What Are Shadow People

Have You Ever Seen Shadow People?

Have you ever seen shadow people? If so, please post a comment below.
Have you ever seen shadow people? If so, please post a comment below.

Shadow people are said to move quickly and often vanish when you look at them. Many times, you only catch their movement out of the corner of your eye. Some people say shadow people wear clothing while others say they see only a black shape without details. Some claim to see shadow people wearing hats, and others have even claimed to see fiery red eyes.

One public place where shadow people are often seen is Boothill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona. Several photos and even a video of shadow people have been taken there. It is interesting to note that in some locations, shadow people have been seen by many different people for a hundred years or more. This vast history makes it clear that these people have to be seeing something.

Trauma seems to play an important part in the shadow people's visibility. In almost every case where shadow people are seen, it can be proved that a person died in the area, usually in a violent manner.

So have you ever seen a shadow person? What do you think about shadow people? Post your thoughts below.

What Are Shadow People? A Video.

Shadow People

Shadow people have been seen all over the world by many different people. You see them discussed on the TV ghost shows. They appear to be ghosts but are different from residual or intelligent hauntings.

I have witnessed shadow people on many different occasions over the years. In my mother's house, there was and is a shadow person or entity that has been there for quite a few years now. It appears to dwell in her bedroom, and many different visitors have seen it. It looks like the shadow of a man, and you usually see him walking back and forth in front of the dresser in the bedroom. Sometimes, you can clearly hear the sound of walking while at other times, you will only see the shadow man.

The shadow man in Mom's bedroom appears to be about 6 feet tall, and wearing clothes and a hat. Several people (including myself) have tried to talk to him, but he has never spoken or made any sound other than the sound of him walking.

Some people think that shadow people are the spirits of a deceased people trapped here on earth and unable to move on. If you are bothered by one, encourage it to look for and move into the light. However, I tried that with the shadow man in my mom's bedroom and he's still there. It is interesting to note that on the hilltop across from my mom's house is an American Indian graveyard.

Other strange things also happen in Mom's house: Items will move on their own, the lights in the bedroom will turn on and off, and you hear a loud motor running that is not there. Sometimes you will feel as if something or someone has brushed past you.

Where information was available, it has often been found that the shadow person died a violent death. Maybe they were killed so fast that they don't realize they are dead. They are quite often seen where lots of people were killed—like on the

Graves of Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury, and Tom McLaury in Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona.
Graves of Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury, and Tom McLaury in Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona.
Shadow people: Not a picture of one, but this is how most people describe them.
Shadow people: Not a picture of one, but this is how most people describe them.

Is Your House Haunted?

Notice the shadow people circled in the photo above.
Notice the shadow people circled in the photo above.

Shadow People

In my friend's yard and house, you can often catch a glimpse of a shadow person. You can only see a dark shape, but it is clearly a female. I see her all the time darting from one tree to another like she is trying to hide from someone.

This is the most active shadow person I have ever seen, and it acts differently from any other shadow person I have ever seen. I have tried to talk to it, but as soon as it sees me, it runs away and vanishes.

I have tried several times to get a photo of it, but so far, I have had no luck. I will keep trying.

What Are Shadow People?

Shadow People are dark humanoid shadow-like beings that have been seen way back in history, but they are now being seen by more and more people. What they are exactly is open to debate. They are often seen moving about with jerky movements, and when you notice them, they quickly vanish into the ceiling or a wall. Some people think they are all evil, but I have my doubts. I have seen some that appeared to be anything but evil (though I have seen some with bright glowing red eyes that did seem menacing).

It's interesting to note that shadow people have been seen in America all the way back to the early times of the Cherokee Indian Native Americans. There are rocky outcroppings in the North Carolina mountains where they have been seen for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Shadow Man In Location Where I Just Moved

I moved into a new location back on August 17th, 2010, and since then, I've seen a shadow person I'm sure is a male, several times in the house and a few times in the yard.

My Friendly Female Ghost

There is also a female ghost here in the house but she is a regular ghost and not a shadow person. I hear her at times operating an old-time pedal sewing machine although there is no pedal sewing machine in the house.

About eleven years ago, a lady who drank beer all the time fell dead outside the back door with a heart attack. While alive, the woman had sewn for people, and she did have an old-time pedal sewing machine. She died quickly and for some reason I think she may not even realize she is dead. In the middle of the night and almost until dawn, you can hear her sewing.

The Story of the Shadow Man in the Home I Just Moved In

The man I see moves about very quickly though I have seen him several times standing perfectly still. One evening, just before dark when the stars were just visible above, I saw him walk across my backyard, up the back steps, and right through the backdoor. I came into the house almost at once, but I did not see him inside that day. Though I have seen him in the house several times including just a couple of minutes ago. When I saw him just a few minutes ago, he was standing in the hallway near the bathroom door, perfectly still. When he noticed me watching, he left almost at once.

What The Shadow Man Looks Like

He's about 6 feet, 6 inches tall, and you can tell he is wearing clothes and shoes. He is not wearing a hat. He has regular eyes. He appears not to want you to stare at him, and if you do, he quickly vanishes.

I have seen him travel quickly from the living room area over into the kitchen area. When he moves, it's like he's just a blur. It is, however, very easy to see him when he stops. As of October 1, 2012, I've not been able to take a photo of him. If he sees me reach for the camera, he vanishes.

I am interested in shadow people, and I've done extensive research over the years trying to discover what they are. I think they are some form of ghosts while others think they are something else.

Do You Have A Story?

If you or someone you know has a shadow person story, I would like to hear from you. Please send me an email to thomasbyers@gmail.com with "Shadow People" in the subject line.

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Do you have a shadow person story? How would you like to be interviewed on our radio show? Your story may be included in our new movie about shadow people. If you're interested, send a brief story and your contact information to thomasbyers at gmail.com with "shadow people" in the subject line and we will be in touch with you soon.

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Royce S profile image

Royce S 2 years ago

Scary. I have actually seen a shadow person before. But when I seen it, it seemed to run away, not disappear. It seemed to have very human like reflexes, but it moved very unusual. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, "this looks like a demon."

Team Wiseman profile image

Team Wiseman 2 years ago

Very informtive article and it seems to havre a lot of feedback. Great Work! Weactually write about the same topic if you'd like to check it out sometime. Thanks, Thumbs up, Interesting and Sharing this great article!

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 2 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Your very welcome. Thanks for a great story. It is appreciated.

Honesty 2 years ago

I'm giving you the short version. On two separate accounts i have had very clear contact.

First time i was on the beach. My boyfriend was in the car rolling a joint. I walked to the water. For 2 hours he walked up and down the beach, screaming my name. He was about to dial 911 with tears in his eyes. He said he was afraid i drowned. I felt like no time passed but walked up the beach and had a driftwood in my hand. Walking stick. I looked around me and saw people. They were so many on the beach dressed in black. One was a customer of mine. I repeated his name several times. The people smiled and kept walking the beach. I then looked up the beach and saw my boyfriend. I could not explain the stick but it was bone dry. Vinny was crazy with worry. I told him i just walked away from the car few minutes ago, why was he do stressed out. He said no you were gone 2 hours. There are Couple more odd things that happened to us after that.

Another time i had to move from a home i rented. Bad things were happening to 6 families. It was a 6 family home. I went back in the evening to get more stuff. My two children were clung to my legs as i yelled at a large black shadow in the kitchen corner. I thought someone was hiding as it was dusk and it was the only thing i could think of. I said if you just leave i won't call the police.i was frozen because as my eyes adjusted i saw it was a very dark tall glob. Shaped like a person. Something drew me to it. I put my hand into the corner right into the shadow. To this day i will never forget my fear. I now have a white streak in my hair. I'm thinking from fear.i grabbed the children and ran. There were to many bad things going on and houses all around our house being burned down and all accidents. I actually left all my belongings. Left my frig side by side and furniture. Everything. I'm told since i was young i was sensitive. I am very intuitive. There are many stories since i was a child but these two stood out about shadow people.

Thank you for allowing me to share.


crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 2 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

First of all try to get your brother professional help. Then try to get a member of clergy in to bless the house as soon as possible.

Dimplez 2 years ago

So okay i have been staying in the same house with my parents for years i am the youngest of three children...when i was a kid between the ages of 3 to 8 i too have seen dark shadows entering in my brothers room, I've seen dolls moving in me and my sister's room, i have also heard voices etc. I still sometimes sense things and may see a dark shadow move very quickly out of my my peripheral vision. Both brother and sister no longer live here with my parents and i my brother has been on his own for 11 years and my sister for about 4 in half 5 years now, but see the thing is that my brother in the past abused crack and currently has started abusing alcohol unfortunately so recently he did something very irresponsible and landed himself in jail he got out, lost his place, and now lives back here with my parents and I. As a kid i knew that people who are not pleasant and that do deceitful wicked things to people can carry bad spirits unknowingly and my brother seems to have done that and sometimes these bad spirits can follow you where ever you go such as someone's else home,your place of business, even your own home this is why its good to pray at all times and ask GOD to cleanse you of all sins evil and wicked things that may have come upon you. My brother is lost he think he has it together but he doesn't he refuses to accept any wrong he's done as far as the drug use he thinks he can use the drug and stop for a little while and start back using we have tried to him help several times but he has denied our help sadly i don't want to watch my brother kill himself.... i know my brother is a great guy but he doesn't have the proper surroundings as in friends even his girlfriend smh we have prayed and we keep praying because we know GOD might not come when you want him to but he comes on time so i say that to say this since my brother has moved back in two weeks ago things have been strange. A few months back i had a dream that a man with a white face with feathers around his head was very very close standing in my face just looking at me then i blinked and suddenly he was at a further distance looking at me with a smirk on his face he didn't hurt me in my dream he wasn't the meanest but he was the nicest either.....but just 3 days ago my 3 year old son was crying and screaming loudly which concerned me deeply and startled me he had said that he seen a ghost downstairs in the corner so i quckly then began to pray....but shortly after that on December 6, 2014 i was messing around with my phone so i decided to take a few pictures because i was bored and on one of the pictures i noticed a little man about 5'8 slim figure with a WHITE FACE and red and black sweater on standing behind me i almost freaked out i showed a friend of mine he noticed it my mom noticed it and So did my dad so i knew i wasn't crazy! I don't know what's going on who it is or what it wants but i will pray pray pray until GOD casts it away in the name of JESUS! Give me some feed back please everyone

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 2 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

I have had shadow people play games with me to so I know it happens. Thanks for the comment.

Nina 2 years ago

I seem to see Shadow People a lot when I was a young mom in my twenties living by myself. Some were small and some were like 6 feet tall always fully clothes with a hat and a long trench coat on. Like if he had a suit on. He maybe could have been dressed like back in the 40's or to the 60's in suit wise. Never was evil or did me anything , but was very quick and did not want you to ever fully look at it. I became really good with looking at it in the corner of my eyes. The little ones were tricksters and played mine games with you. For example, I'm watching television and sits the remote right next to me, a few seconds later its not there. I spoke and said to it or them to replaceit back. Right now! And I looked back down and there it was placed right next to me. Shadow People also have followed me from one residence to another. So they do follow you. I live in a new state and have not seen it or the Shaodws anymore. I live in Kentucky by the way.

Marie 2 years ago

I have had shadow people in my house for years. Usually going from the bathroom to my daughters room or fr the kitchen down the hallway.and outside going past the sun window as if it wants to be seem.y son even admitted it one day that he saw it go by the kitchen. Lately it is mostly outside but now it followse when I dropy husband off at work 17 miles away. He thinks I'm nuts. And also just recently shadow animals.

profile image

Jojo666 2 years ago

When I was walking home I saw a dark solid figure he was very tall and skinny but he had round hands like balls on the end of his arms and he was right in front of me but then walked right into the darkness towards a bus behind a van I walked past afterwards but couldn't see me but then next day I was walking to my bf's with him he's seen dead people all his life tho but he saw the head of the same person that I saw pop his head over a car bonnet this only started this week but as a kid I used to have terrormares and see bad ghosts in my room so I admit I do fear this one please can anyone email is they think they've seen the same thing at Jojo.Thorpe.work@gmail.com need to know

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 2 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks for the wonderful comment. It is appreciated.

Eddie 2 years ago

Coming home from my daughters house one nighti saw something. I didn't know exactly what it was until I read about it on the internet. I thought I was losing my mind for a while. Picture this,driving alone on a long straight road giant corn fields on both sides of the road just total darkness in front and behind. I was worried about a deer crossing in front of my car when I saw the shadow. It came at my car from the drivers side finder and crossed through entering my car (suv) and exiting out the back passengers side like where the back door is. I felt a cold mist like as it passed through. I have heard of such things like this but till then never had I seen it.

The first time I felt something of this nature I was working in a coal mines in eastern Ky. It was like something was behind me and I could feel the cold damp air on me,it was like running me away. That was the scariest I had ever been in my life.....but I saw nothing. I would love to know what it was I felt both times....and I truly promise this is totally true.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 2 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks for your comment. I have seen shadow cats and dogs.

Frischy profile image

Frischy 2 years ago from Kentucky, USA

There is a shadow cat in the house where I am living now. He doesn't seem to do anything except run past; although, sometimes we hear a crashing sound in another room, as if a cat has knocked something over. When we go to check, nothing has been disturbed. I suppose this could be related to the shadow cat.

I may have seen a shadow man once, although I could have been dreaming. I was staying at an old hotel in St. Louis with some friends. I woke up during the night and saw a shadowy man in a hat standing by the wall. I was frozen in fear. Then I screamed and he retreated into the wall, as if he backed into the wall. My friends were not happy with me, but he was quite vivid. This happened about 30 years ago and the memory is still fresh.

Kimatnz 2 years ago

I'm reading people's comments on shadow people..well mine is different to everyone else's..because I was fully awake and mine was all white not tall and dark or with red eyes. I was sitting up watching tv and something caught my vision ..a reflection of my lounge side window mirrored onto sliding door. Anyhow I looked at the reflected window to see someone in all white walk passed the reflected side window..freckled me out terribly and then suddenly my two dogs outside went bells tic crazy. They only do that if someone is on our property, so I ran around and locked all the doors terrified and went to bed. When I told everyone about this they think I'm crazy. I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since because a terrible tragic accident killed our friends 7 year old son at lunchtime next morning about 12 hours later. I don't know if they are linked or not but very very scary. Within the week prior to that ghost or shadow person in window, we have had strange things happen inside my house like things moving from one place to another in a different area and can't figure how it got off a shelf and into a dog bed etc.....puzzled and baffled...kim

parag 2 years ago

I have felt a ghost sitting on my legs and have seen a shadow figure with lion eyes walking in my house at 3 am so I believe in ghost, i have lived alone most of my adult life losing my parents at an early age,

so I want you people to revert on this,

Rose Loviatar 3 years ago

Hello I’ve had many encounters from shadow people even animals and I’d like to tell you about them.

My first encounters were growing up in my grandma’s house I would see cat figures in or near my closet.

Again in this same house, I had a desk facing a large mirror. I was working on an art project and looked in to the mirror that reflects to my doorway and there was a black figure in my door way, I turned to talk to my grandmother whom I thought it was… nothing was there.

I was driving home from my boyfriends house in downtown, as i drove late at night between the street lights i would see people walk from one side of the road to the other despite cars in their path and a few even appeared in front of me.If they had been physical people i would have hit them, usually it was a sigh of relief to know that it was a black mass the shape of a man rather than a real physical man. other occasions on this road i saw dogs and a large male lion the shape was very distinctive i could even make out the head mane and tail. I still see shadow people on the road sometimes.

Later on and a different boyfriend I was driving to his home in base housing. I came around this corner that i travel by almost every day if not twice a day it was late at night and mid turn i see a small boy standing by a thin tree he is black in color but shape of a boy with short hair. i was in awe after this encounter, I was not scared at all. soon after in the house i was in the living room with my boyfriend i felt two spirits in my minds eye located on the stairs. i felt they were Benin so i wasn’t worried. i go to leave and we walk out and were talking longer than usual because it had been an emotional day. suddenly my boyfriend hugged me tightly almost a death grip and i could hear a small sob out of him - I was clueless as to what had caused this. suddenly i had a horrible pain in my forehead so bad i was sobbing clutched up in a ball grabbing my head and not being able to have a coherent thought. it fades after 30 minutes of this and i begin to walk and talk and I’m still in a small amount of pain so i took some pain killers and went home. i walked in the door and the pain came again just as fierce my grandmother was freaking out handed me a wet rag and sat there with me finally it ended. My grandmother almost had me hospitalized. I never found an explanation for this event and it has never happened again. Although my boyfriend later claimed that one of the spirits spoke to him in his mind that if he doesn’t make me leave I would be hurt (this is when he clinged to me).

halloween night 2010

I was at a friends party we got very bored and the girls mom that was hosting the party was one of those “cool moms.” A guest of the party was a young male who’s mother had just died in a trucking accident just a few weeks before. The “cool mom” decided we needed to go to the guys house and see if his dead mother left him any clues or messages. I was the one who drove the four of us to his house, the cool mom, her daughter, the son of the dead woman and myself. I looked to the lot next to the house and was filled with garbage, I could see shadow figures running through the stacked up trash and metal I took it as a bad sign, the air just felt icky, and it was a full moon.

We approached the house and I stopped the group and asked that someone say a protection prayer. We walk through the door and the others go to the right to the bed rooms, i went to the left where the living room ad the kitchen was around the corner. I took two steps and in a split second i saw a figure of a man come from around where the kitchen was and down the hall way towards me and went through me. i felt as though some one had pressed all the air out of my lungs like you do a beach ball, i fell to the floor on my knees in tears over come with emotions of pain and sadness that came from the entity, i also knew he was angry at what i do not know. it took me almost five minutes to recover and breath normally, when i got up i went to the mothers bedroom to see the “cool mom” throwing possessions around the dead mothers room and being nosey in the worst of ways with the way things looked at the room it was very disrespectful and hurtful for the son because the “cool mom” had given him this illusion and this hope that was not solidified at all. They were not harmed in any way wile in the house and they passed off my encounter as nothing.

i have a few other stories if you want to hear them let me know


my name is Rose Loviatar i am 21 and from new mexico

I am a pagan witch of 7 years

Brittany Crawford profile image

Brittany Crawford 3 years ago from Ashland, Kentucky

Hello. I have seen multiple shadow people at one time. I have not seen one since I was about 9 years old. I was living with my mom in an apartment in Frankfort , Kentucky. I had never seen anything like this before. I had never seen ghosts or spirits or shadow people. Nothing. Nobody can make me believe that shadow people are not real. Some people who do not believe in spirits or ghosts, would like to believe that they are not real. However, if you have ever been in contact with one you know they are very real. I will explain to you how that night went now. I was laying in my bedroom. I do not remember if I was awake already or if something woke me. All I know is that when I looked up I saw 5 large shadow figures. There was a heating stove in my bedroom. I distinctly remember where they all were. One was standing in the doorway of the bathroom directly at the end of my bed, two were standing in front of my bed, one was sitting on top of the heating stove, and the other one was sitting on my bed. They were all staring down at me. Even the one who was on my bed was big enough to be sitting down and still looking down at me. I have never felt so much fear in my life. There was so much pressure and I swear I felt like they wanted me to die. They wanted to do me harm. After looking at them for a second or 2, I got really scared. I was trying to look at them to see if I could tell who it was. I never could make out a face. I never saw eyes at all. There were no red or yellow eyes like other people have said that they have seen. I took one last look and burrowed my head into the covers and prayed to God to take them away. A couple minutes later, when the fear subsided I looked out of the covers to see if they were still there. They were gone.. I have told people this story throughout my life. I do not know how to explain what I saw that night, but I know it was real. Since that time I have not seen any more shadow people. I have however heard someone screaming my name, footsteps, and I have a very uneasy feeling in my house now. I really think sometimes that certain people have an energy that ghosts or shadows are attracted to. A lot of people who have never experienced any form of the paranormal look at you like your crazy. I don't care if they think I am crazy. I am trying to figure out why I experience these things. I had read something about a theory of shadow people being attracted to those with addictions. When I was little, in the apartment that I saw the shadow figures, my mom was really addicted to drugs. I also have a small percentage of Cherokee Indian. I do not know if I am more prone to seeing spirits because of that... I just want some answers...

Dee Perry profile image

Dee Perry 3 years ago from Claremore, Oklahoma

I live in Oklahoma and am a Cherokee indian. I have seen shadow people since I was preschool age. no matter where we lived (we moved a lot) eventually one would show up. I still see them today and I am almost 60 years old. my children also see them, as well as my siblings, and mother did too. which makes me think it's hereditary. a lot of things I experienced as a child terrified me, but not anymore. I had a medicine man tell me that no matter where I moved to, spirits would always follow because they were comfortable with me. and it has held true all my life. and I've lived in a lot of different houses. usually they start showing up within a six month period. I've had to cleanse many houses. but I don't bother anymore as neither I or my kids are scared if spirits

janice 3 years ago

I have been exposed all my life to seeing things that others don't realize are in the same room with them.That makes you different.The problem is only a few persons,animals and childrens minds are open enough to accept what the eye has captured .I have shadow people now,an unknown heavy booted walker while Im watching,lights cuttings,thumps on the roof etc.The one who would stand and watch you and make the lights flicker left when I cleansed the house too many here.The only time Ive been scared was for 3 days don't knowhat it was,knew it was coming never slept Bibles open each corner of home animals went crazy when it neared I knew it was evil from a 120 yr old frame given to me.So I trapped it in a mirror ,forever rid of it and re cleaned homer.Key of my lesson watch what you bring into your home,from yard sales,grandmas attic,evil has to be invited in but it can be carried in also.

marlene keller 3 years ago

I saw shadow people when I was three when it was dark where I slept. My mother turned off the lights and there were three cloaked figures and a big black slobbering mean looking dog. I never saw faces of the men in the black cloaks. They and their dog felt menacing as they surrounded my bed. Because my parents thought I was just afraid of the dark they began leaving a light on and the visits stopped. I didn't see another shadow person for decades, until about 10 years ago when I began to see them. I often see them on streets at night when I'm driving. They will be suddenly in my path on a freeway at 60mph, for example, and I feel certain that they are trying to startle me and cause me to slam on the brakes and lose control of my vehicle. They want to harm me. I have almost fallen into this trap but something stopped me from doing so. It made me angry enough that when I saw them after the first few times I would hit the gas rather than the brakes as they disappeared into thin air. That scenario ceased, but I have seen them darting around town fairly occasionally for years. They don't bother coming to my home -- as a result of their early visits to my room I have slept with lights on ever since. I never see them in daylight, either. They seem to exist in darkness and avoid light like the plague. Their presences here cannot be a good thing for any of us, in my opinion. I do feel that they are evil entities. Perhaps they want to scare us out of our bodies in order to take them over; I don't know for sure what their purpose might be here but that's how it appears to me.

Lisa 3 years ago

My 23 yr. old son sees spirits all the time and has since he was little, and just a few days ago he saw a shadow person. He was asleep and heard his name, twice in a whisper, and when he woke up, there was a figure standing by the side of his bed with his hand outreached at his face. My son says he was so startled that he jumped and pulled his head away from the hand and blinked a couple of times. The figure was then at his bedroom door instead and in a few seconds, just flickered then vanished. I think he's been sleeping with the lights on lately.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 3 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

I have been doing research for over fifty years in the paranormal field and I do not believe they are demons. I am also a retired Catholic priest. I do not deny that there are demons here on earth. I have met them. But all shadow people and ghosts are not demons. Some human spirits are trapped here on earth for one reason or another. I think shadow people are some form of a former living human. I can't explain it to you but I don't think they are all demons. Some maybe. But not all.

Stephanie812 profile image

Stephanie812 3 years ago

I posted a comment some time ago but it never showed up. I felt it was highly important. Please allow this one, if not , email me and tell me why so I can revise it to show. I wrote a lot before for it to never make it to others eyes.

I spoke to a shadow being and can promised you all these are demons from hell.

I am Christian but only after being attacked by one did I see the truth behind it all. The Bible tells a story about Manasseh, his son Amon, and his son Josiah. Manasseh made idolatry.Amon carried it farther. Josiah ended it. If you study about the book of Enock, it speaks about these people who are now shadows because of their sins. They were the original fallen angels, and their hybrid children. They were the rulers and royalty of our ancient world. Hell was made for the fallen, not us. They want to drag us down there with them. I called one into my life when I was a child by being Wiccan. "Amon" was the one who answered. I lived poor, blind, and sickly. He watched. When I slept. When I showered. When I cleaned. He was always watching me.

Soon you all will see. More and more will surface and many more will see them. Please. Read the ancient books. Read about Enoch, the fallen and about the Bible.

Those who walked in the shadow of death, have seen the light.

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georgiypotulov 3 years ago

Crazyhorse, I agree with you, I am not sure if it was a shadow entity or what, but back in middle school, I was smacked by an unseen force in a middle of a field while playing flashlight tag during one weekend. ( Went to a private boarding school in Princeton NJ.) The campus was over 100 years old, and I have had some of my classmates as a joke sometimes smack me on the back of my head when something 'stupid' would come out of my mouth. I can tell you that my first initial reaction was that it was Devon, because of how hard he usually does it but upon turning around, I saw nothing and ran like a little girl. (The smack felt like someone was using their open hand palm to smack me) I wore a hoodie over my shirt since it got pretty chilly up there that night. I will tell you that logically, it was not a bird, because I would of heard the flapping of the wings rub against my the fabric of the hoodie; it was NOT my imagination either, it was very physical. I have also experienced these shadow people ever since I was 19 years of age, with the first one being in my lucid dream choking the daylights out of me. The whole experience in my dream felt scarier than any movie I have watched. I woke up in my dream and found myself back in the middle school, in the history class room, all the lights were turned off and it all felt so real. I remember getting the feeling of something watching me and about to attack me like an animal. I all the sudden sensed it up above me and through the cealing a huge blob pops out and knocks me off my feet. It was on top of me choking me out.. ( Felt like it was mentally draining me and my soul) I screamed off the top of my lungs and luckily my father heard me from the other room to wake me up. He said I had just a bad dream. And few years later, I spoke to my dad and he told me right after waking me up, he has been experiencing the same thing ever since, and he said he has never experienced anything like it before in his 52 years.. After having my first shadow people experience, I can usually feel the onset of me going into sleep paralysis and try to fight it and wake myself up, and if it is too late, than I lay there staring at these things and try to relax as much as possible. But a few times I feel like I had to move as much as possible to get out, and they all have there own personalities, very unpredictable.. I agree with you and do not believe that all cases are in our heads because I can tell you with my first supernatural experience, that was the last thing that I would of thought about at that age and when it happened to me, it freaked me out.. The fact that I was not laying down relaxing, I was running around playing an adrenalin game and am pretty convinced that I felt what I felt to be real.

Chloe 3 years ago

I live in salt lick ky and a month after I moved into my apt I saw a shadow figure circling my living room. I said hi to it and it paused and looked at me like its interested in me. I've herd misterious voices at night and when I go to sleep I hear the name Daire often then I wake up and one night right before I went to sleep it said my name is Daire this is so creepy. Has anyone had experiences of shadow people communicating with them? I live along a hwy were people have been hit by cars and killed. I don't Know if the shadow person I saw was Daire.

Bonnie 3 years ago

I and boyfriend were sitting in car 330 am and something crackled radio shadow went thru car thru the car and a black cloud floated in front of us .it wasn't anything that I could have a logical understanding it was unexplainable on earth

kassie 3 years ago

i live in a small town in alabama which has been here sense the 1800's. i have been seeing this tall black figure in my apt for almost a yr now, my 10yr old daughter has seen it too. at 1st it seemed to just wander around our apt and watch us sleeping but within the last few months i have been going thru some crazy shit. just 3days ago all 4 my kids were gone to school my husband at work and i was home alone i was layn on the couch watching TV and then it was like i was asleep dreaming now i know i wasn't asleep and i kept telling myself just get up your not even asleep but i couldn't move at all my phone was ringing off the hook and i could do nuthing my eyes were slightly open and i cold feel my right foot felt like someone was stabbing me when i look down at my feet this tall black figure was holding my right foot, it didn't have hands but the black mist was wraped around my foot then i hear my front door open and my oldest daughter(10) said very loud in my left ear MOMMA GET UP NOW YOU HAVE TO GET UP NOW MOMMA and i sat up, now she was at school i was so freaked out i didn't know what to do so i gathered myself and looked down at my foot that was still hurting and it was bright red. i was so afraid to go to sleep and only got 3hr sleep the next night so that next day my kids are at school but my husband was home so i went and laid down to get some sleep thinkin im safe cuz my husband is home as soon as my head hit the pillow it happens again only this time the tall black figure has ahold of my right arm i once again cannot move at all and im tryn to yell out to my husband but cannot speak, it has ahold of my right arm dragging me and it goes into this black hole in the floor im still trying to yell out for help before it pulls me into the black hole and then i wake up crying in my husbands arms i asked him why are you holding me he said you were screaming my name at the top of your lungs and you sounded like you were being murdered. the next night my husband and i go to bed around 12am he fell right to sleep i did as i do everynight and was praying i asked god to make whatever was negative in my house to leave and at that exact moment my husband starts making these terrifying noises like someone or something was terrifying him i jumped up and woke him up he was so freaked out he said he couldn't see what it was but it was dark and he could see this light so he starts moving to the light and the closer he got the darker it got he could feel something was there and then the light went out and as soon as the light went out i woke him up.. over the past few months this has happened to him only twice as for me this has happened over 6 times. every time it happens i know im not asleep i know im awake but im paralyzed i have woke up(but never was asleep) with hand prints around my throat, hand prints on my arms.. i have smoged my home and about to do it again today. how do you get this tall back shadow man to leave us alone??????????

Maria 3 years ago

I recently moved back home and live with my parents in their attic where I have lived for 10+ years without any trouble. Last week I went to use the restroom in the middle of the night and when I returned to bed I was fixing my pillow and looked up and saw a blury family of four next to my bed and I could not believe what I saw, I was awake so I shut my eyes and they went away. Last night I went to bed at 9:30pm and at 10:15pm I opened my eyes and saw men sitting at a round table? I was so scard I screamed because it was very close almost on top of me. I am afraid and have never been before of other things that have happened to me. What should I do I cannot control these appearences.

Karielle 3 years ago

I've seen something that is a shadow person but it was clear as day, it looked real and had color. It was all dark in a robe, but the eyes were red and a hand points to me and it was just thin and bony but had a grayish, whitish, and purplish color to it. The finger on that one hand pointed at me and it freaked me out and i hid under my blanket til it was gone. I was younger and I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that. It was at the end of my bed and was there til i moved the blanket and it was gone. I told anybody but nobody believed me, i think about it all the time because i can't explain it.

Danni 3 years ago

About four years ago, my brother and I were racing up my stairs. I had tripped at the top and we had collapsed on the floor, ending it with a tie.

We happened to both look up towards my parents' room, where in the dresser mirror, we saw a black figure (portraying a man) near the bathroom. The door to the bathroom we couldn't see, but through the mirror we could, and that's how we saw the man.

I found this yesterday, and that event instantly came to mind. Yesterday I told my mom about shadow people, just to somehow relieve the burden of the knowledge. However, at dinner today, my mother brought it up. My brother was like "Oh, what are they?" And I brought the event up.

My brother said that he saw the figure in front of the mirror, while I saw the figure by the door through the mirror. He had also said that he was going to brush it off, thinking it was a trick of the eyes, until I had asked if he saw it too. My mother, only finding out about this today, freaked out. My brother and I now think it was a shadow person.

My brother also revealed to me (in secret, since my mother was too afraid to listen) that he has been hearing voices, calling out his name. But since Valentine's Day of last year, the day my grandfather passed, the voices seem to sound like our grandfather's voice.

We haven't seen the figure since, and the voices (only heard by my brother) are the only recent activity, if it's actually happening. The shadow person was the only thing seen since my parents bought our house eleven years ago.

Anon 3 years ago

Added freaky fact, while reading the stories on this site to make sense of my "sightings" the tv froze, the lights went out and the window went black (just for about 2 seconds). Scared the crap out of me. but explanations are TV: weather Lights:Weather (always does it when weather is murky) Outside becoming dark : A high sided vehicle must have gone past

Anon 3 years ago

again for the benefit of discussion a quick qualifyer for my use of the word s "quite often" i was kind of encompassing all my experiences, not all of which were SP but all equally terrifying

Anon 3 years ago

for the benefit of discussion, 3 hooded, 1 hatted

Anon 3 years ago

Id like to engage in debate on this as having recently found these pages while finally googling what i was experiencing the topic interests me. i have had 4 such experiences in total and would like to explore it a bit. Unfortunately im not brave enough to add an email address or anything through fear of being identified by friends

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crazyhorsesghost 3 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

No I and others see them when we are very much awake. I have had as many as 17 people see the same exact thing. Some of them may well be sleep paralysis but not all of them are.

Anon 3 years ago

Seen one, as recently as a month ago... see them quite often. Its just an optical illusion caused by sleep paralysis

marlena 3 years ago

i was outside going on a walk and game inside to get something on the table. and was still looking at the table on my way in. and in the left corner of my eye i swear i saw a black shadow the size of a teenager boy. i saw his left shoulder and the other half was blurry. then i looked at it and it was gone...just like that. i kinda scared me and kinda didn't. i was home alone i was kind of scared because i did not no what it was and i wasn't really scared because i thought (still think) it was like the sun because i was looking at something too lone that the sun's light was captured. (like when your getting your picture taken and you see the flash. that thing but it was at the corner of my eye) so i think that was it. but i don't know because it was nearly sunset. and nearly dark in my house.

Guest 3 years ago

The other day my 26 year-old daughter saw a shadow man going toward the sink in the kitchen. A couple of days later she saw the figure in the bathroom. This figure has never been seen before; however, my mother is living with me at this time and she is dying of cancer. It's just a matter of time before she passes. I wonder if it's my father waiting for her to join him.

kweaver 3 years ago

As a child, I woke up a couple of times to a tall black figure wearing a long coat and a hat. I remember being startled at first but always would find myself at peace as he stood beside my bed.

RachealDanielle profile image

RachealDanielle 3 years ago

Back in 2005, I was around 14 years old and I was laying in my bed one night, trying to fall asleep. As I lay on my left side, I could feel my bed beginning to vibrate, and hear a low buzzing or crackling sound, it sort of sounded like static electricity. I could even feel the static moving on my skin. I rolled over to look behind me, now facing the right side of my bed, when I saw the figure of a hooded man, moving towards me. It appeared to be reaching out to me, so I laid down flat on my back and closed my eyes, pretended that I hadn't seen anything, that I was asleep. My heart was racing at that time, but I was trying to keep my fear under control because I had heard that fear makes them stronger. When I felt it lightly touch my forehead, I couldn't take any more, and I bolted out of my bed. Turning my lamp on, I spun around to face it in the light, but it was no longer there.

