What Would Happen If Aliens Invaded Earth

Alien Invasion

Wiki Commons image created for H.G. Wells  War of the Worlds
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Silly Humans

Do these people really think they can escape the alien sterilization of Earth? Image created by Author.
Do these people really think they can escape the alien sterilization of Earth? Image created by Author.

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Will Aliens Invade Earth?

You've seen the movie, the all powerful alien race from a star system halfway across the galaxy with superior technology and the ability to traverse the massive distances from our world to theirs come down into our smog filled skies and begin their eradication of humanity. The funny thing is Hollywood loves to give us the public a superiority complex. These advanced aliens walk on tripod limbs using plasma weapons to vaporize single humans trying to run for cover. They use incendiary weapons to sterilize human cities. Or they battle our military with technology though slightly more advanced than our own are still evenly matched to our own.

I often wonder why such an advanced species would use such silly strategies and having such advanced technology why we would think they'd ever have aircraft, or weapons like our own. The truth of the matter is if an alien invasion ever did take place we'd probably never even see it coming.

So why would an alien race come to Earth? Maybe they are exploring like Captain Kirk and his crew on the star ship Enterprise exploring strange worlds filled with interesting and exotic types of intelligent life! Pfft... you really think so? The soft and cuddly often semi-slimy doe-eyed aliens with child-like smiles and their cute ways of communicating with children's toys and like Simon says.Funny thing is I believe that if they did come here that is exactly how they'd present themselves, but they'd soon show their true face when their advanced technology and real agenda reared it's nasty side.

In truth aliens wouldn't come here for our resources. It just doesn't make any sense. All the elements we have here on Earth are abundant all over the universe, be it water or even gold (sorry L Ron Hubbard).. Also why would an advanced species with the capabilities to traverse the stars come here themselves and even risk engaging us... for all intents and purposes we humans are a hostile indigenous species. Doesn't it make more sense to send robotic probes or use some other observational technique to study us if that is their purpose? And why study us at all in the first place? What makes us so interesting?

But I digress, in truth we wouldn't know their purpose. If an alien race did find us interesting enough to come here we'd never understand why they came in the first place. The only real reason I can come up with is to set up a new world for themselves. That is what we'd do after all... and have done; but again that is a human's vantage point.

Assuming we even have the technology to recognize an advanced alien race approaching to invade, we'd have little to no chance of surviving the coming onslaught. A species capable of the type of technology that allows them to come from their world to here just to invade us and squash us. In the film Contact the main character Elly makes a point, "Why would a race of aliens want to come halfway across the galaxy just to invade us? That would be like a human going all the way to Africa to step on an anthill." If an alien race wanted to take something from our world they'd just come down here and take it. I doubt they'd waste their time dealing with us at all. In truth we'd be more of an annoyance than an obstacle. None of the weapons we use against each other would have much effect on them. Because of their technological capabilities.

But perhaps I'm wrong... but come on how would we be able to program a computer virus based on our technology that could be compatible with theirs and still have the ability to cripple their mother ship and in the words of a famous film about an alien invasion "take them down.". Or how would we be able to crush their plans by infiltrating their ranks to try to rebel against them from the inside without something going wrong. Or go underground to try and quell their domination of our world using gorilla warfare tactics. And how do we know they'd be vulnerable to the same diseases that effect us here on earth? Even if you think you could hide underground and bide your time and then pop up to ruin their day, the truth is they'd either deem you a non-threat or find you and deal with you in what ever way they see fit.It is a dismal reality but lets face it, if aliens invade earth, we will no longer be the dominant species on what was once our world. We will be nothing more than pests for a higher species to deal with.

There Will Be No Place to Hide!

When the aliens invade you may as well step out the door with your tin-foil hat on with a road flare and yell... "HEY YOU ALIEN'S I'M HERE!" and let them zap you into dust.
When the aliens invade you may as well step out the door with your tin-foil hat on with a road flare and yell... "HEY YOU ALIEN'S I'M HERE!" and let them zap you into dust.

The Late Ex-President Ronald Reagan's View on a Possible Alien Invasion

The Scenerio

What Happens If We Are Invaded?:

Consider the following scenario...

  1. One day without warning an alien vessel or vessels appear over our planet. (of course assuming we could detect them or if that is how they traveled here in the first place, remember they may come here through a wormhole or a portal or by some means we haven't even thought of.)
  2. Within minutes the aliens would either use their technology to stop any local aggression or annihilate us (the entire human species) using their advanced technology.
  3. And if any humans are left (highly unlikely though) they would be hunted down systematically and exterminated or again deemed a non-threat.

