What Are The Shadow People

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What Are The Shadow People?

What is it that people are seeing in the middle of the night? What are these strange shadow like beings that seem to move about against the darkness? For almost two decades reports of mysterious shadow people have been growing in numbers. Some will say the more sensationalism the phenomena gets the more the reports are going to grow. This is a just a law of cause and effect... but is it? Perhaps those that had experienced the phenomena before had just decided to tune it out because there was nothing to reference the experience with. But the more people are able to identify with a said phenomena the more others will piece together what it is they have experienced as well.

Rational Explanations:

So let us explore what plausible explanations there are for some reports that can show that this phenomena is just caused by someones overactive imagination...

  • Pareidolia - The minds ability to create recognizable patterns from chaos. It is possible that seeing light phenomena out of the peripheral area of the vision that a person will see something in the chaotic background of the environment that is interpreted as a person moving about, in darkness this makes even more sense.
  • Hypnogogic State (Hypnagogia) - The state of the sleep cycle where your body has been paralyzed to prevent movement during a REM sleep pattern. The hypnogogic state also called Hypnagogia is the bodies defense mechanisim that works to stop the body during dream states from moving. If this state did not exist we would all be fighting off demons or trying to fly out our windows while we slept. Hypnagogia strikes when a person has become aware of their environment but are still in the REM sleep phase. They will feel paralyzed, they will have a sense of weight on their chest or about the face making it seem hard to breath, they may have a feeling of being watched or even sat on, and they can also have waking hallucinations caused by the dream state. This documented phenomena has been with humanity all along. In the dark ages people called it the old hag syndrome where a witch was coming into the room at night and sitting on their chest.

Shadow People Drawings

Drawings of shadow people
Drawings of shadow people

Shadow People

Other Explanations

Reports of Shadow People vary from person to person. Some people report seeing figures moving in the darkness as a non-solid figure or a cloud of darkness to full on solid black figures with the shape of a person, some even report seeing glowing red eyes.

Other Explanations:

  • Cross Dimensional Trans-migration - Two universes existing side by side where two beings of separate realities cross one anther's path but can only perceive a limited amount of information about the other beings existence.
  • Ghosts - Non-living consciousness that has been imprinted on the environment. This allows a living person to act as a conduit receiver to the imprinted information that is within the environment, the brain acts like a radio tuned into the environments imprinted information of a traumatic emotionally charged event experienced by another consciousness and when received is played back and re-perceived by the witness.
  • Demonic Force - A non-physical being of lower energetic vibration which feeds upon the negative psychic emotions and energies of a person such as anger and fear.
  • The Dijin - It's been said that the Dijin were an intelligent race that once inhabited our world long before mankind's race took hold. Ancient astronaut theorist say it is possible that a race of alien beings with whom we men have a genetic connection to came to earth and imprisoned the Dijin by causing their quantum vibration to phase just outside that of what men call the physical universe. They are still able to interact and see men but men are unable to interact with the Dijin.

Shadow People

The idea that these phenomena are not being experienced by the population and are nothing but urban myth and legend should be disregarded by the sheer weight of numbers from those people who have had these experiences. To dismiss this phenomena would be wrong to all those who have had, what to them is a very real experience and often has challenged their own sense of what is real and what is not. I pose that these experiences may be a mixture of all the above ideas stated here from rational to paranormal. Please leave comments about your experiences with The Shadow People.

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Seana 6 years ago

I have had 3 experiences with "shadow people" in my life. The first one starting when I was fourteen years old. The first time one came across me, I was standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes and I heard and saw out of the corner of my eye someone running up the stairs. Assuming it was my sister, I turned to look at her and there was no one there. I called up the stairs only to realize I was in the house alone.

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 6 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

I've often been told about stories like this. I'm sure the event is as real to you as it was the day it happened. I cannot fathom what it was you experienced but like the UFO phenomena shadow people can only be described by what we perceive. Cool story though.

Seana 6 years ago

The second time that a "shadow Person" came across me, I was working in a nursing home. I am a Nurses aid and when I first started working there, everyone kept telling me stories about the "man in black" According to the story, he would appear and then a few days later someone would die. Having already had encounters with "shadow people" I believed, yet I did not think this was the same thing. They were talking of this man as if he were something like the Grim Reaper. I worked evenings at the home and one night at the end of my shift I was sitting at the desk doing my charts when out of the corner if my eye I saw it. The only light in the hallway was the light right over the desk. All the hall lights were off as it was night time and all the patients were tucked in bed sleeping. There was one other person sitting at the desk beside me and at the same time we both looked up at the shadow and in an instant it was gone. We both looked at each other and she asked me if I had seen it. I knew then that it was not just my mind playing tricks on me. We both saw it. The only thing that did not fit the story of the "man in black" was that no one died after our sighting.

