What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Know?

We've all dreamt about people we know before. Well, what does this all mean?

First off, it is very important to understand that typically the people within your dreams contain significant psychological significance no matter how short-lived their appearance or minimal role in the dream. You might want to think about recording your dreams in a journal with every memorable detail possible in order to study them sometime in the future. This can be very helpful because even dreams that seem larger-than-life can end up a fuzzy recollection only a couple of hours later. In this article, learn about the possible significance of a variety of dreams, including those that involve:

  • Family members
  • Dead people
  • Someone you work with
  • Someone you are in love or were in love with
  • Sexual situations

What Does It Mean When We Dream About Certain People?

Dreaming About Family Members

Dreams about family members typically represent your own personal characteristics.

  • A dream involving your aunt in a car accident or in another urgent situation may imply that a part of your own personality is being overlooked.
  • If your aunt is just in the dream however, and not an active participant, it could suggest that you are not permitting your genuine characteristics to show in the real world.

Dreaming About the Dead

Historically, it was thought that a dream associated with a dead human being was a good omen.

  • If you experienced generally good feeling towards a person while they were alive, then a dream about that individual once they have died is generally a tremendous experience. Dreaming of a deceased loved one is considered a way to cheat death, if only for a moment.
  • At the same time, there is a more sinister aspect to dreaming about the dead. A dream involving a dead person that had been bad or was an individual you disliked is often an indication that you are currently afraid of what the near future holds.

Dreaming About Someone You Work With

What does it mean when you dream about someone you work with? Often, personalities in our day-to-day life will take on the human form of our own different feelings in our dreams.

If you have a dream about a fellow worker who isn’t within the ordinary context of work, it indicates that coworker represents an aspect of yourself. Perhaps your manager is at a party for your cousin, together with your fifth grade teacher along with the chap that bagged your groceries last night.

  • It might imply that your cousin represents you when you were a young child and your boss represents you now.
  • The teacher would merely be a hint to the time frame of your childhood and the bagger may be a clue to your current timeframe.

As you can see, often the most mundane details hold more meaning than the individuals. Recording the details is crucial to interpreting dreams.

Dreaming About Someone You Are Or Were in Love With

What does it mean when you dream about someone you are in love with or used to be deeply in love with? More often than not, the person you love being in your dream may well be an indication of your current passion level for life.

When there's some kind of urgent situation with your loved one, it indicates that your life vitality is losing strength. If you ever discover your loved one is with someone else, this means you don’t feel like you're as passionate about your daily existence as those who you're around. This is important to keep in mind: never misinterpret a dream about your mate's unfaithfulness to indicate they are actually being unfaithful or want to be in real life. Cheating dreams rarely, if ever, mean that unfaithfulness is actually occurring. Rather, it signifies other things, like your fear or anxiety related to this person or other components of your life.

Often times dreams appear to be extraordinarily real and stir up real life feelings that are out of context—this can get tricky. Keep a dream log with very specific details. Make an effort to recollect where you were, what were people wearing, what time of day was it, what objects do you remember, etc. This will help you interpret them later on.

Dreaming About Someone in a Sexual Way

What does it mean when you dream about someone in a sexual way? Dreams related to having sex are typically the only kind of dreams which indicate your entire body is craving exactly what it is actually dreaming about: sexual intercourse.

  • However, just because dream-you is having sex with someone in particular doesn’t necessarily mean you secretly would like to be intimate with them in real life. The person involved is more of an indication of your body's actual sexual appetite. In general, the more obscure and unusual the greater your current degree of appetite.
  • If the dream is about sex yet very little actual sex ever takes place, this implies that your sexual appetite is increasing.
  • If you happen to really take part in sexual acts in a dream it almost always indicates your body is sexually thirsty.

If you're wondering what it suggests when you dream about a person in a sexual way when you are not actually sexually drawn to them in real life, it's not just you. According to a recent study, 85% of individuals of all ages dream about sexual acts with an unfamiliar person at some point in their lives. Do not worry when you're dreaming about having sex with a relative or an unattractive friend. It doesn’t indicate you're a pervert. In all probability it means your sexual appetite is overpowering whatever trait that person symbolizes in the dream.

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Ivorwen profile image

Ivorwen 6 years ago from Hither and Yonder

My brother use to frequently appear in my dreams. We were usually fighting over something stupid, like toys. :)

Jenny Allen 6 years ago

I used to dream about my brothers also but mostly they were in the dream not really active participants.

theMK 5 years ago

i had a dream and part of it is still really vivid to me...a long time ago a friend of mine and i stopped being friends over a fight and i had a dream that he found me and started singing a song to apologize...creeped me out!!

mike 4 years ago

I had a dream about having sex with my brother. Im a Guy too. Idk turned me on I must say.

Troy 4 years ago

I had a dream about this girl I really like and I know she likes me too cause we had that talk but the dream was sexual which we never talk about so... What does the dream means?

jenee 4 years ago

I use to have a dream about my ex for a long time. we have our ups and downs . i always had dreams about her. And today I cloesd my eyes for not even that long and i saw us being back together. what does this mean ?

christian 4 years ago

I Had a dream of my crush started to talk to me again what does that mean?

Denise 4 years ago

I can remember my dreams for a long time some i write down but some i wake up crying jut once i woke up screaming but haven't lately jut been dreaming mostly every day still don't no what they mean

unknow 4 years ago

I had a dream that I loved my.brothers cousin but he's like 19 or 20 ! IM 15

A girl 4 years ago

I dreamed of a guy I wasn't sure how I felt about but he really liked me for YEARS and I didn't know until a few months ago...and in this dream we were just laughing and talking and just hanging out. It's strange because I was supposed to hang out with him yesterday but didn't...

anonymous 4 years ago

i had a lot of dreams about this one guy. i have feelings for him too. should i tell him???

Savannah 4 years ago

I came searching the answer to "what does it mean when you see someone in your dreams" & I ended here. I had a dream that involved this boy I deeply have feelings for but had to repress and hide them a while back. Not to long ago. Because my friend betrayed me and started something with him. I don't really remember the dream but I heard somewhere that when someones in your dream its cause they were or are thinking about you. Is that true? I just wan tv to know why he was kn my dream or what caused him to be there. (: please PLEASE respond!

