I have been asked if witches eat babies, The movie industry is doing us no favors. Remember people, movies aren't real, we are.

Let's clear up a few myths:

We don't eat babies - We love babies just like you "normal" people. We raise our babies to love and accept and nurture people, animals and nature. We don't tell them we are better than anyone else or place guilt and fear on theirs backs about heaven and hell. They even go to school with Christian kids. Better grab you kid out before my kid tells him there is no hell. He won't tell them about the Santa Claus thing, it's safe.

We do not sacrifice animals- If someone is abusing an animal, we will try to stop and help the animal. They are part of nature, just as we are, we respect that. If I remember correctly, there was a lot of animal sacrifice in the Bible. Haven't read it in a while.

We are not going to Hell - If we believed in Hell, we still wouldn't be going. You aren't going either so relax. I could bring up all the theological reasons we don't believe in the eternal fire but the one I think Christians ask themselves works: Why would He send us to Hell if He made us with all our faults? Perhaps they aren't all faults, Maybe we have sex to make babies, but He sure designed it to feel good. Boy are there some rules about that one.

Find me a good answer to this Hell thing and come back. i would be interested. Do not quote the Bible, please.

We do not practice sex orgies - We already know what to do, we don't need practice. I am joking. Sex is a practice that can be magical and full of love and how we make babies, too. We may light a few candles, do you? We might even do it in the dark, do you? There will always be people who attend orgies, etc. there always have been and always will be. If you know a witch that attended one, was he/she good?

About that Back Magic Thing - I am sure there are those who use this fear to control others. If you believe, be careful, you can make things happen to yourself psychologically . If someone is practicing this they may be using fear, raw fear, to make you and others do what they want you to do. Kinda like that Hell thing. Besides, we have rules about that.

Santeria - Nope, Not remotely related.

Speaking of Rules- We are not out to hurt anyone, period, that's the fact, Jack. Our BIG RULE: HARM NONE. Not even Muslims or Jews or Islamics, not even Witches.  Pretty much covers all those commandment things.  Christians killed a bunch of us off in the 1500's. We are not over that.

Summary- We get a bad rap during Halloween. Some of us are actually very comely, no warts. It is that time of year again and people start thinking it is a Holiday of Hell. What it is is a time to remember deceased loved ones and to honor them. It isn't about demons and devils. Those of us who lived in less enlightened times were afraid, heck everything was dark. I hope you know better.  We are not spawn of the Devil that come out once a year and reak havoc on the world. We were the ones, before doctors, people went to to be healed. We knew what nature had given us to heal and knew how to use it. It made us powerful. Then the Christians made us something to fear. They wanted no one to trust us. They wanted any relationship we had with the peasants to be gone. It was a kind of power struggle and we were and are mostly women, read into that what you wish.  They succeeded.  By the way, it's called homeopathic and natural medicine now and it is raking in big bucks.

So, if you see a witch or two this Halloween, don't run into a church, we can go there too, don't gasp in horror, it offends us, just say hello and walk on by.

We HARM NONE! How about you?

PS: Did you know that Christianity was based on Jewish beliefs? Jesus was Jewish, not Christian. Read up on that.

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CMHypno profile image

CMHypno 6 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

Hope you have a happy, witchy Halloween. Congratulations on your HubNugget nomination

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

WOW! I didn't know. Thanks.

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

GracieLinda, with this hub, you have warmed my heart and made me smile. It's good to know witches don't eat babies nor hurt animals. I will go and hug a witch today. LOL As CMHypno have announced, you are indeed a Hubnugget Wannabe! Hop on board the Hubnuggets Ship and vote and promote. Happy Halloween...http://hubpages.com/hubnuggets10/hub/X-Marks-The-S...

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

I am truly amazed by this. Do they let you know you came in?

wendi_w profile image

wendi_w 6 years ago from Midwest

Great information, and well writtenn

GracieLinda 6 years ago

Thanks so much. I am excited to have my writing considered.

