Type Materialism vs Token Materialism


Type materialism is that mental states equal brain states in every possible creature. That for each type of mental state (pain,hunger,etc.) there is a unique type of physical state (ex. c-fiber stimulation) such that m=p. To say that mental states are multiple realizable is to say that there can be two tokens of a given mental state type which are identical to tokens of different physical state types. Since type materialism is to strong stated type materialism does not allow for the multiple realization of mental states. so here is where token materialism comes in play. Token materialism states each token of a given mental state type is identical to a token of some physical state. This is so that if Martians exist they could possibly have the same mental states even though they differ physically. while a man has c-fiber stimulation for pain a Martian might ooze goo for pain. This would be a problem for type materialism, but not a problem for token materialism.


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