Presten 4 years ago

I had a dream that the girl I really like started to make out with me so I did so to her, then I squeezed her boobs, it felt so realistic, what does it mean?????????

Unknown 4 years ago

I had a dream that I was with my cousin he's cute but I don't like him like that he's my cousin so ya

alex 4 years ago

Damn perverts..

kayla 4 years ago

i dream bout guys i like but not in a weird sexual way just like us chillin nd flirting, what doesn that mean?

unknown 4 years ago

i had a dream about my ex & we were togethere in my dream but his ex was jelous....wat does it meean??????

Annonymus 4 years ago

I had a dream about my crush that I won't be able to see for a year but in the dream we say eachother and talk more and he introduced me to his friends

The man 4 years ago

Mean and the women of my dreams broke up after 2 years and I keep havin dreams about her I'm still madly in love with her.

shalini 4 years ago

i usually had dreams of my friends and family members but i never dreamt of my brother . 2 years back he passed away at a very age . i still never dreamt of him although all other family members often dream about him . what does this signify. can anyone tell.

4 years ago

ihadthis dreamabout having fantastic sex,

with someone inever met. i never even talked to him inmy life.

it was just very weird. but it was fantastic.

i could tell i was very attracted to him, and he to me.

but never met or talked,or seen him in real life.

4 years ago

jenny, i feel awful writing that,please don't publicize it.

thank you.

for some reason i just wanted to understand, to know,the subconscious.

but on 2nd thought, i'd rather not let it known.

thank you.

profile image

Wl123 4 years ago

Alright I had a dream that I was in this base with columns pretty much every where. And then there is this alien dog that was big and could tear me apart. Right as it was charging at me there was a sound that drew its attention an it just went away. So then a few minutes after I go to investigate and then I saw an alien humanoid. Very similar to a human, and I said hey thanks. The figure turned an said sure. And it was a feminine humanoid. We talked a bit. And then later she brought me to a snowy world. I saw a small base. And that small base had another humanoid (her boy friend). He was shooting with a gun that could make any living thing into a form of a cube. If you were to crush that cube, then that you would basically be killing that living thing. That gun has the ability to make any living thing into a cube form that can also be reversed. Any way, the guy humanoid was shooting these little white snowy creatures that were like white little snow balls but with legs etc. he would shoot a couple of them grab the cubes and crush them, laughing. Then she (the humanoid I met at the base) introoduces me to her bf. for some reason I did not like him. So I got the "cube" gun shot him, and crushed the cube. She was disappointed and then we talked things over. And we started to hav an affair and I shot her with the cube gun and put her cube into a soft/secure bag. Then I went back to the world/planet that had the base from earlier.then something bad happens to bad happens that would destroy they entire planet. I see some humanoids by a ship. They told me "where is (she had a name but I forgot it) the feminine humanoid and I pulled out her cube, put it in the cube gun to make her back to normal. And then her friends told her that this planet will be destroyed! It turns out that she is a pilot! Her friends knew that, that was why they asked. Then all of us board the ship. And then she flies the ship out into space and the planet explodes!!! The ship is rocked by the blast. But all of us survived on board. The ship is in good condition because she was able to gtfo the planet in time. And we are all cool with each other and the end!!!!!!! I swear this is a dream that I had while camping at the beach. :)

Nicole /.\ 4 years ago

I would Always dream about the one im in deeply inlove with and every time i wake up i feel kinda weak and tired, and kinda loosing strenght

Daniel 4 years ago

I had a dream were some girl and I were iceskating propper dancing style with jumps. Well all of my school year were there at a ball thing. Then they faded out and then me and this girl began to do a romantic skating routine to ellie gouldings song; the writer. It was like a scene something between cheryl coles parachut and beauty and the beast ball dance scene. Was awesome dance moves to. What does this mean??

unknown 4 years ago

i had a few dreams about someone who i can,t stop thinking about.in one of the

dreams i remember seeing there name spelled out on a t-shirt.aswell another

dream of me calling the persons name out loudly,i believe these dreams

have some soft of meaning but what?

unknown 4 years ago

I had a dream about my partners friend, I see him often. And IM starting to get feelings now IM dreaming about him, and in my dream he likes me to. What is ask that about what doors that Mean????

Nicole 4 years ago

I have been dreaming about my my ex boyfriend almost every night . My ex boyfriend has been dead for about 3 years now. But I keep having these dreams of us being happy together in a relationship, sometimes even sexually. What does that mean?

hmm 4 years ago

I had a dream just last night that the guy, Tyler, who I really really like, stood up and kinda yelled at me saying "I just can't stop thinking about you!" and it was in front of our mutual friends. I can see why I dreamed about that though; I like him, and the night I had that dream, I spent like 6 hours with him with our mutual friends so.. haha

Felicia 4 years ago

I had a dream.about.my ex I was pregnant and neither one of.them knew me and him in the dream was happy and he was at.my.house I left he let.his gf.come over to.play pool be mindful its my house my friends took my car and I.took her moms.ended up going back home and I.put her out of my house so they were sitting in the car, I'm talking to him she just kept talking about me calling me names I was ignoring her at first until she kept on then I went to the passenger's side pull her out and started beating her up, then he pulls me off of her and she thens pulls a blade from somewhere and stabs.me in my stomach, I grabs my stomach and yells my baby my baby and they were both shocked he.came by my side and I woke up, but when I woke up the same place his gf stabbed me at in my stomach hurted and I was shocked to have felt that even after my dream was over with.

Sherrell 4 years ago


Kat 4 years ago

I had a dream that I married my brothers half sisters brother, awhile after we had been married everything was great, I went out of town to visit my uncle n we planned to go to an amusement park and a water park, well I went to this water park and I ended up meeting this guy he talked me into staying n this town n marry him so that's what I did...everything was perfect I was going back n forth between both my husbands till one day I went to go c my second husband and some strange stuff happened n some guy kidnapped me n wen I got to this place i found out that the guy was my first husbands sons mothers fiancé? He said that he wanted to get back at my first husband because he didn't like him n from what he put his fiancé through...n he said he was following me n knew I was out of town n set it up for me to meet his cousin n get married...bt he made it,to where ne time I was sexual with my second husband it wasn't my husband at all it was him that I was having sex with...and he called my first husband n let him know that I was cheating n I was with another guy, but n the end he wanted me to divorce both my husbands and b with him cause he fell n love with me n he was only with my first husbands sons mother because he was waiting for a way to get back at him...that was one crazy dream n I want to know what ut means...