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 6 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

Spooky tale there Seana. You seem like a channel for such activity.

Seana 6 years ago

The last encounter I had was only a few months ago. It happened in my apartment. I was laying on my bed in my room and my dog was laying beside me. She began growling at the bedroom door. She does tend to be a barker. She was always barking at the ceiling of my apartment because there were people living above me and she could hear them walking across the floor and she could not figure out what it was. The only thing that bothered me about her noise making this time was that she was looking at the bedroom door instead of the ceiling and she was not barking. She was growling. It was a deep growl in the base of her throat. A deep warning growl that I don't hear from her much. I felt the hair stand on the back of my neck and arms. Like I was not alone. I just tried to ignore it. I kept my eyes on my lap top and kept on reading my email. It was broad day light.I saw it then. Peeking around the door way at me. I did not look right at it. I just kept looking at my lap top and then it went across the room and disapeard into the corner wall. Then it was gone. I did not for one second pull my eyes from my lap top until I saw out of the corner of my eye that it was gone. I was too afraid to look up. These sightings really scare me. I have never felt what other people say they have. Like feeling awful dread or evil. It does scare the crap out of me though. Who would not be scared of that? It does not seem like they are there to hurt me and sometimes hope that it is just my eyes palying tricks on me. My sister in law actually told me to look "shadow people" up online and I never realized how many other people have experienced them. It makes me feel not so alone. I have since moved out of that apartment and have not seen anything since.

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 6 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

Perhaps what you are sensing is called a Mara. There is a book out there called Dark Robes for Dark Brothers. It is very old but it talks about a group of disembodied non-human entities that exist as lower vibrational entities just out of phase with our dimension. In science fiction they call this place subspace, in spiritual circles it can be explained as a world where non-born lower entities exist. Demonologists would claim you are witnessing a demon, I for one don't agree. The reason you feel it is dark is because even as a living being your spiritual energy and life force are greater than its own. These beings can manifest themselves as dark energy or as a shadow like figure. Their presence is like a cloud in the room, to look directly at them takes away their form. What you see is them interacting with the environment. They cannot touch the physical but their presence is like being in a room with someone you know doesn't have good intentions. I wouldn't be afraid of them, if you see them you are just witnessing an event. It could be that you lived in an area or have been in places where a sensitive person like yourself was just able to pick up on their being there.

Kareem Johnson profile image

Kareem Johnson 5 years ago from Pontiac, Michigan

I have seen shadow people

Tony 4 years ago

What all of these sightings have in common is the that they were 'seen' when looking out of the corner of one's eye. In fact, if you attempted to look at it head-on, it would disappear. This leads me to believe it is some sort of anomaly in the eye, in how it perceives things. If some sort of thing is happening inside the eye, for example, the brain would still register it as 'happening out there.' That it was something seen, rather than a malfunction of the eye's apparatus itself.

Christian 4 years ago

I've seen them many times I can look directly at them they don't intend to harm you just watch you. They are actually kind in nature much like angels and in certain ways they have actually helped me out in life still scares me to see them though always surprises me like a person sneaking up on you

Hunter 4 years ago

I've only seen one shadow person before. I was 12 and sleeping in the cabin my family owns on a farm. I woke up around 3 am to get something to drink. As I went to the sink I saw something dart behind the kitchen table. I thought I was just imagining things. But as I walked back to the bedroom, I saw it jump out the window in the hallway.

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 4 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

Thats creepy.

Sayre 4 years ago

I am 43 and have experienced this since early childhood. When I married and told my wife of the experience, she didn't really believe me until our youngest son was not sleeping at night and explained that he was seeing shadows. I learned in my teens that if you fear the shadows they would be stronger, so I would acknowledge them and stopped fearing them and they left me alone. Once I explained this to my youngest son at a mere 5 years old, he was not afraid anymore. We both still see and feel them from time to time, but not as often as when we feared them.

