidren - so not only do they deny their children normal interaction with others, but instill dishonesty in them as well.

DebateSarah 7 years ago

Gimme a Break - go back up to about 2 yrs ago and check out the post and link by Kranberrys - you can see the taxes they are paying :)

What does homeschooling have anything to do with it? I'm sorry, have you sat in on any of their classes personally and know this first hand? I somehow doubt it.

Jim Boob 7 years ago

When you Google I hate the Duggars it brings up this site :D Love it! Free the duggar kids!!!!

Note to the duggar girls:


Casey 7 years ago

They make me sick. These kids are all for publicity! They're freaks.

Haggi 7 years ago

Of course you people who are lost and are too arrogant and all knowing to accept Christ as your personal Saviour. Unless you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have turned to Him for your salvation....there is no way you can understand the Duggars and their convictions. Their convictions are between them and God. Although I don't agree with the home church thing.Because the Bible teaches not to forsake the assembling of yourselves together (meaning the church) I do think they are a family that truly loves the Lord. And what's wrong with the older kids helping out? This world is filled with such lazy, ungrateful brats these days. We were always taught to help out too. But I guess it's wrong to make kids do some work. They're just there to sit on the phone and computer right???

They seem happy to me. They do a lot with their kids. Ever think that those of you who scream and yell all the time are the one's with the problem? I'm sure they have their moments but they are trying their best to raise their children how the Bible teaches. Those of you who are so hateful towards them...I suggest you stop worrying so much about them. And start worrying where you are gonna spend eternity. Turn to Jesus Christ and trust only Him to be your Saviour. Ask Him with a repentant heart to come into your heart and life and forgive you of your sins and save you from an eternity in Hell. Jesus will save you if you sincerely ask Him too! The Bible says in Rom.6:23" For the wages of sin is death:but the git of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Jemima (the miscarriage baby) 7 years ago


You believe every thing you see on reality shows? How Sad. I'll be praying for you.

Jim Bob 7 years ago

(1 Pet 1:13) So think clearly and exercise self-control. Look forward to the special blessings that will come to you at the return of Jesus Christ.


after careful reading of the scriptures I have come across a verse that I have been carefully considering for some time now. I have realized that the blessings I receive will not be because of how many children I have but at the return of Jesus Christ himself. So Michelle and I have decided that this new baby will be our last. It is not is Michelle's best interest to continue with more pregnancies either. This last one was quite a wake up call for both of us.

Thank you for your prayers and God bless!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Steven 7 years ago

Glad you have seen the light Jim bob. You really need to start helping your kids out around the house. Clean your own room and watch your own kids instead of having the camera man and your girls do it.

Debbra 7 years ago

I am concerned with the Duggars declaring their home a church. That does mean they pay no property taxes, and even if they buy furniture, they can use their deferred tax ID # and not have to pay taxes. I am wondering if this also applies to trips to the grocery store, I am sure it does.They have to be on some kind of government assistance program for health insurance. I remember when Joy Anna was telling the camera man once when she covered the tv picture with her hand, and he asked her why, and her grandmother said she was covering immodest dress, and then they asked Joy Anna what that meant, and she said it was "defrauding to women", and then she was asked what that meant, and she had a confused look on her face and said,"I don't know.", If these children are doing what they are told, and cannot give a reasonable answer to questions, IMHO, it is conditioning that cults use.

Haggi 7 years ago

No I don't believe everything I see on reality shows. I even said I'm sure they have their moments everyone does. But you finally get one decent show on TV with a family that is saved.

Then all the people who can't deal their own problems rips it apart. I think you all need to face reality yourselves and work on your own lives...


I agree Debbra. They are very cult like.

religion is a disease 7 years ago

can anyone say pedophilia?

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

I don't find the Duggar's very un-Christ-like in their attitude toward people who do not think like themselves. This was a while ago and I may have posted it before, but they were quite rude to a waiter who was trying to be friendly with them when they were eating out. They were rude and condescending and exclusionary. I have a stepson whose children are home-schooled and his family is very involved in the church. They have the friendliest, loveliest, politest, caring, considerate children I have ever seen. They are a delight and these are very small children. I do not find these traits in the Duggar children at all. I find them very smug and unlikeable. The word creepy still comes to mind.

heather 7 years ago

i do not find their family creepy, or weird in anyway, apart from how they dress, but that is because they want to stay modest, the are just the average christian family, even though they have 18 children. but you gotta respect their ways..

Enough lies 7 years ago

One word for this show and the family. FAKE.

Jim B "claims " they just go about their daily lives and the cameras just follow what they normally do. Really? Well them, Jim, why did your children say on camrea that they never used to travel before they were on tv?

Why did you say your little girl wanted to go rock climbing for her b-day when it was obvious that she didn't know how or even really enjoy it?

Why tell us that your son wants to go bowling when he has never been and doesn't even know what it is? Where would he even get the idea from?

Why do you force your girls to wear skirts yet when they go horse back ridding or rock climbing or other active things, they have to hike their skirts up exposing their legs? Plus the fact that the skirts cling to their behinds showing them off more, where as a pair of lose fitting slacks would be more modest. Not to mention the double standard of the boys being allowed to wear pants is absurd. Ever heard of a package? Some women find men's butts sexy too, you know? Just like a lot of men find skirts sexy (no matter the length). To them it's "easy access".

Back to the "whys"....

Why did you take your family to an Ethiopian restaurant when you don't eat that type of food and there is music and dancing there? You say you want to expose your kids to other cultures and yet your kids were very rude and disrespectful. They were holding their noses and giving each other smug looks and rolling their eyes. There were Ethiopian dancers but yet you don't let your kids dance. Then why would you want them to watch others dance? So they can look on smugly thinking "dancing is evil, I will never do that. Those people don't realize what they are doing is wrong." Nice, very nice. Why not let them watch movies too then?

I could go on and on.

Some of you may be saying "WHY watch them then?"

It's like a car wreck. You can't help but look.

Plus, I'm waiting for one of the girls to say "I'm moving out and going to college and I'm not getting married or having kids for a LONG TIME!" :) *fingers crossed*

Priscilla 7 years ago

I love the Duggars!! I have never seen anything un Godly on their show. The are a good and wholesome family. My Great-Grandma would always say " If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". There is nobody on this earth that is perfect. The only perfect person that was on this earth was Jesus Christ and he lived 33 years, and the only reason He died was for me and you.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

Enough Lies says: Why did you take your family to an Ethiopian restaurant when you don't eat that type of food and there is music and dancing there? You say you want to expose your kids to other cultures and yet your kids were very rude and disrespectful. They were holding their noses and giving each other smug looks and rolling their eyes. There were Ethiopian dancers but yet you don't let your kids dance. Then why would you want them to watch others dance? So they can look on smugly thinking "dancing is evil, I will never do that. Those people don't realize what they are doing is wrong." Nice, very nice. Why not let them watch movies too then?