That's it! End of story. There is no good outcome here. There is no hero or band of survivors that would be able to carry on after the aliens retreated or were defeated. If an alien race with technology far Superior to ours does arrive the best thing for you to do is tell the people around you that you love them. I'm sorry to state it that way but it is the truth.

I honestly don't think aliens would want to invade our world. There is nothing here for them. What we fear is our own nature. We haven't advanced beyond our primitive view of how we do things. Like Christopher Columbus vs the savage Indians. Heck if I were the aliens I'd be more afraid of us then we are of them! Thanks for reading.

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Sandyspider profile image

Sandyspider 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

I agree that the aliens are too far advance to want anything to do with us. :)

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

We already have enough to handle with the illegal alien that are already here.

fordie profile image

fordie 6 years ago from China

Interesting subject.

Don't start with a spelling mistake. It should be: "They're here"

nextstopjupiter profile image

nextstopjupiter 6 years ago from here, there and everywhere

I am almost sure they are watching us but they are not interested in contacts with neighbors who fight with each other all the time and cannot keep their house in order.

White Horse 5 years ago

All the governments would offer the aliens gold as a gift. And then the aliens would say "you offer us gold but yet you let your own people go hungry. Why is that?"

ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

The major flaw in all alien invasion movies is just what you point out. A race advanced enough to travel lightyears would be too far along for our "modern" weapons.

samantha stacia profile image

samantha stacia 5 years ago from Arizona

I always had a problem with the gold thing-I always thought there must be gold elsewhere, IDK. Im glad you brought that up.

I am actually so tired of the stupid alien invasion movies, even if they are a possibility that we would be exterminated. They always have the asme thing, that we find some sort of flaw and being like cockroaches the sheer number of us make it that they can't get us all. Most recently the Falling Skies series by Stephen Spielberg, how dissapointing that he made something so innane as an alien bug invasion.

Samantha Stacia


alan 5 years ago

we would just have to all gather up for a plan. the militery would do the fighting. wed have to lock doors protect are selfs. keep a guard up. but how come they only work. wha t are they working on. well they got no other plans but to take over earth. i also dont know why they keep themselfes a secret there more powerful than us . well i would make a plan know yo be ready.

mike 5 years ago

Then way are they here.can't be to study us for real how many decades do the need the world was theirs to start with we are an expreriment gone wrong its only a matter of time they fix it

idigwebsites profile image

idigwebsites 4 years ago from United States

Nice Hub...but i don't know why we all especially Hollywood considers allens superior than us. There can be a planet which is behind us in technology and power. Every coin has two sides.

Raevyn14 profile image

Raevyn14 4 years ago from Tecumseh, Oklahoma

As americans, Most of us don't believe in ghosts, or aliens. Most americans are closed off to believing that there are things unexplained. Aliens, ghosts, the supernatural, Americans are willing to write off anything we don't understand with the mind is playing tricks on us. If aliens do invade, Americans would be so inept to deal with them that there wouldn't be anything left of the world. And why would aliens invade the planet? Do we actually believe that aliens would take over and what would they gain from us, nothing really.

To put it bluntly, all most americans know and would teach otherworldly races is how to be selfish, well aliens already know how to do that. They would get nothing from our minds, some could teach them shop, eat, exercise, go on dates. There really isn't anything here for that race to benefit from,

ಠ_ಠ 4 years ago

?_? i am disapproved.

andy 4 years ago

you can have the best and newest computer in the world but can still be attacked by a virus sent to you by an older model, the same could be said about alien technology.

war of the worlds was right to think bacteria on earth could kill an alien if it visited as their immune system hasn't had chance to adapt and build up a natural defence just the same for me or you if we go to Africa or Asia.

aliens might hold back on using their technology knowing we would eventually use nuclear weapons which would make an invasion pointless.

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 4 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

I do enjoy your enthusiasm for our race but the only pointless thing I can see is us thinking that any of those very earthly ways we might parish would have any effect on an alien species far more advanced technologically and perhaps even physically than our own species. They may not be humanoid at all, they may not even be organic in nature. We have no idea what an alien species would be about. Perhaps our weapons wouldn't function. Who is to say they even get sick? The truth is... we don't know.

Lazarus61 4 years ago

Oh dear, Martha, can u fetch the spray? "We've got another outbreak of those pesky humans again!