3 years ago

I think I've been seeing these "shadow people". I am not too religious, but I am fairly open minded - which I believe may be a bit of the case with some people. My experiences happen almost everyday, or every other day. Although, it is either in the middle of the night or in midday, rarely ever when I wake up. I know I am not dreaming - because normally I cannot go back to sleep. But I have never seen anything like it when I was younger, so I believe. Tall, (male) dark figures, sometimes shadows, walking past or floating beside my bed. Now the creepiest has to be when they aren't close to your bed - when they are at a doorway or beside the bathroom hall. It creeps the hell out of me! But, I normally do not do anything about them. I stare until it becomes unbearable or simply close my eyes for a minute. Sometimes it lasts , sometimes it lasts but seconds. It all seems so vague and difficult to describe. But I feel as if it is the same male figure, and it doesn't seem 3 dimensional, only when I see it outside of home. There is another dark figure, one of which I can feel sadness ad yet a peacefulness from. A young boy who doesn't seem to leave me alone. It has been a year almost since my first encounter, and nonetheless it creeps me out. Although my mother has seen the young child before as well. So I feel almost better because of that. He is dark, but seems to be forming more of a figure as time passes. Overall, I've been seeing them for 5 years and I sometimes feel as if it's with me often. But I am almost 17 now.

flowers00 profile image

flowers00 4 years ago from london

I had a dream one many years ago when i still lived with my p In the dream it was a smokey grey shadow (monster looking) it was dragging me out of my bed i was very scared once i woke up but i came to realise it was just a dream because in the dream my bed was in a different position to how it was in real life , i had moved the furniture around a few days before if i hadn't i would have thought it was really happening. What's weird as well that it was grey and like smoke which years later in my own home i had an experience some call sleep paralysis as to which a grey thing strangled me i wont go on about it in this hub as i have written hubs about it already. i believe in the supernatural and have never gone looking for it but it finds me .

Edyn Toussainte 4 years ago

Very often- a few days a week- I seem to draw shadow beings and Light beings- to me.Sometimes- when they fall from sight but i feel them brush against me like a breeze , My mind races with images and memories I suppose of their lives and emotions, little details or scents or feelings I can't quite explain in non abstract terms how surreal it is.But almost never feel threatened or frightened.Sometimes intrusive as they seem to long to be acknowledged and just know that you're aware of them- but usually not in an irritated or restless way.Very hard to explain -

natalie 4 years ago

I've seen a shadow person twice. Once, about five months ago, i woke up around 4am because i felt the presence of someone there, like someone watching me. I looked above me and there was shadow man right above me, watching me sleep. I was immediately in shock and the only thing i knew to do was to cover my head. It didn't feel right to look at it. About five minutes later, i started screaming for my brother to turn on my light.

Last night i saw it again. I'm sick with a sinus infection, and i woke up. I don't know whether i woke up because i felt a presence or because i seriously had to wipe my nose (lol) but i turn over towards the tissues and i saw it right above my bed, in the exact same place.I could make out a long coat and some shoes. My room was darker this time so i looked for a couple seconds longer before once again covering my head and calling for my brother. I wasn't afraid at all this time. I felt calm but lonely. I don't think it means any harm but i just want to know why it's here and why it's interested in me.

Ashtin 4 years ago

I've seen a shadow person when I was little.. Like 8 years old and I went into the kitchen and the light was off but the light from the window was shining in and there was a black figure standing and it was reaching its hand out to me..I ran through the house to get my pawpaw and he went in there to look and it was gone! It scared me pretty bad...I seen the figure again a few years later ,I never knew what it was but I never seen it again.....

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decemberborn12 4 years ago

I have been adamantly researching every possible bit of information about shadow people for months now. I, myself, am not sensitive enough to see what is being described by all above ^. I firmly believe that every one of you are not hallucinating and have a gift that sees more of 'reality' than average eyes like mine. After longs hours and months of research, I've come to a theory of sorts.

I already entertained the idea that there it might be aliens, ghosts, interdimensional beings, humans having OBE's while sleeping, and possibly time travelers. But the common theme amongst all research strongly suggests that these 'beings' are the manifestations of negative energy. Energy that is so concentrated that it takes an actual form, with a higher vibration than us humans, but too low to be a spirit or ghost.

Why do I say this? Due to the ying and yang of everything on Earth, there is good and there is bad. The law of attraction in which we project positive energy, positive comes back. And vice versa. Whereas we have angels, and some folks have claimed throughout history to have seen them, we also have the shadow people, or jinn. Ying and yang? I suppose.

These entities seem to observe and many of you have experienced them thriving off of your fear. If your fear of what you are experiencing terrifies you enough, they seem to get more terrifying and grow stronger... and you weaker. Kind of like the law of attraction. The more you give it, the more it manifests. Many of you have stated that you have seen it in times of stress or some other not positive feelings. Maybe not in all cases, but regardless I am convinced they are there to create stronger negativity in our lives. Some feel completely drained and/or depressed after a sighting. But not all, yes, but still.

I'm starting to believe they are not harmful to the point of ruining lives. But they are the manifestation of negative energy throughout the entire universe. Waiting and watching and when there is an opportunity, like being seen and they know it, they either flee or become stronger once the person begins to feel sheer terror from it.

There are angels and shadow people amongst us at all times. Like I said, I believe you all and think you see more to life than the average. I enjoy reading your stories because it educates me and opens my mind to know there is so much more going on, and I try to teach the people in my life to not dismiss anyone who claims to have paranormal activity in their lives!

colette 4 years ago

hi goodkarmaspirit , i feel that these shadows have always been around ,i don't think it's a knew thing .with people being more accepting and open to things and talking about their experiences its more common than we think . i don't believe as some do that the sightings are on the increase, we are just less embarrased about ridicule and due to the internet we can talk about these things anonamously and the more we do ,we realise we are not alone and less likely to put it down to imagination or mental illness due to the fact that so many people have the same experience . i definitely believe there is a connection with the way we are feeling at the time of these sightings as each time i had seen them i was either worried , stressed or just generally having a bad day. i have also been on my own and have heard them call my name even to the point where i have either turned the tv ,radio ,dishwasher off to hear better . there is always something electrical going on when iv heard my name being called and it sounds as though its from far away and has a tinny sound to it . iv got to the stage where if i catch it watching me ,i acnowledge its presence and tell it i know its there . i don't think they are spirits ,demons or any such thing , but another life form entirely.when im home alone i never feel entirely alone . but my experiences are always of the same shadow ,male ,broad shoulders no features and well over six foot tall and always with his arms folded and head tilted as though observing me . as humans we are all afraid of the unknown and i think thats where the initial fear comes from , i now just accept its presence as im so used to it as its never felt threatening .

Lourdes 4 years ago

I usualy sleep with a light on because I saw a black inked being once when I was fighting ti fall asleep. I saw two hands moving in my direction. They

Amavalise 4 years ago

I saw a shadow creature three times when I was a child before the age of 10. The first time I saw it run across the room in a hunched back manner it was only about 3.5 to four feet tall. The second time it ran from the foot of my bed to head of my brother's bed. The fourth time it was a black hand that was not contected to a body that touched by hand as it lay off the matress at night.

There is no way in heaven this is an angel. It definitely was an evil energy that left me petrefied and praying to God to help me each time as I lay in my bed with my heart pounding. Not wanting to tell my parents because I was afraid they would think I was crazy.

My brother saw it a couple times also even when he was older. My younger brother also had a sleep over one night and it was stormy outside. He said he never saw it but he felt it desperately trying to get in and mad that he was not inside.

A spiratual native american leader suggested to me that it could have been the unsettled sould of child, I don't know but I hope I never see it again. TO this day I won't sleep with my hand off the bed.

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goodkarmaspirit 4 years ago

Hi Colette, I too was very happy to find this blog because I saw that there were many others that have also seen the same thing that I had seen and that made me feel a whole lot better. I've only seen it once in my life also and it was also just before some terrible things had happened in my life as well which has left me wondering if maybe the shadow person is some sort of warning to us, who knows. I do know that it's been many years and I can still remember how absolutely frozen with fear I was when I stared at this being standing at the end of my bed in the middle of the night. I also felt it was a male and he was very tall at least 6 foot tall or more and very slender and I could see no definitions but he was as clear and solid as anyone. Now that there are so many different shows on tv about this and have heard so many stories like my own about shadow people that I have no doubt they are real. I think if one appeared to me today I would not be as afraid as I was the first time one had appeared to me.

rhonda 4 years ago

I have had a couple different experiences with shadow people over the years but one stands out. About two years ago I gained consciousness in my dream after hearing a males voice call out my name. The figure in my dream told me to wake up. I quickly sat up and left my room for the kitchen (I had a feeling that something was wrong and was checking my cell phone for messages). When I opened my bedroom door I found a shadow figure kneeling on one knee about 12 feet in front of me. When I entered the room he looked up and stood. I would guess his height to be over 6 ft tall. He had no visual face or clothing but I had a feeling he was a man. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever and then after I turned on the light and he was gone. I them checked my phone and of course no messages where found. I concluded that the shadow figure was the cause of my ill feelings. I have not seen him directly but have seen the side glances and of course another figure in my near sleep state. Thanks for letting me vent. I was not or am not scared of this figure, just want to know why he woke me up and if he was trying to tell me something.

colette 4 years ago

i have seen these numerous times and many accounts iv read on this site sound the same , ive also had sleep paralysis which also seems so alike to many on here , do you think that they may be connected at all .

Kairah 4 years ago

I've only seen what you describe as a shadow person once. I was only 12 when my grandpa died of a massive heart attack December 14, 2003, upstairs in his room. Not even a week later i was sleeping in my mother's room--she was away, and its warmer in there in the winter, since its literally 6 feet underground. Anyway, I suddenly woke in the middle of the night, looking over at the lit doorway I saw a tall dark outline of a man, his head almost touching the ceiling, just standing there...I remember not being afraid of said figure, just simply finding it odd for him to be standing there, since none of my family that was present was that tall. (I have one uncle who literally has to bend his head to walk through our house cause the entire first floor of the house is just over 6 feet in height, but he lives down in Ohio--did live in Pennsylvania at the time though...and most certainly was not present during that December) But when I blinked, he was gone, to this day I have yet to see him again. Though apparently the same night my grandma, who was sleeping in my sister's room (also underground--both rooms were in the back of the house..) told us the next day that she had felt someone with roughened hands touch her feet and smelling grandpa's musk, apparently grandpa knew she hated her feet being touched--so she claims that was his way of telling her he was still here. I'm not entirely sure if the shadow man was my grandpa or not cause, grandpa was definitely shorter than me and I stand at 5'3'' even at 12...but every now and then we'll hear his old breathing machine in the hall near the stairs hum, or hear him coughing on the stairs, even rarer is when we can smell the smoke of a cigarette when no-one but you was home or at least not my uncle--who lived upstairs with him, (grandpa was a big smoker, actually used to have one even while he had the machine hooked up and those tube-things up his nose)

It was actually my grandpa and his mother who built our house back in the 1960s so the house does have some age, but he always said that if he were to die that the house would fall apart, and within the 2 years after his death, we had our washer machine go--soon followed by the dryer; the deep freezer in my sister's room (which had run since they had got it back in the 70's) suddenly up and die the week we bought round $300 worth of meat and put it in there, replaced the sink after it flooded the kitchen, my mom's room got flooded and ended up having to be gutted and remodeled cause they found asbestos and black mold in the walls, when they went to remodel the bathroom and laundry room, they found that the concrete floor beneath bout 5-6 layers of old linoleum, had rotted and had to chuck it up and re-do it as well, the old wiring is acting up (but it needs to be replaced anyways--the only 2 sections still with it are my room and the kitchen), had to re-patch/re-tin the roof at least 3 times for water-damage and air pockets/bad insulation...I could go on but I believe I have moved away from the subject at hand so I shall take my leave now. Thank You for listening, Kairah.

Laura 4 years ago

This has happened a few times, but not recently. Me and my mom were home alone, and out of the corner of my eye, I'd see her walk past my room. I'd call to her, but then hear her respond from the opposite end of the house.

Another time, I was falling asleep in my basement, and sometimes, I go into like a sleep paralysis type state. I did then, and I opened my eyes, because that's the only think I can do then, and saw the shape of a man standing at the foot of the couch I was sleeping on. The overhead lights were on, and there was nothing that would have made a shadow.

mimi 4 years ago

I'm not sure what it is that i see, but if it has to be called shadow people, then so be it. I live a couple provinces away from my friends, so in this day we use skype to communicate and chit chat. There has been three experiences that i know of, but the weird thing is, is that i haven't seen it directly. I only see it in my skype window. When it does happen, i get very warm all over my body. This warmth happens no less then two seconds before my friend tells me that they have seen something go behind me.

I haven't lived in my place long, maybe two years. Im not scared when it happens, there is no evil that i sense. This also happens when my kids are not home and it is only me here. It's very quick, goes from my bedroom door to the kitchen....but through the wall and not the doorway.

I work in long term care and have also seen them there as well. Passing across the hallway from one room to the other. At first i thought it was an actual shadow from a person, but no one is there. Again, no evil presence but no warmth passing through me either.

I have had experiences with other presences.....being dragged across my bed and lifted up to the ceiling, having food randomly placed where food would not be found, objects (my plunger) being stolen and not returned. Never anything bad or evil and im not scared, but happening when it's just me in the house.

thorsnana@yahoo.com 4 years ago

In late 1983 or early 1984 expierenced something that woke me up from a sleep my 13 month old son was beside me in bed and I have never been so scared in my entire life my family said it was a dream I knew it wasn't so was reluctant to tell anyone about my expierennce. I awoke to something putting its hand over my mouth I bit down as hard as I could and when I opened my eyes I seen something disappearing into the walls wearing a robe with a dark hood laughing as it disappeared. I know it was no dream don't know what it was and don't telll many people about it for fear of being ridiculed. That night I fought because thought it would hurt my son was trying to protect him.

scared 4 years ago

They have been showing up in my pictures as ll my li fe and it

mustang87 profile image

mustang87 4 years ago from Clearwater, FL

At my old house I remember seeing a tall shadow man that kept peeking at me and my friends from around corners. He would also walk swiftly past the doorway to the kitchen. At times it looked like he was wearing a hat, like a top-hat or fedora. It was very freaky to see him around the house like he owned the place. I ended up moving out recently and have yet to see him ever again.

Anon 4 years ago

I am an 18 year old female that lives in Australia. I am psychologically okay and I have never seen a ghost in my life until this moment. I must also point out that I was christian for 1 year of my life a year ago, but now believe in New Age religion.

I was drawing in bed before I decided to go to sleep at my Grandparents place on a Sunday night around 12am. I was only visiting them for 1 night on a holiday. I turned off the light and was looking at the roof tall wardrobes in front of me. I could also see the bedroom door which I had closed. I just thought that it was my eyes adjusting to the darkness, but it definitely was not that at all. This mist of black started to evolve from the bedroom door in front of me and lingered there for a few seconds before spreading across the wardrobes to the side of my bed. It was then that a darker figure of a man appeared, wearing heavy clothing. He stared at me for a few seconds, pointed, then kept bending over to the bedside table next to my bed. He did that twice before staring at me again and moderately disappearing across the wardrobes again and into the black mist at the door. The mist then disappeared and everything went back to normal.

He did not want to be interacted with and he seemed to be looking for something. My grandfather is sick with cancer and I am not sure if this is a sign of something to come but it has made me very afraid and confused.

I think I will see a palm reader or psychic soon to see if someone can clarify my sighting.

laurenashleylee@yahoo.com 4 years ago

I was 13 or 14 when i first seen a shadow person. The first time i seen him was in my bedroom i use to fall asleep with my tv on and i use to be a really heavy sleeper. Well the night i seen him i just woke up and it was dark because my tv wasn't on like it was supost to be and there he was standing over me staring at me he had red eyes and was really tall. I laid there and watched him watch me for a long time cuz i was to scared to move or make a sound and when i got the nerve to sit up to look at him he disapeared. I didn't thank much of it and laid back down. The next day i told my mom and she said i had dreamed it up i didn't beleave her because it was real but she never beleaved me till after are next door nabougher said she seen a shadow figure come from are house and go over to theres and into her daughers room (we lived in a duplex appaetment.) for anyone who dosent know what that is its two houses put together separated by a wall. Anyway every time i had seen it after that it was eather out the courner of my eye or he would walk from the right side of the road to the left side of the road and every time i seen him i stood there in fear holding my breath. Now that im older i don't see it as much but i do know that all the woman in my family have seen a shadow man. my mom and aunt gave theres names i was always to afrade of the man i saw to give him a name. decription of shadow man i saw: tall, red eyes only when he was looking at you directly could you see them, wide shoders, no hat, and he stayed so far away from me never got closer or farther away.

Unknown 4 years ago

My grandson (age 4) has seen what he described as a dark shadow that moves back and forth like a wave. He has seen it in the kitchen and in the living room by the stairs. I believe it is a deceased male person. This person has pushed my grandson and caused a picture to fall off the wall just above his head. This individual obviously died in an unpleasant state. People remain in the state in which they were when they died. I have started to pray regularly in the apartment and I read Bible scriptures (Psalms 23 & 91). I also place salt (sea salt or some other strong salt) in the corners of every room. This is done to diminish any influence they might have on the living. Sometimes they don't leave, but it's important to diminish their threat.

Celina 4 years ago

I'm not sure if this is a "shadow person" or not but I have had two experiences in which two different family members have seen a "shadow" sitting next to me on my bed while I sleep.

The first time i heard this is I was seriously creeped out, since i myself have never seen or heard of a shadow person.

My cousin was sleeping over at my house and i slept on the edge of the bed while she slept by the wall. She told me she woke up at about 2 or 3 in the morning and saw something sitting by me on the bed, like a dark figure. She disregarded it since she thought it was my mother, and went back to sleep.

Then the second time my sister slept with me and she too woke up at about 2 or 3 in the morning and said she saw something sitting by me while i was sleeping. Again I slept by the edge while my sister slept by the wall.

The first time this happened was about two years ago and the second happened a few months back this year. I have never seen this shadow or anything like it. I'm prone to sleep paralysis, during sleep paralysis i have had many lucid and realistic things happen to me, though i have read that it is all a dream so i disregard it, but i have never seen any shadows. I would really like to know what this thing is if its a shadow person or a ghost or something and also if it could do any harm.

Thank You


Serena 4 years ago

I have a red eyed shadow person [Demon] that has followed me for about 5 years now. It stays outside of my house, peeks through our windows, and follows me on outings and vacation. I thought I was crazy at first but then others that are close to me have seen it as well.

I could tell many stories of experiences, however, two occasions are more scary than others.

Me and my husband went to New Orleans for a weekend trip. We were visiting many of the shops and retail stores on Bourbon st. when a little clothing boutique caught my eye. There were several other people in the store looking at things. We had only been there a couple of minutes when I heard loud foot steps walking on the hard wood floor coming towards us. A woman walked up to me frantic! She grabbed my arm and told me that I was to leave her store immediately! Very confused as to what I had done I asked her why I was being escorted out. She explained that she was a psychic/tarot card reader and was in the middle of a reading when I came into the store. As soon as I walked through the door, she lost her [sight] and was no longer able to continue the reading. She told me that I had a very dark, very evil shadow person with red eyes following me and until I unbound it from me I was no longer welcome in her store! She explained that I needed to contact a priest or a demonologist to "try" and take care of my problem, she walked back in the store and closed the door.

The other, more serious story involved a friend of mine.

He was at my house visiting me and my husband when it started to rain. Wanting to head home before any storms hit he decided to go home. It was about 10:30pm when he left. Only a couple minutes after leaving he called me screaming frantically into the phone. He said, "I have never really believed you about your shadow person..however when I went to get into my car, it was standing next to my car! From now on, I will be staying the night if I ever have to leave again at night!" I just kinda laughed and said "I told ya!" and never thought anything more about it, until my phone rang again 20 minutes later. It was my friend again explaining that an 18 wheeler just ran over his car. He was in a Honda Accord and in the heavy rain the truck driver couldn't see his car. He was in the ambulance heading to the hospital. He told me that when the police pulled him from the car my shadow person was standing on the roof of his car. He was in the hospital for a week, in a coma for 2 days and in ICU for a total of 3 days.

I continue to have this shadow person follow me, and ones close to me after being in contact with me. If someone knows if ways that I may be able to rid myself of this, I would appreciate the advise!

Thank you for reading my story.

Aaron Lucas 4 years ago

My father and a cousin walked to a nearby railway tressel. From the middle of the bridge they saw below them on the river bank a featurless human form sitting on a rock. It had no face and reflected no light. It turned its head toward them menacingly and my father ran home leaving our fat cousin behind. Our cousin screamed, "Jule! You @$$h0Ie!"

I hope I never encounter such nor be left with one.

liz 4 years ago

does any one in ireland experience theese shadow people

chris fatels 4 years ago

I saw a woman shadow men in my dream once after I killed shadow people with my will and being rid of the nightmares for once after all

all this happened when I saw 2 pitch black shapes come out of my wall towards me

kalia 4 years ago

there is a house on my street i believe it to be hounted. and my friend saw a bloody midle finger in the window. a lianting was sharterd never was before there is a rock in it comeing from the house.we herd crys of a baby plus a boy yelling kalia. if u are untings somjething like thats please emaill me at

eavalum@gmail.com thanks

Jereman 4 years ago

I have had two experiences with this personally. I remember them vividly as if they happened a minute ago. In 2009 I remember waking up and I was sleeping on my right side facing the clock in my room and the time was 2:22am to be exact. I remember having the feeling that someone was in my apartment and looked over my shoulder and saw a large black human shaped figure standing at the end of my bed, I couldn't see any facial features I could only make out a body-shape with arms and a head. It was so dark that I could see this figure darker then the open closet I had in my room. Once I saw the figure I became paralyzed, I couldn't move anything not even my mouth even though I tried to scream for help I couldn't get anything to audibly come out. I was completely terrified and felt the feeling that this thing was going to do something terrible to me. I had never felt that before of being intimidated. I had tears that started to come from my eyes. I was 25 at the time this happened. The entire ordeal lasted about three minutes. After the thing left I woke up again as if I was drained or put back to sleep when it left, I knew what happened to me real, I know I woke up and was concious when I saw this thing. I had never had an experience before this. The most recent or last episode of this happened just this week on monday. I live in a different place now by the way. I woke up, was facing the wall and had the same feeling that I had from the first incident, the only thing that was different was I didn't shed tears this time but still had the intimidation that I felt the first time.

Karen Smith 4 years ago

I see shadow ghosts in my back yard. They're the size of children. They don't scare me. Too bad nobody believes me!!

jeanihess profile image

jeanihess 4 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

Very interesting. I have had my own varied experiences; as had other people that I know, with the paranormal. As one comment raises: Sometimes it is not good to pursue the subject- to want to investigate and to find answers for me the simple reason is that just because you are aware of nuclear power you do not go off and mess with it because you know that you are not equipped to do so. Once you open up the door into your private and personal space you hardly have control of what will enter. So look through the window; marvel at the glimpses, enjoy the stories and stay safe in your own realm:)

Ken 4 years ago

Suprisingly enough i had a similar experience to moonfairy but in a somewhat different manner. I used to hear sounds and voices as a kid, more distinctly this slow evil laugh that increased in frequency. There was a gap in my life thereafter until i was 16, where nothing out of the ordinary happened until one night, a few nights before Christmas, i woke up to see a female shadow figure in the corner of my room. Let me say it was the scariest moment of my life. A sharp jolt and i couldn't move at all.

The next day i woke, same time, but no figure, my initial instinct was to hide under my covers. Surely enough a voice echo'd in my head: "I can hear you."

Followed by this laugh that plagued my mind as a child.

It was absolutely sinister. I knew i was awake since i was moving, no paralysis, and at that moment my heart clutched hard and i couldn't breathe for what seemed like forever.

I was hesistant to tell my parents, my mother who believed in ghosts said i was imagining things, my father who was skeptical of many things kept quiet and sat me down and told me of his encounters at his age.

I was pretty shocked, the frequency of shadow people increased varying from female to male, and different size, some of which had red eyes.

It died out after a few months but started again just yesterday, I'm nearly 19 by the way. And this shadow person was by my bed, standing and watching me, i was scared for half a second, but felt at ease for the next few, i kept staring, and she kept staring, and it became evident that this one wasn't going to hurt me. Surely enough it disappeared from sight.

I've seen my fair share of shadow people, and it scares the hell out of me, but maybe they're not all so bad as i thought in the beginning.

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 4 years ago

I'm compelled to add my own story.

Very long ago, when I was a teenager, I was watching a movie with my mom and when it ended I ran up to my room on the second floor. Mind you, it was a scary movie so my feet barely hit the stairs on the way up. I had this habit of jumping onto my bed from the doorway so that whatever was under my bed wouldn't grab my ankles and drag me under with it. This night was no different. I clambored up towards the pillows and pulled the covers up to my neck. When I settled in and looked up towards the doorway, it was filled with a shadow person. More specifically, a shadow man. His form filled the doorway and I could see faint light from behind him so that I could definitely see his shape. He stood silent. I was hoping it was my mom, so in a quiet voice I called out to her..."mom???" There was no answer. I called out again, "mom??? is that you?" There was a response this time and scared me to death. The shadow man laughed a very deep,low evil laugh. I froze and then pulled the covers over my head. The next morning I told my mom what happened and asked if she had played a prank. She looked a little confused and then laughed it off and owned up to it...so I didn't give it any more thought. Years later we talked about it again and she told me that it was NOT her..that she would never do something like that to scare me, but lied to calm my nerves.

Mind you, we had many strange things happen in this house. One day I was waiting for a friend to pick me up and my dog, who was laying at the foot of the stairs that led up to my room, suddenly jumped to her feet. Her hackles went up and she bared her teeth. Very slowly she climbed the first stair and began to shake and growl. And then she climbed the second stair. She was staring up the stairs and I know she saw or sensed something. I was terrified and ran out to the driveway to wait for my ride. Both of what I just wrote are completely true...and to this day I can still picture the shadow man in my bedroom doorway and I'll never forget his laugh. It still makes the small hairs at the back of neck stand up.

Danny Lopez 4 years ago

Hello, I'm 25 years old, I used to live at the Dominican Republic. There, at my family's house I used to see a shadow human form walking back and for in the house. It would go to my room, exit the room, and go to the rest of the house and then go back into my room, doing the something for the entire night and almost everyday.

One time I did happened to wake up like at around 2am and set on the bed, and guest what? the shadow was just passing by. The shadow was right in front of me. It actually tap me in the face and then follow too continue its routing and walk thru the closed door like nothing. I was not the only one that saw this shadow at my house at the D.R. my family and friends also experienced it. And there were sometimes where you can hear rocks being thrown over the house, and I mean inside the house, but of course there was nothing, no rocks, no nothing. My self, my brother, and a lady that was taking care of us a night heard the rock as well, we started looking for the noise but every time we use to go to the place where the noise was coming from the noise would transfer to another room. Kreepy, but by time I got used to this things...

Schmuck 4 years ago

To Ross, I like the way you rationalize your experience. That is the way we must look at these. I have a little inside info on these shadow people. I don't want anyone thinking I am a nut job and not take me serious so I wont explain. Shadow people visiting us all over the world is not what we have to worry about. It's when they stop.

Ross 4 years ago

The things people have to say always fascinate me. People speak with such conviction about things, quite sure they know the truth of the matter and that everyone should listen to them. It can be at once disheartening and intriguing... While some claim these things are guardian angels, others swear they are agents of demonic purpose and intent on evil of some sort.

I hope people will learn to keep in mind that we do not know much of anything, particularly on the subject of things we cannot fully observe or quantify in any definite sense as yet. What you believe to be good or evil may be the opposite, or may have no real intentions whatsoever. It may, in a twist of irony, be your own intentions manifest in a way to affect you... We have yet to know much of anything about this.

Now, on a more personal note: my own story, should it be so desirable as to be read.

About a year and a half or two years ago, I was staying in an odd apartment with my girlfriend. My bedroom was quite dark, being without windows, for some reason. With the lights off, the only bit of visibility came from the slivers of light peeking through around the door - very faintly, even during the day. On one occasion, I woke up to see a figure standing over me, bent over to where its face was an inch or two in front of mine. It was very definitely solid, the silhouette completely interrupting the lines of light around the door. I could not make out any features at all, except that I could see a humanoid form to it - head, arms, chest, hips, top of the legs. At the time, I thought it was my girlfriend rather creepily staring at me in my sleep, so I decided to offer an unenthusiastic 'hey'. A second or two after I said this, I watched as the silhouette quickly faded into nothing, with no movement whatsoever. It actually didn't bother me, really - my only real response was to say to myself that 'well, that was weird'.

What made this whole experience especially significant, in my mind, were a few different things:

1)I had completely awoken by the time I could see it. I was fully aware of my surroundings and I was able to move my arms and legs a bit as I stared at it prior to saying anything. This tells me that it was not sleep paralysis, so it's very unlikely this was any sort of dream - though I won't rule out hallucination just because that's bad form. It also tells me that if the thing was real, it did not realize that I was looking right back at it.

2)Whether it really was or not, I do not know, but its posture and how close it was to my face suggested, at the very least, that it was VERY curious about me for some reason. Almost like it was examining me - visually, that is. Though, with it not noticing my eyes opening and looking right at it, that does seem strange.

3)It being as solid as it was, I really did believe that it was my girlfriend. I could see the shape of the thing very well, and I could NOT see through it at all - I COULD see the light in the door frame broken by the thing blocking it. It was as though it was a person right there with me. Until it faded out, that is - at which point I watched the light in the door frame fade INTO visibility where it had been blocked.

4)The period where I was staring back at the thing gave me time to take in a lot of this detail and significantly reinforced my impression that it was unaware I was looking back at it. Particularly, the sudden fade-out as soon as I said something, suggested that it was startled by me.

I cannot say what the reality of the situation was, other than very, VERY unusual. But that's how it went.

cheyenne 4 years ago

My little brother (3 years old) told me this morning that he saw a night night shadow last night in his room, i asked him who was the night night shadow he told me that it was on the ceiling and it scared him so he ran to mommy but it chased him. So i called my mom and told her what he had told me and she said that last night he came running out of his room terryfied and told her something was on the ceiling she thought he had seen a spider or something so she insured him that there wasnt there but he still wouldn't go back into his room by his self so i don't know if he actually did see this "night night shadow" but after reading these im starting to think he really did.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 4 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Helen send the photos to thomasbyers at gmail.com and I will post them here on the site for you.

I really appreciate all the great comments. Shadow People are very real and I see them often. Thanks everyone.

Helen 4 years ago

What a fascinating page I kind of stumbled on as I didn't even know what I was looking for, I wonder if there is a link I can send my photos for all your viewing pleasure and debates etc, I have never seen any shadow beings but believe I have captured 1 on camera and 2 on video camera. I have other photos I cannot explain but they are not of shadow people.

Eric 4 years ago

I have seen something in my dreams that is terrifying. It looks like a shadow of a man but has a weird shaped head with eyes that are glowing a very bright whitish color i usually see him during night terrors but every time it seems like its that same figure im not sure if its a shadow person but thats the closest thing i can compare it to i don't know where to look for more information on it

david m. 4 years ago

In our moms house, both my brother and i have seen a strange brown furry apparition running sideways on the walls out of the corner of our eyes. The apparition is apparently so fast that one time i had to run up the stairs and into my moms room just to catch a glimpse of it. It also had some kind of green and brown outfit on and what looked like a small diamond plate box on its side hooked to its belt. The box had a red square lens of some sort on it too. The creature had brown fur and looked kinda like a kangaroo human mix. Im not sure if its from another dimension, time or what. All i know is its really really fast and sometimes my brothers and my stuff turns up missing for a few days and appears somewhere else. That is one reason why i moved out of my moms house.

profile image

goodkarmaspirit 4 years ago

kittykat2272 I will be the first one to tell you this is absolutely very real I've seen it myself with my own eyes. I know it's terrifying when you see something like this. I woke up and saw a tall dark figure standing at the foot of my bed and when I turned on the light there was nothing there. I know what I saw and I know I wasn't sleeping it was real. There are some things you can do. First if you have a Catholic church nearby you can get some holy water and sprinkle it around your house saying the Lord's prayer after that you can get a sage stick (you can find these in specialty shops) and burn it and walk around your house and repeat the prayer. Generally these things don't mean any harm in fact they may not even know they're dead. Remember bad spirits or angry spirits feed off our fears so if you maintain the position of being the boss in your house or the authority that should help just don't be afraid of them.

kittykat2272 4 years ago

It was a relief to find this page. At first I thought I was insane, or my eyes was playing tricks on me, and I didn't tell anyone about it....then the other night a friend of mine was over here and he was looking down my hallway and he ask me who else was in the house....it was just me and him with my 2 dogs. I looked and seen what appeared to be a solid dark mass at the end of my hallway. I was frightened , but relieved that someone else seen it...and I wasn't nuts....I have seen this same thing many times over the past 4 years. It seems to follow me wherever I move, and even on vacation....It hasn't tried to harm me or speak....does anyone know how to get rid of it?

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 4 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Really great on topic comments. I enjoy reading them.

colette 4 years ago

hi sheila what exactly is it that you see ,im really interested as iv been seeing these for years

Sheila 4 years ago

I am a strong believer in shadow people too....I have woken up by shadow people standing over me, wearing black cloak staring at me with his orange eyes.. I see things what not supposed to be seen ever since I was a little girl... I don't afraid of them, never have actually I am looking forward to my night after dark when they appear ....I would love to talk to someone about all this, but someone who is real and not just a joke...

colette 4 years ago

hi gina , are you afraid when you have seen the shadow or is just that jumpy feeling you get when something unexpected happens . i myself felt jumpy to start with but never afraid .

Gina 4 years ago

Yes.At this house I have seen it at night and during the day.My brother saw it at night.He had gone out by the pool to have a cig and came in out of breath..and hair on arms standing up.he thought it was his eyes until it showed itsself a second and third time.one of our dogs is afraid to go out there.we literally have to pick him up.

Gina 4 years ago

As a child 3@.once in my bathroom during the day.thought it was my mom...in the mirror. Again just the other day @3pm...my brother saw it so blatantly @2am.my mother has seen it peripherally in the day.Its been in my room at night. When its that close I always feel it first.then the shadow. The night it circled my brother the air was snappy and electric...

colette 4 years ago

gina , they are seen at any time of the day

Gina 4 years ago

what time do they come out?

Gina 4 years ago

As a child I have seen them...opening my bedroom door. Standing there.I thought it was my mom until I realized it was a man.Later for sometime...I would dream that 3 men visitedd me at the same time every night.I never felt fear.Now at 43..I have seen it in the mirror in daylight and at night in my room.I told it it was welcome only if it meant to not harm my family. I kind of mentioned it..but thought my family would think me a bit looney...but last night it showed itself as a shadow around my brother. Appearing in 3 different places. My mom saw it peripherally during the day.My mother is ill and just returned home last night.I believe it to be either a guardian or a deceased relative.I feel it was either checking my brother out or just letting my brother know it was there.No doubt young brother will see it again.

colette 4 years ago

hi ivy i read your story ,i too have been seeing a shadow person for about 18 years or so , i have also questioned my sanity . im also 40 years old happy with children and also not or never have been on medication . i believe you are seeing this shadow but please don't be afraid of it once the initial fear and the jumpy feeling goes you will realize that they wont harm you and that they have always been there but only under certain situations , be it the time of day or stress around you are we able to see them . also when you start to notice them you will see it more often as you will be aware of it and the shadow will be aware of you . i myself am more curiouse as to what it is and i feel that the shadow is the same with us . please don't think your going barmy because if thats the case so is everyone on this site . when i see the shadow in my home i know its male and it stands about six feet tall it has no features and does not have the glowing red eyes that others have reported seeing ,im aware that his arms are crossed and his head is tilted slightly to the left as though watching and listening. i see him directly and from the corner of my eye when i see him he slowly melts and fades into his suroundings.i also questioned my sanity until my teenage daughter also saw him at the same time as myself . as iv said i don't feel any reason to be afraid of this shadow as apart from catching me unaware hes never done anything to make me feel afraid , just curious.

