What is Real Knowledge?

Sai students undertakes village services!

The SELF is the basis for everything!

Knowledge is considered the world over as 'secular knowledge'. But the secular knowledge can at best fill one's belly! Once Saibaba has told the students of his University that 'the degrees should not be used as 'begging bowls'. Students should enter into the society with the knowledge gained to improve the living conditions of the villagers. Job and earning is incidental to life. But we should gain the real Knowledge for which we have taken birth in this mundane world!

Let us introspect "What is real knowledge". Scriptures reveal that only the Knowledge of the SELF is real knowledge and once acquired, man need not bother about other learning skills. To eke out a living, the education obtained in schools and collages can help but that is not the end of learning. In the University founded by Saibaba, spiritual education is inculcated along with secular subjects like 'Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Arts and literature. Even business administration is thought along with moral responsibilities towards the society.All the students are required to undertake 'Village Service programme' as part of their studies. Students in batches are sent to different villages around Prasanthi Nilayam. They do the initial survey of the living condition of the people there with reference to their immediate problems, health conditions, the condition of agriculture, animal husbandry, their resources, food , clothing and drinking water adequacy etc., In short, the students are able to gauge the immediate requirements of each villages. Then they formulate a plan to provide the needed assistance in phases. The villagers are asked to maintain personal hygiene besides keeping their surrounding clean.. The lady students who visit the villages are required to give a neat bath to the children, cutting the nails etc. and the parents are advised to follow the daily cleaning of their surroundings.Drains are cut to let waste water to go away from the habitat. Toilet soaps and other items are distributed free to educate them, the need to maintain proper personal hygiene. Here, the students are taught the importance of sacrificing their time and energy for the welfare of the poor and downtrodden.

School going children are taught a few lessons whenever the volunteers visit the place. Veterinary camps are held bringing Doctors and their assistants. Handicapped people living in the villages are supplied with rice and grains to sustain them. If there is no potable drinking water in the vicinity, plans are drawn to bring them near the villages and the same is implemented in phases. Thus the students are able to organize help from various quarters and bring it to the doorstep of the beneficiaries.

The secular knowledge we learn in schools and collages will be useful only for living in the outer world. But we are neglecting a vital aspect of education. Our ancients gave much importance to the scriptures and philosophy. They understood that it is the SELF which sustains the individual as well as the Universe. They intuitively understood that the Self is ever existing principle and do not undergo birth or death like the created beings.They came to know that the basis for the creation is the SELF but the self is unaffected by the creation or cosmos. The Self is like the pure white screen on which the pictures are projected in a cinema hall. The screen exists independent of the pictures but the pictures need the screen. This Self knowledge is essential for our ultimate destiny!

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saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India. Author

I really appreciate your comment. But the life is a big dream of the creator who enjoys the dream. The knowledge we need to gain is this; "All this is a grand illusion. We must somehow get rid of the illusion. The world is real as long as we give credence to it. When we wake up from the dream, we realize that it is only a dream experience. Likewise, we have to wake up in the Self to realize the illusory nature of the creation. Thank you once again!

jlboogades profile image

jlboogades 3 years ago from Lynchburg, VA

I understand the relativist perspective that you hold: that all is an 'illusion' as you say. The point of my last post was to offer an argument against such a belief. Opposed to your belief, truth, being objective and absolute, dictates that no matter what we believe the world and its laws are real (natural and supernatural working in union). If this is true, the only illusion is to believe that it is an illusion.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition truth states that it is regardless of what one believes. Therefore, the world, its pains, its suffering, and its knowledge is all truth that must be reconciled not relinquished (as in the Buddhist tradition). We are born into sin, it says, and we require the real reconciliation in the real world unto a real God who interacts within all to the salvation of all who would admit there finite and sinful state and seek forgiveness.

I do not mean any disrespect in this direct opposition. I only mean to discuss opposing ideas of what is true about humanity and our position in relation to our Creator. These views are irreconcilable: this means that one must be true and the other not.

I realize that this goes against the very nature of your belief system (that all perspectives are true to the individual). I only ask that you consider the inconsistency of believing that Truth is both objective and subjective (this goes against the Law of Non-Contradiction: that "'A' cannot be both 'A' and 'B' at the same place and the same time"). Thank you for your audience and consideration.

saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India. Author

The world and the experiences we undergo are valid as long as we retain our identity with the perishable body. Just like the dream experience is negated on waking, our waking state is also subject to change once we wake up in the higher truth of the Self. The mind has come out of the Self and the creation happened. When the mind is one with the Self, there won't be any creation. The world is a mixture of Truth and illusion. Truth is the basis and the illusion is the veil over it. In the twilight hour if you walk on a path without any light, even a rope lying on the path will look like a snake. Once, a torch light is focused we will be knowing that it is only a 'rope'. All along it was only a rope. Fear arose due to ignorance and illusion. The wisdom we gain after undergoing the troubles and travails of the world for many long years in successive birth will illumine our intelligence with Truth. Till such time, we have to practice contemplation and meditation!