T.Marie 4 years ago

I have dreams all the time,about my male cousin.Always sexual.When i wake up,its all i think about.hmmm weird.I think,if i could i would,and then maybe the sexual dreams would stop.Its been going on for five years.

Jacqueline 72 4 years ago

I constantly dream of my best friend Donald. We've been friends with benefits off and on for over 25 years; yet have never had a real "relationship". Most of my dreams of him are sexual, yes. But very intimate on nature. We've seen each other through good times and bad; helped one another through bad marriages and help each other with our kids. We both date & have relationships with other people which never last long, probably because of commitment issues. He is the one I trust most and can never get enough of. When I dream of him I feel closer to him. The non-sexual dreams are always peaceful and serene. I know I'll never have a greater lovefor any other man. We have an imperfectly perfect understanding of each other. We are both players; but never set out to play anyone. We just seek adventures. Anyway, lately most of my dreams of him are as if we are together but in the future. It's confusing & somewhat disconcerting. We both want each other that way but don't ever want to lose what we have. A beautiful friendship. Our relationships are usually torrid and passionate; but end quickly due to boredom or our partner ends up being what we don't want. It's a vicious crazy cycle but somehow we don't want it to ever end because it's exciting & inspiring.

Unknown 4 years ago

I keep having dreams about my ex , but it has just started like out of no where I still do have feelings for him but were not together . I haven't talk to him in like 2 weeks and I don't know if he still likes me but out of no where I dream about him . Can you please respond .

someone 4 years ago

Sometimes I have dreams about this girl that I like (that I know in real life)and I think she likes me too but I don't know what it really means to dream about the same person every now and then.

katie 4 years ago

I dreamed I had sex with my worst enemy.

Sabrina 4 years ago

Thanks  you know Leo howard from kickin it  well me and my cousin knows him since September and since then I've been having so much dreams and nightmares  about him mostly every night that I can remember most of them is when he rapes me my best friend Rachel is making a me and Leo  fan fiction about some of my dreams and nightmares about him. Rachel said to me that they mean something that some are going to come true she said that  you and Leo are going to get Married  and have sex and have kids she said that to me. Each fortnight me and my cousin go to my grandmas house  for dinner on Wednesdays on the 6th this month we where texting leo he was being really prevented and sending us really dirty messages first he said that he loves me and a lot of prevented and dirty stuff I had loved him in the past but now I'm not sure if I still love him or not he's been on my mind a lot so as jake t Austin it's so hard to chose  I still don't know if I still love Jake I've been thinking about it I want to talk to Leo on wednesday night on her phone should I I don't know at all I don't know what Rachel said is true my cousin reckons I love Leo but I don't know 

Sabrina 4 years ago

Thanks  you know Leo howard from kickin it  well me and my cousin knows him since September 2012 and since then I've been having so much dreams and nightmares  about him mostly every night that I can remember most of them is when he rapes me my best friend Rachel is making a me and Leo  fan fiction about some of my dreams and nightmares about him. Rachel said to me that they mean something that some are going to come true she said that  you and Leo are going to get Married  and have sex and have kids she said that to me. Each fortnight me and my cousin go to my grandmas house  for dinner on Wednesdays on the 6th this month we where texting leo he was being really prevented and sending us really dirty messages first he said that he loves me and a lot of prevented and dirty stuff I had loved him in the past but now I'm not sure if I still love him or not he's been on my mind a lot so as jake t Austin it's so hard to chose  I still don't know if I still love Jake I've been thinking about it I want to talk to Leo on wednesday night on her phone should I I don't know at all I don't know what Rachel said is true my cousin reckons I love Leo but I don't know 

ann melendez 3 years ago

I had a dream with the same person, but i don't have a feelings for him its just only an appreciation coz he is very neat the way he wore an outfit.He is a talented guy but no love at all .We were slightly friend but not closed. I think he appears in my dream 25x already. What does it mean?

Jay 3 years ago

I have dreams of growing up and living with my best friend cuz we had that plan but the problem is I have strange occurences where in I see stuff before it happens and I can tell when it'll happen depending on the way it looks dreams are blurs but visions are so real so In the one I had me and my friend got married am I developing feelings for her without knowing???? TELL MEH!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknow 3 years ago

I had a dream about someone I liked but don't now who stole something from me. What does that mean?

ayepeiple 3 years ago

Well you know what, my friend had a dream about auher ex in a cheerleading uniform, she was laughing so hard when she woke up and told me haha..

Kate 3 years ago

I had a dream about kissing a guy that I like and danceing with him.

what does it mean?

Sophie 3 years ago

I had a dream about this guy that i kinda used to like but not anymore, in the dream we were dating, and now i have to sit by him. what does that mean?!

Anonymous 3 years ago

I had a dream that the guy I liked was dating someone on my hockey team which was weird because she was at least five years older than him and then he said that he didn't like me. I skyped him the next day and he seemed fine. What does this mean?

Willis 3 years ago

I had a dream where I was suddenly really close with this girl I currently like. Everything turned out exactly as I hoped it would. I guess this is just symbolising my fantasies/my idealistic relationship status with her? Haha, the mind works in curious ways...

Anonymous 3 years ago

I had a dream that my alarm wasn't gonna wake me up bc I had the volume down by accident and I woke up before to see the issue & in real life when I woke up I woke up before my alarm and I noticed my headphones were plugged in so my dream basically was telling me I wasn't gonna wake up well then I also dreamt that my ex boyfriend who i recently stopped talking to told me that the doctor told him he had 3 hours of living and he asked if I would spend it with him along with his bestfriend and it worries me because he does have some kind of stomach problem & it's a painful thing for him he always gets sick cause of it and we stopped talking but I texted him to see if he was okay? But I'm not sure if he will reply so bc my alarm dream seemed all real to me and kinda was will my dream about my ex be real? I don't want him to die...

andrea 3 years ago

I have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. He has financial problem, and so has been silent for months(without contacting me). I understood that he is very ashamed not to be able to provide me and is very busy working to recover his money problem, and also is in some kind of soul search(so to speak, man-cave mode).

I had a dream of him last night.

He was standing with his back to me, wearing light colored Y shirt(like whitish yellow, or ivory) with light stripes(like light reddish lines), with the shirt tugged in the trousers.

