God are you there? Yes! Where are the Angels?

HE shall give His angels charge over thee . . .
HE shall give His angels charge over thee . . .

Ask God to remind you who you are to HIM!

Where are the angels?

They are always there, standing, watching, waiting . . . waiting to be asked. Most of the time when I write something to you, it is something I have lived through.

I had a couple of incidents where I felt the angels let me down. It wasn’t me really but my children. When something happens to the people you love it hurts in you too. The first incident was not that bad, however, my child was hurt and I was mad. Oh yes Christians get mad, we get really mad sometimes, after all we are humans. The Bible tells us to “be mad but sin not.” Back to what I was saying, after the incident, I asked God why that happened? He answered me, I heard in my spirit, "You didn't ask me." "I didn't ask you?" I said. "I didn't know I was supposed to ask you." "Oh yes." He said "I do not go where I am not invited." Right then and there I invited God into every situation that was of a concern to me. That was several years ago.

Recently there was another incident that happened. I asked God "Where were the angels?"

He answered me again. I heard Him in my spirit, "The angels were all around him, he pushed the angels away."

I know that is true, because of the incident.

WOW! That tells me that although the angels are all around us they will not force themselves on us. We must call on them to help us. We must invite or ask them into our life and situations. We invite them by praying, praying is just talking to God. Start talking to Him and listen for an answer. The world will yell, hoot and howl at you, but God, speaks in “a still small voice.” A Christians are not perfect and lest of all me. I don’t always hear God myself, but I try to. I know God is there, the angels are there to.

Prayer opens the door for them to work on our behalf.

Try the God is real experiment at http://hubpages.com/hub/God-is-real

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