Who And What GOD Is To Me And What My Core Beliefs Are

In answer to the question, Who is GOD and what are your core beliefs, I am writing this hub.

First, who is GOD to me?

I am often accused of believing in GOD only because I have been brainwashed into it. This is not true. I do not believe in GOD because a book or people tell me I must, I believe the book and those people because GOD has shown me beyond a shadow of a doubt that HE exists. When I was three HE revealed HIMSELF to me. When I was seven, HE caused me to breathe water in order to not drown, twice in one day. HE answers my prayers, HE guides me, protects me, provides for me, comforts me and loves me. I love HIM because HE first loved me. I cannot imagine living life without having GOD in it. being connected to GOD is what gives me life, more than simply existing. HE is more vital to me than the air I breathe. My belief cannot be shaken, because I know what GOD has done for me in my life. As we grow up in this world, we learn about it through our experiences. We learn the sun will shine, or it will rain or snow or even have a tornado. We learn these are weather patterns and we come to expect such occurrences to happen at any time on any day. In the same way, I have learned what to expect from GOD through my experiences with HIM. GOD has taught me that nothing is impossible for HIM, and indeed how could it be? GOD is the author of all that is created, what could possibly be beyond HIS abilities?

What are my core beliefs?

I believe GOD created the world in six days. HE created everything that was created. I say GOD, but all things that were created, were created by CHRIST. In my mind, GOD and CHRIST are one. They are separate beings yet they are one. When I am talking to one I am talking to both. CHRIST took our sins upon HIMSELF, giving us the chance to live and not die. GOD is always in the now. HE does not exist within the time and space HE created, although HE certainly can and does effect it. To HIM, the past is now, the present is now and the future is now. I used to try to convert others to my beliefs, but then I realized that if GOD gave mankind the freedom to choose, and that means the freedom to reject HIM, then who am I to refuse them that right? I certainly do not need to defend GOD, HE is fully capable of doing that HIMSELF. Vengeance is MINE saith the Lord. GOD is in control of all aspects of thsi life and world, and HE interacts with the people of this world for HIS Childrens sake. No one and nothing can harm a child of the Living GOD unless HE allows it. If HE allows it, there is a reason for it. HE alone can see the big picture, where as we can only see in part. What seems terrible to us may turn out to be wonderful instead. I have heard that there are some truths in all religions. What do those truths gain a person if they fail to see and accept the main truth...That salvation comes ONLY from accepting The CHRIST as your Saviour and the Son of The Living GOD? To deny that CHRIST is Divine in nature is to deny CHRIST completely. CHRIST said that we are known by our fruits (actions). When we claim to be saved and yet to not exhibit the Spirit of CHRIST within us, then we are liars. Taking the Lord's Name in vain is not saying some swear word, it is taking the name of GOD and then acting in an opposite manner than CHRIST taught and did.

So, that is what GOD means to me and what my core beliefs are.

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Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 4 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

This is a wonderful hub. I have read your other hubs and they are all true. Amazing things have happened in your life, and you understand them. Thank you so much for sharing this hub. Voted up!

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

amazing things...yes, GOD is amazing, so it only makes sense that anything HE does would also be amazing. HE is the love of my life and i am happy to share that love. thank you for the votes and comment. have a blessed day.

God is dead profile image

God is dead 4 years ago

When you'll read my blog, It may seem a bit pffensive, but it's just an another perspective about God.

Anyways, I respect your beliefs and this post was nice.


tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

i noticed you have your comments disabled, so i will answer your "blog" here. first, you have a mistaken idea of what GOD is and what HIS relationship with us is.

"We are no more than his role players, he can make us to do anything that he wants to, he can make us cry or make us laugh, it's all in his hands. We're all his slaves, if we choose to believe that he is. Then there is no question of being a sinner or saint because it's all in his hands, we do as he dictates. We're not responsible for our actions, because he's the one who gave us the birth and put us into the situations and circumstances which ended up making us killers or robbers". If you're choosing to believe that there is God, then you're taking all the dignity out of your Existence.""

we ARE responsible, each one of us, for our own words, thoughts and actions, because GOD gave us the freedom to choose to do right or wrong. and we do make that choice knowing what the consequences of our choice will be. nobody can blame anyone else if they choose to play in the fire and get burned for it. also GOD is not a dictator, as dictators go. HE is law maker. HE made laws designed to give us peaceful, happy lives. the reason we do not live peaceful happy lives is because we insist on being disobedient. again, we cant blame GOD for our state of being. we chose to disobey HIM.

people decide it is far easier and far more convenient to believe GOD is "dead" than to face the consequences of their thoughts, words and deeds, to take responsibility for themselves. believing in the existence of GOD makes a person take responsibility, it makes them "tow the mark" so to speak. you live to please GOD, and let me tell you, there is SO much more to it than that, words cannot express the love, the joy and the peace. GOD IS, and WAS and always WILL BE.

