Propaganda of Atheism... Outright Lies and Sacred Cows

Rolling in their Graves...

In the photo attached you will be quick to notice that there are a total of 8 mens pictures with a note attached that promotes the idea that the "Intelligent Men" in the photo were all Atheists.

Take a look at the photo... a good look and see if you can identify the men on sight... and then check your memory... and see if you remember any theological information about them.

This photo has been floating around the blogs for some time now... I have seen it before from time to time and just shook my head... But today I just had enough of it...

I numbered the men in the photo and then searched each of their beliefs... even the ones I already knew the answer to... You might want to do the same because the results will probably surprise you in a very big way.


In case you are not familiar with all of the faces in that photo, here is a photo with the names duly noted next to the numbers...

I need to point out that Number 1) Resembles Sean Connery... since no one seems to claim this photo... and nobody (Until Now) has bothered to try and identify the men or their ideologies in respect to this photo I will have to assume that number 1) is in fact suppose to be Sean Connery... If someone can Positively identify this person as someone other than Sean Connery.. then please do so..

Debunking Distorted History

So I really want to ask: Were all of these men really "Atheists" or is someone trying to pull a fast one on somebody? Who were each of these men, and what were their Theological Beliefs?

My answers were searched out from their own Biographies... It was as simple as going and looking for the information... its right there in bold print for everyone to read.

My findings? Only Two of them pictured as Intelligent Atheists were even close to Atheist in their beliefs... (even they were Unitarians) The other Men were all Devout Believers in God... although they came from different Churches and had their own opinions on who and what that God was, There is no doubt as to what they really believed. There is however a growing movement in our society today to Re- write history to suit your own agenda and it does not take allot of looking to see who is guilty of it...

A Few More "Intelligent Men"

One night Abraham Lincoln suggested to a young man that they take a walk along a country road. Lincoln lifted his eyes to the heavens full of stars and said,:

"I never behold them that I don't feel I am looking into the face of God. A man might look down upon the earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how he could look into the heavens and say there is no God."

Source: Jim N. Griffith, The Christian Index, February 8, 1996, p. 10.

Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980), the movie director, told a parable in Guideposts (1959) about the unknown. There once was a king who was granted two wishes. His first was to see the future. But when he saw all that lay ahead -- the beauty and the pain -- he immediately asked for his second wish; that the future be hidden. "I thank Heaven," the master of suspense proclaimed, "that tomorrow does not belong to any man. It belongs to God."

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Seek-n-Find profile image

Seek-n-Find 5 years ago from Illinois

Interesting. It is sad how much rewriting has been done regarding history. But when many, if not most schools use biased textbooks that don't tell it like it is, how can we expect people to know any better? And it is not like people are taught to question and reason--they are expected to conform and memorize. Oh my--every response I write keeps coming to the problems of modern education. I think I may have to turn this into a Hub so I can get it off my mind. :-) Anyways, interesting read. Thanks!

MrMaranatha profile image

MrMaranatha 5 years ago from Somewhere in the third world. Author

Facebook comment from

Marie Lavanaway: Even Satan believed in God and trembled.

kwade tweeling profile image

kwade tweeling 4 years ago from USA

The misrepresentation of history is a thorn in my side as well. Though I must say, you need to do a little more research too:

1. Sean Connery? Really? That's a photo, not an artist rendering. He looks familiar to me, but since I do not remember who it IS a picture of at the moment, I will leave off there.

3. Carl Sagan. Carl was Agnostic. He hated the term Atheist saying that to be an Atheist meant you had to know things he did not. He was sure that there was a greater power to the universe, he just didn't know what.

4. Mark Twain. He was raised Protestant. From his writings, it is clear he believed in God. However, he was very critical of all religions. He seemed to think that religion is a terrible thing to happen to belief. Indeed, he loathed Christianity for the horrible acts done in it's name.

Technically, only one on that list is an Atheist.

Einstein is one of my favorites that people misrepresent. It amazes me that people can even read his quotes and not realize that he was NOT Atheist.

I do appreciate you clarifying that religion and intelligence are NOT mutually exclusive.

MrMaranatha 4 years ago

Thank you for Correcting me on who Number three is or was... I will go back and revise the photo tonight and make the appropriate corrections that go along with it.

kwade tweeling profile image

kwade tweeling 4 years ago from USA

Glad you are making that change. While you are at it; I did research on Darwin. I had forgotten, but looking into it again, he was Unitarian. So everyone on that list has a belief in a higher power. None of them are actually Atheist. Oops for the person who made that. (Maybe number 1 but I still don't know who that is.)

MrMaranatha profile image

MrMaranatha 4 years ago from Somewhere in the third world. Author

I saw that Darwin was Unitarian.. I just figured to give them the benefit of a doubt since he was supposedly atheist in death... And since he was the one that started Most Evolutionary thinking...

kwade tweeling profile image

kwade tweeling 4 years ago from USA

He started his theory of evolution with God in mind. As a way of explaining how God did what he did (from everything I could find on him). The great irony of course being that now people think evolution and God are completely incompatible.

Mark Knowles profile image

Mark Knowles 4 years ago

No wonder you live in the 3rd world. Let me guess - a local bride? LOL

MrMaranatha profile image

MrMaranatha 4 years ago from Somewhere in the third world. Author

Are you a racist or do you just talk like one?

MrMaranatha profile image

MrMaranatha 4 years ago from Somewhere in the third world. Author

You guess was motivated by it. And whether or not it has any truth to it, has little or nothing to do with Atheism or intelligence.

MrMaranatha profile image

MrMaranatha 4 years ago from Somewhere in the third world. Author

You are way out there man... and the reason that I refuse to give details of my life in here or anywhere else on the internet are simple... You just proved the need for it right now... And thank you for reminding me of the need for such caution.

MrMaranatha profile image

MrMaranatha 4 years ago from Somewhere in the third world. Author

Got almost 100% Wrong... Wrong from your assumption to the last... But I am not willing that my Hub detracted from or to be used to promote your Hateful Racist Ideology, or for that matter as a location for Personal Slander against me. Be Thankful that I am allowing your attack on me to slide and not presenting it to Hub Pages for your account privileges to be taken away. Good Day Sir.

kwade tweeling profile image

kwade tweeling 4 years ago from USA

Found the mystery photo. Hemingway:

I haven't researched him yet.

MrMaranatha profile image

MrMaranatha 4 years ago from Somewhere in the third world. Author

I just went after it... He was raised up in Church.. strict family.. rebelled in his youth (like I did) later on he married into Catholicism but was not too devout. Made some references to religion in various ways in his books... some this way and some that way but his general policy while Writing was to stay away from two topics... He tried to avoid both Politics and Religion in his writing presumably that his audience would not be reduced or to stay out of opinionated areas. I would say from what I read that he was by no means and Atheist at all.. He seemed to have faith in God.. Just not much faith in the established Churches as he knew them. He was more like a person that just stayed out of the issue and kept his beliefs to himself entirely.

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