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If God Knows Everything why Pray?

The other day I answered a question that was asked; If Jesus knows what is on our minds all the time is, really necessary to pray? This question is what prompted me to start this hub, I answered the question but there is much more to be said about this particular subject.

When Jesus paid the price of sin for us 2,000 years ago he was our substitute, and heaven has it written that we have been set free. It was as if we too die on cross along with him 2,000 years ago. We sometime miss understand this to mean that we will automatically go to heaven and this is totally not the case. Even though God sent Jesus to pay for our sins and even though he holds nothing against us- we can still go straight to hell.

Your next question is probably Why or How could this be? Well let me tell you that the fact still remains that we must make the choice to receive Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, and to accept his sacrifice as our own.

We all have a free will and have the right to choose our own destiny. God will not force us to receive salvation because the choice is ours. We could got straight to hell and God will not do a thing to stop it nor will he lift a finger to help us in bad situations. God did all he was going to do, by sending in son Jesus into the world.

Your Choice is Set Before You

You can either choose to drink from Jesus's cup or Satan's cup but you can not drink from both. If you decide to drink with Jesus you will put aside the things that made you want to drink wiith Satan is cup. Excepting Jesus as your Lord and savior does not mean that you do not have to ask for his help in times of trouble or distress. That is what Christians do we fight all of our battles through prayer. Accepting Jesus as our savior puts us in favor when we do pray for the things we need help with. Jesus keep us from being stressed out about things we can not change on our own.

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