Rhiannon Monroe Perez 4 years ago


keri 4 years ago

I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE! K, hope that got peoples attention. About 21 entries ahead of mine is an entry from jell. Jell has it as close to accurate as i have seen. First off, i accidentally happened upin this site but i believe we r guided where we r for reasons. Jell has them described as a type of recon soldier, a scout for weakened...spirits. Does ur spirit sleep?! Well, several months ago i began having strange dreams...always to where i would awaken n prayer. keep in mind i have never been religious. I had never heard of shadow people until i happened upon this site. In my very vivid,very focused dream...that felt nothing like a dream as it was very...serious and i was ready to stand and fight...i find mysrlf outside at night. standing 20 ft from me is a man outlined in jagged edges, blacker then the black of the night surrounding us. i couldn't get over how odd to see this thing all the same black that was so vastly blacker than black. i instinctively KNEW it was there to test my will, as if it wasn't sure if i would crumble or stand and fight but i knew somehow it had a job to do and its job was to assess my will i suppose or my faith. I was nvr religious keep in mind. When i saw this thing i remember a cloak type trench coat, top hat. I was mad, insulted that it thought me weak which is an odd thought to hav n the face of smthng so dark and withoyt features. I was scared and mad at the same time but i remember feeling lime if u think im going to be easy u hav another thing coming because i will fight with god and heaven behind me as if i was made to stand and dight...gods purpose for me?! I just knew these things. i began reciting what limited prayers i know and realized i didn't hav it completely memorized and i was like ok screw it... then i jst said i had heaven and god all around me and within me and that it couldNOT have me and that i will always stand and fight. That was it. now imagine my shock to see sooo many people describe this thing when i have never even heard of shadow people. guess it wsnt an accident i mistyped and was taken to this particular site describing in exact detail the thing i saw n my...visitation. My spirit recognized this thing, there was no confusion as to what it was there for and what it wanted and i didn't just sit there pindering what to do etc...i stood firm andtold it i fight with heaven behind me and for heaven as well, as if to protect the whole and god, not just myself. Truly, how many people do u think are going to waste the time to type out their stories jst on this topic solely to lie or continue on a ghost story...come on! This isreal, to point specific. just stand firm, fight without fear, they don't seem to breach a defenive stance. my eyes are opening, odd the theories of things feeding off our energy but it somehow seems tru n the same breath. trust ur instinct folks, ur spirit knows.

Ivy 4 years ago

I'm a bit embarrassed by this so I don't want to use my real name...but lately I have been seeing a small black figure in my home. "It" is small, maybe 2 1/2 feet high, shaped like a person, and running very quickly. It is completely black. No one else in my home has seen it. I can't tell anyone because they may think I'm going crazy (maybe I am)but when I do see it, I'm just doing my usual day to day activities, and not even thinking about it. Does anyone have any ideas? Our home is new but on land that many years ago was home to American Indians. Could it be that I am just under a lot stress (I am) and that's causing this? I just don't know what to think. ps: I'm 40 years old, married, with three children; no physical or mental illness (that I'm aware of!). Thank you for reading.

Angel 4 years ago

i've had one follow me since I can remember and it's more than I can handle. Every time I've seen it something always happens afterwards i.e ive been attacked by an unseen extremly strong being, or ive had my breathe knocked out of me. Either way this thing scares me to death. I refuse to get out of bed when it becomes dark and I refuse to walk around or sit in the living room in the dark. I don't feel safe and never will knowing this thing is here or worse theres something else here and it tries to warn me but, either way how would I know it scares me so badly that i run the opposite way.

heathe 4 years ago

Well if some of these stories are about Shadow people I am not sure how some of these really scary stories haven't made you check yourself in. I have not had anymore visits but in my girls room two of there toys at two diffeerent days went off in the middle of the night. Yikers!

HELP 4 years ago

my fiancé has a dark spirit attached to him. It says things to set him off. I truly believe it is a shadow person. I feel like this thing is pure evil. It started messing with our 3 year old and I was quick to notice him. My baby would be standing in a corner pretending to play hide n seek and when I would come in the room he would go shhh and say bye bye. So after reciting the "devine white light protect my son from all evil and entitys that might be pretending to be good that might want to do harm to him protect all windows and exit and (name all family names)the shadow got mad and hid behind a dresser and my baby would scream for me to stuff pillows behind it and after a while i think it got the hint and left. But now he's back and he's attached himself to my fiancé. It says things to him which makes him mad and wants to start fights with people at work, things fly off the sheilfs and toilet seats fly down and sometimes my fiancé says it feels like he is being watched and when he walks it feels like he is fixing to run into a wall and he stops real fast. He says sometimes he feels numb and like he stops thinking, I am not scared of this thing. That is why he don't bother me. I respect that he exist but i also let him know he needs to respect me and mine.. I need to know what else I can do to get rid of this thing?

Heather 4 years ago

Hi I think us who see these dark creatures are gifted but feels very frightening! Maybe we are choosen I'm not sure!

Galy 4 years ago

Hi everyone, my story is not a recent one, in fact I had not thought about the hatted man for a couple of years now, but still I would like to share it with you to see what you think.

When I was 14 we moved into a 2 floor house and I remember being absolutely uncomfortable going down the stairs at night. I would always turn everysingle light on my way to the kitchen and then run up the stairs, turning the lights off as I made my way back. This went on for a couple of years, always feeling that something was right behind me, until one summer when my parents were away for the day and my brother living in a different states(I was probably 17 or 18 years old) I went downstairs in the middle of the day to the kitchen for a glass of water when I saw him. You see my parents kitchen has two entrances, one is basically a hallway connecting the stairs with it and a anotherone is a door (that I always kept closed) which connects the kitchen with the living room, which has a big double panel window. And I saw this man, this hatted man, sitting in the couch, one arm streched over the back of the couch and one leg crossed over the other, very relaxed. The curtains were partially drawn so the light was dimmed but still strong enough to create a contrast bewteen the light coming in and his dark figure (a really dark, almos as black as ink sillouethe) sitting on my mom's couch. I saw him there and then without moving his body, he turned and looked at me. I did not see any eyes, nor facial features but I knew it was looking at me, and for a moment there I even felt like he was grinning, when I felt that I reached out, closed the door, and ran, seriously RAN back up the stairs and locked myself in my room, I turned on the TV and my computer and did not come out of my room until my parents were back home later that night. I slept with the lights on for around a week.

A couple of years later I moved to the States (I am from Mexico, the state of Sonora) to study my masters, and then it happened again. It was my second year at ASU when one night I suffered an episode of sleep paralysis. I woke up in the middle of the night, completely awake, my heart pumping away rapidly and feeling a rush of adrenaline through my body, I was literally ready to attack or flee (I knew the feeling, when I was 20 a shadow like creature woke me up in the middle of the night, crouching and growling at me from behind the my window in the second floor, and my dog, who slept with me since the kitchen incident was all hairs up , teeth out and growling back, but that time I managed to stand up the bed and leave my room without turning my back to the window... and then like a baby I went to my parents room and stayed there for the rest of the night) Anyway this time though I could not move. Not a single inch, nothing, I kept telling myself I was dreaming, that I needed to wake up and nothing, and then, suddenly I realized that the reason I was afraid was standing there, at the end of my bed, the same hatted man, grinning. And the man kept coming closer, moving to the side of my bed and I started to feel like I could not breathe (In Mexico this sort of experience is known as Subirse el muerto: having a dead person climbing on top of you)I was so afraid that Ifelt like crying, and I was angry too, angry at that thing for being there and then out of the blue I prayed (I've always been at odds with religion, I do not go to church and I believe I do not have the privilege of faith) I prayed as best I could and I saw him (I never closed my eyes) move back, from the side of the bed, to the end of it and then to the door and then it was gone. The moment I stopped seing him I sat up on my bed, turned on the bedside lamp and stayed awake for the rest of the night.

For an entire month the hatted man kept coming every other night, and for an entire month I stayed up all night, light on, tv on, music on, sitting on my desk, the couch, every where except my bed,I only sleot during the day and while my roommate was at home, and I saw him less and less until finally one night I knew I was safe to sleep again.

Two years ago I met a woman who is lets say a medium, she told me (I did not seek her out, I actually was accompanying a cousin to see her, when she basically stopped her consultation and asked me if I had ever seen a shadowed figure) that I have a very strong energy and light and that at some point during my teenage years I had bumped into two beings of dark who where since then feeding on my energy, she also told me that I had had two gurdians angels but only one remained because of their dark influence. She directed me to pray and send them towards the light and I do not why (again, I amd not religious, nor a believer) but I did.

I prayed for an entire week. The first time I tried I cried the entire time and it took me two hours to pray, because I could not remember the holy father prayer. You should keep in min that even though I am not very religious I live ina very religoius country where everyone knows this prayer...even my dad recited it with out a pause after years of not saying it... yes I asked my dad to remind me the prayer that time).

As the week progressed praying became easier, and the crying ended with the week. Ever since then I've felt lighter, happier, 0 nightmares whatsoever,maybe the ocassional bad dream induced by overeating or too many zombie movies, but that is it.

Every since then I do believe I will not see him again. I do not know if the hatted man is truly evil, nor what the other being the woman talked bout was (maybe the thing I saw when I was 20?) but I think they were truly feeding of my energy, after all that is what we are made off and i think that the apparent increase of sightings of these so called shadow people is not necessarily a bad omen as in the wordl will end in 2012. I think that the reason more people seem to be seeing them its because the 2012 is a year of renewal, a cycle that ends so a new one begins and maybe we are experiencing some sort of pre-spiritual awakening.

Sorry for the long post, and the awful grammar. :)

Patti K 4 years ago

The first night I stayed in my house after I bought it, I had a visitor and have had them many, many times since then. They are always right in my face and wake me up. They have been all different people and usually startle me so I yell at them to go and leave me alone. I have asked them what they want. They do appear to me when I stay at other places also. Just this past weekend I was camping and one, a nun, appeared to me. I yelled at her to leave me alone and she did. I wish I knew why they appear to me and what they want. Is this the same thing that happens to anyone else?

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mejeff 4 years ago

I have not seen shadow people in last few years. Although 10 years ago my wife & I would both see them at same time. Usually in the evening. The figure we saw numerous times was roughy 2 feet tall. Just as everyone else agrees, once they are seen it would move extremely fast and dissappear. Neither of us were on any medication or sleep deprived. My father in law claimed to see them also. He couldn't sleep at night because they were always around. We went to visit him. Once in his house a very uncomforable feeling came over the both of us. The figures were seen by all three of us.

Izual 4 years ago

I've been seeing a human shaped shadow these past few years but Im not sure if it is a shadow person. I saw him close range and hes got a flaming blue eyes, pointy ears and it looked like he has a horn or something..Hes about 7ft tall and he moves fast most of the time. The last time I encountered him, hes like stretching his left arm as if he is trying to reach me and I kinda froze. I've been trying to find out what kind of creature is he till I found this page so I was hoping you guys could help me out..

4 years ago

I was walking around my school with my friends, and we saw a Shadow Man in the trees, only this one has a dark blue jacket (i call him BlackBlue). We blinked and he was gone.

We checked it out and we saw a footprint.

I looked up and saw something in the trees.

Later, i asked my friend (who is an expert on the Supernatural) and told me it was a Shadow Creature.

Now my friends are telling me they've seen BlackBlue in their rooms sending them messages.

"Stay away from the Alliance"

The Alliance is a society of people who strongly believe in the Supernatural, which i started.

So far this hasn't happened to me yet, but i'll be sure to wet my pants when it does.

Its always the same Shadow Man that's stalking us.

Is he warning us that we're getting in way over our heads?

Is there a war?

Are we insane?

He's watching...

MatthewG 4 years ago

I was staying at my friends house sleeping on his sofa when i awoke in the night. I seen what appeared to be a shadow man. Pearing down on me from his standing position only a few feet away. As per the image on this page, my shadow man to was wearing a brimmed hat. I had no feeling of fear or anxiety when first encountering the entity. I fell back to sleep and did not fully comprehend what I had seen until i woke the next morning. I told my friend what i had seen and to my surprise he had told me that someone else (Another friend of ours) had slept on that sofa a few weeks earlier had the same experience and told him the same story when awakened in the morning. I know one thing for a fact, shadow peoplle are real and it is not simply dismissed as a halucination or REM Sleep. for two people to see the same thing in the same area, on 2 separate occasions is not mere coincidence. shadow people are real physical entities....

cgoulet 4 years ago

I have woken up to shadow people standing over me for several years now. The past two nights it has been a woman with long hair. Otherwise it is always a male figure. Only once have I seen a complete image of a face. It is terrifying waking to someone looking at me. Especially when their face is right in front of mine. I start swinging at them. I usually fall back to sleep, but will inevitably wake up again to the same figure standing over me. Once again I start swinging and tell them to go away. My husband thinks I am just dreaming, but it is always so real.I don't think I am dreaming.

I am very intuitive. I always have been. Often predicting what is going to happen before it happens. I am half Cherokee and my entire bio-family is also intuitive. I don't know if this has anything to do with why these dark figures keep coming to me. I just want it to stop! Any thoughts?

James 4 years ago

A very interesting article! I myself saw something what looked like a shadow entity around 13 years ago in my great grandfathers house. I was about 5 and I was staying at my great grandfathers house the week he died, I was sleeping with mother in his bedroom and I was just staring at the wall which was 2 feet away from me. It was around 7:00AM when I saw this black figure fly into my vision and look at me for about 1-2 seconds and flee from my sight very quickly. It had a hat on, like what many other people suggested; however its eyes were kind of "hollowed" out and were a transparent white colour. It also had a smile and looked an awful lot like that of a black and white emoticon smiley face. I wasn't scared however because mother was with me, so I felt safe. The size of it was only about 4feet as well.. I also have this other friend who claimed to have seen a black shadow like figure fly from her vision the exact moment a woman was accidentally killed by a reversing fire truck, this figure was much bigger, around 7-8 feet she claimed. Which is what intrigued me to do a bit more research on the matter as I realised I wasn't the only one. My grandma also claims to have seen some black shadow fly into the ceiling the night her father died. She thinks it was his soul but I'm open for opinion.

Personally I'm not religious so I don't think it's the "work of the devil" or any of that other stuff. I seek to find a more logical solution. My encounter may have been a REM hallucination, though this doesn't explain how my grandmother and friend managed to see them as they were not asleep. Maybe the hallucination is also stress induced? Regardless, if anyone wishes to comment or email me about anything I'm available at Hotronics@hotmail.com.au, thanks for your time :)

Me 4 years ago

Yes they are real. My brother and I were hanging out in the living room and saw something outside. It was not a humans shadow, because nobody was outside. Our mom had went grocery shopiing and we KNOW it wasn't her. This was a fully black, 6'3 shadow....

heather 4 years ago

Hi Tyler I wish I had the choice of sleeping with my door shut because I need to hear if anyone comes into my house since we live in the city I so wish I could Im scared at night!

Tyler 4 years ago

I've always wondered wether or not this was a dream. I couldn't have been more than eight. I was living in my old house, back when i would still sleep with the door open. I remember waking in the middle of the night, without sound or light to rouse me. I looked at the doorway and it was as if a wall of black was in the door frame. A shadow man walked out of it and into the room. I remember getting out of bed feeling as if my body weighed a ton. I drunkedly swung my arms at it. I must've hit it or something because it floated up to the ceiling, went across it to my wall and rolled up into a little ball and vanished into my night light. I've never slept with my door open at night since and i never plan to.

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Greenthegreat 4 years ago

Some of these stories are really freaky. I am a Christian. That is my faith but I still see the shadow man. So I don't think the shadow people only visit those who don't have any faith but... Idk they just choose. The shadow man I see I don't think he wants to hurt me. Although in a dream I had of him he killed my family. T was the worst dream I ever had. At the end of my dream. He was chasing me. We both stopped and looked at each other. He had a knifejin his hand and didn't say anything but he looked at me as if saying I was next. That's why I was afraid of him for a long time. It was first a dream then he became real. He didn't seem so threatening.he just watches me. Creeps me out with noises and closing or opening doors. Walking around outside my door at night or when I'm alone. It scares me but I wonder what it wants. The shadow man i mean.. Not it. I'm the only one who sees him too. Not my sister or brothers. Weird. I have a feeling he stays at home and waits for me to come home from school every day. But ...idk oh we'll that's about it right now.....

heather 4 years ago

Hi yeah Connor it does sound the same! Also I just remembered my 3 year old said she saw black out her door way. I never really thought about until now. Can someone please give me some ideas of what is happening. I should mention that a year later have moved into a house right behind our old house that was haunted but never did see the darkness I saw. We did not try to move to the area it was the only suitable house available and just happened to be right there coincidence?

heather 4 years ago

It was about 6-7 feet almost filled my whole doorway looked like a light cloak but a deep darkess black i prayed last night and was a good sleep Im not religious but it seemed to help. Tell me if this sounds similar.

Connor 4 years ago

Actually, I should probably mention I didn't -flee- or show any fear until I was actually -in- the bathroom with the door locked, and even then I was silent. I jogged, y'know like you do when you're in a bit of a hurry? And I'm fairly sure I actually did my best to pretend I hadn't even seen it. I really don't know why, I can't say I rationally thought "Right, pretend you can't see it, don't let it know you can see it, just get to safety and hide in that loo". Maybe my mind just wanted to deny what it was seeing?

Heather, what do you mean by a jagged shadow, and how big was 'filling the doorway'...I think we just might have seen the same thing

Connor 4 years ago

Guh...I almost threw up when I stumbled across this page (eyes are actually watering right now, got no idea why)

I've met a shadow man...I think. But it was so very very much worse than what's been described so far. Must have been about four years ago in my mum's house (living in student digs now) I left the lounge to go to the kitchen and he was standing in the doorway to the kitchen. It was absolutely, utterly, a he.

Now, I don't scare easily, it's nothing Macho, I'm just not that kind of person, I've fought off a man with a knife to protect friends, big cats and wild dogs and being alone in a dark alley don't scare me, really only spiders get my heart racing, I've seen spirits before, angry ones too, and faced them down, told them to leave (they don't, but they stop trying to scare me at least). This one terrified me.

It must have been at LEAST seven feet tall, I'm fairly sure it had to duck and turn slightly to get through the doorway. And much like the shadowmen described above it seemed to be staticy...it wasn't simple shadow, I found myself drawing him in school the next day and I drew it as a man shaped scribble, lines zig-zagging back and forth, rather than a simple shadow shape.

I'm not religious, and I wouldn't describe it as 'pure evil' because...well how exactly would you describe -that-? But I felt such absolute terror at the simple sight of it, it wasn't even moving when I saw it, just stood in the doorway. I locked myself in the hallway bathroom (interestingly I actually had to run down the hallway -towards- it in order to get to the bathroom) for a full ten minutes. I never heard a sound, no footsteps or scratching or voices, just that sense of absolute terror, and as soon as it came it was gone...I still waited another five minutes before leaving the bathroom, just in case.

My mum was sat in the lounge, she didn't experience or hear anything.

I don't know what it wanted, or if it wanted anything, and I haven't seen it since. Haven't felt that total terror since either, but I get the feeling it might still be around, I get the vaguest twinges of fear once in a while for no real reason. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Jell 4 years ago

They are so black, you can see them even in the dark. You will feel them before you see them, that uneasy feeling of being watched and you turn to get a fleeting glimpse. Be warned though, I have had only negative experiences with them and would strongly encourage people no to actively seek these experiences. As to what they are? I do not know, but I personally do not believe them to be ghosts in the conventional meaning as I have seen a ghost and it did not look or behave the same. I have heard many theories the most interesting of which was ......they were never human, that is why they cannot manifest a full human appearance, they work like recon soldiers for stronger more negative entities such as demons. Their job is to seek out weak or easily intimidated individuals, faithless people and those seeking the dark side etc etc...How much of this is true I cannot say, but based on my personal experience of shadow people I think this description pretty much fits with my experience. I had a very frightening encounter after messing with a ouja board when I was 15, it scared the crap out of me and I NEVER want to have an experience like it again.

heather l 4 years ago

I was sick for about a week with a cold my three kids as well. Our cat usually sleeps with kids or on my bed but for about three or four nights he was at my door way entrance I live with only my kids and cat. Anyway then 3 nights ago i woke up after opened my eyes towards my door and saw a very tall jagged shadow standing at my door way almost blocking my whole door then i either fell back asleep or it was a weird dream, Oddly enough my cat was not at my entrance that next morning as he had been i have been spooked ever since i am in tune to the other side but this is new and creeps me out We are not alone any ideas please comment please i wont sleep with lights off

kitkat 4 years ago

my bff has seen her daughter walk through the wall when she turned around but her daughter wasn't even home. i went to try to find out what may have happened and i was lying on the bed and in the corner of my eye a dark black smoke figure, about 4 foot crossed really fast across the bed. can anyone help me to find out why it is taking the shape of her kids??

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 4 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Never heard of this. Can you describe exactly what he is seeing.

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Jfletcher92 4 years ago

My boyfriend sees one, he used to see more but when they touched him all burnt up except the one he still sees. He said that sometimes it talks to him, tells him things about the future but he can neve remember what they said. I asked what color eyes it has and he said purple, red, blue, as if it fluctuates or isn't stable. Also, most of the articles I have read say they are harmless and never touch the person, but he says otherwise. Usually it comes to him at night, it's a male figure, and it bites his neck and the teeth disappear inside of him, but it left two permanent scars. Also sometimes it scratches him and he either has scars or actual scratches. Is there any way to get these things to go away?

ja la 4 years ago

The shadow I see is a large upright figure which has become more solid. The only area I see this shadow is on or near my 13 stairs. I don't believe any anything like this and usually discredit the vision to me just being tired. However, the other evening my spouse saw the shadow dart down the stairs and into the clock - this figure was smaller and resembled an animal. Our home is new construction with not other home.

Raevyn14 profile image

Raevyn14 4 years ago from Tecumseh, Oklahoma

Most shadow people are nice and kind or angry. Demons cannot be a shadow person, cuz demons are not human spirits, shadow people are humans that have died either from torture, disease or murder. Most are not there to hurt anyone, most don't know they're dead

FreakedOutGirlXx 5 years ago

I stopped in front of my bedroom door and froze this is what I saw and felt-thought and did. A shadow in the middle of the hallway was walking towards my parents room. It was all so fast like all in half a second. The man was pitch black I mean PITCH BLACK and it was the darkest thing I've EVER SEEN OR EVEN IMAGINED!!! He kept walking I was staring with the widest eyes straight at him! He stopped and looked at me. The only detail on him was his eyes. His eyes seemed to look deep into my very soul and like it knew my whole life. Hard to explain you know. It made no noise I heard nothing I thought nothing I couldn't move think or even hear I could only watch as it disappeared when I kinda blinked. Time was like blured and I never had heard about shadow people but it's strange I KNEW he was shadowman. Have any of you not heard of shadow men then saw one and JUST SEEMED TO KNOW WHAT IT WAS. No lie once it disappeared I kinda thought it was the devil but it went by the name shadow man!!!'

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 5 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Be sure to listen to the video just added at the top of the Hub Page

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Greenthegreat 5 years ago

I've read nearly all these stories on this site and I believe most of them are true maybe all. But my ? To all of you is why do some of you people see these shadow people all the time (like you guys say I've seen them all my life) when others only seen them a few times. Like me. I've only seen 2 before ..both at night. I've seen a small shadow that looked like a little girl. She was standing at the end of my bed one night. When she saw me fully awake she just stood there looking at me. But then disappeared. The second shadow person I see. ( and I see this one a lot. In my dreams was the first time. It scared me half to death. It was a nightmare. And then another dream but I don't remember that one very much just that it was there. But I've seen it 2 times before in my room.) well anyway I've always called this 2 shadow person "shadow man" even before I heard of other people seeing "shadow people" well anyway he is tall. And I only see him at night. I ONLY seen him too never my sister or brother. I also hear footsteps coming towards my room. (from the hallway) and when I look out my door they stop and I don't see anything. Those sometimes happen during the day. Mostly at night. I'm 15 tho and a freshmen in high school. I just starte seeing and hearing things in 6 grade. Not my entire life...I feel like the shadow man is always watching me. Idk maybe I'm just parinoid but the feeling is strongest when I'm in my room. Oh well I got talking about him again. When I start I can't seem to stop just bc hear... I know people..or I hope that people will auctually listen. My friends always gives me a look like I'm mad. Ok... So my ? Is again... Why do some of you people see the shadow people all the time? Or have seen them all your life? When others like me only see them a few times every now and then? Is it there choice to be seen or is it our choice to want to see them? Bc I never wanted to. I kind of do now just to try to talk to him..(every time I see them they disappear within a minute or 2. ) last ? For now. I promise:) why can't everyone see shadow people or hear them like we can.? I mean maybe some do but not everyone.. I just thought it would be none I I could talk to others about shadow people. Not just the site. Well thx for reading this longgg story? Paragraph with ?s more likely. Please answer my ? I really want to know...

RaulaDaMoose 5 years ago

So, for the longest time I felt insane because I would see these shadows, and it would be different if they were in the corner of my eye, but they were dead on in front of me. They didnt' have features, but I could tell it was a man. I would see him a lot, just out of the blue. A few times, I saw him standing in front of my car and when my dad would drive litterally through him, he dissapated. The very first time I saw him, I looked out my window to the parkinglot, and very clearly he was standing there looking at me, like he was waiting for me or something. I always feel so paranoid and absolutly terrified after I see him. I'm not exactly sure what to do about it, but I would like some answers. Any advice or anything, please?

Lisa 5 years ago

Hi I've seen shadow people all my life. I have moved all over the place and to different places in the world and I still see them. Mainly at night though. I purposely switch off the lights to see them fading in an out. This started when I was a little girl and I've never really had a problem with it. One occasion that was slighty worrying was when one was leaning over the top of me when I was asleep. I knew something was there, opened my eyes and it vanished. I did say out loud that I didn't like that and it hasn't happened since. Glad I found this site I don't feel totally mad now.lol

Brenda 5 years ago

We have been living in our house for sometime is a new house and had never had a problem of any kind, but my daughter who is 8 yrs old was playing in the kitchen and saw a little shadow like 3ft height getting close to her, she say it was tiptoeing towards her, I told her not to be afraid, but have notice that she does not play in the kitchen anymore, then my other daughter days latter say that she was in the living room watching tv and she saw a little shadow running from the living room to the kitchen, and she was scared I told her that is probably her mind and nothing was there but I was starting to doubt myself because she describe it small like 3 ft tall, and then today my oldes daughter who is 15 say that she was doing her hair when thru the mirror she saw a little shadow going to my smallest daugthers room the worse part is that she even heard the steps because the rooms are in the upstairs area, she told me " look mom I'm not scared but you have to believe ther is something here it's really small" don't know what to do I don't believe in this stuff, and the house is new, I do live next to a school but I just don't know what to think.

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Greenthegreat 5 years ago

I've seen a shadow man before. First it was in my dreams 2 before. And then a couple months ago things started to happen around my house. It freaked me out. Idk if I'm going crazy or what but I hear footsteps in my hallway like someone walking to my room. But every time I go out in the hallway to see if anyone's there no one is. Then one night I woke up at 2or3 and saw my door open by itself. It usually squeaks too but it didn't that time. Then there was stomping at the end of my bed. I thought I might've been just dreaking myself out but then there was stomping at the end of my hallway. So I wen out there to check it out and nothing was there. And then another night I hear more walking around out in the hallway and nothings there. Then one night I wake up and see a shadow of a young girl at the foot of my bed. She was just a shadow but I could see her head move back and forth. Even tho I couldn't see her eyes I knew she was looking at me. I didn't say anything I should've now that I think of it. But ohwell. She diss appeared with in a minute of us staring at each other . I could've just been tired but idk. Then another night I saw the shadow man from my dreams standing over me by the side of my bed. When it saw me awake it was so fast almost floating fast but the shadow man just ran across the corner of my bed and dassapeared. I was to shocked to be afraid but now I am. I feel crazy none of my friends believe me. My sister a few nights ago heard the footsteps again. This was the first time she heard them but they won't stop. They leave and then cOme back. I'm only 15 and I'm a Christian do I know they can't hurt me. In just kind of scared I mean it doesn't make any sense. Please comment back and let me know what you all think. Btw this house I lived in for 6 yrs and i don't really know the history but I don't think anyone died in it before. But I know a few people died on my street. A young girl and an older girl. But I know nothing of a man. Idk. Even before I heard of other people seeing "shadow people" I've always called this man shadow man. I mean he was a shadow and a man. So yeah. Obvious name:) so yeah. Comment please let me know what you all think is going on. I mean please. I'm just 15 again and I'm confused. Its only been happening to me except for that one time with my sister. But she never seen anything. Please let me know.

Billy The Fourth 5 years ago

I have never seen Shadow People but I can not believe that 20 months worth of comments are a bunch of lies - most of you, probably not all, but most of you must be telling the truth. Could it be that you are in places that are "closer" to another dimension and you can just almost connect with it - and it works the same for the beings in that dimension. Or perhaps it is some time phenomenon and the Shadow people you see actually live in the past or future and you look like shadow people to them? Just thoughts... I mean, you could be seeing yourselves from a week ago, while a week ago you were seeing your future self... Or they are ghosts.

question 5 years ago

I gotta really important question anyone who knows the answer please please tell me I live in a tralier court and I never seen its shodow like the person who lived in the trailer befor me but it has messed with me and my boyfriend it talked to us and it seemed helpful it helped me (hard to explain) but resently I was cleanin my place while my boyfriend was cleanin the bathroom with the music on I went in the bathroom to tell him something right after cleanin all the hay and shavings from my ginni pig off its table as we was talkin the music stopped so we went in the room to see what had happened to find the dvd player had opened and the mess I had put on the floor to sweep later to be back on the table then after we had got everything done but sweeping and moppin I had went back in the bathroom to start sweeping ther to find all the stuff that was on the counter to be found all in the sink then when we desided to leave the house for the night because we both felt like it was not safe at the house I had left something there so my boyfriend had went inside to get it but I remabered I needed something else so I went back inside only to find that my boyfriend had been grapped by the back of the neck. What does all this mean?

5 years ago

I see them in my mirror

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 5 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

I believe there may be some evil shadow people that may even be demons but I also believe that some shadow people are spirits of people trapped here on earth. Watch a shadow person to see what it does and how it acts. I have even seen shadow people with red eyes and I believe those to be truly evil.

Connor. 5 years ago

Black spirits represent evil and bad energy. Shadow people could be very dangerous.

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bunnynose02 5 years ago

when the weather gets nicer im going to explore some more'''im going to where i used to live and see if i can see any spirits or people shadows...i love this ...when you have things that happen to you when you are young you now that things are out there.....im a big tru baleaver.im going to take some pictures of where i used to live ..i want to know if there are still spirits tere...

just me 5 years ago

I can tell by the expriences that these creatures are not human they are called gin's,genie's etc. they live their own lifes you have good one's but also bad one,s wich cause us harm if you mess with these creatures to much they might take it out on you or your the ones you love these creatures also live like humans get chillderen etc. it is said there are ways to kill it but they will be avenged just pray it is the only solution

if you want to know more you can mail me erdal_kaya@live.nl

Daly 5 years ago

I have only had one expirience with the entity in the home I rent. it turned on the vaccum I thought it must have been my son that was going to help me clean but to my suprice there was know one there my boyfriend had a chair thrown at him he though I did it and also a screw driver then it was calm for a while. buy we have a camara in my room and its hooked up to a television in the garage since we have a new born baby in the home and he sleeps with me in the bed my boyfriend listens if the baby wakes up and sees if he moves to come in the room and pick him up. well this morning my boyfriend comes into my room scared out of his mind mind u I was sleeping and tells me he saw a man on the television monitor there was know one else in the house and all the doors where locked...it sent chills up my spine

Talia 5 years ago

i live right next to a crematory i was just going up there no im not to sure

Karen 5 years ago

WOW I always felt a bit crazy because i thought i was the only one seeing these dark shadows. Ive only experienced it 2 times. One was when i was like 7 years old and i was reading a book in my room, that was very lite up. I had a like three lights on. While i was reading i felt like there was someone in the room. I then got pretty scared, i dont know why, so i stopped reading my book and looked over and there was a black shadow of a women with long hair standing in front of me. I saw her for like 5 sec then screamed and ran. She then disappeared. Second was actually like 5 says ago (thats why im doind some research) btw im 22 years old now .. I was in my car waiting for my bf to come out the cause house.. while i was waiting i saw a dark shadow of a tall man with a hat on. I was beyond freaked out and started to cry .. he stood there for like 10 sec and then disappeared. idk what it is or why it was there. But whats pretty freaky is that the person who wrote this blog described the SAME thing a saw :( and i just read this today ... crazy

bunnynose 5 years ago

when the weather gets nicer im going to go to some places to look for shaddow people.. i cant wate

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crazyhorsesghost 5 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

You will find that most ghosts and shadow people are attached to the location you find them at but some can leave and go with you.

Shadow Shaman's 5 years ago

I am glad I actually have a name for what I, my two sons and a friend of mine have all seen: “Shadow People.” When my sons were 11 and 9, they walked to the babysitter’s house that was across the street (a dirt road) from ours. It was dark night. Only minutes after leaving the house they both came running up the steps and banged through the front door in such terror stricken panic. Both of them carrying on about this shadow person they both witnessed. They claim that a shadow of a man, who looked like a Native American Indian (having a Mohawk), ran in between them and raced away in front of them to the back of the babysitter’s house. They said they felt wind as he quickly passed by them. At first I was like “What?” I did believe them. I am a believer in the paranormal. Two days later, my male friend, Mo, who had not heard what my kids had seen, sees the same thing. He runs into the house, panicked, clutching his chest breathlessly. I said, “What is the matter with you!” He was speechless yet managed to utter, “OH my GOD! This thing, this shadow! YOU are not going to believe this but, I was nearly run down by a shadow of a Shaman.” He was sweaty, and as he spoke his word were shaky and barely understandable. Thee blood raced cold in my veins. I told him then what the boys had seen.

About a week later as I was pulling into my driveway, about 3am., I see this shadow of a dog at the back of my neighbors house (it is about fifteen feet away and sits to the left of mine). I thought nothing of it at first. I figured it was someone’s dog that got loose; out on a nightly prowl. As I watched this shadow pass by the light coming from my kitchen window, it remained the same shape. It didn’t grow in size as a normal shadow should have. As it got closer to me, I realized it was a shadow of a wolf. I freaked out. Its head was turned in my direction as if it were watching me, watch it. I, too, panicked and ran into the house just like Mo and my kids did.