Exactly, they are rude and condescending to other people. The whole point is to criticize and ridicule a religion and culture that is not their own. My stepson is Christian and home-schools his children and he has the nicest most respectful, friendly, sympathetic, considerate and well-behaved children I have ever seen. They are all under the age of 8. I find their children smug and rude and very unlikeable. If that's Christian, then spare me. They do not behave in a Jesus like way at all. Even Jesus showed kindness to a prostitute. They have ugly personalities toward people not like them.

duggarsRcoocoo 7 years ago

THEY ARE A CULT!!! seriously... something is not right... USE A CONDOM ALREADY!!! the 19th that was just born is premature! they are lucky she isn't dead! they need to seriously consider wearing a condom! OR their horniness needs to be controlled!

Jane 7 years ago

Recently I found a very funny forum on Amazon. The subject was something like "Which Food Network star would you like to slap?" LOTS of responses-most people wanted to slap Rachel Ray. Which Duggar bothers you the most? And why?

Jemima (the miscarriage baby) 7 years ago


He is one of those people who never shuts up and act like they know it all.

And one of the little ones ( not sure of his name and they all look alike). The one that looks in the camrea and makes weird faces and tries to talk like hes an adult. Very annoying.

Me Puzzled 7 years ago

What type of a rat family is over breeding here? Well, hey God made us human I suppose and gave us a "brain" to know well enough that maybe in the beginning then humans should populate all they wanted. And that is even possible that with just Adam and Eve then brothers and sisters, well, let me stop here...did they have incist or something along the line? Anyhow...whatever is in the Bible does NOT mean that this Duggar Family has to follow THAT what was said in the Bible in reference to the newly forming very first families. If they CARED to help this world at THIS ERA, well, how on earth CAN THEY?, they home school so they never know that it's already overly populated in areas!! Oops me BAD, ok -they know and they might even know BETTER then us about how to be a complete Holier than THOU and use the scriptures to mostly Mr Duggar's advantage. At least he gets sex that many times as it takes to conceive another child!! And hey, more helping hands around the house! NO TV's allowed at their house, well at least is what I read somewhere but don't watch this cult thingie, must agree--- that is a cheap way to live, more chores done that way too! And YES, ain't it BAD to have TV's around? if none at all like at THEIR HOUSE then how on earth can this type of reality show pay THEM??? Did Mr Duggar ever explain such hypocrisy...oh I forgot AGAIN, he is SMARTER THAN US --all that don't boycott his crazy cult show....he don't CARE what others will be put up against as long as HE benifits. That is a good religion to be at, me me me type...some god told him that way. You know that even some psychopaths blame some god on what horrible things they done so this ain't so bad at all is it? Yes, we can translate the Bible to our own likings if we wish to be such type. If All of us were smart enough to have our huge house as a CHURCH then no one would pay taxes as THEY get to do. How do we do things without tax money? if we should EVER care?...we have to get into Mr Duggar's mind of the narcissitic ways to know all this without any guilt and keep our little cults growing bigger and bigger! Mrs Duggar...ah, at least she gets a lot of attention, this reality show that takes em places, nice big house with loads of little servants--oops, they are called children with responsibilities. Ha, ok, that is one convenient family....what you all beefing about? Get together like they know how to and do something to get such bad TV off the air if you hate watchin them!!! There is something WE CAN LEARN off them!

Dg 7 years ago

They are weird, in this materialistic selfish world. More power to them. There are families with only one child who don't properly feed, clothe or look after it. If you want a freak show---follow the Gosselins. By the way, it would be really nice if the person who titled this "wonderful" article could spell. What exactly is a "Creepist" anyway?

aer 7 years ago

What questions would you ask the Duggar parents ?

Here's a few:-

1) - why don't they let the children mix freely with others outside the family ?

2) - what qualifications does Michelle have to provide a good all round education for the children ?

3) - what are the older children now doing - some seem past school age ?

4) - why do the older children have so much responsibility for the younger ones - its not their job to raise their siblings

5) - in such a large house - why not smaller rooms for just a couple of children in each - where is the privacy

6) what out of school hours activities do the children take part in away from their parents?

Judy 7 years ago

There are a number of problems with this family. The most obvious one is their role in contributing to the over-population of the planet. The earth is breaking under the burden of too many people and especially under the burden of too many people using too many non-renewable resources. Americans are the biggest consumers and wasters on the planet. The Duggars are the epitome of the wasteful American lifestyle multiplied many-fold, which their gas-guzzling buses, their love of processed junk food (which will add to another burden later on when it leads to the inevitable health problems), their need for a large house, four washers, four dryers, industrial kitchen appliances, etc.

Michelle Duggar 7 years ago

My new years resolution is to stop having kids because I can't even take care of the ones I have now.

Michelle Duggar 7 years ago

My new years resolution is to stop having kids because I can't even take care of the ones I have now.

Anon 7 years ago

You trying to be funny with saying you are Michelle Duggar?-- and of all things!!--saying that she would STOP having kids...LOL, that would be excellent that finally she would come to SUCH a lovely conclusion. There is just too much self centered absorption in these type of people that over breed like animals and blame God on such. It WAS the plan maybe of God to say to multiply and overtake the earth. Good heavens our plant has been overtaken by humans ages ago and it's time to let other families have room for a few kids. And I hardly think that Mrs there has much though of HER OWN really, it's the Mr that is crafty at manipulating this to the extent that it's also using viewers of TV to be PAYING his dang lazy ass's wages to have a big house and etc. If he had to do some hard labour to keep all that brood feed, clothe and sheltered then he might think twice before thinking that God is to blame for not knowing how to STOP multiplying. God gave him a brain and he is just using it in a lazy selfish way instead of a helpful caring way in many respects!

torns 7 years ago

they are a joke. It is just like a train wreck unfortunately it won't stop being shoved down our throats until SOMEONE (michelle) dies. "JIM-BOB" if it is really him saying they have agreed to stop having children i find that hard to believe unless they plan on sleeping in separate beds AND wear CHASTITY belts and throw away the keys. I think they need to stop josh having anymore kids there is something Really CREEPY about him it unnerves me.


