Lasciviousness is described as wantonness. A wanton person is sexually unbridled, promiscuous and uncontrolled; he is indifferent to the needs of others. I know a wanton fellow. He is so notorious, that no family in his village could give their daughter to him as a wife. He is so rich, still a young man but no parents who heard of his way of life could give him a wife.



He attended a night party once at his village. He was beaten by rain before he got to the party. He asked a young girl, the sister of his bosom friend to escort him back home with an umbrella so he could change his clothes.



He managed to get the girl into his room to wait for him while he changed to a new set of clothing. In the room he tried to sleep with the girl. When the girl reminded him that she was the younger sister of his best friend, he said “it is even better to keep it in the family”.



He would have raped that girl but for the timely intervention of his elder sister who saw him enter his room with the girl and came to the girls rescue when she shouted for help.



Back in Lagos where he lived, he was jumping from one girl to another. He finally got married in the Orthodox Church to one of his numerous girlfriends.



It was discovered after many years in that marriage that he had low sperm count. The wife spent her money to buy him herbal products like GLND or TIANSHI to boost the sperm. He will always go out and waste it with other girls outside.



Once, after 8 years, the wife got pregnant. Six months in the pregnancy, the wanton husband infected her with a veneral disease that made her lose the pregnancy. The woman is so miserable now. If she had known she should not have married a wanton man.



She was stupid to think that marriage will make a boyfriend who had chains of girlfriends before marriage to settle to one woman; herself. It is not going to happen except they both received the life of God by surrendering to Jesus Christ. Wantonness is in the flesh and a carnal man cannot overcome it by his strength.



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chizzy 7 years ago

The bible said it, the commandments of God are not greivous, they are perfect, they are for our own good. when we do the right things,we are doing ourselves good. God is God with or without us.

Cute Edge profile image

Cute Edge 7 years ago from Nigeria Author

chizzy, thanks for your comment and remain blessed

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