What is the real name of our Savior?

How did we come to know Jesus as the name of our Savior? Language has a history of its own dating back many centuries ago. The alphabet has also gone through its own transformation from the Hebrew alphabet through our modern day English alphabet. In the Hebrew alphabet there is no letter J, so the names that we know today as Judah, John, and Jeremiah, in Hebrew their names are Yehuda, Yochanan, and Yirmiyah.

The name we know our savior as Jesus in today’s English language started the same way, is Hebrew name is Yeoshua, which means Yahweh saved. When he was born he was given the name of Immanuel, which means god with us. The first translation of our Savior’s name was Greek. The problem with the first translation is in Hebrew they write right to left whereas in the Greek language they write left to right. They spelled our Savior’s name Iesous, the Latin translation became Iesus. The last translation was in the English, the letter J was introduced by the Germanic language in the late 17th century after the 1611 printing of the King James Bible. The first time the word Jesus appears in the bible is in the 1634 printing of the Geneva bible.

So the word Jesus started as Yeoshua in Hebrew and has gone through many translations into what we have today. The question is when our savior tells his followers in the New Testament, “ask in my name and it will be given to you”, which name is the proper one the use?

Even though language has evolved through the centuries doesn’t our savior deserved to be called by his given name?

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charmike4 profile image

charmike4 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

Interesting historical article Write to Inspire. I guess it doesn't matter what you call Jesus, whether the ancient version or the current version, as long as you know what it means. Thanks for the great hub.

Evylyn Rose profile image

Evylyn Rose 5 years ago from Colorado, USA

Interesting hub! I love learning where different words and names began and how they evolved into the way they are used today. As for the question, how the name is pronounced is less important than the heart of the one calling to him. Take for example our own names. Someone may have an incredibly strong accent and pronounce our names in a way that sounds foreign and, sometimes, wrong. However, we still respond, don't we? In the same way we can pray for a stranger in need, we can call out to another, be they a god, goddess, ancestor, or friend without doing so by name. After so many hundreds of years, I'm sure Jesus has caught on and has accepted the name as an endearing nickname. ;) Thanks for sharing!

Write to Inspire profile image

Write to Inspire 5 years ago from Parma, Oh Author

Thanks for the feedback charmike4 and Evylyn Rose, I'm glad you enjoyed this Hub I hope to have more coming soon. I am a historical buff and word origins are interesting. while researching this article I found Eve's original Hebrew name...Chavah.

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