Michelle Duggar 7 years ago

I want to thank everyone for helping me see what was right there in front of me... A lot of children who need ME to take care of them. Jim and I wish you all the best and thanks for the prayers for baby Josie, our last and final child. We realized we are already blessed whether we have two children or none because, we have each other.

Love and prayers, Michelle and Jim Bob.

Justme 7 years ago

They don't use birth control because they actually think it causes miscarriages.

I feel sorry for the older girls who have to bring their younger siblings up. Someone said in one episode that the oldest daughter Janna had the oppertunity to go to ElSalvador but she didn't go because Michelle needed her help.

Justme 7 years ago

I just read the post above me of Michelle and now I feel a little bit bad.

There are things I like about the family. A lot of love seems to be between them.

I wish you all the best. God bless you.

torns 7 years ago

Justme do you really think that it is michelle duggar writing on here?

Me Puzzled 7 years ago

Justme, why be feeling bad in any way? Think about it all, and also re-read some posts that were done about 4 months ago. This family has been what some put it in clear words "resource hogs". They did NOT think one bit about what their thoughts and feelings and over multiplying does to the rest of the humans here on earth. OK, so now you are seeing a lot of LOVE between that ALL that matters to you to totally embrace them? Most self centered people love themselves and maybe just what they have as a reflection of self but what really matters is that people should love others in this world enough to think what their actions do to THEM ALL too. If this couple would have LOVED one another enough and cared to be helpful to the REST of the world then maybe they should have adopted a few kids that do not have a home and family, maybe donate some time and money to HELP OTHER children on this earth, etc. To torns: if this WAS Michelle then it would be one huge step in the right direction to STOP this nonsense of blaming God of them not using their (God Given) brain in putting a LIMIT on selfishness!

Jane 7 years ago

Go to Google (don't use another search engine) and google "Josh Duggar". Before you finish typing look at the first suggestion that comes up.

Deb 7 years ago

Have the Duggars ever read any other verses in the bible than "Be fruitful and multiply." Hey, what about polygamy, which was practiced by many of the OT men? How about stoning your children if they are disobedient? They pick the scriptures they like and reject the rest. What a bunch of phohey baloney hypocrites they are. I can see one of the kids going crazy and possibly harming these poor excuses for parents.

May 7 years ago

Deb, I fully agree with you, the Duggars ignore the rest of the Bible. Some that abuse religion just do so with using small grasps of the Bible which was meant for other eras as a cane to lean on and to get gulible religious people to adore them while they (the Duggars) gloat of being the greed of our modern already over populated society. I also agree that they are just plain resource hogs! Media seekers (of course Jane, good one, so Josh D now is having a website of followers of his own, tsk tsk), hand out hounds, top the numbers winners, sympathy getters, etc. Do they read through what other opinions are that are different from theirs and weight out the true conditions of OUR ERA? I think they just do what all cults do...only absorb themselves into their own ways and all other things to them are totally invalid. I think in our world there are more deserving people to be televised then them! Wise people should boycott such programs that bring out awe about such a CULT that are just as bad as polygamy!!!

Deb 7 years ago

I have never watched a whole Duggar program, I've only seen snippets of it. If they were Amish I wouldn't care. But they are using electricity, water, gas, unrenewable resources just as much as the rest of us. Only trouble is, there's 10 times Duggars compared to normal families. Also, if they are such good christians and depend on God for family planning, why don't they depend on God to deliver their babies instead of doctors and nurses? They have one foot in the 21st century and one foot in 19th century. I hope their kids can see through the phoniness of their parents as I certainly can. I met a woman in the church I used to go to who was like Mrs. Duggar. The Dr. told her not to get pregnet for 3-4 years because she had a hard pregnacy but she wouldn't listen and had her 6th baby the next year. She made me sick too. She only listens to Drs. when they tell her what she wants to hear.

torns 7 years ago

to me puzzled i was being sarcastic when i asked that question i no its not as they are too self absorbed to write on forums such as this they don't want to hear what others think of them if it is negative they are only interested in what the religious fanatic that support them think

Jane 7 years ago

The comment I posted about googling "Josh Duggar" was not to point out that he has his own website, but that the first Google suggestion that pops up is "Josh Duggar molestation". Seems something may have happened years ago...maybe it's not true but something caused Oprah to "un-invite" the Duggars at the last minute.

May 7 years ago

Jane, I did see that "molestation" crop up many times over on the net prior to recent days but the main one now that comes up on Google search is that Josh now has a website of his own...with good advice. LOL! --he is so well educated in the worldly troubles. Anyways, yeah, that can be a rumor about molestation but also can be true and no one will ever find out for sure. Oprah is wise enough to be cautious. It's a hush hush thing in a cult environment till maybe one of the girls will learn there is the modern freedom of better morals and will break away just like some do from a the polygamist compounds.

Deb 7 years ago

Well, if there was molestation in that family it certainly wouldn't surprise me. I mean, can you imagine trying to talk to JimBob and Michelle about sex? Wet dreams, orgasms, rape, menstrual periods, homosexuality, penis, vagina are words probably never heard in that household.See how Ted Haggard talked so much against gays and was banging his own gay hooker with church money! You see, the church people have to put on a front because they have too much to lose if they are found out for the phonys they are. If one of the Duggar kids decides to expose the family dynamics as dysfuncitional I won't be the least bit surprised.It will be a sad book to read, I'm sure. Two of the God Hates Fag boys left the family and wrote about the horrific abuse that took place in that god awful home. Well, if you read the Bible you see it's good to beat kids who don't obey and there are places in the Bible that advocate stoning a child who is sassy or disobedient to a parent. Of course the Duggars would say they wouldn't stone their child, yet they go by the "be fruitful and multiply." As I said, they pick and choose the bible verses they want to follow. There are all kinds of families out there who would make better role models than the Duggars. Time for TLC to find them.

Free the Duggars 7 years ago

On one episode Michelle and Jim Bob went to NY to be on The View (a show they don't even watch) and the kids wanted to see their parents on tv (no idea why. they don't even watch tv). Well the little girl (joy something) was covering up the tv with her hand and they asked her why she was doing that her grandma said she was "covering up the immodest dressed because she has been TRAINED to do that for the little boys". Now when I say little I mean little.