The only explanation I have is that only days prior to this first sighting, Mo, the kids and I, went to the Dryden Lake in NY. We picnicked early in the afternoon. Later that night, Mo and I went back by ourselves. We discovered a memorial dedicated to the many Indians who were violently slaughtered there years ago by the pioneers. I can’t remember the whole story, but remember feeling an incredible sadness, and felt a sense of uneasiness being there. We moved sometime after this and none have reporting to seeing anything like that again. I wonder, is it possible to bring something like a shadow person back with you?

sugibear 5 years ago

I am sooo freaked out by what is going on in my house I don't know who to talk to about it... I hear a lil girl crying in the middle of the night, so i get up to check on my two girls who of course are sound asleep. I return to bed and feel my arm being touched and someone saying Mama when i open my eyes there is a lil girl standing there but when i blink she is gone. I get up and my girls are sound asleep. Now me and my two girls a 13 yr old and an 11 year old are all seeing tall dark shadow like figures in different parts of the house. there are creaking noises cupboards opening and closing by themselves and my 11 yr old told me the other day that when she is in her bathroom sometimes when she looks in the mirror she will see someone behind her but it's only for a split second. My cats have been freaked out on numerous occasions and will hide and growl. I don't know why this is happening in my home I just know I want it to stop. My 13 yr old is now experiencing depression and stress issues and I myself am not sleeping well....SOMEONE help!

mdtobe 5 years ago

Yesterday evening I was sitting on the sofa. The kitchen is to the left of the living room. As I turned my head I saw a shadow figure walk quickly into the cabinet sink area. I did not pay it much attention. Then as I was getting into bed, I turned off the light and as I was about to climb into bed it's like the shadowy figure was right there as if I almost bumped into it. I just layed down and just figured it was nothing until I read these posts. This is not the first time I have seen these, but I do not want to scare my 12 and 14 year old step daughters who are afraid of everything....

Mary 5 years ago

I've been waking up with scratches on my body.Everytime I wake up I see people. After I blink several times they slowly fade. I've also heard people scream my name.

Cris 5 years ago

My family and friends think that I am crazy because I tell them i see this. I have seen a grim reaper type shadow and almost always see it before someone i know dies or ends up in the hospital in the followoing 3 days. I do not fear this I take it as a good thing a warning to me so to speak to tell my loved ones to be especially careful after I see this. Like others have commented I only see him out of the corner of my eye and he disappears quickly whenever I try and get a good look at him. I haven't seen him in a while but find this facinating and want him to come back into my life. Never be afraid of things you don't understand..go with the flow and enjoy the experience.

vincent sfbayarea 5 years ago

Any reports of them "attacking" people. Leaving warm "leather" feeling on u...leads to bad luck in lfe. Bad events alot? SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK

vincent sf bay area 5 years ago

Is he one man haunting everyone or a group? I noticed alot of these post are of ppl w same age as me. Does he haunt our age group only? Wierd so many ppl have same description. Hes defidently real. Any reports of dark mist going thru someone and leaving lighter grey and it feels like warm leather laid on u where it went in?

Daryoush 5 years ago

okay well i live with my grandma and im only 18 well i was watching my brother and hes a very good kid so i decided to just close my eyes i squinted to see if he was okay and he was frozen watching tv and i looked into my closet and saw a man wearing a button up suit with a mafia looking hat but it was all black and i was frozen i couldnt breath nor move and just last night my boy came to my house and he said yo dee i swear i just saw a man in your room with a hat and a coat and i was like yoo i saw that shit a while back so i told him the story creepy shit now that i see everyone else has seen it i thought i was going crazy

haileyh 5 years ago

I saw one once in a dream but then I kept feeling someone grabbing me or pulling on me when I was awake anyway in the dream it was a shadow man no detail in particular just somehow masculine but when I turned to look at him he ran away or more like glided incrediabily fast down the street I was so petrified with fear it was like it was real anyway afterwords I keep seeinge signs he might be with me in the waking wo.rld

Frankie 5 years ago

I had a dream where there was a shadow man in my pantry doorway and the only light in the house that was on was the pantry. I started to be dragged by my feet by an invisible force toward the shadow person. I grabbed on to everything I could like the counter, but the force was too strong. I got pulled into the shadow person and that is when I woke up. Or more like jumped up out of bed sweating...

Cali 5 years ago

What are they and what do they want? Anyone know? Some people call them "Shadow people", "Shadow beings", or "The Jinn" all the same experiences happening to people all over the world....

Carlos 5 years ago

When I was a kid, around 8,9,10 I use to live on a house very old,I was born there. Well I use to see silluetts of people all over walking in that house and my room is like if you take a person and with a tick white pen you draw his body just the white lines. They walk like flowting I use play with them but they just continued doing there stuff like is I was not there, I was never scare. My mon use to see the same also. I also saw many times buckets of flowers falling all night of the roff I wish to have the same experience again. I just don’t know if anyone had experience something similar. Cheers

Declared Insane 5 years ago

Man that's sound terrible!

Science is telling what they want us to hear, that it's all scientifically explained whilst behind closed doors they have proven that it's not always the case. Most of science are discoveries made by very intelligent individuals. Their intelligence have taken them down another roads. It is not well known but Isaac Newton wrote more books on the occult than on science. If you read or research stuff like Qaballah or hermetics we'll find science has many similarities, actually too similar. So science was actually the exploration of the supernatural world (if I may use that word) not the natural world as they'd want us to believe. And I'm not saying that every time you wake up and feel a spirit sitting on you then it is a spirit, it could be waking paralysis but it could also be a spirit. Anyway sorry for going off the topic.

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Matthew Sabella 5 years ago

Ok that was wierd. All I'm going to say is that I have seen shadow people. I have been choked fully awake by a figure in a hood with red eyes, so had my girfriend a year prior in the same bed. I'm not going to retype this long comment that I had that mysteriously disappeared. Last night a white energy hovered above me holding me down with a huge amount of force on my chest and shoulders. I couldn't do anything... I tried to speak, I was awake, I had the prayer and thoughts in my mind but all I could do was moan and yell "no!" That's when my wife came in. I was exhausted like I had been fighting or wrestling. Prior to that I heard strange knocking and tapping in the room and it was so cold in the room. Now today I had a spell of blurry vision with a yellow tint. I'm still highly disturbed. It makes you wonder what is real and what is hallucination. It makes you wonder about faith and the supernatural and that which science cannot fully explain. It was strange because I went from a nice dream to being awake and completely powerless while something inexplicable tries to make you its puppet... If this is BS, or apnea induced hallucinations caused by oxygen deprivation or just psychoses then why are all our illusions so similar?

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Matthew Sabella 5 years ago

I have seen shadow people ever since I was a kid. Although the frequency has declined to near extinction over the years, I have had two very disturbing experiences I'd like to share. I was living in Hong Kong for a period of 3 years or so in an old high-rise building. I had become spiritually disconnected and weak-minded from isolation and depression. I was laying in my girlfriend's bed when she was off on travel and I awoke suddenly unable to breathe or move. I had thundering noises in my ears with a black figure hovering over me with red eyes and a waving cloak seemingly like black fire. I observed helplessly two arm-like appendages choking me, feeling its grasp tightly around my neck. I remember thinking about God and asking for help when suddenly the black figure retreated slithering behind a wooden clothing chest. I thought it was sleep apnea or something physiological, however when I mentioned it to my girlfriend when she got back she was vague, but admitted that a similar experience happened to her nearly a year prior. I had 2 other experiences of supernatural activity in that house before I moved out and never saw anything like that in the new place. That was in 2000. Twelve years later I had another encounter, although this time it was a white energy similar to a glowing cloud that I felt was trying to enter my body and I couldn't stop it. I wanted to say a prayer, but the only thing I could do was moan and say no. This was last night, now I get chills and the hair on my neck raises thinking about it. It happened between 3 and 4 am and I heard strange noises, knocking and tapping before going to bed. I also had blurry vision this afternoon and everything looked yellow. I'm scared shitless and not discounting the fact that I could be nuttier than squirrel poop. It always happens when I'm depressed or grow distant in faith. Look I beleive in science above all else, but the supernatural cannot be ignored.

Declared Insane 5 years ago

I've seen them throughout my life. Although I don't see them as often these days I now see things that don't leave you scared but sick to your core. It's not that more people are seeing them it's just that more people are reporting sights because of the internet. There were 2 young shadow people in my moms house and in her room there was a shadow thing hanging in the corner of the room. Whenever I walked out of the room it felt like someone was following me out. In my old room was a shadow man. It looked like he was wearing a jacket of some sort. He stood in the corner of the room and when I laid with my back facing him, he'd stand over me. They even haunted my dreams. At least thrice a week I'd have dreams about them assaulting me, punching, choking, sneezing my organs among other things, some even stabbed me with their hands or knives. Interestingly in dream reading this signifies that I was very fearful and didn't except myself and strangely when I was 27 I excepted that this is part of me and I shouldn't be afraid and the frequency of the dreams stopped. The shadow people caused me a lot pain and wounds that are still healing. My parents and family made fun of me which the shadow people liked and taunted me even more. So please don't ever tell your kids that they just imagining things. Rather tell them that they shouldn't be afraid.

What I found interesting is that Islam says that God created humans and jinn. This is where the idea of Genie in the lamp comes from. Although according to scholars you can't see them and they take form of animals and people (naturally these are the scholars that haven't seen them). The bad and evil Jinn like unclean places both physically and spiritually. Most Jinn don't like to be near humans so they occupy abandoned places or places where there are no humans. And sometimes humans decide to build there and this makes them mad. Just imagine you living in a nice place and someone comes and builds a house over your place, you'll be mad too. Jinn can even possess humans or mind control us. Some bad jinn marry humans causing those humans a lot of emotional pain. There are also good jinn but they don't like interfering with humans. Anyway I just found it interesting that there are many similarities between jinn and shadow people. Maybe they 2 separate beings I don't know.

I've learned that when you ignore them and don't fear them they don't bother you anymore. They are addicted to the reaction humans have. So if they don't get reaction they most likely leave.

JANICE 5 years ago


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myexperienceisrel 5 years ago


I am a Christian and I believe that there are things happening in the spirt realm that some people have no idea about. Those that are connected can feel a shift of some sort and even sense that something is on the verge of happening. I believe that Christ is soon to return, but as the Bible says, "no man knows when, not even the angels in heaven." As far as 12/21/2012, I think that is more of an awakening for humanity. It seems that with more and more disappearances of people, murders and more sightings of shadow people and other things. We are gaining a glimpse of more to come. I don't worry about what the future holds because I know that God knows all things. Some things happen that we consider strange, it is an opportunity for us to think outside the box.

Ever since I was a little kid about 5 years old, I always felt different and sort of connected to the God and spirt world. I would have dreams about things occuring and they would occur as I dreamed. Even a year before allot of the world changing events that happened in the millenium, I dreamed it months before and told my family.They are used to my dreams and don't treat me different but over the years have learned to listen and pay attention.

I believe that allot of people don't reveal their experiences in fear that they will be considered weird or outkast in a way. In my church group we are talking about death and the spirit world. We even talk about our experiences that we have had and the stories that some

people have expressed as far as them seeing ghosts or persons that are deceased, makes me think if we continue with open forums such as this more and more people will come forward and express their experiences. It also lets me know that God did not stop with just us, we can not fathom the mind of a creator.

Aryan 5 years ago

What I have seen is not acutally a person, but what I think is a small animal like a cat. I was up very late to use the bathroom, and saw a small shadow move very quickly towards my room. On another occassion I opened the basement door and saw a shadow move very fast toward the back of the basement that was during the day. My daughter's room seems to have more activity then any other room in the house. My daughter is very afraid to be in her room. We ask her why she is afraid she justs says she is afraid of the shadows. I hear knocks in her room, and in mine. I can only say our first house activity as well. I have heard faint old fashioned music in the house, my husband and I bother heard our names called, and when I would wash dishes I would feel someone touch my shoulder gently. I never felt scared in that house. I always felt at ease. This house I am not sure what to make of the activity it gives me the creeps the way my daughter reacts about her room.

Amber 5 years ago

My 4 year old daughter has started seeing what she calls "spiders". It started last week when I was away with my older daughter, my hub called me in the middle of the night asking to go on "FaceTime" so my youngest can see me. I could see she was delirious, extremely frightened, crying and her eyes darting all above and around her. Calmed her down a bit and seemed fine when I came home. She still sees what she describes as "dark white" spiders with no faces, eyes but says they have an angry mouth. We have encouraged her to not be afraid, only she can see them and I do not discredit her but am not sure what to think. She also describes them as "magic hanging down" and "sparkling" but mostly as big "dark white spiders" (I think she means grey) on ceiling and corners of walls. She sees them mostly in my room and occasionally in her room. I have tried vacuuming them, trapping them, telling them to leave and chasing them out for her but she tells me they are magic and can come back when they want. We encourage her that she is "the boss of them", that she can tell them to go and can also ignore them. She is more comfortable but is quite clingy and tells me she loves me all the time. She now sleeps with special stones under her pillow; rose quartz, amethyst and a crystal with a rainbow inside as well as a prayer card and small Blessed Mary medallion from my MIL (who is devout Catholic) We are not religious but neither agnostic.

I do think it possible that she is sensitive and do not discourage it. Just want her to be empowered and confident, not scared, i don't know what else to do...

miggy 5 years ago

i am only 15 and i have had bad bad experiences with shadow people...

il start by sayin about my dads place, since he moved into this house atleast 4-5 years ago, i have had trouble sleepin in my room downstair... i only sleep down there when my brother is there cause we share a huge room but he doesnt go there more than once a month and i spend evry weekend there, starting only last year i kept seeing shadow people, i used to sneak out alot and come back stoned and at those times it never bother me, i would just pass out in my bed, but up until 1 month ago i was sleeping upstairs on the 17 year old loung he has wich isnt comfy... hell i DIDNT EVER go downstairs because i would see large shadow people at the foot of my bed staring at me all night. not only shadow people. dark orbs floating in the middle of the room, cluuds of darkness darker then the night were visible in pitch black, floating through the room, and this one corner of the room was the worst, just near the foot of my bed, even with the lights on it looked like there was a shadow hangingover it... i had a one of my mothers freinds called adele downing in australia (one of the best phycics in australia) said there were spirits in the house, i had to get a american phcycic mate of mine to do something on the house before i could actualy sleep down there... and now abnout my mothers house, it wasnt ever bad at her house.. all of my family has ahd a sixth sense for this stuff, even i do.. there wasnt much bad about her house, but nearly evryday at some point, when im on my computer.. a shadow will just fall over me, it really creeps me out. a week before christmas, i was laying in my bed looking up at the roof... and a pair of hand shot down from the ceiling and grabbed at my face... i shot up crying, i aint a cryer and have a high tolerance for pain and fear.. and this made me ball my eyes out for hours, and just yesterdy i was on 4chan and facebook, whe i saw the shadow fall over me, i turned around but it went, i looked back at my coputer and it fell over me again.. and i felt something i had never felt before from this person, FEAR... i could feel it watching over me, it felt like it was going to strangle me... infact as i right these last words... it behind me right now, looking at me as i type

CENTURION2501 profile image

CENTURION2501 5 years ago

@Dan; That's all well & good when you experience something from the 'comfort' of your bed, but no amount of logic can explain it whilst fully awake walking your dog of an evening. Science, nor Wiki I'm afraid can explain everything away in nice neat little explanations, one thing I learned to trust in the Infantry was my instinct (often called our 6th sense), even our instructors taught us to listen to it and trust it. And in doing so I saw evidence that this works, IE: those of us who followed this training lived and kept all our limbs. Let me just say when I am alone walking my dog in the woods at night and my instinct tells me there is something "wrong" I believe it. my peripheral vision is excellent, so when I see shadowy man size figures, I know they are there, this is further confirmed by my dogs behavior.

Further more I hadn't spoke to anyone of these sightings, so when my young nephew accompanied me one night and He saw them, well I'd say that confirmed it, for me at least. At His prompting we searched the internet and came upon this site and at first I was real happy, because I/we were not alone in seeing these things, but then you start thinking 'Christ, so many people see them', well that's just scary.

I'm no nut job, but I do believe there Is something after death. Like most soldiers exposed to too much death especially of close friends, you develop a "dark sense of humor" and blase attitude, this helps you to cope with the situation. On one particular operational posting, after loosing our mate Dave we did a Ouija board. After several weird, but interesting conversations a spirit claimed to be 'Dave' came through, but the thing we all had our fingers on was going mad in circles and stuff, miss spelling words and so on. Well one of the lads said f**k me Dave are you pi**ed, it flew to the yes. Gob smacked we then asked him what on and He said JD & Newcastle Brown, I should point out that none of us had been allowed to return to The UK for his funeral, because of operational deployment and man power shortages. Nothing was said about this for ages until over drinks in the NAAFI one night when one of us mentioned what had happened on the Ouija board, to Dave's best mate, The platoon's Bugler, also called Dave. Being childhood friends with close family bonds He had gone to the funeral and to our shocked group He said that He'd put a bottle of Jack Daniel's and four bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale in the coffin. I think He was as surprised as us because He said no one except the Priest knew, and He'd almost had to threaten Him to do it.

So do I believe in spirits, ghosts etc? Without a shadow of doubt. Let me just say we did keep up with Dave and then others, but there came a point when it became too much and we couldn't 'handle it' any more. We had to concentrate on the living and staying alive.

Dan 5 years ago

Seen a Shadow Person when i was 17...i presumed it was this..."Hypnagogia (also known as "waking-sleep"), a physiological condition in which one is partially between sleep and full consciousness, could also account for such perceptions.[4][improper synthesis?] During hypnagogia, one can be conscious and aware of their environment, but also in a dream-like state where they can perceive images from their subconscious. People experiencing hypnagogia commonly report seeing shadows moving around them, as well as other visual hallucinations and even a (subtle or powerful) feeling of dread." Wiki

5 years ago

Maybe you're right, I have thought that too, and it does get a lot harder knowing that some people think you are being silly just because they do not believe in this stuff. I think what happens can sometimes be beautiful in its own way (until its unexpected) and if the spirit world is getting closer, then maybe the people who do not believe in it.. need to start because when or if the spirit world comes into ours, they will get a shock of a lifetime. Like myself and others who believe we will been accustomed to small amounts as a lot of us have grown up around them, even without realising it...


Lynnette Coles 5 years ago


Maybe you're right, I have thought that too, and it does get a lot harder knowing that some people think you are being silly just because they do not believe in this stuff. I think what happens can sometimes be beautiful in its own way (until its unexpected) and if the spirit world is getting closer, then maybe the people who do not believe in it.. need to start because when or if the spirit world comes into ours, they will get a shock of a lifetime. Like myself and others who believe we will been accustomed to small amounts as a lot of us have grown up around them, even without realising it...


CENTURION2501 profile image

CENTURION2501 5 years ago

Can I pose a serious question? some of you may be sensitive, others like me, who over the course of their lives have become accustomed to "strange" things and of course people who are only just starting to encounter shadow Ghosts ( I use the word ghost because for me I get the feeling that the ones I see have never been born or lived as people.). Anyway my question is this: Does it seem to you (all) that there are more apparitions, happening more frequently than ever before. Especially of the negative type (bad) Shadow Ghosts, Daemons etc? I meet people I have known for years, stalwart types, openly talking about something they've recently seen, or experienced and these people are the types who I know would never admit to believing in Ghosts and such, yet here they are... And coupled with my own experience, I got to thinking what the hell is going on...Is there something to this Dec 21/2012 thing and the spirit world is getting closer to ours because of..Well I just don't know what to think, or believe, but the visitations and apparitions do seem to be increasing, please let me know what you think. Maybe I'm just going mad and becoming paranoid. Who knows.

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laura fdz 5 years ago from Dallas, TX

said that his did it too even after he unplugs it! Supposedly those apartments where build over some burial grounds.. they say they only removed the tombstones but not the bodies.. I no longer live at those apartments so I don't see that kinda stuff anymore..

But on another note.. my husband told me something creepy the other day.. he said he was at work looking down and then out of the corner of his eye he saw something in front of him so he looked up and he said that someone was standing in front of him.. whatever it was it was standing right next to.another coworker of his a few feet away from my.husband but looking straight at him and he was tall.. he says he never saw a face bc the person was wearing a long black robe and had the hood over his face.. he says he turned around to see if anyone else was looking at it but it seemed like he was da only one that could see it.. that was really scary to hear for me bc that same day when I was at work all day I kept turning to my left bc I constantly saw someone standing a few feet away from me.. I could see it from the corner of my eye but everytime I'd turn around it was gone..

Lynnette Coles 5 years ago

Hi, I have never experienced anything "paranormal" before until last week. It scared the hell out of me! I was getting ready for bed and was arguing with my boyfriend over the phone, when I stopped suddenly. The atmosphere in the room had changed. It seemed to of got colder. A lot colder, and I could feel eyes on me. My boyfriend was yelling down the phone at me asking me why I was ignoring him, I couldn't tell him what was going on... I just begged him to come round my Flat. I've been living there 5 months now and nothing like this has happened before. I then saw something move in the top corner of my room. Like a shadow. Wasn't human form either. I am not really sure what it was, but it was crouching pinning itself to the ceiling. I ran and switched on the bedroom Light... It was gone but a hissing came from the corner. I climbed into bed and switched out the light.. there it was again but this time nearer the bed. My boyfriend rang me again asking me whats going on... I just said i cant tell you till you get here. He ran from his at 4am which usually takes half hour took him 10. He doesnt believe in anything like this but came and made sure i was okay... I really wasnt, as soon as he got to mine i was rigid and crying.. he just rapped me in his arms and told me nothing was there, but i could still see the "figure" over his shoulder.. I had to hide my face in his chest while i tried to sleep.

Since that day I sleep with the light on and have someone with me. All I know was my flat had once belonged to an elderly person, all the flats in the building did, and this wasnt the first "paranormal" thing to happen, in a friends flat her keys flew off her worktop, in another her bedroom door was always open in the morning. she had to sleep with it closed. I do not know what is going on here, but its really scaring me, it's my first flat and I'm usually there alone. My mother believes in all this stuff and does ouijia boards herself and believes i just have a visitor. To be honest, I dont know what it is, but I would really like it to leave. Or i may have to ask my housing officers to put me in a new flat.

If anyone has anything that they think may help me... please email me tango_babez@hotmail.co.uk or send me a message on 07880846540..Is this my imagination playing tricks, or is my flat really haunted? Xx

Clarissa Owen 5 years ago

last night i had another incounter.!!! it was about 1:00am and i heard a little child in my room crying when i shut my laptop and looked up i saw a dark figure in the corner sittin on my cats little play tunnel. I looked for a couple of seconds and it made a hissing noise and disappeared! what the hell should i do?

Robert 5 years ago

I've been seeing things more and more lately, firstly it started with the odd shadow in the corner of my eye, and every time you turn to get a proper look, its gone.

A few months back i recently heard that where i work, before it was there, it used to be another retail shop and that someone died there, not sure how though.

Now a lot of times at work even in the brightness of the lights i see shadows in the corners of my eyes, sometimes just heads, or sometimes full bodied ones, then when looked at, disappear.

At one time i saw a full face, an aged man's face with a beard within a cage that i suddenly looked at, that really freaked me out.

Another time i was walking to our lift and i suddenly got my ponytail pulled on and my head lurched backwards quickly, a workmate was looking at me at the time and said, what was that, i commented saying, felt like someone pulled my ponytail, at that moment turning around expecting to see another member of staff playing around, but no one was there, that was freaky.

Today when in the toilets, i thought i saw a tall women in a long white dress with thrilly bits all through the dress, in the corner of my eye, dont know how i saw all the detail but when i looked there were nothing there and nothing that could create such an image, that was baffling.

The Biggest thing is though, My nan recently died and she took part in the dickens festival, she wore a long white wedding dress with thrilly bits over it, The worrying thing is, that's who i thought i saw, but it was quite scary to see her lol

Many thanks

Clarissa Owen 5 years ago

today i was at my grandma and pappas house and i saw a shadowy figure looking at me through the blinds in the attick. After i heard a noise like someone was running and i saw noone and then the sound of a little girl screaming and crying. its continued on the rest of the night and it wont go away its off and on i keep hearing it. first its screams then a quiet crying. no matter what i do it wont stop. if anyone knows how to stop it let me know. my email is chocolattelover_08@yahoo.com

Paranormal Researcher 5 years ago


I have read through your story and would suggest you share your experience with an open minded friend, as they will be better able to support you. Right now your just trying to protect your self from the unknown, so my next suggestion would be to contact a local paranormal group to help you investigate your situation better. In the meantime you may want to run a video recorder in your child's room to monitor for any activity.

If you would like some spiritual protection in the meantime, you may want to visit your local priest with your child and have pray or blessing done. You can also do this yourself in your home by burning sage or incense while citing Saint Michael's pray.


Tracy 5 years ago

I've seen them several times before today, but only out of the corner of my eye so I thought my mind must simply be playing tricks on me. But today I was cleaning in my dining room and saw a black shadowed shape running across the from. It was only a few steps, and then the shape disappeared. I didn't feel fear or anxiety or anything like I thought I would and I'm sure of what I saw.

However, about 10 mins later while in another room, I suddenly was overcome with a sudden feeling of fear- my stomach dropped like the sensation of being on a roller-coaster and the hair on my arms stood up! I didn't "see" anything but am thinking the two experiences might be related.

Kay 5 years ago

There are many theories about these people. From being eye tricks to confided souls to even demons that follow certain people to remind you of something you have done or trying to embrace your very soul. Personally I always see the same one it follows me everywhere I go. It has even takin the time to find my brother and visit him. And from my research and the steps it has takin I'm convinced mine is a demon coming after me. I'm not religious at all but I've taken the time to talk to many different religious leaders and the first thing they've all said it was after I explained it they've claimed it also to be A demon. I recommend that you and your family do more research to find out what this is.

Ryan 5 years ago

When I was about 5 or 6 years old I had some recurring nightmares that often bothered me. After one of the nightmares I woke up and saw a spirit sitting on the foot of my bed. His legs were off to the side and his head was facing my way. I can't remember what he was wearing; he was dark and shadowy and mostly I just stared into his face. He wasn't terribly scary or nasty looking, but he seemed really surprised that I could see him. I felt like he said, "He can see.." He then flashed me a wicked little smile and vanished like smoke.

I had two impressions from seeing him, one was that he was causing my dreams. The second was that he was running off to tell on me.

Since that time I've seen a few other spirits, some terrifyingly evil with a desire to kill me, and some just looking lost and confused. I used to see them when I was focused on seeing the paranormal, but since I've grown up I don't haven't seen anything like that in years. One wise man told me "you find what you're looking for." So I stopped looking for those kinds of experiences (mostly because they were scary and negative.)

One thing I did learn that can help some people here is that the scary spirits can be ordered to leave you alone in the name of Jesus Christ. Also you can pray them away but it sometimes takes a lot of praying. If your house is haunted then that typically means someone has invited an evil spirit into your home (like with an Ouiji board.) To get rid of it you need to dedicate your home to Jesus Christ (say a prayer to Heavenly Father asking to dedicate your home to the Lord.)

Maria 5 years ago

So let me first start off by saying thank you for your time in reading my story. Shadow people the past few days have been intriguing me since I recently had an encounter with one. I am a 23 yr old man with a 3 yr old son. We live in a home that no one has ever died in and my in laws built ourselves about 13 yrs ago. On new years it was around 4 am and I was just getting settled in bed and asleep when my son was laughin because he had woke and and was carrying on laying there. I had tried dozing off as i was quite tired and for some bizarre reason i has opened my eyes and when i did i saw a tall dark shadow standing beside my bed. i could not make it out as it had no face but i did not see any other characteristics about it. i starred at it for a good minute and it took its hand and it has definition of fingers and a hand and ran it across the top of the arm. as it brushed me it was cold but gentle. it scared the living bejesus out of me and i was so frightened to move. my son still laughin at the time. i got up enough engery as one of the posters on the wall fell off in the noise notion of it being peeled away from the tape. i grabbed my phone and placed the light on the shadow and it was gone. i woke my husband up freaking out, as hes sleeping. i say honey wake up and i told him what i saw and i showed him my arm and you could see all the hair standing straight up where it had touched me. I really dont think he believed me cuz he just went right back to sleep and my in laws just think im looney. well its the 16th now and yesterday my husband was giving my son a bath when he pointed to the corner of the room saying thats him, hes real and hes the rope man. i dont necessarily know what rope man is since he is 3 but i showed him pictures online and we can across the hat man and he said thats him, hes real and he told mommy. i was like what? because my son calls me and his gma mommy. he says hes tall and my sons raises his hands up to tell us. im just so stumped by this and concerned because i dont know why nor what to think at the same time. Im also frightened because it touched me. is this supposed to mean something? I talked to someone today on the phone from a place called mystic moon in virginia and he told me about the past few years these things have become a regular siting for people and they just dont know what they are or why we see them. something about them wanting you to recognize them and know their there. You know for years i thought i was nuts when i would drive home and swear id see dark images of people on the roads or those things during the day u thought u saw then would disappear. the man said that if i was a sensitive child and saw things as a kid then my son is probably like i was and is seein them too. I called my mom and she told me and my inlaws of things that i did as a kid that i do not remember, but my mom said that when i was about my sons age she had taken me to a shrink because i was seeing things so regualarly and i assume that i was scaring her. i told her that i saw things in the wall and one day i was sleeping with her and i started banging on the wall that something was going to hurt us. all these things i do not remember but i remember being scared of my play room and thinkin that an evil witch or lady was in there and at night i remember talkin to her then runnin as fast as i could to get out of that part of the house, because thats where the dark was and the bathroom. it was a rather creepy house. i still have nightmares about it to this day. but im scared of these things. the man at mystic said that if my son is seeing these things it can trigger my childhood sensory and cause me to start seeing things too. what is this thing i am seeing. let me also take one more sec to state that we also just moved from a creepy rental home in another town. first few days living there we were putting my sons room together my brother in law and husband and both of them without knowing each other saw it said that they saw something that they had thought was my son standing behind them, but theyd turn around and it was gone and my son was in the other room perfectly content. my son was oober terrified of his room and never wanted to sleep in it or be in it or anything by himself. this part of the house always had an eerie vibe to it and one day we had his train going and we turned to look at it and the end of the train had become disconnected and suddenly attached to the front like it had been redone. it was the creepiest thing ever. theres no way it did it on its own. and in the house at night laying in bed with my son, id see a black figure tall and in the light shining through the curtain like it would move and block the light then move and show the light again. it was so weird and i would just stare at it. IM SCARED maybe it followed us here, and what if it has some attachment to my son. what is going on?

CENTURION2501 profile image

CENTURION2501 5 years ago

@lonewolf, yeah that's how it feels to me too. do you get what feels like pressure build up in your head too, that increases with the feeling they're getting closer. it feels something like standing on the rail-track with your back to an oncoming train, your whole body n mind senses it, but there's no sight, or sound to confirm it.

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ElleAvocado 5 years ago

I've had two shadow THINGS following me since I was a kid. There are two facts I know about for sure. The first is that they cannot hurt me when I'm awake just as I cannot hurt them. The second is that they are most definitely not friendly.

I grew up in a small town in New Mexico (I live in Montana now) and always assumed that the female-like one (it's not quite human, it has elongated limbs and neck and usually a blank face) was just the imagination of a child who heard the story of La Llorona too many times since the first time I saw her was by a ditch a short distance from the river.

The male one, I've seen from a distance, but it has never gotten close to me. It just watches, and I see it out of the corner of my eye. If I'm quick enough I can stare right at its red eyes and it can't seem to move until I look away. I can't seem to describe it any better than more demon than man, but a shadow nonetheless.

I've seen both in my dreams. I've always had very abnormal dreams of various natures.

The first dream I had of one of them, it was the female one. I went through a hidden door and traveled down a long stairwell. I came to the bottom of the stairs into a large room, and saw her standing over about four or five of my unconscious friends. I jumped on her and strangled her and my friends woke up and ran into the next room. I followed right after them while the thing was stunned. The next room was one that is frequently in my dreams. It's a room full of dark table-type furniture, including a bar. And each surface is topped with a green stained glass lamp. No matter what dream I'm having, if I end up in that room, the green balances me and I know I'm safe.

Recently, a friend described to me some shadows she'd been seeing, that had been haunting and attacking her. Her soon to be father in law thought she'd been cutting herself, but she swears it was one of the shadow things. A few times she'd gone swimming and she felt something try to pull her under the water. Once, she described as the female one, and that it had my face. She said she'd been told that they were going after her to get at me.

The second dream, I was watching a man I'd fallen in love with from a distance as he was sitting watching something I couldn't see from where I was. Then the male shadow thing crept up and was watching him trying to figure a way to get to him. By this point it had already been attacking my friend and I was angry and desperate for a way to make it stop, so I tried attacking it. It saw me at the last second and ran, and hasn't been in my dreams since. And it has left both people alone.

But tonight, for the first time in a month, I feel like one of them is watching me again. They won't come in my house, but I've caught them at my window on more than one occasion. I've avoided looking out the windows, too.

Also, for a while there was a third shadow being. This one I think was a person. It was at my old apartment, and everyone who was there said they always saw the shadow of a person wandering from the second bedroom down the hall to the bathroom. Sometimes I saw it linger in the second bedroom. Anyone that slept in there had night terrors. Oddly enough, I think the dreams were only a byproduct of its presence, since it seemed to be otherwise peaceful and I never seemed to get the same feeling from it as I do from the ones that follow me.

Andrea 5 years ago

I used to live in an apt in Corinth, TX which is only a few min from Dallas. Strange things happened in that apt and a shadow person was witnessed. I had a roommate and her boyfriend would stay over often. They both claimed a dark shadow would dart in and out of my kitchen. I was also seeing someone at the time and we would both wake up to the tv in my room coming on by itself. It would always happen around the same time a little after 3am in the morning. I then unplugged the tv before I went to bed and the stereo in my living room would come on! Also, a few times there were battery operated toys in my son's room that would make noise and come on by themselves in the middle of the night. My boyfriend would smoke his cigarettes outside and one night he couldn't sleep and woke me up to tell me that he was going outside to smoke. A few minutes later I was starting to drift off back to sleep and I thought he had come back in because I felt a presence walk into the bedroom and felt it standing next to my bed. I still had my eyes closed but was wondering why he wasn't saying anything. Then I heard the door close and my boyfriend walked into the bedroom and he suddenly jumped and yelled "Oh my God"!! I sat up and asked what was wrong. He said there was a dark shadow that was the figure of a man and it was standing next to me by the bed. I wasn't afraid because I didn't feel that it wanted to harm me. A couple of weeks later, I was watching a sad movie and a girl's parent died. It made me think of the loss of my Mother and I started crying. My left arm was propped on the back of the sofa and when I was crying I felt something ice cold, like the feeling of dry ice touch the top of my hand. It was freezing cold! So cold that I started rubbing my hand to warm it up again. I also heard rumors that someone died in my apt but unsure if it was true or not. I moved out a few months later when my lease expired but only so I could live closer to family.

Billie 5 years ago

My fiance told me once of 2 seperate encounters he had, the first when he was home alone, he was on his computer in the living room and saw a shadow walk by, and felt a malevolent presence. He kept a gun with him the entire day after that. My brave knight! (not) :P

The second sighting was in the middle of the night, he woke to find a silhouette standing in his doorway that looked oddly just like his dad (it's easy to tell because his dad has a bad hip and stands cock-eyed). He didn't feel any malevolence from that one, and adressed it thinking it was his dad, then it disappeared.

He's also seen what he calls Shadowcat, a domestic feline version of the shadow people. I've also seen animals like this.

haris 5 years ago

when i was a kid can't remember how old when i was in bed in the night i opened my eyes and saw a shadow walking towards me. when i closed my eyes it vanished. when i opened it continued walking towards me. one night i stared at it while it was over me and then i think it came into my body and i think i had this weird nightmare and then it stopped. Freaky wondering whether it possessed me or something. i thought of googling it to find out what it was and found this. wonder if similar thing happened to anyone else.

