Why Did The Universe Come Into Being?


We the Dohgon know that there was no such thing as a Big Bang. We know that there is another dimension that exists parallel to this one. That dimension is known to us as the Dark Universe and it consists of Pure Energy waves. The consistency of Pure Energy Waves is pure intelligence. In order to create space/time Pure Energy Waves entered a permutation process in which the waves increase in frequency until they flux into half waves. The process continues until a mass is built up and forms a particle of matter. That particle of matter simply vibrates as a sub atomic particle.

The creation of a mass particle initiated space/time as a bubble which expands exponentially. Stars are born in a similar process in order to allow Pure Energy Waves to enter this dimension. The creation of Stars produced Light and Light particles piggy-back on Pure Energy Waves until the waves drop in velocity and the Light particles fall off. The Light particles then travel on their own velocity until they hit an object and expend their energy as visible Light. That means Einstein was wrong when he said that nothing can travel faster than light. Scientists are just finding this out now but we knew this since we were in Egypt.

The first Human on the planet was Mother Tang. She was created as a whole Human by Pure Dark Energy almost 1 million years ago and materialized on the bank of Lake Tanganyika in East Africa. Shortly after Mother Tang was created, Father Tang was also created. They did not evolve from animals as our offspring the European has suggested in his evolutionary theories. Pure Dark Energy created many living things before Mother and Father Tang but after creating them it ceased creating living Souls.

Our Spirit acts as a conduit between dimensions. Information from the Dark Universe enters our minds constantly through our Pineal Glands. Everything that has ever happened on this planet and also the spirits of our ancestors are still here. If our Pineal Glands are functioning properly the information that enters our minds will be transform into particles which is then stored in our memory cells. Some of our dreams contain that information, usually in the form of geometrical shapes. We only need to know how to decipher our dreams to retrieve the information.

We are the eyes and ears of this light dimension. The sum of our senses (320 ro) is a code which is symbolized by the Eye of Heru. 1 ro is the smallest unit of sensory impulse that any one of our senses registers. Information that we take in is stored in our memory cells. The objective of life is to know about nature and this universe. As humans we should be striving to be good to nature and humanity but instead there are many people who are arrogant and misguided. Individually there is only you and what you can do with the gift of awareness that puts you above all other creatures in nature. You can enrich your mind with knowledge; you can allow others to indoctrinate it with their beliefs, or you can kill it with drugs while attempting to satisfy your desires. Chose to be accountable to creation.

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wilmiers77 profile image

wilmiers77 4 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

Pure energy wave as we know travel at the speed of light, but if any energy convert to mass, than the particle is going to decelerate below the speed of light. I believe Einstein remain correct. There is a theory that postulates that a particle exceeded the speed of light within nanoseconds of the big bang simply because a sufficient electromagnetic-gravity field had not developed.

Lilleyth profile image

Lilleyth 4 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

I have never heard of this. Fascinating.

mintinfo profile image

mintinfo 4 years ago Author

We know that Pure Energy Waves travel faster than light because they are undetectable until they flux to form particles. Light is a particle not a wave. Light particles travel on the waves for a short period of time.


wilmiers77 profile image

wilmiers77 4 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

What are your source for the pure energy wave existing which can travel faster than light? I beg to differ, light is a photon without mass.

I partially agree with you in that subatomic particles have the properties of photons and mass, but they are particles. Quarks do.

We do have Einstein's energy-mass equivalence equation whereas mass can covert to pure energy and vice versa. The antimatter phenomenon must be considered also while examining at such subatomic space.

nishlaverz profile image

nishlaverz 4 years ago from N.E England

Thanks for the great hub answering my question.

I agree with the FTL thing.

I love your views on the subject it was an interesting read.

mintinfo profile image

mintinfo 4 years ago Author

What do you mean my source of Pure ENERGY which can travel faster than light? You need to tell me what produces light. Once you tell me what produces light, then I will TEACH you anything you wish to know about Pure ENERGY. Don't tell me about the fusion process. I need you to tell me something beyond that process.

I don't need you to agree with me on anything because you don't know what I know. Where did subatomic particles emerge? I need you to tell me that, then I will tell you more about TIME, Pure ENERGY and space.

einstein was wrong and you are wrong. No wonder the Planet is all messed up by people who follow him.

There is no anti-matter. What you are showing, and scientists are showing, is that you are lost. Look, my purpose is not to be emotional as you are. My purpose is to guide you. Contact me again by ANKHsering those questions I posed. I am willing to guide you.

wilmiers77 profile image

wilmiers77 4 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

Fellow, you mean that you can not simply answer my one straight forward question without getting upset. You should have immediately recognize that I have some background in physics, and very probably could understand your answer.

I get the feeling that you don't know much physics by your negative response due to very little antagonism.

mintinfo profile image

mintinfo 4 years ago Author

We are not like einstein who said "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts"

Our facts cannot be changed because we work with the truth of the universe which is evident in Numbers. einsteion created destruction i trying to prove his theories because he did not understand where light came from. It is not e=mc2. Like I said you want to learn, come to the Dohgon.

Lilleyth profile image

Lilleyth 4 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

Which brings to mind the question: Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

nishlaverz profile image

nishlaverz 4 years ago from N.E England

What is known is that E=MC2 works for the most part and even when it seems to be wrong it is again shown to be right. What I know about the properties of light is it can be thought of as a particle or wave and that it seems to get quicker as the observer speeds up. This to me says we can travel faster than 300,000 KPS but we could never outrun light. I think that light will always outsmart us but E=mc2 will be shown to be flawed.

mintinfo profile image

mintinfo 4 years ago Author

The Dohgon formula for creation is (1-2-3-4 9-8 27 99-100)


what created the Universe?

What Universe was created?

How was the created Universe created?

What tools did The Creator use to create this Universe?

Did The Creator have a formula for the creation?

Is that formula present everywhere in the Universe?

Who created this Universe?

From where did The Creator create the Universe?

Why should we, as humans, care why the Universe happened?

Did The Creator have a purpose for the Universe?

Was the purpose defined?

Was there, or is there, one single definition for that purpose?

Or, are there parallel definitions of that purpose?

How do we understand this purpose?

Is The Creator active in what he created?

How do we know he is active in what he created?


mintinfo profile image

mintinfo 4 years ago Author

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