What Jesus Do I Follow?

My Faith Journey.

This will not be long, but I hope it does cause you to think. After, I finally finished college with a BA in Religious Studies, I really wondered how this degree would help me. However, all these years later I see now how it has helped me. While my faith it really important to me I do understand that others that have faith in something, well that is important to them. While I have accepted Christianity as my faith, I realized that within Christianity alone there are a whole lot of opinions.

I remember back in High School when a student asked our teacher this question. "What Jesus do I believe in"? I thought to myself, "what does she mean", but the more I thought about it the more I could understand where her question was coming from. I mean, in my small down of 1900 it was known as the "City of Churches". Why? Because everyone thought their way was the right way. It was then that I decided to go on a journey. This journey took me to 5 different colleges and universities, but I am grateful for this journey. This journey has strengthen my own faith, but also helped me understand other people and their faith.

Now, since I said earlier that Christianity is the faith I have chosen I have also wondered why there are so many difference denominations. Everyone one of them believe in this and that, but for me it had to be more than a thought that I believed in, so I focused on what Jesus said and did. In one part of the stories I read about Jesus, the Pharisees, which were a religious group in the Bible asked Jesus what were the greatest commandments. I mean we have 10 right? Jesus answered, "Love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor as yourself". This is how I try to live my Christian faith today. I try to love God and I try to love others.

Today, if your struggling in your faith journey I would encourage you to open your heart and mind. If you have any questions for me I would love to explore them with you. If your a Christian, but not sure about some things like I was I would encourage you to study the life of Jesus. That alone, changed my life, and now the way He lived guides the way I live.

Thank you for reading!

Kerry Miller

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