He was rather lean, not thin(in real life he is average with a bit of belly fat, but with muscles and good body figure).

And then I was with his family(seemingly invited to his house), sitting in a sofa(did not see them but just felt that I was with them, including him) and his sister(I saw her) was asking me a question(she was nice and normal and typical sister caring about her brother or so) about what I want to do in my life.

I was answering the question with wit and humor, asking her if she wanted to know the specifics or abstract.

And while they were smiling(the atmosphere was light and delightful), I just said I would tell both and started with abstract, and then went into the specifics(feeling that I was carrying myself well).

And then I woke up.

What would that mean?

I am concerned about seeing his back in the dream, as I read that seeing "friend's" back means I will be hurt due to jealous and betrayal.

Anybody, please?

I am in love with him...

Thanks in advance!!!

andrea 3 years ago

Elaboration, I also read that seeing someone's back is following his/her practice or so. Not just hurt by betrayal and jealous.

Which one is it?


Boy 3 years ago

I had a dream that the girl I like was being taken away from me but then I grabbed her hand and pulled her next to me and we sat there and hugged for a while then i woke up. I also know that she actually likes me what does this mean.

honeybun kk 3 years ago

I had a dream and still continue to dream with him and i can't stop cause i really lije him.

katie 3 years ago

I had a dream that a zombie came out of my closet and was stabbing me and i woke up and my stomache was killin me

Angelica 3 years ago

I had a dream where the person that I really liked pushed me into a puddle of mug and told me he hated me in front of a crowd

Lj 3 years ago

What does mean, when I dreamed about this girl but I don't think we are not very closed to each other, for example when I see her outside my house and she sees me we just greeted each other.

I never thought of this girl but I dreamed about her that we are so sweet to each other. O.O

profile image

Amelia Horn 3 years ago

I have had a lot of dreams about the guy who I sort of like. Not sexually but I have had 12 dreams about him and im only 12 almost 13. him and me went to a few amusement parks, a sleep over, Orchestra dreams since him and me are both in orchestra, a bus dream even though him and me do not ride the same bus sitting next to eachother, and me giving him a gift that was my brothers that cost $149. Can anyone tell me what these dreams mean please?!?!?!?

CL 3 years ago

today I had a dream about this girl in a game it was creepy . I also had a dream abot my friend that I haven't seen in 2 years .I don't know what's wrong with me .PLEASE TELL ME AM I OUT OF MY MIND ?!?!?!?!

Girl 3 years ago

I had this dream about Austin and we kissed in it and And I cried in it to when I woke up my lips were tingling and my eyes we wet it felt so real what does it mean he doesn't even no I exist

Ashayna Kearney 3 years ago

I've been having weird and like cant say word because your shock dreams.. while, I guy I use to like my crush im starting to have dreams about him like normally dreams crazy dreams .. and some of him telling me he wants us to talk again can we be friends im sorry I love you (long story ) no say ! .. when, we see each other in person we don't talk but, it's like we talk though our heads, like minds. in real life me and my crush did something and few nights later I had a dream we did it again and the next night or couple of nights we did it again. It's something about him or us that I just don't see we have anymore. he even tells people we had a relationship but when , how , and where

Kathy 3 years ago

I had a dream bout my crush what does it mean???

Dude 3 years ago

Had dream that I had a dream

Sasha 3 years ago

I had a dream about me and my crush. In the dream we were a couple. What does that mean?

Sasha 3 years ago

I had a dream about my crush and I. In that dream we were in school, he asked me out to the dance but I had to say no because my mother had not allowed me to go. I might of said no but I still went and I found him, we danced a little bit, and decided to leave. When we went out the door I saw a girl in my class throw away some creams that a boy had just given to her, you could tell he was sad so me and my crush got the creams and gave them back to him. Then we picked up my BFF and went to a pep rally and I started a fight. So My Crush, My BFF, and Me went to a holding cell. There I cuddled with my Crush and talked with my BF, at night my mom picked us up and I got grounded. I still remember this dream it was an awesome dream. Can you tell me what all of this means?

girl 3 years ago

i dreamed about someone who forced to kiss me.

bernZ 3 years ago

i dream of this girl she was my crush back in high school days and its been 5 years i haven't seen her, and i give up on that feelings for the reason she will never be mine, but because of that dream my feelings for her, came back. "A Beautiful Dream with her"

Phoebe was her name :D

Person 3 years ago

I had a dream about this one guy I never even talked to but he was the main person in my dream... weird... he never talked to me in the dream or in real life. What should I do? Should i talk to him?

Jody 3 years ago

I had a dream that this boy I don't even like came to my house and tried to kiss me then I woke up because I really hate him and I always wake up before the "bad scene" what's it mean?

Ally 3 years ago

(In REAL LIFE) There is a guy I sat with him in year 4 and I haven't seen him for 4 years but he keeps appearing in my dream and I do like him and he is such as genial guy and was very nice to me. In my dream I am afraid to say I like him and I make up excuses I don't LIKE HIM when I do and he like me in the dream. Does this mean that we will ever meet again in real life?

Amanda 3 years ago

I had a dream that I met mr. Right and heard a crying baby. I'm going to take the dream as that's my future, or perhaps this is what im lacking in my current relationship.Dreams are when u r in the most relaxed state of mind so if u dream of having sex with a person it just expresses your fondness of that person, no sexual condensation is desired.

maash 3 years ago

i still love guy but no one is coming .............

that's why i am very sad

tear is coming from my eye

angel 3 years ago

i've had several dreams about the girl i love just of her and me cuddling and hugging and sometimes kissed but this is all after she moved away, and we were together before she moved, but i don't know what to do because i still have feelings for her and she had loved me back and i guess i got more appealed to that? i don't know but i enjoy those dreams. (what does this mean? please respond.)

