Stull Kansas 666

It's been told to me ever since I could remember. I'm not sure how to even describe the feeling I get just thinking about it. I'm really not big on "ghost stories" or anything. To be honest I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't witness some of the eerie things that happen in this peculiar location in the middle of America myself.

I don't even like telling this story because it sounds so bogus. I'm terrible with make believe. I truly am into non fiction more than tall tales. I'm half tempted to turn around and go back the way I came and not even post this lousy hub, but I'm already here and I've got a job to do, like it or not. So get comfortable and read what I've got.

I guess I must've been 13 or 14 when I first heard of the 6th gateway to hell being in Missouri's neighboring satanic state of Kansas. Yeah right. That's what I thought, but every year around this time I couldn't help thinking about it. It became an obsession. I couldn't help inquiring about it when it would be mentioned.

I would always ask in disbelief, "Okay, so you're saying that there's this old church thats half burnt down that sets next to an old cemetary in Stull, Kansas?"

"Yeah. The zip code of that area of Kansas starts with 666. Pretty ironic huh?"

In a sarcastic tone I would say, "Ooh yeah, pretty spooky."

"You don't believe me do ya?"

"No not really. Sorry. It's a great story though."

"Okay. Come on. I'm taking you. Lets go."

"Ah. You mean right now?"

"What. You scared or something?"

"Hell no. Of course not. Lets check it out."

So there we were, on our way to visit one of the supposable 7 gateways to hell. We get there and its right about dusk. The suns setting and the church that sets on the hill behind the cemetary is truly looking unapproachable. Its intimidating just looking at it as it sets in an unwelcoming stance in a distance. The only thing separating us is about a football length of unkept head stones and a chain link fence.

I'm getting a little scared but putting on the tough act because I'm actually really fucking creeped out. I'm not wanting to drag this story out to much so I'll just get to the part that freaked me out.

We were drinking before we decided to go on this adventure, and broke a couple of beer bottles on the brick wall outside of the apartments before we left. I didn't know why until we got up to this God forsaken place. The bottles crashed with ease against the wall before we left. We got up to the outside of the church each with a beer we happened to be just finishing. The jagged stone walls looked as if they would easily break the green Heineken bottles.

"Go ahead. Try it."

I threw my bottle as hard as I could. I was sure the bottle would shatter everywhere and I would have the last laugh, but to my suprise the bottle just bounced off that rock wall just as fast and further than I threw it!

"What the fuck?"

It was a warm October night but at that moment a cool and unwelcoming breeze swept across the hill and left me with goose bumps I can still feel just telling this story. We didn't get a chance to check the stairs inside the church that are told to go down, and down, and down.

We saw headlights speeding over the hill in the distance and we got out of there as quick as we could. We were chased by that car till we got to another town and the car just turned and went back the direction it chased us from. STULL, KANSAS? Hmm?

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wondergrl profile image

wondergrl 6 years ago from Colorado

Sounds like a really creepy place.....yikes!! I love this time of year and the haunts that go with it. I've been to several haunted mansions and places but have never heard of this place. I'll have to put it on my to do list. Thanks for the tip and the ghoulish story. That was tight!

ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

7 gateways to hell? I think there are many more than that! Straight is the gate that leads to eternal life, many and varied are the paths to damnation. The gateways are all over this world.

thirst4more profile image

thirst4more 4 years ago from Kansas City Author

I like the book of mormon. Good Book. Ether ch.12

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