THEN they (the camera men) pulled the little girl aside and asked her WHY she did that and she said "because it was defrauding"... and then another little boy repeats the same word.. DEFRAUDING.... THEN they ask the girl what does that mean? She has NO CLUE!

BUT IT GETS WORSE! They have a "code word" for when the little boys are out in public and there is an "immodestly" dressed woman. One of the kids says NIKE and ALL the boys have to stare at the GROUND!!

Absolutely RIDICULOUS!

If this link doesn't work just go to YouTube and search- Duggars Room with a view part 2.

Free the Duggars 7 years ago

PS. That part is at the VERY end of the video and continues into part 3.

Deb 7 years ago

I just received this in my email. I wonder how many the Gold Duggars adhere to?

The Bible is the infallible word of our Lord. If you are a TRUE Christian, you follow these these commands:

Who You Should Kill

--Unruly or rebellious child. Deut 21:20-21

--Those who curse or hit their parents. Lev 20:9, Ex 21:15

--Worshipers of other gods. Deut 13:6-11

--Psychics, witches. Lev 20:27, Deut 13:6-11, Ex 22:18.

--Those who do not believe in Jesus (parable). Luke 19:27.

--Those who work on the Sabbath. Ex 35:2 (Moses kills a gentile for this. Num 15:32-36.)

--Those who are accused by at least two people of wickedness. Deut 17:6.

--The children and babies of enemies. Num 31:17, Deut 20:13, Psalm 137:9, Lev 26:29.

--Adulterers. Lev 20:10.

--Homosexuals. Lev 20:13.

--A woman who is not a virgin when married. Deut 22:13-21.

--Those who are careless with murderous livestock. Exodus 21:29.

Who You Should Hate

--Those who eat crab or shrimp. Lev 11:10.

--Those who sacrifice an animal to God that has a blemish. Deut 17:1.

--Those who remarry the same person after divorce. Deut 24:4.

--Homosexuals. Lev 18:22.

--Those who are proud. Prov 16:5.

--A woman who wears pants. Deut 22:5.

--A man with long hair (Jesus?). 1Cor 11:14

--Those who call others fools Mat 5:22

Should we still do this stuff?

--All OT laws still apply in NT. Matt 5:17-19


You don't dare to try and FILTER and pick and choose from the word of God right? You don't pull that nambie-pampy "out of context" silliness with passages you don't like, but then wholeheartedly accept those you DO like? That is SIN!

So either you are a TRUE Christian, and you'll follow those loving commands from God. Or you are doomed to be tortured in hell forever! Oh Glory!


DUGGAR LOVER 7 years ago

You people saying all this horrible stuff about this family is just plain sick! Get a life, would ya! You can think what you want, but keep it to yourself. You'll be lucky enough to have a good life like they are living right now. Remember this, you only live once so why judge or hate? Someday you'll look at yourself and be like, "Wow, I wasted a second of my life telling people how much I hate this family." You people are really really stupid. And do a favor for all the people who are living their lives to it's fullest and fighting in Iraq so you can do that, and GET A LIFE and LIVE IT!

Steve 7 years ago

Quote: "Rachel Perkins says:

Mormons ARE christians and so are baptists. So pleaseee stop with the Mormon stereotypes! They are stupid, and untrue. Mormons believe in everything most normal Christians believe in."

Rachel...Mormons are NOT Christians...they believe FAR too many things that are non-Christian to ever be called Christian.

As far as the family following Bill Gothard...well it does seem that some of his teachings are "odd", and yes there is some basis in scripture for her NOT having as many kids... but works for them so I am not going to judge them on it. But If I were them I would not 20 kids as there is a down-side to having so many, not least because you cannot love them all as they need (ie: 1 to 1 basis not just a shared love).

Deb 7 years ago

When the Duggars went public they also should have known they would be subject to ridicule for their atrocious breeding habits. You, Duggar Lover say,"You can think what you want, but keep it to yourself." Yet you don't keep your opinions to yourself, especially since this blog was started by a man who doesn't care for the Duggars. People who disagree with the Duggars have quoted from their website, TV footage of the children and Ma and Pa Duggar themselves. These Duggars dig their own graves everytime they open their stupid mouths to reveal how ignorant they really are. They think the Flintstones is a documentary. These people are ruining our planet with their selfishness. They use just as much electricity, water, nonrenewable metals, gas, food, etc. as anyone else does. Maybe they get their clothes 2nd hand, but most everything else is new. They say they base their lives on JOY--Jesus, Ourselves and Yourself. Yet, when it comes to breeding when did Ma and Pa Duggar ask the girls if they wanted to take care of another baby? After all, Ma Duggar only takes care of them until she weans them from the breast. Then an older girl gets the "pleasure" of raising another Duggar because Ma Duggar is busy with a new baby or she's PG with another one. I wonder what Ma would do if all the older children left one day and left Ma alone to really raise those kids herself. I bet he'd get her tubes tied in a hurry.


@ Deb,

Yet, when it comes to breeding when did Ma and Pa Duggar ask the girls if they wanted to take care of another baby? "After all, Ma Duggar only takes care of them until she weans them from the breast. Then an older girl gets the "pleasure" of raising another Duggar because Ma Duggar is busy with a new baby or she's PG with another one. I wonder what Ma would do if all the older children left one day and left Ma alone to really raise those kids herself. I bet he'd get her tubes tied in a hurry."

EXACTLY! AS for what she would do if they left, well, that was already an episode. The older girls went to FL to help with their brothers wedding and Ma and Pa were freaking out! They had to call the grandma (Jim Boob's mommy)and Cousin Amy (the only normal one) over to help them take care of all their kids. They couldn't even do it for ONE DAY on their own!!! Even the brother Josh kept saying "we have to get this wedding stuff done fast so the girls can get home to help Mom" That was probably the best couple of days those girls EVER HAD!

And to Duggar Lover. Find some Duggar lover site where you can worship these breeders with your doucher lover pals.

DDbabyP 7 years ago

Peak Oil. Nice Huge Trailor they have on TV. They must pay at least a couple hundred dollars on filling that thing alone. Must be great to be rich enough to afford something like that as a regular vehicle of transportation. Plus all the TVs and cell phones they are playing around with in it. Yes, I've seen a couple of episodes not by choice (I just forget to change the channel sometimes). Those poor kids. I remember when they were going to that fancy wedding gown play in NYC to get her a dress for her "renewal" wedding thing. Those kids looked miserable while their mom was putting on some seriously ugly wedding dresses. She would have looked better in a white sack. Maybe would have saved some money doing it. I guess when you're rich(without having to work for it), you can spend your money on anything you want. Are they creepy? Who cares. I wouldn't spend my time watching anything about them. There are too many reality shows out there anyway. Octomom is getting her own show as well. I don't find torturing your kids with boredom and conformity amusing at all. No no... Yawn. I just had to change the channel again when I saw that they were on. You don't have to be religious to be good people. Simple as that.

