Whats Happening In 2012

I guess I have been in my own world for the last couple of years because I just recently heard about the whole 2012 issue. Many people apparently have known about this for a long time but I guess they never talk about it. Its not like its the topic of the evening news or anything. I never see people on the streets being maniacs screaming we're all gonna die. Its like a secret or something.

The more I read or hear about it the crazier I become. I try and ignore the whole thing otherwise I just cant function. I have no idea what will happen on Dec.21 2012 but none of what is being said sounds like anything I would enjoy.

I would just like to know what are the scientific facts that anything is going to happen. I do not really know what the Mayan people predict for us..Maybe they just stopped working on their calender and didnt get a chance to finish. Maybe they thought they would finish it in a couple hundred years.....maybe I will ask the Mayan people whats up. Oh wait thats right...we cant cause there are no Mayan people to ask. They all died. If they were so smart why did their entire civilization get wiped out.

My mind just can not grasp the concept of no more earth and no more people.... EVER. I mean Im busy I got shit to do and three years isnt long enough for me to get it all done. Im not finished yet! It really pisses me off to think about it. Its also kinda scary if you let yourself get caught up in what may or may not happen.

I dont know which way the planets are going to go if any way at all and I have no clue if our earth is going to launch itself straight into the sun and that will be the end of humanity forever and ever but one thing I do know is that God says NOBODY will know when the last day is here only he does. So the exact date of dec.21 2012 can not possibly be right.

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EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image

EYEAM4ANARCHY 8 years ago from Las Vegas, NV.

I'm not real clear on what is actually going to happen either. I've never heard an actual prediction of "yada yada is going to happen" or "the Mayans said yada yada is going to happen".

Seems like everybody is just assuming that the end of their calendar equals the end of the world.

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SirDent 8 years ago

Amen!!! God knows the day and hour and has told no one. Many used to say the world would end on that day, nowadays they say other things. They seem to be reaching for straws trying to figure something out that has been shown them for around 2000 years. ;)

Nice hub. :)

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

Nothing is going to happen..just a flip in another calendar year. The planets are supposed to be all lined up for us to see something spectacular, but that has happened before wth three of them and nothing happened with that. The Mayan Calendar only wnet so far in their future and then there is a new begining. There will always be new beginnings and those who think the world will end--it will...but it will be like the Stock Market Cashes and the Auto companies collapsing. It is an end to the hunger of money, but most of us are still around and making better choices. Isaiah predicted a land bridge will open up and another Earth. You can read or watch that concerning the Hollow Earth Theory. I posted it in the Science Frum. There are several sites on the internet tht deal with this.

Doomsday seekers will get a doomsday, while positive people will see the positive of all of this and in the end the secrets will be revealed.

I choose to be positive!

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

I found a site that will explain some things to you avbout thoise who claim the Bible says the World will end and we wil all die:


sam 7 years ago

i really hope we dont die im scared!

?????? 6 years ago

We are not going to die Sam and that is not what it means.

It means that Jesus is coming down to get his children and what i mean about children, God created the earth and everything and also created Adam the first man on earth and the first woman Eve so that means your his child too. the world is not going to end. It is going to end for the christans because of the rapture where god comes and gets his children. So it is not too late for you to repent.

ANJAAN 6 years ago

give all information

Tugmaster 6 years ago




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Tugmaster 6 years ago




someone 6 years ago

well the mayans were just as advanced in math and astronamy as we are today.( just without the technology) the mayans and other civlizations have pricted world war 1 and 2 the most recent pridiction that came true was the mayans carved on the calender on the date for september 11th 2001 was a picture of a bird flying through 2 trees which resembled the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the united states. It is said the myth of the land atlantis was the past 2012 and that this will finish us off. you know the dinosaurs died from a metor it might be our time its our time.

someone 6 years ago

2012 is the biggest bs in the world really people need to get over this shit its not going to happen at all. the mayans were probably too fricking lazy to finish off the calendar years or they got bored of doing the same thing over and over again

tiger 6 years ago

Hey guys ,

nothing will happen its just a rumours every one takin about it :)

just one God knows about it !

i'm not a religious person , but i believe in God .

chantelle  6 years ago

i dont what to die am happy with my life with my boyfriend and my to kids everyone is talking bout x

chantelle  6 years ago

i dont what to die am happy with my life with my boyfriend and my to kids everyone is talking bout x

Roaldski 5 years ago

Religion is man made. Blended out by humans selfishnes and egoism the original message and beliefs was hidden behind the words wisely created by humans to give them more power, and it should be no trust apocalyptic profecies in the bible or coran or hat you read. According to what i read, the mayans stated that 'the world as we know it, will end'. It does say anything about natural disasters or judgement day.

The information to what will happen in 2012 is out there, you just have to find out yourself. The physical world we live in will not end, things will carrry on. But there will be a change or shift, but that is on a more subconscious level and less physical. If you are worried about your home, your material, the people around you and your journey in life, I don't think you need to fear anything. You can wait with exitement and pay close attention to what happens in the world and see if you notice any changes.

The adjustener 4 years ago

OK , OK, here i am commenting on this from after the 2012 strike date..no i am not dead, neither is anyone else who bothered to look at this comment...so there! There is no solar flare!

Anderson 2 years ago

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