Becca 5 years ago


Hey. I've seen one shadow person before. It was very tall, very thin and only appear for several seconds. I tried to ignore it but the energy was very negative and I actually had to leave the house in the middle of the night and go to my at-the-time boyfriend's. My family has also had experiences with shadow people, both negative. I'm writing because I have a question if anyone knows what this means or has experienced anything similar: my boyfriend and i were just napping and he woke me up saying someone just took a picture of him. there isn't a camera in the apartment and no one in the apartment was anywhere near the door, which was left about a foot open. he said he saw a very tall thin person at the door but couldn't make anything out about it, it was a dark figure and he didn't see the face. he opened his eyes from his nap because he heard someone shuffling around by the door and messing with camera buttons. he opened his eyes and saw the figure for a second then there was a bright flash as it took a picture of him/us then it walked away down the hallway. he said he's sure he was 100% awake and definitely saw it. he's the last person to say anything paranormal exists. does anyone have any idea what this could mean or why it would have happened? Thanks!

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LoneWolf23 5 years ago

Im 20 years old and ive been seeing these shadow people for plenty of years ..some run by me,some watch me from afar ..recently i heard a knock on my door it stopped, a min later again n it repeated for a bit i look out the window nobody n right when i turn around to go back to the room i heard it again i open the door n look outside n the black shadow was futher down by some trees looked at me n it felt like we made eye contact n it dissappered ..i walked home from a friends house n under the light it stood n as i got closer it got closer to me so i ran to it n it dissappered into the dark i got to the light n nothing. I walk by forest like areas n it feels like alot are lookin at me n i stop look into the trees n it feels like there staring back n as i look away it feels like a 1000 bisons are running by me.. anyone have a similar experience ?

Emma 5 years ago

I have seen a Shadow Person the last two nights in a row. Prior to this I saw them a couple of times in my life.

This latest one is a large man and he stands by the bed. He does not seem to mean harm but I was briefly scared last night when I woke up and was startled that he was there again.

I have also seem one at my old office which also seemed male, and a female around 6 years ago shortly after my grandmother died. That one in particular had a very comforting presence.

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myexperienceisrel 5 years ago

From my experience, I believe that the dark shawdows are spirits of those persons who are about to past on or they are the indicator of death in some since. In my experience they did not seem aggressive at all and I was scared simply because it was something out of the norm. Not because the shadow touched me or did anything to me. I was 12 years old my sister and I shared a room. I was getting ready for bed. My older sister had already went to sleep and I was preparing myself. I had a rosary that this lady was passing out on the street. I am a Christian not Catholic so, I still took it because it showed Jesus on the cross.

As I went to go to bed I kneeled down and said my prayers and got up and took the rosary that was laying on dresser and hung it on my closet door. I laid in my twin sized bed and faced the wall, when I turn my body around to try and get comfortable there was a dark shadow standing next to my bed not even 2 feet away. I know there was no glares from light and no optical illusion because there was no light on. It was completely dark, however I was able to see this figure. It may sound odd to some, but I am almost 31 years old and I can recall it like it occured yesterday. This shadow figure appeared to have a face and limbs like human however, I could not see the details of those parts.

I was very scared and hid under the cover because I thought that it would leave. When I peeked out the cover it was still there. I was so scared, that I begin to call on the name of Jesus. When I looked out it wasnt standing on the side anymore. However, when I sat up it was at the foot of my bed and it was just looking toward me. I instantly went back under the covers and begin to shiver and I thought, please God give me the strength to get up and run. I did get up and ran across the room and got in the bed with my sister and tried to wake her up. She sat up and saw it and laid back down and went back to sleep. All, I could think was this thing is going to get me. I ran downstairs and laid in the bed with my mom and all the time thinking that figure was going to come and get me. I woke up the next morning and tried to tell my mom, and I just broke down crying and shaking. My mom looked at me weird, then my sister came down and told my mom she saw the shadow too, but went back to sleep.

I know that the shadow didnt mean me any harm, because it did not try to harm me. But shortly after that encounter, my friend past away suddenly from his heart stopping while playing football. Come to find out he had an heart problem where his heart was stopping periodically throughtout his life. It took a toll on his 13 year old body that it just stopped. Every since that experience I have dreams that come true in a metaphorically sense,I see things about people that they don't tell me and have DeJavue allot. I don't understand all there is about the spirit life but I thank God for all his wisdom he gives to those that are in search of the truth.

Schmuck 5 years ago

I am not a religious person nor do I know to much about traditional christian religion but I have found out one thing how to make shadow people leave instantly. If you start praying when you want them to leave they will leave right away cause your praying attracts the attention of something that they don't to be noticed by and its not god and angels (or at least not what we think to be god and angels). I don't know if it has to be actually prayers or if you can just be trying to talk to god. I also don't know if you can just think it or actually try to speak the words. I would try speaking a real prayer first but I think all of the above will work.

Phil 5 years ago

i have seen many shadow people. More now that i feel i have a little "gift." when i was younger my brother and i shared the same room, pushed pur beds together and slept like that, i can remember many nights i would wake up and people would be standing in the doorway, different people. Women, men, little children..i would wave thinking it was my parents or brother and go back to bed. I now have come to realize, after my last encounter, that these have been shadow people. Another time, my father and i were walking in taret, when suddenly i stopped abruptly. I was startled and he asked what was wrong, i told him i just ran into that person, when i looked around, no one was there. I spoke to my aunt about this and my cousin had encounters with shadow people too. Now tonight, i was driving home from theater when out of the corner of my eye i saw someone walking, i was at a red light so i thought of watching it to pas the time. I looked at it and it walked for 2 seconds before it dissapeared. From the knee (had no feet) up, into the air it vanished, i told my mom but no one will believe me. I wish people could see what i saw, and i know for sure this was no eye trick. I am 14 and these people interest me and scare me now after that...is there anyway to see more or stop it?

chantelle purdy {ohare shortland} 5 years ago

i have been seeing a big sking thing in the dark and it a man whan i go to my dads hosue i sleep in the dark afer night he gets in to my bed a fuch.now i am aferd of the dark it sarted when i was 8 now i am 16 i am stell seeing him whan i go to my dads house i live in IN i have no cule no more 1 of my frinds said you are been a dick i talled here than she at this wab a said o my fucking lord cirse i said i seen him a going now in my house so pleaz help meXD:(

sam 5 years ago

My little sisters were going to bed for school, and everytime my mom would go to leave the room there lamp would go on and off...so my mom thought they were playing. So finaly mom went in there to tell them to go to sleep and she saw that there lamp was unplugged. A little later my little sister said that she saw a dark man sitting on the end of the bed.

Allan Centurion 5 years ago

As an after comment the woods are man made, created on the site of a former open cast mine less than a hundred years ago. So ground level is not the same as it was during the mining,or prior to that either the mining hole was back filled with spoil and rubble. no serious loss of life has ever occurred in this area, even at the mine. Wood End Warwickshire UK

Allan Centurion 5 years ago

I cant believe it..I'm not crazy! so many others see them, I was beginning to think I had psychosis, I already suffer from PTSD and anxiety attacks from the time I spent in the infantry. Before the onset of my illness I used to walk my dog twice a day in the woods, but as time went by life got hectic and I was only able to walk at night. At first I would notice an absence of sound, which was unusual as there is a major motorway within a couple of miles. I'd get a high pitch whining noise in my ears and my heckles would rise,even my dog felt it, and he's not scared of much being a ten + stone Rottie. Sometimes that would be it,other nights the noise would increase in pitch so bad I would freeze on the spot, my heart pounding and my senses on overload. About that time I started seeing Shadows of people? leaning out from behind trees etc, but when you look directly at them they hide,but almost intentionally slowly, as if too say yeah that's right you really did see me. Now me and my dog are highly tuned to each other,we're almost one entity, so I thought my fear might be affecting him and making him cower against my legs and I have no fear of the dark or walking in the woods without a torch,both are familiar to me from my time in the army. But this was something else, it didn't and doesn't stop me from going out every night, I kind of put it down to seeing so much of death and paranoia,over time I have become accustomed to seeing these undefined shadowy figures,but I haven't lost the fear they provoke and a sense of them waiting for me, to claim my soul. I get the feeling from them that they're just there to remind me my soul is damned and my time 'here' is finite. One night exiting the woods on a narrow lane a very large shadow passed me with a freezing gust of wind, it even seemed to suck the moons light away as it passed and cast a sort of shadow about the size of a school bus for about a hundred yards and just dissapeared. that only happened once though. The shadow people come and go, for about 3 years now. They don't 'feel' like they were ever human, in comparison to ghosts etc. Tonight my young nephew saw one and it really shook him up, I suppose in a way I have become accustomed to them, but he was really affected and suggested looking them up on the internet. My God what a relief to know it's not just me, or me subliminally affecting my dog,or my nephew. the photo of the shadows by the tree got me,although it's probably a Photoshop one, it's so similar, the difference being no features and no sharp edges, also they are more like an absence of light than a shadow,so hard to explain. I don't think I've ever noticed legs either, it's like they are emerging out of whatever they are next to. Thank you for giving me a place to share this, I haven't really told anyone for fear of ridicule. Maybe I'm not going mad after all!

Leslie n once again 5 years ago

Sometimes I see shadow lady in my closet lately she comes and gos nut only at night

Ps I believe she has left 4ever this time

Matt in Texas 5 years ago

Okay, so, I have to get something off my chest. A couple of nights ago I was leaving a park that I go hiking in and experienced something very strange: By the time I finished my hike and made my way to my car, it was dark outside. There were no parking lot lights anywhere in the park or any street lights on this particular street. I got in my car and backed up to leave. I exited the parking lot driving north. On either side of the road was a forest of trees with intertwined hiking trails. As I'm driving down the road, I see on the right hand side, this black figure walking inbetween the road and the forest. I thought it was strange that someone was walking down along the road because I know I was the only person out there when I started my hike. As I get closer to this black figure I can make out that he has large brimmed hat on, a long black coat and black pants. I pass this black figure and look back in my mirror with confusion. As I'm driving I am asking myself what is that? I immediatley start thinking to myself how i didn't notice a face or hands and just how black this figure was. I mean, it was very dark outside. Especially without any street lights. This black figure was much darker, much blacker than the dark night. It was so dark black that it popped out against the darkness of the night. I was so baffled at what I had just saw that I had to stop my car and turn around. So I turn around and am now driving south on the road when I come up on this massivley dark figure again walking in the same direction with the same likeness I described before. Except this time I see an orangy-reddish color where the face is located. Don't get me wrong. There were no facial features to this figure at all. So at this point I am confused and bewildered at what I am experiencing. For the second time, I stop my car and turn around again driving north so I can actually leave this time. I drive down the road and look over on the side of the road for this dark black figure, but it's gone. It is no where to be seen.

Travis 5 years ago

Hi there,i was 12or 13and was at a boarding school in zimbabwe,we stayed in a hostel in our years that we were in.we slept on captains beds and i woke up to see black shadows climbing up and down the ladders of all of the others beds except mine,i got down off my bed and they disapeared,i went and washed my face and as soon as i got back on my bed they appeared again.this happened more than 15yrs ago And my eyes still water wheb i think of it,i know i wasnt dreaming becos i washed my face and when our matron came in i was screaming and my hands and face were still wet from where i washed my face,has anyone had this too??

Dean 5 years ago

I too have a story and find it very difficult to explain it. This site is the closest forum to tell it so I shall do my best. I am a white male 43yrs old and live in Australia. I am of sound mind and just another ordinary citizen. I do believe in a higher being and come from a good stable family background. My experience is a little different to most, as my shadow touched & spoke to me.

During my early teens, I sensed that I had something special & to this day, I still do not fully understand what that something is or was. I remember like yesterday, as I would say good nite to mum & Dad then jump into my bed. Wriggle around to get comfortable etc and just lay there for a while then it would happen to me.

I would get this sensation like pins and needles throughout my body and ringing in my ears. During this I would experience a form of meditation where I would float above my bed. It was not an outer body experience as I was still in my body, however it was like all time had stopped. My room and belongings were still there but apart from the ringing in my ears everything seemed very quite. During this, I sensed that there was a limit to how far I could push it so I was very content to just float above my bed. I had no control to bring it on, it would just happen at random & after several years of this happing I got use to it.

At the age of 20yrs I started a career as a Prison Officer and had rented my own little 2 bedroom bachelor’s pad in suburbia. One night my girlfriend & I were in bed and as normal I had trouble trying to sleep. I looked over at Pam and she was sound asleep.

As I laid their, this thing happened again but this time there was a loud pop in my ears.

A shadow of the average sized male appeared, he grabbed my right arm above my elbow as I laid there and he said “Dean, Dean, wake up wake up. You have to come with me, hurry up”. I sat upright on my bed with my feet on the carpet floor, I felt very tired. The Shadow again grabbed me this time by both arms and pulled me to my feet, he again said “Dean, come on we have to go”, the voice was so familiar to me but I can’t recognise who it belongs too.

As I stood there I said “ok, ok I am coming”, I remember as I walked up the hall way the toilet was on my right and I said “hang on, I need to have a piss”, I flicked the light switch on but there was no light, I remember through the toilet window I could see the buildings across the road with their light on. At this time I thought something is not right here.

This shadow then grabbed me by my left arm and lead me up the hall way all the time hurrying me and saying “come on Dean, we have to go now”. At the end of the hallway I stopped and just stood there, the shadow was still hurrying me but I just stood there and I looked over to my right at the sliding class doors that led out to my patio and I saw the door was opened and I could see a man very clearly standing in the door way smoking a cigarette, he was not a shadow. I remember seeing & hearing a car drive by as I could see the street with the class door open and I could also see the wind gently blowing my curtains. This all felt so wrong, I said loud and over and over “I’m not going, I’m not going”, then there was a loud pop noise. I was back in my bed. I ran to the bathroom and flicked the light on & it worked, I then ran out to the lounge room and saw my class doors were fully closed and locked. Even the long piece of timber dowelling was still in the door tracks and the curtains were closed.

That seemed to be the last time I experienced that, however a few years later my wife and I were in bed just talking when I heard a voice say “get out”. It was loud and deep. It frightened me, I said to the wife did you hear that and she said “no”.

I have told my mother this story as it was happening and also my Pastor who was not helpful at all. My mother told me that when I go to bed at night, I am to picture a white cross (crucifix) at each corner of my bed and one directly over me then say a little pray. Since I have done this it all has stopped. I know this sounds like perhaps it was a dream etc, but I know it was real. It was very real. To this day I do not understand what this shadow wanted of me. This shadow did not have eyes, he was pitch black from head to toe but his voice was a male and sounded so familiar. If you have had a similar experience or know what this was, I would be very grateful to hear from you.

I have also seen my dead Grandmother who visited me one night and I had the smell of her perfume in my car for weeks.

What does all this mean?

Kind Regards Dean.

Schmuck 5 years ago

I am doing a different kind of research on shadow people and everyone on here can help me if you just use your name you posted on here with, when you posted and your complete ethnic background information. For example my mother is italian and spanish, my father is english and irish that makes me a quarter of each. When I am done with my research I will share my info with anyone that wants it at dby8475@hotmail.com

rocio avila :( 5 years ago

okay so one day i was in my house alone and i heard comeing from my kitchen so i went to look and i saw a little boy looking at me. when i saw him i was shocked and i felt frozen and took move at all. i was crying and he just looked at me n laughed. after i regained movement i ran to my room. the little ghost boy chased me all the way. i closed the door and he stood outside my door. i grabed my virgan mary and begain to pray. the little stood outside my door laughing. after i finished praying it left. THIS IS NOT A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............................. :(

Jactancy 5 years ago

I came onto this website because last night was the worst night of my life. I was in bed all night and there was no one in the room all night. But there was. I was lying facing the wall, I didn't dare turn around because I felt like there was people, not one person, but people standing there waching me. I finally had the courage to turn around and... I swear there were about 20 shadow people standing there. I caught them for a second then turned on the light and there was no one there. Now everytime I come into my bedroom, everytime I look at a shadow, it looks to me like it's growing or something and it's freaking me out :/

Lara 5 years ago

To my earlier comment the figure I saw appeared to be solid like a human...

Lara 5 years ago

I think I have seen a shadow person before. I am currently staying in Ely with my grandparents, And last night I woke up and saw a man in a coat standing next to my bed. I couldn't see any features on him, he was all black. I saw him for a second before he came at me, instinctively I put my hand out to stop him but as he go to my hand he had disappeared.

Duane Williams 5 years ago

When TAPS did Waverly Hills, they talked about a shadow person called the creeper, and while they never saw it, I did...while they are doing the interview with the red head, the camera looks down a long hallway, then back to the woman, then to some writing on a wall, then down a hallway, the shadow person comes out of the left wall, crosses the doorway, I paused it there, and noticed it was inside the building, and I could see the frame of the doorway and window through the being, then it goes into the wall on the right side...there were only about two frames of it, as it moves very fast!!..Great find, and I want to see it again so I can draw it...it wears a rocker bottom type cloak!

Hannah Abbott 5 years ago

OH MY GOD! I had the same demon try to kill me twice! (once when I was 6 and now age 14) It dosnt have a hat, it eminates black fog after the first apperance (signaling it has become more powerful)solid figure, 8 ft man red eyes no details, pitch black.smudging of the house works for a few weeks: WARNING, it tries to call you to the spot you didnt smudge, for sevral nights it mimicked my dads voice, calling me downstairs, but my real dad you could hear snoring in the next room (2:00 AM) this type of demon is highly dangorous and not to be taken lightly. It appears (usually) around 12:00AM-3:00AM, i have to stay up that long every night now. The best thing to do when it appears and your in bed PRETEND TO BE ASLEEP demons main goal is to inject fear into you, to torture you phisicly and emotionaly.(its not like the movies, this demons very pressance is so strong you cant move, the whole time i couldnt breathe, and right when it was about to choke me i passed out from lack of oxegen.)If you need help or information, email me at kittyhja@gmail.com

Joey T profile image

Joey T 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

Bill and Steve:

My boyfriend and I have two shadow people. We re not sure if Bill and Steve are a gay couple caught in the afterlife as our guardian demons or our evil little angels but they definitely love us and we love them. They are the glue that holds the complex minds of two addicted lovers together. They definitely cause a whirlwind of crazy that not even the Tasmanian devil himself could fathom. anyway. Most of the time they freak us the F#@% out and other times they are worse. But. It seems that when they slip away for small holidays, we have a tougher path to walk. The day I met my boyfriend "at Church" I saw a shadow on the ground. He jumped and squirmed til i got up and followed him. A few "pews" down there was a hatter madder than most with a shadow that also jumped and squirmed. as my shadow sat me next to him. his ear to the wall dazed look in his grin. i fell in love right on the spot. And now together our crazy souls rot.

We love you bill and steve please dont ever leave

love Ange and Carl

Bethany 5 years ago

When I was pregnant I always saw shadows in the corner of my eye quickly going past and would often feel something touching my ankles and arms....I still see the shadows now but only in my house. Just today I was taking a nap with my daughter when I was awoken by the sound of footsteps in my house outside my bedroom door. I got up to see if my partner had got home from work early but as soon as I opened the door the noises stopped and nobody was in the house. What's your take on this? I do know that two former residents of this address did pass away

naomi 5 years ago

yess i have seen a shadow person i turnd my lights out went to bed then abuv my bed was a unushual black shadow i closed my eyes trying to hide but when i opend them nuthing was their it was all gone the next morning i wake up ang my hair was risen to the back of my neck i look behinde me and their was a cleer shadow of a man on the wall but their was nuthing their 2 make this shadow i get up tern on and off the lights nuthings their i tell my mom i want to switch rooms she ses i have a vivid imagination

Eden 5 years ago

Hi my name is Eden I am 12. Me and my little sister see black figures they walk around my house, go in our bedrooms and move around they really creep me and my sister out. we cant see their faces or any shade they are just black. The more i talk about it the worst it gets. We have been seeing them since we where little. once i was at the park with my sister and my friend me and her could see one and it kept moving closer to us we were screaming but my friend couldnt see it. We looked it was far away then we looked back and it was extremly close then we looked one more time and it vanished my friend couldnt see anything but me and my sister could. A few days ago me and my sister were on the trampoline and she said she seen a figure that looked like a baby but she couldnt see its face well and it was all dark i couldnt see anything but she could. another time we were at my house and we seen one it wouldnt go away. then it was standing next to a door the door slammed and it dissapeered. so we ran into the bathroom and alll of a sudden everything fell of the table. We also seen one near the oven and 5 minutes later it caught on fire the same happened with our barbeque.

jnc880 profile image

jnc880 5 years ago from West paris Maine

So Glad I found this post. And others have seen These. I have never seen them myself thank god I have had other stuff happen But never seen the shawdow guys. But In My parents old house when I was around 18 My ex bf and I was over for the night and spend the night.The next morning My ex told me He woke up in the middle of the night to see someone in my room next to my bed waling back and forth back and forth , He figured it was my brother trying to steal some smokes from him ..lol then he knew it wasnt my brother when the guy stopped and stared at him with no face...How scary would that have been glad it was him and not me! After telling me about it that morning I asked him why didnt he wake me up which I am happy he didnt , he said cause he was so scared he just closed his eyes and went back to be. Told my parents about it the next day. they didnt believe us..who would. I believe him he was still freaked out about it the next morning.Well Months go by and the same thing happened in my mothers room but this time it was my step dad who woke to him staring at him and my mother it scared my step dad so bad he said he couldnt even move his body to try and wake my mother up. I got to thinking wow this is weird he only is showing himself to guys??? Well last week and many years later my daughter spent the night at my parents house which is a brand new double wide , so this makes me think now it wasnt even the house it must just be the area?? Anyway my daughter who is 16 now said she went to bed really early around 7pm ended up waking up at like 2 or 3 and cause my parents have those night light fragrance thingys plugged in the wall there is some light to be able to see things.She said she heard what sounded like boots walking in the kitchen so she covered her head with a pillow as she knew no one was awake in the house and got scared to be hearing someone walk around she told me the pillow wasnt completely covering her head and she could kinda see out from under it and said she saw that guy with the black suit on staring at her. This guy is wearing a cape not a hat or a jacket its a black long cap and hoodie and he has no face. I am so glad I have never seen him..And sorry my daughter had to see it wish she never did.

Eden 5 years ago

Hi my name is Eden I am 12. Me and my little sister see black figures they walk around my house, go in our bedrooms and move around they really creep me and my sister out. we cant see their faces or any shade they are just black. The more i talk about it the worst it gets. We have been seeing them since we where little. once i was at the park with my sister and my friend me and her could see one and it kept moving closer to us we were screaming but my friend couldnt see it. We looked it was far away then we looked back and it was extremly close then we looked one more time and it vanished my friend couldnt see anything but me and my sister could. A few days ago me and my sister were on the trampoline and she said she seen a figure that looked like a baby but she couldnt see its face well and it was all dark i couldnt see anything but she could. another time we were at my house and we seen one it wouldnt go away. then it was standing next to a door the door slammed and it dissapeered. so we ran into the bathroom and alll of a sudden everything fell of the table. We also seen one near the oven and 5 minutes later it caught on fire the same happened with our barbeque.

I would like some advice please They really scare me thanks.

Ps. I Usualy only see one or two together

MsTiff1972 profile image

MsTiff1972 5 years ago from Berkshire, MA

On Monday 11/21 at 5:45pm I believe I encountered to what is being referred to as a Shadow Person. I was just getting home from work. Parked in the backyard and was going to my back door when out of the corner of my eye - about 7 feet away from me - I saw a black shadow glide down the hillside along side of me. I didn't dare look to the shadow and immediately turned the door handle and got inside locking the door behind me. Police came to check residence but no footprints or pry marks on windows were found. I live in a nice residential area of a small New England town... a block away from an old cemetery. Maybe something to do with it, maybe not.

Schmuck 5 years ago

I am 38 now but when I was about 16 or 17 I had my first of two experiences with shadow people. I grew up rough from a very young age on the streets of Hammond and Gary IN. I was quick to bust anyone's head open with my fist or the first weapon I could get my hands on and I was not scared of anything, or so I thought. One night I was lying on my back in my bed trying to go to sleep for school. The school was talking about kicking me out for always being late and ditching and my parents were on me hard. It was about 11:00 at night and I was trying hard to sleep but I couldn't. So there I was, lying on my back and looking at the light coming in from the living room where my parents where. My door was closed so I could only see the light come in from the top and sides of the door. I could hear my parents from the living room couch talk about all the trouble I had been getting into at school. Then I could hear the tv show they was watching. It was Starky and Hutch, it was just starting so I started to listen to it. It was one I had seen before, I could tell that from the start. So there I am listing to my parents talk about me, listing to the tv show and looking at the light coming in my room through my door frame thinking im never gonna fall asleep. All of a sudden there is a man sitting next to my bed (I couldn't see what he was sitting on) with an all black trench coat with the collar flipped up and a black fedora hat (like the gangsters wore in the 20's and 30's) tilted down so I could not see his face. The weird thing is we had been talking to each other for a while I think but we did not talk with our mouths, anything he thought i heard and anything I though he heard. It was not strange to me until this drug affect (only way I can explain it) was wearing off. Then I panicked and tried to move and scream but realized I was completely paralyze. The hat man kept trying to communicate with me but i was freaking out and couldn't understand him no more. Then it hit me, I was dreaming. Just a bad dream I was having but then I ask myself why was my eyes still open, I could still see the light coming in my room through the door frame. I could only see this man (I don't know why i thought it was a man) through my peripheral vision and I can still hear my parents talking but they are not talking about me no more, they are talking about the dog next door always barking. Then I start to listen for the tv and its the same episode but its almost at the end now and it just started. The hat man was trying harder to communicate with me now but i knew i was not dreaming and was terrified. I couldn't understand him no more, i couldn't remember what we were talking about all i was trying to do was scream and move. I tried to wiggle a toe because I could see my feet a little but i couldn't. I couldn't even blink. Then all of a sudden the drug feeling came back and I was not scared anymore. We started communicating again and everything seemed normal but I can't remember what we were talking about, all I remember is he thought something that made me mad and I thought something that made him mad. At that moment the drug feeling was gone in an instant and I went back to being terrified again and he stood up over me really fast and angry and started lowering his face slowly towards mine. I tried so hard to scream and move but couldn't. All I could do was watch as he got closer to my face with his. He was really close now and I could see the pointy collar of his trench coat flipped up high and the hat tilted down low which only left a small part of his face exposed and when he got really close to my face i could see his. It was black air, Just like if a real shadow had been wearing those clothes. Right when our faces were about to touch he disappeared and I shot straight up in bed with a scream, eyes never leaving the light coming in around my door. I could hear my mom tell my dad to go check on me. Sitting there confused and a little buzzed still or maybe tired, my dad opens my door and the light came flooding in making me squint. He ask me whats wrong and i started telling him but it was in bits and pieces and I kept saying the man. That went on for about 5 seconds and I stopped realizing I most like a complete moron. My dad looked at me and said I had a bad dream and to go back to sleep. He closed the door and all I could see was the light coming in through the door frame again. I heard my mom ask what was wrong and he told her I had a nightmare. Then i listen for the tv and the show was over and the news or something like it was on. I felt so tired I put the covers over me rolled up into a ball and fell asleep. Around 8 years later when I was 24 I was in a condo in Chicago on the third floor that had a balcony. I won't get into specifics with this one but I was lying on the couch in the living room around dusk and i had a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun with a pistol grip and heat shield loaded with nine sabot slugs on the floor next to the couch in easy reach. The balcony was locked and I was face down on the couch starting to fall asleep. I thought i might have trouble that night but I was tired and wanted to take a nap as I started falling asleep the same scared feeling came over me like years ago with the shadowman. I realized my eyes were open face down on the couch and I was paralyzed again. I could sense something coming in through the balcony door or trying to but I couldn't move. I was scared again but I was thinking not again, all I have to do is get to my gun. It was just inches away on the floor, I could sense him getting closer. I didn't know if he was in the apartment yet or not so I gave it everything in my being to roll off the couch onto the floor and I actually started rolling slowly off the couch. It felt like electricity and vibrations ripping through my body as I moved but i kept going. I sensed it coming and I was not doing it again. Eyes open the whole time I rolled off the couch and as i hit the floor the paralysis wore off and I scooped up the gun jumped up and there was no one at the balcony door so I ran to it, unlocked it and ran out to the balcony and there was no one out there. I have not had an experience since. If anyone has had a similar experience to my I would like to here it. DBY8475@hotmail.com

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wonder300 5 years ago

my friend has been seeing this shadow person several times lately. First she seen it walking on top of water when she drove by the lake, secound she was in the car and the shadow was grabbing onto the girl next to hers hand, and lastnight the shadown pushed her on the ground..we dont know what to do. its starting to get very sketchy and scary.

Domok2k111 5 years ago

I woke up one night wit a shadow figure standing over me it grabbed me and started shaking my body up and down really fast on my bed i could not move or breath when this was happening it scarred me terrible... It happened again 3 times after that night and tried to choke me another night ..il hasn't happened in a couple of years but i can always feel a prescents wit me at nite time...can anyone help me

angelight 5 years ago

Hi amie, I can give you some advise, I have dealt with similar issues and I have been successful with stopping hauntings. I am not an expert, but maybe I can give you some good advise that can help you with your situation. I remember when things in my place were so out of place, everything in my life was affected by this spiritual battle. You are welcome to contact me if you like. You can send me an email at angelsloveu2@gmail.com

If anyone else would like some advise, I would be happy to help in any way I can. Take care

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knightgodson 5 years ago

This is a true story because I have nothing to gain from not telling the truth.I have been assaulted by a shadow in the past.I have had shadows pull on my feet (both feet)on two separate occasions in a house and I started screaming-(in the name of the father,the son and the holy spirit and it stopped.)On another occasion,something grabbed my left elbow while I was sleeping in an older apartment complex also in Memphis,Tennessee and tightened its grip around my elbow so hard out of this world that I started screaming-(in the name of the father,the son and the holy spirit and it stopped.)I moved out immediately.I lived in an old house in Memphis,Tn later with my girlfriend who is now my wife; we did not know the house was haunted until I took a Polaroid picture of the front of the house and could see a white figure of an older woman in her late 70's maybe, standing in front of the attic window that overlooks the street in the picture.We moved from that house right away.The most recent assault happened in my home which is a new home (about 6 years old now) that is located in a new sub-division in Austin,Texas.I was sleeping on the couch in the living room that night and I felt something trying to strangle me through choking around 4 am in the morning..I felt hands that I could not see in the dark tighten around my neck and I could not breathe.I started choking and screaming.I called out (in the name of the father,the son and the holy spirit) and the choking stopped.We have said prayers over our house in every room and pray every morning when we wake up.I sense a presence from time to time because my nose starts to itch and I feel goosebumps in my skin.I sense a presence in the living room downstairs from time to time at night when I turn off the lights or go into the kitchen for a glass of water.We are thinking about calling a priest to our home.

amie (18 years old) 5 years ago

From as far back as i can remember ive had dreams of a dark shadow of a man standing over me and felt and heard breat hing on my neck. I wake up every night with cold sweats my heart racing and i feel the presrnce as though hes actually there my friends n family tell me i sleep walk n talk on a regular occasion my boyfriend says i start twitching n shoutting get off me n says ive attacked him like clawing at his face and chest he says ive growled at him n told him hes going to die n says ive bitten him n then laughed, while i am awake i also have familar things happen when im awake n hear footsteps round my room n felt as though im being watched my daf said when i was younger i used to keep him up talking to som someone n hhe assumed i was sleep talking i used to dream abouy things that ild end up doing the next day , my friends have also said that i have had a conversation with something in the room apperently i was saying leeave them alone there sleeping. my boyfriend also felt these presences n witnessed what i have such as my tv swittching itself on n off my computer switching on n off a few minutes later n then stepping noises, knocks n a darkk voice growling n a evil laugh. my onsuite bathroom door opens n my bathroom lights n shower switch themselfs on randumly from time to time n i see a dark figure in the doorway but it doesnt look completly human, when i shower the shower randumley turns itself of or goes really hot. ive had several near death experiences i nearly drowed when i was 5 when i was 9 a cuboard of the top of my wardrobe n split my head open, ive been in a few car crashes ive been ran over n had a dog attack me for no reason, now my boyfriend claims that he doesnt feel welcome n hes constantly scated n last night my bathroom window opened n he went n locked it shut n then wee heard what sounded like the blinds moving so he went n had a look n the same window had opened again n then he said the tooth brush fell in the sink behind him n the shower light came on i write this now as im terrified as ehen i woke up i heard a chant of somekind i looked next to me.n it was my boyfriend staring at me with his eyes wide open saying you will be mine. I asked him. why he said that but no response u got out the room in fear when i returned he was awake n asked where i had been i told him what happened n he has no memory of it i keep hearing scratching noises n tapping n i feel him when hes close my heart races for no reason i get breathless more or less n get goosebumps i get a cold dark feeling i feel physically sick n freeze and feel as though i cnt move n i feel extreamly cold. Ive even had panic attacks i dnt know what to do it feels as though the more scared i get more things keep happening its feels like hes getting stronger ibe seen him from as far back as i can remember what is this what does he want n why does this black man figure that looks almost part creature remains with me even through. several house changes n why is he taumenting me since ive been with my boyfriend n made him feel unwelcome. Can anyone help me as i feel as though im being tormented n reducing to attacking my mates/ boyfriend when i sleep iits not normal n its terryfing sometimes i feel certain areas of my body are being touched cus i go cold n get goosebumps in that area its almost like a draft but it cant b as im under the quilt. how do i put a stop to this? Or cant i? Ibe had a tough childhood. N my family claim i had a imaginary friend called lucas when i was younger cud cud this be the same shadow man ive been seeing my whole life cus apperently i used to cry all the time as a babyy at night n ive always been scared of the dark, i c him in mydreams n late at night in the doorway after it opens im constantly hearing him move around n makeing noises n talking i hear thingd scurrying across my ceiling n we dnt have a rat or mice or termite festation cus neen checked i its like its half like a human half bat creature n its tall sometimes its small other times i can hear breathing now its like he knows im writing this cus i constantly feel watched n affraid, i also have bad feelings in my stomach before bad things happen like when my brother died nn before car crashes my puppy recently died n i found him in the pond execept thers no way he cud of got up to the pond cus it was bout 3 inches tall n my ponds nearly 2 foot high n he was in his dog bed at other end of my room growling n barking the night before n neither of my mates dogs dare go near my bathroom but they stare at the doorway growlung. so i know its not just me its strange i feel as though enything that gets close to me gets haunted or dies or suffers from badluck my 7 year old brothrt comes round every sarurday n ive noticed he talks to someone or himself during the day

Linda 5 years ago

Today I searched with key words GHOST SILHOUETTE MAN BLACK,and found the term, Shadow Man. The reason for my search was that, yes, I have seen one. I saw him 2 years ago and then again 2 days ago, both times in our home which is only about 10 years old and we built it. I know little about the paranormal or "ghosts". I am not particularly frightened and don't feel "evil", but I guess it did bother me enough to do a little research. I'm wondering if I should try to find out if there's a way to get rid of him?

abby 5 years ago

I have had many encounters of different kind with ghosts, and I also have had some experiences dealing with demons. I'm am sure no one really knows everything about these things, and they are still something we are discovering. However, there are a few things that are very common sense. Most ghosts are seen as normal people. I don't know why some ghosts may look like a shadow, but I know that they are in darkness (away from the light of God) which makes them dark. But the dark figures that we are talking about are not really just plain shadows. They are very dark, darker than the night. So, you are able to see them in the dark because they are really dark. I have a friend who see's them and she says they are demonic in nature. She has the ability to see them wherever she goes. She is a christian, and she says that they try to attack her because she can sense them. Most of the time she tells me she doesn't like to talk about them because most people don't believe it. But she often prays when she sees them preying on people. I have known her for years and I know she normally doesn't make things up. All I have to say is that if you see dark shadow like a black mass of any kind, you should get rid of these fast, they are not positive and friendly. I have met the friendly kind and they do not look so dark, there is a reason for them being so dark.. evil.