Vishal Chhabra ( india ) 3 years ago

I don't get enough time to sleep. ;)

bethany 3 years ago

I had a dream that me. And my boyfriend were very very happy lived together and even had a child, my boyfriend did ask me to marry him. What does this mean?

bethany 3 years ago

I had a dream that me. And my boyfriend were very very happy lived together and even had a child, my boyfriend did ask me to marry him. What does this mean?

yes 3 years ago

I had I dream that I started dating someone I liked for a long time and I talked to that someone for about 3 months what does that mean?

zoe stringwell 3 years ago

I had a dream that the brakes didn't work on my car and i drove ova another car also i managed t jump and of the moving car and my ex partner was watching i had the same dream to nites in a row then the next night i dreamt i was arguing with my ex and he told me i wasn't allowed t c my son what does all this mean

a-nonny 3 years ago

So in my dream my supervisor from work was right there in front of me, and I didn't even hesitate I just grabbed his face and kissed him. Well, I tried. I've never kissed anyone before. And apparently I was reading the mood all wrong, and he was actually trying to teach me some contortionist poses. He was fairly polite about it, and just kind of backed away as I was trying to stick my tongue in his mouth. Today at work was so difficult. I know it'll fade, I just wish my dreams didn't have such an influence over my real-world, perfectly normal relationships.

seasons 3 years ago

thanks i am so glad to know if you have a sexual dream about a guy you just met is normal yay

WiccanSage profile image

WiccanSage 3 years ago

Very cool. Does it have any special significance when you dream about a celebrity or like a character from a TV show? I always wondered if it had some particular meaning, or if these people just popped in because you saw a commercial or news article and they were on your mind.

Rajesh Poonia 3 years ago

i seen a dream a lot of sheep's coming from one mountain and going to another and on back of every sheep there was a monkey, i was seeing all this with a girl whom i loves most . we both were sitting near a river all side it was greenery and the sheep's were looking very scared. i also get scared by this and runs from that place and suddenly i come to a place from where all Milky Ways & Galaxies were visible, there was a way on earth with directly leads to Sky, I kept my foot on that way and I reached to sky.

Can any one tell me meaning of this Dream because it was a very strange type of dream i have ever seen.

unknown 3 years ago

I just took a nap and had a dream about a boy in my class... He was supposed to be spending a night at my house and my mom was alright with it! What does this dream mean?

Star 3 years ago

I dream about my ex several times a week. Sometimes the dreams involve sex, but mostly they involve talking and hanging out just like we used to do. I always feel so sad when I wake up from them. I miss him like crazy. It's been almost 20 years since we last saw each other and we're both married with families of our own, but I still love him. Wish I could stop the dreams from happening.

cybers 3 years ago

i had a dream about that i was having sex with my bestfriend and she was at least two years older then i am but it was weird cause i am already in a relationship but not with her cause one she is a friend and i would't cheat on my girlfriend but then i woke up before i had sex with her it was werid

Tanya 3 years ago

what does it mean when you have a dream about someone you never talk to but you've seen them around school?

Sometimes... 3 years ago

So last night I had this dream about this guy I like in real life. I have heard before that when that happens the person wants to see you. Is tha true? I would really like to know. We were also just hanging out, talking and laughing like we usually do. It was at school because that's the only place I see him. I would really like a response if you don't mind! Thanks

aldrin 3 years ago

I love a girl.i dnt know wheathe she loves me or not. She is a friend of mine. We r very close friends then yesterday i saw me having sex with her. What should i do?

Bryan 3 years ago

I loved this girl in highschool since i was 13, now i'm 18, i found recently another girl, that i am deeply in love with, i love her more than anything. But i rarely dream about her, even if i want too, and i really do, i don't hardly ever dream about her. Most of my dreams are a weird mix of reality that creates something weird. But recently i had a dream about the girl i used to love. Nothing sexual, just she was driving a car like a mad-women, while me and a friend was in the back of it. I think i also held her a few times. I woke up remembering this dream, and wondered why would i dream about her? I want to dream about the girl i love and miss right now, not someone i used to love!

...... 3 years ago

Oh my god all you people saying "I had a dream of my crush. What does it mean?" It means nothing special it just means you are thinking of them

eric 3 years ago

i had a dream I was walking in the hallway and I seen this girl I now but don't talk to and she was trying to tell me something but no matter how close I got I couldn't hear her

Rachel 3 years ago

I raised a baby for nearly 2 years, the mother popped back up and removed her from my home. She left us almost 8 months ago but within the last 2 weeks almost every night I dream of her, that we are reunited and she comes back to live with us or in someway she is in my dreams. What could this mean??

you dont need to know 3 years ago

i had a dream about some guy that i liked not loved and till this day i do but not like i used to and these are happening that his dying and i wake up sad why is this do i still miss him ....

anonymous 3 years ago

I had a dream where my friend's crush is sitting next to her, with his arms around the rim of the back chair. They were both nervous, embarassed and blushing, but my friends hair keeps blowing in his face and he suddenly gets all annoyed. Then, he leaves her because well, he was practically annoyed. My friend was sad when he left. Weird dream right?

Brendasazzy 3 years ago

When you have a dream that your crush likes you and you are not thinking of them what does it mean?

Secret girl 3 years ago

I always have dreams about this one guy although we don't really know each other that well but I think after he saw me that time he instantly felt like I'm the one and I didn't think about us being together until he told me he liked me so every now and then I dream about him and today I had a dream where he was wearing a suit and I was talking to my friend she told me he has been waiting and looking for you then he came up and held my arm and told me hey I've been looking for you :) then I grabbed his hand and pulled him close to me and hugged him and he said that he wanted to invite me over to his house to meet his parents and have a dinner with them ........ So I wonder what does that mean and in that dream I was 3 years older from now soo??? Does that mean anything for the future?

Biviana 3 years ago

So a guy who flirts with alot of girls asked me out. I said no. then Christmas break came and he is in every one of my dreams,He's always there for me in them and one time...in a zombie apocolapse, he would hug me and always keep me safe. he's all i think about in my dreams. I think this means something...Should I have said yes? In my dream I also got bit and a girl chopped off my hand where I got bit so he was my right arm for me. I don't know dose this all mean I should be with him? Someone please answer :) Thank you

Jessica Stuber 3 years ago

I drempt about my friend, Malekia, liking my bff Chalice. Me and Malekia were together, and I had to help someone with something, and then it took forever and ever, and when I approached Malekia, I saw him crying and crying because I didn't tell him where I was, and Chalice was there trying to cure him, and then he got up and smacked me in the face really and extremely hard, and then Chalice gave me the "stink eye". When they were standing by each other (really close), they started to look at each other and hold... hands. And Chalice was leaning on his shoulder, and holding his hand, and Malekia gave me the "stink eye", and then they went off and Chalice and Malekia both flipped me off (middle finger). Then I woke up, and started crying to imagine if that really happened.

