Who Do People Say You Are?

Who Am I ?

This question was presented to me on more than one occasion. Yet I could never answer myself assuredly because to be honest I really didn’t know. I knew who I thought I was. Who others said I was, but I didn’t really know who I was. This bothered me so much because there was something missing in my life. I went to church faithfully, I prayed, fasted, yet I still didn’t understand as a child of the most high God who I really was in Christ Jesus.

As seasons changed I began to feel more and more out of place. Church just seemed to present the same old patterns. Yet there was no power. The sick wasn’t being healed, families were fighting one another, adultery, fortification, liars, manipulators, all kinds of unclean spirits, call them what you will, but these things were running rampant in the house of God. I began to pray and seek God for guidance to try and understand what was going on, was it me, or was there something wrong here. We are supposed to be the church yet we are no better than the world. We present a form of godliness, yet we deny the power within. What is this power? Well this power is the living God himself. The Holy Spirit, which Jesus promised us when he departed and joined our heavenly father?

Jesus told his disciples that it was imperative that he leave them, because if he didn’t the father could not send the comforter which is “The Holy Spirit.” Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit came upon them (us) that we would receive “Power” and greater works would we do. This is where I began my journey in search of this promise of a “greater power” that lives within me.

Now if indeed I have the spirit of the living God living inside of me, then why am I not seeing miracles greater than the miracles Jesus performed during his time upon the Earth? Could it be because I am not truly aware of “Who I AM” is this, the missing link to why so many of us walk around constantly defeated? We all quote scripture yet most of us aren’t even aware of the “truth” within the scriptures we quote, they are just “words.” Why? Because we don’t understand who we are, and because we don’t understand who we are, we do not truly recognize the “power” and “authority” we possess.

Jesus gives us many references to who we are but until we come to realize it for ourselves we will continue to live a life defeated by the enemy. Interestingly we are our biggest enemy. Because of ignorance and “lack of knowledge we are blinded by the truth of who we are. In Hosea it is written “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.”

God says that he will reject us from being “priest” because we have rejected “knowledge” the truth of who we are. How do we find out who we are well we go to the source which is God himself. When we take the time to acknowledge that God lives within us something begins to change. We begin to change from the inside out.

When we recognize that the “power” within us is “greater” than the power of this world and the power of our mind, we begin to seek for “truth” Gods “truth” not mans. This truth can only be obtained through a “relationship” with God. We have our Bibles as a road map, yet the Bible does not have the power to change or transform us, if this be the case then we should be seeing more miracles being performed, due to the fact that we have thousands of Bible scholars that possess no real “power” other than knowing the “word.”

In other words it is not enough just knowing the “word” of God if we lack the knowledge of who God is. We must take the time to know God this can only be obtained through spending time alone with God. Find the time to go into your secret place sing songs to God, give him thanks and praise, without the crowd. Intimacy is what God is seeking from us, in all reality it does not matter to God how many times a week you attend church, how much you pay in tithes and offerings, how many times you go to a prayer meeting, etc., What matters most to God is your relationship with Him. I can recall a time when I wanted to participate in pledge at my church but was unable to do so because I was unemployed. It truly bothered me because by nature I am a giver. That night God said to me “I am not interested in your money, I already know I can get that from you, you have proven yourself faithful in your giving. What I want from you is your heart.”

Why? Because it’s the heart of man that defiles him, God was looking for a relationship with me, and He knew that as long as my heart was in the condition that it was, I would remain in bondage, ignorant to the “truth” of who I am. God was pursuing me into having an intimate relationship with Him, because He knew that by spending time alone in His presence I would begin to recognize who I truly was.

Look at it like this, if a person, wants to become a millionaire it doesn’t matter how many books that persons reads, although knowledge will be received through reading the books, wisdom will be revealed through spending time with a millionaire the more time you spend with that millionaire the more knowledge and wisdom you will possess, and that knowledge and wisdom will eventually transform your mind. It is the same with our heavenly Father. The more you spend time with God the more you will transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Who Do People Say You Are?

If you and I were to ask this same question it would be interesting to hear the responses. Yet many of us are judged by someone every time we come in contact with them. They may not make reference to it, but we all do it. And if we were to go to several different people each of them would describe us in many different ways, based on our interpretation of ourselves. Some may respond, “Oh she is a deaconess in the church” another “Oh she is some ones mother” or she is a “therapist” yet they really do not know who you are.

They don’t know who you are because you don’t know who you are. These responses only indicate what you and I are they do not indicate our true (being). When Jesus asked the disciples: 'Who do people say I am?' They replied, 'Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, one of the prophets.' 'But what about you?' he asked. 'Who do you say I am?' Peter answered, 'You are the Christ.'

What Peter saw was who Jesus really was his true identity which was the Christ the Son of the living God. We too are sons and daughters of God and because we are sons and daughters of God we have the God given right to go forth and possess the land, to take authority over every stronghold in our lives and the lives of others, we should be doing “Greater works” because the power of the Holy Spirit lives in us.

When we finally recognize who we truly are, our true (being), then we will rise up and begin to take back all that the enemy has stolen from us. We will no longer be hindered by our fears and unbelief. We will go forth and raise a standard against our enemy, knowing without a doubt that we are heirs to the Kingdom of God, walking by faith and not by sight.

When we finally recognize who we truly are, we will no longer need mans approval, because God has already given us His approval, to go forth and preach the good news about the Kingdom of God. We will no longer be intimidated by rules, or traditions, that have nothing at all to do with who we are in Christ Jesus. We will no longer be afraid of what others say about us, because we will understand “that there is no condemnation in those who love Christ Jesus”.

When we finally recognize who we truly are, we will no longer feel the need to impress others, but we will find ourselves humbly serving one another in love. Oh how good it will be when we are able to shake the shackles from our feet no more bondage to the things of this world, because we will recognize that we are not bound by this world, that we have a higher calling which is in Christ Jesus. Let us seek with all our hearts and minds our true selves so that when we look into a mirror we will no longer see our old selves, when we ask others who people say we are, they will see us as sons and daughter, priest and priestess; gods and goddess, children of the most, high God. No longer walking in lack of knowledge or ignorance but in power and authority which is our God given right.

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Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

I liked this. Thank you and cheers!

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