Mark 7 years ago

I feel so sorry for those kids. This is a cult... there is no other way to put it. The sheltering, the brainwashing, the whole thing is controlled and very dangerous. How are these kids going to integrate into society? I was once part of a very conservative Christian organization as well, but I have since seen the "light" which I refer to as reality. I was shunned by my entire family for leaving the organization, which I believe is in the sole business of controlling what people do (don't spend too much, the money goes to the church), what they watch (don't let them explore science and reality), who they interact with (keep the EVIL out!!), and what they believe (the foundation... if this goes away the church is at risk of losing generations of funding).

I just watched part of the TLC program on this idiotic family, and I had to turn it off 50% of the way in. They were visiting a "Creation Museum" and were making comments on how Evolution is not scientific and that the Bible and the Creation Theory were the "obvious" reason for our existence. It's so easy for someone to explain our universe and all that is in by saying "God made it all in his infinite wisdom", rather than to try to understand and explain things scientifically which we HAVE been doing for many years now.

Shame on TLC for airing this nonsense, and shame on the Duggar family for being so mindless. Wake up and smell the coffee Jim-Bob...

donna 7 years ago

I guess the general population would rather have their own children manipulated by the media, robots and slaves to their iPod's, computer games & texting. Good thing Michelle and Jim Bob don't get the opportunity to look at each and every one of our families & dissect our parenting skills. They'd probably be too nice to do that anyway.

Mealinie 7 years ago


So you raised you children the same way as the Duggars?

Deb 7 years ago

Good thing Michelle and Jim Bob don't get the opportunity to look at each and every one of our families & dissect our parenting skills. Hey, I don't get paid for anyone to dissect my parenting skills. Ma and Pa came under public scrutiny when they made the decision to pimp, yes, I said pimp, their children out for money. My husband and I had to work to support our 2 children. Our privacy is more important to us than money, which is not true with Ma and Pa Duggar. BTW, how do you know Ma and Pa are nice? You see an hour show, not a 24 hour 7 day show. They can show the very best of this family they want to since it's only an hour and edited. I'd really like to watch a show entitled "The Duggars on Hidden Camera." I wonder how much cussing, lying, yelling, door slamming, anger we would see if that happened. Maybe we'd see the Duggar girls/boys sneak out at night to find out what's happening in the world they are sheltered from.

Deb 7 years ago


EXACTLY! AS for what she would do if they left, well, that was already an episode. The older girls went to FL to help with their brothers wedding and Ma and Pa were freaking out! They had to call the grandma (Jim Boob's mommy)and Cousin Amy (the only normal one) over to help them take care of all their kids. They couldn't even do it for ONE DAY on their own!!! I'll be looking for that episode, even though I've never watched a full program... I can't stand them for more than a few minutes at a time. But, I might watch this one if it ever comes on again.

liz 7 years ago

I still want to know what religion they are. The hairdos and attire is very confusing. Yet Michelle was a cheerleader and she seemed normal then. Who is the weirdo, Jim Bob? I believe he was an only child. Im confused by their whole constant all smile, happy happy life. There is something underlying here we are not seeing.

Kathleensandra 7 years ago

The Duggers are just plain weird.

torns 7 years ago

I've said it before i'll say it again something needs to change with this family if it isn't bad enough that baby 19 is still in hospital and lucky to be alive thanks to her irresponsible idiotic parent now we have another duggar deciding to breed Josh who may or may not be a sexual preditor (jury is still out with this one). This whole family is going to be hit by great tragedy soon if it is not by the death of ma duggar because she has decided to go for number 20 it may be the girls taking the virgin sucides way out. Free the children before its too late and sterilize their parents.

Home Schooling Mom 7 years ago

I claim myself a "Christian" but I also falter and fail like most do. I'm also a parent of four children all of whom I CHOOSE to home school. I think some people really don't understand how much time, love, and effort goes into home schooling a child. I have no idea how she manages to school all of her children. Obviously by the time most of the older children are done with school, the younger ones are just getting started. So she can't really have more than 10 kids schooling at a time. Still I have no idea how she teaches more than two at a time with as many kids she has to pay attention to.

I would have to agree with the fact that they SEEM to not have much affection towards the older children, but as one person debater earlier, how are we to know this since we only see an hour of they're lives a week at a time.

When it comes to the Dugger's "financial" information that some people are spouting off so freely. Where is the proof. I have yet to see one piece of evidence that backs up what most people are bashing. It's all just a bunch of He said She said nonsense!

As for the "slavery" that appears to be going on in the home, I don't understand how people make such a mountain out of a molehill. The people that are complaining of "slavery" obviously were not raised by parents of and older and wiser generation. I was raised by my Grandparents and if you think those kids are enslaved then you should have been a guest in my home when I was a child. I did far more in one day than those kids ever do in a whole season worth of episodes. You know what? I'm incredibly grateful for every last bit of hard work my Grandparents ever forced me to do. It made me into a strong independent women in my single adult years. It also made me a stronger wife and mother,in my married years,than I could have ever hoped for.

I'll tell you what. That family has more guts, honor, and faith than most people I know. They practice their beliefs under our watchful and judgmental eyes and I have yet to see them come as close to failure as most "Christians" out there including myself. The Dugger family is the most Christian family I have yet to see, despite our difference beliefs, especially for a family on national television for how many years and counting.

Who's right is it to tell me if I should have stopped at four or had ten more. NO ONE has that right! That's why we live in AMERICA people! Every child weather born into a good or bad home is the one that decides what kind of an adult they turn into.

As for the people that dislike the show. Don't watch it! There are MANY shows that I dislike on a daily basis. I CHOOSE to not watch them! Instead of bashing people you think you know all about, simply because of the hour a week glimpse into they're lives, don't watch them!

Deb 7 years ago

Homeschooling Mom said: As for the "slavery" that appears to be going on in the home, I don't understand how people make such a mountain out of a molehill. Maybe it would be a mountain if you were a pre teen and teen age girl forced to bathe, clothe, read to, take care of, feed your younger siblings. There's nothing wrong with all the children helping with work around the house, but, the rearing of the children should be on the parents shoulders. The fact Ma can't do it is more proof she has too many kids to manage.

