Types of Astrologers

On the basis of the nature of astrology, which an astrologer practices, astrologers are classified in categories. Take a look.

  • Mayan Astrologer - A Mayan Astrologer follows the ancient and sacred Mayan Tzolkin calendar. It considers the presence of 20 Mayan Day Signs spread over 13 galactic numbers, which are based on the movement of the days through the year of 260 days. In this, a Mayan astrologer interprets the sign of a person, and accordingly makes predictions. It is also the basis of drawing intrinsic traits, characteristics, lucky gemstones, and English sign name of a person. Mayan Astrologer helps one to get more aware of oneself.
  • Vedic Astrologer - Vedic Astrologer is an Indian Astrologer, with which most of us are aware of. He is also called as Hindu astrologer, Jyotish astrologer, or Jyotish. Jyotish denotes for science of light. Vedic Astrologers follow the principles of Vedic Astrology along with those of Hindu religion. Vedic Astrology, unlike the western tropical astrology system, is a sidereal system. Some consider it to be the oldest of all forms of astrology.
  • Midlife Astrologer - An Astrologer who practices astrology and makes predictions on the basis of his assessment of the movements and cycles of outer planets, such as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, is called as a Midlife Astrologer. He is also sometimes referred as ‘Retirement Astrologer’.
  • Online Astrologer - This category can be called to be born out of the womb of the modern time. An online astrologer is the one who practices astrology online, either through blogs, articles, chats, Internet sessions, or over phone calls. In the recent time, this trend has gained tremendous popularity, much because of its ability to bridge the distances, in case one wishes to avail the services of one eminent astrologer sitting far off at a distant place. It might not necessarily be followed by other categories of astrologers.
  • Chinese Astrologer - Chinese Astrologer follows the Chinese system of astrology. Chinese system follows a twelve year lunar cycle, along with the consideration of the months of the year. Every year of the twelve year cycle is associated with one animal. In this, astrologer predicts one’s Sign on the basis of the year in which one is born. It predicts one’s characteristics, traits, and other aspects of one’s life on the basis of the Sign and animal with which one is astrologically associated.
  • Relationship Astrologer - Relationship astrologer makes predictions for relationship aspects of one’s life. Apart from predicting future for the relationship of two specific people, he also makes useful suggestions with which one can improves relationship. In case of problems in relationships, a relationship astrologer closely puts astrological principles in practice to determine the cause of it, and accordingly a possible solution for it.

On the similar lines, there are categories of financial astrologer and medical astrologer.

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