The World Is Going To End: Lie?


A Somber Subject But We Should Pay Attention

Well, I guess it really matters whether you're religious or not. If you're not religious then maybe you feel that the sun is going to go super nova in ten thousand years or something. Maybe nuclear annihilation, global warming or a highly contagious and deadly flu-like contagion that spreads rapidly over the world turning all infected into mindless zombies. Cool, huh?

Not really, actually, but think about it. By now we can safely determine that this world isn't going to be here forever, right? I mean take a look around, things aren't exactly gong great as it is. Kind of like an old 1987 Plymouth Horizon...this thing is falling apart and unfortunately I think we pissed off the Big Guy enough for it not be under warranty anymore. Speaking of God...

The Bible Gives Us Some Hints

I know, I know... You're going to say that you don't believe in God or the Bible. Or, that I'm being disrespectful when talking about such things. Therein, lie our problem though. People who do believe in the Bible and God have always only uttered those words or Him with some kind of mysterious awe. The awe I can understand, sure. But I'm not so sure that a God who wants His people to find him and do the right thing or what not would want to be shrouded in mystery and kept at arm's length by the...oh, I don't know...the Catholic church. But they're not the only bad guys. Most modern religious organizations are more based on money and keeping their heads above water than actually spreading any kind of Good News... There are some good ones but...they're few and far between

So wait...would the End of The World Be Good News Or Bad News?

I don't wanna' get too teachy here..heck if we don't wanna' offend anyone. God forbid. But if you were to look at the Bible books of Matthew, Revelation, Genesis, Daniel...heck pretty much all the way through the book it will tell you what to look out for. Just things like tornadoes, earthquakes, famine, war...stuff like that. Real quick? Alabama, Japan, Somalia, and the entire Middle East. Just saying...

Stuff About The End Of The World!

Okay...So You Don't Believe In The Bible...How Bout the Mayans?

What's more reliable than listening to an ancient civilization that is rumored? suspected? fabricated? to have been visited by a vastly enhanced alien race. The same alien race that supposedly helped the Egyptians build their pyramids. Wow...hey..did you know that there are pyramids all over Central and South America too! Whoa....

Anyway...according to the ancient indigenous group of Mayans...we only have about 15 months till the world ends. So...yeah, get ready for that.

The End Of The World It's Coming, Dammit!

Hey, I'm not trying to be a negative ninny here, I'm just saying. I'm sure a bunch of you will ignore this and think the world is fine....but... No I take that back. You're not convinced that the world is going to hell in a just don't what to do about it. Crap....we're all gonna' die.


According to new FTC rules I must state that I am NOT an affiliate of the God, the Catholic church, the Mayans, Daniel, Moses (the writer of Genesis), John (the writer of Revelation), Matthew, or earthquake, tornado, or any natural distaster insurance companies. Nor am I an arms dealer in support of worldwide war, or a member of a pacifist, non-violent organization that supports world peace.

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DrMikeFitzpatrick profile image

DrMikeFitzpatrick 5 years ago from Sandpoint, Idaho

since energy and matter cannot be either created nor destroyed, they can only be transformed. all we will ever experience is transformation-so never is the answer.

Quest4Life40 profile image

Quest4Life40 5 years ago from New Jersey

I try not to worry about it as there's nothing we can do about it anyway. I'm scientific and religious which is an oxymoron some may say, but I believe the two are not separate entities. Enjoy each day as best as you can, and as if it's your last, and you'll have no regrets when it's time to go.

randslam profile image

randslam 5 years ago from Kelowna, British Columbia

The problem with end of days scenarios is choice. We seem to have so many different theories on how mankind should perish. The sad truth is that caring for the garden may lead to happier campers instead of religious zealots trying to be right about a global slaughter.

If you were properly might go take care of the weeds in the field instead of spinning your thumbs worrying over the time and date of global cataclysm. Nietzsche had it right...eternal does only have a nice day...see you another form of energy.

wished4u profile image

wished4u 5 years ago

Quest4life40- I 2nd you. Science and religion are not two separate entities. Most of the religion's beliefs bear some scientific bases. Be it Islam , Christianity or others.

goerge 5 years ago

what day of the week would you like the world to end on? I say Monday morning then we can all die in our beds and not have to go to work that day.

kmuise profile image

kmuise 5 years ago from Laurel, MD and Bedford, MA Author

lol..made me laugh! Thanks for that Goerge...or is it George?

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