Stephaniee juarez 3 years ago

What does it mean when you dream about the guy you love talking to someone else or being with someone else , does it mean because you think about it to much or what also i have been having dreams about him lately kan u please tell me

michael hernandez 3 years ago

I had many dreams but I thought I was going crazy because I had dreams that tell me what will happen towmorow till then I found I was going crazy but after that I started to have no dreams till then I had this kind of dream this girl I met at school she was kind to me I always say hi and so does she like the other girls I know but she always says hi to me first usually I say hi first till then I got home went to bed started having this dream I was at this school that look petty much the same from 3 dreams I had first it was lunch time I started going put side till then some guy who look familer came to me and stayed want a rid for some reason I said sure till then that girl that always says hi to me first also get in I dident even know she was in their as the guy's friend started drive I got tired I put my Ares up and put one arm on her she was smiling when I look at that smile I felt like I was kind n love like a warm feeling in my body I loved that dream I think I do like that girl but I'm not sure if she likes me she help me stop feeling sorry for my self like as if I felt I am just a ghost no one can hear me or see me and I'm fat but she said what's wrong I said nothing she looks at me she says you look sad I said I'm sad because every one says I'm drum i don't belong in this school and that no likes me and I'm ugly even kids I don't know call me ficheal stands for ugly Michael she help me and said she was bullyed too back then every one would make fun of her size till then we were friends besides im always nice she says even my teachers says that too and that I'm smart till then started to feel happy I'm a live and at home with my mom and dad and my big brothers till then I started to feel that some one likes me that they need me but I don't know who

Aimee 3 years ago

What exactly does it mean when you dream about people you will meet in the future? I had a dream about a blonde haired girl 5 years ago.. and I met her 3 later. She became my best friend.

Crystal_h 3 years ago

This is the third night in a row were I had a sexual dream about my stepbrother, I don't want to think about him that way but the dreams keep happening even if I don't see him for a few days. Their was a time when I thought about us together but I got over it, now these dreams are driving me crazy apart of me wants them to stop then apart of me doesn't. I'm just so confused I want to know what it all means will we be together in the future or is just mind and body wanting him for that reason?

T Rock 3 years ago

What does it mean when you dream about the same loved one every night?

lucy 3 years ago

i had a dream about my ex best guy friend and in the dream we were a couple

me 3 years ago

I haven't had a dream in a really long time...is that bad?

unknown 3 years ago

I had a dream about my boyfriends nephew and we had hit it off and were together but didn't want anyone to know so I was basically cheating on my boyfriend with his nephew. May I add nephew is 17 and I'm 24. Weriod dream thing is its not the first time I had this dream. What to do...

a guy 3 years ago

Ive been dreamin about this girl 24/7 and she does like me

a girl 3 years ago

I had a dream that I was sneaking around with my husband's male cousin. He told me that he's tried to get a hold on his attraction to me for the past few years but he couldn't anymore. I'm kind of scared to tell my husband cause him and his cousin are real close and I don't want him to feel any hostility towards him when he comes over.

hello 3 years ago

I have always heard when you have a dream about someone, they were thinking about you when you fell asleep.

Brittney 3 years ago

I just woke up from a dream where I was engaged to a kid I met this year. We had cooking class together and we didn't talk much but in my dream he proposed to me and I seemed generally happy. Throughout the dream I was either staring at my ring in awe or kissing him passionately it was so weird.

Weird_dreamer 3 years ago

I know this guy from school he is 3 years older than me and I never liked him but we were siting down and he asks me what's my number and face time so I put my in his phone and his in mine. And we were dating

Frank 3 years ago

Hey, I just had this weird dream about a girl I know, that I find atractive, a gril that ive never had any relationship besides being friends and which is the gf of one of my best mates. In the dream, I was in my house and she suddenly showed up there, said I should follow her to a room. Then she started to strip herself and did doggy while asking me to bang her. The weird thing is that, In the dream I had my shit togheter, altough I was tempted to bang the shit out of her, I was saying that I cant do it because 1 - I have a girlfriend and 2 - I cant do that to my friend. This was so weird when I woke up :s. Im almost 21 and never had any dreams like these whit people I know.

Me 3 years ago

I had a dream where I married my crush but it was in seventh grade. We got married in the school.

Lexxielee12 3 years ago

I had a dream that my boyfriend was in a gang and he would kill people any body tht he would see . I talked to him about it . But it was weird . What does that mean ?

Leo Moreno 3 years ago

I dreamed of this girl who liked me and I sort of liked her but had a crush on some other girl but never have a dream of her

Ka436 3 years ago

I had a dream of a boy who passed away. A 20 y/o boy from the neighborhood who was my friends little brother's friend. After his passing, he came into my dreams (a couple of months later). I remember this dream so vividly. This wasn't just a dream, it was a lucid dream, so I knew I was dreaming. We were in a park, just him and I. Sitting across from me he was beautifully dressed in white. Like an angel. I asked him "What happened?" and "Why did you leave us?" "Your mother is devastated". He didn't answer any of those questions, he just said to me "Please tell my mom I am in a good place, I am so happy here." I said "Okay, John. I will". He took my left hand and started running with me down the block. I said "John, where are you taking me?" He just kept running holding my hand. He turned the corner and then vanished in the thin air. That was when I woke up but when I awoke, my left hand was under my head, so the hand he was holding, was numb and tingling when I woke up. It was truly amazing.

Anthony P 3 years ago

I have dreams about my old crush sometimes we are still best friends we never dated i have a girl friend and my crush has a boyfriend now im starting to feel like i want her and i do i still have a crush on her which kinda sucks but i cant help it. Anyways i had another dream about my cousin we had sex weird i don't like my cousin in that type of way. i had another dream about me and this random girl having the best sex ever but i don't know her. what do all these dreams mean?

the guy who just wants to move on 3 years ago

i had a dream last night of my ex of a year coming up in march who is in a relationship and lives in colorado with her new boyfriend. in the dream i was in my grandmothers house and i was following her around until she went into a room with her friend and her mom for the rest of the night. i think we would get into arguments and that's why she went into the room. i would say i still love her to this day, but have moved on and my feelings are not near as strong as they used to be. recently she liked one of my pictures on instagram, and we arent followers of each other anymore so it seemed like she had to look for me. what does this mean? does it mean she is thinking/missing me?