??? 4 years ago

I agree but not cause those points no other planets don't have the same resource cause if we did we would be stressing bout this one and it's resources I think they finally found one planet that was like ours And come on how do u you know if there not already here or been studying us from yrs haven't u herd bout the myth of the Aztecs lol look around you do u really think if aliens have weapons stronger and more advanced then us there not like any other country in our world you don't think other species would think like us but yet you say they could be more advanced think bout this what better resourse then free labour why destroy the world and waste it's natural resourse have more for storage and humanity to take care of it.

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 4 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

??? I can see your viewpoint, my ideas about an advanced species of alien coming to earth were a bit humanistic.

Garth Of Izzar 4 years ago

Very well written suppostion. Although I enjoy science fiction movies that depict alien invasion of our little blue marble planet I am disappointed in how we ALWAYS (mostly) seem to find a way to defeat them. The first mistake we make is that we so often humanize the aliens to make them capatible with our way of thinking. Suppose there are aliens that are so unlike us in EVERY aspect that we are of no significance whatsoever? We like to believe that our science,technology and undertstanding of how the universe works is the end all of physics. It is arrogant to believe that IF we were to be attacked by any alien civilization that we would be able to defeat them.............somehow. I believe that IF there are alien civilizations they could be of a category three civilization. This category of technology for lack of a better term would probably enable THEM the ability to harness the entire energy of a star by encompassing it in some type of force field type shell. The technology of Star Trek is barely type two. Aliens of a type three civilization would be thousands if not millions of years ahead of us. We would be nothing more than ants to them. We often like to think that they would WANT something from our little back water world, but in actuality suppose our world and it's teeming billions are just another ANT HILL that just happens to be in their way? Do you stop to think of how many ant civilizations you may be destroying while you are mowing your backyard? One last point I would like to make. IF we were to be attacked I beleive they would be so technologically advanced that they would not waste the time or energy to land here. ONly human thinking envisions thousands of alien warships and human armies in combat. No, because they are so adavanced they wouldn't have to land here to defeat us. All that needs to be done is just change the chemical compostion of our atmosphere and we all drop dead from asphyxsiation. Thanks for reading.

Lazarus61 4 years ago

Looking at it from an alien point of view, this would be a great place to test out vaccines against any diseases they might be trying to eradicate.

Scenario: We are only animals, introduce a virus, keep a constant watch on any animals on this planet, including us, who develop antibodies to the introduced virus. Bring in the test subject or subjects, extract the antibodies. Mission accomplished. Just like our own researchers do with lab rats,pigs etc.

That is exactly how I would think that we would appear to some alien species, most likely one in many of a universe absolutely bloated with enough super intelligent life that would make us look insignificant.

artblack01 profile image

artblack01 4 years ago from New Mexico

Aliens are to us what we are to Ants. If Aliens came here, we would be no more a threat to them then ANTS are to us. Ant diseases don't affect us, do they? Neither do Dog or Cat diseases. We have never needed to inoculate ourselves for kennel cough. There are some diseases that affect us but usually don't affect the carrier animal.... one other major flaw is we are evolved from Earthly life, Aliens systems, who know what kind of anatomy they have, maybe we could get them sick, maybe not.... they'd be prepared either way.

Not to mention the age of our cosmos and the amount of time it may take for an Extra Terrestrial society to get technology that could bring them here and the number of stars they'd have to sift through just to find us.... it's just not likely they'd come here and less likely they have been here.

Lazarus61 4 years ago

To Artblack01

With all due respect my friend, there are many diseases from dogs and cats and other animals that can be passed on to human beings,with very deadly results, for example, diphtheria (from cats) cat scratch fever (From Cats) Rabies (From dogs and assorted canines and bats) Worms (Parasitic) (dogs and cats) Avian flu virus (obviously birds) Hiv origin Monkeys and so forth...I will reinstate that regardless of how far progressed a race of beings is, there is always a search for the latest cure for newly emerging diseases and older ones that have become resistant to vaccines.

artblack01 profile image

artblack01 4 years ago from New Mexico

Diphtheria is an acute infectious disease caused by the bacteria. It is not directly from cats, it's from the cat litter under their nails. Rabies is Earthborn so it affects most animals but not all are the same. Parasite worms are more akin to any animal eating another animal, just on a small scale. HIV in monkeys and cats is not the same as the one from humans, in fact they have been proven to not cross species, they are all different diseases, with the same name.

