Understanding God's Love and Faithfulness

Understanding God’s Love and Faithfulness


Understanding the grace of God, it causes shedding of tears for a certain believer as well as in understanding His faithfulness,


For a while, let us channel our minds to some earthly things. Turn on to the movie world. Recall some famous films dealing with love stories such as “Evergreen”, “The Graduate,” “The Gift of Love,”etc. Or roll our minds to the classical eras such as Romeo and Juliet, etc. Through these movies and plays, men have influenced the world with their worldly concepts regarding love. Their ecstasies and passions regarding love seem to be endless and forever and ever faithful. But the truth will remain that no human love can ever surpass the love God has given for men. And His faithfulness forever will be the greatest and ever shining among His precious children.


Much more in the field of music, composers and interpreters pour out their complete feelings and emotions in their songs telling the whole world about the faithfulness of their love. They are continually deceiving, brainwashing and blinding worldly men about their ecstasies and passions for love. All their love is only brought about by the outbursts of their emotions, purely of the flesh and has no strength that roots down into hearts deeper.


For the “children of Light,” the love of the One, whose beauty continuously bathing them to walk in His ways each day is the true and only everlasting love. God’s love is full of promises. His faithfulness never change. The more you understand His love, His faithfulness, the more you also understand His never ending grace and limitless blessing to His precious children.


The more you understand God’s love and grace, the greater strength will root deeply in your heart. His love is not the one that spoils or that pampers or that puffs up, but His love is the one that leads one to a well-disciplined life, the one that gives strength not bringing destruction but always promising a triumph that forever will be magnified.


(This insight is written on May 31,1985. Just a year after I accepted the Lord.. It is wonderful to know that at that early, the Lord is giving me an understanding of His love. Truly we can never fully comprehend the Love of God, even a lifetime is not sufficient to help us realize it.)

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Lord seeker 7 years ago

I agree: Only the Lord loves us with a perfect love. Oh how fortunate we are to have such a loving Father and Savior!

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 7 years ago from Manila Author

Hello Lord seeker nice to hear from you again. We are so blessed indeed to have the love of the Father. Regards and God bless you.

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Eddie Perkins 7 years ago


It has always amazed me at the insights of baby Christians. And to see that child of God still walking in step with God 20 years later is such a blessing.

This is a wonderful hub and a truth that is needed.

Thank you and bless you my sister. ~ eddie

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 7 years ago from Manila Author

It is only because of God's faithfulness a certain christian can remain faithful to God's ways. It is wholly by His grace. Thank you brother for kind words. We are faithful only because He is first faithful. God bless you.

maanju profile image

maanju 7 years ago from India

Really it is a good piece of work . Yes i agree with the one you say that understanding of gods love will give you more strength rather than anything in this world. It took me to spiritual world and delighted me.To say in brief "A GREAT HUB".

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 7 years ago from Manila Author

Thank you maanju for dropping by and appreciating this hub. God bless you and best regards.

JPSO138 profile image

JPSO138 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

Good article and very inspiring indeed. Keep writing more of this.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 7 years ago from Manila Author

Thanks JPSO138 for taking time to read this hub. Regards.

l1blonde profile image

l1blonde 7 years ago

I was blessed when I read your hub. Keep writing and praising the Lord.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 7 years ago from Manila Author

Thanks I1blonde for appreciating my hubs. Regards.

Andrew0208 profile image

Andrew0208 7 years ago from Zion

God's love is unending and His faithfulness endures forever. I'm inspired by this hub. God bless you more with His Spiritual gifts in the heavenly places in Jesus Name, Amen. A happy hubbing.

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