BTW, Home school Mom, this blog was started by a man who dislikes the Duggars. So, you should be the one who goes elseswhere if you love the Duggars so much. Also, I don't watch the Duggars for more than a few minutes. They are very easy to figure out, just like a bad soap opera is easy to know the plot line if you only watch a few minutes of the show.

I think that Ma and Pa Duggar are egotistical, selfish, greedy, materialistic, manipulative, cruel people. They only have more kids to stay on TV and get those checks from TLC. How long do you think this "christian" family would be on the air if they weren't getting paid for it? Even their web page is filled with courses and books you can buy from them.

donna 7 years ago

No I didn't raise my children that way. I could not afford to stay home with my children, unfortunately. I also have been a single working mom (no welfare) to three boys on my own for a time. If you all really hate them that much, why on earth would you watch the show? You all sound so bitter, jealous and resentful. I am sorry that all your lives are so hard, but if the Duggars bother you so much, turn them off & go watch Desperate Housewives instead.

Praying for the Duggar Children 7 years ago

@Home Schooling Mom

"I have no idea how she manages to school all of her children."

She doesn't. Haven't you watched the show? The girls do it.

I was home schooled 9-12 grade and I hated every minuet of it. All I wanted was to be in a real classroom with a teacher so I could ask for help. It is also terribly lonely. I wanted to be around other kids my age. Now I have nothing to look back on. No prom. No friends. No memories of any kind. It's sad. I was also raised in a very strict Christian home. I couldn't watch movies or listen to ANY music except hymns. I could never go anywhere. The list goes on and on. Needless to say it made me rebel and when I moved out I left my religion for many years. When you hold the reins too tight on your kids it pushes them the opposite direction. I saw this happen to many many of the kids in my church who had similar home lifes as mine. Not to say that you let them do whatever they want but there is a balance and a middle ground. The Duggars should try that instead of going to the extreme.


During this time I was also responsible for raising my niece's since their parents (my siblings)were constantly working. It was terrible and now that I am a grown woman it has completely turned me off to ever wanting children. I feel like I've already raised my kids and am done with that part of life. I'm sure at least one (if not all) of the Duggar girls will feel that way as well.

I hope they will set goals for their selves, go out on their own and realize that not every woman has to sit at their parents homes until some guy wants to marry them and then have as many kids as they can.

Jane 7 years ago

Someone said (I believe it was another forum?) that watching the Duggars is like watching a train wreck. You can't help but look. Like most people here I have seen enough to make observations. Michelle is addicted to the attention she gets from having children. Did anyone else notice the looks on the older childrens' faces when number 19 was announced?

As for all their modesty- Anna had a film crew in the room when she gave birth. That was totally immodest and tasteless.

I don't hate the Duggars, but believe it is time for them to live their beliefs in private. TLC, how about a show featuring a mature couple with a houseful of kids-maybe all adopted special needs kids? There are families out there like that.

Oh yes, I do have a life-a very good and interesting one.

Again, if anything here offends you, this is not a Duggar fan forum. I'm sure there are plenty of those. Rather than dash off an angry reply, use the time to pray and self-reflect as to why you become so angry at people who do not agree with you. Pax Christi...

ruth 7 years ago

they are sick said that children goes to state are evil and other country are poor? but my contry are noy poor and i live in the uk


ruth 7 years ago

i think the duggar are nuts i wish that keep they mouth shut BECAUSE THE STATE ARE NOT EVIL

donna 7 years ago

I can't help but think of the Amish and Mennonite communities that thrive so near to my hometown. The Amish have several farms to the north of town, and there is a Mennonite community just to the east. They have their own school, church and their children are sheltered from the rest of the world (more so than the Duggars). We see them coming into town in horse and buggy and picking up supplies, or at the doctors offices or clinics with their children -- dressed in bonnets and home made clothes. The Mennonite men are sometimes seen riding bicycles into town and they all dress alike also. You do not see the Mennonite women on bicycles. I don't question why they would choose to live this way, it is their culture, their heritage, their belief system. I don't think I would accuse them of abusing their children either, although they live without hydro, telephone and many other ameneties that we are used to. I am quite certain their children work hard as part of the family. No, they don't go on tv & in fact, they do not wish to be photographed. However, they do invite the public to come to certain farms, and will give tours and a glimpse into their way of life. They also sell baked goods, eggs, etc. at their farms (but never on Sunday). We are allowed a look at their life sometimes because we are curious about those different than us, and we wonder how they can live like that. Are their children robots because they also speak only of their parents' beliefs? Are other children robots because they only wish to say and wear exactly what the television, movies and their popular peers say and wear? Are other children "free" because they have cell phones and can text each other "my parents are sooooo stupid LOL......" ??? Are the teenaged girls at the highschool across the road from me who stand in the smoking area wearing short skirts and low cut tops "free"? Are the children partaking of the condoms available in the high school washrooms "free"? I wonder who is really being abused & exploited.....the Duggar girls, or those who feel it necessary to give up their virginity in their early teens........there is a daycare attached to the high school. For that matter, I wonder, just from watching the trailer, why oh why the children on "Toddlers in Tiara's" aren't immediately taken into protective custody! (I now change the channel even for the commercial on that one!)

Yes, the Duggars are on tv and do offer the curious a glimpse into their lives, as do several other families ...."The Little Couple", "Table for 12", "Little People Big World", "Gene Simmons -- Family Jewels", and so on. Some aspects of each family either appeals to us, or doesn't. Do we have the right to tell the Duggars how many children to have? The last time I checked the propaganda coming from the USA stated it was a "free" country. You are free to state your beliefs, sure. The Duggars state theirs, but the bottom line is....the number of children they have, and the belief system they raise them with is their decision, and no blog is going to change that, no matter how poor the spelling or grammar is. (I originally stopped by here because of the gross spelling error in the title!)

Beth 7 years ago

Amish and Mennonite communities don't put their children on tv to be exploited. They don't even let people take pictures of them. And unlike the duggars they allow their children to go out into the real world for a time ("rumspringa") to decide if they really want to live their life Amsih and only Amish.

I went to a private Christian school and had a very positive experience. I would most definitely send my child to Christian school over public school. Like the other poster said, homeschooling can be very lonely and boring.

