The Jehovah Witness Organization are Pagans Occultists and Idolatrous? PT 1

The Jehovah witnesses are Occultists

The Jehovah witnesses have set themselves up in the place of Christ. This organization is a satanic and apostate cult. In doing this they have put themselves, their traditions, and religion before Christ. Which is a form of idolatry. In Mark 7:3-9 of the bible, Christ said of the Pharisee’s that they honor him with their lips, but their hearts are far removed from him, their worship of him is pointless because their teachings are rules that are made by men. The Jehovah’s witnesses organizational polices are placed first before the words of God. This organization made a false claim in 1914 that Christ appointed the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society as his faithful and wise servant. In 1919 the false prophecy was later excluded. Ramond Franz whom was a past Watch Tower headship member had stated that, saying Jesus Christ appointed the Organization as God’s faithful servant is an abomination to Christ (Gruss, 2015). In 1927, the Watch Tower Society afterward had a change of mind and put back in place that they are appointed as the faithful and wise servants of Christ.

Satanic Occultism playing a role in Jehovah Witness Organization

When doctrine of men are put before Christ, when the church or any religions put itself in the place as Christ’s wise and faithful servant, when an organization tell people that the only way to Christ is through that organization they are committing idolatry. These occult ritualistic acts are spewing out one lie after another because the prince of darkness is the father of all lies. Creating one lie after another stuns true spiritual growth in Christ. The purpose of these lies is to have the believer to believe it, and in so doing it feeds an idolatrous nature. The very mere worship of these lies is paganism, and idolatry. It is no mistake that one lie after another is being worshiped by the Jehovah witness. When lies are being worshiped instead of the true words of the gospel there is a reverse in energies. Instead of giving to God what is God’s, they are continuing to giving to Caesar what is Caesars. By, doing this, they all are Satan worshipers. According to "The Use of Occult Sources throughout the Watchtower’s History" (2000), an occultist by the name of Pastor Johannes Greber was an authority over many of the Jehovah Witnesses publications. Many of his publications were completed with the help of spirit messengers, and with the aide of his wife whom was a spirit medium. Greber was exposed as being an occultists and put to the side, but they had always known that he was an occultist and continued to use him on up to 1983. Charles T. Russell whom was founder of the Watch Tower Society was a 33rd degree mason whom came from the Illuminati Russell blood line. Russell also help create skull and bones located at Yale University ("The Occult Roots of the Jehovah’s Witnesses", 2011).

Webs of Deception

The enemy will weave a web of many lies of deception. When exposed the liar will turn it around and expose within itself what it had already known to deceive. Then it will put in place another lie. Those that do not know the ways of the enemy will always fall for the lies of the enemy. When members of this occult society worship these lies sending energy to Satan, this forms a psychological paradigm in their minds. This paradigm they will always follow when they are thinking, resulting in them lying but it looks like the truth to them.

The Jehovah witnesses claimed that in 1914 the world would end. When the world did not end in 1914 the date was pushed to 1915, 1918, 1941 and then 1975. The Jehovah witness organization is always repeating that the end is near. This is a satanic occult practice. This is how Satan manipulates time so that he can reign.


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