Is It Just Me?

Have you ever wondered why bad things always seem to happen to you? When was the last time you said, "why me? Why do bad things always happen to me"? First of all, let me set the record straight, bad things happen to everyone. None of us can escape having bad experiences. Having said that, we need to know why some of us experience bad things more often than others. One thing we must keep in mind is that many times what appear to be 'bad things' are simply a matter of perspective. It's more times than not how we see things. Example: Two people go to prison, both are guilty of breaking the law. They both are struggling with some form of addiction. One of them see it as a bad thing. This one is looking at the things that will be missed in society. The other one see it as a good thing. This one see an opportunity to change his life. Perspective.

Jesus asked the disciples, concerning John the Baptist, what did you go out to the desert to see? Their answer depended on their perspective. How you see things can and, often does, determine how you respond. How you respond is primarily based on what you believe. What you believe is based on where you put your faith.

Have anything good happen to you lately? "Think on these things ........". Changing your perspective could change your entire life. Go on! take a chance. Someone took a chance on you, didn't they?

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blessedmommy profile image

blessedmommy 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma

Great advice. I've come to realize that the things that seemed bad in my life were the very things that molded me into a better person. Troubles will either make you or break you. (A quote from a pastor). It's up to us how we respond. Another quote: Your response will determine your reward.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 9 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

There are journeys of the mind, and if you can describe them well enough you can take others along with you.

Iðunn 8 years ago

I really enjoy your positive and practical approach here. I also think you made a lovely choice with your image.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 8 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Thank you, again.  I try to keep a positive attitude, and stay as objective as I can.  As far as the image, I, in no way look like that, but it's nice to imagine, huh?

Iðunn 8 years ago

Ah, lol, I like your art piece as profile but I actually meant the image for this particular hub. It's rather haunting and I love the colors.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 8 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Thank you for clearing that up, I appreciate it. I try to make the imagery in my writings compliment the content.

writemyown profile image

writemyown 8 years ago


commentonthis7 profile image

commentonthis7 8 years ago

when making bad choice or mistakes learn from them to make you a better person good hub

Wehzo 8 years ago

Thank you writemyown and commentonthis7. I appreciate your gracious comments and contributions to this hub.

lindz.chase 8 years ago

thanks for the awesome thought, definitely makes me think of past stuff and seeing the out come from a differnent perspective. Sometimes the bads things are whats good for you.


Wehzo 8 years ago

Thank you lindz.chase, for your thoughful comment. I appreciate your contribution.

Cyp 7 years ago

I'm sick of all this motivational speeches! Most of the time changing your perspective does not solve jack. and saying that bad experiences improve you is not true. if u really think that just cut one of your arms off. will see if u see better.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 7 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Hello Cyp,

It sounds as though you are, or believe, you are a well balanced individual. If that is true then you are not in need of any kind of "motivational" speeches, and that is good for you. Though I must say it doesn't sound like that is the case. If you are upset about hearing motivational speeches and the like then maybe you should offer a "better" alternative for those who find being motivated a positive. I believe if you can't help then at least don't hurt.

Jason 7 years ago

Do you really think it's that simple; believe in fairytales and all will be better. Everyone has good and bad luck. Our society doesn't let you have bad luck for too long without reprecussion. That's the problem many have - they couldn't weather their bad luck spell. The solution isn't believe in fairytales and all will be better. The sad truth is there is no solution. People just have to pick up and try again. But, sometimes that bad-luck spell is so demoralizing that picking up and trying again just seems futile and people just give up. No imaginary higher being can help that - it's just life smacking people in the face and it really sucks!

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 7 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Hello Jason,

I'm glad you weighed in on this subject. In many ways life is stranger than fiction. Whether you believe in a higher being, a higher culture, higher education or, science, it really doesn't matter; bad times will find you. How we understand life ultimately determines how we respond to these different, and often contradictory times. If believing in fairytales works for you then God bless you. If you are the center of your universe then 'live long and prosper'. My opinions are based on my life's experiences, and others don't have to believe like me, but my hope is that people would find their own source of strength and use it for the good of themselves and others.

Thank you Jason for your honest and insightful comment.

Mr Data 6 years ago

I can attain to bad luck quite easily as if it's a part of me.

I wouldn't even know me if I had good luck so now 100% good luck actually scares me as if something went wrong in the universe. :o

The only way I can find any sort of peace is if it's hidden.

I have a small theroy tied to a larger one from life experiences (which there are bible passages I have found 2 support it) that people who are born (unusal) such as mentally retarded or in the other case people with gifts of imimupulation are fallen angels.

I have come to the conclusion people who are (unusal) as socciety putts it that we have to work extra hard at being on Gods good side as he ain't going to help us.

We have to look inwards and prove in a scientific way that we can beat the odds.

Mr Data 6 years ago

Edit: Manipulation.

I have personally seen people literally born charasmatic.

It's been proven scientifclly that genes play a major role in what can become of us which is why person A can become a boxer faster then person B even if they did the exact same techniques side by side.