Nikki 3 years ago

When I was a little girl I would wake up in the middle of the night at the same time and see a floating shadow man come towards my bedroom door and back to the other side of the house. I never saw it in the corner of my eye I always saw it dead on. I started to have my bedroom light kept on all night. I woke up and I saw it leaning over me. One other time I woke up and saw it floating around my room, stopping and floating slowly around like an investigator. I would see this shadow man in my sisters bedroom, in my own, kitchen and loungeroom. Once again I saw it not out of the corner of my eye, I saw it directly. This is also considering it wasn't JUST when it was dark, I had lights on, rarely saw him during day time. Ive moved out of that house 4 years ago and have nt seen that one since. At a school I go to I saw a teenage boy shadow siting on the ground with his hands around his legs rocking forawrd and back talking to himself. Unfortunately I couldn't pick up what he was saying.

Relentless 3 years ago

People dont seem to realise, Everything you've ever known Is purely as you and your government have come to know it. Thi world of which we live Is full of so much more than most people can ever ever admit to themselves, I should know although Ive never seen theae people I am a Sensitive I feel the energies of life Itself and I have many times had encounters with para natural situations and entities

Relentless 3 years ago

-And although I can not give Definitive answers to the shadow people phenomona It Doesn't surprise me that there are entities That cant be explained by modern day science, Just one of the beautiful flaws In our modern day society.

profile image

Einars 3 years ago

I was 6-7 years old. I remember seeing shadow persons in hoods standing by my bed at night. For week or so every time I woke up at night I saw two black persons one tall another sorter standing by my bed and I felt strong presence. Those was not shadows i saw clearly edges of there black coats. Then one night I woke up and two persons was there, but this time happened something different. I am slipping on my back with open eyes and in lover part of my stomach something start spinning like ball of energy, blue light energy and its spinning faster and faster and starts slowly coming toward my chest and growing in size. I tried to yell "mom" but sound did not came out. I felt like my soul trying to be pipped out of me. It's spinning faster and faster and growing in size. Now I am in half siting and slipping position yelling but without sound. Then I understand if I don't stop this now I probably be gone or something terrible will happen. So I got everything what I have left and finally sound came out of my mouth and hole thing stopped. No spinning ball no shadows by my side. And that feeling was so real feeling I going to die or change to something. I red this hub comments about shadow people but what was that with that spinning energy ball in me. Anyone any explanations. Thanks.

James 3 years ago

I had this happen to me when I was in my early 20s! It lasted for about 2 weeks. I would wake up at about the same time every night, my eyes would just open and I could see the time on the clock every night. Then a couple nights later I would feel I was being watched. Then I would see a shadow person on the other side of the room, just a large black out line of person. Next night eyes open, shadow person standing there, but this time another one looking around the corner from the washroom. Next night same thing this time they were getting closer. Then something changed I could feel something sitting on the bed and it was the shadow, I was paralysed and I couldn't move or scream. I then had a friend watch me one night as I told them approx what time things happen. It all happened again that night , this time I could see my friend sleeping as everything occurred. I was very upset with my friend who said nothing was happening at that time. Then the big final was that there was three shadows, I really think it was a family or something because there was the big original one and a medium one that looked around the corner, and now a child sized one, it really felt like a family. That night I felt attacked, as the child was on my chest and my legs were being held down as well as my head from the others. I know I am paralysed and can't yell but some how I can fight and it all stops with me still awake 'afraid'. One night I woke and I knew what was going to happenas I felt the shadows watching me, but this time I got up and walked past them not looking at them, I got out of the room. After that night I never had any more visits from them, but for some odd reason I feel they could return. I believe they never ment any harm because I went back to bed and never thought of sleeping in another room during all the visits. I kind of believe they wanted to tell me something, and were not able to.

MaryYoung65 profile image

MaryYoung65 2 years ago

only once have i seen one.early teens & going thru a holy roller stage i settled into bed putting christain music on sleep mode. clicked off the light and felt i was being looked at. i clicked the light back on and it was standing there maybe a foot away. i screamed and told it leave in the name of jesus (christain music playing too) it still stood unmoving. It had a flat head, solid, no ears, human shaped but the right side of it's chest was messed up and lumpy with grayish tinge. again i screamed for grandmother and turned it still was there and looked at it again demanding in the name of jesus to leave. still it was there...I screamed again for my grandma and both my grandparents threw the door open and poof the black thingy was gone. a week before as knelt next to my bed saying my prayers..in the midst i was being watched and stopped my prayers..turned and behind me at my homework desk my plastic vase went across it and tumped neatly into the straw waste basket at the end. it literally did not phase me and i went back to praying and went to sleep. things moving and stuff never bug me and even heard puberty in females can cause it. that black thing...now that scared me. thankfully never physically saw anything again

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