Still alien life would be so different most diseases (we are referring to none parasites) that affect you on a cellular level, have more to do with your DNA and alien DNA would have developed so differently. Also, think of this, if our diseases can affect them then vice versa. And if they are that much more evolved than us, think about the diseases they carry and are inoculated against that would kill us but not them.

We are all carriers of the diseases we are inoculated against, they no longer affect us, however, if someone not inoculated comes into contact with us they can get sick, it's why the military inoculates all their soldiers before they go to foreign lands.

Aliens would also have to be aware of this before coming to our planet and it wouldn't take them long to create antiviruses or defenses to their biology against our biology. So it's almost an irrelevant situation.

Lazarus61 4 years ago

Would just like to point out you that our astronauts do not go through sterilizing chambers for nothing when they enter and leave their capsules, for example if we get an Alien race with the same basic building blocks as our own species we have the potential for a deadly disease. The founders of our country (Australia) all bought their own diseases and parasites over with them all but wiping out the native population, they in turn suffered as well. Any and I repeat any diseases is opportunistic, many viruses can change their structure to attack in different ways and I do not see an Alien race being any more immune to our viruses than we would be to theirs and as has been proven time and time again, regardless of scientific or medical advances there is always a new variant waiting in the wings. That is the Genetic design of many viruses as to Hiv in monkeys being transmitted to humans, the jury is still out on that one. Traces of organic matter have been found in meteorites, whether it is earthly contamination or not, I am not in a position to say but if it is not then this organic matter proves that the building blocks of life are the same on a universal scale not as alien as many of us are meant to believe by populist theory.

artblack01 profile image

artblack01 4 years ago from New Mexico

Did you read my last statement?

Lazarus61 4 years ago

Yes but I commented only on the parts that I took as being erroneous. :)

Garth of Izzar 4 years ago

Very interesting discussion you are having with Artblack, Lazarus. I respectfully disagree with your supposition about organic matter proving the building blocks of life are the same on a universal scale. The universe is a MIGHTY big place my friend and who are we to say that ALL life has a carbon based matrix. What if life "OUT THERE" is based upon silicon, crystaline, or some other matrix that our very limited science has not dreamed of. We believe we have the answers to the basic structure of the cosmos, but what if our almost arrogant belief in OUR science is nothing more than a culmination of one sentence in the cosmic encyclopedia of knowledge. If the universe is an INFINITE place how can we be so sure as to think that our FINITE knowledge is the end all of what MUST be according to our viewpoint? Respectfully submitted and a GREAT discussion.

maya 4 years ago

if aliens invade us ill go hide to my nana :) XDness

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 4 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

Good idea maya :)

artblack01 profile image

artblack01 4 years ago from New Mexico

Garth, if such a thing were possible we would either see examples of it within our solar system or be able to (with our current technology) test such an idea. In fact such an idea has been tested before. We can easily get self replicating proteins but have yet to see any other example of such a form of life. Just because we haven't seen such a thing doesn't mean we can also conclude that it is either possible or impossible without evidence for such an idea. We have no basis to conclude, no matter how infinite the universe might be, without evidence, that such a thing is remotely possible.

Garth of Izzar 4 years ago

Interesting thought and well presented Artblack. You stated:...If such a thing were possible we would either see examples of it within our solar system or be able to(within our CURRENT technology) test such an idea. That is my point my friend. "With our CURRENT technology". Just because our current technology has given us only a miniscule understanding of what this universe is all about. To say we have not seen anything otherwise in our own backyard (solar system) does not necessarily mean that that because we have no EVIDENCE for something that it is impossible for our miniscule viewpoint of the cosmos to be wrong. I am enjoying this interaction with you and your thoughts are well presented by the way. I would like to add one more suppostion for your consideration. Suppose there is an intelligent civilization living on a single snow flack on top of mount Everest. Now the scientist of that civilization have concluded with their current level of technology that the universe is made up of snow and the basic building blocks of said universe must include the compounds of crystaline H2O. The scientists of this microscopic civilization are certain that their idea of physics and cosmotology are based in grounded scientific proofs. However, what these denizens of that civilization do not realize because of their limited understanding of the universe is that there are intelligences that live on a grain of sand in the Sahara dessert. There are intelligences that live on algea in swamp areas. There are intelligences that survive in the deepest trenches of the worlds oceans. So, how can the Everest scientist conclude that other life forms cannot exist because from THEIR viewpoint there is no evidence? Thank you for reading, my friend?

