WHAT happens after death?

"WHAT happens after death?" is, of course, the most painfully personal question there is. A great many matters of controversy may interest us without vitally concerning us individually, but, after all, every one of us has, at some time or other to face death, and it is inevitable that the question of the hereafter should have a fascination and at times peculiar and painful. It is pure speculation to indulge in ideas and statements on this subject. Neither the Archbishops nor the Pope can tell us anything more than we know ourselves, and that is that we know nothing.

This is the eternal question, as old as death. It is and ever will be the greatest test of religion, science, and philosophy. The borderland between "the living" and "the not living" is the Waterloo of science.

The great question is: What proof have we have of life beyond the grave? But when the person is dead and you bury the body, what becomes of the life. If it goes into space or a spiritual sphere, how can it act without a medium, for we know that on this plane the phenomenon of human life depends on a physical organism.

The subject of what happens after death need no longer be concerned with arguments based on reason, though these are overwhelmingly in favour of continued life in worlds beyond the physical in some religions.

Socrates when asked where he would choose to be buried, replied: "Bury me where you will, if you can catch me". There you have the wisdom of the wisest of ancient philosophers”. He declined to entertain the conception that "Death was the extinction of consciousness." He said there is "Nothingness after Death."

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eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India

Good, an evergreen topic, nice, by the way there is a book by swami sinmayanandha i believe not sure because i read it a long ago, to be more precise when i was just entering my teens which was presented to me by my mother. It is called "What happens to the soul after death", give a read if you could get it.

tanvir munim profile image

tanvir munim 8 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

A question often encountered by those who are on the quest in search of GOD or the truth. Our main task on that earth is to obtain knowledge and only through knowledge we will know that what is there after death. The thing is because of limitation of thoughts and wills we do not take any endeavour in persuit of knowledge.

Once we become enlightened the door of knowledge for the abovementioned question would be open.

Thank you again for posting such important interrogatory hub since it would spread ones fire in search of his/her destiny if he/she so realises.

Chef Jeff profile image

Chef Jeff 8 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

One of the founding tenents of any religion seems to be that one has faith in something that one cannot prove.  Not all religions agree on what that something should be, but faith, unlike science, is the ability to believe in something even if there is no visible or physical proof of its existence.

Whether we come back many times, or if possibly this one chance is all we have, or even if there is no existence after the body ceases to function, are all matters of faith, because we may never know what the answer is.

Those who do not believe in any form of life after the death of the body will say that because there is no proof that life continues that life ceases when the physical body dies, and they say this as if it were fact.  Yet even they can't prove their postulation, and so it remains a matter of belief, not science.  Life may well continue, even if there is no factual evidense of it.  We simply don't know, and that is where faith enters the picture.

angel 0 zen profile image

angel 0 zen 8 years ago

When im dealing with such kind of topic about death.

I always remember the Zen poem bellow;

Coming empty handed, going empty handed - that human.

When you are born, where do you come from?

When you die, where do you go?

Life is ike a floating cloud which appears.

Death is like a floating cloud which disappears.

But there is one thing which always remains clear.

It is "pure" and "clear", which not depending on life and death.

then what is that "one" pure and clear thing?

Emily 7 years ago

i think... after you die... ur spirit just wanders around.... :P or...

u become a ghost... trying 2 scare people xD well actually, kinda random but right

now its late so i can't think... good night

zzz u_u zzz <----- me sleeping xD

Jose Vega  7 years ago

I'm not basing my opinions on death on any one religion or concept ... But in my own words I belive and I SAY belive not that I have proof or the smoking gun..... When you die or when we die we go back to the collective conciousness your no longer have an I or an I AM .... you become a part of the whole...... the Universal Conciousness that permeates through the whole of the Universe .....

Amarjit Singh Kullar 7 years ago

in the world very large,so many pople living in the world. but one there was death onther child born.

Amarjit Singh Kullar 7 years ago

in the world very large,so many pople living in the world. but one there was death onther child born.

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