Green Lotus profile image

Green Lotus 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

I love this hub, and hello fellow hugnuggeteer! I don't consider myself a witch, although I'm quite sure I would have been burnt at the stake like Joan of arc in 1431, or put to the rack during the Spanish Inquisition a few decades later, solely for my unconventional spiritual beliefs. It's interesting that if you study the Kabbalah or read the marvelous works of Isaac Bashevis Singer, there were plenty of Jewish "witches" done away with too - (traditionally drawn and quartered by 4 horses). I think Dan Brown, the author of the enlightening new novel, "The Lost Symbol" puts it in perspective. When his hero protagonist, Robert Langdon admits to his students that "on the pagan day of the sun god Ra, I kneel at the foot of an ancient instrument of torture and consume ritualistic symbols of blood and flesh...and if any of you care to join me, come to the Harvard chapel on Sunday, kneel beneath the crucifix, and take Holy Communion."

Love and Light,

Green Lotus

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

You are truly a well read person. You understand that if you believe differently than the Christians you are labeled evil and going to hell. Not just witches or Jewish, mind you, but anyone who worshiips in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Thanks for writing, Green Lotus and take care.



rmcrayne profile image

rmcrayne 6 years ago from San Antonio Texas

Great hub. Captivating read. Or maybe you put a spell on me? Early Christians must have had a good publicist or something to turn public perception on wicca and pagean practices into something so demonic and Hollywood gorey.

Congrats on your HubNuggets nomination. You can follow the status on the HubNuggets hub. Use the link Ripplemaker provided above. Just click 'view results without voting' and you can see the status anytime. The 5 selected hubs are in the newsletter that comes by email each Wednesday. The HubNuggets and HubMob threads are always at the top of the Hubbers Hangout forum.

GracieLinda 6 years ago

I didn't cast any spells, it's not a full time job. I do thank you for your kind comments. Since I am so new to this I appreciate your guidance.

Arlie 6 years ago

I spent many long, sleepless nights on MIRC making the same arguments. Thanks for your upbeat & informative article.

Blessed Be,


Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 6 years ago from New England

I've enjoyed reading this hub! I've always been very interested in using my energy to effect the outcome of my life, balanced with taking positive steps in the direciton I want to go. I love lighting candles and meditating, and using the earth for the purposes of healing. I find great healing in the earth. Being brought up Catholic, I took some time off from practicing my "faith" until I read an interview with Starhawk in the National Catholic Reporter. This brought me back to practicing Catholocism, but from a more mature perspective. I might be more "Unitarian" in my beliefs - that Jews, Christians, Muslims, Wiccans all share the same spirit of creation, and are closest to that spirit when we respect ourselves, others, and the non-human parts of our world - yet I still enjoy attending Catholic mass....at least at the Paulist Center downtown Boston, for it is very liberal and centered upon Social Justice. Still, I enjoy experiencing elements of other's spiritual traditions, too. So thank you so much for your thought-provoking hub. Happy Saimhain!

CoryLavel profile image

CoryLavel 6 years ago from Century City

I enjoyed reading this as well, I was raised with very strong christian beliefs and never really understood what a witch was until now, thanks for telling us!

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

Thanks to all of you. It is a goal of mine to have others know that we are actually good people. Alot of us don't "come out", they are too afraid of what others will think. On the other hand this is a reason no one really understands.

Blessed Be

Chris Friend 6 years ago

Many witches were actually midwives. When they delivered babies they also used herbal remedies to deaden the woman's pain while in labor. The Halloween witch with cauldron came from the image of the old pagan woman making medicine in her cauldron. Making these medicines were a capitol crime during the Buring times. The Church felt that disease was created by demonic possession, and that it was woman's lot in life to suffer the pain of child birth. Even when Queen Victoria used anethesia for childbirth it was a scandal among the Victorians who saw the pain of childbirth as Eve's punishment for defying God's law. When a baby would die in childbirth, they blamed the village wise woman and felt the baby was murdered for the Black Mass feast. The Burning Times should be known as the lieing (or lying) times.

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

You are correct. I just didn't go that deep into it.

Wise women were a fearful thing. People went to them for their health. Important item we aare fighting about to this day. There has been so much lost due to fear. So many natural remedies gone. Now we take pills for illnesses that have natural remedies.

There are many more transgressions that "witches" committed. Anything to get someone another person disliked killed. Handy little tool, don'tcha know.

Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

Tatjana-Mihaela 6 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

Beautifully written. It is sad that in 21st century people still believe in nonsenses, but your Hub is certainly the way that some people stop being afraid of - hm...their own imagination.

Warm welcome to the HP.