Otis Driftwood 4 years ago

artblack, go get an education. I normally would even respond to this but your level of "know it all" ignorance is intolerable. Just shut up. First take a biology class, adv bio or zoology wouldn't hurt

artblack01 profile image

artblack01 4 years ago from New Mexico

I don't take advice from mentally deficient hypocrites. Wouldn't it be better to prove me wrong rather than to childishly tell me to get an education, since I already received one from a great university.

Garth of Izzar 4 years ago

IRONY defined: It started out as an interesting dialouge about the supposition of an extraterrestrial civilization attacking earth. Now instead of respectful disagreement some have resorted to ATTACKING each other and therefore ALIENATING themselves from one another. Interesting thing here. Perhaps IF aliens wanted to take over our little blue marble all they would have to do is park their mother ships a few light minutes outside our solar system and....................................Wait until we eventually made the argument a mote point by simply erradicating ourselves. Welcome to Earth! A HandyALiens Dream!

Insane Mundane profile image

Insane Mundane 4 years ago from Earth

It's a network of life thingy... In a few hundred years, a few thousand years, whatever, intelligence (along with privacy invasion) sort of closes in on its self! Sort of like the ant population increases greatly and invades your home, life in the grand cosmos slowly branches out to create a cosmic throne.

Oh, the Reagan video was absolute truth, sorry, sad but true! LOL!

Grunthor68 4 years ago

While i agree 100% with you that we would have zero chance against aliens in a fight. I dont agree with other things like "it would be like a human going to africa to step on an ant". It would take me great effort to do this, why do you assume it would take the aliens much effort at all? We dont know what kind of tech they have. Maybe traveling halfway across the galaxy is nothing to them. Maybe an alien scoutship abducted a human, deepfried him and decided it is the best tasting food in the galaxy and he's going to tell all his buddies about it, next thing you know wormholes are poping open because it was little to no effort for them to come here to get a good meal. My point is you can not use human logic or human understanding of physics to try to understand what an alien may or may not do and what their technical capabilities may be. And lighten up on the alien invasion movies, its just entertainment. You really think the director on independence day really thought we could repel an invasion with a computer virus?

Garth of Izzar 4 years ago

One of the BEST conversations I've had yet! Grunthor68 I enjoyed your last comment. You have stated eloquently what I have been posting. I believe that our understanding of physics and other science platforms lends us to be a bit arrogant in our "understanding" of the cosmos. There are those who say that because of how life appeared here on earth that there could me no chance of life appearing anywhere else in the universe. I reject that theory because what is really being said is life HERE is a result of a cosmic MISTAKE out there! I find it somewhat hypocritical that those of the scientific community can state with absolute assurance what chemicals are NEEDED for extraterrestrial life to occure when they cannot figure out how some of the life forms on this world are able to surive. Viruses for example. If life on earth is EXCEPTIONAL then the denizens of our planet do not treat if as such. You are absolutely correct when you state that human logic or understanding of physics cannot be used to understand alien behavior. We once laughed at and ridiculed people that once believed the earth was flat. Wouldn't it be ironic that OUT THERE hundreds of thousands of light years away there is a civilization ridiculing our pitiful attempts to understand the universe. Imagine them saying.....(as I humanize their thoughts)........"Are you kidding me? They believe the universe is what?"

Andre Gott profile image

Andre Gott 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Humans are so crazy. Just 100 years ago we had no idea that galaxies existed. We don't really know what is dark matter or gravity. We have no idea how much life may still be undiscovered in the oceans and rainforests.

And yet some in our member species think they can expound with full confidence on what aliens would be like and how we could fight them.

If there are any of them Class 3 aliens, then we ought to be able to observe them harvesting stars long before they reach our world. Might give us time to formulate a welcome, clean our acts up, and maybe even think of something intelligent to bring to the conversation.

Assuming they feel like talking...

Garth of Izzar 4 years ago

Very good points Andre. You or I don't make it a habit of talking to the ants in our backyard. A type three civilization would be so far advanced over us that we may not raise any curiosity out of them. Perhaps they are so far advanced that they are able to hide their existence from our very primative and puny efforts to find them. We use radio and other wave form mediums to communicate, but this effort may be so far beneath them that we truly are not noticed.

Lycanite 4 years ago

If Aliens did approach our planet, it would be for one of two things.

Curiosity (we may be the first form of intelligent life they have seen) or slavery (we're smart enough to operate mines or whatever for them, etc). But then again wouldn't they just have machines to do work for them anyway?

