Top 5 Myths About Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting can be a fun and intriguing experience that blends spirituality with science to create an interesting investigation. Seasoned ghost hunters quickly learn all the tricks of the trade, including knowing how to stay safe and what to do and not to do to in order to ensure good quality results. However, with all the conflicting messages the media gives you, an impending investigation could seem a little daunting to the novice ghost hunter, perhaps even scary. Here are the top five myths presently circulating about ghost hunting at this time--debunked.

5.) You must already possess a pinch of psychic prowess if you hope to capture anything worthwhile. Although I'm quite sure that people who have some degree of psychic ability may have a better chance of actually communicating with a spirit, there is no evidence to suggest that psychics capture more EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) on tape or apparitions on film than anyone else.

4.) You can only go ghost hunting after dark. I'm terrified of the dark, and I don't like things jumping out at me. I absolutely refuse to stay in a cemetery after sunset, and I've never been on a lights-out lockdown a la "Ghost Adventures". It is thought that 3:00am is the witching hour, because it mocks the Holy Trinity, and therefore is the best time to go on a hunt, yet I have never done so and I've still gotten terrific footage.

3.) You need expensive, top-of-the-line equipment if you expect to catch anything good. This is completely untrue. As I discussed in Ghost Hunting for Beginners, my mother and I have been using a $40 Olympus digital recorder and a $200 Sony digital camera for well over five years. As long as the equipment isn't faulty or prone to malfunctioning, you should be able to pick up any anomalies in the area just as good as if you had a $1600 Nikon.

2.) Ghost hunting is dangerous -- the ghosts might follow you home! 99.9% of ghosts are completely harmless. Typically speaking, ghosts are haunting a location, not a person, and certainly not YOU specifically. They are also usually quite territorial, either bound to a certain location because they choose to remain at a place that had special significance to them when they were alive or because their energy is trapped in the place where the tragedy that caused their passing occurred. If an object is haunted, however, then yes, the spirit attached to the item will go wherever it goes. But entering a cemetery, snapping a few pictures and then leaving is harmless. You are merely observing, and the ghosts know that. However, it doesn't hurt to say a prayer of safety as you are getting ready to leave, or even ask the spirits directly that they remain where they are and do not follow you home.

1.) If you can't see it, it isn't there. A lot of ghost hunting relies on feeling and instinct. You will rarely (if ever) see a full body apparition or hear a spirit voice with your ears in real time. It isn't until after you get home and carefully review your footage that you may realize you've captured something paranormal or unexplainable. Don't leave a location just because you aren't getting high EMF readings or orbs right away. You may be walking away from something amazing that is just around the corner!

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itzdeev profile image

itzdeev 9 years ago from Florida

Great tips! I guess you must be a Ghost Hunters fan too!

profile image

yarntales 9 years ago from NY

I don't see #1. I don't know why

guy 8 years ago

i am a ghost hunter. I have seen a near 300 ghost in my life time. these tips are so-so. if you want real ghost tips call my number. it is 248-255-7638. I will tell you how to really catch a ghost. Ifr you want you can read my book i published three years ago. it is called ghost hunter: what to do in real ghost like situations. feel free to call anytime. thank you

daniah 8 years ago

i am not scared of ghosts. i am only scared from allah. and by the way these pictures are not even real. and i am in grade 3. have some shame also.if people see these pictures they will laugh and spit on u freaks.who ever sent these pictures.u will go in the jale.

becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 8 years ago from N.J. Author

Dear All,

The pictures on this hub are not meant to be real. I don't say anywhere that they are real. They are clearly not. The first picture is a goof.


imadork profile image

imadork 8 years ago from St. Peters, MO

Good stuff but where is number one and four?

By the way, it seems Daniah has issues and not much common sense.

I've always wondered why religious people seem proud to be scared of their God. It does not make sense to me.

grace 8 years ago

ok theese ghosts look so FAKE!

mayhmong profile image

mayhmong 7 years ago from North Carolina

I like to hear about other peoples experience when it comes to the paranormal, but heck, I'll never mess with it!

Jamez 7 years ago

horsefeathers, there is no such thing as ghosts... sillies

anurag 7 years ago

if u believe in GOD than u have to believe in ghost also.

uyuy 7 years ago


tt 7 years ago

why does Dorthy die you believe in ghost i doPr

ress 7 years ago

wow yyyyPr

angela 7 years ago

i don't believe in ghost

Clara 6 years ago

There are only three myths on the page. It goes 5 3 2. There is no 1 or 4.

Martin 6 years ago

I like a lot of what you say, but you should mention that a little bit of skepticism is very important, otherwise you may just fool yourself into believeing you caught something when in reality you didn't. 6 years ago


as 5 years ago


Sharkye11 profile image

Sharkye11 4 years ago from Oklahoma

Good hub. I'm glad to see that you nailed the worst myth about ghosts--that they only come out at dark! Yeah. Right. Voting this up and linking it my ghost hub!

i am a real ghost hunter 4 years ago

guys i don't believe in ghosts and demons but i am a REAL ghost hunter i heard ghosts when i was a kid

Teresa Clark 4 years ago

I also believed in the bible and believed that we rise from the dead when Jesus calls us, but boy how wrong was i, i have seen ghosts, the blue light that surrounds them, felt the magnic force agaonst my face, holding my hand and against my arms, my daughter also seen them as well as my son... i went to london tombs and witnessed stuff you could never imagine, rather than deny this and call us freaks, go there yourself and you will come out a different person.

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