Whatever changes can not be Truth. Every thing around us changes every moment. Even within our body, many changes takes place without our awareness. The earth and all planets are in constant motion. There must be one stable base on which all this movement takes place. The base should be steady and unchanging for ever. We travel in cars safely because the road is stable. If the road too moves along with the cars what will happen? Hence realization can occur only when we relinquish the illusion that we are the bodies! Thank you for the contemplation on the subject.

jlboogades profile image

jlboogades 3 years ago from Lynchburg, VA

One simple question: How is it possible for that which is imperfect (in your words: always changing) to become perfect (without change) by its own mechanism (mind)? This is what every religion on earth, except for true Christianity, poses: that one must ascend to a state of 'godliness' (holiness, understanding, being unchanging, etc) by their own means (i.e.- relinquishment of worldly attachments- Buddhism; following the law of Jehovah/ Allah- Orthodox Jew/ Muslim).

What Christianity asserts is opposed to this concept. The true message of Christ is that none of us could ever reach this ascension because we are dead in sin; He proclaims that we must accept the sacrifice of God on earth, His own blood for the atonement of our sins. This is in direct opposition to all other religions on earth.

I have talked to many people who have a relativist worldview (such as yourself). It is philosophically impossible for them, given their current view that all truth is relatively known by each person, to understand the totality of the message of absolute Truth that Christ dictated: John 14:6- "I (Christ) am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father (salvation with God for eternity) except through Me". In this way He was proclaiming Himself to be fully God along with the Father (one being, different persons), and most importantly that no person can attain perfection (being without change) without and solely as result of accepting His free sacrifice.

This dictates that no manner or amount of relinquishment or contemplation will enable an individual to attain salvation (being changeless). I did not develop or decide this, this is the Word according to Christ, ironically a man that is considered a holy man by many religions. The problem is, He is either God and the only way to salvation, misrepresented in the Bible of the New Testament in which case everything about Him must be disregarded as fallacy, or He was a lying, want-to-be demigod who again must be disregarded. It is error to acknowledge Him as holy and not as fully God and the only salvation for mankind.

With all respect, again, I appreciate your time in this conversation. Please consider the weight and conviction of the message that I am conveying; it is clearly and fundamentally irreconcilable with your own belief system. Either you are correct that relinquishment and contemplation will guide the individual toward the "realization" of truth, or Christ's message that Truth is absolute and objective and only attainable through the sacrifice of God's own life on earth is true: they are fundamentally opposing views.

saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India. Author

Consider that attainment of highest goal as akin to the mountain top. People can ascend the hill through many paths along its base. I am ascending from one point and you are from a different point. The place of origin may differ, the paths may differ albeit we have to reach the peak of the mountain at some time however circuitous our path may be. Intelligent one choose some short cut, others tread long distances to reach the peak. Hence there is no difference at all in the aim of people, ie. to reach the peak. Saibaba has said, "I am God, You are God, I know that I am God but you do not know that you are God. This is due to fundamental ignorance of human being who consider his body as himself whereas his soul is the only reality. All share the SELF which is different from bodies. Self is One only. Yourself and myself are one and the same though bodies are apart. Thank you for your views!

jlboogades profile image

jlboogades 3 years ago from Lynchburg, VA

As I have said, I understand the relativist view that truth is relative to one's perspective. To illustrate the incompatibility of that view to absolute truth, using your analogy, the proposed absolute truth of Christ dictates that all of mankind is climbing the Wrong mountain. Of course we all have our own 'path' in life, but if one is attempting to attain a goal which ends in destruction, such as attempting to be god, the absolute truth of the God of the Bible says they will only attain isolation from God in a place called hell. Now, to be clear, struggle personally with beliefs and truths as presented by any and all faiths. What I cannot deny is the obvious incompatibility of these opposing systems of philosophy and belief. I have yet to converse with a relativist who would offer a direct retort and proposed explanation for these blatant inconsistencies.

That was and continues to be my main motive for replying to this hub. If you could and would do just that I would be ever grateful.

saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India. Author

My contention and belief is that all religions leads to the same Truth. Great masters, prophets and incarnations of God have come on earth in different geographical locations to suit the mindset of people at that time and to lead them towards the Truth. Thus Jesus guided his disciples and believers through various means and sermons. Jesus ascended on the third days from the tomb and proved to the people around that He and His Father in spirit are one and the same. He had undergone the cruelties inflicted on his person silently though he had the power to nullify it. But to show the people his perfect belief in the Father and to show them that sacrifice is supreme, he demonstrated all this. That is why his teachings have become immortal even after 2000 years and majority of the world follow his teachings. Likewise many great minds like Buddha and prophet Mohammad and many incarnations have taken place throughout the world in different times to lead the man kind towards the Truth. People clash because of misinterpretations of the teachings of various scriptures. All scriptures teach about unity, love, brotherhood, service and non-violence. In my opinion there is no clash of basic principles of Truth anywhere. It is the wrong notions of some people to gain popularity that they posit different meanings to some teachings in the scriptures.

Any way thank you for your views and interest in this subject!

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