The True Meaning of the Story of “Birth of Ganesha”

Birth of Ganesha

The most well-known story about Ganesh’s birth is probably the one taken from the Shiva Purana

Once mother Parvati wanted to take a bath, there were no attendants around to guard her and stop anyone from accidentally entering the cave. Hence she created an image of a boy out of dirt and infused life into it, and thus a little boy was born. Parvati asked the boy not to allow anyone to enter the house, and the boy obediently followed his mother's orders.

Background: There are 2 energies in this Universe. One is the Universal GOD Energy that is outside us and the other is the Soul Energy that is inside a person. Hindu scriptures know that GOD is beyond Man or Women. To explain to a novice GOD is depicted sometimes as a Man and sometimes a Women (Per Hindu scriptures). So sometimes the Universal GOD is depicted as Man and sometimes it is depicted as a Woman. Similarly the soul inside is either a Woman or a Man depending on what the Universal GOD is depicted as.

Explanation: So in the story of Ganesh’s Birth, Parvati is depicted as Universal GOD and Shiva is the Soul in the body.

After a while Shiva returned from outside, and as he tried to enter the house,

Explanation: In a living person, Shiva (Soul) is always trying to reach Parvati (Universal Soul).

Shiva came to meet Parvati and was stopped by the little boy. He told the little boy that he was Parvati's husband, and demanded that he be let in. The little boy would not hear any person's word other than his dear mother's. So Shiva has a fierce battle with the little boy. The little boy was strong and rose up to the challenge and fought Shiva and held him back.

Explanation: The force stopping Soul(Shiva) from reaching Universal GOD (Parvati) is the little child and that is the EGO of the person. EGO is explained in different ways. Will not go in detail on what EGO is in this post. Just know that EGO is so strong that it can stop Shiva(Soul) from reaching Parvati (Universal GOD).

At last Shiva severed the head of the little boy head with his trishula.

Explanation: The only way for Shivato meet Parvati is to cut the head of EGO. i.e Bow the head to the Universal GOD. When EGO is out of the way Shiva(Soul) and Parvati

(Universal GOD) meet in a living person.

When Parvati came out and saw her son's lifeless body she asked that Shiva restore the boy’s life. A Brahma suggested that Shiva replace the boys head with the first living being that came his way which lay with its head facing north. Shiva then sent his celestial armies (Gana) to find and take the head of whatever creature they happened to find asleep with its head facing north. They found a dying elephant which slept in this manner, and after its death took its head, attaching the elephant's head to the boy’s body and bringing him back to life. And thus Ganesha is Born.

Explanation: In a living person the EGO is gone and therefore the Soul(Shiva) of the person has met the Universal GOD(Parvati). The energies activated in the person now is that of Ganesha. Meaning that any action taken by a person while connecting the Soul to the Universal GOD will remove obstacle. The elephant head is depicts the removal of obstacles.

Ganesha is married to 2 sisters Riddhi and Siddhie.

Explanation: In that state Ganesha i.e. Shiva(Soul) and Parvati (Universal Soul) meeting in a living person, interacts with the world. In this world one can only give or/and take from someone. i.e. Ridhi and Sidhi. So Ganesha (living person) is married to the world of giving and receiving. The living person is married to either taking or giving something to this world.

Ganesha has 2 children from Riddhi and Siddhie..Name of the children are Shubh and Labh

Explanation: So a living person in the state of Ganesha interacts with the world Riddhie and Siddhie there is an output from it that interaction i.e. He gets SHUBH LABH or PURE PROFIT.

Shubh and Labh ask their parents for a sister and they get a sister names Santosh.

Explanation: So from the interaction with the world as Ganesha a person gets SHUBH LABH (PURE PROFIT) and from the PURE PROFIT he gets SANTOSH or CONTENTMENT.

That is the purpose of Life. To get CONTENTMENT in every action that one takes in Life.


In a living person the Soul (Shiva) is always trying to meet the Universal GOD (Parvati).

EGO stops the Shiva (Soul) from meeting Parvati (Universal GOD).

When the head of EGO is removed Shiva(Soul) and Parvati (Universal GOD) meet thereby creating igniting the energies of Lord Ganesha.

As Ganesha when a person interacts with the world as, giving (Riddhi) and taking (Siddhi), then the output is Shubh (Pure) Labh (Profit).

From Shubh Labh (Pure Profit) the person gets Santosh (Contentment).


When one prays to Lord Ganesha then one is asking to connect to the Universal Soul to remove obstacles and to give us contentment. All the rituals are fully aligned to this principle.

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tiara86 profile image

tiara86 5 years ago

well explained :)

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 5 years ago Author

Thank u tiara86

Jay Johnson 5 years ago

I have attempted to re-tell this story after you told it to me, but it does not compare. Thank you!