Alessaandra 2 years ago

I had a dream that I had sex with a friend. I am so not into him but he is into me. Makes me just to think things a little more. It was that good.

Jennifer 2 years ago

I had a dream that I was having sex it's Harry Styles.. It was good. I'm in love with him so...

Amber 2 years ago

I had a dream that my ex was trying to help me do something but I pushed him away and called him a pig headed jerk and I ran off. And celebrities came over to my house and re decorated it while I looked in my bathroom and started crying when I saw my ex throw away all his memories in a toilet (my toilet) so I decided I would wait for the plumber to get out and the memories so I can clean them. So I got my computer and went to the hallway and posted "don't touch the toilet " and I looked to my right and saw his new gf and it felt awkward because I was alone and her friends were there.

I don't know what it means but this is the first dream I really want to know more about

gambel 2 years ago

What does it mean when multiple people say that they had a dream about you on the same night

Sílvia 2 years ago

Hey Im just a 17 year old girl student from Barcelona who had a very pleasant dream but quite unreachable. Well the dream started With me inviting a guy home (which I never do) and me taking most of the clothes off and him not getting like a horny animal but waiting and looking at me like worryed. Then my dad opens de dor and sees me and Then he goes away and Then My mum comes home and I have to take him out without her noticing at all and Then he just waitea for me to change or put some clothes and Then walks my freaking dog With me. What kind of guy is that cute? I mean that's what I've ever wanted in anyone and the thing is, I don't even know the guy and He's in my english and voley class and I had the like biggest platònic crush in hus best friend (who is been said to be an ass) but anyway I want him know, he just kind of turned me on? Well anyway its 3 am and I didn't wanted to forget it, or yes... Because He's sexy and kind but not to caring and atached you know? I f I just Couldn't have dreamed about this God Im screwed I already have a lot of crushed but this was woah.

jackeline 2 years ago

I woke up happy cuz I had a dream tht a guy tht I actually know in really. I don't know his name he works in a Hispanic store and I dreamed tht I went to the store and tht the store caught on fire and thn it was re built and I went and saw him! It was my birthday on tht day and I went to order something and on the counter was a pile of picture's and he told me to take a look. So I did ( in real life: he's Hispanic and light skin and has green eye's) and there were picture's of him inside a pool and the picture had writing saying; take this with you so tht u can remember me and I can remember you!

Can someone please tell me what is means? Please!

dee in SA 2 years ago





dee 2 years ago

Sometime back it was a dream of me watching myself sleep and hearing whispering voices of unknown people as they spoke softly over my bedside. I could not understand their language. As if I was destine to carryout some kind of trial.They contemplated and continued in their soft and whispering voices, then they finally come to a decision.

I watch my soul separate from my body. I watch myself being guided to this cave leading me into this room in shape of a church that was inside the cave.

There is an beautiful angel that had wings of white and gold. and dressed in a gown of color blue.,she speaks to me she tells me that my husband will die and grants me the knowledge to see the future. I see my husband in a hospital bed and nurses covering his face with a white sheet.

I lost my husband to a massive heart attic on January the 8th 2001.

The question is? Is there someone who is greater than us that can communicate and deliver messages in a dream?

Is it devine grace? Surely, I am a strong believer that there has to be something or someone more powerful then us out there.

Cc 2 years ago

I have sexual dreams about my crush I loved it it felt so real and I really have feelings for him

Kristina 2 years ago

Hello, If you read this please try to understand me as much as you can

Thank you.

One of my dreams led to another one I've had not so long ago, about this person who looks if he's trying to tell me something important. I know you might not have the answer for my Question, Or that you will even answer any of our questions. Its just, Believe me or not , I don't care, I've had some dreams that have came true before as I still believe I am sidekick.(and no im not getting this for you to believe me or for attention, I do actually believe I have a gift like my grandmother does, Im just letting you here this out and I will not explain them because they are personal to myself only Thank you) and usually when I have a dream about something easily I can remember, (and I have bad memory) and if it feels important to myself it usually happens in the future.(or if I have that same dream again, It means it will come very soon to you). Anyway, my Question I have is Do you think that dreams can connect to your life in a special way? and do you believe if it feels important it will mark you in your personal life memory? If you cant answer this question or if you don't understand how to answer it, that is ok with me. Im very glad anyway that you had the time to read this. once again thank you and have a nice day. -Kristina

clover 2 years ago

I had a dream were i asked my crush to come over to my house but we somehow end up in the woods beat my house. The next thing i know is he strides up to me wrapping his arms around me he says i love you then it if no wereboth of our clothes are gone and were on the ground shagging our little hearts out and when I wake up I found bruises were his hands had been the weirdest thing is that I'm only 13 and my crush is really really shy around girls also he hates perverted people even the mention of something even close to pervertedness offends him

What the freak does this dream mean because I am kind of freaked out right now

also I think I have visions too

God is greater 2 years ago

I keep saying that my jesus is greater,there is this girl who came to my house to live with us for sometime.even though she didn't want to live at home,she came to my house and started to fight me.made me look bad in my family,got closer to my sisters.so the whole house was fighting.eventually she left.still in my dreams I still see the fight.I still always win.but I will say it is Jesus that is Greater than her.whoever she is,he that is greater in me is greater than her.I have conquered her by the holy ghost fire and the blood of jesus.I am free from bad dreams too.sometimes I feel its one own guilt of fighting that shows up in our subconscious,especially when you are a good person,but I bet you with prayers and fasting the bondage has been broken in jesus name.thank you jesus for deliverance

BW 2 years ago

There is a new app for iPhone & iPad called DreamTagtell that is a dream journal with interpretation plus by logging in using Facebook you can Include Your Friends in Your Dream Journal. There is the option to share the dream with the friend but by default they are kept private. For more details see www.dreamtagtell.com

A girl 2 years ago

I dream with my crush does it mean he thinking about me.??????