SLGHS.COM 5 years ago

I had recently received an email from someone concerning "Shadow People". My personal belief on shadow people is that they are nothing more than a different form of ghost. Meaning that they are just taking on a different form than an apparition. I do not see them as being demonic or evil, just a different form of scary that lets you catch a little more than a glimpse of them sometimes. The sizes and shapes are not always the same. Our group members have seen many ranging from about 3 feet to 7 feet tall. Some with well defined human shape and some with more of a blob like shape. I have personally witnessed them peeking around corners at me. Standing in doorways and walking into a closet. We have seen so many of them. When children see them, it is also a little different. I have one story of two children seeing one at the same time. One child sees it as scary and the other sees it as pleasant of even funny. Like I said, I think they are nothing more than ghost in different form. You only see what they want you to see.

John 5 years ago

We appear to have shadowy shapes appearing in and around our kitchen and shower room, and i sense that they are children, and that they just want to be seen. I have always known i have a more than average psychic ability since I was 5 years old, and it has not always been easy to live with. This is a modern house, and these shapes sometimes appear a lot then not for a while, but more so when I play my keyboard in sight of the doorway. I feel no ill will form them, just as if they want to see and be seen.

Jessica L. 5 years ago

I am fron Greenville NC. I have never seen a ghost or anythng until about 3yrs ago. My family is very opened minded when it comes to things of this nature.My grandmother is a christian women however I remember growing up hearing stories of the house she lived in being haunted. About three years ago i moved into a very nice condo alone. I had only been there for a few weeks, so i was still in the process of unpacking. I went to bed one night and I left the closet light on with the door cracked open a little. This caused the light to reflect off of my bedroom wall. I was lying there with my cat Iris lying on my stomach when i caught a glimpse of something going through the light. This caused me to look up at the ceiling and what i saw terrified me, it was like a black mass no shape flying almost swooping around my head. I then looked at Iris to see her reaction and her head was going round and round with her eyes following. I quickly grabbed my cat not even putting my shoes on and bolted out the door. Needless to say i moved out a week later. I see in these comments and the articles you speak of shadow people as being harmless. However what I saw was almost like coming after me and I did'nt get a positive feeling. It took me seeing something on television to be able to explain myself because it ws not a ghost and it was something that I had never heard of. after the sighting it seemed as if my life had turned for the worst i have had a very hard time the laqst couple of years. The way i feel is that something has drained my spirit amd the life out of me. I would like to request that the person with this websight please rad this and help me tounderstand what this is and if it's possible for it to follow. I have heard that a polterghist can be created by us and can follew or stick with you. Does anyone have any answers for me? Please someone helo me to understand or atleast help me get rid negative energy that seems to be in my life.

Angelight 5 years ago

Jo-ann, I don't know what it means, but I can tell you that you seem to have ghosts and possibly negative entities in your home. I say you need to pray and walk in every room of the house and say " Only God and the angels are here protecting my home, only good is in this home, love, light, prosperity, and joy reside. Everything that is not of God is gone. This will truly help, but you must do this often as a protection. Imagine a pure white light of protection all around the house. Ask God to protect your home every night before bed. Burn a stick of incense everyday made of myrr and/or frankincense. Make the environment as positive as possible. Keep your mentality positive. The best thing to use is holy water, even if you don't believe it, it is water blessed as a symbol of baptism and holds so much power. I have done these things and got rid of ghosts as well as demons, and keep them away. Also if light candles in the darkest areas of your home, as candles can bring peace and light to the place, helps ghosts find the light and their way. Just make sure you set your good intentions when you light the candles. After trying some of these things, come back and tell me how it went.I will give you some good tips. It takes a little effort but it is worth while. Everytime we are spending a lot of time in a location, it is good to bless it, by asking God to clear it, and imagine angels surrounding it. Hope you can resolve this issue soon. :)

Stephy 5 years ago

I have seen shadows with my side vision, but when I turn, I see nothing. It's like something is walking beside me but when I want to see who it is, it vanishes. The only time in which I have seen a shadow from a person who isn't there was some months ago. I was walking in the park near my house, just walking. I suddenly stopped to see a good-looking house. I was looking when I a man passed in front of the house... but it was just the shadow. I don't know if I imagined it, which is unlikely, but it was strange.

Jo-ann 5 years ago

I Have seen 'Shadow People' in our house. What really bothers me is that my 5 almost 6 year old son saw a man in his room, and said that the man had scissors in his nose, and last night he was terrified and was crying unconditionaly, and said that he saw a man in my room, and that he was 'stupid looking'. Does anyone have any idea what this means ? Please help me, I'm scared for my son...

Houston! 5 years ago

How to frame this properly? There is a strong deny-at-all-costs camp out there. They maintain SP as nothing more than sleep-chemistry gone screwy. Let's just deny them for a change. Let's also deny the "shadow people are actually pretty friendly" wishful-thinking misguided mind-set.

How about we investigate "dark shadowy figure" +cat mutilations. We see there exists a singularly disturbing phenomenon for pet owners of their cats being found mysteriously chopped-in-half (only half is ever found). Specifically - UFOBC "Mysterious Half Cats" article. http://www.rense.com/ufo/halfcat.htm

How about running the term "SUNDS +Hmong" through your favorite search engine.

The Terror that Comes in the Night.


Angelight 5 years ago

If you have been able to see shadow people, then you must have some psychic ability. I believe shadow people are either of two things. They could be a ghost or it can be a demon. There are different kinds of demons, and they can manifest in different ways, one of them would be as shadows. But there are also ghosts who are very negative who manifest as dark shadows. The difference I think is that ghosts will appear taller and will move slower. The demon is usually short and will move very fast. If you see any kind of shadow in your home, you must cleanse it. Especially if you see the small shadow figures, they are usually also very fearful of us, and fear being seen, as we will get rid of them. It is important to bless your home with positive prayer and allowing a bright home with sun light coming in through windows. Incense and asking the angels and God to protect the home everyday.

5 years ago

Shadow people exist

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goodkarmaspirit 5 years ago

Ok after reading everyone else's experience with the shadow people I have to add my own story. When I was about 16 years old I woke up suddenly from a deep sleep in the middle of the night. My parents house was a big old creeky house that had been built in the late 1800's and my entire family believed there were in fact spirits in the house and we had all had our own experiences to tell and this is mine. Since I too had my own share of frightening experiences in this house I kept my bed next to the wall with the light switch so that if I woke up in the middle of the night and anything spooky happened I could easily reach up and turn on the light without having to sit up. Anyway, I woke up and even though the light in my room was off I also always slept with my window shades open to let the streetlight shine in and light up my room I could see clearly in my room even with the light off and when I opened my eyes there standing at the foot of my bed was this very tall thin figure! It terrified me to the point that I felt paralyzed. I blinked my eyes open and shut several times to prove to myself that I was awake and I know I saw this figure clearly and I also know I was wide awake. I had to literally force myself to concentrate very hard to finally make myself move, I almost felt like I was in a waking coma. In an instant I finally lurched up and flipped on the lightswitch in a movement that would take no more than a fraction of a second but the second the light went on there was nothing there. I've told my story to countless individuals and I feel that nobody believes me which has always frusterated me because I know what I saw and I know I'm not lying. It has made me feel better reading this page and see that I am not the only one that has seen this tall dark figure. Now I'm actually surprised at how many others have seen the same thing!

MassMigs 5 years ago

My partner sees shadowed figures at night, generally at the foot of the bed. It is often a man's shape carrying a messenger bag. The other night, however, she woke up and saw a man's shadowed face practically on top of hers -- breathing heavily. Although she has tried to talk to these shadow people in the past, she never hears anything back. That night, she heard the shadow breathing in her face.

What should she do when she sees these shadows?? Also, this house we live in is brand new as of this past August... where did he come from? Does she have a special connection to "another world" since she consistently has seen these shadow people over the years?

Mila 5 years ago

when i was 9-10, i used to live in an apartment it was old. i one day passed through the hall, it was daylight and i saw a black shadow in the shape of a man walk pass in front of me and go towards the kitchen. i got so scared i just turned around but i never told anyone. i never had anything like this happen to me. i have also heard people in my bus stop talking about those apartments being haunted and them accountering weird things. my mother also had many strange and scary dreams in that apartment alone.

Aimee 5 years ago

My aunty was about 5-6 when she moved to a house in wanganui nz she had a bedroom that was very dark during day and night she always woke up from a terrible dream she turned to her right and she saw a white figure she cauld not move only scream she screamed and her father and he cheeked under the bed in the wardrobe and out the small window nothing was there one night a group of shadow men sarounded her room she said to me that there was over 48 figures she screamed and the biggist figure held the door shut till morning what was this ???

Myself 5 years ago

I thought I saw myself today, floating among the trees. It scared the shit out of me, I only saw it out of the corner of my eye. But the weird thing was, as I stared at the space that the thing was supposed to be, I found the object I was looking for, tucked away just off to the corner in that very direction!!!!

Sam 5 years ago

From as early as I remember to about the age of seven I was haunted by a shadow person. As a little kid I went to bed quite early, so it was still daylight. This shadow of a man (No hat or clothing) use to be up on the wall of my bedroom wall. During the night it use to wake me up by something yanking on my blanket. When I woke up it was spinning around the room, still against the wall. My brother who was on the bottom bed use to see it as well but for some reason it only wanted to scare me. I use to wake up crying and screaming every night by as soon as mum or dad came in it was gone. I also remember when I got up early to watch cartoons of a weekend I use to see 4 shadow people in the kitchen arranged in height order. My mum who experienced demons when she was young didn't tell me what it was till I was 11. This same year we moved out of the house. Until the last day in the house no one had seen it apart from my brother and I and my cousins. Mum got up to go to the toilet and it was standing at the end of the hallway. It then zoomed in on her. Mum swung at it and turned the light on.

I have only seen a few shadow people since, but nothing so serious. Although I have other experiences of demons. The house we life in today is 2 years old. Every night before I go to sleep there is someone lying on my bed with me. It is warm, like a human. I'm too scared to look. I can't move my blanket because it's on top of it. It also taps on my pillow. It also does stuff in the day time when I'm home alone. Once it opened the glass sliding door to let the dog inside the house. I also hear a lot of knocking and banging.

As a christian I have used the name of Jesus Christ to scare it away. Although it does work it does come back. It says in the bible that Christians can use this. It also states that nonbelievers cannot.For some reason I seem to be a target for evil sprites. I am at the age of 18 and I have had thousands of experiences (the list too big to put on here lol) and will probably continue to have these experiences for the rest of my life.

Cheers :)

Zack B 5 years ago

Ive always been followed by shadow people they never enter the house but have always been around the perrimeter, what does this mean Are they protecting me? if you can answer me id love to hear.

noah 5 years ago

hello my name is noah and i have just seen my first shadow figure a little over a month ago. it wasnt all that scary becuase it was at my freinds house and my freind assured me that it was a nice ghost. he even nick named him big black cause he is a little chubby. but thats off the subject. anyways i was talking to a friend of mine and he told me that he was psychic and his mom is too. he said he saw a shadow figure with white eyes on the right side of this house literally right next to me. i being a spiritual guy prayed about it because i have no idea if this could be demonic. so has anyone seen a shadow figure with white eyes, does white eyes sybolyze anything cause it kind has me a little worried not just for me but more for my friend, so does anyone have a good idea?

necrokage 5 years ago

back to dontknwwhattothink you don't have to have a death in your house to have a death omen they show up to warn someone that someone is going to die. a death omen is just someone in the area that has died a bad death and want the tell someone that its going to happin to someone else. they will do anything they can to get someone to listen to it

Jami 5 years ago

I grew up in Midlothian, Illinois in a house that had once been burnt down many years ago and was rebuilt in I believe around 1940's if not older. At night I could hear footsteps walking up the stairs that lead to my bedroom. My mom used to tell me it was the house settling but you could actually hear step by step. One year on my 13th birthday party I was having a sleepover and my radio started to turn on without it being plugged in and wasn't the type of radio to take batteries. When I was 15 I was sitting up in the livingroom on the couch watching tv between 2 or 3 in the morning. I heard someone walking through the house and just thought it could be one of my brothers. My mom was in the livingroom with me sleeping in the recliner while my stepdad was asleep in his bedroom with the door closed. Something made me look up and I seen a human shaped dark shadow in the hallway that lead to my kitchen. I rubbed my eyes to look more closely thinking again it was one of my brothers. I noticed that the darkly shaped shadow was coming towards me and making some horrific sounds that I can't even try to imitate almost like a growling noise. I started screaming at the top of my lungs and my stepdad came running out of the bedroom in his underwear with a bat. I told my mom and stepdad what I had seen and they told me I was dreaming. I know for a fact I wasn't dreaming I was completely awake. I ended up stop trying to make anyone believe what I had seen as most thought I was crazy. I never spoke of it again. I always referred to him as the shadow man. I continued to live with my mom as I had a child at a young age. When my son was 4 or 5 he woke up in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen for something to drink. He started screaming and we all went to check him. He said he saw a shadow of a man making growling horrific noises in the computer room that was right off of the kitchen. Mind you I of course never told my 4 year old son at the time what I had seen when I was younger. He seen and heard the EXACT same thing I had seen. To this day I would still love to know what it was. We ended up selling the house a few years later. I know the people who we sold it to and they have now seen things in this house. I never went to bachelors grove cemetary located in Midlothian but I always felt what I seen had alot to do with alot of the people buried there. I would love to find out what kind of ground Midlothian, Illinois was made on and what the exact history of it is. I can remember having friends sleepover and wake up to them gone from being scared so badly by something. I firmly believe in ghosts. My youngest son (different son from above) now who is almost 10 still begs to sleep with me saying he can see ghosts. He knew a day before I found out that my grandma had passed. He told me that great grandma was standing in front of bathroom sink looking into the mirror. He told me that she was dead and I told him he was silly that she was at home and then the next day I got the call that she had passed. He seen her an hour or 2 after she had passed and he always describes what he sees and its never a dark shadow. So I'm stuck on what the heck this shadow figure was.

ciren 5 years ago

Does anyone know what mine was if it came to me in my dream? Before I even saw it I used to feel something leaning over me watching me as I played on a couch.

dontknwwhattothink 5 years ago

Thank you so much necrokage...I truly believe in God and I like I said I dont dabble in witchcraft. My sister on the other hand does. I have nothing to do with her except for a hello and a hug. I am not scared for me it is my son that I am afraid for, he has been pushed down the stairs, scratches on his back and will not sleep in his room. I have blessed my home and have crosses in every room. It just means alot that you would reply back thank you very much. By the way no one has died in my home, just thought I would put that piece of information in. Once again, Thank you.

necrokage 5 years ago

to the lady befor me do not listen to the guy in front of you i don't know what he's talking about but its not a shadow person hes is most likely a demon. yours isn't a shadow person niether yours is called a death omen. please if you want to know more or you see it again e-mail me at GOKU1111@dbzmail.com that goes for anyone who want to know about this stuff and how to get ride of it. if i can't help i know people who can and just so you know i am NOT into black magic or anything like that i believe in god more than most in this town. i just want to help

necrokage 5 years ago

i live in a small town called denton in north carolina and thier is a plase called mount vista.mount vista is a nurseing home and it has a shadow person living thier. i now that a number of people have seen it.

dontknwwattothink 5 years ago

Patrcik, I have no clue I would also like to know. I am 35 and at the age of 27 is when it started to happen to me and then my youngest son later, maybe if we were to talk to someone of an older age we could get some input. Maybe one day we will know. Almost all the post on here speak of the shadow person of being tall and in a black form.

patrick lee 5 years ago

I dont know if it is a shadow person or a demon. It is 7 feet tall, Black eye sockets with no eyes, black hair, Slices on its Dark face, wears blue purple black gown with blood red like stains.Just stands there looking at you. My mother was held down on the bed and told me she felt like she was being choked. Can you tell me what to do?

dontknwwhattothink 5 years ago

First off I am a christian, I do not dabble in evil works!!! My mother died a little over 8 yrs ago of cancer, I took care of my mother, one night while I was at my home I was asleep, I awoke to the sence of someone standing over me when I opened my eyes a figure of a tall man, shadow all black was standing over me. Next thing I knew he was on top of me, it felt as if he were crushing my chest. I could not move I tried screaming but nothing would come out. My husband rolled over and it was gone, my mom died two days later. Now I have moved and remarried. My son of the age of close to 16 died once in a car accident not .8 tenths of a mile from our home. Around two months ago he quit sleeping in his bedroom up stairs, I never ask why, our bedroom is downstairs. A few weeks ago he ask me if I remembered the dark man standing and sitting (laying) on me before mom died. I told him yes and he then replies that the man had visited him in his room on 2 different occasions. He will hardly go into his room, moved all his clothes downstairs,and will not sleep in that room. He also told me that he can see aura's around people, not everyone but some. Does anyone really know what these dark figures want? I ask the Lord to Bless my home and family everyday and to keep evil away from me my family, my home and my friends. I ask the question does anyone really know what these dark figures want, but do we really know? Also, my son has had scratches on his back that can not be explained. Any feed back will be appreciated.

michelle 5 years ago

hello, my name is michelle, I was wondering about the shadow's because since i was young, I seen a tall cloaked shadow, who know if it was a man or a woman? but as a child i was drawn toward witchcraft, afterwards, and was able to cast a spell that personally could not believe it myself. also I have been able to know things about people that know one has told me about them or there past or people in there past. Once,even told my doctor about his dead sister, because he didnt believe me nor did i personally thinking how could i know these things. Well later in life, i seen shadow people in my yard, they would be like a TV projection, they would be blinking on and off. i do not know what this means. and my house was very distrubed when i first moved in, so bad I went to a phsyic to ask why, he said that i was a type of medium and no matter were I go I would be effected. So, I took matters into my own hands and cleansed it. also so i would not fear the dark , i practiced being in it. i felt it would highten my senses also I would not fear it. I mean the blind has too be in the dark all the time. and this is the way i seen it. i didnt fear anything anymore. and sense i have not been bothered. Fear is what makes it worse. I would get comfortable with your fear, dark, or ghost, and let yourself know your stronger. thats the key good luck all, cleanse with sage burning, and the cross, and bless your home. michelle

Ciren 5 years ago

My boyfriend and I were laying in my bed and I saw this black smokey thing come out of my wall and went back in. My boyfriend was laying by the wall so I quickly switched him spots. I held him close and told him I didn't want the thing to take him. I was scared. The next couple of days I forgot about it. We got into a fight because he was huffing air duster. I decided to sleep in the other room. While I was asleep, I had this bizarre dream. In my dream I floated into the next room and I was laying next to my boyfriend. The whole room was a blur, but I could see him perfectly. I saw this Tall Black figure standing there holding out his hand, but it was all black too. I couldn't see any flesh. He stood out amongst the blurr. In the background. I was about to grab his hand and go with, but I took my hand back and said, " I'm scared" and I floated back to my room. When I woke up I completely forgot about the dream. Took a shower and was going to go to class. I had this bad feelingand decided to stay home. I went to.the room where my boyfriend was in and it smelt bad. I got upset and thought it was the air duster. I went back to the other room and fell asleep. I woke up at 11am and went back to the room. He was still asleep so I stared at him. I realized he wasn't breathing. So I walked up to him and felt his ear lobe and it was so cold and stiff. I cried for a long time wishing I had taken that figures hand.. Two years later I heard that that black figure is a suicide Guy who feeds of people who kill themselves. This thing is supposedly getting stronger a nd lingers around people who are depressed.

Mikey 5 years ago

I've seen shadow people mainly at home watching and observing me. They seem very curious. My nephew says he sees them but I don't know of any of his experiences with them. Were the only two that sees them in my home. He's 8 and I'm 18. My last experience with one was when I'd be making a bean and cheese burrito on the stove. This is pretty funny but he was observing me for quite a while when I would be making it until I was done and when I turned around when I finished my burrito he ran so I followed him but in a corner he disappeared. So I just went back to the kitchen to get and drink and finish my burrito. That was the last I've seen one and that's been around 3 weeks ago

to r1bulie 5 years ago

It's the only way i know, i am not psychic, but i know one, she said that it's the best way to get rid of "them" too, much better than witches, because witches might just mess it all up. If priest won't help - i guess you'd have to try to find someone psychic (not someone that just pretends to be one), bioenergetic or a witch. Hope priest will do, finding someone that really has the ability (extra sense) to get rid of shadow people, as i mentioned before, is very hard.

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heypinchmee 5 years ago

My 16 month old daughter has been having some terrible dreams at night over the past several months. At 1;12 am, she began fussing so I walked back to her room. I believe I saw a shadow person dissapear into her closet. She immediatly stopped fussing and put herself back to sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get rid of this?

r1burlie 5 years ago

Yes, i was thinking of having our priest come by. We are actually somewhat religious and pray a fair bit. So it makes scene. Thank you,

to r1bulie 5 years ago

Why don't you call a priest to bless the house? I know you might not be christian, but just for your own good. That's what my family did and it actually helped, so far no ghosts after 3 weeks, i hope it will work forever tho.

r1burlie 5 years ago

Good Day. I had an experience last night and had to find your blog. 9 years ago my wife and I were expecting our first baby. After our baby was born, we were not getting a lot of sleep (as new parents usually do)

she decided to sleep in the front living room to allow me to sleep so I could get up for work. She said that she woke up in the middle of the night and there was a dark “cloud like object” somewhat in the form of a human, but cloudy. It was hovering over her. She could not scream, and her body was immobilized. She tried to scream for me but could not. After what seemed like a few min, it was gone.

Last night, on Sunday October 16th, 2011, I was sleeping in our bedroom not far from the front room. I went to bed early as I had to get up early for work. We have a hall light on so that the kids can find their way to the bathroom if they need to. So it’s dimly lit, but you can see the ceiling and wallpaper patterns in our bedroom if you need to.

At approx. 12:30am I started coming out of a disturbing dream. I opened my eyes and there was black, shadow on the ceiling. It was not “cloudy” or had soft edges. It was large, and had very sharp edges, (best way would be to describe it as a shape of a human, but it had jagged edges, like if you were to cut out a pattern with those pattern edged scissors ) or one of those speech bubbles comic books have, that look all zig lines

I could not move. But for some reason I was not scared. I was mad. I was mad that whatever was there was holding me against my will.

I actually said “f you! let me the f go!” and a few seconds later I could move my hands. I raised both of them and give it the finger.

I’m not saying this to be cool or brave. I am actually pretty freaked out today.

I was just mad at it because I am protective of my family, and I do not want it bothering me or my family. Especially my wife or kids.

After reading more this morning about shadow people, imp worried that it is a negative energy, and if I swore at it and told it to f off, I may not have done myself any favours.

Any suggestions? Please?

Me 5 years ago


You and your husband may or may not be christian. I am not big in the chuch thing at all. But, the 2 of you need to truely believe and say aloud that " That Gods blood covers you". It may sound wierd but please try it.

Jul 5 years ago

And what if i saw a white human standing next by the open doors, shining , but not illuminating surroundings, just shining by itself..?

nicole 5 years ago

I have seen the same 2 shadow people for a few yrs now and they seem to be attached to my husband..he is getting sicker and sicker by the months and i dont know what to do....im scared and i know they are aware of me being able to see them but it makes no difference..my husband also talks alot in his sleep and its like a whole other voice,not his own.so if anyone has any advice please let me know

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becca1811 5 years ago

Rjay! That was pretty much my experience over 40 years ago. I just googled to feel some validation from my experiences and glad I found this conversation.

Age 4, it was morning and room was lit with sunlight. I was on my tummy in bed and something pounded bed by my feet. The next time I heard it, I turned and found a solid black figure leaving the scene quickly and holding what looked like a solid black book before it disappeared back down. Again, and now it touched me. I turned to find it backing down again and this time it looked like a black hammer it was holding.

Around age 6: A tall black figure at night looming over me in bed sometimes. Poking at me through the blanket that I "completely" covered myself in...especially around my head! I think this occurred around 5 times in a year. I would just yell until a parent entered the room.

Also at age 6, I saw a white shadow at night once. It was small, jumped on my bed and started hitting me. Again, it disappeared as soon as a parent was getting closer to the room.

Joyce L C 5 years ago

I'm 26 yrs old and since I was 12 I see shadow peoPle. It really scares me. I always see them when somebody is going to die is like days or weeks prior the day they are dying. And sometimes is relatives and sometimes is people I don't even know.

I move to USA 3 yrs ago and since I live in this house I have this terrible nightmare over and over and in my dream I see myself trying to wakeup and I can't move from my bed is like somebody is holding me. I keep trying to move and finally I start praying until I can move or I wake up. Im really scared to go to the basement I feel really weird when I go to do the laundry I feel like somebody is looking at me. Please help me if somebody knows what I'm talking about.

Jeremy 5 years ago

When i was about 5 my moms friends were playing the wigi board, and one of my moms friends was into witch craft and stuff like that well when they were playing it, it said i would wake up and i would see a man, well 5 minutes later u woke up crying and my mom asked me what was wrong and i said theres a man in my room, well a lot of times after that i kept seeing the mad but he was just a shadow looking thing, then my mom told me there is a picture of me when i was kid and when i always looked at that picture i would cry at and walk away, my mom said the picture was a nice normal picture but for some reason i would cry about idk why but i did i wonder if it had somthing to do with the man, everytime i would see him i would call him the man, when appear i would stair at him and not blink and not here anything around me, but the thing is he the shadow man never tries to hurt me, when my aunt barb was dieing she told my mom theres a man hurting little kids and everybody thought that she was going crazy because shes dieing but i believe she did see it, well as i got older the man went away and, im 17 now and a couple days ago i was in my bedroom listen to music laying in my bed, and in the corner of my eye i seen somthing standing there, i turend to look at it and it was the man, as i was looking at him i couldnt hear anything around me nor move my body, i ask my self if the man is comeing back im afriad that hes coming back in my life, is he evil is he good what is it? what can i do for it to go away? what do you think that had caused for me to always see the man? can someone please help me out and give me answers?

Jennifer 5 years ago

I have seen a shadow person but it wasn`t transparent like in the picture above. It was a black figure of a man and at the same time I was seeing my father.It was sitting in my bed.

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lauraswe1234 5 years ago

could somebody get back to me please

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lauraswe1234 5 years ago

ive seen a few ghosts over the years i do not think ive got the gift but over the years strange things happen in my room like something wakes me up and when i do wake up theres nothing there ive felt something touch my knee once it does happen all the time but months go by i think its gone like this time nothink happend for awhile and last night i was on my laptop it must been about 8 on the night and in the corner of my eye i saw a shadow could make it out but it flew throught my mirror it didnt feel bad could somebody help x please what does it mean

lisa-marie pitman 5 years ago

when i was a little girl i use to see a black figure of a man on a horse what does this mean?

Rjay 5 years ago

I just woke up and went right to google and entered this "waking up from a shadow leaning over me and running away" now i know i'm not losing my mind. It was so vivid ... I opened my eyes from a dead sleep in my bed .. i don't know why I did, he seemed to have been leaning down over top of me ..the second i woke i saw him straighten up stand and seem to turn around and run out my bedroom door ...what a rush .. i got the body chill and i still kinda have it ..however i'm not frightened ... i don't think he was trying to harm me ...

Parker 5 years ago

A few months ago my grandmother broke her hip and had surgery. The surgery was successful, but she ended up getting pneumonia and a few days later, passing away.

I stayed by my grandmother's bed in the hospital three out of the five nights she was there. She was so afraid of dying, that I would sit for, literally, the whole night holding her hand and watching her face. If I had

to get up for any reason I would tell her what I was doing so she wouldn't be afraid. Although being 103 (a few months away from her 104th), my grama never had dementia. She also was not a very religious person.

Some of the weird things that happened over the first few days (but didn't seem so strange at the time...it's only when I put it all together) were: she would lay in bed, looking up, very relaxed, then begin pointing at the

ceiling; or I would be sitting by her bed - we'd be looking at each other, me trying to console her when all of a sudden she would look (just move her eyes) to the right or left side of my face as if she was looking right at someone else behind me. If I drew her attention away from whatever she was looking at she would go right back to it. At first I would turn around, and of course, no one would be there. The room door was always shut. One time I asked her, "Grama, who are you looking at?" She was too "out of it" to respond. This happened several times over the 5-day period. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck every time this happened.

Another thing she kept doing with me (and with my niece, I found out later), was, when I would be holding her hand, she would suddenly grab it very tightly & lift my arm up about halfway. I would slowly raise her arm all the way up, thinking maybe she wanted to stretch it, but she would immediately pull it back down about halfway, then stretch it straight out, as if pointing at something behind me & wanting to show me. This was the same spot that she had been looking at beside /behind me before.

One time, during the day, when Grama was becoming a little more lucid (off the painkillers), she was trying to talk. One of the nurses was in the room with me. She kept saying something that sounded like "Alla, Elleh, Elvis? Albert?" then she said (smiling) "is inviting me to come over". I looked at the nurse & said, laughingly, "Elvis is inviting her to come over?"

On Saturday night (the first night I stayed up with her all night), in the middle of the night I was sitting next to her bed & we were just looking at each other when I saw a shadow pass over her pillow from the left side, across her face, over the right side of her pillow. Although the room was dark, except for one light coming from her heart monitor, which was on her

left side, facing out, away from her face, there was still that shadow. I immediately felt someone in the room and was surprised when I turned around and no one was there. This happened 3 or 4 times during the last two nights I spent with her.

On Sunday night, the last night I spent with her, again, the shadow crossed over her face & pillow. It looked like the shape of a person, moved slowly and was not

scary at all. I knew that no one had come into her room, but I could feel someone there. Just like when you KNOW someone is behind you but you haven't turned around yet to see who it is. This time I knew that I was seeing

something not normal. I was wide awake. There was no way (explainable) that a shadow could have crossed her face, because there was no light coming from that direction. The door was closed & around the corner (her room was L-shaped). So I tested it right after I saw the shadow, and waved my hand across her pillow and face. There was absolutely NO shadow, no matter how many times I tried to make one.

When I thought of this the next day, I kept trying to find an answer to it, but couldn't figure it out. I talked to my 3 sisters & told them what happened, and they agreed that there was no explanation. Anyway, it is something that I will never forget & it's making me feel that there might be something for us after death. When my grama saw these things she really seemed comforted

by them and not afraid (to die) at all. Being a strong skeptic of the "afterlife" most of my life, this experience has made me reconsider the possibilities. How can you not believe in spirits/guardian angels, etc. after something like this?

I told a few of the nurses about it, and they both said "Oh, yeah...that kind of stuff happens all the time".

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jmmoss 5 years ago

this was two yrs. ago..i was n the living room n the dark watching a movie. laying back while my man was n the back bedroom watching the game. and perhaps asleep. i heard this small noise, like a tap on that 5 disc cd changer n the in wall shelf, and a cold chill go past me, but didnt think anything of it. Im still watching t.v. and i seen a tall probably about 6 ft. tall see thru black shadow, it was against the wall walking . this was the wall of part of the kitchen . then it dissapeared when it got to the window. It also had seemed that it sounded like it wouldve been James walking to the kitchen and back. I heard foot steps at the same time I saw shadow as if it was walking thru the middle of the kitchen but was against wall. It was very skinny, didnt look at me, like it had the perfect outline of a reptilllian looking creature, its hands like it had claws. after it dissapeared when it walked to window on wall, i went to the bedroom where James was at and told him what i saw. I felt very disturbed and i started to cry. I never saw that figure again. But before this happenes like a couple months before, me and James were in the living room talking, this was after we had come back home and i had left my car keys on the middle of the kitchen table, all the sudden my keys slid off the table onto the middle of the kitchen floor.

Chris 5 years ago

I have seen a black mass of some kind, it was once in the early morning on a snowy day. That time it was clear as can be since it was completely white from snow. It just zoomed across the road in front of me. I didn't worry too much. A few months, maybe even year later I was out about 1am taking my last friend home and we had all been out and about so she was tired of course. Well we were in the dirt roads of a small town on the way to her house and at a stop sign I saw the same black mass just shoot across the front of my car. I was scared that time I flipped on the brights of my car but it had passed to quick. I was hoping my friend saw it but of course she was asleep. I have seen one video of something similar, but never been able to find what it was. It was way too big and fast to be a shadow person IMO. It is just another mystery.

Samantha 5 years ago

hi my son said he saw a black man at the end of my bed singing to him but my son shouted at him and he sed he then went away, he sed ''he's gone back to the black house mummy'' so i am now totally freaked out. can they hurt u?

Tisha0616 5 years ago

My house was built in 1878 and I never knew shadow people existed until I moved here. I have seen three in the past eight years. The first one was running across my back porch. I noticed it as pure blackness when lightning had lit up everything else. Our electricity had just gone out and we were searching for candles. The second one was staring at me from beside my bed and quickly ran off when I noticed it. The last one was seen by me and my daughter. As we watched TV in the living room we saw it dart across the doorway into my son's room. All three were tall, thin, very black (like just total absence of light) and extremely FAST!!! They seem very shy. I was not scared at any time.

kim 5 years ago

I work in a nursing home and I see them from time to time. Usually before someone passes.

Jeffy 5 years ago

Also my experience. I recalled just now seeing them very early on in my childhood. I've seen them in two areas always never moving. First area in my hallway bathroom almost like they were sitting near the toilet (not trying to be funny). The second at the bottom of the stairs in the basement looking up at me. Only a few strange things happened I felt may involve them. The first, when I was around 5 I awoke in the middle of the night and traveled to the basement to the laundry room side. I walked up to our closed shower curtain, where a voice spoke to me, very deep. I ran upstairs and woke my entire family. The second was my brothers freak episode, where he was being chased throughout our house with a hallucinations seeing something that scared the hell out of him. He was worried about my well being and his own. He went to the hospital and I went into the basement to inspect. I found the basement to be very chilly, my brothers room shrouded in darkness, and the mini grandfather clock of my grandparents to be swinging the pendulum by myself. I felt danger or erie coming from his room... So I took off.

Jeffy 5 years ago

Is there any books that can go deeper into the meaning of these figures like explain more? I haven't found anything.

amand 5 years ago

I saw a shape tonight when I parked my car. I was scared it was a person. I read your site and now wonder what the message was or what the reason was for me seeing it. My friend had experienced a sighting of something shadow-like the day earlier...

Jesselm 5 years ago

My grandmother said that when i was little i used to wake up and walk to my mothers room and lay on the floor next to her bed. They told me that i used to say i was protecting her from a dark "figure" could i possibly be some sort of guardian for my mother?

5 years ago

pretty sure there called jin's or gin's there's good and bad ones

Juice 5 years ago

They are nothing to fear or worry about.

I saw them throughout child hood and teens, although not regularly, maybe 10 times max that i can recall.

I once encountered one sitting on a log in our local woods. It was very dark at the time (around 10pm october evening in uk), but of course the shadow stood out as darker than it's surroundings. I was with a friend at the time, we thought it was one of our other friends messing around as it was an area that was one of our places to hang out.

