What's good about Good Friday?

Why in the world would anyone celebrate Easter as anything other than the return of spring in the northern hemisphere? And of course there are a lot of spring themes around Easter like the bunny who strangely brings eggs. In Europe it is the bells of Rome that bring them. Bunnies bringing them make as much sense I suppose.

Spring has nothing to do with the religious side of the holiday of course. Instead it is the celebration of a murder on behalf of mankind. We celebrate at best the murder of a god, and at worst the murder of an innocent man. I’ve always thought it should be called Bad Friday rather than Good Friday. How is it good to have someone murdered on your behalf and then celebrate it?

Christianity has got to be the most selfish religion in the world. And I mean that in a negative way. It believes a man/god allowed himself to be murdered so his father could forgive original sin, and allow us to go to heaven and live forever. Funny how a god cannot bring himself to forgive without a blood sacrifice. And that is exactly what this is.

Aaron is said to have taken two perfect goats. On one he placed the sins of the people and sent it off in to the desert to be taken by a demon. The other he slaughtered for god. But that wasn’t enough for god. He didn’t want perfect animals anymore, they weren’t good enough. It took the murder of his own son before he was happy. And Christians are ok with this?

Christianity tells us that we have to accept the sacrifice Jesus made and we will be saved. Saved, of course from the wrath of god and eternal hell. So we have to accept the murder of an innocent and make it into a good thing if we want to live forever in heaven rather than living forever anyway and being tortured. What if you mess up and piss god off in heaven?

Was this god’s plan? If so then none of the participants can be held to account. They were all puppets doing god’s bidding. We wouldn’t expect Jesus to nail himself to a tree would we? Then god is the one who killed his son so he could forgive. Make sense? Not really. Even I can forgive without needing blood from someone to do it. Can’t you?

Was it not god’s plan? That is the only way you can say Jesus was murdered by the Romans. But then where is the intentional sacrifice? He didn’t ask someone to put him on an alter and offer him up to god. He was executed like a criminal.

Personally I think it is immoral to accept that someone else paid for your sins. Not that I think original sin was a big deal. They disobeyed and ate a fruit. Big deal. It taught them right from wrong and the difference between good and evil. It woke them up. Wasn’t that a good thing? Not according to god.

And I didn’t do it. You didn’t do it. I don’t remember asking to be born in to sin. Adam and Eve are said to have done it thousands of years ago. Why does that apply to me? In many other passages in the bible it says that the sins of the father are not to be visited on the sons. And daughters of course, but no one mentioned them much back then. But that sin was different. It was worse than murder, child molestation, and anything else we can name. Wow.

And ok. So Jesus died for my original sin so I’m good. I didn’t ask him to and I wouldn’t have. I’d have told him not to do it. Run man, go to France with Mary and your kid that’s on the way. But I wasn’t there so I couldn’t stop him. I have nothing to feel guilty about. But no. I have to cheer him on and say: Gee I’m glad Jesus was murdered so I can go to heaven.

No thanks. Even were I to believe that there is a god, which I do not, I would never be able to bring myself to accept that Jesus died for me and be happy about it. To me it is immoral and selfish beyond belief.

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MsDora profile image

MsDora 3 years ago from The Caribbean

Hi Slarty, I sorta understand why it's Bad Friday for you. Hope there's a Good Day for you somewhere. Sincerely!

Slarty O'Brian profile image

Slarty O'Brian 3 years ago from Canada Author

Well it isn't bad Friday for me. I get a payed day off work. I just find it odd that people think that the day they murdered their god so they could step over his body in to heaven is a good day. lol....

Lor's Stories profile image

Lor's Stories 3 years ago from Central New Jersey

Christians did not murder Christ. Pilot handed him over to the Jews.

He allowed them to chose between Barabas and Jesus. The crowds chose to crucify Christ.

By dying on the cross, Christ reconciled the world with God.

If there was no Good Friday there would be no Easter Sunday.

Slarty O'Brian profile image

Slarty O'Brian 3 years ago from Canada Author

So you think Jesus murder was a good thing?

Lor's Stories profile image

Lor's Stories 3 years ago from Central New Jersey

I wish some one would read my hub!

It's about Good Friday.

" For God so loved the world he sent his only son"

Jesus and God can not be separated. It's been known from the beginning Christ would reconcile himself to the world.

He took on our faults.

Slarty O'Brian profile image

Slarty O'Brian 3 years ago from Canada Author

If it was planned by god and Jesus then no one murdered him except god.

The rest were pawns in the game.

Jesus did not become thought of as god until the Romans took over the religion and made it so. They had a lot of trinities, or triune gods.

It's just Roman tradition. They even made Caesar a god before he died.

You can't worship Jewish Christianity, because you don't have any way of knowing what it was. You worship a Roman version or perversion, if you like, of it; even if you are protestant of some sort.

Lor's Stories profile image

Lor's Stories 3 years ago from Central New Jersey

I really don't know why I answered this.

I'm not Protestant.


Yes Jesus was born a Jew but he started Chrisianity. Any one who follows Christ is called a Christian.

Cesar took over the territory. After Christ most Romans converted to Christanity.

If you ever read a bible you would know Christ came to save humanity.

Jesus and God are one.

Sorry if you don't understand.

Saint Peter was killed by Romans. He's buried in Rome.

It's true Romans were pagans. But the early Christians went to Rome and converted the pagans.

A Christian is some one who follows Christ.

But he was indeed Jewish but He is the focus of the New Testament.

He came to save the world.

Yes the romans had many gods.

But there is only one holy trinity.

Please read the bible. I'm no expert.

And I don't worship the Romans because there are no roman gods.

I worship one God.

Slarty O'Brian profile image

Slarty O'Brian 3 years ago from Canada Author

One god made up by the Romans. Early Christians did not believe Jesus was god. It was decreed so by Constantine. He then went out and kill other christians who did not believe it and named others heretics.

You need to stop reading the bible for a while and read about its history.

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