God is dead profile image

God is dead 4 years ago

To make it clear to you...what I'm telling you is authentic existentialism,So when you hear God is dead, the very idea of his death creates intense anxiety.It is absolutely necessary that God should be dead. But I want you to know my understanding. It was good of Friedrich Nietzsche to declare God dead. But it is obvious that he was never born. It is a created fiction, an invention, not a discovery. Do you understand the difference between invention and discovery? A discovery is about truth, an invention is manufactured by you. It is man-manufactured fiction.A man with God does not live, he hesitates on every point of living, he is just half-hearted.

He is making love and worried about hell. How can he love a woman when the Bible goes on saying that the woman is the gateway to hell? He is making love, and thinking about the Bible and the sermon on Sunday: ”The woman is the gateway to hell. What are you doing?” So neither can he love, nor can he live without love. God has made man very schizophrenic, half-hearted.

All those things that are dependent on the concept of God are bogus; hypocrites are created by all those things. Your morality is not real, it is imposed out of fear, or out of greed. A true morality arises only in a meditator’s consciousness. It is not something imported from the outside, it is something arising in your very being.

If you've chosen to keep your eyes closed, that's your decision. But it's a very simple algorithm that shows that God is not but Existence is.

Peace :)

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

let me clarify something here. using your example above...a true child of GOD is free to love his wife and she him, for they are one. they need not think about anything but the love they are sharing. however if you are speaking of adultery, then you simply prove my point. you would rather live in accordance with your own pleasures, knowing you are disobeying GOD, and so claiming GOD does not exist to take away any punishment HE might dish out for your disobedience. you can claim GOD does not exist all you want, in fact the harder you deny HIS existence, the more you fear HE really does exist. it isnt me that has my eyes closed my friend. i promise you that.

God is dead profile image

God is dead 4 years ago

Look, you're talking about Moralities, the Good and bad. Do you think there is something like good or bad? If you think so, then you're so very wrong. There's nothing like good or bad, Things just are. If you're looking at something from one standpoint you'll find that it's wrong and from the other you'll find that it's right. So there is no question of good human or bad human. That's just utterly absurd.

So, basically if you're doing something good it's because of the fear of GOD? He'll punish you otherwise? That is only compelling reason for you to be a justly and worthy human? Just because of the fear of judgement?

There are no factual statements, Only interpretations and suppositions- For example We say that "Trees are green" - It is a factual statement right? Wrong - It isn't. It's mere an interpretation. When we say that Tree is green it's not because it's green but because of the refraction and it appears to us as green, Even the intensity of green color on the same tree would differ from person to person. And if we take that tree into outer space, we won't find any color. What did happen? Did it change? No, It didn't. It's indicating whatever we perceive it's because of our own belief system.

And I think when you say that you believe in God, "It's because you just like the idea of creating a God, you don't know what it really is".

Peace (:

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

ok, this is going nowhere. you have no desire to learn a different viewpoint than the one you already hold and i most certainly do not wish to change my own beliefs, so all this is becoming is an argument, and that is something i will NOT get into. my final word to you is this. you WILL learn, to your regret, just how dead GOD is not. living life with your head buried in the sand will not save you from judgement day. yes i believe everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to believe, but they better be willing to accept the consequences of those beliefs. good day.

mollymeadows profile image

mollymeadows 4 years ago from The Shire

Hi T, this is a bold statement (and I believe, a correct one :-)). It paints a clear picture of who you are and what you believe. Brava!

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

hello molly...yes it is bold but GOD gives us a spirit of boldness, to declare the truth and HIS glory. thank you for stopping in and reading, and leaving a comment. may GOD be with you and bless you.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 4 years ago from Chicago

Your Hub is wonderfully made! I love it and I agree with you wholeheartedly. God Bless You for this marvelous testimony!


tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

hello James...i am glad you enjoyed this hub, and more so that you agree with what is in it. i just wish i were better able to express everything i feel and know about GOD. i just dont know the best or even the right words...and sometimes i am so overwhelmed with that love and knowledge i cant think...like a huge crowd all trying to go out one single door at the same time. thank you very much for you encouraging words and for taking the time to read it. have a blessed day.

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