Beth 7 years ago

Amish and Mennonite communities don't put their children on tv to be exploited. They don't even let people take pictures of them. And unlike the duggars they allow their children to go out into the real world for a time ("rumspringa") to decide if they really want to live their life Amsih and only Amish.

I went to a private Christian school and had a very positive experience. I would most definitely send my child to Christian school over public school. Like the other poster said, homeschooling can be very lonely and boring.

Deb 7 years ago

Donna says: Do we have the right to tell the Duggars how many children to have?

If Ma and Pa are on any type of welfare then yes we do have the right to ask them to curtail their rabbit habits.

Here are some questions I notice the Duggars haven't answered yet. What type of insurance do the Duggars have and how much do they pay for premiums? I hear Pa gets tax payer paid health care since he was in the Senate years ago. If that's true, then he's a leech and only having all these babies because the tax payers are paying for them.

Another question I would ask is about who pays for their trips to different parts of the country? Does TLC pay for them? I'm assuming TLC pays for the trips and all the expenses involved.

Why doesn't Pa seem ot have a real job? He's always hanging around the house and never seems to be selling real estate, that is, if that's his job. How much do they make from their rentals every month? How do they support such a large brood on rental property alone? Unless he makes a lot of money on rentals, I don't know how they support their brood.

How many people in the community give Ma and Pa food, clothes, money, furniture etc? How many people feel sorry for these people and donate to them out of pity?

How the hell are the girls gonna find dates or mates if they never get the opportunity to meet young men? Same question can be asked of the boys.

christianfreaks 7 years ago

a breath of fresh air? you're a idiot, these people are perverted freaks and all their children should be taken away.

how would this earth look if every fertile couple had 19 kids which these FREAKS now have?

this dumb woman will die either in an eventual childbrith or will simply go to sleep and die and leave all these children motherless..

people like this shouldn't be on tv.. they should be chastized and shamed for their behavior..

this is sickening perversion..

Amy 7 years ago

I think a lot of you are extremely disrespectful, I am not a full worshiping christian but after seeing the Duggar's example I sometimes wish I was brought up that way. Isnt it up to them how many children they wish to have? .. It could be worse, they could be out of work claiming thousands of benefits but their not. 'Creepy' is very offending to say the least. Their children are clean, polite and happy and a lot of people think Courtship is strange but for a lot of people thats what they believe in, Michelle and Bob have not forced this on their child as they did not wait until they were married. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but when its a pointless one and describes the family as 'freaks' 'icky' and 'creepy' then you should be ashamed to post such comments. I admire the Duggar's and wish them all the happiness.

lame 7 years ago

FOR GOD SAKES STOP BREEDING!!!!!!!!!!!! Your family makes me sick! Quoting Bill Burr "thats not a family portrait its an enviornmental disaster!!! I think 4-5 kids is reasonable but still pushing it.. but what these people are doing should be illegal! our resources have limits we need to be more responsible!! and these A-holes are off in la la land.. quoting myk "Two words: irresponsible and contraception"

Poor Duggar Kids 7 years ago

They have already exploited their latest child today..

Sad. :(

donna 7 years ago

This is not an argument where there will be winners. We all have our own opinion & there isn't alot of point arguing and arguing. Am I going to change my mind because you call me names? No. But, being disrespectful and resorting to name calling shows how our society is now-a-days. Oh well.

As far as health benefits and all of that -- I cannot comment since I live in a country with universal health care & I don't know how it works in the states. I take more exception to my tax dollars being paid to people who smoke and the huge costs to the system there...but that is my own opinion. I also take exception to paying for abortions....again my opinion & I most certainly am entitled to it (since my tax dollars are paying for it). There are also families on welfare where you see the mommies (16 & 17 years old) pushing their strollers downtown & buying lottery tickets and cigarettes and their babies doing without. That bothers me. What can I do about it? Nothing really, because they all have rights too. Now, everyone else will continue to rant and rave & that is fine. Go nuts. You all have your opinions, and I am sad for so many of you. I am thankful for what I have in life, which is my family.

donna 7 years ago

This is not an argument where there will be winners. We all have our own opinion & there isn't alot of point arguing and arguing. Am I going to change my mind because you call me names? No. But, being disrespectful and resorting to name calling shows how our society is now-a-days. Oh well.

As far as health benefits and all of that -- I cannot comment since I live in a country with universal health care & I don't know how it works in the states. I take more exception to my tax dollars being paid to people who smoke and the huge costs to the system there...but that is my own opinion. I also take exception to paying for abortions....again my opinion & I most certainly am entitled to it (since my tax dollars are paying for it). There are also families on welfare where you see the mommies (16 & 17 years old) pushing their strollers downtown & buying lottery tickets and cigarettes and their babies doing without. That bothers me. What can I do about it? Nothing really, because they all have rights too. Now, everyone else will continue to rant and rave & that is fine. Go nuts. You all have your opinions, and I am sad for so many of you. I am thankful for what I have in life, which is my family.

torns 7 years ago

I don't know whats worse parents that would actuallky exploit their serverely premature baby or the T.V. Execs that would allow it. Someone needs to call child protective services and save this little girl from being explioted. For the rest of her life if she survives without disablities as the baby 19 the one born at 25 weeks.

SHAME ON YOU JIMBOB AND MICHELLE DUGGAR SHAME ON YOU have you no remorse or respect for the little oe fighting for her life SHAME ON YOU

Lauren 7 years ago

Look, I am nothing like the Duggars. I wish I was.

I believe they truly are a happy family. The children

seem happy to have so many family members. I am an only

child and which I had brothers and sisters. I love Michelle

and Jim Bob. I think its a beautiful thing that they are

happy. Why do they have to be creepy? I mean, are they

creepy because they are happy? It doesnt make sense.

I love them and are so happy for them. When they think

their family is complete, they will stop.

profile image

sweettart85 7 years ago

After seeing the Duggars on the cover of a magazine, I had to laugh.. I make a point not to watch the show. They remind me a pastor and his family I knew growing up. The whole system was identical.. the children feared their father, they had no privacy, the kids knew they were loved by their parents, but it was so plain to see that they didn't FEEL loved. What happened to letting your kids make mistakes and learn from them?? We don't live in the garden of eden.. it's 2010. And the poor kids can't express themselves at all like other children. They aren't truly happy......they are FORCED to conform. Gaaa, they are so phoney, that it's sickening!

