Tuning in to Papa God


I have had a long and varied week this week...

It began, what seems like an age away now, on Monday with a relaxing swim and steam room at a local health spa of a rather nice hotel (I special discount treat that I could not normally afford.)

It was lovely but I went with the hope it would ease a shoulder injury I have at the moment. I knew I had a busy week ahead.

Tuesday - was again hectic but included a physio appointment that "massaged" my injury until I felt physically sick with pain.

Wednesday - A family emergency changed the nature of my plans in a few hours and suddenly all my focus changed to letting the ones I love know that I am there in the hard times. Knowing that it is all in God's hands. I have the knowledge that friends are upholding our family.

Thursday - A day trip to Oban (184 mile round trip) to meet with a social enterprise Sports complex to ask questions and tips as I am on the volunteer management team of an organisation that is about to enter into a similar enterprise and take over a swimming pool and sports complex. See my hub

Friday - Emotionally and physically stretched. Thankful that I did not have to stay over in Oban as originally planned. Aware that I have another big day Saturday as I am helping host a wee event about prophetic art.

Saturday - The end of the week but another long day. This is the day of an event that I have longed to see hosted in my area. Its a early start, but something I am really looking forward to. A workshop on prophetic art. Even as I pray with the speaker, I can sense God's presence and a sense of "Ah..." Ready to dip your feet into the pools of water to get relief?


Learning to Discern

You may be wondering what has her week got to do with the title Tuning into God? The reality is that in the midst of my hectic week, I must confess that my time with God has suffered. It has been rather snatched time and even just "arrow" type prayers of please God help.

If you had said a year or so back that I would be organising this type of event I would probably have not believe you. I remember art class at school and my attempts to draw fruit. I then began to believe that I can't draw and stopped.

Within the past year I have been learning to tune into God in the prophetic. As the speaker said yesterday. It is like everything, you would not expect to drive perfectly if you had never sat in a car. I see it like the radio - you have to tune it in to the right setting. At first you may hear nothing, other times it could be faint and when it is tuned in you her the voice clearly. The voice may not be heard if tuned in wrong but it is still there whether you hear it or not.

So what do we do?

We started with worship and prayer.

The first exercise, drew our name and drew things around it that would represent our identity.

Then next we then prayed and asked God for a picture for the person next to us. Draw it then explain it to the person. This can be daunting if new to this - some struggled others did not.

I am not a good artist but I am creative and it is not about how good I am at drawing (Thankfully)

The second part of the day was freestyle where you could explore and do you own artwork.

Now I know this hub may get criticism as this may not be for everyone. It's part of a journey that I am on. If this is not where you are at that is fine.

I will say that a few years ago I would have been more sceptical. But started to try this at the start of some quiet times and I am finding it easier now. It is a form that needs honing, just like everything else.

Be still and Know that I AM God.

I am glad I took that time yesterday...for today I am being carried through on His strength.

Hearing God's Voice

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Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 4 years ago from London, UK

Beautiful and Inspiring. I often reflect on Ps 46.10. God shows up when you are still and peaceful.

I enjoyed reading this. Thanks.

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