Of course it didn't respond to us asking who it was, so I went to nudge it, but just passed straight through it. We both swiftly turned and left the woods.

Quite freaky at the time, but it was not the first encounter or first contact with one or the last.

I know for definite what I saw at the time and have others who have seen with me at the same time. The strange thing is, they only ever saw these shadow people when with me, never on their own. So it's probably something linked to an individual.

I would also like to state that I do not believe in the supernatural etc, even after these experiences from my past. I believe, as with everything there is some scientific explanation behind it. Possibly some kind of residual energy, or overlapping timelines, maybe a view into future or past. who knows, I doubt we'll ever find out! But it's good to share.

laura 5 years ago

i have an 18yr old brother who can see shadow people, do i need to worry in case my 15wk old son can see them too.

gina 5 years ago

i dont kno wut shadows really r but for sum reason i think i had one walkn by my side rite b4 i had my accident..i dont remember too much bout that n always thought it wuz my friend walkn wit me till i found out she took off home early..i jus remember from the corner of my eye sumthing all black shadowy..idk wut does that mean

isabelle ingram 5 years ago

hi my name isabelle i had a experince of a ghost it weird i belive in it my mom stay over south in my room it stanger thing happen around the house it was creepy and my friend sherlen told us somebody died in the house probably thier spirit was left behind i think it was creepy really trust me thank u isabelle

Taylor 5 years ago

So at the beginningnof summer I was about to go to bed when I looked up I saw a dark figure about 7ft tall standing in front of my door just starring at me. He is never there unless I'm about to go to sleep. So I told nY dad and the next week he told me he keeps hearing doorknobs turn and release and wiggle. I have never heard it and my dad is actually very scared and isn't the kind of person that will lie. He says that everysince I told him he hears kids laughing and often feels like there is something evil looking over his shoulder. I've never felt threatened just scared and have also never heard the doors. I'm 15 years old and would appreciate it if someone would give me some tips or something.

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jdibono57 5 years ago

I have seen shadow people ever since I was young, i so believe we share this world with other things not seen or that are not supposed to be seen. my last home i lived in had so much activity in it, people were afraid to come over, I lived in the house for ten years and I must say the activity was beyond belief. i sold the house and live in an apt, needless to say the activity has started again, I think sometimes its just something you have to live with. But I do not understand why we are being followed.The foot steps, the knocking on the basement door, the smells, etc, I can go on this is so real and most of the time not frightning but sometimes whatever presence is around in not good.I slept in my daughters room one time while living in the house I owned, and never again, the activity seems to be stronger around her, why is that? As I said we moved and its here with us again.

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melless 5 years ago

I saw a black object fly over me fast and then stopped where the wall meets the ceiling and then appeared to dig and squirm like an animal that is scared and trying to get away by forcing itself into a small hole. Did not have any form but did look like mayber arms came out when it was going through the wall. Any Ideas? Should I be worried?

Psychic Hecate 5 years ago

It is a well known fact among Professional Parapsychologists and other Paranormal Researchers that shadow people are dark shadow figures with no visible features. Which mean real shadow entities cannot be distinguished as man, woman or child. They have no physical features everything about them is black hence the name 'Shadow People'.

Any 'Real Psychic Medium or Educated and Experienced Paranormal Researchers' are well versed on all things Paranormal, Metaphysical or Supernatual.

Please, don't take knowledge from so called experts who don't even know the basic and simple info on the Paranormal.

'Shadow People are neither good nor bad'. They are simply the first step in ghost manifestation. They are dark Shadow entities with no detail in clothing or features. They are just one complete dark mass.

Some people don't understand that just because 'Shadow People' are black doesn't mean they are evil. Even if they were white, it does change what they are.

leslie nunez 5 years ago

i seenshadow people all my life they would ran iwould chase when i was in kindergraden. now i see them again shadows as well as a real life person. in mexico i saw a little girl about 10 years old stright black hair, skinny and as well standin stright behide the door were it didnt go all the way back. i been seeing alot more now. as well as oncein my room i felt a persence in my room playin withmybangs i would see my bangs float inthe air. stayied still and prayed untill itfelt me alone. once i tooken pictures and soo many ghost n shadow people. no one has seen them but me n my cusion has seen the pictures my mother eased some n me. my cusion that lives in front of me saids he seen some n heard noises at his house. i really dont know what to do. o I CAN ONLY SEE THEM WITH THE CONOR OF MY EYE.I LOOK STRIGHT THE DISSAPPAR N WITH MY CONOR OF MY EYE I SEE THEM. ON THE OTHER HAND SOMETIMES I LOOK STRIGHT N THEY ARE GONE EVEN THOUGH I TURN TO SEE WITH THE CONOR OF MY EYE THE ARE NOT THIER. SOME I SEE GETTING CLOSER OTHERSRUN AWAY SOME MAKE NOISE OTHER I FEEL A COLD BREEZE N TRY TOUCHING ME BUT I PRAY.

Robin Mancini profile image

Robin Mancini 5 years ago from South Jersey/Philadelphia PA

I saw a shadow person for the first time 2 nights ago. I was sleeping in my living room and I thought it was my boyfriend coming out of the bedroom stretching in the hallway. I sat up (mind you no lights were on) and said out load "what are you doing? No reply back.It just stood there looking at my direction.Now I thought it was my boyfriend stretching because it look so tall. So then I yelled his name( boyfriend) No reply again! Then I felt scared and reached for my TV remote and turned the T.V on. And it disappeared. I was so freaked out ,I slept with my TV on. Later on in the early morning hours I woke again and found my remote on the floor with the batteries out of it..talk about scary

Shelley 5 years ago

When I was about 7 I started seeing a tall dark man with a hat standing in my bedroom at night. He must have been quite tall because I was in a bunk bed and slept on the top bed. He would just walk in and walk around a bit or stand there staring at me. Another thing that came at night was a small man/figure that was quite short and he would climb up the ladder on the end of my bunk and sit at the end of my bed and watch me all night. I didn't get much sleep when they were there watching me. I'm grown now with kids of my own and my daughter and I both see this tall dark man once in awhile. We see other weird things too, like cups and doors moving, lights off and on, radios being turned on and turned upside down to furniture turned around backwards in our living room. My hubby has had several scratches over the tears to his back that just seemed to appear out of nowhere. Sometimes we get pushed "up" the stairs and sometimes we just see him standing around watching us. I can't help but think something has been following me and it won't leave. We've tried talking to it, telling it to move on, white candles, positive energy etc, but it still keeps coming around. I had some major traumatic things happen to me as a kid, some I don't remember, so maybe I'm making it manifest, I don't know.

kara 5 years ago

I have been living in the same condo for 6 years and I always see a shadow of what looks like it could be a child on the 8th stair. It looks as though it is crouching down and peering through the bannister. Nothing else really happens on a few occasions the fan in the master bedroom spins slowly in one direction and then in the other direction when it is not turned on. And the lights in the master bedroom (which you have to turn on by turning a switch) have come on in the middle of the night. Nothing scary or dangerous has happened though. My son who is 3 does say he sees a fan man who is named Jeremy mind you we have never discussed the fan issue with our son. He doesnt seem frightened by it though and doesnt speak of it often. As far as I know no one has passed in this building but several friends have all noticed the shadow person on the 8th stair.

iris 5 years ago

i was sitting at my table and lookin at my cell phone its late at nite and with the corner of my eye a black shadow walked by the front door to to living room it dissapered,earlier a drinking glass fell on my hand and i got cut ,the glass just fell on me outta nowere ,my bfs cell was acting up goin on and off blinking ,i got poked in the back eariler and seen the shadow person walk away weird

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Borries 5 years ago

ok so mainly I kinda have a question? I really hope someone can respone to this. So I've had some experience's with the paranormal. When I was 3 I saw an apparition of an old women. (I know now that it was my great grandmother, she dies before I was born) and when I saw her she walked past my room down the hallway. I turn to look who was walking down the hallway. And I see the face of my great grandmother. She had on a white dress. And she turned and looked back at me, and she dissaperared. I currently still live in the house. I've had a lot of deaths in my family recently. Including my uncle, and grandpa. They were really close to me. But I have recently seen an apparition of a shadow person? But I wasn't scared? I didn't really feel a presence to be afraid of? But it seemed to come out of nowhere? I was reading a book for school. And to me it seemed that a shadow came from the wall and walked out of my room? Now there has never been a reported death in the house. We were the only residents that have lived in this house? So the question that I have is that does this shadow person mean anything to me? Like is it a sign to me that something will happen to me or my family? Or does it just want something from me? I would really appreciate it if someone could read my post and possibly give me an answer on what is going on? Thanks! :)

nova 5 years ago

I've seen my share of ghost/shadow people the question I'm asking is can they hurt us.

Lace 5 years ago

I saw my first Shadow 10 years ago, I had just learned my 3 month old nephew, Ethan, had died of SID's, I was talking on the phone telling friends about this, I turned my head and saw a dark shadow, startled me but as I got to thinking about this, this "thing" was in the shape of my deceased father, maybe taking Ethan with him or just letting me know Ethan was not alone. Also 3 years ago I saw a quick black shadow in my hallway, my dog died the next day. YES, I believe in shadow people.

Adam 5 years ago

My first encounter with a shadow person was two days ago... My little brother and I live together. (he is handicapped and unable to walk or comprehend many things) I put him on the couch and we watched tv for an hour or so... After a while I got up to use the bathroom, when I came back to the living room... It stood up... I didn't know what I was looking at... But for the first time in my entire life, I couldn't move, tears came to my eyes, all I could do was stand there... It turned its body toward me and appeared to step to me... I blinked and it was gone... That fast... I replayed it in my mind a million times... It looked like a woman with long hair... That's all I can remember about her features...

michelle 5 years ago

im 29 yrs old all my life strange things have happened to my little brother and i. the door to the laundry would open and close real fast the banging would send him to my bed or on the couch, i would hear voices like a t.v was on and banging but none would be on or any one home, my sister in-law was in the shower at my mothers house diff, than laundry and heard me calling to her, note i was in a different state, at the same house i have seen shadow people and one night sleeping on the couch, i heard a loud wisper (hey) i got up and left to go home. i see shadow people alot now , usally when im upset. they dont scare me, anymore but like today i saw two. almost like they are watching me. kinda like the moth man maybe .. any event i feel like they come to me and my family and i would like to know why

Rupert 5 years ago

I have seen the Shadow Man many times, especially when I was a child. He was always wearing a hat. This has been a vivid memory of mine for many years.

Man 5 years ago

When I was younger I saw a shadow women in my room, she had glowing yellows eyes and strange moving hair. She seemed to be looking around and was only there for a few seconds, either way I was extremely terrified of her, though she did not seem like she wanted to harm me.

Franchesca 5 years ago

My name is Franchecsa..Im 17 years old and I live in Florida. I woke up about 30 minutes ago. When I rolled over in bed and opened my eyes, I saw something standing at the foot of my bed. It was tall and completely pitch black. I thought it was my mom at first, until it actually opened my door and fled the room so fast I couldnt believe my eyes..And if it was my mother, the door would have been opened in the first place..Im terrified and I dont know what to do or what to say even. I've seen spirits before, but nothing like this. Please someone help, Im a huge pussy when it comes to this stuff!! I just want to go back to bed not having to worry about some creepy shadow watching me in my sleep. :'(

menmyself 5 years ago

When I was about 10yrs old I saw a what looked like a shodow wearing a hood. I could only see the top half, it looked like it was kneeling next to my bed. I sat-up in bed (had been sleeping)and kept looking at it, but then when I asked it who are you? it just dissapeared. I was so scared, I cried and went to sleep sleep in my mum's room. This happend some 30 years ago, and I would like to know what it means?

A Person 5 years ago

I have seen them. I see them all the time. The like to hide in the shadows and are barley visable.

none 5 years ago

all i want to say is mine werent fully human but they werent dark becuase they were darker than dark can get. and ill never forget the eyes

Someone 5 years ago

when ever I see this guys around, I know is bad news. I have no doubts that they are real demons. I have since a little kid, and when ever they are around I have a chilling feeling and sadness. Their presence just bring disgrace, sadness, and fighting with those that you love. They are here to let to the path of destruction or to use as an instrument to do evil. They like to imitate you love ones voice and you sometimes heard them talking in mumbling voice. My sister has be attacked by them, she woke up morning with inexplicable scratches. This guys are very dangerous, they what your thoughts and weakness are. For those who are struggling with this guys the best advice I give is following, pray, don't fear them (they feed from you fears and get stronger), ignore their temptations, and have faith. This guys are hard to fight, they are very persistence and wont give up that easy. If they stop bothering you, don't assume they are gone. They are smart predator from other dimension, they will be around you waiting for the right o come back to your life and torment you.

Jon Slater 5 years ago

My old house was full of these. They would move you stuff on top of bookshelves and put the remote in the fridge, etc. some of my weed would even go missing. me and my friends would always see them in the mirrors. we would always wake up to the old hag syndrome (google it) my brother even used to wake up with scratches and bruises but for some reason it never happened to my parents.

JANICE 5 years ago


readerlistenercommenter 5 years ago

i have seen a shadow man since i first moved into my current home. my bedroom had a strange i slept on the top bunk bed (two other sets of bunk bed were in the room) and he would stand in the middle of the room and stare at me staring right back throught the entire week every night when the lights were off. i have felt them near me often

Carrie 5 years ago

When I was quite young (five or six years old) I had an experience that even now, at twenty-three I can't explain. I had just gotten into bed, and while my parents to this day are convinced I was dreaming, I know I was not asleep. I could account for everyone in the house. My parents were both in the living room - I know because I could hear them talking - and my two older sisters were on the floor above fighting about something. I was having trouble falling asleep because of the noise.

When I was that young I was afraid of the dark, and so always slept with my bedroom door open and the bathroom light on. That night I had rolled onto my back, and was staring at my ceiling when, in my peripheral vision, I saw the unmistakable silhouette of a man standing in my doorway. He was leaning on one shoulder against the frame with crossed arms just staring into my room. At first I was convinced I was imagining it, and so just stayed still for a moment - until He crossed one of his legs over the other. Seeing the shadow move, I panicked and shot my eyes in the direction of the door. No one was there.

I ran screaming to the living room to tell my parents and refused to sleep in my room for what I'm sure was at least a week.

Russell 5 years ago

I would see shadow men all the time. They would walk around my room, sit on the end of my bed and one night a friend saw one walk across the room while I was asleep, bend over to look at me and then quickly stride over to my friend when it realised it was being watched. Then one night I shouted go away, leave my house and never return.

All was quiet until years later I awoke to find a shadow wearing a large hood choking me. I lay there stairing at it for a good minute and a half struggling for breath until all of a sudden it vanished.

After that I havent seen much of them as full shadows but now and again I see faces at the end of my bed and hear someone walking around my home.

scared in LA 5 years ago

Bought a trailer from an elderly woman when she moved out to live with her family since she couldn't take care of herself. This was right after her husband of 54 years passed away. So I paid her the first half, moved in, got everything in place to stay the night. On my couch i flip on my TV, there's no cable yet as they haven't came out to hook it up, but i have a few DvDs to watch so i don't mind a few days of no cable. Pop one in and head to the kitchen for a lil movie snack, come back and the DVD player is off but the TV is still on and fliped to channel 56 for some reason. I set everything back right and think nothing of it the first time. this happens 3 more times over the next few weeks, sometimes i leave and the tv is back to channel 56. Tried swapping the tv and furniture around, using different plugs, surge protecters, even a new universal remote and DVD player, same. Came home after work about a month after moving in and i see what looks like an impression of a man on my couch, flip the lights and it's gone, just in my head i thought. The cable is installed and I'm watching a movie, some sci-fi flick, leave to use the bathroom, and when i come back, the tv is on a fishing show... goose bumps and all i flip the channel, it was on channel 56. Finally i ask the elderly woman when i go to pay off the trailer I ask " is there somethin skrewy with the wireing? " and explain what's happening, and i get " Oh! Herald loved that show! " . Turns out Herald died on the couch watching the fishing show, in his sleep. Every once in a while i see a shadow of a man, nothing distinguishable but a figure, on my couch, but i flip the lights or look closely and it's gone, like you're not supposed to look right at him. No one sits on that side of the couch now, and that fishing show, it's really interesting.

Ashmael 5 years ago

The things you people see are alive do not think them to be kind most hunger for you waiting for their chance when the day comes be carefull but do not run for they will hunt you till they die, the once that are actualy kind you would see them clearly, from my experiance, good day to you all

Josephine  5 years ago

Once I was sleeping and something woke me up, like my sleep just went away. Then something made me want to look outside bedroom door and on a chair in the hall I saw this huge man shadow sitting on the chair as a king would sit on a throne. I couldn't believe my eyes and blinked but it was still there and fear came over me. Something else told me.. I guess instincts .. 2close my eyes and not to open them until the fear goes away. I felt even with my eyes closed that if I open them it would be on my face . I was about 14 or 15 yrs old and this shadow had no hat or clothes .

Trishie 5 years ago

I've lived in my house for almost 17 months. My close friends moved out due to the presence of a spirit. Now i myself didnt believe them or any other person who I know who have entered this house. A youth pastor has even came into my house and says he hears a "babies cry" as do I. I would wake up in the middle of the night to check on my son becuase I would hear crying but he was knocked right out. My spouse can also confirm this. I SEE 3 black shadows with a grey or silver lining almost. I have had something grab my shoulder tightly as i was in the shower when I first moved into my home. I screamed and heard/saw my spouse and son run into the bathroom FROM DOWN STAIRS!!!! I watched the bathroom door handle giggle and suddenly swing open while again my spouse and son are down stairs! My spouse has expereinced quiet silent whispers. EVERYONE who has entered this house has experienced something pushing gently as if someone who is trying to hurry you as you go up and down the stairs and hall way up stairs but only when the lights are off. I get so terrified that I HAVE to have the lights on and I feelt he need to RUN as FAST as possible. My youth pastor has blessed my home and for awhile it was okay but there is a presense of something or someone just waiting for you. I wake up through out the night seeing a tall dark figure waiting at my bedroom doorway starring at me my spouse and child. I have blessed my home by my youth pastor, i have tried smudging and i have tried talking to it by saying " I see you, I know you are here, why are you letting me see you, did something bad happen to you here? can you move on? why are you still here? come around me but please do not hurt me or my family." I try to reconize the spirit and try to be okay with it. it's at a point now where I am terrified of my own home, i can not be alone whats so ever and i need to sleep with both family members just to feel at ease. I dont understand or know what else i can do.

JiLL 5 years ago

I've read about Hypnopompic hallucinations, and it seems to describe the shadow people my boyfriend has seen. He agrees, too. It could just be a sleepy brain trick.

tanaya 5 years ago

just last night i woke up and saw a shadow shaped like a man but not wearing any clothes, as i was staring at it, it turned away and blew away in the wind......

Catherine 5 years ago

I moved in this house on Nov.2010 and everything was fine. I loved the house and felt comfortable in house. About a month ago I started hearing footsteps, voices and seeing shadows. Started feeling like someone or something is watching me and at times it feels as if someone is touching me.There is a basement in the house and when walk up the basements stairs you can feel eyes watching you. It is like someone is pushing you up the stairs. I told friends that something bad was about happen didn't know what but something.On April 29, 2011 my beloved sister attempted suicide. I even talked to my sister about these events and later that not is when she made her attempt. I still see the figures, hear the voices and hear the footsteps. Things come up missing or moved.The light switch in the living room is broken so you have to stand on chair and twist bulb to turn on and off. Every time I stand on chair and touch light bulb,the bulb bust. It is weird but feels as if someone or something is trying to "pass through" so to speak.Do you think these figures were trying to warn me of her suicide and if so why are they still here? I am afraid to be in house by my self.The figures have not tried to harm me or children but they do open doors. What does all this mean? Is it possible that the figures are now somehow trapped because of unfinished business? Did somehow a part of my sister leave her to warn me and is staying because she did flat line but now can not return back inside her?

Tyler C. 5 years ago

These things are VERY REAL. But I don't think they're ghosts or spirits or "the devil's work". These things come from someplace else, someplace close. Certain people tune into them, like a radio picking up different stations. Sometimes the two overlap and the result is the ability to hear both stations.

That's what we experience. We see these things from their "station" in ours. They're world is like ours but slightly different. I don't know why WE see them and not everyone - but if you've noticed, sightings are more frequent, in more places, among a wider number of people.

The gap between wherever these things are at and where we are is closing.

This is not the work of "The Devil". These are not spirits. It's not your dead grandma or a Civil War veteran. These things are very much ALIVE. And if we don't acknowledge this, before it's too late, we may all suffer dearly.

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AmberMaeB 5 years ago

Last night around Midnight I awoke with a evil presence, a Black Shadow form holding me down with my arms above my head.This was my first encounter with a Spirit being able to touch me like that. It was not in the shape of a human body, it was just a big black mass. After opening my eye's and seeing what was holding me I shouted as loud as I could "I REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!" It was so loud I woke up everyone in my home and scared the crap out of my husband laying next me. The Shadow immediately got off me and flew through my bedroom wall into the livingroom where my 16 year old daughter was sleeping, frightning her, then through my doorway I seen it go from the living room to the back of my house. This morning I prayed over some olive oil and went throughout my entire home praying and cleansing my home marking each window and doorway with the sign of the cross in olive oil. I do not fear things like this however it did catch me off gaurd cause I have never actually been touched by a Spirit much less held down. Anyone has the power through Jesus Chrsit to protect their home, through prayer and being strong in your prayers out loud. Demand in the name of Jesus it leave your home, you claim your home as a house of God where his children reside and no evil or dark forces are welcome in any way. You must not show fear, if you are afraid then you need to have someone do the house cleansing with you. Go through each room taking your time, remember you have the power to demand it to leavein the name of Jesus Christ.

D. Richards 5 years ago

I haven't had a Shadow Man encounter per se. From what I've read, "Shadow Men" are apparitions, ghosts, or whatever. But I have, in this house I've lived in for almost 6 years, on 2 occasions, felt the presence of . . . something. I don't know what it was.

The first time, in early 2006, right after my mom's father died, I felt a force staring at me from the outside of my bedroom door. It was about 9 o'clock in the morning. I had awokened early and that's when I felt the energy. It was a crisp feeling. It was fresh, like something had just happened. The room was lit by beautiful sunlight.

I decided not to look, keeping my back towards the door, which is adjacent to the foot of the bed probably 7 feet away. Shortly thereafter, I either forgot about the sensation, fell back asleep or it simply went away.

The second time was more intrusive, closer, more intimate.

I stay up very late. This night, in Fall 2010 (maybe Novemember?), I was laying on the bed, again, the television on, with my back to the door. For months I had been sleeping with the door closed for no other reason than to keep my dog bitch from going outta the room while I slept and rummaging through the trash. Anyway, I felt the presence again, but this time much closer. At first, the "power" was a few paces away, between me and the door. . . . The sensation was very intense, like someone staring a hole in your back when you aren't looking and facing away. I felt this strange tingling right between my shoulder blades. It was very disconcerting. You know how it is when somebody's staring at you, or walks in to the room when you think you're alone. You can feel it. This is different because you turn to see nothing. . . .

I turned around with much trepidation. I literally thought I was going to turn around, see something standing there in the room and... I don't know what then: I slightly rolled over on my back; nothing. This happened 2 more times, though the sensation never stopped: I would look, but nothing would be there. The third time was by far the most intense. This was when I really felt I was gunna see a figure. Whatever it was, by this time, was "standing" very close to me. I felt it was right there by the bed, intently staring at me.

I didn't enjoy this episode. Although I didn't feel threatened, I didn't/don't feel that the force was completely benevolent. It wanted my attention, apparently very much so. . . .

I don't believe in ghosts. But I don't know what it was. I do know that I don't wish for that to happen again.

Maximillian 5 years ago

Hi ppls my name is Maximillian this is slightly off topic but i am a wiccan i remember things from not of this time like its a past life and i see things alot , one of which is shadow ppl not all are dangerous depending on the place and manner of the sightings . I have seen one in my glimpses and see him often its like he tortures me he is cloaked with which looks like a long neck , skiny arms and looked like claws he sometimes watches me or forces an image of something recently one showed of him stabing my right shoulder , i see no wound on me but the pain and the feeling remains . I beleive him to be evil and gave him the name Mio . . .

Stace 5 years ago

My boyfriend has said that he's seen these shadow like things peeping round the corners, reflections behind him and mostly mirrors. He used to just see them out the corner of his eye but since the passing of his nan he's said to be able to look at them before they disapear. This happens once every few days and each time it's becoming more and more frightning. He recently spoke to his dad about it who claims to have seen the same thing when he was young and recalls his dad mentioning it, too. My boyfriend keeps getting freaked out and doesn't know what to do to make them go away. He also told me when we're out he sometimes notices black sillhuetts running fast and he only sees them in the distance and they are gone very quickly. Has anyone else had this kind of thing before?

Autumn 5 years ago

Me and my family decided to go to Fort Delaware for the day to explore the old fort.When me and my cousin were walking around in the tunnles that the soilders would stay protected in,i kept hearing boots walking behind us.So we were curious and turned around every minute.Ane when it was my turn to look behind i saw a shadow person by this old fireplace standing there!it felt like it was looking back!!!Cant wait to go next year!!

Zach 5 years ago

Last night i seen a shadow person RIGHT beside me when i was watching TV. It was the shadow guy with a hat 0_0 i jumped as soon as i saw him and like, went upstairs and slammed my door shut! I would try talking to him tonight with my digital reorder around the same time i seen him last night, but I doubt that i will get results. If i do, i will post on youtube or a website the results and leave it here maybe.

zyll 5 years ago

it happened in the other night when i was going to sleep. i lied on my bed and closed my eyes and suddenly i heard something like a guy sort of calling my name. the voice was very familar. and i opened my eyes. what i saw is my friend standing by my bed. and they vanished when i saw him. knowing that hes not dead yet.

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janice2012 5 years ago


flowers00 profile image

flowers00 5 years ago from london

i had an experience for years, something used to chase me up the stairs in 2 different houses its stopped now ! but it scared me for years i would always run up the stairs panicking and once i was in the living room i would be so releived my friends used to laugh at me! the weird thing is i never ever seen it but i no what it looks like and it seems to be like a shadow person i described this too many people and now seeing this hub i realise that it was one! i could feel it chasing me and sense that it would wait in the corner next to the mirror at the bottom of the stairs i now never turn lights off in my house especially the passage where the stairs are and if someone turns it off i panick and have to get them to turn it back on ! scary! im terrified of the dark! my ex partner lived in both houses with me and since he moved out it has stopped !

diesel dan 5 years ago

i have seen shadow people for a while now but for about 2 or 3 months i had one that seemd to attach it self top me it would sit in the back seat of my truck when i drive and when i would get out to walk to my door it would follow me into my house and threw the hall way to my bed room and unless there was a light on it would just sit there and watch me till i fell asleep and in the morning it was gone one night it was following me and i turend around and yelled why the fuck are u following me and it dissappered i havent seen it since my first experience with what i belive to be a shadow person or possibly a demon was when i was walking to my truck one night and felt something watching me so i started to run and i clicked the button to open my truck and jumped in as soon as i slammed the door a dark face came up to the window and looked at me for about 10 seconds im not sure what it was but it scared the hell out of me cuz i see super natural thing s all the time

Charity 5 years ago

I also have seen the "shadow man". I got up from sleeping it must have been around 3am to use the bathroom and when I was finished I was at the doorway to the bathroom and looked into my boys room(4 years and 6 months) directly across from the bathroom and saw a tall dark shadow of a man standing in their closet, I'm not sure how but I just instictively knew it was a man even though there were no distinguishing features to him and he was about 10 shades darker than the dark in the room. We stood there facing each other staring head on for about 10-15 seconds. I didn't tell anyone for about 3 months then I worked up the nerve to ask my husband if he has ever seen anything and he said no. The part that really creeps me out was that it was in my boys room, I think I could have dealt with it alot better if he had been in my room instead.

Kevin 5 years ago

I have been seeing shadow people for a while now and i havent experienced anything bad until last night and tonight i have been staying with a friend for the past 2 days and every time at night for the past 2 days when we go outside to smoke a cig we both see the shadow people but what scares me the most is what happend tonight me and my friend were outside and we saw a tall dark hooded figure by his fence and when we looked at it it took off so we followed it and we were by his nieghbors fence and we saw it stick its head out from around the fence and it vanished we waited where we were at and we heard somthing movie through the woods that are right behind his house and then we turned around and we saw it by his shead and it was standing there watching us for about 2 min and then it started walking twords us and it walked for a little bit and stopped we watched it for a little bit and then it starts running straight at us so we ran and when we got back we stayed inside for a little bit and when we went back out it was in his backyard watching us and my friend said when i walked across the porch the shadow figures head was moving when i was walking he said it was watching me and i dont know what to make of it cause he says when im not at his house he doesent experience it and every time im alone walking home from some where at night i always see them and its never out the corner of my eye its always in front of me and when i do see them its for a long period of time but i dont know if shadow people are violent but im starting to think they are cause ive seen them alot in the past and i have never had one run at me cause now im scared to go out at night alone so if anyone has any advice or anything i would appriciate it

bubbles 5 years ago

i have seen them and they use to scare me but now i kinda of got use to them the first time i saw one i was walking home from work and it was still kinda of light out

i dont think they mean us any harm

Penny 5 years ago

Please help!!

Need a little help. I dont know if it is because I am pregnant, 23 weeks, and things are coming easier to me, as in spirit activity, or if it has something to do with something else.

I have been seeing a lot of shadows figures, mostly in doorways and mirrors. They stand about 3 to 4 foot tall and move really fast. Most of the time I wake up and see them bolt from the foot of my bed to the laundry room door. It seems to me to be a child like form with long hair, the best way I can discribe it is a tar baby with light spots in its eyes. It is a female with a dress on and bare feet. I have seen it enough to know what it looks like.

At first I thought it was just my mind paying tricks but it is getting more common. The first time I saw it I was up going to the bathroom and it peeked around the corner at me. I just thought I was tired and went back to bed. Now everytime I get up to go to the bathroom it peaks at me, but seems to be getting bolder and coming out further.

It is not that it scare me I would just like to know if anyone knows what they are. It seems shy and as if it just wants me to know its there.

I sleep in a basement so there is no way it is outside influence, No streets, no lights, no windows, to explaine a shadow figure, I tried to debunk so now I am turning to someone who may know more.

In the last couple of days it has come out of the basement and made it up to the main house. It likes to play tricks and stay right out of full view when up stairs. It runs past the doors and sometimes peaks around corners. If anyone can help it would be much welcomed. Thank You

Ann 5 years ago

A few months ago I began having "nightmares" of a black figure standing over me in my bed and pushing my arms down so that I couldn't get up. I try to scream but I can't. Then before these dreams started happening, I would get this loud piercing ringing-type sound in my right ear and then I knew the nightmare was about to occur. Now for the past week I get no "warning" but the dreams are getting scarier. A few nights ago something pulled me up to the ceiling so that I was hovering about 3 feet above the bed. Then another hovering dream between the bed and dresser in the air. Then I really scary dream that I was pushed onto my stomach (which I never sleep on) and "something" I couldn't see, but more like a "force" grabbed both of my ankles and dragged me with lightning speed out of my bedroom, down the hallway, and down the stairway. I was about 3 feet above the ground. Last night I saw a black shadow of a figure standing a few feet in front of my bed, and then my deceased cat appeared, but as a black shadow, on my bed and I screamed and woke up.

Lawrence 5 years ago

I remember from a young age seeing shadow people out of the corner of my eye. I'd do a double take and nothing would be there. For some reason I used to think I was catching glimpses of Death (Grim Reaper) and I found that thought strangely comforting as from a young age I understood death was a part of life and comes to us all. But within the last 8 months or so I had a far more intense experience with these "shadow people". Even thinking about it now I can feel the hairs or my arms stand on edge.

It started with a nightmare, I was in my room with the curtains wide open (I always leave the curtains open to let the sun in, in the morning) outside I could see a pale white face looking in at me. It was blurry and I'm not sure if it was even human but it made me wake up. As soon as my eyes opened they darted towards window, where there was nothing. But before the relief could set in I was overcome with a new sense of fear. I couldn't move... It wasn’t so much that I felt paralyzed as weakened and that something was on top of me, holding me down. I could feel a presence and as I looked towards the end of my bed I saw a shadowy figure, I could feel it staring at me. I wanted nothing more than to reach over to the lamp but I couldn’t. As I was held down I could feel something under the covers moving, touching me. I tried to scream for my mum in the next room but my voice evaporated. I could feel the tears streaking down my cheek as I closed my eyes and passed out. I woke up the next morning in a puddle of my own sweat.

To put this story in perspective I am a man who turned 25 a couple of months ago. A man who believes all the paranormal talk of ghosts, afterlife and demons is all bullshit. For a couple of months after the incident when I woke up in the middle of the night I caught it at the foot of my bed staring at me, on these occasions I managed to move for the lamp and it was gone. Towards the end I thought to myself that it HAS to be my mind playing tricks and the last time I saw it I didn’t turn the lights on. I sat up and tried to stare back, let my eyes focus so I could make out what it was. It remained fuzzy and after a few seconds disappeared. I still leave the lamp on sometimes.

AWest 6 years ago

I can't recall if I have seen shadow people before moving to a house in 1994. At first, it was always a shadow figure standing at the far end of the yard at night, and hearing steel toed boot footsteps across the living room at night. Then as I got into high school, I noticed this figure would follow me every where I went, and even spoke to me in my dreams. Even a few people brought him up (without me mentioning him) and said things related to him being a gatekeeper, and I a key. The last person to mention this was 4 years ago, and the shadow went to his home and scared him to the point where I haven't heard from him since. It hasn't caused me harm, but it has been protecting me. I just don't really know why. I'm not scared of him, mainly because he was the first being to watch over me. I still don't know what to think about the whole key/gatekeeper thing.

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

I have seen shadow people for years. At first you are a bit afraid then you get used to it.

Tylaaaa319 6 years ago

This freaked me out so much. I came home with my mother from a couple of places, we stopped at mcdonalds on the way home. Anyway, at the house i had just finished my burger and i was looking for my mom. i couldnt find her, so I go into her room. I see my dog laying in front of the bathroom door (open) i look inside (thinking my mom was in there) and I see a shadow figure in the middle of the bathroom. It didn't move. I stayed there for about 20 seconds, i didn't believe what i was seeing! By the way, our house is barely three years old. Usually these things appear in older places, don't they?

Zakmoonbeam profile image

Zakmoonbeam 6 years ago from Parts Unknown

This scares the bejeebus out of me, but I gotta say great hub, really enjoyed reading, now I just gotta turn the light out and sleep!