Dillon Reay 2 years ago

I had a dream about having sex with a girl I am in love with last night, she's not my girlfriend but I still love her. (She knows) first time I have ever had a dream like that. And I'm 12

Clover 2 years ago

Hey I'm back and the dream has gotten weirder

So my crush I was telling you about the last time I had a hole lot of more dreams like that just instead of just mindlessly dreaming they became impressions like I should let him know I liked him so on the last day of school I told him he said I know then that night I had a dream were we some how in some way connected and kind of shared the dream that was so vivid I was convinced it was real even when I woke up there was an impression that some one had touched me I could feel like remaining touches of fingertips brushed across my skin and the same dream and feeling happens every night just they get more intense I'm kind of freaked out every time I wake up wondering if it really was a dream

Hailey 2 years ago

I had a very bad dream their was a weird tall black man and he was by the washroom and when I turned the the light by their the dream stopped it was very crazy so that's it.

Morgan 2 years ago

My friend once had dream where he saw me at 2am ordering McDonalds. wat even.

fatkitty 2 years ago

I keep dreaming about one of my best friends and I really like him . I know he likes me back in reality cause we had the ''I like you talk'' and in the dreams we are dating and I don't know what to do about the dreams

profile image

Anonymous royal 2 years ago

I keep dreaming of my significant other cheating on me with my step sister and a lot of the times my ex step mom is also in the dream... What should I do?

That one girl 2 years ago

My friend Haliegh found out that I like her brother and that I have been talkingto him. She told me she didn't care but she won't answer my texts I send her which makes me think she's really mad at me because I like her brother. But last night I had a dream that I stayed the night at her house and her brother was there. Does this mean we are still friends or that she isn't mad at me? Please answer I need to know what's going on because I don't want to loose her as a friend.

mysterious guy 2 years ago

I had a dream 2 or 3 nights ago that I was having intercouse with a very attractive Asian women. And I have a thing for Asians...

clover 2 years ago

Hey guys the 13 year old had returned with a theory and a question. My theory on dreams (because I had a dream about getting this theory from I think god) is that some people who have dreams tasty are really vivid our come real have somehow made it into a different dimension or something just it's like a soul verSion of you that's why when you dream about

dyeing you wake up before your dead. BecAuse in a way we probably know that

(on done level of concessions ) if we die in

that dimension we die in this one. Also with people that have dreams about people that have died maybe tge dreamer is able to see these people because if a pads experience that caused the veil between here and the next to grow thinner for them that's why they can talk to passed on people. Now for my dream

It was a Tuesday around seven at night I was out with I guy that I pretty sure I probably know just I can't see his face and he won't let me I'm trying to get him to look at me when tge dream shifts the

tge boy is still there but this Time were in an ally and he's knocked out on tge ground will I'm being held against the wall by my wrists while the guy doing so tries to unbutton my shirt.i bite his hand and try to run away but he grabs me by my hair pulling me down on tge ground he lies down on top of me pinning me to the ground he goes to grab at my brat when he gets whacked in the head by the boy. Rolling tge guy off off me I run to the boy wrapping his arms around me he slid to tge ground stroking my hair he says it's ok everything roll be ok he kisses me slow and deep when he pulls back I look down at the ground when I look up he's gone.

Tats tge end of my dream but that morning when I woke up to get into tge shower I noticed that I smelled like the dirty alleyway and the boy.

My dreams are starting to freak me out I seriously need some answers

misterhollywood profile image

misterhollywood 2 years ago from Hollywood, CA

Interesting and informative hub - vote up!

mandy 2 years ago

I have had a dream for 4 straight nights about the same guy (i know him but i don't talk to him in Reality) in the dream he is talking to me and flirting with me and we are in a date and some times in the dream he asks me to be his girlfriend but when im about to answer i wake up what does it mean does he like me in reality.

Rosseeii 2 years ago

Ok so I had a dream that I started kissing this girl I thought sge was cute nd I do like her but sge dated my sister and she has a bither girl nd she kissed me back her girl saw nd me nd her girl went to rounds of fighting wht does all this mean I needa know??

Jake 2 years ago

Had a dream about an ex girlfriend from probably over 6 years ago. I'm happily engaged to another woman and have no complaints whatsoever. I love my fiancé.

The dream I had though, didn't have her in it. Not sexual. Not plutonic though. Haven't talked to this woman, Kara, in many years. I miss her smell, her smile and her personality. I know she is with someone herself and is happy just like I am. But from time to time, I do think about her.

profile image

Mystery18kat 2 years ago

I ALWAYS seem to have dreams about this boy I love and who loves me back. we don't see each other much because we now go to different schools. I saw him in person in October and I know for sure the feelings haven't changed. I get these weird sighs that point right back to him. its like something doesn't want me to forget him. I get dreams about him saying that "you mean so much to me kat" and some that say "im coming back." I got this one before I saw him in person, when I saw him he wasn't so fond of his school. Im just wondering if our dreams are our way of communication because we don't get to see each other or are even able to get in contact with one another? and these coincidences or sighs, are they meaningful? Help please.

Maggie 2 years ago

Well this may weird or missed up but I dream about someone else......But I have a boyfriend and I never dream about him since we started dating.I'm really confused and I need help because I don't like having dreams about me "cheating on my boyfriend.And In the dream its the opposite thing I want to dream about please help!!

cecemarie33 2 years ago

What does it mean when you keep seeing the person name almost everywhere, now

That we r not talkin to each other.

anonomus 2 years ago

I had a dream about someone I go to college with and since then I have started to have feelings for him what do I do !!!!!

fred 24 months ago

Space aliens. Space aliens everywhere! Taking over the world! Stupid dream.

Ok? 23 months ago

No offence to all the people who commented but why would you even think of doing such dirty things? #people these day are dirty Minded!

sheila 23 months ago

I had a dream about these two men and both of them names were James and they were fighting over me it was special but than I woke up!!!

Cloud 22 months ago

i have being dreaming about a guy that is not my boyfriend some what I think I like that guy because of my dreams what does it means?

joseph 22 months ago

My brother use to have lots of dreams and a few months later or sometimes weeks it actually happened like the earthquake in Japan he told me it would happen and it did he told me things that happened in the future at first I though he was a Sidecik. Or something but I told my mom and she said many people in the family has gifts like that but that was just one of the gifts my uncle can read my mind

:) 21 months ago

I had dream that the world is gonna end...

confused... 14 months ago

I keep of dreaming of this guy I knew...and he liked me ..and I liked him too..but we never got together... Den one day he got kicked out of out school and didn't even say goodbye... I really miss him and would wish to see him but all my efforts went down the drain in doing so...could my dreams be related to this feeling of separation???? Help????

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