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 5 years ago Author

Thanks Jay. Hope that the written story helps

Anil Goswami 4 years ago

really worth reading..:)

Athiest 4 years ago

Can u explain this lord shiva as lord of universe he solves all our problems right he knws wats there in our heart bt he doesn't knw his own son ..... N he cuts his head ... N instead of fixing that he fixes elephant head lol ...

Atul Thakur 4 years ago

Comments by Athiest are cowardly, ignorant, ill informed and illiterate. Cowardly cause this person does not use his real name. Ignorant cause he did not read the symbolic explaination of the story. Ill informed cause he is using wrong explaination to denegrade the meaning of the story and illiterate cause he did not or cannot read the deep symbolic meaning of the story.

Hinduism is a great religion that have symbolic stories to teach mankind about spirituality. Hinduism is the only religion that teaches several paths to divinity. i.e. One can do Yajnas and/or chant the name of God and/or do meditation and/or read scriptures (Several choices) and/or do Yoga and/or do deity worship to achieve the divine.

This story is just a very small subset of the wonderful stories in Hinduism.

If Athiest really wants to know more then he must bow his head in humility to Lord Shiva and then the true meaning of the story will be revealed to him

neeraj joshi 4 years ago

atul sir... wat else to say .. bada suljha hua likha hai... n d explanation abt subh labh.. i liked dat portion most...

will wait to read ur nxt articles..

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 4 years ago Author

Thanks a lot Neeraj. Glad that u liked it.

have some sense 4 years ago

How can you beleive in all this.... why was he created from dirt.. so u pray dirt. .. don't call Hinduism.. history says this word Hinduism actually started to represent people who live in Indus valley. The name of your religion should be vedantric. your vedas speak about one God. But your pandits and temples say that there r many gods. Every little creation like cow, elephant, tree, snake, and etc are gods... when you read the books which says about this religion, just laugh enjoy it as a crazy mytholigical story. Believe in one true God. Close your eyes, meditate and ask God to show you the true path.

One God 4 years ago

don't follow anything blindly. try to get your answers because God has given you an organ called brain just for you to reason and understand the truth. Believe in the God who created, you , me and the entire universe. He is All mighty, the most merciful, the lord of the worlds, master of the day of judgement. Ask Him to guide you in the right path.

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 4 years ago Author

Mr "have some sense" First of all why are u afraid to use your name. Why are u hiding behind a false name. U should realize that Hinduism is so rich and soo deep that everyone including pandits may not have a full grasp of it. This happened because of the Muslim rule in India. Muslims in their ignorance , stupidity and folly, destroyed temples and killed Hindu men/women that were learned. We are coming out of it now and explaining the meaning of Hinduism. If u truly read it and bow to Ganesha then you will see the wisdom of it.

Actually I did ask GOD to show me the path and this is the revelation that I got . Unfortunately there are skeptics like you that are cowardly afraid to use their name that go against GOD's guidance. If u have something positive to write then do so else just stay quiet in ure shell.

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 4 years ago Author

Mr "One God". At one time u say GOD is merciful and on the other hand u do not read or comprehend what GOD is showing you in the article. So much wisdom and information for your own growth to get closer to GOD. That is sheer hypocrisy. Then why the heck u don't use the name that your parents gave u ?

Can you even define what you mean by GOD ? U are just taking some words that a minister or a mulla said and posting it here under fictitious name.

So my friend be straight in life, respect other religions, be truthful, honor women and children and ask GOD to forgive you for all the impurities that you did in this life and your past life . Then u may have a chance !

God's wish 4 years ago

It's God wish to guide people. Maybe you really did not ask His help. I hope He shows you the true path. Once you realise the true religion God Almighty will definitely have mercy on you. because He is All merciful. Keep vendantric religion aside for sometime and do some research on other religions until you get hold of the true religion.

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 4 years ago Author

God's wish. U use his name in vain my friend. I can say the same to you. U are following the wrong path that will eventually decimated.

Hindu religion is an awesome religion. It gives you the option to pray to God in multiple ways. And all amazing techniques to be one with that energy called GOD.

BTW: If u wish to get salvation then come to Hinduism and learn how to remove your ego ure fear. U will be liberated from this life !

If u wish to ask questions about my article then do so. Else don't waste my time or that of sincere seekers. Write your own article and sabotage it all you wish.

Salvation 4 years ago

why should anyone pray in multiple ways. Pray the way, the Creator asked you to pray. Salvation is attained if you are on the right path, truthful, calling people towards truth and having patience. I did research on many religions and ultimately found the true God, that is the reason my brother, I am also telling you and all the people in the world to do some research and find your Creator. Pray the Creater and not His creation.

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 4 years ago Author

Salvation, I am amazed that people are appearing so knowledgeable and still do not use their own name. Why not. What are u afraid of ? If fear is being created inside u then u are following the wrong way to pray to GOD. Anyway let me answer your question about multiple ways to worship GOD.

So the basics first. GOD is all merciful. Ready to help mankind in every way.