Carmen Borthwick profile image

Carmen Borthwick 6 years ago from Maple Ridge, B.C.

Well written and most definitely interesting, congrats on your nomination. And I promise if I see a witch I will not run into a church... hang on I never go to church!

Laurel Oakes profile image

Laurel Oakes 6 years ago

I enjoyed your Hub,Halloween is my favorite day,and I too am a practicing Witch,that doesn't eat babies. LOL

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

Thanks to all those who have recently responded. Thanks so very much. Maybe, one day, others will understand.

Hi-Jinks profile image

Hi-Jinks 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Excellent,I knew a 'white' witch, and I hugged her.

Katelyn Weel profile image

Katelyn Weel 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

This is the best witch-defense argument I've read! quick, to the point, and not preachy at all. Great work and congrats on the nomination!

Happy Halloween *hug*

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

Thanks to both of you and Hi-Jinks, keep hugging that witch!

Katelyn, you sound like one of "us."

Liya Wasley profile image

Liya Wasley 6 years ago from Citrus Heights,CA, USA

ahhh, Merry Meet my Friend! It is refreshing to see a hub on this subject. Being very young in my own Path (it's not Wicca but I am a Witch :D ) it is good to know the there are people not all afraid to stand for their beliefs. hey, you (and/or others) might like the website www.paganspace.net

It is a meeting place for people of all Paths (and I do mean ALL).

I really enjoyed your Hub, ditto what Katelyn said :)

Merry Samhain and Happy Halloween to everyone!

GracieLinda 6 years ago

Thanks, I will visit that page.

I haven't been afraid to be who I am. I don't push it on others but I surely answer when the subject of religion comes up. I love the incredulous look that comes their face. Then I tell the truth.

The real truth about witches....

Larry Ivey profile image

Larry Ivey 6 years ago from South Florida

A very interesting hub. Unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss, as some may believe. There are individuals who are ignorant, and those who are "ingnernt". Those who are ingnorant can learn, and they usually desire knowledge. However, those who are "ingnernt" won't learn and shun knowledge. For every person who is willing to teach, there are 10 who are not willing to learn.

udoka 6 years ago

please i dont belive this as long as bible is concern Jesus CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY ,WETHER HARFUL OR NOT THEY WILL PERISH IF THEY REFUSE TO REPENT

GracieLinda 6 years ago

Larry, thank you for your comments. They are all true.

Udoka, don't be upset. I respect your beliefs, they are strong and something that work for you and many others. You need not fear is all I am trying to put across. I am not trying to keep souls from Jesus.

Be B

Jawa Lunk 6 years ago

Perception may be your reality, but your beliefs have no bearing on the Truth...no one's does. In the end, the sheep will be separated from the goats...like it or not, we can not take power away from a creator, nor give power to another.

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author


Can you please explain yourself? Reality IS perception. Each of us lives from our preception.



GracieLinda 6 years ago

I found your hubs. They are very good, very dark and somewhat confusing. I understand where you come from.

Blake Hunter 6 years ago

AS to your statement, "Why would He send us to hell if He made us with all our faults?" If the assumption is wrong, then no Truth will be found. You assume He sends people to hell. This is a fallacy in your logic. It is every person's free will choice as to whether they go to heaven or hell. God gives the rules of the game and we can either accept or reject the offer of forgiveness. So, God does not send but He offers a choice. It's up to you to choose. Second fallacy in your logic: "He made us with all our faults." God did not make us with faults. We find ourselves "faulty" based on a consequetial, corrupted human nature, and also depending on a corrupted self perception. Some see themselves as perfected, despite their "faults." Your third fallacy: Faults lead to hell. No one finds themselves in hell because of their faults. They find themselves in hell because they did not choose the remedy, faults aside.

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

Blake, let me clear up your misunderstaning of what I wrote. First, I don't believe in Hell. Our faults: we are made of God. The normal feelings we have, jealousy, coveting, murder (think war),lust. Human things that have the ability to send "believers" to hell. Once again, I don't believe anyone goes to hell therefore I did not make that last statement.

Perhaps another reading of my HUB is in order. This was not meant to start a Christian revolt. It was meant to help those with little understanding have the chance to educate themselves and lose fear of the unknown.

You are speaking of free will. Free will is what we all have about anything we do in our lives.

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