Just like some people are built to be skinny and short when 75% of any given people around you aren' regardless of location.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 6 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Thank you Mr. Data for your gracious comments and contributions to this hub. Sorry it took so long to respond.

Lina Notte 6 years ago

I love positive mortivational advice, but sometime when you are down on your luck all the time and you keep hoping and wishing and pray to your God to no end and even worst things happen to you even though you do nothing but good things, it breaks you down to pieces. Sometimes thats just your destiny I guess, who knows whats out there, I wish I can see my prayers answered and for once somethign good may happen someday , life is hard but you deal with it the best you can and cherish what you do have and give your best and love others the best you can if not more. Basically life is a beach, just play with the sand :)

Wehzo 6 years ago

Hi Lina Notte,

It is quite understandable for you to have the point of view you have. It is not uncommon. I wasted 15 years of my life abusing heroin and cocaine; literally died of an overdose; spent a total of 9 years in prison and was in one near fatal car accident. If anyone should know a little about bad things happening it should be me. I can tell you without a doubt that experiencing bad things is not our, or your, destiny. If that were true you would enjoy it.

Thank you for commenting, and God Bless You.

Lina Notte 6 years ago

True, I'm not bitter but I see people that never seem to have problems like mine and they are wealthy and have it all and me who has nothing and on top of it bad things happen that I never cause. I wish I had alittle bit og food things happen to me for once, I work so hard, dont do drugs, take care of my children and yet I am always broke,very poor, depressed and cars breakdown,losing my beatup house, house plumbing breaks,leaks, every day , something bad happens. I have this black cloud that curses me everyday. How is it possible to change your view in life, how do I stay positive, when is my life gonna be good for once.Yet I pray to Jeses everyday to help me, where is he? I feel so neglected to the Lord. I'm sorry Im just so upset and depressed. I try so so hard. # children and I hope my curse doesnt extend to my children. Trying to get thru it in a positve way, just hard, thanks for your support, I just need to vent to someone. Lina

Wehzo 6 years ago

Lina Notte,

You have the right to vent, it is not a sin; it is even acceptable. There are times when I too have a need to vent. I am fortunate enough to have a good friend that I can do that with. If you have a need to vent feel free to email me at: nsjnate@yahoo.com; I will gladly help, as much as I am able, to not just listen, but hear you. Your burden is not too heavy because you are still coherent :). Your burden is heavy, but your inner strength is sufficient. I will be praying for you and your family.

God Bless You Lina,

Liz Walker 5 years ago

I have been having bad luck with my son, for years, it

seem as though he was born with bad luck. The more I

pray for him the more trouble he get into, it know there's a God but it seem when I pray for my son it do

no good, but I wish God could give me an answer why my

son have so much bad luck, I know he no better than any

other person child, but I pray to GOD if I can get an

answer on why he's having so much bad luck. I am at a

point in my life that I can commit suicide.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 5 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Hi Liz Walker,

I know the feeling, which, in part, prompted me to write this hub. I have 6 daughters and 1 son, one of my daughters was raped when she was 13 years old and I wanted to literally kill the perpetrator. She went through mood swings and emotional upheavals for years. We talked to therapists, behavioral counselors and our pastor, nothing seem to work. The only time we began to see signs of improvement was when she began to talk to other young girls about her experience and realized she wasn't the only one. There were others that shared her pain and experience. That was 15 years ago, she is doing much better today.

A shared burden is a light burden. My advice would be for you to seek out those who can share your pain and not just talk about it. As far as your son is concerned, he will have to come to that place in his life where he want to live more than die. No one is in a position of showing him that choosing life is ultimately better than choosing death than you. You must first believe it yourself. I believe you are much stronger than you think. We all come to a place in our lives where our 'Faith' and our 'Love' will be tested. Crying out and asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but is a requirement of a loving God who want us to know that we can only go so far without him. His silence doesn't mean he is not there, sometimes it simply means we already have the answer.

Liz, suicide is not an option. You need to live to show your son how to come through difficult situations and seemingly unbearable times. If this was not true I would not be talking to you, but would be reading about you. You are not alone, and you have more strength than you know. I will be praying that you bring that strength to bear on these hard and trying times.

God Bless you and your family,

Powerpoe1 profile image

Powerpoe1 5 years ago

"Having a positive outlook can definitely change your bad luck around. From all situations that we endure theirs a lesson that can be learned. Playing the blame game is not going to cause our luck to change, it only creates a web of self destruction. I have really enjoyed reading your hub and I'm your new fan! This hub has been voted UP and rated AWESOME!"

Wehzo 5 years ago

Thank you Powerpoe1 for your gracious comment. After looking over your hubs, you have a new fan also.

God Bless You and Yours,

donsad 5 years ago

thank you all for your sharing of problems and thank you Wehzo for your kind support. I was reading on this site because so many things go bad in my life that we do reach out in desperation, although i do not understand this problem plague in life I will keep reading this helpful exchange you all offer,and again thank you all.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 5 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Hi donsad,

I am glad you tuned in and find us helpful in some small way that can assist you. I pray that you find the courage and answers that you sorely need. If I can be of any assistance feel free to email me at: nsjnate@yahoo.com

God Bless You and Yours,

donsad 5 years ago

Hi Wehzo, thank you (I didn"t understand "vote up or down , now i do and if i did it wrong i vote up".)