Typical of "christians".....portraying to be something their not.. most are so stubborn, that they become ignorant...

it's the least in my experiences

Mark 7 years ago

For some reason I'm watching this show right now and I wanted to know how this guy supports 19 kids. I can barely support myself. They are weird but then again all christians are weird and ignorant.

Smitty 7 years ago

I think I understand the hostility in this forum toward the Duggars. After all, none of them have ever blocked traffic, damaged/looted property, spit on cops or otherwise trashed others’ rights during political temper tantrums. None have ever killed an unborn child in the name of convenience. None have ever praised Lenin and Marx as great visionaries. None have ever thrown red paint on someone for wearing fur or leather. None have ever exercised the freedom they enjoy by railing against the military that defends that freedom. None have ever asked the government to help support the children they (cough) chose to bring into the world. Such freaks, to be sure!

Yep, I believe I can see why the prospect of more of these "lowlifes" among the living gets them so pissed. And I'm laughing at every bigoted post I see here. The bottom line is "They're not like me, so they're a-holes."

Three guesses who the real a-holes are?

Deb 7 years ago

Pa Duggar supports his hoard by pimping his family on TV, book deals, rental property and probably a lot of donations by people who feel sorry for these weird people with one foot in the 21st century and the rest of their body in the 17th century.

I have seen families like the Duggars who depend on the charity and kindness of people who don't have large familes and can afford to help those who do. Depend on the Lord? What a bunch of crock. If they truy depended on the Lord they would have their children without any intervention from Drs., nurses, etc. They would just spit out babies and pray over them for "Gods will to be done."

If there is a god, I hope he ties her tubes or her husbands. They are a bad example of how NOT to be a parent.

Smitty 7 years ago

Paulie said: "They have ugly personalities toward people not like them..."

As do you.

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call me asshole 7 years ago

people should have as much sex as they want, there is even a position called misionary for those of you who are religious, SEX FEELS GOOD there is no shame in feeling good, nor is there shame in being black, islam, spanish, chinese, homosexual, bisexual, transgendered or any other god damn person. Nobody has the right to reject a woman or any other person because they have less than 30 kids just because it is not in line with their absurd beliefs and idiotic ways of life. Furthermore if you are so interested in having a colossal family, why not get over yourself and adopt a child who needs a roof over their head, a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear and food to eat? Perhaps its because children who are delt a shitty hand arent going to be angels so who the fuck cares about them? Because these people didnt spawn them themselves therefore they are not as important? Finally if families all lived as the Duggars do the world would be a worse place than it already is, earth is already past its carrying capacity of humans in that we use resources at a rate faster than that of which the environment can replenish them, the last thing we need are more people. I'm down with religion or spirituallity but promoting it in such a selfish, degrading,and intolerant way is absolutely abhorrent. Also could someone tell me why the fuck god would want an army, i thought he wasnt down with violence and shit. And please do not argue your point by referring to religious texts, they provide no foundation for a logical argument, and if you absolutely insist on using religion as a tool, please note there multiple other religious texts that would refute your beliefs.

whocares 7 years ago

the father looks creepy!!!!!!!!!!! like i am the boss its my way and i am right!!!!!!!!!!! he should learn to keep his thing in his pants and michelle should learn to say NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! how can two people give enough love and attention to 19 kids common now seriously. what about time for her body to heal two babies in one year it to much, they were lucky this time, maybe next time they will lose both mom and baby, then what would he do?? find another to take michelle's place. TLC ENOUGH WITH THIS CRAZY FAMILY STUFF, there has to be more to tv than this. and if that is all tlc can come up with i will block that channel from my home .. this is my opinion

catherine 7 years ago

the only thing that is strange and wierd here is that - THEY RAISE THEIR CHILDREN WITHOUT TELEVISION and INTERNET -

catherine 7 years ago

the only thing that is strange and wierd here is that - THEY RAISE THEIR CHILDREN WITHOUT TELEVISION and INTERNET - but EXPLOIT THEM VIA TELEVISION AND ALSO INTERNET the paycheques that keep this family afloat and allow them the the luxury that even 3 children family cannot afford for their children are based on the one thing that apparently the "DUGGAR ELDERS" feel are not suitable "content" for their quiverfull - but do I sense that the "DUGGAR ELDERS" can justify the exploitation of their "conservative Christian Children" via the media for the paycheque?

disturbed. 7 years ago

The passing on of their religious cult ideas is disgusting.


Michelle and Jim Bo claim they didn't tell Josh to wait till he was married to kiss. LMAO! Please! He called them after his kiss free proposal to Anna to ask mommy and daddy if it was ok to hold hands. SMH

They should have said "NO! No physical contact of ANY kind! It might lead to impure thoughts!!!!" Seriously! It's ok to hold hands? But not to kiss? Where do they get this crap from ? Why didn't they just do an arranged marriage where the kid doesn't even know who he is marrying? He for sure wouldn't have "impure thoughts". LOL And to all you "Smugger" lovers out there; IF YOUR NOT LIVING YOUR LIFE EXACTLY HOW THE DUGGARS ARE AND YOUR PROFESSING THAT YOU THINK THEY ARE WONDERFUL, GREAT, AMAZING, ETC THEN YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES! THROW OUT YOUR TV'S, PUT ON YOUR LONG SKIRTS AND START POPPING OUT THOSE BABIES PEOPLE!

HA HA 7 years ago

"you know why they can't have sex standing up?

It might lead to dancing..."

LMAO!!! Heaven forbid! Dancing of ANY KIND = EVILNESS!!

Jane 7 years ago

I loved the whole hand holding thing. If you watch it you will see that they didn't just hold hands as most people do. They were constantly pushing their hands against the other's hands and weaving their fingers in and out-the way two bodies would push and weave... Did anyone else notice that?

Lynne 7 years ago

I am only curious.... if they are so conservative why are they nationalizing everything they do?

Deb 7 years ago

Lynne they are into the money their TV show, book, internet crap and anything else they can exploit. They know they'd never be famous any other way, so why not exploit it? Plus, all those mouths to feed, medical bills, toys, cars, electric bills, etc. need to be paid and the kids don't have jobs because they have to babysit all the kids these 2 nitwits produce but can't take care of.

I know a few families with more kids than the Duggars and they didn't get a TV show for it. They chose to rear their children the old fashioned way....they had jobs and earned their money by working, not posing for cameras.


@ Jane

OMG Yes I noticed that! They were caressing and slidig their fingers in and out, up and down. They were not having pure thoughts while doing that!! No freakin way!

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