6 years ago

i was preparing dinner when i thought i heard someone coming up the stairs from the basement i looked to see a shadow clearly that of a man about 6ft tall moving thru the hall and he quickly disappeared into an opposite wall next to a closet. i thought it was a family member walking but it was not, when i looked at him he was very dark with no distinguishable features other than the outline of a man and his footsteps. i know when i see things like this..my heart jumps and races just like when someone purposely jumps out at you from a corner or hiding place. afterwards i felt a very somber and helpless feeling, not threatened but very melancholic. i wonder if taking action will help but i have heard that doing anything may worsen things and that its best to just leave them be. any advice?

goody7 profile image

goody7 6 years ago from over there under the sycamore tree

I feel that shadow people are just another type of ghost. I'm truly fascinated by this topic, and I really enjoyed this hub. There really is a whole lot to learn, when it comes to ghost. I put a link from my ghostly hub to yours, which should help increase traffic for this topic. I hope that's okay with you, and if not, just please let me know and I will remove it at your request. Keep on hubbing

karen 6 years ago

Iv been seeing the same shadow man for the last 14 years.iv moved home three times (not because of the shadow man) and in each home its been the same shadow. He is about 6 and a half foot tall medium build and the outline to his body appears to be solid but the whole of him is jet black and there are no facial features. Im aware that his arms are folded and his head is tilted to the one side. Iv always seen him in doorways in broad day light never at nite ,i always catch out of the corner of my left eye but wen i turn to face him it melts away. Also in my previous home id get up to a light mist about knee high in my dinning area it only lasted minits at a time but it was cold. Iv never been scared of the shadow man but have been a bit jumpy and unerved wen iv seen him. Im aware of him watching me wen iv seen him by the way his head is tilted its as though hes listening and observing me .

ammo 6 years ago

A couple of years ago I had a dream that I was in my garden at night.It was twilight outside and I went to the patio....suddenly I was aware of a huge yeti shaped being next to me, it was about 8ft tall and about 4ft wide...even though the street light lit up the garden, no light bounced off this thing.It had dull dark red eyes and it growled at me. Also it felt so evil, beyond anything I have ever felt.And I was frozen in fear...it felt like this thing was feeding off me.

I woke up shortly after as I had to get up at 4am...the view outside...sky etc was exactly the same as the dream,I looked to the area that this thing had been and was terrified all over again. It felt as if the Shadow person didn't want to be acknowledged or seen.

All I can say for sure is that I've never been so afraid.There is a book available called shadow people, I'd never heard of them before but they seem so out of this world...few report them for fear of being ridiculed.

In the book they suggest that the shadow people are interdimensional beings....very likely....I think the way to tell you have encountered one is if it emminates extreme fear and has red eyes and no light bounces off of it...also they are very tall.

William 6 years ago

I have never researched shadow people before and was actually convinced I had coined the term at one point.

I see shadow people very very often. Usually only disembodied lower bodies or legs, however, there have been many times I have seen detailed shadow people if only for a moment.

The most notable case in my experience was a "fellow", I use the term lightly, who stayed at the same street corner for as long as I "knew" "him".

Every night I would have to drive past this spot and as long as I did not look directly at "him" I would see him. Seeing him was always followed by goosebumps and a slight adrenaline rush.

This went on for months, goosebumps, rush...and I always acknowledged "him". Sometimes with a wave, sometimes with a "see you tomorrow friend". And I rather grew to enjoy his brief nightly company.

This was until I had my girlfriend at the time, now my wife, with me one night. I told her about my friend a bit however did not divulge "his" location. As we past the spot I made no acknowledgement towards him and she tapped me on the shoulder and said "Was that him?" I nodded and said softly, "see you tomorrow friend". At that point she said she hated this "being", "he" scared her and she did not think I should be talking with him any more. I of course objected saying he was my one happy distraction on my way home nightly.

So being right....I mean....being my wife "we" decided to seek the help of our trusted psychic friend.

We drove her down the same road one night, a little earlier then I normally went, told her very briefly what we intended her to do without divulging his location or description, and waited to see what happened.

It took three passes with random turns and circles before she said there and pointed to "his" corner, described "him" perfectly.

Our psychic friend told me that I was not to ever acknowledge this "figure" as his entire existence was to make others into beings such as he. She continued that this is made possible first by gaining an individuals trust...

I have moved since then but I heard not long ago that he is still there and still friendly with the local newspaper deliverers.

I apologize for the length of this, however, this is just one of my many encounters with these "shadow people".

Richard Holderby 6 years ago

wow, i really didnt think there were others. this is kinda freaky. i was looking up shadow people since i made a relevant joke in a forum and wanted a pic of a show sneaking like scooby doo style... but i got this..

ok, so its happened to me three times. the first time, i was at my grandparents house when i was between 10 and 12 (about 13 years ago at the least). i had stayed up a bit late reading some childrens Bible stories and was staying in a room i didnt typically stay in. i turned out the light but just couldnt sleep; i felt as if i were being watched. i got the courage to flip the light on a few times, look around (classic under the bed routine), and close the closet door to the right of me. it did nothing.

eventually, i turned over onto my back and opened my eyes. at the end of the bed were two shadow figures; one on each side. they looked like static images when u turn on a light in the middle of the night and turn it off - that fuzzy kinda inbetween focus our eyes have.

i was petrified. i couldnt move, let alone blink. i could hear my heartbeat in my head. i began pleading the blood of Jesus like i had been taught, but i was afraid. it seemed like they fed on it as they grew. they eventually towered over me, seeming to be bigger than the ceiling and about 2-3 stories up. they looked like tall buildings in the city when u look up, that optical illusion of them bending.

it lasted a good hour. i was glued to my bed. i closed my eyes, thinking this was going to go on all night. i kept praying and something happened. i felt as if something soothed me from the inside out. from the center of my chest and spreading, it felt as if someone poured warm water in my heart and the warmth flowed through my body. it was a feeling i never had before - of pure comfort. i fell asleep after that and never have seen them there again.


the second time, i was in the ICU. i developed cancer at 14 and got a fungal infection in my eye. i was on the verge of death. one night, my grandma (other grandma than the the one who owned the house visitation #1 occurred in) and her friend stopped by unannounced to visit. it was late - dark out at least. i really dont like her so i wasnt exactly in the praying mood. still i said ok and she, her friend, and my father laid hands on me. when i closed my eye (other one was too big to close), i saw the frame of the door at the foot of my bed. i though i had starred at it too long so began moving the eye in directions to try to get the burn-in out. it didnt move. i though it was weird, but just as i was putting together a thought in my mind, the door opened.

i wasnt scared as i was the first time. i felt a bit intimidated, but curious. a head poked into the divide between the door and its frame. then the whole body emerged. it began walking toward me. i began to be fearful at that point, wondering what it intended to do. it reached out its arm and bent over the foot of my bed and stretched up and touched my forehead just as my grandmother touched it in real life. after that it pulled back and i cant remember how it came to be gone; i think it dissolved.

i had a feeling who or what it was, but i decided to sleep on the thought before revealing it to anyone. i had a dreamless sleep but woke with the knowledge that i wasnt going to die. i had a 0% chance to live through the infection. i needed a bone marrow transplant and had the same rate to live through it. my only brother was a 100% match in dna; something thats about 1 in 4 for identical twins, but were born 5 years apart. i had a very unusual stint with my cancer; if i could name all the instances where coincidences were just too unlikely to be as such, i could take up this whole page.

its my understanding this was Jesus or, in the least, an angel. though i have absolutely no proof as to such, i only believe it because i came out of such a disaster intact (mostly) and never again feared dying as a result of my illnesses. however, when it was happening, i had the thought that could have been the angel of death or Jesus; demise or salvation. perhaps it was and the prayer protected me along with they laying of hands an annointent of oil on my forehead. im really not sure.


the final time i saw them was the night of the surgery in which they removed my eye. my mom, grandma (the one whose house was the ground for the first visitation), and nurses were unhooking me from my iv pumps and getting me ready for transport. i was wide awake and watching them all with clarity. i remember my mom passing by the foot of my bed and seeing the first one. it was lighter than any i had seen before; again like the static between focusing and tv, yet transparent. it had the form of the others. i could just make out the head and shoulders with no other physical features. i began noticing more of them; at least four others, if not more. they were all around me, looking down on me. i told my family i saw them, and they told me to rebuke them. but they felt different - they felt good. i told my family they were good creatures, but i dont remember if i ever tried to speak to them.

i began noticing a brilliant white light sitting in the chair to my left and a ways across the room. looking at it was like looking at a dim star in the sky; it disappears when u look directly at it - u have to look beside it to see it. i could only make out the bend of a leg at the knee, but could make out a vague outline. when i took my eyes from it to a greater distance, i saw it more fully and brighter. they all stayed until i left for surgery and i dont think iver ever seen them again.

though unrelated to shadow people, i also have heard children playing up and down the halls of the hospital i had my bone marrow transplant at. i was 15 at the time and really depressed. my body was ravaged and i hated people being happy around me. these kids i heard playing were the ipidimy of happiness. they were in the form of 3-4 year olds and would laughed like ive never heard before. uncontrollable happiness is the best i can describe. the day i heard them, i thought some friends wre visiting the kid to the room next to me. for awhile, they chased each other up and down the hall; i could hear their little feet pounding against the floor. there were three, as far as i could tell. two were spirits, the last was the child. i could tell the last wasnt like the others because it was apprehensive to partake it their games.

eventually, they went back into his room, and by that time, i was fed up and jealous. i was mad they were having so much fun in a hospital when i was next door unable to sit up by myself, let alone play hide and seek in the halls. i had my dad go and ask them to be quiet. he came back soon after telling me he was asleep and there wasnt any other kids over there. i let it go but then i heard one squeal with laughter. i got mad again and had him go again, thinking the mom was covering for them. my dad went in their room that time and talked with the mom.

he came back telling me the boy was in a coma; there was no way i couldve heard that. but as we were talking, my dad heard it for a brief moment and began to cry. he said he heard the sound of hundreds of children laughing.

now, the Bible says not to divulge in the spirit realm, but i was kinda cast into it. i have no doubt theres spirits out there, even if my beliefs are wrong. i have seen and heard and felt too much to believe otherwise. and these things i tell u all today are, to the best of my ability and fading recollection, honest to God truths. i would put my hand on the Bible and swear by each. i think there are both good and bad apparitions and it can be hard to determine which are which. theyre probably around us more often than we can sense. if u wish to contact me, i posted the link to my facebook page in the url above. thanks for taking the time to read what ive had to say.

shred 6 years ago

At river: if you check back to this periodically, then I am very interested to know of your experience in more detail. Email me at tkdtiger212@yahoo.com

Daniel 6 years ago

I think shadow people are just here to help.. That's my opinion of course.. But the pregnant woman that saw it, then the next day lost her baby... I think it might have been trying to warn her or something. I just honestly don't think these beings should be misunderstood. After all ones own fear can misdirect knowledge of something useful. and if you really wanna get rid of them.. do what some of my other friends did... pray to god in pairs and in the name of jesus. If I am wrong about my conclusions then... I know that from the bible it states that if two or 3 people pray together for the same thing in jesus name then it shall be done. That is if I am wrong about my assumptions of the pre-stated "beings" Either way prayer in the name of jesus and god can bring about change in ones own life, in many ways I might add! Hope this helps out in some way!

Confused 6 years ago

These shadow people scare me a bit, I must admit. about a year or two ago I had three encounters with one of them.

My first encounter was during the summer in the middle of the day. I was cleaning the cat's box. Since it was hot out, I had both the door where the cat's box was in open, along with my bedroom door (which is across from that). I got this feeling I should look up so I did. I started to move my head but then froze when I saw two shadowy looking feet walk into my bedroom door. I was so petrified I couldn't move. When I finally COULD move I was so freaked out I put the incident from my mind and kept cleaning. When I was done I went to check it out. Whatever it was wasn't there.

A few weeks later I was feeding the cat in the kitchen. I heard foot steps behind me and felt a presence, but I didn't hear them say anything. I think I may have felt them breathing as well. Thinking it was my little brother, I waited for him to do something. After a long while I became so agitated I spun around and screamed "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" No one was there. I instantly felt guilty for yelling, thinking that maybe I had something in our house. Call me superstitious.

A long while later, after I had all but forgotten the incidents, a little while after dark I realized I had forgotten something in the living room. As I headed down the stairs, I froze. Standing in the middle of the room was a silhouette. All it did was stand there. I knew it wasn't an actual shadow, because there was no light coming in from the windows. We stared at each other for a long time, until I slowly made my way back into my room and retreated under my covers to forget about the whole thing. The next day in my math class I remember I doodled a picture of it in my notes.

Today I went and bought a book about the paranormal, just to have a look-see.

I'm flipping through, and I enter a chapter called "shadow people", and think nothing of it.

Then I get a few pages in, and I freeze. There's a picture of almost exactly what I saw the night I encountered the strange silhouette in my living room.

Being reminded of this, I'm afraid to walk my house at night.

Mason 6 years ago

Last year, my stepfamily's mother/wife killed herself. A week or so ago, my stepbrother and I decided to take pictures of the TV when it was off because we heard you see things sometimes, and we saw in the background behind us, a vivid shape of a woman. We were home alone.

Aron 6 years ago

One time, I was in my room when I heard walking around my door, I was 10 at the time but I thought it was one of my siblings, so I said "hello." No answer, usually, if I say "hello" then somebody nearby answers. So I turned my head and I could of sworn I saw someone slowly walking in front of my room, I saw him in my corner of my eye then clearly, my eyes filled with fear as it sort of looked at me and vanished instantly the half of a second I saw it.

I couldn't see his eyes so he just like a pitch dark figure.

That night, I couldn't sleep at all, I almost ended up sleeping with my lamp on. I hadn't seen anything since though.

rommy 6 years ago

well, it all started when i was 14,.. there was this shadow, very tall, 2 meters tall, somehow it made me feel i could ask it for anything for proof, so i asked him to scare this girl i didnt like, very stupid, yet he did it and the next day when i asked this girl why was she so shaky she told me in her dreams appeared this shadow that became a blond man, just like i had imagined him, and it had her grandma's head on his hand and was laughing. I felt guilty and when i got home i got on my knees and prayed, which turned out badly, it slapped me, and it made me feel like such a thing was useless that he wasn't there to hurt me, my cheek sounded at the slapping, it wasn't a hard slap, just a slap to knock some sense into me... so i learned to live with it.

i'm 27 now and i never had anymore trouble on the contrary many times i've been in danger it has aided me, but these days the spirits are getting worse by the minute... there are more, there's a child, a woman, and this man, and there's noises, they're so eager and i don't know why, wish i knew i am scared they appear and don't let me sleepp i used to tell them this was my house and they stopped but now they're just... unstoppable, i used to have some power in my words... well not anymore. So here i am at 4:15 am tired of the sound of steps i hope they really stop bugging.

Erin LeFey profile image

Erin LeFey 6 years ago from Maryland

I've seen these shadow people too in many places. Great hub and pictures! Voted up and awesome!

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DKain 6 years ago

I have seen two now in my life time, one I saw in a local cemetery {10 years ago}an was drained,and as we left our car was "thumped on" by some unforseen force. The second was lastnight in my house, walking through a room i have always had an eriee feeling in I saw it cross the doorway, fear consumed me an i was ready to leave until the truth of the matter hit me an i realized i had to walk through that door to get out.

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dav1na 6 years ago

just recently ive been seeing shadows and the like but this morning was weirder than ever i heard my son shouting for me to open the door for him i went and he was not there so i rang him and he was at his girlfriends and id just woke him up my 7 year old daughter also heard this any theories please help

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Camille74 6 years ago

Shadow People.. Now this is an interesting topic. There is always speculation as to what/who they are, and many people have claims of seeing them.

I grew up with most of my relatives being near by neighbors. I can remember being a kid of maybe age 10 when my brother was telling us of an incident that had happened to him during the night, he claims that a man "a really tall man" was in his bedroom, he said he yelled at it and even threw a stuffed animal at it, but it just stood in the doorway lingering, he then covered his head in fear, and I am guessing eventually just fell off to sleep. The odd thing is, not even a week later, my cousin who lived next door, she was probably 15, anyway, she had told us of a similar experience with a "very tall man" lingering in her bedroom door way.. She did not know of my brother's claim, until she finished telling her story..

Another quick story.. I worked in a Personal Care home, we had a resident who was dieing. I recall the last night she was with us, it was an unusually quite night, me and another aid was on duty, and recall standing at the nurses station talking with the other aide when I happened to look down the hall, I saw a black shadow figure enter the room of the dieing resident. I honestly took a double take kind of look, I thought maybe my eyes were fooling me, but I told the other aide what I had seen. She said it isn't that unusual, others have claimed to see black shadows when someone is about to die, or has died, not just black, but some have seen white shadows as well..

Thank you for letting me share my stories.

James 6 years ago

i have see a good number on separate occasions, the first was a bout 10 years ago, i would get up for work around 5:00 am and get ready for work and a bout six am the sun would rise then i would pass by my mother's room and I'd see "him/her/it" standing at the foot of my mother's bed and gave me a VERY bad feeling, and i would tell it to leave her a lone. and this would go on a bout a month or two be for we had our house "cleaned" but it was one of the run of the mill shadow people. every tall (about six feet or bigger) wherein a pompadour hat.

another sighting was at a job my older sister had, she was taking care of an old compel and the man was very sick and was dieing, and she and the wife went to the store leaving me to keep an eye on things and i was in there kitchen when i had a feeling I was being watched so i turned and saw a black figure with red glowing eyes staring at me and i asked if it would leave me a lone, and went back to what i was doing a few days later the husband passed a way of old age i have yet been back to see if it's still there or not, nor i really wanting to know.

now the other time I'm not to sure can be called "shadow people" because it was more or less like black "smoke or fog" but less than a year a go i was in my house get ready to got to sleep and weighting for so music downloads to finish when i saw (the reason why i don't think it's a shadow person) a bible i had on my computer desk fly of in to the medial of my living room, a few seconds later i watched a black cloud of "smoke/fog" move a cross the floor this went on for a bout a week or two, things would get thrown of shelves and tables thing would move on there own and I'd see the black smoke move her and there and one day it just stoped i haven't see nothing as of late.

renee 6 years ago

I was living in a one bedroom apt that used to be a motel, it's an old building off of Boulder Highway in Las Vegas NV. My friend and I were sitting opposite sides of the small living room talking about religion. She suddenly stopped talking and tears were coming from her eyes, she told me to look right ( i was sitting on my couch and a wall was right behind me) and I looked to see right next to me was a large face.. It was black and the eyes and mouth was shadowless, much like how a human face looks when looking at photo negative. The face was large about maybe 2 feet in diameter and it slowly floated down or up, i cant remember but it was slowly moving. I jumped up to go next to my friend and made her verbally tell me what she saw. She said theres a ghost and we both freaked out and left! I did continue to live there, never saw the ghost again. But i did move out very soon afterwards.

Ashley  6 years ago

I have seen shadow people all of my life. I am twenty three years old. I have seen them in various shapes and sizes...ranging from children to people with hats or cigarettes. Most often they actually have a human physique. However, starting this year I have seen a shadow "creature" of some sort. It was very tall and wide and seemed to be looming over my bed. I had not yet fell asleep when I saw this so I was certainly not dreaming. Most shadow people do not scare me because I have always seen them, but this one terrifies me. I think it likes to "toy" with me. I'm not sure if it is a prankster or if it is malevolent and wishes me harm. My gut seems to think the latter. Has anyone else seen this????

Brittany 6 years ago

My boyfriend tells me that he see a shadow by me when I'm sleepping.I belive that its my sister.My sister has been dead for 10 years.That sticks that I can't see her. I belive that she chose the people to see her. Even my boyfriend could hear vociesse to.

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SylvanWiz 6 years ago

When I was young ages 5 - 18 (before I moved out and joined the Navy), I lived in Berkley, MI., Harvey & Blue Island, IL, DeMotte & Hebron, IN., and I would at times wake at night and feel like there was someone pulling at my feet or holding me down. I would see Black Shadow figures at the end of my bed. Sometimes just one, and, several other times, 3 or more.

Since then, and while growing up, I also developed and discovered I have some Para-Psycholgical gifts. Psychic gifts if you will. I have seen ghosts, have done some past life regression with others and been correct in what I shared with them, and currently I have ghosts/orbs in my garage here in Michigan. Anyway; along with that I am a lucid dreamer and remember so many dreams and/or nightmares. However; nothing has ever scared me like these faceless, blacker-than-night figures that have no human characteristics except just the general outline of being human sized, standing, and focused on me.

I haven't seen any black figures for years now, but, I do sense a presence now and again.

I remember there was a show on Cable/TV some years back about this very subject. I wish I could find it again and watch it again. I don't remember what channel it was, but, I think it was the older show hosted by Robert Stack back in the 80s titled something about "Mysteries of the Unknown" or something like that. Maybe "Unexplained Mysteries"?? Anyway; there has been plenty of us that have seen such, and, I'm sure it is us, ....those that have a special extra sense that allows us to see them as there are more skeptics than believers out there I am sure. Anyway; not knowing what they are, I truly have never gotten over these memories, and, these events. I surely hope to never see them again, but, they may appear again. Who knows? I surely wish to know if they are ghosts of humans, but, I believe they are are of a negative origin and leaning towards demons.

FYI - During the years I saw them, I lived in a violent home with a "problem drinker" as a Father. During any Psychic learning I have done through my nearly 51 years of my life, via books, mediums, spiritualist ministers, and others and other sources, I learned from more than one, that a man that is a head of a home whom is drunk is very vulnerable to negative spirits and can easily follow them since such Dads and men have no real spiritual defense when intoxicated. Something to think about when someone close to you gets very high, drunk, etc., and may draw such forces to them and allow them to enter your home. Surely quite a lot of ideas on this subject, and many opinions. For sure they DO exist!

Scared 2 death 6 years ago

I don't know if these are ghosts, but I will say I am still scared out of my mind to this day because of them. After many sightings out of the corner of my eye myself, and reading these stories, I know tonight I will be afraid for my life when trying to fall asleep, fault my own for reading these stories.

But I'm not writing this comment to complain. In this comment you will not read of the many many stories I have "seen" this people, such as how just 20 minutes ago I swear I saw a woman outside looking in my living room window, and at a glance, see only my mailbox in the far distance. This can be explained with logic, I must have imagined it, right?

But I have a story that I cannot explain. One that's not so scary, except for the person who experienced it.

It was a while ago, at least a year ago I assume. I was sitting in the back seat of my mother's navy blue explorer late at night. I'm not sure the time, but I know it was dark. I, as always, was looking out of my window when my mother had stopped. I looked up to see why we had stopped, for a traffic light of course. I had looked away just long enough to see a hand knocking on my window out of the corner of my eye. I looked back at the window, only to see a hitchhiker, somewhat in the distance, holding out his thumb. As I kept watching, I realized he was all black, no demension to him at all. As I continued to stare, his presence was completely blanketed in specks, close to that of television static. As I stared even still, he slowly disappeared before my eyes.

A fragment of my imagination.


April 6 years ago

Thank god I found someone that thinks this is real! Just about ten minutes ago my mum, my little sister and I were driving home and I saw a shadow of a man on the street but no man! It looked like he was waiting for something...Now I swear I saw this! It was not one of them moments when you think you see something and then you look again and it was a hat. This was REAL! It was just a shadow...no man just shadow...

cba 6 years ago

when i was studying at university (about 10 years ago)I used to see shadow people during the night on my bedroom, often related to sleep paralysis, I saw them standing next to my bed or sat next to me, like watching or trying to communicate, sometimes I used to hear loud noises on my ears like murmurs or buzzes when they appeared. It was scary and lasted for several months then suddenly it stopped and I never had the experience again. I felt relieved when I knew that a lot of people had experiences similar to mine. So i'm not alone....

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 6 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Charlie you are right on point. When as many people see shadow people as they do then there has to be something to it. I to know that Shadow People and Ghosts are very real. I see shadow people in my house all the time. I used to be afraid but I am not anymore. But they are very real.

charlie 6 years ago

If only one person is telling the truth than they exist.Same theory applies to ghosts and aliens or bigfoot.I have seen a ghost so for me their is no doubt.Too many people who aren't the type to lie and had nothing to gain have seen these things also.

scar.A.H.Lazaroff profile image

scar.A.H.Lazaroff 6 years ago

when i was about 9 or 10 i was sleeping and i awoke out of the blue i saw a shadow figure standing there i was so scared i covered my head with the covers i finally got the nerve to uncover and it was gone i ran to the bath room and sat there the whole night,, i told my family the next day. my mom had also said she had saw a shadow man down the hallway but he had on a hat and a jacket he also appeared to be holding a briefcase. im 25 now and have told my story to many people over the years. acouple of years back my sister had come across some articals of the shadow people and had told me abit about them but never did i know my own almost exact experiance was so common, it gave me gosebumps reading some of the other comments. i havnt been bothered ever since but had many other experiances..

like the one post i also have heard horses troting. i lived in Maitland N.S a small gost town nothing around i kept hearing a noise it was driving me nuts to the point i was scared almost in tears im in my room yet racking my brain trying to figure out where this noise was coming from,, to me it sounded like a lady running around with highheels yet the rode is dirt it finally stopped n the next day at school i was telling my friend and she said did the noise sound like a horse and buggy and my hair stood right up on my arm i was so shocked she had also heard this noise one year while camping in the area.

im intested in these things but they do scare me abit,,it would be awsome if we could find out the true reasons for these experiences. in a strang way im sort of glad for my incounter with the shadow man because it made me openminded and awhere of my own spiritulity at an early age.

drbillfannin profile image

drbillfannin 6 years ago from Atlanta

OK. We all believe in shadow people. If they are bothering you, get a ghost buster or priest in there to hunt them down and throw them out. If they are not bothering you, just accept them as part of life, just like rats, roaches, and spiders. We don't like them. They are irritating and nasty, but what can you do?

River 6 years ago

I have had many a experience with these "Shadow People" I feel they are rather... Misunderstood, so to say. I feel they don't pose the malicious threat people feel they do. I think people over-react to them, out of blind fear. I've seen one face to face, while wide awake. I didn't feel fear, but just an odd calming sensation.

When I was younger (I'm 21 now, this was when I was 14 -15) I played around with astral projection, and I knew enough to be able to remember the energy they projected. I don't want to say the means I took to undertake this endevour because they would like it if I did. Long story short, I was able to astrally project myself into their plane of existence. I was there for maybe 45 seconds, but it was more then long enough to understand they did not want me there. In the end they brought me to my knee's, told me I didn't belong there, and then threw me back into our plane.

If you want to know my experience in their plane, I need to know you a little first, toss a comment in and I'll see what I can do... I write this more as a warning, no one should ever attempt to go there, we are not ment to be there. You can wonder, yes, you can research many of these accounts, but don't keep pushing the boundary. You'll get more then you are prepared for, and they don't take well to outsiders.

shadows in the night 6 years ago

over the last few years i have had what i have put down to being a recurring dream, yet i maintain that i have been fully awake anytime i have seen the shadow/hatted man.. it looks exactly like the sketch in black and white above.. i am 20 years old. i have seen the shadow man both at home (the very odd time) and in a house i lived in for two years at university, more so in my student house. it appears at the same place in the room.. i wake up and the shadow is standing at the bottom of the bed, often near the wardrobe/window, he is very tall, you cant see his features or anything just the outline of a tall man wearing a long black cloak and a pointed/rounded shaped hat. on the more scary occasions i have woke up/been awake and i am aware that he is at the bottom of the bed but i cant see him but i can 'feel' him holding my feet or my legs.. one night i woke up and managed to get up, i was standing by the wardrobe, but i couldnt get away i was wraped in the blankets as if he was still holding my legs...at this satge i will be screaming the house down. on this same occasion i made my way to my door.. which as a student house bolts from the inside. while i tried to unbolt the door i could still sense him in the room but he doesnt run after me.. everynight i wake my housemates up/ or end up standing in the middle of one of their rooms in hysterics then i make them check the wardrobe and behind another door in my room which contains a boiler. i understand this sounds crazy but this really happens me. perhaps more so in my old student house which is very old and which we have since moved out of. nothing like this ever happened my other housemates, apart from on occasions they heard starnge noises or got 'creeped' out by the feeling that as they came into the room someone had just left. one of the girls i lived with rang me one day to ask was i in the livingroom she had been on the fone to her mother and maintains she heard the key go into the front door someone set their bag down in the hall and go into the livingroom.. when she shouted my name she got no reply..when she rang me to see was i joking about or where i was when she heard the noise of the city in the background she said she jumped and locked her door.. later that night after returning from a night out when we were eating toast in the kitchen there sounded like there was someone upstairs in one of the rooms who had dropped a book or soemthing. on another occassion when my housemates had went out i was in bed and had the tv on door locked and was talking on the phone, it was quite late, i got off the phone and had just turned over when i heard a noise on the landing just outside my door like a very soft footstep on the carpet, i got a strong feeling of a presense. i was terrifed and rang for my neighbours until my housemates came home. it was only after a while that i began to attribute the weird happenings to some sort of ghostly figure, at first i had been scared becuase we live in a rough part of belfast, knowing as the holylands and had thought someone had came into the house to break in when i was on the phone and i hadnt heard them.. as our second year in that house came to an end, we began to joke that it was haunted, one night we were all heading out for our last night out of the year with a group of other girls, we were talking about how we would miss our house, and made comment about the creepy going ons when there was a loud bang from the kitchen... needless to say we wernt long ringing for a taxi that night. i know this probably sounds totally mad and unrealistic but its true

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Romana Rose 6 years ago

Hmm...When I was in grade one, I fell off my bed, and the door to my room was open, with the hallway light on.

I jumped back into bed, and all I remember clearly is that there was a shadow of a man..just a shadow staning at my bedside. He touched my hair, and told me in my forgeing language to be good and listen to my mother and father...but that man, had a ladies voice...I told him I now why I did not scream is beyond me...but I told him to go , please he was scaring me...He/She then said, they will be back.

Thats it! For years I slept with the covers drawn over my ears...childhood fear it would come back. Had dreams about it..but nothing.

Mom and Dad had suggested hypnosis. I just left it alone.

But it was just a shadow...no light..

Is this what you are speaking of??

Kourtney 6 years ago

I have seen shadow people since 2 years ago when I was in 4th grade....

But just afew days ago I found out what it was.

The thing that scares me the most is no knowing what is it is and why it's following me.

The shadow people I have seen was was black and blury from the corner of my eye and when I turned my head it was gone.. It seemed to have no clothes and no face but it did take form of a human or so it seemed...

I'm now scared of dark places and to be alone, it there anyway to get it to stop following me???

tsed 6 years ago

i have seen a shadow man before . in my grandmas room when i was little . it was a man very tall never a face. i would see him several times . he would have a hat on and a coat it seemed to be.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 6 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Great comment about shadow people. Thanks for posting it.

Becky 6 years ago

I woke up to go to the bathroom and I opened my eyes and there was a shadow of a little boy standing next to my bed. I Stared at the shadow for about 5 seconds thinking it was my eyes paying tricks on me. I covered my head with the blankets for a while then looked over and the shadow was gone. I have lived at my current home for 4 years and when I first moved in the cupboard doors in the kitchen were always open when no one was around and I got mad and told "it" to go away. Don't know if it's all related but I'm not very fond of seeing shadows or experiencing anything out of the ordinary. Will the shadow go away if i tell it to????

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 6 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks for the really great comments about Shadow People.

mari 6 years ago

About this year..One night it was just my mother and I home alone. Mind you this our house is not haunted and was newly built in a subdivison. Well one night when i was falling asleep AND I can hear the world, you the cars, bugs, etc. Just all sudden it was pure silence no sound and I quickly opened my eyes but still lyin in bed which i was facing towards my door. Then i heard this sound like somebody walking (The sound someone rubbing there legs when wearing jeans) coming louder than louder and i heard go towards my moms room. Then I heard it come back and I know i saw the dark shadow stop in front of my room for a while and Left. But it was crzy It felt we were both looking at each other. When it walked off again and the silence broke.I was then able to get up and run to my moms room. I told her i felt someone was in side the house, she check but there was no one. At times I found my self to scared to sleep alone in my room and found asleep next to my mom. I would wake up every morning tired just tried..It took about almost two months or so to sleep in my room.

Second thing that happened about couple months after that. I was asleep and this time the hall light was just left on my door was open and trying to fall asleep. I felt i swear someone on my bed i open my eyes and felt somebody touching my legs almost around above my knee caps which i felt uncomfortable.. I couldnt again get up i was stuck then I dont know how I did it i jump up and ran intothe middle of parents bed. Mind you this I am a 25 year crying and jumping to my parents bed. No one has really told me what does this mean at all.

Last week, at work everyone was out at their conference meeting. Just myself and two coworkers talking about our day after lunch..Out of the corner of my eye i notice someone in black and i took a double take and nothing. Thinking it was one of our students, i asked who else is here. THey both replied no one, I told them but i saw someone. They both said maybe the mail man, I was like ok but I didnt hear the door. Mind you this the door on the handle has three bells that anyone can hear even if you try hard to softly open the door especially when u dont want to get caught being late, and they still make a sound. Well we just kept on taking and moved towards front of the office, then one of the coworkers turned arounda and said The mail is still here. I was like oh what but then who was it. Well later that day thw two other secretaries heard us talk about scary stuff and they heard what did u see Mari the figure. The secretary said wait you saw something. I replied Yes!! She said dont tell me anything I am going to do something and then you say Yes or No! She did the exact same movement how I saw the black shadow do. Walk out of secretaries office peak out and walk away. She said my boss and her saw the exact same thing before, then one of the coworkers saw it last week. Which freaks me out..That everyone that saw the black shadow in the office were all of those that have experience something before. Help please.

I have not experience anything at home since I myself moved out with my bf.

Rae 6 years ago

Yes shadow people are real. I am a psychic medium and i see shadow people all the time. I have never seen the " hatted man" but i see the black caped figure daily. I am not sure what they are or what they want. They basically are there for fear they want to scare people. also there are different things that are shadows too. there are the caped ones the hatted man then there are little shadows that are a wide range of things but they are mainly there to get on your nerves.

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sunshineskyway 6 years ago

A friend of ours is staying in the back bedroom where my step son normally sleeps. I have heard strange noises from back there before and my step son has stated in the past he does not like sleeping back there. A week ago my friend stated he woke up and saw a black shadow sitting on the end of the bed. Yesterday morning I woke up with my friend sleeping on my couch. When he woke up he told me he saw the shadow man again, but this time it was standing in front of the closet and it had turned his fan off. He said he tried to ignore the shadow person and turned his fan back on. He then shut his eyes and his fan turned back off. He said he told the shadow thing, "ok, you win!" and the shadow thing started making a shushing noise to like keep him quiet. My friend said he was out of there! Things must not of went so well last night either, because he is back out here in my living room sleeping. I know for a fact me and my husband attract spirits for some reason. I have lived in many haunted houses. This is different. I am going to buy some sage today and take care of this matter myself.

naturalbeauty 6 years ago

Yes, I have seen a Shadow Person. I was always telling my cousin her house had a eerie feeling to it and she would always deny it. I was about 7 months pregnant and a lot of people say when your pregnant your senses are hightened, I personally don't believe it. I was staying with her for a few days until my apartment was ready for me to move and I was sleeping in the living room. It was during the summer time and a lot of our family was visiting as well. One night me and my cousins were getting ready for bed in the living room. We cut off the lights and was talking quietly. I heard what I thought sound like knocking on the back patio door. The knocks were coming closer and closer until finally there was a strong presence in the room. I turned over to see if it was my cousin and saw a huge black shadow of a big man standing over me. I screamed and my cousin said I fell it what is it. She cut the lights on and it was gone. About a week later I lost my baby girl and I have always wondered if that shadow person had anything to do with it.

Paranormal Activity 6 years ago


I see Shadow People all the time. I see them all the time at a local National Park where there is a Civil War battlefield.

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crazyhorsesghost 6 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks for the comment. And yes Shadow People are very real.

Lisa 6 years ago

I used to live near Gettysburg PA and I saw many shadow people and once heard horses trotting in the woods late at night.

My daughter claims she see's a shadow woman in her room but I have not seen it.

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