So with that background mankind prays to GOD for different problems that they get in life. GOD gives them solutions to those problems in various ways. Because people are different. So GOD chooses the best way for that person for that time and guides them that way. So that becomes a method of prayer.

That way there are different methods of prayer.

Hinduism is religion that gives people various ways to pray to GOD.

One can chant mantras and/or sing bhajans and/or do meditation and/or do deity worship and/or do reading of scriptures and/or do Yoga and/or do breath control etc..

It gives choice. It is a truly democratic religion. Not like other religions where they force women to cover and people to worship one way.. Ufff such a rigid religion.. How can such a way be the right way..

GOD gives us choices in life. When GOD gives you the choice then how can man force other men/women to worship in one rigid way.

So dear Salavation, I can assure that if u read more about Hinduism and talk to a learned Hindu person you will change your way of worship. Not only that you will feel uplifted using Hindu ways you will also start using your real name.. \

We do pray to the creator

Name 4 years ago

I have researched a lot about the vedantric and other religions. If the following conditions are met, then I believe in that God.

God has told "He is One, the Absolute Eternal, He begets not, nor is He begotten and there is none like unto Him".

To you your religion and to me mine. goodbye and goodluck with your research.

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 4 years ago Author

Name. Can u share your name please ?

If you tell me that u have researched a lot then let me ask you this. What do mean by "He is One" and what in your view is "Absolute Eternal". Can you define GOD in ure own words as per your religion.

As I delve more into Hinduism I find it so wonderful and scientific. It explains energies defined in our body with such beautiful stories. These stories have to be understood by mankind and implement. However the more one puts hoods on their eyes then this wonderful knowledge is lost.

Rammohan 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing. This is enlightening.

I read with the interest the comments posted by non-believers.

Religion provides the compass. A compass is no good if it cannot be trusted or followed.

That is why it is referred to as the moral compass. There is no such thing as amoral compass. The two are oxymorons.

One of the commentators refers to creator. His comment is based on his belief that only 1 creator could have done it all. Unbeknown to him, he is seeking a hierarchy. We are all needing a guide. That is religion. We are all emotional people. We have 6 senses - the 6th sense drives the emotion.

If you accept that all your fingers are different, you will see that people are right to seek their spirituality in whatever way that suits them. If the seekers are in concord with their inner self they will enjoy peace. These are self evident truths.

Then there is this other person who mocks dirt. What is dirt after all ? something that we do not wish to call by any other name. But in reality dirt is something left over from soil or other material. These soil and material have a chemical composition to it and the dirt might as well have been called by that name. The author simply used a word substitute for a genuinely practical well accepted (in the cynic's mindset) material.

So as the author says, please do not wear colored glasses and hoods to see the world.

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 3 years ago Author

Well said Rammohan ji

Kiran 2 years ago

Thanks ji... Thanks alot.... Can you share more things like , y rama send seetha to jungle, the real meaning of mahabharatha war .. Etc ?

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 2 years ago Author


Thanks for liking. There is so much symbology in the Hindu religion. So the way to look at it that there are 2 parts to it. One is the historical part and that is history. Take any lessons from it that u may. Some have lessons some is just history :). It happened and perhaps we r overthinking it.

The other is not historical. That is symbolic as I explained in the article above. Like that there are several other symbological references.

Here is a link to another article that u might like.

I will write more soon


Kiran 2 years ago

Okay , thanks ji. Pls create a post about shivaling, many of the people is misunderstanding about this that it is the penis of lord Shiva .pls explain it very fairly......

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 2 years ago Author

Shiva linga is an amazing symbolic figure for all humanity. To really understand the mystery behind it bow ure head to the ground in front of it and ask Shiva mentally to reveal its meaning.

BTW: People of other religion who dont understand it call it different names. They conveniently forget what ills they have in their religion.

Avinash thakur 2 years ago


Love 16 months ago

Why cant we live in love? Why human divide themself in the name of religion? Who is right or who is wrong? India is a great country. Histiry tell us. Hindu strongly believe in karma. Whiy does the hindu country has so much hatred for other religion also hatred among themself (casr).

Why there is poverty? We have to think how can we get out of this povity.

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 16 months ago Author


Hindus preach love and tolerance. Perhaps the most tolerant religion is Hindus. Hinduism is a religion that teaches us many paths to spirituality that millions around the world are adapting to. The paths are meditation, yajna, deity worship, yoga, chanting, scripture study and much more. Hindu religion is the most democratic religion of the world.

Karma is just one small aspect of explaining how life works. There are many ways to show how to over come karma.

love 16 months ago

I read

There is no religion in the spirit world, all worship one GOD.

GOD loves us.

atul-thakur profile image

atul-thakur 16 months ago Author

Religion just shows one paths to connect with the divine. When religion is handled by egoistic leaders of religion then stuff like what women should wear or torturing animals for their meat or being sadistic in their treatment of someone that strayed away, creeps in. That is what has to be fought an changed.

Else all spiritual paths lead up to the divine. Some take longer and some shorter.

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