Really though, if we had the technology to travel the universe and investigate other planets and we found intelligent alien life that is more primitive than us, we would probably be curios and would communicate with them and maybe help them or whatever (there's gonna be people that would setup a charity or something for this).

artblack01 profile image

artblack01 4 years ago from New Mexico

If aliens this if aliens that.... okay, tomorrow we discover the ability to travel faster than the speed of light and we are able to travel to any planet anywhere in the galaxy at the reasonable speed of 2 days per light year, closest star is still 400 light years away, so it takes us 2 years to get there.... anyway... what do you think will happen.... look at our own history.... what is our government, our military, our religious leaders going to do? How will they react? Who has the money to do something about it? Do not think that aliens don't have the same problems. Not to mention if their society is based on something else, maybe they have a more ant mentality, or a more hunter gatherer mentality. As much as curiosity is "peaceful" what happens when our curiosity is satisfied, how will we react if we find that our society is more advanced than theirs and theirs is no better than how we view ants? or Apes? or Dogs? Or Cattle....

Best case scenario is we find they are just as technologically advanced and we can find a way to communicate with them but thanks to our military and paranoia that prevails the human spirit and xenophobia (all mostly due to the poor state our society and education system and other issues we have) how long before we go to war? Or one society eliminates, enslaves, or just consumes (as food) the other society... depends on how tasty we are or they are.

Garth of Izzar 4 years ago

Wow! Artiblack that was a COMPELLING post! I enjoyed reading your summations. It reminds me of the opening scene in the original Planet of The Apes. Commander Tyler is giving his last log entry before entering cryo-sleep. He is intrigued about the time dilatation effects he and his crew are experiencing because of their faster than light travel. He ponders the universe in a stupefied manner by saying...."I feel so small." Noticing the time dilatation effects of their journey he realizes hundres of years have passed on earth since their departure. He ponders whether mankind has created marvels of science, technology and culture. In a moment of introspection he asks a very poignant question......"Tell me does man still wage war against his brother." I agree with your post. We may have the technological prowess to change our world and hurl us to the far reaches of this galaxy, but in all that what inner corruptions are we going to take with us......OUT THERE? I can imagine a humorus (from a human standpoint) situation as follows. An alien astronomer has been observing the third planet orbiting the star Sol. (The name of our sun) He or better It jerks back from it's telescope in mixed surprise and horror. "What is it" his assistant asks in conern. "Take a look for yourself" the alien astronomer says. Looking through the eyepiece (or whatever is used for their sensory enhancement) the assistant can plainly see the blue-green, cloud covered third planet. He also sees a primitave ion propelled spacecraft accelerating away from the planet and approaching the light speed threshold. Well, what do you think about that?" the astronomer asks. His assistant replys......."Uh, oh!"

ariadne 4 years ago

40% of voters on this site thing aliens are here. Where is the evidence? Clearly faith and belief are still firmly rooted in a significant number of people. Just remember, if you don't have faith in gravity, it doesn't mean you won't fall when you jump off a building.

Andre Gott profile image

Andre Gott 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Thanks Garth.

Note, the aliens wouldn't necessarily need to actively hide from us: the neighboring stars could be swarming with life, but if those civilizations were using less-wasteful broadcast mediums, such as mazer, directed radio, fiberoptic/cable, we might have trouble detecting their transmissions.

If the galaxy were indeed swarming with life, it is possible we would be as ants, and there would be nothing they would need from us, just as we need little from far-north Siberia or Canada, or coldest Antarctica. If they need energy, there are plenty of much bigger stars around us.

Andre Gott profile image

Andre Gott 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Speculating on the composition of Aliens...One thing I learned recently is that we humans are all made up of the universe, meaning that we are hydrocarbon based lifeforms, and that our bodies are 95% composed of the 4 most abundant non-nobel gas elements in the universe (not counting the two nobel gases, which don't like to play with others anyway).

If we are composed of the universe, one might be forgiven for assuming that other evolved creatures could be similarly composed. Whether they are DNA, RNA, or XNA-based, and whether they have 'evolved' and been replaced (willingly or not) by robots, computers, or chemical or energy-based successors, remains to be seen.

yakuza988 3 years ago

sorry for my limited educations,i'm just third years of high school,but all you guys was already discussed was if the alien is on another form,okay,now what if the alien is a human with way more technology than us and has evolved with "super human ability"which only some people in our earth has like clairvoyance,telepathy(which their race has all of the superhuman ability we know already)and they're currently looking for a planet to live in since their planet are too "crowded" or too broken so they wish to take every natural source we have to their own planet without annihilated all of us?

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