Treatise or Treason

So, why in the world would you want to have anything to do with anyone who would have anything to do with you?”

Not a very auspicious statement in and of itself, it made him wonder what could possibly elicit such a sentiment, especially from a total stranger. The old man with the bright blue eyes was really talking to the sky. Well, it seemed that way. The bench in the park just happened to be the place he chose to start this conversation with the cosmos. He wondered how he had got so lucky as to be sitting in the one place in this huge park where an apparently mentally disturbed senior citizen would choose to address the universe.

Eating lunch and listening to the old man ramble on brought him to a startling realization...the world had secrets.

There were, in this and other worlds, many secrets hidden in the earth that the average person could or would never be privy to without assistance. Secrets that held the very key to existence were scattered both hither and yon just expectation of being snatched up and exploited. All it took to find these secrets were, a good pair of ears, and the ability to listen to crazy people speak.

Awareness came in various ways to the normal run-of-the-mill traveler. True appreciation of the method and manners of enlightenment required a different set of ears, and an open mind to that which is spurned by most. Why do we not eavesdrop on the ruminations of those who truly have a clue? Ancient tribes held the insane as special…gifted…touched by the heavens. Who are we to negate the significance of a message simply because the messenger does not blend in with the norm? Why must we separate those unlike ourselves? Is it because we are fearful of the truth or might it simply be a defense against the fact that we too are not ordinary?

Uniqueness is considered both a blessing and possibly a curse. Being the first to discover a truth and share it with the world puts one in the realm of exceptionality. Unless, of course, that discovery tells a truth we do not wish to hear. Assets are regaled and defects are scorned. Lucid thought is awarded, and seeming articulateness is cheered. What of those words that warn. What of those words that enlighten and embarrass at the same time?

He looked at the old man and wondered if this random exchange with the eternal would produce an original thought. What an interesting notion. Original thought is not something often sought, even in his community college Intro to Philosophy course. The standard for freshmen classes required the preaching of words and thoughts revealed by famous philosophers and the requisite multiple choice exams to answer the great inquiries of the mankind.

What would happen if we attempted to elicit cogent dialogue from that kid with the earphones, the one not listening to the dribble being meted out?

Why not let him try for an original thought?


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