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 5 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Thank you donsad.

Someone 5 years ago

I dunno man. I feel like I'm just one of those people who has it hard in life.

Besides being born in a first world country into a semi-functional family, I can't think of any good thing that's happened to me.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 5 years ago from Detroit, MI Author


You are not far removed from many who feel the same way; though I can tell you that just by virtue of being able to make such a personal assessment, be it good or bad, speaks to your ability to move in the direction of your choosing, while being content with the other. You are far more better off than many.

God Bless You,

??????? 4 years ago

Bad things happen constitley to me. And it gets worse and worse. I'm at my end. It's too much to handle.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 4 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Hello ..??????,

Bad things and Good things happen to everyone; we are much stronger than we know. It is only when we bring our courage and strength to bear on any given situation that we realize the potential within us. Sometimes we have to close our eyes and not allow what we see to rule. We need to learn to embrace what we know in our heart; to train ourselves to believe we CAN endure, we CAN make lemonade out of lemons and, we CAN get back up every single time. Falling down is not failure; not willing to get back up is failure.

I can't promise that it will be easy, but I can promise you that you can make it, if you want to.

God Bless you,

Linn 4 years ago

I don't think I want to make it anymore, you keep trying but feel like you getting nowhere and it is easy to read and say change your perspective but how? I used to get back up but the last year I cant do it anymore :( I don't care anymore and feel that maybe God doesn't care anymore and that is so wrong of me but how i feel regardless...i wish someone could just come and help me sort things out and really care and help

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 4 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

I care Linn, I care because I know your frustration. Your anguish is not lost in some dark abyss somewhere. You can makeit another day...and another. Look at each day as a new beginning and not the end and your strength will prove itself sufficient.

God bless you.

Sarah 4 years ago

I have been trying to get back with the Lord,and stop doing some of the bad things I was doing. I've been reading the Word, and then all of the sudden BOOM!! everything crashes, bad things start happening to me. Why is getting me now? Why can't I get it out of my mind. I have a beautiful daughter that I love so much and all I can do is hide from her and cry... How come when I am doing bad things nothing happens to me, but when I start trying to do good then all the horrible bad stuff I did not expect to hit me, hits me? I am not going to give up on the Lord, maybe it is the devil trying to stop me. I cannot handle so much stress...

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 4 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Thank you Sarah for commenting. You obviously are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Don't give up, victory go to those who endure to the end.

I will be praying for you

God bless,

solaceseeker 4 years ago

It's difficult hearing the "don't give up" urge. I actually wouldn't know how to give up really. I tried getting in tight with 'god' via religion, spirituality, positive thinking, positive projections, motivational speak, daily affirmation, changing my self talk to only positive and nothing works. at all. I was abused as a child and have gone from one horrible circumstance to another and my biggest motivation for trying to break the cycle of pain and hopelessness is my own children. I would never hurt them. They are my life. I have great relationships with all three. Two are grown adults. I have never abused drugs or alcohol and tried to live a clean and lawful life. I watched my mother get beat by my father several times as a child and vowed my children would never know violence. They haven't. We have a loving environment in our home. Nurturing. But I've had to put up with a constant barrage of toxic attitudes and just plain meanness from others. Oh, did I mention I tried therapy for years at the cost of lots of $$$. Sometimes, I guess, the only thing left to accept is that there are no answers. It's sad to think that after living 50 years of hell, all I have to look forward to is more of the same. I didn't create my childhood,,and I made something of myself despite it. For what? To still hurt and ache as an adult that looks ahead and sees only a road of pain. The reality is some people in life get perpetual breaks and have no idea what real pain is. Other people get perpetual pain and strain every minute and nothing is going to change it. Life is unfair. It just is. You can chant and meditate all the positive words and phrases you can find,, take them in, believe them, try to live them,,and nothing. Sometimes, nothing works.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 4 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

You are right solaceseeker, all of those things you mentioned above have little, if any, effect on you. It's not because you're looking in all the wrong places, I believe you're starting FROM the wrong place. I often say, "if you ask the wrong question, you'll get the wrong answer. Truth, peace, love etc., is not found, they are discovered. You said that you have 3 children. How did you learn each one's personality? You had to pay attention and closely observe them, right? It is the same way, without oversimplifying it, with other important things. Sometimes we look pass what we are looking for because we have a preconceived idea what they should look like. Sometimes we are wrong.

SWAGGG 4 years ago

Just so I'm clear here...my mom dying, getting kicked out of school because of something my friend did, the boy I love moving to a different state, not being good at what I love, getting made fun of by the guys a grade older than me, being outcast by my friends, having a father who sleeps with every women in the state and tells us he's going grocery shopping, not to mention he's over-protective, having my brothers and cousins branding me "bat", my brothers telling me they don't give a f*uck every time I open my mouth, and who could forget the icing on the cake? I'm not even 13 yet. He's telling me all of this is good? Can someone please tell me how?

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